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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  March 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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. good day orlando. >> so glad you're with us on this tuesday. here's a look at what you can expect this morning in our 9:00 hour. >> i think i'll do very well. i've been doing very in florida. i have thousands of employees. marco rubio is a guy that doesn't even vote. that is frontrunner donald trump talking to us this morning on "good day orlando" less than an primary. how he plans to take on marco rubio, plus how the florida senator is firing back today. senator. he's this morning at a bakery
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he's talking to reporters right now. last night, he was at the airport. >> also new evident shows peanut allergies can be avoided by exposing infants to peanuts early on. is it really safe? we'll talk about the fox medical team about that, coming up. >> and they are calling it yelp for people. we'll check out a new app that allows you to rate your peers. it's kind of uncool, actually. >> yeah. >>. >> this song's going huge all across the country right now. it's a local musician making it big. we're gonna talk to him about how he made it on the charts without a big name record label behind him, and it's all about the fans. >> absolutely. >> and social media has changed everything for these guys because even if the record industry, they won't play it,
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all of a sudden there's a chart that says this stoning's popular and it goes from there. all it takes is an easterly breeze to raise the temperature stakes down in melbourne, at 72 compared to the rest of us, 60s in a couple areas with 70 on the nose there. orlando titusville now at 73. here's the deal on the day-to-day. atlanta cloud cover will shuffle through the flow here out of the east southeast for much of the day. is it gonna be an awful day, a wet day, none of the the above, actually. a blend of sun and clouds will be looking good. highs near 80 and watching this system, rather progressive and energetic now and exhibiting quite a bit of weather. this begins to move our way, but with what type of ramifications to the local weather forecast in central florida. that remains to be seen. but right now, a little bit of a rain chance for saturday or sunday. not all that big now as high pressure dominates and should keep a lot of that energy out of here. breezy and warm today.
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69 by 8:00 or so and as we take a a look at the next seven, all about the mid-80s. coming back strong wednesday and thursday. toasty with winds increasing, especially along the beach front and that rain chance we'll talk more about that coming up in 12 more minutes. over to you. >> thank you, jayme. our top story right now, the race for the white house snothe candidates will have another chance to add more delegates to their count today. michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii hold primaries or caucuses today. michigan is considered to be the crown jewel in this 1, 59 delegates up for drabs for the republicans and 130 for the democrats in that state alone. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are expected to win that state. last hour on "good day orlando," we did speak live with donald trump and we were offered the opportunity by his campaign. here's what he told us about the race and his vision for a trump presidency. >> one of the biggest concerns for a lot of people is if you're truly a conservative. i know you said last night you hate labels like this, but are you conservative enough for your followers? >> i think i'm very
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i'm very conservative on trade and the military and the veterans taking care of them and on healthcare and on finances and i want to be very smart, though, on trade, because i'm a free trader very much which is a conservative thing. but the world is just ripping off the united states, taking such advantage of us. and so terrible to see what's happening. and when you see ford and when you see all these company carrier air conditioners moving out of the united states and then selling their product that they make in other countries without tax, without anything, right into the united states, we lose all those jobs and it's just terrible. so i think i'm a very conservative person, actually, but i'm also common sense. >> i know it's a deep question. so what would you change in order to level the playing field among these countries, then? >> well, it is. and frankly, a lot of people aren't thrilled about other daernts. i can tell you right now they're not thrilled because they're ripping off the united states,
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we've never been taken advantage of. and what china's doing, japan, indiana, vietnam and mexico both at the bordr and with trade, they're killing our country, taking our jobs. we can't let it happen. >> obviously, florida is a big win state next tuesday. marco rubio a couple weeks ago wasn't doing so great in the polls, but that's starting to shrink now. we're starting to see his numbers come up. i think the latest poll showed about a 8 -point difference. what are you thoughts about in winning next tuesday in the state of florida sph. >> i love the state. it's a great state. i own many, many property in florida. i've invested billions of dollars. i think i'll do very well. i've been doing very well in florida. i have thousands of employees. you know, marco rubio's a guy who doesn't even vote. he doesn't show up to the senate to vote. he's not gonna be a senator for long. he's done very, very poorly in the presidential run, very
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and he has not done well. most people thij he's gonna drop out of the race, but we'll see what happens. >> how important is it for you to get the support of governor rick scott here? >> well, he's a friend of mine and i think he's probably not going to be endorsing, but we'll see what happens. but he's a frebd of mine and i think he would certainly not we unhappy if i got it. but i don't know that he's endorsing. i'm not seeking his endorsement. i want to leave the people to themselves. i've never found endorsements to be very important, to be honest with you. >> mr. trump, i think with some of the other politicians in the race, people have an idea of what their administration would look like if they're in the white house. but there are questions and concerns about what your administration would look like if you're able to deal with foreign leaders in the way youtube dealt with the campaigns. what are you thoughts? what would a trump administration look like if you were elect under. >> we'd have the best people, the best on trade. i've been endorsed by the biggest business leaders in the country and these people would be involved with trade.
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right now, we have political hacks that do our deals with china and japan. it's so crazy and you know, they have no business ability. and that's why we're losing as an example with china, we have a trade deficit of niefb$00 million a year and we're not gonna have that anymore. it's going to be much -- it's gotta be fair. i'm a free trader, but i didn't tell gotta be fair. >> there's an ad out right now and it features a lot of bleeping to cover up curse words that have been said in certain speeches. you've said that your tone would change if you were elected to the white house. i think your wife had said that, too. his tone wisdom change if he's elected. how would it change? what does that mean to you when you say your tone will change? >> that's true. i have rallies with thousands and thousands of people. and you're not talking about very bad words, in all paper. but i have rallies -- as an championship, i was in orlando the other day. you saw the kind of rally i had. it was incredible.
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like this. and we have a lot of fun. no, if i'm president, it totally changes and even before being president. but right now, i'm competing against four people. i was competing against 16 people. and insults are coming left and insults. rubio, i call him little marco, was insulting he very bald and i had to respond. >> meanwhile, marco rubio just arrived in kissimmee where he is rallying voters now. >> a lot of people say, if you can't win your own state, you can't win the election. and this is at a bakery this morning. >> good morning. i'vei'm live here. marco rubio just got here about 15 minutes ago. you can see he's back here meeting with all the people here, employees of the bakery, people who have come out here. he did answer a few questions for us outside, he talked about
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of course, the i-4 corridor, all of the people here in this area, especially the hispanic vote. also, when we asked about the poll numbers, recent poll numbers he talked about not really relying on them too much because they've always been all over the place. so he's not too concerned about that. he says this is not his last time in central florida. of course, he made two stops today in two days last night, he was in sanford. there, he talked about how this country has a chance to really create a new american century. also criticized obama's policies and talked about how hillary would bring really a lot of those same policies. rubio never mentioned trump by name. he talked about how the conservative movement should never be about anger and fear. he also talked about his plans to unite and grow the party. >> and i think the voters
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you'll see through the facade that is the donald trump campaign. meanwhile, i'm going to continue to focus on our plans and our ideas. i've laid out public policies on every issue. we have real answers to america's problems and if we do what needs to be done, our chil444444444444 freest and most popular americans ever. >> back out here live at the bakery in kissimmee, marco rubio still here rallying support, taking pictures with people, talking to people out here. it isn't all bad news in the polls for him. according to the latest poll, florida voters who have already vote, rubio's at 48 %, which is 25 % points ahead of donald trump but for voters who still plan on voting, trump still has an 8 -point lead over rubio, who is not too concerned about these numbers.
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long and bring you the very latest from kissimmee. for now, live in kissimmee, janea, fox 35. >> i wonder how much a candidate's sign is spent doing self ies. >> maybe half. >> probably. >> hillary clinton also in florida this week, probably taking a lot of self ies. she's in miami today ahead of wednesday night's debate in south florida. on thursday, clinton will remain in florida. she sthen has a campaign event set for tampa. >> in other news today, orlando police are looking for the person who stole a car and barreled right into a family's living room. >> there were two people inside the home at the time. thankfully, they were not hurt. police did search the area, but they couldn't find that suspect. code enforcement had to board up the mouse, which is still livable. police are looking for forensic
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to identify the suspect. in the day ahead, governor rick scott, orlando mayor and orange county mayor is set to citrus bowl. >> no details yet, but the wwe did tweet overnight that orlando has been selected to host wrestle mania next april. the city last hosted wrestle mania in 2008 so it's been a while. today's announcement is for 11:00 a.m. the date is set for april of 2017. still to come, help your kids beat peanut allergies before they begin. >> how you can avoid the potentially darns allergy, straight ahead. >> also, there's a new app being called yelp for people. we'll have more on the new
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mini babybel. snack a little bigger. . orlando." downtown. a little cloudy out there right now. blue skies off in the distance. again, we'll check in with jayme bit. on the health watch, the rate of peanut allergies is on the rise. >> new research now shows protect your kids.
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exposing babies to peanuts at an early age could actually prevent them from developing this very dangerous allergy. and dr. mike is joining us this morning to talk more about it. >> i'm great. >> thank. we've heard this about so many different things, exposing your kids to pets at a young age, dust at a young age. >> this is the oldage, if you don't use it, you lose it. so if you put your kids in a cocoon and you don't let them get exposed to things like animal dander and peanuts, then they develop significant allergies later on. so now the latest, greatest research and all of the pediatric literature is now indicating that, hey, if you
9:17 am
born, you get them exposed to peanuts in a way that they don't choke, of course. but you get them exposed before they are one year old. and even more than that, if you do that down the road and then they avoid peanuts for even a year, they still don't develop allergies. and so you have to use that immune system. you have to expose that immune system. >> all right. so this is something i would say you definitely should talk to your doctor about before you do this, right? >> well, you certainly don't want to do anything without checking with your pediatrician. i'm an internist and i don't do anything with my two kids unless i call a pediatrician and i'm a doctor. the thing is that my son nicholas is severely allergic to peanuts. my daughter is not. and i happen to believe it's because my daughter got exposed to peanuts in a safe way early on. but check with your healthcare
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child has a history of eczema or other sorts of things that might make you worry that there are lots of allergies. so do it, but the literature's clear. you need to get your kids exposed early on. >> all right. it is fascinating stuff. always a pleasure. thank you. >> love you. >> love you back. we'll see you soon. 9:18 right now. let's check in with jayme king. accuweather forecast update, the numbers continue to rise. solid 70s on the east side. i've got your 60s off to the west and north northwest into north central florida. and you can see what's playing out here, dominating area of high pressure as exited the eastern sea board, camped out to our east. the breezes continue to enhance through about wednesday into thursday. warmer times ahead. looking like maybe mid-80s phase in as soon as tomorrow and into thursday afternoon. it's gonna be toasty and we've got a big baton rouge of just foul weather right now on top of
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it looks like our ridge is very strong. we should see a lot of that energy move up and over and cascade back across the eastern edge of the high over the atlantic ocean. goodthat's the good news. bad news, really none. clouds today, breezy weather, warm temperatures by 5:00 and 60 for you by 8:00 tonight. again, the dynamic duo, highlighting clouds and what's falling from that and you can see a progressive system here closing in on dallas fort worth. that's a bow echo right there producing lots of damagic winds, heavy, heavy rainbow, and looks like a big area of real estate here covered and smothered with flooding rains as we go through late tonight through tomorrow, through the arc-la' at the accident region. by the weekend, some of the breaks off, strays to get in here and that will set up a rain chance for saturday and sunday. real low, though, 20 and 30 % at maximum. until then, dry skies. don't see any rain. just passing clouds and warm
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awful warm temperatures as backed and told by our 7 -day forecast. breezy to locally windy. 85 by thursday. friday, saturday, sunday and monday, literally days of transition as we bring in extra clouds and wetter times ahead overall by saturday and sunday. watching that, we'll amend the forecast as information comes in but right now, weekend rain chance looking especially low. nowadays there's a website for rating and reviewing everything from restaurants to babysitters. >> but what about rating people. luann has more on the app that could make or break some of your friendships. >> i don't like it one bit. i agree with you. but here goes. the app is called peeple with two e's. think of it like yelp but for rating people's permeants. you can rate people in three areas. professional, personal, and dating. users can leave positive,
9:21 am
even write out a full detailed review. creators say it will help people show off their finer qualities. but it could also be a place for unflattering comments, as you can imagine. for example, if your prior boss ranks you badly, it could cost you your next job. right now, it's only available for iphone. and i'm happy about that because i have an android. >> i know adults can be nasty, as we've seen with the campaign, right. but kids, if they were to get ahold of this, you would destroy their little self esteems. >> and there's no way to verify if what people are saying is true. i don't like it one bit. >>. >> and even if it is true, keep it to yourself. >> it could help you. >> if you find out somebody's a jerk before you start dating, that would be important. >> that's just somebody's opinion. what if they're just feeling jaded for some reason. >> could be. somebody will get sued. this will go away once somebody
9:22 am
>> a boss can't even comment on this. that would break the rules. >> thank you. we're celebrating national pan cake day, as you should. >> and we set out a pan cake scientist to help with this. it's actually part of her degree. >> oh, you read it on yelp. >> yeah, i did. >> hey, jackie. >> good morning, guys. it's the 11th annual national pan cake day here at ihop.
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all fl| . allowed nurses and doctors to monitor them at all times from a central location to be able to pump it at bedside up
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pumps was fantastic. >> because we're talking about patrick and william. they were born only at 26 weeks. >> that is correct. they were one pound, 14 ounces and one pound, 13 ounces. >> so they were in the hospital for three months and all this you. they were able to help you guys. and how are they today? 92 they are fantastic. they are rambunctious 7 -year-olds who are so excited to get up this morning. i actually got them to bed early today or last night so we could come here today and spend time with our friends at ihop. and they're doing great. patrick still has medical struggles. he has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and developmental delays, but nothing's gonna stop this kid and while we go to arnold palmer quite frequently, he always knows he's in a safe place and he's able to be a kid there. >> i know. and patrick was very talkative earlier. what do you want to tell all the people that donated money today
9:27 am
>> i don't know how to thank you and i don't know how much money's in there. we need to check soon. >> we need to check to see how much you donated, too, right? >> yeah. >> did you eat a lot of pancakes? >> yeah. >> are you full? >> yeah. >> all right. thank you so much. again, all this money helps so many families here in orlando and across the country. come on in, get your free pancakes and donate. back to you guys in the studio. >> i love it. >> i like that. >> looks crowded in there, too. still to come, save big on breakfast. not for free pan cake day, but other times. >> our savings angel will share his weekly deals and steals, coming up. senator marco rubio is in kissimmee this morning at a
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and (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. it is 9:30 here on "good day orlando." welcome back. i'm john brown. >> and i'm amy.
9:31 am
has arrived in kissimmee and he's trying to lally up voters there. this is happening at a bakery and that is where we find fox 35's gina joining us live from inside a very crowded and loud bakery. a lot of people there, huh? >> very crowded, very loud, very hectic. not as hectic as it was when he first got here, but he just got here about 30 minutes ago. he's been taking pictures of people, talking with them. this is in ant effort, all of this to drum up support with potential voters. he also did a q and a with us outside, when he got out of the bus, asked him about the polls. he says he really doesn't pay much attention to them, but they're always all over the place. of course, the latest poll has him trailing donald trump by eight points. but he says he has no intention of dropping out of the race. he says if anything the pressure's on to stay in the race because of the trump. now, rubio also talked about all of the nasty things trump has said along the campaign trail
9:32 am
party. here's more on what he said about that. >> one of the things that i believe makes me the best nominee and one of the things that i believe gives me the chance to beat hillary clinton more than any other person running is that i can take conservativetism, our message, to people who haven't traditionally voted to ush. i can take it to people living paycheck to paycheck because i've lived paycheck to paycheck. i can take your message to people who are struggling with student lobe debt because i've had that. i can take it to young families raising children in the 21st century because i'm doing that now. i feel very strongly about the fact that i'm the only one left running who can unite this party and grow it. >> back out here live at the bakery where marco rubio's still taking pictures and greeting people, working to drum up support here in the i-4 corridor. he says he's going to take his conservative message all over and that's how he's going to win votes. he also says this is not his
9:33 am
he definitely plans on coming back. he's been live out here all morning and he'll bring your more stuff on this later on. reporting live, gina, fox 35. >> thanks. and donald trump will be in palm beach county for a campaign event held at the trump national golf club. hillary clinton will also be in florida this week, in miami today, ahead of wednesday night's debate in south florida and on thursday, she will stay in florida. she has a campaign event set for tampa. be sure to keep it right here for continuing coverage leading up to november, the very latest on fox 35 news. also go to fox 35 and on social media we're @ fox 35 news or you can find us on facebook. >> time flow for this morning's business headlines and lauren joins us live from the fox business network studios and we lauren, happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday. we've got a sell off. for the first time in six days, stocks are down. dow's down 95 points.
9:34 am
the smp is down, below 2000. that's a key level. the dow below 17,000. another key level. oil, down. 37. we were at 38 earlier. chinese experts falling 25 % last month versus last year. not a good sign for the world economy. >> that's for sure. let's talk dunkin' donuts. they're expanding their mobile offering. what's the story? >> we can't have acsee it because we don't live in new england, but folks in massachusetts, rhode island, new hampshire and maine, if you're a rewards member, vip customer, you have the app, place your order on your phone, you pay for your order on your phone, you just show up. you don't have to wait in libe. you pick up your order. so this is what more and more companies are doing to keep customers happy and cut down on the lines. >> and finally this story here, if you've ever wanted to be a pilot, now may be the best chance ever for you. how does this work? >> no experience necessary and
9:35 am
passenger plane for jet blue, john. okay. >> you will be trained over four years. so it's not like just anybody can do this. they're gonna test queue to make sure you have critical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, pass a personality test, et cetera but what jet blue is saying, there's a pilot shortage. typically, you have the military who fly for the airlines, the small and regional carriers. their pilots moving up but we have a shortage right now. so jet blue is saying there's tons of people who want to fly but don't have the access, roors. so we're gonna teach them, provided they can go to our special college, if you will, pass our program over four years, we'll let them become a pilot. >> yeah. i don't know how many it is to have, but i think oia is one of the places they'll be training them, right here in orlando. >> i have bad eyesight, otherwise i'd think about it. >> yeah, i think you need to be 20 -20. i'm blind as a bat.
9:36 am
>> you do. i think at least 24 or something. yeah, i'm no longer in my 20s. >> i'm on the upper sade of that, too. >> lauren, thanks so much. have a great tuesday. you can catch lauren on fmbm a.m. at 5:00 a.m. eastern time. 9:35. here's jayme king. how's your eyesight? >> pretty good. not too bad. let's take a look here. i can see the numbers clearly here and you can see they're up and up over the east central side of the state, villages now cashing in at 70, skulked up at brooksville and the west central side and gainesville to ocala, 2 degrees of separation, 64 ocala and 62 out at gainesville. so here's a big venture, what's going on. big, big high pressure and highs bringing in quite a bit of cloud cover. you'll see those trickle through, march through the hours of the afternoon today and as that high cont to remain in place, it should keep at bay this next big monster here,
9:37 am
a lot of severe weather there. we'll probably see some of the energy break off and move our way. that will set up a rain chance by saturday, sunday, but it looks pretty low. maybe 20 or 30 % of us might see rain drops. that's one thing i'm working on for you. the other is hourly forecast, accuweather times and temperatures, scattered clouds, breezy weather. we get a high around 80 on average. some of you may go to 81 or 82, but it looks like everybody will be in those mid-80s. exception, the immediate weak front like where the waves are lapping up on the sand, probably closer to 80 in the coming days. the but the interior sectionings light up big. rain chance showing up with the extra cloud cover, lowering highs saturday and sunday. about 82 on both of those days. time to talk deals and steals with our good friend savings angel josh ellis is here. happy tuesday. great to see you. you brought good stuff today.
9:38 am
try. >> yeah, the battle is about to begin, super man versus batman. so we're gonna try the cereal. dwrvb my poison. i've already tried both serials. i do want to start off with this really great deal. after shave is one of those deals, it's hard to get a really great deal. this week, hover, nuvia is buy one get one at walgreens. this is a great deal because you can get this for 70 % off. your $1.49 is going to be your final price. normally, $5. >> john's gonna love that. >> yeah, because he likes to act and all that stuff. sure, wants to smell good, as does every gentlemen i would hope. >> now, rustle stover, also a really good deal. no coupon needed. each.
9:39 am
but this marshmallow sugar free and they have a pineapple whip. so i don't know. >> it's a little too exotic for me. >> easter bunny, a little creative, you might want to try these. >>.33 apiece. >> also a fantastic deal at cvs when you stroll in, buy anything. just go in and get this deal. normally the hershey's single $1 apiece. when you buy one this beak, you get 74 cannot. you can grab the coupon and get these for 25 cannot apiece. that's a great deal. perfect for the easter basket. now, couple of cereal deals. this is.99, normally $4. we've got great coupons all linked up online. but i really want to get to the super man versus batman. so new cereal, boxes are really nice. no silly colors, artificial things, that sort of thing. because super heroes. >> right, they need to be all
9:40 am
>> superman is lake a caramel crunch. and the batman is skive weird. it's a strawberry chocolate. >> and the south carolina doesn't stand for superman. >> this is chocolate and strawberries? >> it's chocolate strawberry. i'm not -- i wasn't particularly a fan. >> that's not pad. i like the superman better, though. >> normally, cravenly more of a batman guy. but cereal wise, i'm going for superman. >> let's finish up with a couple other deals. the deal is.50 abox. and we've got great coupons. you've gotta go to fox 35 we've got them all linked up there or
9:41 am
i've got the coupons all linked up. 50 celebrates a box is a great deal. >> finally finally, the snack wells, normally as much as $6.69. they're buy one get one free. we've got a ton of coupons. and i really love this. organic cane sugar which means it's healthy. >> yay. >> bogo, $1 coupon, and bring it in. final price, $1.58. that's a great deal. >> and this is great for the kids lunches. and the deals are on our website or great to see you. happy tuesday. still to come, a local musician rising on the music charts and doing it without a major record label. . and coming up here, buddy
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social media some people don't like to
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but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100%
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mini babybel.
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. a local musician rising on the music charts and doing it without a bigtime record label. country music singer buddy brown rose to number 16 on the itunes country music list when he released the stop last month. and he join us now to talk more about it. >> the back story, it says you're from miss, but you've been here a long time. >> i've been here, went to high school, dr. phillips high school and about 17 years now. >> went off to college and decided it's time for a music career. >> yeah, time for a music career. my dad said i had to finish college first and go back to the music. thankfully, it worked. >> it's funny you say that. sounds like a tim mcgraw situation and sam hunt, went off and played some college football and then got into music. >> yeah. >> is it just something that's brewing underneath, i just want to sing. >> i think at the end of the
9:46 am
you can't get it out and i just gotta go for it. >> we said you don't have a big time music. you do have a music label. >> yeah. i'm with caa in nashville and this has just been kind of an independent thing up until now. there's no official record label, just touring and we gait a chance do tour the u.s. last year with a pretty big tour. so it's just picking up. >> you're on the chart several time, on again at this point on itunes. and it's funny how it used to be label behind you. >> it gives you a chance to develop your fan base, personally, just messaging everybody back and forth and when they take a personal interest. they don't want you to succeed because it was forced down their throat on44444444444o. they want you to succeed because they found you. >> and now the radio has to pick it up because the fans are demanding it. >> hopefully. >> so the song you're gonna sing today is. >> the beer truck. it's one of my most popular ones. we had a music video and out the
9:47 am
>> number 16, u.s. number eight, canada. so it's pretty pumped for an orlando musician coming out of no where. buddy brown and we'll do the beer truck even though it's 10:00 in the morning. >> sometime somewhere.
9:48 am
. how can they download the music? >> get it on itunes, amazon, google play, they all have it. >> and once again buddy brown music, right.
9:49 am
>> make sure you get that right. thanks so much. great to see you. appreciate you being here today. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, john. thank you. amy, i love that guy. 10 -point bucks and beer truck, sounds good to me. 70s up and down coastal prevent county and up to gainesville, ocala, to the villages whishing got your 60s, plenned up with 70s south of that point. so here's the deal. big high pressure in place, clockwise flow of air around that. at times today, either mostly sunny or partly cloudy through much of the day today and we're having a lot of action now over the state of texas. it looks like a lot of the energy will ride up and over the very strong ridge in place. the high pressure center, hard to displace these things. so it dominates pretty much all the way to the back end of the work week and into the coming weekend. right now, winds again will serve as that conveyer belt to bring in an occasional cloud cover. that has also kept temperatures
9:50 am
morning compared to what we saw over the interior. the beaches will trend a little cooler because of the breeze off the atlantic while the interior heats up close to 80 by 2, 76 in the five. looks like again scattered clouds, breezy with warm temperatures. and with the clouds passing by, we'll take the uv index down from a nine to about an eight. the burn time, a mere 10 to 15 minutes. so protect your skin if you're heading out to the gorgeous shores of cape canaveral. nice looking live shot from there at 72 degrees, the southeast winds at ten do know that the threat of rip currents remains rather high. the issue out there with these currents. so again, i want you to be myself of that, if you're visiting our neighborhood here and you're on spring break from else where. i do know the beaches are a great place to be schilling but three hidden danger in the rip current potential today. and another look here showing us what's going on with the weather over it can. eventually, that gets a little closer so i've put a little bit of a rain chance in for saturday
9:51 am
region, about 30 %. i don't think anything higher than that. highs on both saturday and sunday. and lows by that period down into the mid-60s only, so trending a bit milder into the overnight. that's your forecast. couple things, weather babies, harper is one of them this morning. good looking kiddo there. and of course, we cannot forget about our little helper marcela. she's gorgeous and more weather babies on our website, fox 35 for more on our weather baby segment. >> amy, john, over to you. >> local dad makes a split second decision that saved his son a whole a lot of pain. >> that's right. he grabbed a rogue flying baseball bat right before it was about to hit his kid right about there. the whole thing was caught on a very fast camera. . >> i didn't really have time to think. i just kind of threw my arm out there.
9:52 am
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. here are a few celebrities sharing your birthday with you. james vanderbilt. >> yeah, the name's so long it doesn't fit on one line. >> and borris kujow is 43 today. happy birthday if it is your birthday today. okay. a dad makes that split second decision during a spring training game, saving his son from that bat that was flying through the air. >> now a picture of two has gone viral. the photographer was so fast, he actually got a series of wild pictures that led touche this very moment. one of the players lost grip of his bat and it went nighing up into the stands. while the rest of the crowd, as you can see, was trying to get out of the way, look at this guy, he's like ouch. yeah, sean cunning ham noticed it was coming right for his son landon when he instantly reacted. sean is actually a marion county firefighter. ryan got a chance to catch up
9:56 am
about that close call in our last hour of gdo. >> i remember looking up because my dad was saying something and when i was looking up, he put his hand right there and something hit me in my shoulder. it hit so hard that i fell down in the seat and i didn't even know what it was. >> do you know that picture behind you has been seen probably 10 to 20 million times and people are calling your dad a super hero and superman. what do you think about that? >> he's amazing. >> landon, just looking at that, it looks like it would have hit you right about there. it's good dad was there. >> it would have hit me on my eye and a little on my head. >> hey, show us the bat, by the way. are you gonna hold onto that? >> yeah, definitely. unless he becomes famous, i'm gonna sell this. >> the last thing i remember is thinking it was going to go over our heads and then at the last second realizing, no, it's
9:57 am
son and just doing what i could to block it. >> that's pretty cool. and what's funny, i talked to the dad off camera and said, when did you know there was a picture. he said about 8:00 that night, all of his friends started texting him, saying have you seen this picture. he didn't even know that that picture had been captured like that. >> you think about the skills of this photographer, by the way, his name is christopher horner. the skills of that photographer to catch not only that picture, but he caught all the pictures leading up to and right after, too. >> pretty amazing stuff. >> great day for spring training, jayme king. yeah, mid-80s tomorrow and thursday.
9:58 am
>> during this extended visit from your extended family,
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