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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 29, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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"good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: you don't get to say that very often. >> john: once every four years. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here are the stories we're working on for you. >> reporter: a south florida baby is back home with her mother after being abandoned in orange county. there have been two arrests in her kidnapping. >> i believe a first rate con artist is on the verge of taking over the party of lincoln and reagan. >> john: how g.o.p. rivals are teaming up against donald trump. and then this ... the oscar goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> amy: that's the way she was talking last night [breathless]. a star studded night. >> john: i don't know if that's her real voice. but every time i hear it. >> amy: very marilyn monroe
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>> jayme: talk about weather that way. >> amy: jayme king, happy monday [said with a breathless voice]. >> jayme: chilly morning, but gorgeous day. we have 50s here rather than widespread 40s. a cool start, making way to an awesome day. mixed skies. 75 by 5:00 p.m. and 78 by 2:00 p.m. cloud cover about 20,000 feet above. give the sun a filtered appearance. we have warmth on our side. into next weekend, saturday and sunday looking good. miniscule rain chances. 10 or 20% of us. by wednesday. and then two fronts moving in. we take a look at beach scene
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we'll have it all in the forecast ahead. >> kristin: good morning. sky fox is over the crash on the florida turnpike. you can see there's debris all lane. one lane blocked because of it. slow. you see there's lots of debris that's spilled over to the northbound side. it's right after the osceola parkway exit. you see right there that it's causing -- covering up right there, but there's significant delays on both sides. northbound and southbound. in volusia county, an accident at 44 causing a few delays there. and on i-4 westbound, still in vmplet county, we have an accident at the 116 exit, the main street exit. still seeing a lot of green there. it's not causing too many delays.
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parkway to downtown, 3 minutes. state road 434 to fairbanks, 8 minutes. under 10 minutes westbound 408 from rouse road to downtown. >> john: 7:03. all new this morning. a baby is now returned to her mother after being kidnapped. >> amy: it sparked an amber alert. your phone was probably going off on saturday morning. and fox 35's jackie orozco has more. >> reporter: the baby is in good health. she's in the arms of her mother now. she was kept at arnold palmer. after investigators said she was abandoned at an apartment complex in orange county. >> a 24-year-old and her 14-year-old does nl are charged with numerous felonies. they are being held without bond.
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fort fort lauderdale home at gun point. later that day, they found the two month old baby girl at the apartment complex at north lake parkway where they said that augustene lived. the baby was still strapped in her car seat without visible injuries. but she was taken to the arnold palmer hospital as a precaution. officers pulled over the woman's car. and she is cousin with the baby's mother. the orange county parents we spoke with said they're relieved the baby is okay. >> i'm glad they found the baby because usually in situations like this they don't find the kid. >> reporter: this morning we're still working to figure out why the cousin's mother allegedly kidnapped the baby. fhp troopers are planning to release video of the arrest of
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once we have more, we'll follow the story. >> amy: troopers saided that a 27-year-old woman was spotted speeding early saturday morning. she off before deputies could pull her over. she then ran a red light at john young parkway and americana boulevard. troopers said she slammed into another car. the driver of that car, 23-year-old cody garrick was killed. florida patrol said that she should not have been driving because her license has been re-veked. police are firing tear gas at the macedonian border. they're trying to stop people from crossing into the country. nearly 6,000 iraqi and syrian refugees are trying to cross over. refugees are until camps and they said they have little food
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>> john: man accused of killing a rookie police officer is due in court today. >> amy: officer ashley guindon was gunned down on the first day of her job. one of three officers killed in virginia. ronald hamilton approached fire as they approach -- he fired at the officers as they approached his home. a boy in the house was not harmed. the prince william county police department is mourning the loss of officer ashley guindon who was just sworn in on friday. >> she was driven, passionate, and exceedingly intelligent. she struck us that way, prior to hiring him. and it's always the type of officer we're seeking with that type of passion and intelligence.
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we're learning that she graduated from emery riddle university in daytona beach in 2010. the school released a statement. the emery riddle community is deeply saddened by her death and our hearts go out to her family and friends. >> john: early voting. orange and lake county. and then seminole and osceola counties have their turn on saturday. tuesday march 15 is the florida primary. democratic and republican candidates are gearing up for what is expected to be, and will be, the the biggest night of the race so far. >> reporter: 12 states holding primaries or caucuses. the poll numbers show donald trump in front by quite a big margin. he's leading in georgia. he's also ahead in tennessee. and marco rubio and ted cruz are
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ted cruz leads in his home state of texas while marco rubio is not leading in any state, which is interesting. on the democratic side, hillary clinton leading almost every race. bernie sanders in many of the key states not even close. clinton riding high after her huge victory in south carolina. donald trump is in hot water leading into tomorrow's big day. getting support from former kkk leader david duke. trump tweeted out, i dis-avow. but getting criticism for a slow response. >> i don't know david duke. pretty sure i have never met him. >> reporter: marco rubio held absolutely nothing back at a rally in virginia. >> he doesn't sweat. he doesn't sweat because his
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tan that he uses. donald is not going to make america great. he's going to make america orange. have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> reporter: i have to tell you, the rhetoric has reached a level which we have not seen in quite a while. hillary clinton attacking the republicans. she ignores really rival brars. brars. bernie sanders. in south carolina. >> i believe that america is great right now. what we need is to be whole. we need to be whole. where all of us have a place. where everybody feels like we're
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>> we think we'll do very well in minnesota on super tuesday, colorado, oklahoma, think we'll win in massachusetts, and i believe we'll win in vermont, and do better than people think in other states. >> reporter: how big is florida? tomorrow hillary clinton and marco rubio marco rubio will be here. and the cads holding events. and marco rubio will be in the event at the ronald reagan equestrian center. >> john: fox 35 is your source for continuing coverage of the presidential race. tomorrow night we'll have results and analysis of super tuesday. >> john: coming up next. leo finally gets his oscar. >> and the oscar goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> amy: maybe she had a cold. something is going on. >> john: how leo responded. and the other big moments from
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>> amy: you don't want to say hot. >> john: elee, jayme. that's hot though. >> jayme: man, turn the ac down. seas are perfect today. generally under 2 feet. light winds as far as the eye can see. we're talking more about the forecast. the rain free conditions. and the put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts.
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>> john: testing season is back again. >> amy: after last year's computer issues, parents and students are hoping for the best this year. they said that glitches caused a lot of problems. computers logged off. skipped ahead. and forced students to lose work. and they said that they've been preparing all year to make sure doesn't happen again. only students from 8 through 10th grade will use computers. all other children will use paper-based exams. a deal over how much more money about -- will go to the public schools. they agreed to boost by
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a 1% hike in the amount of money spent per student. they expect to pay tax money and the property taxes could go down. >> and the oscar goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> amy: what was wrong with her voice last night? it was a long time coming. leonardo dicaprio finally getting the oscar after multiple nominations. it was a fun night to watch the academy awards. >> john: and luanne has the top trending moments. crazy. and one of the most anticipated moment was whether leonardo dicaprio would take home an oscar. he finally won. in his acceptance speech he pushed the message behind the movie. >> makes the "revenant" was
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the natural world, a world we collectively felt in 2015 as the hottest year in recorded history. our production needed to move to the southern tip of the planet just to be able to find snow. climate change is real. happening right now. the most urgent threat facing our entire species. and we need to work collectively together and stop pro-craftlh procrastinating. >> reporter: leo has been nominated for a an oscar six times. this was the first time he won. trending this morning, joe biden and lady gaga. gaga performed her nominated song "til it happens to you." she was introduced by joe biden who gaisks a heart felt speech. >> we must and we can change culture so no abused women or man like the survivors you see tonight ever feel they have to
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they did nothing wrong. >> reporter: that speech was followed up by one powerful performance by lady gaga. she was surrounded by sexual assault survivors. she wrote the song with diane warren. both are survivors of sexual assault themselves. from the documentary on campus rape called "the hunting ground." and its with a nominated for best original song. chris rock brought his daughters on the show. he said he has been working long hours and missed most of girl scout kooky season. have your daughter's troop sell the cookies at the oscars, right? and rock came out that they raised more than $65,000. yeah. that's a whole lot of cookies.
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the night's excitement." spotlight "won best picture. brie larson won best actress. and inside out brought home best an an animation feature. >> amy: it helps you know what what's out on dvd. you know which ones are the good ones. >> jayme: >> john: what a forecast you have today. >> jayme: it's out of sight. get outside. and slip outside and enjoy it. man, are we looking good. good morning to you. we have 40s and 50s. a 60 in tampa. 55 in melbourne. and clouds are evident on the
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the clouds are slowly peppering in. mixed skies. warm p.m. temps. around 80 for the high. early to mid-afternoon. and looking the area, the visit orlando tower cam high atop of hyatt regency in orlando. we overlook the crown plaza hotel and other areas with all of the tourists are getting up bright and early and heading to the theme parks. a gorgeous day for it. the ocean nearly flat as a board. great for offshore fishing. surf zone is a different story. nearly flat. and we see another surge of easterly groundswell by wednesday. zone. back to rideable. favorable winds. likely light off shore. in the west and southwest. and high pressure is on top
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allowing us to stay rain free. although cloud cover continues to stream in underneath the ridge. a mix of sun and clouds today. this is the next system to get in by mid-week. the secondary one kicks off the eastern shore of the u.s. this one doesn't effect us. the next one may bring a slight rain chance, 10 to 20% of us. and friday another weak system. temperatures are highs above 70, and overnights in the 50s and 60s. mainly warm and dry forecast for you. enjoy it all. here's kristin with live drive traffic. >> kristin: we have a new crash to tell you about at sand lake and turkey lake at the intersection there's a partially blocked a lane. where the big whole foods is. it's causing delays there. dheep in mind. the florida turnpike accident in the southbound lane. there's debris everywhere.
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northbound is seeing significant delays as they work to clean that up. drive times, 5 minutes for eastbound i4 from john young parkway. and westbound i-4 from 434 to fairbanks. and the 408, westbound, 12 minutes from rouse road to downtown orlando. time now for your pump patrol. regular gas will cost you $1.54 on the murphy usa gas station on chickasaw trail, lake under-hill road in orlando. you can always find out more of the gas saving tips on our website at >> amy: today only happens one time every four years. >> john: in honor of leap year, we have four financial tips to help you leap ahead in the coming months. 7:22.
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>> amy: wack back to "good day orlando." welcome back. leap year days and leap year
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>> amy: 20% off your meal. if are you a lucky lea year baby. a free birthday meal at hard rock cafe. and foot locker, and best buy among others are offering leap day coupons. >> john: it is money monday. in honor of today being february 29, leap day of the leap year, fewer ways to help -- four ways to help you leap ahead. certified financial planning joe bert is here. >> good to be here. >> john: we're once again at lowest in history. >> if you have been thinking about it, this is the time to do it. you have under 3% -- 3% on a 15 year. 4% on a 30 year. those are historic lows. if you have been refinancing or buying, you want to do it now. >> john: even short term. only in the house for a couple
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why not right now. 2.625 in some places. >> short-term is not a bad idea. >> john: make sure to lock that down. i think everyone will be kicking themselves late father they go up and they didn't like in. >> if you don't have a retirement plan at work, or income low enough, can you do a deductible ira. when it comes time to retire, we have social security plus what we've been able to save. the government gives us an opportunity. you have until april 18. tax day is the 15th. because of certain things going on with the holidays. you have until 18. a maximum of $5,500. 65, clean tax deduction. no questions ask. do it. >> maximize social security benefits? >> the government changed its benefit.
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been if an individual will be 66 by may 1, and their spouse is 62 years old, you have a wind of opportunity. you have to do something by april 29 or you lose the opportunity to get extra we benefits. if you're 66 and your spouse over 62. see an advisor. be sure to take an advantage of the window of opportunity. >> john: how can people reach you? >> google me. joe bert. two words. >> john: good to see you. >> amy: disney introducing seasonal pricing. the price you pay for the park changes depending on how packed the park is. what could become the most expensive days to visit in the coming year. it's 7:28. a live view. looking down on epcot center
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> john: 7:31 here on good day. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt.
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>> reporter: a woman who was accused of killing a man in a crash is going to be in court today. why fhp said that the woman should never have been behind the wheel to begin with. >> amy: senator marco rubio has not led a state yet, and not leading in the polls. could he still win the nomination? frank torres is here to explain. >> john: seasonal pricing for the disney theme parks. >> amy: one of those days you bring in the jacket and now what do you do with this thing? you don't need it later. >> jayme: tie sander your waist? i didn't realize that was directed to me. good morning, yes. should not hinder the sunshine values today. it's going to be a nice day. a blend of sun or clouds.
7:33 am
and a front is kicking through over to the eastern side of the u.s. a little bit of effect from that. ultimately, we're looking at warmer times ahead. 40s and 50s at this hour. mixed skies. a cool start. gorgeous p.m. temperatures. getting close to 80 degrees. and i like that. 75 by 5:00 p.m. of 66 by 8. and scattered clouds. and first thing tomorrow, tuesday morning. a blend of sun and clouds through mid-week. we scour it out, and bring back almost full sunshine. the temperature dips are not all that great. not much of a departure into the overnight. cool but pleasant area wide. ample sun, and very low rain chances. >> kristin: i want to start off with a live look of i-4 until kissimmee. right here the cars coming towards you, that's the eastbound lane. before the 429. a serious crash.
7:34 am
all the way down there. it's causing significant delays on both sides of the interstate there. i want to show you this accident on the map right now. again, the eastbound lane. the reports coming into the newsroom call it a serious accident. at exit 58. the 429 up there. keep that in mind if are you in that area, or heading to that area. both sides are seeing the delays. the florida turnpike, the accident we've been talking about all morning, sees some delays in the eastbound and westbound lanes. an accident after 249. the osceola parkway exit. keep that way in headed in that direction. keeping a look at some of your drive times. i-4 westbound, lake mary to clone colonial, 17 minutes. on the 4308, heading westbound, 17 minutes. >> john: it's 7:34.
7:35 am
deadly crash is headed to court today. >> amy: orange county deputies said she slammed into another car as s e was trying to outrun deputies on sunday morning. and fox 35's gina benitez has more. >> reporter: the troopers say that the 27-year-old sinnedda saint cyr was not even supposed to be driving. she is charged with vehicular homicide. this crash happened around 2:00 a.m. on sunday. orange county deputies said they were attempting to pull her over for speeding when she drove off. and saint cyr kept driving to get away from them and ultimately ran a red light and hit the side of 23-year-old cody garrick's car. sadly, garrick did die in the crash. saint cyr was arrested shortly after. there were red light cameras at
7:36 am
fhp tell us us that there'll likely use them to help in the investigation. as we mentioned earlier, saint cyr is set to make her first appearance before a judge. we'll be in the courtroom. and we'll let you know what happens. gina benitez, fox 35 news. >> amy: altamonte springs police looking for a suspect. >> john: they found a victim. they have not released his name. investigators have not identified a suspect. they're kawfling it a homicide investigation. >> amy: looking for a guy who robs a mini golf course. congo river mini golf in kissimmee. he handed the employees a note, demanded money, before threatening to harm anyone who did not comply. you see him at the window and he walked away. he was handed the cash. he walked away without hurting
7:37 am
deputies caught a burglary suspect hiding in a tree. the choice helicopter team spotted the man despite his best efforts to hide. and they got him. february 9 in orlando. the helicopter team worked with the deputies. the k-9 units, and 911 operators to catch the suspected car burglarrer. >> john: early voting starting in orange and lake. >> it all hinges on what happens tomorrow. super tuesday. voters in 12 state also vote. highlighting in the green. and so far donald trump ahead in georgia and tennessee. teds cruz leading in his home state in texas. and frank torres has more. marco has not won a single state
7:38 am
he's not leading in any of the super tuesday states. it's kind of iffy how he is looking in the poll, even in the home state of florida. could he win the presidency? >> he could blank on super tuesday and still win the nomination. there are a lot of delegates. march 15 whether 15 will still be a big day. big states like ohio and illinois. and he could have a bad day tomorrow and rebound. but he needs to get the first win. cruz won in iowa. trump has a few wins. it's time for him to catch one of the state. >> amy: what about his strategy. we heard some of the comments he made over the weekend. making fun of trump's spray tan and his hands. going after him in what many would call sort of a school play ground kind of jabs. is this going to work? >> it might work. this is what people wanted jeb
7:39 am
and jeb couldn't do it. donald trump is a bare fisted brawlerer. you have to go back and forth with him. and it's time they think to stand up and establish themselves as the other anti-trump alternative. nobody has done that yet. i think rubio has done the best thing so far to establish himself. >> amy: and donald trump, how he reacted to the endorsement of the former kkk leader david duke. a lot of people think he didn't come out strong enough in dis-avoiing. >> it's confusing. so tough after going after opponents. the easy answers, of the once he should bat away and push away at all cost, he seems to come up short. i am sure he will hear the question a couple more times and will get more chances to rebutte, but i has not done enough to push away. it's confusing. another question for the donald trump campaign. >> amy: on the democratic side
7:40 am
hillary clinton saying i will go after republicans now. i won't worry about bernie sanders anymore. is bernie sanders still a threat to her? tomorrow will be a big day for sanders. if he can't give a serious run, will you seer complaints. and hillary is doing what front runners do. ignore the opponents and then looking past them. on next for hillary would be the general election. bernie sanders needs to get some of the states so a big day for him tomorrow. >> amy: what is the message. >> get out now. if you want to have your voice heard, do some research. fox 35. orlando
7:41 am
because you never know what will happen election day. >> amy: always fascinating. thank you for joining us, frank torres. >> john: disney introducing a new way to charge customers. the price changes depending on how popular the price is at the theme parks. and as we go to break, the magic beat philadelphia at the amway center. they're four games out at the
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7:43 am
7:44 am
in dallas tomorr >> amy: 7:00 44. you could now pay as much as $124 to go here. magic kingdom.
7:45 am
>> john: luanne has details on disney's new seasonal pricing. >> reporter: when you go to buy your disney ticket, you will see on the website a calendar showing you which days are value day, which are regular days, and which are peak days. the value days show up in the light gray. those are the low traffic days like say late august, after kids go back to school. $105 at magic kingdom. $97 at all the other parks. regular days are in a light blue color. $110 for magic kingdom. and $102 at the other park. and peak time, dark blue. $124 just to get into magic kingdom. the other parks cost you $114. peak days include spring break and christmas time. some of you are sounding off on the facebook page this morning. debra says, price is getting out
7:46 am
seniors who would enjoy just a day out and see exhibits, not necessarily do rides. and chuck says, unless they're going to make it affordable on nonpeak day, it doesn't matter. it's difficult for families of say four or more when they keep raising prices. it's hard for people to afford it. most of the comments are kind of negative, as you could probably imagine. >> john: but they're not losing people. they've not hit the point where people stopped going. >> amy: it's amazing. i imagine they do research on what's the tipping point where people finally say enough. >> reporter: a couple dollars more each year people can afford. a lot of people save up for years to bring their family here. >> amy: that's right true. spacex aborted a launch just as the rockets were to fire.
7:47 am
we have a launch abort. >> john: who was the boater who was out there? the scrub launch marked the third scrub in a week. because of a boat that passed into the zone. once again. they had to delay. the liquid oxygen could not stay cold enough to lawmple the rocket. spacex has not said when they will attempt another lawsm at this point. and jayme king, a good day to get on the boat today? just not yesterday. >> jayme: seas 2 feet. the bites heating up off shore. if you have the times and meerntion you may want to check out. it's 40s and 50s for us right now. nice morning. we have a blend of sun and clouds to kick things off.
7:48 am
the regime of passing cloud cover. a little dense at times. no big deal. rain tied in. and as of right now, the trajectory in which of front is coming in doesn't usually bode well for rain chances. and not a lot of cold air behind this thing. and overall, we are looking good. very good weather graces here in central florida. again, it started over the weekend. featuring a cool or cold start saturday and sunday morning. glorious weather for the p.m. and we see warm temperatures in place. and highs in the 08s and mid-60s for the lows. and scattered clouds, cool continue condition. and satellite revealing the cloud cover in the area. high pressure sliding out of the northeastern gulf of mexico. this solidifies a good looking run of weather. keeping a lot of weather out of here, and away from the southern
7:49 am
the next system gets in here by wednesday. a thin narrow cloud ribbon. a little bit of shower activity for 10 to 20% of us outside of that. and not much going on behind that. and the next system coming in with very little fanfare. breezy from the south, and the southwest. and miniscule rain chances. and taking a look at marion. those of you out of fort mccoy. solid 70s. nice day overall. and umatilla, and mount dora and leesburg. everybody looking good. and last but not least, volusia county, the beach was, and the i-4 interior areas. very, very nice. general theme of mid-70s. warming in the day ahead. temperatures dipping down into thursday behind the front. we keep the sun through next weekend. varying amounts of cloud cover, and very low rain chances.
7:50 am
and we have a weather baby. kiddos. hop to it. here's kristin with live drive traffic. >> kristin: i love anabelle's boots. so cute. in kissimmee, near the 429 heading east. there's a crash. you can see some of the flashing lights down there causing significant backups on the eastbound lanes of i-4 in kissimmee. i want to take you to a map so you can see where this crash is located. the eastbound lanes where reports are calling it a serious accident at exit 58. the osceola polk line road exit. in the area, be aware. 408 a little backed up near the 436. we're told the westbound lane there, there was a mattress in the road which was causing delays. it looks to be cleared up but
7:51 am
right here a new crash at semoran boulevard near gatlin avenue, causing a few delays there withele toes and oranges. keep keep that in mind. and down to the florida turnpike, seeing some red there after the crash earlier on the south pound. the accident near the osceola parkway exit. >> amy: your chances of getting pulled over might depend on what kind of car you are driving. >> john: coming up on good day, which vehicles are the most
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>> amy: in your consumer corner this morning, 50,000 children's car seats are being recalled. >> reporter: car seat recalls always grab attention. even flo recalling thousands because of a harness safety problem. the car seat company said there's a problem with the transition 3 in 1s. gives kids enough room to loosen their own harness. but the problem is, they're using them in the forward-facing mode. that's when they have a problem. they offer a free kit to stop the children from loosening the harness. so far no injuries have been reported because of the problem. you could be more likely to be pulled over because of your car. a study by ranked
7:56 am
get pulled over. they found, drivers of the lexus es300, nissan 350z, and dodge charger get the most traffic tick. ticket. if you drive a buick encore, and a acura ils, they got the at least tickets. analysts say that it's not the car but the driver. there's a new kid friendly search engine. called kiddle. aims to be like google. safe sites with simple language. looks like google. used by google. but heavily filtered for kids. an outer spaced theme. they feature safe site. the next seven written in a
7:57 am
if you want to use the site, go to. >> john: a local woman turned 108 years old. she is sharing her life story with us next.
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stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is
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>> announcer: it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> welcome back, to "good day orlando." it is 8 o'clock, i'm john brown, i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you are with us on this leap day monday, here's the stories we're working on right now, first a two-month-old baby girl kidnapped from an apartment in south there a and back home with her mother. we'll have details on how investors garts igators say the baby ended up hundred of miles.


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