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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tonight, police are looking for that person. this is the scene after it was cleared. this is the area where it happened. so 7:could imagine your -- you have your eight-year-old child out riding his bike and then you get this new s -- news that really just rattles your world. so no helmet, head injury, conscious, stable here. now, a little while ago, bob, we got word from police thinking they had a lead as to the driver much -- of that car. no indication, by the way, about how fast that person was going but they thought they had a lead and i haven't heard anything in the last hour so we, of course, continue to follow this and tonight, what they want to do is make an arrest. we, of course, will also follow up on the condition of this child tomorrow. hopefully he'll be okay, bob. >> have our fingers crossed and that child in our prayers. in the meantime, knew inn it toies -- titusville, it's left a man dead. the victim's name, not yet been
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interviewing the driver. and we do have that breaking news from south central kansas tonight. four people are dead and more than a dozen others injured after a series of shootings. right now deputies pouring over these multiple scenes in the town of heston, just north of wichita kansas, and tiffany teasley, she's in studio right now, and joining us with the latest. tiffany? >> reporter: the sheriff in harper county just gave up an updated number on those killed and injured. four people are dead and another 14 people injured. investigators say the gunman randomly shot people on the street until small kansas town, carjacked a person and then drove to a nearby lawn mower plant. once there, he opened fire on employees. the sheriff says a police officer shot and killed the suspect. they're working on i had if i go
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>> we'd like to get that as quick as we can but that all depends on how the investigation goes once you get inside. which we want to get that done as quickly as possible -- >> and witnesses say they recognized the gunman and they'll continue to get more information and have an update for on you good day orlando beginning at 4:30 am, bob. thanks, active knee. we're waiting to hear from space ex-as to when they'll -- spaceex. tonight's launch halted just a minute and 40 second remaining in the countdown. the decision coming as liquid oxygen was starting to flow into the falcon 9. they're carrying a european satellite and spacex will then try to land the discarded
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an ate i didn't say -- atheist group fighting the recited prayer. of course, they're inviting someone in to say a prayer, an invocation. and keith landry with this now he did debate. >> reporter:ie. >> they want an invocation before the public meetings because the u.s. supreme court has ruled they are allowed to do that. the debate continues here tonight over exactly who gets to lead those prayers -- those prayers or comments.
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>> it still has not happened. csf member says that the city will continue to refuse to let them do it. it's about being treated equally. >> it matters because it's the right thing to do. if -- if there are people who are tired of hearing it -- i'm sorry, it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: the city has a list of people interested in leading that invocation. cffc says it as a member on the list and city commissioners select people on the list to lead the invocation. >> three or four months ago, we -- >> did they do it?. >> yes, he did. >> the free thought group tells me tonight a lawsuit against the city has always been an option
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to work this out by speaking directly to city leaders n.winter garden, keith landry, fox 35 news. >> a professor is speaking out after police say one of the students was shot and killed by his own mother. officers say the 59-year-old virginia you are a tellinga -- ortega killed himself -- killed. ortega's mother told him that she had suffered from depression and didn't want to leave plake alone in this world. and he related his problems that his mother had, and but he was resigned to the fact to do better, to become independent and to persevere. >> and it's confidential. >> the professor says that blake always arrived early to class and when he didn't show up early to school, she knew that something was probably wrong. she's asked the school to create
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fund. sky fox after 5:00 this afternoon and it happened near hoffner avenue. smoke could be seen pouring out, and no word on any injuries or the cause of the fire right now. >> sea world making a stunning admission today. sonni abatta with that admission >> reporter: they sent a worker to potentially infiltrate an animals -- animal rights group. he says the company will no longer use such practices to essentially spy on their opponents. a sea world san diego worker was suspended last december after peta, people for the ethical treatment of animals work tried to incite violence while posing as an activist. mandy says the company has hired an outside firm to review its security practices. >> a passenger from a cruise ship that was battered by a major storm onith way to cape
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class action lawsuit. royal caw rib yup should have known for forced winds before they set sail earlier this month. the 4500 passengers had to hunker down as the ship encountered 40-foot waves. the ship's propulsion system was also damaged. moving 45id with a compromised bill. the committee voted to approve a bill would that require at least ten out of 12 jurors to recommend execution in order for it to be turned off. all 12 jurors agree on the death penalty. the legislation is rewriting the death penalty law after the supreme court ruled last month that the current method is than unconstitutional. it will head to the senate next. the final republican debate before super tuesday out in houston, texas. tonight, ted cruz, marco rubio, and of course, the front runner donald trump are the remaining that republican hopefuls and
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and rubio attacking each other on immigration. i will and the walls just got ten feet taller, believe me. it got ten feet taller. i saw him make that -- i saw him make the statement. i saw him use the word that he used. i can only tell you if i would have used even half of that word it would have been national scandal. if he builds a ball -- the way he builds trump towers, he'll be using illegal labor to do it. >> it's not a -- >> it's a fact. >> donald trump polish workers; you'll see it. >> you know, we're joined now by political analyst frank torres, breaking down tonight's g.o.p. debate and that moment i was going to bring to you, frank, because it seems like all the other candidates were prepared with, as donald said, sound bites, even cruz had -- what did he say? when donald said to him, don't
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senator backing you; you should be ashamed of yourself and nobody likes -- and you know, you're in the wrong business. it seems like they're prepared with these one-liner zingers, and trump is looking to come -- seems to come up with them on the fly. >> absolutely. you've seen donald trump build his whole campaign, and he -- a lot of candidates put penalty one liners for subjects that are going to be discussed, and you saw -- on a concensus so far work the most brutal debate was everyone against donald trump. every answer, boom. and every answer -- criticizing his own caw dren -- credential. on his defense, the entire debate, really rough debate for him, and a chance of redemption for the other camps. >> it's a chance -- i don't know what the analogy would be, but i don't want to make a bad analogy but they're on trump's turf. and marco rubio came up with him you hired illegal immigrants.
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nobody on this stage has hired anybody. i mean, completely cut him up at the knees and marco rubio must have seen the polling coming out of florida, cause he was going after donald trump the entire night. >> marco rubio had that meltdown in new hampshire a couple of weeks acompletely different guy today and might have established himself as the number one attacker for donald trump and you know, ted cruz, whoever can establish himself has declared alternative to donald trump will advance super tuesday and he might even a clear alternative to donald trump. >> you've got to give him credit marco rubio. >> i don't know if it was a foolish tactic, but he even brought up -- listen to donald trump, he's repeating himself, which is exactly what he was accused of doing just two weeks ago. >> you know, you've got to have -- you've got to be able to make fun of himself. he made a mistake, and he learned from it and he's turning
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keep the attack on donald trump is the only way you're going to make a deficit. >> i tweeted out earlier but it is darn good theater to watch. it was -- it was a will you tell -- very entertaining debate to watch tonight. yeah, frank torres, if you want to follow frank torres on twitter. frank, always great to have you here. >> it's great to be here. >> you cannot put your -- >> that happens all the time every day. >> coming up, a florida police department putting down an eye- opening view on what it's like to be a cop. what are officers hoping that the political that public takes away from this. we'll show you. >> plus why a boy was removed from the with his term untilee -- term nil -- terminally ill father. >> and why he that might not be quite ready to come down from the international space station after a record-setting mission. >> and he did not make friends with an alien. the story is out there right now. >> cool and windy.
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>> do not put -- >> to belligerent. >> do you have any questions for a citation. the reaction caught on his body camera offer a glimpse into his workday. >> that just happens all the time every day im. >> watch what happens at a bank when a man busts through a glass door. >> only thing i could think of was wow! 50 tampa police officers have been wearing body cameras for almost a year. for the first time, the department released a series of videos. >> we just wanted to show the community the perspective from the officers, what they see. >> reporter: this was former chief -- prediction in january 2015. >> this is going to be a whole new reality show for the rest of the community. >> oh, she was definitely dead on when she said that. >> the videos include a water
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uncooperative people or an uncooperative alligator. and it shows some of the moments that go off and make the headlines like assisting a wheelchair, fixing a tire or tossing a football around with a six-year-old. >> he's good. >> now you get a chance to see the other side. >> there's a reasoning for a lot of things we do. >> some of these clips may be surprising. >> it's got to be a reality check from our people. >> but he hopes most people will focus on these moments, the ones that end in a handshake. >> no problem, sir. >> adam messner, fox 35 news. trending across america tonight boy kicked off of a plane was because of his allergic reaction and that might not be the worst part of the story. giovanni and his father were boarding a flight in washington when the seven-year-old started having a an allergic reaction to a dog that was in the plane. they moved to the rear of the plane but the boy's allergic
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they were eventually removed from the flight and that's when they say other passengers started a-- applauding with they left. the boy's father has terminal cancer and was making the trip to see his family since he does not have much time left and the boy talks about what happened. >> and it's not my fault, and it's not my dad's fault because one of them has a dad, and no way, i'm not getting off this plane for -- and so we got deboarded off the plane. a legion's spokesperson say they have been in contact with the family. >> an arizona senator and his wife chased by elephants during a trip to africa. [ undiscernible ] >> cruz and rubio -- >> there we go. >> showing an animal running after the couple and with a
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group in africa last week, so poaching and wild life trafficing there, and he believes that he wasiest just protecting his young, and maybe one of the registers. you know, that could be -- and -- a coast guard rescue takes an unexpected turn in new york city after a coastside vessel capsizes and it was on his way to rescue a fisherman in queens. on their way, the coast guard vessel was overturned by those massive waves and they swim to shore but they made it all safely, noel funts in this wear. >> no -- >> okay. >> thank you very much for that. >> i like what i'm seeing. >> right. >> clear skies and some cool weather, yeah, but some good weather as we going through the next several days and it looks like temperatures are rebounding nicely and right now on radar, we continue to -- and we are
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so no issues whatsoever,. look at those lows for tonight. 44 back over towards melbourne and 37 in ocala and so, a very fine-looking start of the day. yeah, it's going to be a bit on the chilly side. >> 50 degrees, and 49 back in the flagler county and our temperatures right now are currently runing about seven to ten degrees cooler tonight compared to last night at the same time but hey, we'll take it. we're also looking at dew points holding in mainly the 30s, upper 30s to low 40s, 42 to 46 degrees. 52 degrees right now downtown with the clear skies. again, it is february, so we should be getting down to the 50s at night but it looks like tonight will be a little cooler tonight. 66. that was our high temperature earlier today and 75 should be our normal high and 52 our early morning low temperature. we'll beat that in a little bit by later tonight. 46 degrees at about 8:00 am and
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as we head towards 2:00 in the afternoon and then as we go in the afternoon, we're looking at temperatures warming, a little bit up to about 61, 65 degrees but then dropping off towards the evening, and so, again, another cool night for tomorrow night but overall, cool and chilly. again a windy weather is expected to continue as we go through the day tomorrow and then overall great weather is going to be in our forecast as we go through the end of the weekend and all of next week. 61 degrees in miami and got degrees up in jacksonville and look at the satellite picture showing some departing snows right here moving through the new england area. behind the system got some late snows but if you were to hop a flight right now? go from orlando, you could go all the way out into the western u.s. and that's the one -- the air mass right now that's moving in our direction. here is a look at tomorrow's high temperatures getting to around 62 to 66 degrees for most of the area and a little bit cooler.
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farther up to the north but a good-looking forecast. we'll put it at 66 degrees in the downtown area, and it'llcome down a little bit more this weekend. 68 degrees on sat but much -- much boating weather and on sunday, a high of 74, and look the appear -- wednesday of next week. >> yes. here they come, the 80s and 90s right around the corner. the orlando magic hosting the golden street warriors. warriors setting a record -- and the magic kept it close, though, and the warriors, they pulled away and they go on to win it. and in less than a week, nasa astronaut kelly will complete a
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>> trending some of the stories that are hot, nasa astronaut scott kelly about to wrap up his year in space and he says, you know, he wouldn't mind staying -- kelly telling reporters he can hold on even longer, another year, maybe, he was asked to. they spend more time in orbit on
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the one thing he plans to do when he returns to houston is jump in his pool. kelly says the landing -- tuesday nights. and one company has a bizarre gift. a vincent van gogh plush domcomplete with a detachable ear. the artist, you know, supposedly severed his ear in 1888 but new research suggests that he may have actually lost it, not cut it ov for a woman and then send it to her. the movie starring did duane -- do -- starring do wayne and -- duane. he -- and meet a lifeguard. the lifeguard jumped into action
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ufc champ conor mcgregor gets -- regrets saying he would whoop jesus christ's ass and taking it out on our photog. >> what could be better, getting trash talked from the best trash talker. harvey: charlie, he was two steps from kicking your ass. >> do you get workmen's camp if you got hit? >> next time i see him i'm going to ask another jesus question. >> big man, you could get jesus' ass! >> chris pratt at l.a.x.


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