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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  March 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." morning. "good day orlando." i'm john braun. >> amy: i'm luanne sorrell. happy friday, we hope your day is off to a good start. first, andrea jackson. >> reporter: big changes coming to 408 commuters who access this ramp from downtown orlando, details are coming up. >> thank you, plus, police swarmed a home belonging to one of donald trump's sons.
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to his luxury apartment. >> and all new at 8:00, a shocking new study that every parent needs to hear. details why researchers say a child is rushed to the e.r. every nine seconds. good morning, david. >> reporter: john, good morning to you. we are live in lake county on the beautiful lake dora. boy i have something jayme king will be jealous of, the 29th annual sunny land antique boat and classic boat collection here on the lake. we'll talk to the orients of the mahogany watercraft, i love it. you are watching the 8 o'clock hour of "good day orlando." >> john: a real classic. and they are expensive. >> jayme: tell me about it, man! >> luanne: mahogany. >> jayme: works of art. weather. >> luanne: doesn't sound good. >> jayme: a little weather opener, guys! you covered my dismay with the forecast.
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of dry conditions, but, looks like again the front is going to draw closer and closer and closer to the area late tonight through tomorrow, rain chance goes boop, boop, right on up. here we go. 60s right now, we have had our moments of rain early this morning and a couple of spots now, with light sprinkles and lower cloud deck and some of those areas, here's the deal. we have a little bit of a rain chance early. but as we draw closer to the early afternoon, coincides with the heating cycle of highs approaching the low and mid 80s again, and, a sea breeze punches west of i-95 and up to undermine the atmosphere. a bit of rain production out of that and looks like the big, big emphasis of rain, from ocala off to gainesville, north of that. out toward coastal flagler county as the boundary continues moving down south. the gulf of mexico. you see it here, a disturbance
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masking the frontal boundary. will be the case for tomorrow. again, with rain chance in the range of about 60%, mainly as we go over into the afternoon hours, sunday is up for gait. we'll address that and the long term forecast coming up in 10 minutes, see you then, here's crystal with traffic. good morning. >> good morning, a big mess right now in datona beach. i-95 southbound is shut down, you can see a parking lot now. cars are not moving. this is southbound i-95 and datona beach near 92. i have a map so you can see what we're talking about, taking you up to volusia county. here it is. the red here. i-95 southbound, blocked at exits 261, the u.s. 92 international speedway boulevard exit. so big mess there. we're going to keep our eyes on that one for you. back down to downtown orlando, we have some big changes coming and it has to do with the 408. the westbound entrance ramp from orange avenue is shutting down today. and it will be shut down for quite some time.
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life. they are calling it a short-term relocation, but it is not -- doesn't really sound short-term, right. >> it is a matter of perspective, it is three years. this is the alternate set up for you and crews worked overnight to shut down the westbound 408 entrance from orange avenue. so the detour is right here. relocated for the long term. i would consider three years long term. to division avenue at anderson street, relocating the ramp, crews working on this i-4/408 interchange, and you'll need south or 4th to exit the detour. on division avenue. the temporary ramp is one of the first major changes for 408 commuters. get used to it. the detour in effect for three years, by 2019 the new on ramp from westbound 408 at orange avenue should be reopened for you. patience is definitely necessary
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project, live again from orlando, andrea jackson, fox 35 news. thanks, 8:04. a heartbroken community is helping a local family after a teenager dies in a house fire. >> luanne: 17-year-old trevor ross loved animals, photography and volunteered at his community. these are pictures of the minneola high school student shared by one of his close friends. we told you about the fire yesterday, as breaking news on "good day orlando." the fire broke out wednesday night on west minneola street and ridge crest drive. when crews arrived they found the house fully engulfed and went inside and found ross near the front door of the home. he was the only one inside. when the fire broke out. the community is now organizing efforts to help out his family. >> the community has been wonderful so far. and pouring out donations of clothing, food, monetary gift cards. the businesses are stepping up and asking what they can do as well to help. we are just trying to keep it going.
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is mostly in need of clothes and temporary housing. a donation drive will be held tomorrow at city hall from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m we have a health alert now, researchers say orlando is among the top u.s. cities most at risk. of the zika outbreak this summer. look at the map. it is from the national center for atmospheric research. now, orlando is one of the biggest hot zones in the u.s. when it comes to a potential outbreak. it is one of 50 cities expected to have warmer than normal summers. researchers say that makes orlando the perfect breeding ground for those mosquitoes that carry zika. and it takes into account the number of international travellers expected to travel to those cities over the summer. this news comes as four new zika cases were announced in the sunshine state. officials say they discovered one case in brevard county and three others in alatch chua county. now 66 confirmed cases of zika.
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convicted of hitting and killing a horse will be sentenced later on today. last february christopher todd got into an argument with a group of people riding a horse along the st. john's river. deputies say they were fighting over how fast todd was driving on the road. when they say he rammed his truck into one of the horses and took off. he was caught and charged with animal cruelty and aggravated battery. >> luanne: a security scare for republican front-runner donald trump. >> john: police are investigating after a mysterious white powder was sent to one of his sons, rob moses has the story this morning. >> eric trump is the third oldest of donald trump's five children. he lives here on central park south. a police squad`{ car is parked here this morning, guarding the entrance. the car has been here all morning long. there was a var far larger emergency ruins esponse.
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with a powdery substance and could not confirm the recipient but it was mailed from massachusetts and addressed to eric trump and reportedly threatened donald trump's kids if trump does not bow out of the presidential race. police say no one was injured and no one required any medical attention and the contents of the letter are now being tested. the arrival of that letter came on the same day as the hacker group anonymous claimed to have released donald trump's social security number and cell phone number and the group released an ominous looking video on youtube. in a statement the trump campaign says lawen format authorities are looking to see who is responsible for that hacking. so far, no one is in custody for that letter. that arrived here. in midtown manhattan, robert moses, fox news. >> john: coming up an alarming number of kids are ingesting poison. >> luanne: what is fueling the increase. plus david martin, good morning! >> reporter: good morning to
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and, looking tor something to do this weekend, family-friendly, i have it here, on lake dora, the 29th annual sunny land antique and classic boat festival! more than 300 of these beautiful water. you know what? john, jayme, you guys are shopping for one, you can buy one, i'll show you the guy who
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>> luanne: rockin' out on "good day orlando" during the 8 o'clock hour, john is playing the air guitar! you know -- >> i'm performing! 8:12 on good day, you can see, i-drive area will be crowded, lu! >> luanne: oh, boy! my nephews are in town, if you are watching, good morning! i'm go down to i-drive, hopefully later today they can make time for that are aunt. >> john: do you realize there are millions of tourists in town. >> a million? >> john: there is an extra million people in town and probably more now. >> luanne: if you are watching, good morning, welcome to orlando. we're glad you are here! >> john: all new at 8:00, once
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rusheded to e.r. with medicine poisoning in the u.s. >> luanne: the equivalent of four busloads of kids every, single day. according to a shocking new report. medical experts at safe kid worldwide say families need to be very vigilant due to the dramatic increase in prescriptions being filled across the country. now, one and two-year-olds are actually most at risk here. accounts for 7 out of every ten emergency room visits for medicine poisoning. >> that is because they put everything into their mouth, part of how they learn and if you have a toddler and whether a parent, grandparent, a care giver, make sure you are keeping all medicines out of this reach of those young hands. >> luanne: sunday kicks off poison prevention week. you are encouraged to make sure all the medicine in your home is stored in the high places and out of the sight of children, experts remind everyone to write out clear instructions about your kids' medicine before leaving your child with a care giver. >> john: sea world's decision to stop breeding killer whales is
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the stock yesterday went up about 10% hours after they made the announcement. joining me today is fox business week." welcome to "good day orlando." >> thanks, john. thanks for having me. second. i'm curious about the show. it. >> well, we are bringing it back on the air. the show was on the air 35 years, and, it was done on pbs and the fox business network bought the show and i'm hosting it with a cohost, gary kaminsky and we'll try and get into the mind of the people that are making investments but also affecting investments and our first guest is david petraeus and talking about the actual encryption story and e-mail story with hillary clinton and talking about our national security footprint and what the
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five years and the oil situation in the middle east and the prices there, and what does it mean for terrorism and things like that? >> john: it sound like it will be a broad ranging show and it is interesting, too, a lot of people hear a business show and may not be into business but business is emotional and we'll see stocks rise or fall based on purely emotional decision and i love that you will get into that. >> absolutely and i think we'll be -- what will be key for viewers, we want to make it a jargon-free show. none of that intimidating language you see between financial pundits. we want to explain it in the most basic terms, so people can get more comfortable with their own personal finances. >> john: like yesterday, our big story was sea world and they made the decision to stop the or ka breeding and investors -- orca breeding and, investors loved the news. the stock went up 10%. so, what is the -- >> well, you know, listen, it is
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they have a component of that stock price and valuations based on their brand. and, their perception and i think what they recognize is that after the documentary they needed to change the brand and refresh it, if you will and so i think what you are seeing from security analysts looking at the news is more parents, for families will be comfortable returning to sea world and that means it will be an increase in profits and revenues, over the next 3 to 6 years and so i think that is super positive for sea world. and also good for orlando, good for your great city. >> john: yes. more than a million people hear right now and even more than a million will be coming. you know, like you said, there, an emotional connection. the movie comes out, a lot of analysts say sea word was late and didn't want to --444444444444 late to address it and it shows happening in the entertainment world, can have a big impact on business. >> no question, more and more the public relations side of this, because of social media,
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remember ten-plus years ago, morgan spurlock did the documentary on mcdonald's and the stock suffered two-and-a-half years after that and of course rejiggered the menu and tried to put fresher products on the menu and now offer breakfast all day and the documentaries are not seen by a super amount of people. but they are picked up in the media and the perception of a company can get changed by a documentary. and so i applaud sea world and its management for finally making the adjustment and i think there is a good -- good times ahead for the company and for the stock. >> a applaud mcdonald's for breakfast all day. the show airs tonight, right? tell us details? >> yes. it does, it will be at 8:00 p.m., we'll replay it at 9:00 a.m. saturday an 9:00 a.m. sunday. and, i hop you guys will join in -- hope you guys will join in and watch. >> john: thanks so much. >> fox business network. >> john: you got it. thanks, 8:17 here on good day.
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wrong with an egg mcmuffin at 5:00 p.m.! >> jayme: guilty. double guilty! good morning, guys. check it out. we have got a blend of clouds and like little slivers of sunshine. day-to-day, not like yesterday. we had amp sunshine and the clouds moved in. and boy, the rain in flagler county, northern coastal volusia county and gainesville and ocala, quite a bit of rainfall especially at the gainesville area. palm coast, 63. a live look at your temps, kissimmee, 64 and melbourne, showing you 63 in brevard county. rain chances are rising in the early afternoon. probably peg out at about 40% of us seeing raindrops, we have a couple of bleeps on radar, this morning, very, very light sprinkles or showers now. crossing over the st. john's river basin and kicking off to the south there. lake monroe and splitting the landscape there. between jess sop and monroe and making a move towards southern volusia county. so, if you are in, say, oak hill
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toward the in the state you might pick up a little light rain shower activity. you can see here more reloading and back in the -- a batch of clouds and something-something going on here. a lot of energy now over the central gulf and the energy pocket is going to ride along the front as it drops south and we'll ring out the sky like a big old wet rag. how it will go this weekend. today, after 2:00, late tonight, rain chance will be up and up and specifically on saturday i have a slight chance for you, area wide, a little better than a slight chance at gainesville and not what you want to hear with the nationals in town, but that is how it will go and orlando, a less than 30% chance and better odds this afternoon and take it slow, 50, 06% and hold the -- 60% and hold the line until late overnight of our saturday into sunday. model forecast shows us that. the front begins to slip down south and we'll stop it there
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4:00, we are going steady here and it goes down to far south florida and the country music festival in osceola county. raindrops out there. it will be a messy one at times and as the front continues moving down to the south we begin to scour out clouds and rain chances and bring in a cool air mass, by monday, we should have high temps probably area wide, solid 60s making a return for highs, back to the 40s, briefly for early tuesday morning. at the beach today we have 2-3 foot, northeast swell in the water. polluted the waters now with a lot of these ground swells and a 15 second interval showing is the buoys and the wave cam, if you have time to head out, winds are light offshore and could be not epic but fun in the surf. enjoy before the winds go east and messes everything up. next 7 days: rain chances for today, tomorrow, sunday, part of the day. we cleared out and warm back up after the cooldown monday, back
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that's your forecast. here's countries tonight with breaking news. >> kristin: breaking news in datona beach. i-95 southbound is shut down because of this, what appears to be a rollover crash. you can see all lanes are blocked. just before international speedway boulevard. a big mess and you can see delays for miles. another shot, cars are just not moving. they are stopped. it is a parking lot. i-95, southbound in datona beach. and this is showing you exactly what we're talking about here. international speedway boulevard and you can see the traffic is backed up there. i have an alternate route for you, if you can hop on williamson boulevard and take it all the way around and avoid hopping on i-95 southbound. now to another crash on i-4, in the westbound lane. "sky fox" is actually on their way to the crash. we'll get more details for you. but this is at state road 46 and
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delays in that westbound lane. time for your fox 35 pump patrol. gas is $1.86 at the citgo on u.s. 1792, near firmwood boulevard. you can always fine it was
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8:25 am >> good morning. staying on top of breaking news in datona beach. we have i-95 southbound shut down because of what appears to be aover crash, you can see traffic is backed up and is not moving. this is i-95 southbound, right before international speedway boulevard. cars are not moving. emergency crews are out there. you could use williamson boulevard as an alternate. coming up we'll give you more alternates and again, i-95 southbound completely shut down. back to you guys. >> john: trending on-line, young people preferring the internet to sunlight. and also a wet t-shirt at a basketball game? may not be what you think, so. >> luanne: it is not. ryan elijah has what is trending on this friday morning. it's not what we think, right, ryan. >> ryan: do not get excited, men.
8:26 am
march madness as basketball coaches stressing out, especially arizona's coach, sean miller, caught on camera. did you see it last night? i have to admit -- i coached before and if you sweat you don't take your jacket off. that is the rule. well he didn't here and a white shirt. if you look you can see -- it looks like he got out of a pool. the shirt in the picture does not do it justice. within five minutes it was trending on twitter. sports blogs talking about it. literally his entire shirt was wet like he got out of the pool. myrrh iraculously he came back with a fresh shirt and you sweat out there. unfortunately this is how the social media media world works. >> luanne: he's not even the one running, ryan! >> john: was it hot. >> ryan: it must have been 102 . i've never seen a coach sweat through a shirt like that. mean while, being outside in the sunshine is something most people enjoy, sean miller probably wouldn't but a new
8:27 am
would choose the internet over sunshine. what is wrong with them! "the huffington post" reports sunlight was not in the top five most important things to youth and, most young people chose the internet and social connections. other popular spots, hot water and freedom of speech. but, you talk to people in the north i'm sure sunshine would be higher -- >> the kids stay inside and play video games. >> john: thanks, still to come, this weekend's beautiful boats taking over lake county. >> david martin is live at the sunny land boat festival. it look beautiful out there. good morning! >> oh, man, we are 30 minutes away from the official kick off from the three day sunny land antique boat and classic boat festival here on lake dora.
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average you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. orlando." on this friday morning. we are following some breaking news right now. in volusia county. let's get right over to with what is going on here. good morning. >> i want to go you you a live look right now, this is i-95, southbound, it is completely shut down. it appears to be a rollover crash. you see cars are not moving, it is i-95 southbound just before international speedway boulevard. it is causing back-ups for miles. i want to show you another look here, cars, it is a parking lot out here on i-95 southbound: i have an alternate route, if you want to try to get around the mess you could take
8:32 am
that all the way around. but i imagine right now, a lot of people are trying to do that so you will probably see delays there. taking you to downtown orlando, we do have some major changes happening. to the 408, the 408 westbound entrance ramp from orange avenue, the ramp is closed but good news is we do have video here to show you. this is the 408 on ramp to get westbound on the 408 from orange avenue, that is being closed for the next three years. you are being asked to take right here, south street as an alternate and hop on division 408. this will be the new on ramp, avenue. if you are coming from the other way you can use gore street an hop on division and hop on the 408 heading westbound. time now, for your check of your weather with jayme. good morning. >> good morning.
8:33 am
weather, not too far behind. chance of rain movers on out. 60s right now, and, warming eventually, will commence and we get into the 80s and well into those 80 degree plus marks into the afternoon. what you see is a cool start and we had an out flow boundary from the rainfall yesterday and the storms over north central florida and a wind gust, rocket of energy goes across the landscape, notorious propping up storminess and we didn't see that but it cooled us down and we are basketballinging in the coolness, early this morning. rising, the rain chance the early afternoon, 40% orlando and i think after 2:00, the coverage is greater and activity more intense over north central florida compared to the area sound dout and areas of sprinkles, the chuck went across jessup and the eastern northern end of areas, over the st.
8:34 am
coastal volusia county. basically at the brevard border. how that pans out, we'll see. not a big deal. what is happening through here. there is a lot of rain production over the central gulf and several pocket of spin and that localized, areas of low pressure, along the front and raise the rain stakes over the next 24 to 36 hours and i'll talk about that in your full detailed forecast around the corner in 10 minutes. >> breaking news, or mantled beach police on -- ormond beach police on the scene of it a stand off. >> luanne: ryan has breaking details. >> ryan: details are limit 'em the. what police are telling us, the stand-off is happening at a home on grenada boulevard and police say it started at 4:00 a.m., 4-and-a-half hours into and it was an armed robbery and in datona beach and moved to a home
8:35 am
now grenada boulevard is closed 444444444444 activity. officers say people traveling to work could actually take beach street. keep that in mind. a crew is on the way and we'll bring you a live report as soon as they alive and we get details. flou, back to the studio with john and luanne. >> john: volusia county, datona beach beach police say spring break is getting out of hand. >> luanne: and are calling in extra patrols. there are ten deputies and ten beach patrol officers patrolling the three block area near the bandshell. they have been forced to beef up enforcement because more student are visiting compared to recent spring breaks, the last ten days alone, there were 150 less, dramatically higher than the 90 arrests during the two months last year. >> a large amount of crowds and we didn't expect to have this many, but apparently with the other beaches, not -- not going there now and coming to datona >> luanne: beach patrols are trying to control the crowds by
8:36 am
alcohol dump it out but spring breakers don't like that. >> it is just a bit ridiculous. i know, under age drinking is 100% illegal but at the same time nobody is hurrying anyone or doing anything bad and are walking around and being jerks and dumping out everyone's alcohol. >> they are breaking the law. >> the large crowds may have to deal with the fact other peaches around the state like panama city are less crowded because they stopped drinking on the beaches there as well, remember? after all the mayhem. >> john: enforcing the law. those of us who live here know you don't do that and tourists may not. we'll take you back in time, an antique boat show in lake county. >> luanne: one of the largest events of its kind on the east coast and this morning david martin is checking it out. he's on the boat. >> luanne, john, a fun
8:37 am
no question, we're live on lake dora, home to the 29th annual sunny land antique and classic boat festival. i'm with two friends here, ed and terry. who are the organizers of the entire three-day event. they expect thousands of people to come this weekend. we hope you do as well. and, more importantly, perhaps, hundreds of antique and classic boat owners, ed, good morning to you, my friend. >> good morning. >> reporter: this is a beautiful boat we're in. >> a chris craft sportsman. 1948. >> reporter: 1948. and so different because it is good old-fashioned mahogany! >> yes, it is what these boats bring to this hobby. what we love. >> indeed. you have people from all over the world coming this weekend.
8:38 am
37 u.s. states and a gentleman here all the way from australia and had it carted in a crate and shipped over and he'll join us today and we'll probably get a chance to look at it later on today. >> open to the public and starts at 9:00. what can people expect today. >> come out today, it is our first day of the show and is a great time to come out and observe all of the boats. a lot of action, boats going in and out and a big picnic, we take the boaters on and we have workshop for little kids and, then we have a famous captain's party tonight, for all of the participants and the show, we've got a lot of fun here. >> and this guy here, john, luanne, will sell you an antique boat. no question about it! >> reporter: how much for one like this? the one we're at now. >> you don't want to know. you don't want to know.
8:39 am
>> hundred grand. >> probably take $120,000. >> reporter: probably take 120 grand! >> this is a collector's boat. a 1947 chris craft with this original engine and all original, unrestored. it has quite a bit of value. >> reporter: not an anchorman, don't worry about it. >> luanne: it is gorgeous. >> john: a can barely afford the 120 -- thanks, david, see you. still to come the field of "american idol" contestants even smaller this morning. >> luanne: that's right. but five more continue on. >> amy: a closer look at some of the top remaining singers as you get closer to choosing a winner in the show's farewell season.
8:40 am
history, march 18th, 1970. the nfl made this brand the official football of the league.
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>> luanne: don't you love that music? my favorite song ever! i'm bummed we don't have football right now! this is my walk out song! on this day in history, march 18th, 1970, the nfl made this brand their official football of the league. what was the brand, riddell, wilson or was it nike?
8:44 am
dance? okay. >> luanne: all right, let's send things out to david martin. >> reporter: absolutely. confident. ed and terry, what is the answer. >> wilson. >> reporter: do you agree. >> i agree, wilson. >> reporter: wilson. >> wasn't that tom hanked that the wilson dead what was the movie. >> yes. >> weather gang, what do you think? >> wilson. >> wilson. >> ryan elijah. >> ryan: i can't think of wilson about the that movie. you can't argue with three comfortable in a boat like that. it is wilson and they make the football in a plant in ohio story. >> we don't know the answer. else.
8:45 am
let's take a look: >> wilson! >> it is too easy. all right, thanks guys. jayme king. looking good now but you say rain is on the way, is that right? >> jayme: we'll have our moments. good morning to you and john and, bring you up-to-date with 60s across the area, and warm has not commenced yet. a thick veil of clouds in many areas and haven't had much sunshine, working on the atmosphere and things will change by 11:00 a.m upper 70s and i'm looking for low, maybe mid 80s, highs on the day-to-day, 81 by 5:00 and the temperature may be down south of 81 degrees and could be the low 70s, by 5:00, depending on how the rain sets up. but it is a tricky forecast and very fine, fine details. in particular as we get to
8:46 am
that is just to the north of the area. here's a deal, a couple of light sprinkles, radar tracking that, more than two distinct radar locales and tampa and guardian weather radar. our local doppler site in the orange county area. you can see as we are live and see those arms sweep through, we are capturing a few returns here, light rain in some spots but not everywhere. mainly dry. but you can see, the band through here and look out of the gulf it looks like some type of low pressure center spinning up and the energy will move up and along the front and eventually capture the front. to help drive the front through. that will begin to dry us out. cool us down and make for breezier weather on the back end over sunday into monday. but, specifically today, in regard to the rain chance, after 2 o'clock through late tonight, strong and looks like another surge may move in. the early morning hours of tonight into your saturday morning, a lull and refiring into the afternoon. so, slight chances for tomorrow,
8:47 am
the area tomorrow. i can't express that enough. tomorrow morning, better chances though for the afternoon as high as 50, 60, 70% and widely scattered showers. a little more condensed and isolated storm activity. lightning strikes likely on tap tomorrow as we see the front move in. the modeling on us, showing us by 3:00, here's what i'm talking about, don't rule out any rainfall for early tomorrow. because it will be wave number one and demonstrating intensity there. as the front moves south it really gets going good. streamlining through east, and north central florida and the front will capture that and send it southbound. far south florida. sunday, we're cooling down and drying out and returning to sun and fun. the back end over sunday, things turn a lot better. again the weekend not a total washington, monday high of. shfrmal sunshine in place.
8:48 am
a weather baby, nolan, check me out! a good looking kid. our weather baby. gdo is the place, fox 35, visit our web site for more on the weather baby segment seen only here on gdo. good morning. >> kristin: good morning, i have an update to the breaking news, i-95 southbound. it appears one lane is getting by. a crash that shut down i-95 southbound in datona beach. just before international speedway boulevard but you can see one lane it is getting by now your a big mess on i-95. you can see further back for miles, traffic is backed up, looks like a parking lot. actually i think one guy is out there, got out of his car and checking out, walked -- there he is, people getting out of their cars because they are not moving. i-95 southbound. if you can avoid the area. and take williamson boulevard.
8:49 am
looking at your drive times, i-4 westbound from lake mary boulevard to colonial, 14 minutes, eastbound from the attractions to downtown, 21 minutes, and hopping on the 408 this morning from the 417, to downtown. takes you 11 minutes, luanne and john, back to you. >> thank you, ma'am. america sends another idol hopeful home, last night fans said good-bye to tris ten macintosh. >> we'd like to see sonica come back. >> we say good-bye to tristen macintosh. ladies and gentlemen. >> with that, the top 6 is now the top 5. so, who should you be keeping an eye out for? entertainment expert and radio host of power 95.3, the one and only, ricky is here for your idol chatter. good morning. >> were you surprised she was voted off. >> i was rooting for her and i thought she'd make it at least
8:50 am
give sonica credit. they both performed and one saved by the judges and sonica's performance out did tristen's performance. you saw it and, personality and so -- >> and we'll get to her performance in a minute but, >> yes. >> another lesson learned you better know your friends or else you will get burned ... >> luanne: a great voice. you think she'll win it all. >> yes. i called it, she had a voice that separated her from everyone else. the star quality. >> luanne: i like her look. >> she has the look. look at that hair. you can't deny the hair! >> luanne: she has it going on. let's listen to sonica.
8:51 am
>> frozen wings ... >> luanne: i don't know, ricky. >> there were two performances. this one, you get a little cut of her chilling but the one where she was down to the last straw and if she didn't perform good, and maybe she settled in after, she was going to make it to the top five but, that performance, she had to fight for her last position. >> luanne: she brought it? >> honestly and i was rooting for tristen but it was undeniable. >> luanne: the better girl won, i guess. one more, mckenzie. let's this afternoon to this. >> she was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene don't what do you mean i don't know... >> luanne: he's my favorite. i think he's going to win, all
8:52 am
>> they love him. >> luanne: the heartthrob thing. >> a special situation. i personally don't think he'll win because, like i said, la p porsh a's voice but he has the overall package. he looks like a star and up there on stage, at times he performs like a star. you know, it could be -- he'll be the top three. to me it is him and trent and la porsha. >> you nailed it two years ago? giving you your props. where can people find you. >> instagram, and snap chat, and, twitter.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> no prob >> luanne: welcome back. you have a lot of new movies to choose from. >> john: jonathan hunt takes a look at what is new in theatres. >> those people out there, kept in a cage... >> the fan driven blockbuster divergent series, and the twist on the battle filled mission to escape and go beyond the wall of chicago. for the first time. >> can't go out there. >> we have to. there is no turning back. >> reporter: co-stars, miles tell your and zoe kravitz, naomi watts and octavia spencer. jeff daniels joins in for the second to last installment. >> it didn't kill her and paralyze her. it healed her. >> reporter: the faith based film, miracles from heaven. starring jennifer garner.
8:57 am
ten-year-old girl with a rare disorder who somehow healed after an accidental fall. >> it's okay. >> reporter: the sci-fi thriller, midnight special. about a father on the run to protect his son who holds mysterious powers. >> real connection. >> also in limit release, a preppy connection. based on the 1984 prep school scandal. a student arrested for trying to smuggle in $300,000 worth of cocaine. and audiences can still check out the family friendly flick which continues to win over the box offers. zootopia with the adventure following a rookie bunny cop, and her unlikely crime solving partner.
8:58 am
in hollywood, jonathan hunt. fox news. >> luanne: have you seen it yet? >> john: it is or weekend, i hope. >> luanne: no, we haven't seen it. maybe this weekend. >> john: all new at 9:00, guilt-free. >> a dietitian shares her top food swaps that will keep your food tasting delicious and you looking great. but, first, good morning, david! >> reporter: a reminder, we have been live this morning on daycare dora telling you about the free day, 29th annual sunny land antique and boat festival. you mean get the experience and get inside the beautiful boats! more than 300 of them. you can buy some restored boats, start collecting your coin and get up here to lake county. back with plenty more in the make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting,
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