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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@ >> break news. two children hit by a car. >> bob: their bicycles were crushed underneath a pickup truck. derrol nail is live. you just spoke with the driver who hit the kids? >> reporter: i did, bob, and she, a mother herself, was here picking up her two kids from merritt island high school when she got into the crosswalk where there were two other classmates. the iraq right here in front of a high school, when she hit two kids both on bicycles. she hit both of them. they went under the truck. happened around 4:00 this afternoon.
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patrol the driver of this chevy silver road struck both kids this afternoon. both bicycles were sandwiched together by the impact and had to be distracted from under the truck by a tow truck driver. the two students whom i'm told are brothers were both injured, one more serious then the other. he was flown arnold palmer hospital in serious condition, the other was flown to holmes regional hospital and i'm told his injuries are not as serious. he was talking to a trooper after the accident. now, the driver, who identified herself to me as michelle white of merritt island did stay on scene, is answering questions and talking to investigators and taking accountability for this, telling me she feels terrible about what happened. >> i just hope they're okay. i'm just praying they're okay.
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as they're okay, everything is okay. i just am so sorry. so shaken up. >> you stopped to make sure everybody -- >> yeah. i've been telling everybody what happened. turning into the crosswalk, the exact same time as they were entering the crosswalk. and then this awful, awful accident that happened. >> reporter: the trooper on scene has not made a final determination for this accident yet. that's still to come there is some good news. both cyclists, both boys, were wearing helmets. in merritt island, fox 35 news. >> sonni: thank you. a suspected creeper busted, accuses of preying on young girls at an orlando publix. >> bob: police say shoppers
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little girl's shorts and skirts. keith landry reports. >> reporter: police tell us this all happened at this publix in baldwin parky february on two separate occasions. this morning police moved in and made their arrest. theirs he mug shot. 27-year-old scott irwin charges with video voyeurism. this surveillance video shows irwin in action. police say he placed his cell phone inside one of this hand-held shopping baskets and then placed the basket close enough to videotape up girls' shorts. police say the victim they identified was 13 years old but there are two other girls in a separate incident who were ages five to eight. police say an alert shopper observed irwin video taping in the storm three week as i part. the second time around, followed him, observed what he was doing, notified management, and got police involved. police say this is a second degree felony. >> this is a serious felony sex crime.
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it's not okay to violate anybody in any way against their will, but children, they can't give consent for these kind's behaviors. >> reporter: detectives used the surveillance video on the license plate number to identify irwinen and say he did confess to the crime. investigators have seized his cell phone and computer but have not had chance to look through them. fox 35 news. >> bob: news alert right now. a bus driver and a bus attendant busted in polk county. video showing a special needs student trying to get off of the bus through an emergency exit. >> sonni: not the first time a special needs child was left on the bus, either. >> reporter: didn't mince words when talking to the media. the sheriff hosting a press conference and showed his disgust for the action of the two women. >> i want to introduce you to two people who will not be the
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of the year for the polk county school system. >> sheriff's gradey judd sounding off on 5-year-old school bruce dave grail brown and 57-year-old bust attendant gwen simmons, charged with child neglect after investigators say they left a 13-year-old child with special needs on a bus not once but twice in seven days. >> he rides to, lake wells on the bus. he goes to sleep. he wakes up. he looks around. no students, no driver, no attendant. two times. in one week he has been left on this bus. >> investigators say brown and simmons failed to do their jobs and the bus has a device to prevent children from being left behind. >> they both admitted, yes, we didn't check the bus like we were supposed to, like we were
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yes, the alarm system was turned off, all the protocols were in place. all the equipment was in place. and all the equipment was functioning. what wasn't functioning, the brains of the driver and the attendant. it's like, are you kidding me? >> we're told the 13-year-old special needs child is developmentally the age of an eight or nine-year-old. between both trips i canning too the child 6-miles to get home. he took ride from several strangers. >> we expect adults to do what they're supposed to do maybe next time we can get this young ban to check the bus for them since he has experience of being left on the bus alone. >> reporter: simmons and brown had a first appearance and were given bond. fox 35 news. >> bob: you decide coverage.
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crisscrossing the sunshine state. >> sonni: bernie sanders in kissimmee where dana jay is after speaking one-on-one with the democratic candidate. dana, what did he have to say? >> reporter: well, bob, bernie sanders check all of the progressive boxes here in kissimmee today, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, climate change, he also had a message that was geared to the vote here's in osceola county. [cheering] >> reporter: the ucf hat tells youberfully sanders has arrived in central florida. so does the fact he tailored his take on wall street message for hispanic voters. >> gore going tell the wall street vultures who own bonds in puerto rico, no, they're not going to destroy that beautiful island. >> reporter: sanders has struggled with my -- minorities. her asked him how he plans to appeal to vote arees with
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>> you have to look at the issues they're fighting for. ask the people if it's good a good idea to raise me minimum wage. ask them whether they think it's a good idea for every person to have health care. >> sanders trails hillary clinton by large margins in the polls in florida, and promised barracks. >> we were 30 points down before the election in michigan, and people became familiar with our ideas and to end of the day very few people support an economy which is rigged and which ordinary people work longer hours and the wealth goss to the top one percent. >> reporter: the enthusiasm certainly was there today by the campaign's count, 4,500 people at least came to this rally here this afternoon. reporting live in kissimmee, fox 35 news. >> i cannot be happy you're be
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back in this extraordinary city, this county, this part of florida. >> reporter: this afternoon, hillary clinton had a rally in tampa where she told supporters she hopes to break down barriers, keeping -- that are keeping americans from their potential. >> we have to take it all on, and i am committed to doing everything i can as your president. >> sonni: a recent univision poll has clinton with a 38-point lead over sanders in florida. tonight, it's the republicans' turn to take the stage in florida. miami. what do you think we can expect tonight? >> reporter: what i'm looking forward to is see if the scuttle but happening in the spin room is true. that marco rubio will be changing his debate strategy and
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now, you'll remember the last debate back in detroit, all the tack afterwardses was about hand size and how marco rubio went after donald trump. ever since then rubio has been plummeting in the polls and may have to leave the race if he loses in florida. reince priebus is hoping for a little more calm. >> we can do without the innuendo and maybe the pg-13 rating, i'd like to bring it down to g or pg at the worst. i've heard that might be what's going to be in store for tonight. my predictions are -- a little less hot in the room. >> reporter: ted cruz, picking up a key endorsement today from senator mike lee of utah. john kashich's campaign telling me they're not making a big play in florida but anticipate a win in ohio on tuesday. but donald trump has scheduled a
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tomorrow could we be looking at a big endorse. well, governor scott was in the spin room a little while ago and again reiterates he doesn't plan on endorsing a candidate in this election cycle. live in miami. fox 35 news. >> bob: great to talk with mark mills our political analyst many polls out there we like opinion savvy, our friend matt in toronto, and literally this came out this afternoon. moments before we talked. and it's got trump way out ahead of marco rubio. should marco rubio drop out if he doesn't win florida? >> yes, he should probably ago. if he was going to drop out he needs to do it after super tuesday. now it's too late because he would just be a cowards if he left the races now. >> already voted and it doesn't -- it wouldn't mean anything. another all. he should have done 2010 weeks ago if he was going do it at all. >> what happens if cruz beats
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>> well, it will just rub salt in the wound. if rubio does not win florida, because it's a winner take all state. it's the start of those winner take all delegate sweepstakes. and 9 -- 299 -- 99 delicates at stake, rubio doesn't win, it's over. he casualty finish second or third, it's over. if cruz does better its will be a lieu millating loss. >> this -- a humiliating loss. >> this is a young guy who has a future in the party unless embarrassed in his home state. is this a career kill center -- killer? >> there have been rumors among people who support rubio that if he doesn't win the nomination he may run for governor at some point, maybe two years, maybe in the future. but i think that's why tonight's debate is so important for rubio. he has two choices going into
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he can adopt a scorched earth philosophy and go out and just guns ablazing, and try to be this insult --ing this poor insult comic politician he has been the last couple of weeks, or he can go back and look at tonight's debate as the start of the next chapter of his career. his final moment on the stage before he embarks on something else, and be the positive visionary rubio that made him so popular at thegyn. >> i'll be curious what tactic he takes. sonston the home of a military family in florida has a makeover. >> bob: right now deputies are looking for two young kids they say were abducted by their -- biological father. >> brooks: we ale'll have the
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>> sonni: should local
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local companies like uber a >> bob: the future of ride share. the sunshine state, florida senators considering two plans to regulate companies like uber and lyft. one plan would allow local governments to regulates the ride-sharing companies. the other would force the companies to do insurance and driver background checks, but stops local governments from creating any new regulations. so, if the senate president allows it to come up for a vote, it could happen tomorrow. uber is paying 30 lobbyists to fight for their cause. the hunt is on tonight for two little kid taken from
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>> sonni: the parents of patrick scott two are just two and four years old and the mother dropped them off with their biological father and haven't been seen >> reporter: the two children were least seen in the pair jamal, the exact same ones they were wearing in this forecast provided by investigator, pier his scott in a onesiy, and spiderman for her four-year-old brother, patrick scott. investigators say they're biological father, who'ses in texas, was allowed i be the children's mother to visit them on wednesday also this econolodge motel on 520 in merritt island. scott had not seen his children in a year, but before he left town the father, who does not have custody of the children, told the mother he was returning to texas with both children. >> that's really sad because he
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good mom. >> and now worried about getting them back. >> yeah. i hope they come home safe. >> the mother's neighbor says she often mav veils -- marvel how well behave the children are but now the silence around her apartment building doesn't feel right ever since the two were taken. >> i just wave to them as they pass buy. they're always looking and smiling and laughing. it hurts a lot. i have a daughter that is 16. >> sonni: right now new at 6:00, florida family home gets a military makeover. comes more than two years after lancer corporal kyle was injured in combat in the marines in afghanistan. family says he was working alongside the afghan army ask --
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sniper shot hit in the leg. >> bob: great. >> brooks: so far, highs in the 80s again. 86 the high. nine degrees before average. no where close to a record. matter of fact we have to get into the nine thursday throughout the month of march to temperature. week. we do have some rain chances coming saturday, sunday, monday. once again, the best chances coming when we spring forward on sunday. outside right now, temperatures -- just a tick below 80. 79 degrees. looking live. this is our visit orlando cam. it's been windy. today the same current, winds continue anywhere from 15 to 20-miles-an-hour and a lot of spots, earlier today look at the maximum wind gusts,
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brevard county, 29 in orlando. 26 at the world center of speed for bike week. speaking of bike week, temperatures right now, 74 teagues in daytona. have the sea breeze, the -- 80s in marion county, and look at the east coast and louisiana and texas, the system is going to be weakening and will bring us instability on sunday the best chance of rain, but looks like no chance of severe weather. so, here's the forecast. enjoy this evening. staying mild. low temperatures, low to mid-60s. could see patchy fog, especially north and west of i-4. and then tomorrow, 86 degrees. just like today. we stay warm and breezy. 86 tomorrow. a few more clouds on saturday. 83 with a 20% chance of rain. sunday, 60% chance of some rain
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>> sonni: justin bieber back in the news but not for his music. >> bob: how a trip to the boar with his bodsies might not have been the best move. we'll talk with folks at tmz who have the exclusive. >> sonni: pump patrol, 1.65 for
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>> bob: more trouble for justin bieber. apparently he bailed from paying his bar tab. let's check in with gary. has to be an oversight. his music sells pretty well. >> he can afford it. went to the bar in seattle the other night and him and his buddies ordered a round of scotch and it was $130 so they drank the scotch and went outside for a smoke and they bounced after that. a little drink and ditch. now, bieber people are saying some fans approached him outside, wanted photographs, and they kind of didn't want to sit and do a big photo shoot. they had an altercation and they took off, and genuinely forget to pay the tab. after we put up the story, and contacted bieber's people,
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for, but the bar was really upset. a big star in there, and if you're a bartender, hoping for a big tip and get nothing. hopefully he made it up on the back end. >> bob: at least justin bieber
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>> sonni: modern family is she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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can people change? well, that's a -- that is a tough one, but i would say yes, people can change. that's what i believe, anyway, and i will till the day i die. you do realize you're proving the exact opposite of your point. see? she's changed. she used to be very supportive of me. [ beep ] claire: come on. [ beep ] [ television plays loudly ] aah. phil! ow, ow! why is it so loud?! my ears are bleeding. i don't know! make it stop! i just installed a sweet home-theater system in the family room. the, um... the trouble is, claire struggles with technology of any kind.


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