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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> seeing >> breaking news tonight. a yacht on fire in orange county. >> the fire crews say the flames are actually sparking another brushfire. let's take you out there. here's some video from sky fox. there's the yacht. it appears to be abandoned in the woods. the fire crews say the flames have jumped from the boat to the nearby brush and firefighters are trying to contain that right now. a few miles away from a brushfire burning in avalon park.
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checked was 95% contained, but there are high winds making it difficult for the firefighters. we will keep an eye on both of those fires and let you know what happens. >> meantime, more breaking news this evening. a teenage boy is dead after a shooting near an apopka playground. >> tiffany is on the scene with the late st.&777777777 tiff any, wha7 t do777777vvnnffnnffffffffnnnnnnnn we know right now?2 >> just a tragedyt here inttvvt444tt4 444hxx apopka.xxxpphpppp```` the victim that was shot and ` pa @ killed is ah teenage boy. @g@g`bn|x
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deputies tell us there was some sort of gathering in the field here right near the playground before it happened, with about 30-40 people. but they are getting very limited details from those that may have witnessed the shooting. >> but it's just sad. as you know, the sheriff has had a number of press conferences and a number of meetings, including local clergy, elected officials to try to figure out a way to stem the problem of violence and crime in this particular area. this area right here. however, we still see the continuation of it. so the sheriff is continuing to call on ministers, local leaders, neighborhood associations, persons, especially people that may have witnessed this crime to come forward and say something about it. it. >> at this point deputies are not releasing the name of the teenager that was shot and killed and they have no suspect
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reporting live from orange county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. >> new tonight, police in gainesville shoot a 16-year-old boy. >> the teen was holding what appeared to be an assault rifle and refused to drop it. >> all of a sudden i hear a pop, pop -- >> ted and his wife duck for cover on their livingroom floor as bullets went flying. >> let me give you an idea how dangerous it was. there are bullet holes that came through the wall right here. and they went right through the couch and those bullets landed here in the television. >> and then we see some more stuff possible up over by the couch. and that's when we realize somebody was shooting from outside. >> the car notice -- cars were shot up, too. the deputies were shooting at a 16-year-old after they say he was armed with what turned out
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semi automatic rifle. investigators say he called last night saying he would shoot himself and hung up. he sent texts to someone saying he was armed and intending to take his own life. if he had to, he would force law enforcement to kill him. >> i was hoping to put that gun down. don't pick it up. >> investigators gave plenty loud warnings pleading with him. officers fired shots killing him. >> it's tragic for the families involved, it's tragic for the deputies and officers involved as well. we don't go out during the day and say hey, we want to take someone's life. >> he was a cool guy. very cool. very quiet. it is very sad. >> that's david williams reporting. new at 6:00, daytona beach police are on alert. >> a 14-year-old girl said a man tried to lure her into a car. >> on friday night at about
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walking to her friend's house in the 1200 block of hillcrest drive when she says a guy that she doesn't know pulled up and 2r50id to get her into his car. >> the man looked way scarier. >> stewart said the man leaned out the window and tried to get her into his car saying if you don't come to me, i will come to you. >> right here at the stop sign. there's a bunch of people in the road that could kind of see me, so that's where i just like, i'm scared. what do i do? should i just scream? the smart thing to do is scream. and once i scream he got scared and speeded off. >> stewart's boyfriend was around the corner playing basketball with friends. >> she screamed my name once she got around the corner. i went to see what happened and she told me somebody in a blue jaguar tried to lure her. >> neighbors saw police here on friday but didn't know why until now. >> it's awful, it really is.
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quiet all the time. >> the suspect is described as dark skin between 30 and 40 years old, 5'6" and 180 pounds. >> if you ever any information call the daytona beach police. >> the search is on for the driver in a fatal hit-and-run crash in brevard county that happened around 9:45 at the intersection of courtney parkway and spruce. a 54-year-old man was riding his bike across the street. when he fell off and a driver hit him. troopers say they are looking for a dark-colored pickup truck that left the scene. they describe the truck as a 1995, 2003 chevy s10 pick up. they believe it may have front end damage. >> and also what led to the shooting death of an apopka honor's student. the 16-year-old was playing around with his girlfriend,
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she grabbed the gun from someone else in the home and put it up to destiny's head. he told police the two were lying side by side and he thought the gun wasn't loaded. police say that after he pulled the trigger for the third time the gun went off. the two teenagers had been dating for five years. >> state representative alan gray son making a campaign today. he says he's been a member of a labor union since he was 18 and that the endorsement mean people want a congressman fighting for a better middle class in america. >> new tonight, three kissimmee police officers are under investigation accused of lying about a drug case. we are live with the details, kate? >> those three officers worked for the department street crimes unit and state attorney's office and their testimony of a kissimmee drug bust was completely inconsistent with
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>> a drug bust at the tropicana motel seems cut and dry. arrested. according to her report, officer hall watch add suspect buy pot from two men outside a hotel. the men leave and the buyer goes back into the room. two other street crime officers left to track down the sellers while she went into the motel room alone because she said she could smell the marijuana from outside and found the suspect with a felony amount of pot. >> the inconsistency came up with a motion to suppress where the defense was challenging the process by which the officers found the drugs. >> during that hearing, the found officer's hall version of what happened didn't match the surveillance video of that night. in the video, all of the officers go in together. >> the vast majority of police
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criminal justice system couldn't exist unless we rely on them. that's why it is so disturbing when we find any police officer that may not say things accurately or lying on purpose. >> once they alerted kissimmee police, the officers were immediately e ly ly relieved of duty pending the outcome of internal investigations. >> this investigation is calling into question any case these officers have ever worked on. after the internal investigation the prosecutor's you have sir will decide whether to bring charges against them. i will bring you that information new at 10:00. >> kate, thank you. >> fish are dying by the thousands in brevard county. and everyone wants to know why. >> coming up, what they are doing to try to stop it and how long it will take to clean the
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>> new tonight, wrestling star hulk hogan gets another $25 million in damages in his sex tape case. the jury awarded him more money for punitive damage in the invasion of privacy group. the decision brings the total damage toss $140 million. >> now to a developing story in brevard county. tons of dead fish floating in the river. >> more about the problem and what if anything could be done to fix it and clean it up? >> this white layer of dead fish here in the cocoa beach neighborhood is playing out in
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for about 50 miles or so. and though this cause of the fish kill is not confirmed, natural resources department of brevard county says they highly suspect brown tide. >> long time fishing guide usually works hard to pull a prized 45 pound red fish out of today. the fish were all over the river floating dead on top of the water. >> it's mass devastation. it's a scale that i have been 've never >> most of the dead fish we are seeing are catfish and sheeps head. but according to chartered fishermen that regularly come here they've seen every species of fish and marine life that's in this ecosystem dead. so many dead fish you could barely see the water behind lisa marie sander's harbor home. >> more than all the fish you see is the worry that its
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to take so long for it to come back. for the ecosystem to come back. >> it's tragic. >> cocoa beach mayor says evidence of the massive fish kill started floating up along the residence waterfront homes on friday and since then local and state wildlife officials sampled the water and collected dead fish for testing. >> they haven't identified it yet. so we are in early stages of determining what caused it and prior to that, i mean, we don't know what we are going to do. >> one possible cause is brown tide. according to the st. john water management district which in january confirmed a growing presence of the oxygen-depleting algae. it's turned the river brown and if concentrating enough can cause massive fish kills. >> they can come and go within a few weeks or last many months as
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>> if brown tide is confirmed they say the algae must run its course. they blame decades of storm run off which includes lawn fertilizers and pesticides. in areas like storm run off like this cocoa beach neighborhood they continue to spill directly into the lagoon. >> there is no tide, there is no move movement. >> the county says residents can help play a role in helping prevent the fish kills by limiting their fertilizer use on their lawns sfly in -- especially during the rainy season and limiting grass clippings and leaves from collecting in storm drains. >>444444444444errol nail, fox 35 news. >> one more week of the cool weather?
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upper 70s. normal high is back up to 80s. it's warming up pretty quick. and right now live radar is rain free. looks good tonight. skies are crystal clear and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and evening. now it looks like as we go through the overnight hours, drop. it's 63 in melbourne. 64 up toward ocala. temperatures run 10-20 degrees cooler now compared to yesterday at this same time. here is the wind direction coming from the north, northwest. it's perfect. it's coming straight from georgia, straight from the carolinas, staying over land. never has a chance to come in off the ocean or the gulf of mexico. so it will be dry. the air for tonight and look at those dew points. 20s to low 30s. so that is extremely dry air. this is what you get right now. a live picture across central florida.
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you can see the orlando eye. i 4 and unlimited advice inter. georgia. high temperature today hit 65. normal high should be 79. 50 degrees the early morning low. it will be cooler tonight. temperatures will drop mainly in the 40s. some low to mid-40s in the metro the sunshine. with the air being dry, we will hop back up into the 70s tomorrow afternoon. so another chilly night tonight. then the warm up begins tomorrow and then as we approach the weekend, our chance of rain also begins to build. looks like it starts up friday, but it will peak saturday and sunday. 63 degrees right now down around the west palm beach area. the same, low 60s newspaper the panhandle, so everybody is cool thanks to the strong winds keep keeping the temperatures uniform across florida. look how clear it is. if you were to hop out on to your motorcycle and take a drive to the pan hanld
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a crazy ride through iowa. through texas, a heck after of a drive, but it is clear. tonight 35 in gainesville. 44 in daytona. 43 to 47 in the city. the city downtown a little warmer. 43 in leesburg. here are the highs tomorrow. much better than today. not nearly as windy. that combination should be nice. highs in the lower to middle 70s for tomorrow afternoon. here's my seven-day forecast. nice weather for tomorrow. warmer up to 79. thursday we will start to cloud it up a little bit. and here comes the chance of showers. a little bit on friday and much more, stormy potentially for the weekend. >> thanks. the predators open their season april 1st. they are in the middle of training camp and they have a couple very big, very similar looking stars. adam has the story from the
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>> when the mcrae twins left a few years ago they hadn't been apart from each other for more thanxx@qpyppd3\@ a few hours ever in t heir lives. now they are back in the city where they played their college fo@n otball. back tog ether again ano d on th e @ same team with the orlando predators. >> he's not that great of a guy so, it's okay. it's all @ right. >> me@ and my brother are really close and compete in all we do.` it is good for both of us >> orlando is a second home for both of us. the end goal is@ to gs et b acksb` to egccpg@ the@ g0> first off, they ap repp gre at ph peep@`x `x people.px to say you have two 315 pound twins on your team, that's an awesome thing to have. both of them had played in the nfl. they did an awesome job. >> what's the best thing about your brother? >> he looks like me. that's probably the best.
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>> pretty good looking guy. >> he looks like me.` i know he said that earlier, but he looks like me because he's the second born. >> he's decent athlete but he likes to run routes and catch balls. he's not that great at it. >> i am definitely the better athlete. >> what if you ran 40 right now? >> i would win. >>@ the only way to tell them apart is one has a mole on his chin. >> when you have the family on a team, you will be closer. >> fox 35 sports. >> coming up, we will take you live to the scene of the brushfire near avalon park in orange county. >> stay with us. we will have an update from the scene. >> but first we will save you
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>> you want to continue to follow the breaks news out of avalon park >> crews are battling a brushfire and the flames are dangerously close to homes. let's check in with tracy. >> that's right, guys. good news a moment ago i heard from orange county fire rescue, the guys next to me here, they say the fire is absolutely 100% contained. however, that means it's
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there are lines drawn but there are still some hot spots and that's whyp orange county fire rescue crews will be here all evening long monitoring hot spots. as you heard glenn talk about dry conditions, we have wind and those are all the concerns. we have this neighborhood right here, too. we have folks out here watching closely because the edge of the fire edging near to these homes, about 20, 30, 40 homes, hard to tell from my location. no evacuations and all is well at this point. job well done by the fire crews. we will stay out here and watch it for folks and see you at 10:00 guys. >> tracy, thank you. >> glenn? >> yea, it's windy out there still. looks like the breezy weather will die down as we get into the day tomorrow. temperatures will start out clily in the 40s but warming up to 75. heads up this weekend, we will have new information on this,
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tonight at 10:00. what could be stormy weather saturday and sunday. >> sort of the last gasp of cold temperatures? >> finally spring has sprung temperatures are going up. >> out like a lamb or a lion? march?
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