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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> for senator marco rubio it's the end of the road to the white house. he announced he's suspendings his campaign. here are the states going to trump as of tonight. florida, illinois and north carolina. missouri still undecided. >> hillary clinton winning florida, north carolina, and ohio. illinois and missouri on the close to call. >> and another big win of the night governor john kasich winning his home state of ohio. >> donald trump declaring victory at his private club in palm beach tonight. >> let's go live to mike signen tonight. >> good evening from the club in palm beach where it really just was an incredible night for donald trump. he clearly was the winner in taking all 99 sell gates in florida and then picking up other wins in key states, illinois and north carolina as well. really, it was interesting to hear him speak tonight for once he was very gracious to marco rubio a man he has belittled if i
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calling him little marco repeatedly yet he was very kind tonight saying he has a great future ahead of him. but really what carried the day for donald trump here in florida was just a swell of voters like you don't normally see in g.o.p. primaries. a lot of those being new voters as well. donald trump said it himself it's an incredible thing. >> millions of people are coming in to vote. this was an example of it today. many, many more people. i'm looking at the polling booths, i'm looking at different polling booths all around the country where it's up, and the lines are four, five, six blocks long. one woman was in there for 40 years she has been working the polls and she said we would have two people, we would have three people. now look at the line and the line looked like it was, you know, long. it was really long. five deep and long. and it's just a different thing. we have a great opportunity, and the people that are voting are democrats are coming in. independents are coming in
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people that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. >> and this really does set up florida to be a battleground again with all these new voters coming out and showing up in favor of donald trump. hillary clinton winning the state easily on the democratic side. hey look all of a sudden guess what we're going have a big and tough race in florida with the winner of this state could be winning the presidency because of it. mike signian, fox 35 news. >> a people watched the flight for florida tonight. >> let's go live to shepherd smith. shep, we're going start with what has happened in ohio big surprise. >> huge win for john kasich and a really big win for not trump if you're in that category, bob and sonni. the last of the precincts are now reporting 85% of
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has won by 10 percentage points. that's huge because it means he gets all 66 of the delegates in that winner take all states. more importantly it means donald trump's road to the nomination in cleveland at the convention some june is now very rocky and difficult to travel. the chances that he will be able to get 12,037 delegates necessary to win that nomination are very much reduced tonight. largely because of what happened in florida as well, and of course donald trump had a huge win down there. he won from tampa to kissimmee into orlando and volusia county and brevard. he won the panhandle he won from naples he won palm beaches and broward. only place he lost to marco rubio was miami-dade county. missouri we've been watching and closely on the republican side. 99% of all of the votes are in and would you look at that. it is still way too close to call. they're separated by just a few hundred votes. on democratic side, hillary clinton has had a very big
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she's taken the first three states we've been able to call florida as you know a two-to-one route of bernie standers in your state. look at missouri now 63% of all the votes in in the state of missouri within 10,000 votes there. bernie sanders with the lead he has a chance for his one win on the night in missouri. but right now bob and sonni that one is too close to call. >> shepherd smith. thank you as always, appreciate it. now trump's victory dealt a devastating blow to marco rubio's campaign. >> with that the florida senator suspends his presidential campaign ending his run for the white house this go around. fox 35's dana jay is live at rubio headquarters where he addressed his disappointed supporters really did leave the window open for another run in the future. >> well, bob, marco rubio started his campaign speech here tonight by congratulating donald trump and then he told his
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course disappointed this is what we do in a republic and the people here in florida have spoken. marco rubio went on to say he got caught up in a political tsunami of people frustrated with the direction of this country and where it's going. he said he could have taken advantage of that frustration and chosen to run a negative campaign but he's chose instead optimism. and he urged americans moving forward to choose optimism as well. >> this is the right way forward for our country. but after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. i take great comfort in the ancient words which teaches us that in their hearts humans plan their course but the lord establishes their steps. and so yet while this may
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message about our future, i still remain hopeful and optimistic about america. >> he did say there not this year anyway for his chances. we really don't know what marco rubio will do next. will he support donald trump, will he run again in another election. those are questions that remain to be seen. reporting in miami, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> dana, thank you. certainly a big night for hillary clinton on the democratic side. >> she takes the victory in florida, ohio and north carolina. derrol nail live with her supporters. hi. >> reporter: indeed, sonni with overwhelming victories in ohio and florida, her tone in her victory speech tonight was something of someone that was more on their way well on her way to the democratic nomination. the ballroom was packed with 1300 supporters we're told by her campaign, who as soon
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around 7:00 this evening had a party and celebratory atmosphere here tonight as she never looked back throughout the evening as the returns were coming in. when she spoke around 9:15 this evening, she made campaign compromises of course about social security, but also about affordable college which is the centerpiece of her rival democratic candidate bernie sanders. she then turned her attention to the republican front-runner donald trump. >> when we hear a candidate for president calls for rounding up 12 million immigrants and banning up a muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong it makes him wrong. hillary clinton crediting her night well tonight her
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victory here in florida with a strong ground game. you may recall she was one of the first candidates to open up campaign offices in central florida. those volunteers work long hours in knocking on doors. in west palm beach, derrol nail, fox 35 news. >> thanks. bernie sanders did not win any primary tonight but he still does have a chance at illinois and missouri. those states right now too close to call. >> bernie sanders is in arizona tonight and this is what he had to say at a rally. >> we started this campaign at 3% in the national polls we have come a long way in 10 months. [cheering and applause] and the republican -- reasons that we have done as
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that we have defied all expectations is that we are doing something very radical in american politics, we're telling the truth. >> and back to the republicans kasich won his home state of ohio. >> right, ted cruz as we've said didn't win any states tonight. here's what they both had to say. >> the need to forget the politics, forget the pollsters, forget all the focus groups because you see i represent you and it is my job to look at these situations and these problems and to listen to you and then it's my job to go and fix them. if that means at times i have to take some heat then that's just the price of leadership in america. >> here's our vision for america it's an america with a fight i brighter future it's america with greater opportunity it's an america with more liberty and more
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it is america. >> you know actually a rough start for voting in some orange county precincts after the polls had opened. >> were some affected by ballot shortages. fox 35's jays tracy jacim has the update. >> what a tough night it was in orange county. high voter turnout but not enough ballots at some of the polling places. we're talking about dozens of precincts so much so that it prompted the orange county supervisor of elections bill cowell to ask the governor to extend voting one hour but the governor declined to do so. here's how they restocked the polling places. take a listen. >> well, i think the first time we heard about it was shortly after 9:00 a.m. and then it was an ongoing process because we have ballot on demand printers on 444444444444e were able to print ballots here then deliver them out to the
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so we went through all the precincts in the cities elections and i think we probably around 1:00, 1:30 in the afternoon had finally gotten ahead of the curve on having enough ballots out there. then we didn't hear the rest of the day from precincts needing more because we would have printed more and sent them. >> there was also some options afforded to those folks who showed up on their way to work or whatever they were going and couldn't vote because there was a ballot. they were able to come down here and vote which you normally can't. they were able to request that an absentee ballot be delivered to their work or to their home by a representative and they were also allowed once the ballots were restocked to use the express voting booth which is usually reserved for disabled folks only. so it was because of those reasons cowell believes that the governor declined to extend those voting hours. a quick snapshot, by the way, didn't really seem to make a big difference presidentially here in orange county.
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state. donald trump, hillary clinton taking it by large enough margins. but there are some very, very close, did i say very, close municipal races. there are going to be some runnors of. it will be interesting tomorrow sonni and bob to see what folks think as they look at this issue. many folks on my facebook page, for example are simply calling not prepared. back to you. >> tracy, thank you. we are following some other news tonight. an orange county teenager gunned down and killed is being remembered tonight. the message that that his family has for the
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in any size iced tea for 99 cents today. america runs on dunkin'. developing they are battling a fire at an iconic mansion in cocoa apache. reports say the fire broke out tonight. you can see the flames in this video. residents nearby said they're just shocked. it's very sad. i used to walk the beach every day. by the founder of u.s.a. today. >> friends and family coming together remember tonight
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boy who was shot and killed. >> he had been shot in the head. his family says they are touched by the people who have come out in support. ed thugs. >> family members say the teen had been having problems with some other teenagers in the neighborhood. the search continues. do you think that the
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important as the public figure's privacy. i i think it's a balance and ultimately the public's right to know usually trumps the celebrity's privacy. now hogan claims that. >> right now we are going to continue our coverage of the florida primaries in central florida and the other primaries happening across our. tomorrower republican congressman ric keller thank you guys for both coming in. any surprises we are seeing a few tonight. anything you were surprised by or the trump train rolls on and that does not in any
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amidst all the bra sad -- bravado somewhere in the back of his if i had taken ohio maybe there's a little bit of doubt that might be creeping in there, what do you think? >> he's starting to seem presidential. his speech, his speech today was shorter, he didn't attack anyone. >> there's no one left to attack. >> that's true. rooup rubio bows out today. it's massive support but it may have a limit he needed
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it has gone through the roof. the guy who just got out of prison. with some of the people that we talk about every day. still about his success. or are they starting to get on board with this. i think they're now starting to figure it out. but they were shocked initially. they they couldn't believe that you would buck the someone. that's how people are feeling now. they feel like the
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kind of sold out and not looking for their best interests and trump is just the exact opposite. everybody. should we rightly or wrongly that he got because he is marco rubio is going to immediately going over to ted cruz. you either love trump or hate him. you have the love trump or hate him. you don't think because he called him little marco he will hold that against him.
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like teflon don, nothing he says really it just bounces off of him. just for are marco's sake a few months from now you sneaks out and nobody calls him.
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forecast >> a very warm evening here in central florida. right now also also rain free we hit hit 89 also in mel born and in daytona beach. they have these another warm night tonight. >> again downtown and a west wind currently at seven miles per hour. heating back up to about 88 and 90. our breeze today coming in from the west.
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>> quick final look at the headlines. donald trump with a huge win in florida, dealing a devastating blow to marco rubio who has now bowed out
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>> john kasich wins ohio and hillary clinton completes her sweep of the south winning florida, north carolina and ohio. >> certainly we appreciate you staying with us we thank all of our analysts who have spent the evening with us tonight as well. >> that's absolutely we have more coverage, by the way political coverage on-line at >> keith landry did a heck of a job. i hope you check out some of that and fox 35 good day orlando starts at 4:30 i hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means! pso, if you're looking to stretch
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: somebody was actually more incendiary than donald trump. >> lin-manuel miranda, the guy who does "hamilton." we said, do you think aaron burr would be impressed with donald trump? >> aaron burr is the second vice president to shoot a guy while in office. harvey: that's pretty incendiary. >> what does that word mean? [laughter] >> "the bachelor" came to an end last night. lauren b, she won and we got her at l.a.x. with ben. >> how happy are you, excited? >> yeah. >> they look super happy. harvey: they will be broken up in a month. >> no, they won't.


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