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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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you. rickey minor and the band. see you live next thursday night. local news next. one more time, kelly clarkson, ladies and gentlemen.
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>> several people killed and dozens more injured. >> a -- makes a decision that not everyone is happy about tonight >> a school with a new language your school could be learning. >> and a super model setting off a new debate on designer babies. >> and hit and run driver puts a boy in the hospital. he was hit by by a car and that driver just took off.
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helicopter had to take him to orlando. it's showing well the force of the accident and you see the bike is missing a wheel. that's happening in alpine lane in titusville. tracy jacim at arnold palmer's hospital. any word on his condition, tracy >>. >> the good news is -- the bad news he wasn't wearing a helmet. he has a head injury and once again, this has all happened up in titusville and let's take a look at the bicycle, if we can. there was a little bike, approximately eight years old alittle boy. and if you have kids, you know how it is. this is a worse piece of news you can get and adding insult to injury, no pun intended, if -- just took off.
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intersection where it happened, again in titusville, and just after 6:00, and no indication of how fast the person driving the car was going, and, of course, could you imagine, titusville police on the lookout tonight, trying to find the fern -- person who did this. we're going to stay on out here for the next hour, and we're getting report there might have been some reports and somebody may have spotted the driver. i'll to find out for and you bring you the very latest, sonni and bob. >> more breaking news right now, at least four people dead and more than 20 hurt in a workplace shooting in kansas. just a short time ago, law enforcement confirmed the accused shooter is among the dead. a small town of heston up in south central kansas. tiffany teasley is monitoring the video and she joins us live here in studio with the latest information. tiffany. >> reporter: investigators say there are a series of shooting scenes throughout that small
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a lawn mower factory. the sheriff says the shooter was an employee at that factory. want to get everybody identified and we'll get that information out just as soon as we can. and just to recap for you, at least four people dead and more than 20 injured in that kansas workplace shooting. i'll continue to keep an eye on this breaking story and have an update on fox 35 news at 11:00. bob? >> reporter: tiffany, thank you. we'll see you then. in the meantime, developing tonight abattle over prayer, and a history of inviting somebody to come up, say a prior before each commission meeting. well, tonight, a group is fighting for the right to deliver their message before
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fox's keith landry is here with that story. ish.s that the u.s. supreme court has ruled they are allowed to do it. the debate continues over exactly who gets to say those prayers or comments. >> if the purpose of this resolution is not personal, it's -- if the purpose is not religious, it's -- >> david williamson expressing his frustration with winter garden commissioners at tonight's meetings. he's with an atheist group, pushing city leaders to save the invocation before a commission meeting. tonight, they voted unanimously on a new rule, not for profit groups from winter guard kenn leave the invocation. here is the city manager >> from our standpoint, it is resolved. tonight was clarified what a group is; it's simply that, and we're moving forward to this resolution.
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thought community or cffc has been pushing city leaders since may of 2014 to let the group give a secular indication and still has not happened. cff member joseph richardson believes the city will continue to refuse to let him do it. richardson says they're -- it's about being treated equally. >> it's the right thing to do, and if there are people who are tired of hearing it -- it's the right thing to do. >> the city has a list of people interested of leading that invocation. they say that as a member on the list, city commissioners select people on the list to lead the invocation. >> three or four months ago they -- >> and did they do it? >> yes, he did. tonight, the free thought group tells me a lawsuit against the city has always been an option but they prefer to try to work this out by talking
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>> live in winter garden, keith landry, fox 35 news. >> a toddler is recovering after police say she was shot in the hand. police has charged -- and 22-year-old simms with child neglect after police say they were supposed to be watching that little girl when that shooting happened. officers say they were called to the central florida regional hospital in sanford tuesday night with re torts that -- reports that a toddler had come in with a gunshot wound. >> and that child had -- that gunshot was -- and that child was -- in the garage with the resident, and approximately in a firearm. >> child protective services has also launched an investigation. the other children in that home have been removed and placed with family members. florida lawmakers are getting closer to resolving a flaw with the state's death penalty sentencing system. it's earlier this year that florida's death penalty system
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judges had the power to basically overrule juries and hand down death sentences. now the florida house has a plan that would require at least ten jurors on a case, recommend the death penalty before that sentence is nfact, handed out. toted, the senate appropriations committee amended their version of the bill to do the same thing. but public defender -- testified at the senate committee and urged the panel not to go ahead with the house. >> we trusted you to see the duty we have been summoned here to have had to follow your oath, so we urge to you protect your commitment. >> the full senate could vote on the bill as early as next week. we will have the very latest. >> the republican candidate for president are duking it out, and she's in texas tonight, ahead of the big super tuesday vote march 1st and donald trump still on top of the polls. now, on the democratic side,
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supporters at a town hall meeting in flint, michigan, where he talked about the tainted water crisis. in burlington, vermont, we pay about 40 months a month. i hadn't realized that the cost of poison water is quite as expensive as it is here in flint. in the meantime, presidential candidate hillary clinton is showing support -- showing up support, rather, in south carolina. voters there go to the polls on saturday. >> we are the united states of america, but today, we are so divided. [ applause ] >> and it is my hope throughout this election season, and then if i'm so honored and fortunate enough to be your president that we will begin to heal those wounds. the latest poll in south carolina shows clinton beating sanders.
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president obama met today with his national security council to discuss the global campaign to destroy isis. a cease fire for syria is supposed to go on tomorrow. the cease fire would not include the islamic state group. he's directed his national security team to accelerate the campaign for isis. history would judge us harshly if we do not do our parts in at least trying to end this terrible conflict with diplomacy. if implemented, and that's if, the cessation could reduce the violence and get more food and aid for sirians who are suffering and desperately needed. it could save lives. >> president obama will be in florida tomorrow. he'll be touring a high-tech manufactureing plant. we'll have a report on his visit tomorrow afternoon on fox 35 news at 5:00. rocket launched -- launch
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they'll make another attempt. derrol nail reporting from cape canaveral. >> they're not saying at this moment exactly why they -- but district attorney get a lot closer to the t 0. the call to hold the launch came a minute and 41 seconds to go before blast-off which was set before 6:47 this evening, and even though they had a 90-minute window work the entire launch was strong because of where they were in the fueling process, so this means the launch of a satellite which will provide broadcast and tv services for many 50 countries in asia will have to wait for another day. in addition, the landing of the falcon nine booster, which is planned for this mission will also have to wait. >> you may remember the most recent attended -- landing off the coast of california in january and that's when that first aid -- came down on the target and almost successfully landed and where it stays out out much of an entire booster
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it's -- they can do a ground base landing but for now it's going to have to wait and space ex hasn't immediately -- and they say that this back-update was used today, so they're going to put their many heads together and come up with a new date some time soon. >> derrol nail, fox 35 news. >> still to come tonight at 10:00, teaching students for the jobs of tomorrow. >> students starting to learn computer coding. we'll show you ho seminole county is leading the way. >> and a fugitive on the run for 55 years whoent up in florida is now getting a major break. we speak with his good friend who rented that parole hearing today. and virtual reality collides with real reality. we go inside the lab of the
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>> just this year, they started offering computer coding clanss classes for kindergartners. they offer it in other grade levels as well. they have a simple -- but they say that it's a necessity in today's world. >> i think it's a grit idea to teach them at an early age so when go they have get an idea. >> it's what makes it possible to create computer software, apps and websites. while most schools offer
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around the state, very few do, so they started up a computer science program here in seminole called cs 2020 and the program is geared towards making sure that every computer has coding science, and the senator said this week in promoting a bill requiring these classes for all state public high schools, quote florida has taken a monumental step towards providing high school students with an opportunity to learn computer coding, which is a necessary skill for students in a world driven by technology. >> i think it's a great idea and it helps them with career choices and expanding their knowledge of computer courses. >> senator ring said learning to quote as great equalizer. they deserve to have those
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>> those who support this bill are hoping it will go into effect by next year. >> new at 10:00, there are some cloisses involved with in vitro fertilization. super model is -- the couple recently went through ivf to get pregnant. she chose a female embryo so she would give birth to a baby girl. it caused some controversy. >> not everyone is cheering for chrisy after the 30-year-old model announced she chose her baby's sex, a girl. >> a slippery slope to design a baby. >> talk show host weighed in on her openness to talk about inner vitro fertilization or ivf procedure. it's a growing trend, not reserved for the rich and famous. >> only about 5% of our patients wanting gender selection. >> while far from the new norm,
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interest in couples wanting to bypass gender surprises, especially because sex selection is so accurate. >> a 3% error rate. >> preimplantation to -- diagnosis; it's the same as the usual ivf, just with one extra step. once the doctor takes the mother's eggs and combine them with sperms, they can tell in less an week which embryos have male and female chromosomes. doctors will take male or female chromosomes. >> most of the gender selection reasoning is for social reasons or for preferential reasons. >> some say it's unnecessary. tiegen faced criticism, firing back with saur casts and you mean saying, i also pick an embryo -- and be seven feet, and she canind -- >> even within the medical
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science will go. >> it's just amazing, so exciting and this has got to be medicine. >> crystal clark at fox 35 news. i want to show enthusiasm, and skull island -- the new ride coming to universal orlando's islands of adventure, and check out some pics i got here and the theme park is unveiling new details about the ride today and a preview. >> and when you arrive here on the island, you'll make your way through jungles and into ancient you'll make your way through here where you board -- and the expedition company and you venture out here, into the island where you meet kate mccaffery and help them out with what is going out in the field. things could go quite as planned and you find yourself suddenly in a fight for survival.
10:20 pm
launch yourself into a deep jungle surrounded by rabbit, blood thirsty dinosaurs. what happens next? we'll have to come here this summer and find out. >> very cool. universal says that the rain -- is going to feature one of the longest rides of any universal attractions that they got out there. and you can always stay out to date, and just by following the hash tag -- >> as clear as could be right now, that means chilly weather for tonight. more on the cold temperatures coming up. >> also ahead, an escaped prisoner caught in brevard county is getting out of jail. we'll tell you why. >> and later, how virtual reality games could end up changing your behavior in the
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ready for business. avo: the ready for you alert, only at craig: laquinta! sno a little blustery out there but no -- >> that is a good thing. right now, my radar is currently picking up on nothing and so no rain on radar. temperatures going down to 44, and 46 in orlando and 37 in ocala and 37 in gainesville and 44 in leesburg. again, it's getting colder here so far this season and once again, we're going through a quick change and the temperatures in the 80s.
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30s at night, and a little chilly. and into 9:00 am across gainesville and temperatures will rebound pretty nicely until about 45 to 47. still cool, and not as cold and also in the metro area, temperatures back into the low 50s, and even though a cold start today the temperatures officially in the 30s and 40s, and first thing tomorrow morning by 9:00, and temperatures -- 50 degrees in melbourne, and 45 in -- and temperatures are currently running, and 50 degrees colder, and the winds currently here, and right now, mainly out of the west at five to seven miles per hour, out of the west side of town and they're extending down here, and the west winds at about five miles per hour and we have 54 degrees and a west-northwesterly wind and a little shot of this moving air, and it's going to hang around here and it will stay windy, again, tomorrow in
10:25 pm
what we had today, and then fantastic weather is expected to develop, and -- by sunday, especially, near calm winds, and lots of sunshine, and low humidity and temperatures back into the 70s. right now across the states, pretty cool, 45 degrees up across jacksonville and here is a look at tomorrow's highs, 62 in gainesville, and 66 downtown and orlando, the same, melbourne and also titusville at 64, 67, and then we'll as cloud or two, and overall anamely sunny day expected. it looks good. 66, that will be our low here and west wind bat five to 15 miles per hour, and seven-day forecast is a good one as temperatures climb and 74 by sunday, and we'll be in the upper 70s by tuesday, and back up to 80 by wednesday. a local woman turns her passion for fashion into big business. products are being sold world- wide when she was just a teang
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tomorrow -- she shares her secret success. weather and traffic, it's good day orlando from 4:30 to 10:00 right here on fox 35. we'll see you then. floridians go to the primary on march 15th. >> and the latest poll shows donald trump -- questioning the competition here in the sunshine state. can anything stop the donald. >> first the fox 35 pump patrol, 1.56 for regular, and that's conway gardens' road in southeast orlando, and a quick mart on iliana street. >> you can always like us on,/fox 35 news and
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>> news on the -- he was on the run for from justice for 55 years but now an elderly fugitive who was busted in florida last year is getting a huge break. the parole board many deciding that the 79-year-old can be released from jail this spring. >> we're told that he's set to
10:30 pm
after his 80th birthday and tonight we spoke with a family friend who was there for the parole board decision. >> he spent 56 years on the run before getting caught last year. now, 79-year-old frank fresh waters is finally a free man. >> we've had a bunch of people down in florida praying, and it really paid off and i just to want thank everybody for that. >> reporter: we spoke with family friend cheryl cheatham over the phone who told us last year that freshwaters was like a father to her. she flew to ohio for freshwaters parole hearing today to tell the board that she would provide housing for him once released. she was also in the room when the decision to release him was made. >> pretty much holding hands, and they said it and it was just very joyful. tears started flying, and it was -- i'm very thankful for them.
10:31 pm
disappeared from a prison camp back in 1959 where he was serving a manslaughter conviction. last year, investigators found him in brevard county living under the name bill cox. tonight, his friends and family just hope he can come back to florida. >> well, we're looking forward to him being home to florida, and they haven't decided twr he's going to be released to yet. he wants to come back to florida where all his friends and that's the place he's known home for the past 28 years. >> we're told the -- freshwaters will be released on a later date. tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. >> you day decide 2016, the momentum continues for republican presidential candidate donald trump, the billionaire businessman way on top of a new poll that targeted florida voters, but check out the numbers.
10:32 pm
that donald trump got 44% support and florida senator marco rubio coming in a distant second at 28, and ted cruz 12th. the big deal, the florida's presidential -- in less than three weeks. trump seems to be getting a will you tell of support in the form of applause, too. we're joined now from our political analyst to break down the momentum of the donald trump -- he seems truly unstoppable at this point. >> it's starting to look like that and the poll numbers are the biggest show of support in florida as well a.double digit lead over marco rubio who should in theory, have a home field advantage in the state he served but you're not seeing knit ohio either where he's leading governor john kasich. >> let's talk about trump in relation to florida. caw in with a really interesting information, bit of information
10:33 pm
feel about him. tell us about this -- >> absolutely. orange count a executive company had us -- part of it was a membership drive and most of the new members, about 50 new members rushed into the venue where -- that was taking place and voted for donald trump and donald trump won over marco rubio and it then included a will you tell of supporters for former governor jeb bush, so he's going straight, and right here in orange county as well. and -- something we haven't seen in recent times. >> and every meeting that that happened; that's related to that politics so we appreciate that information wla. does he have to do, message-wise, change in his message to appear more to florida voters. >> at the same time, i'm looking at the general election as well and donald trump still trails hillary clinton in the general election and that would make the
10:34 pm
he needs to -- and try to talk about a message of economic prosperity and way to win that gap that hillary clinton -- as far as the numbers go. >> and one final question with regards to the candidates that showed up much lower on this inevery quinnipiac role. is it a bad sign that he is pulling solo in our states. >> it is a bad sign but as we speak right now, he's had a pretty bad debate where they're going on right now. but other than that, he's -- stay out in the field and become that second choice behind -- out lasting ted cruz as well and the others. >> well, we will bring you back in as the process continues. frank, always a pleasure. >> a bill that would help spouses, and we'll have a details, and florida police compile hours of body camera footage. we're going to show you the
10:35 pm
together to show the positive effect, and the family has to get off after his son has an allergic reaction. find out why the rest of the passengers applauded as they left. that's coming up in just over 20 minutes on fox 35 news at 11:00. >> it turns out it's all about the people you're working with. according to a new survey, liking coworkers is the main factor in overall job satisfaction. that's coming in ahead of things like salery and benefits. in the meantime, some happy news if you're looking for a home, and -- be now just about three points 6%, that's the lowest level we've seen in 13 months and chevy tried to jolt the bolt. the automaker giving $1,000- dollar discounts of new models of its new electric car. the starting price is about $34,000. and your wallet won't be
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>> reporter: they're sitting in jail tonight and the number of charges against them seems to be getting bigger by the day as police connect them to more crime. he crashed his dodge charger as bell i will -- belisle police try to catch up with them. a police spokesperson says their department has charged dutyo with four cases so far. >> we had four armed robberies in very quick succession in different parts of the city. >> it's a very terrorizing time. they've terrorized people across the city for a period of two hours. >> nearly a dozen people busted in a drug sting. the operation associate complex, they even had what some are calling a heroin hotline. here is kristin delgado. >> $3 million worth of heroin sold right on the streets of i drive but no more. the multiagency investigation lasting almost two years, hit its can lie max yesterday with
10:40 pm
the dea saying this crew was a little different than others. they've seen the crew keeping a record of their hundreds of clients and keeping their records accountable, even fire for not showing up and mixing drug deals. the crew known as lacomepania sold it to the tune of $35 million a year. >> a bill would that help law enforcement widowers get a reliable pension at the death of their spouse is stalled. it would give those surviving spouses 100% pay, regardless of whether those officials have a retirement or pension plan. leaders there have added changes. that would slash the pay out in half. >> the widow of orange county went deputy scott pine has something to say about that. >> i feel like the house of representatives is using my husband as a bargaining chip for political gain. and that's not okay with me. i feel like my husband gave 100%
10:41 pm
children deserve 100% of his retirement. >> they voted it down m recent years. a legislative session ends march ep 11, while the pine family remains in limbo >> if you like to know more, check out our website on fox 35 >> from reality to virtual reality and then back to reapality again. coming up, we're going to see inside the lab with the university of central florida and checking out several of the experiments that test the impact of virtual reality of people. glenn? >> reporter: the cold is real. it looks like you'll be feeling it tomorrow morning. temperatures back down to the 30s and 40s and much now to the chilly details coming up. >> three weeks weeks, definitely -- and it's kind of worse part of my life and the best part of my life happened in the same week. >> and then coming up after weather, the heart breaking
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forced to raise inin 1 193934,4, ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke d dececidideded ththe e woworlrld d dididndn't't n neeeedd ananototheher r hahambmbururgeger.r. itit n neeeedededd a a ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. soso t thehey y ususeded 10100 0 pepercrcenent t bebeefef.. ququicick k sesearareded t too sesealal i in n ththe e flflavavoror . ..... ..... . yoyou'u'llll o onlnly y gegett frfromom a a s steteakakbuburgrgerer.. ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke,, hohomeme o of f ththe e ororigigininalal ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. >> check this out. virtual reality treatments -- they're the next best thing in
10:45 pm
it's worth $5 million. the special reality game is immersing and realize nothing you've seen anymore. many people are expecting to spend many hours in virtual world. >> they're they're looking at that and whatever found is astounding. virtual reality can actually change your behavior in the real world. tom johnson found her. >> the -- be kind of creepy looking thing, and done here by dr. greg. >> experiments were made into virtual reality, and other experiences. >> which is why this robot is here, and this virtual person, as well. more on it later. >> so a big part of what they're doing here is looking at what happens when you take a virtual environment like this and an actual andhuck take that person and introduce them literally
10:46 pm
that that virtual world is around them, 360 degrees, and they can actually interact with a virtual human being this one is called -- the wobbly table. in the study, a virtual person sits on one person, and a real person on the other for a few minutes of conversation. periodically, the table physically wobbles, the virtual human actually reacts. the idea -- >> that experience of the table wobbling is something that you share with the other person. >> does that physical -- >> shared experience help create a stronger bond with the virtual person. the answer is yes. >> when the table is wobbling, they felt that more than they did when the table was not wobbling this experiment using human subjects virtual reality glasses and puts them on a virtual ledge inside a virtual chamber.
10:47 pm
where they exhibit a certain level of fear. >> measuring how virtual experiences affect people in the real world. >> one could use a tool like that in the future to condition people to be less afraid. >> they found people in virtual environments bring back empathy to the real world. one experiment involved subjects saving a child as virtual super heroes and then the researchers spilled some pencils in the lab -- >> and they noticed was a correlation between people who are willing to -- and those who have the experience of -- >> and this is 360 degrees everywhere around. >> and he works with virtual reality at the entertainment academy and he says, simply put, vr is designed to fool your brain. >> your brain doesn't know the difference between what is being projected in a vr -- and what it's seen in real life.
10:48 pm
have had some proven effect on real behavior, is there a danger if you stay in there too long? there's not much research there -- >> somehow people are able to separate a normal environment to a virtual environment. >> good to know as virtual experiences. >> rv is actually a further extension much it -- >> becoming more common in our real lives. don johnson -- >> this is a very, very exciting time. >> fox 35 news. >> if you want to learn more about this, we've set up links for you on our websites, not virtual just yet. same old computer and just go to fox 35 news >> some big changes in the forecast and a chilly weather. >> so look at those numbers and they're going down. it looks like temperatures going back down to the 30s and 40s right now. currently rain free and turning
10:49 pm
degrees here, and 48 in the villages all the way down into the upper 30s and we're getting back down into the upper 30s to low 40s so right now that, the air is very, very air zpri very comfortable and it looks like -- -- and we'll start to throw in a little bit more many moisture up in the atmosphere. at eight miles per hour and here action look at our planner for tomorrow, and going up into the mid-60s for tomorrow and our winds tomorrow, not quite as strong as today and still breezy northwest wind at about 10 to 15 miles per hour but lots of blue on the -- and that's an indication of the chilly air but one thing to note here, till february, no single digits, nobody is below zero. el nio, so, again, it is cold as it should be, 28 in cleveland and 43 in boston and 30 degrees out in denver, colorado, but no brutal cold, so even though we're going to get on the chilly
10:50 pm
we're not expecting anything that bad. at the most, we'll have some frost up in the gainesville area as we gather to both a friday morning, and also -- friday night and saturday night. >> high pressure is going to be moving in as we go through the upcoming weekend and next cold front, here it comes. it's trying but it's not going to make it as we get into around monday or so in the morning, kind of tries to stall already towards georgia and the carolinas and here tonight's lows, 37 in ocala and 37 up towards gainesville and we look at temperatures for tomorrow afternoon and they'll rebound nicely and the air is nice and dry and if the air is try, you can cool it off but you can also warm it up nice. 45 degrees expected, still a little bit on the breezy side, and tomorrow, windy at times and high temperature, and it'll make it feel a little bit cooler with that wind, especially if you're out of the sunshine. >> here is our seven-day forecast, and mid-60s tomorrow, upper 60s on saturday, perfect
10:51 pm
as we get up in the next week, and as we head towards wednesday wednesday and thursday. you can always get my update and
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>> that python,ly have i and asher -- levy and asher were born three weeks ago. the mother died after developing a blood clut in her lungs. >> definitely bitter sweet, kind of the worse part of my life and the best part of my life happened the same week, and it's been awesome -- and people i know -- so many people and that would -- they're here to help me. >> wow!
10:55 pm
ages six and two. a go fund me account has been set up to help the family with expenses.
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>> the lions will hostess courte bajia. >> the sushi restaurant is now open. sushi of all prices are put on conveyor belts and you pick the plate you want. >> number one -- >> and the dancing with the local heroes dance competition happens tomorrow night at the orlando reparatory stheart. first responders will take part along with student and professional dancers. it will help central florida -- that's tonight on old town's countdown. >> police officers fire back with their own videos, they show how tough they have it. the video you don't want to miss next. thank you. we are following that breaking news, a deadly mass shooting, several scenes across parts of kansas. well, we are learning about the victims, a new eye-opening in what police deal with on a daily basis. how they hope this new body camera video will help to build the public's trust. a child rushed to the
10:59 pm
was struck on his bicycle by a hit and run driver. >> >> he was struck by a hit and run driver and police may have found the vehicle and the driver involved. it happened right along alpine lane, and fox 35 tracy jacim, she's live at arnold palmer hospital, seeing how he's recovering tonight. tracy? >> yeah, that's right, bob. the good news, the child was conscious when he was flown here. the bad news, according to police, he was not wearing a helmet, and it's a head injury. so that's something to really watch for. again, let's take another look at that picture i showed alittle earlier and there's the bicycle, pretty broken up, and really, just shocking thing that whoever rammed right into that child
11:00 pm
tonight, police are looking for that person. this is the scene after it was cleared. this is the area where it happened. so 7:could imagine your -- you have your eight-year-old child out riding his bike and then you get this new s -- news that really just rattles your world. so no helmet, head injury, conscious, stable here. now, a little while ago, bob, we got word from police thinking they had a lead as to the driver much -- of that car. no indication, by the way, about how fast that person was going but they thought they had a lead and i haven't heard anything in the last hour so we, of course, continue to follow this and tonight, what they want to do is make an arrest. we, of course, will also follow up on the condition of this child tomorrow. hopefully he'll be okay, bob. >> have our fingers crossed and that child in our prayers. in the meantime, knew inn it toies -- titusville, it's left a man dead. the victim's name, not yet been


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