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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a quick clip that shows two suspects leaving one of the crime scenes. detectives say they are looking for two young men in their early 20s wearing sweatshirts. investigators say early this morning they pointed a gun at four different victims and stole their belongings. reporter: what was going through your mind? >> it was scary. reporter: jimmalford has lived at the condos for 14 years and he never heard anything like this. they pulled out a gun, stole belongs and calmly walked away.
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>> it's terrifying, especially not know being it until you get home. reporter: detectives warn anyone going out late at night to be extra careful. >> i do because i have a dog sow i walk her a little bit later. i just want to be a little bit more aware. reporter: nobody hurt here and detectives do not believe this is part after larger crime spree. if you think you might know who these two guys are, call crimeline with your anonymous tip and you may be able to get a cash reward. reporter: developing right now, the hunt fear suspect after a teenager is shot and killed at a basketball court. several shots have fired at the orange county park. tonight the search for answers is just getting started. it happen on 13th street late this afternoon.
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county sheriff's office with the latest. reporter: the orange county sheriff's office continues to investigate what led to the fatal shooting of this teenaged boy in broad daylight. a teenaged boy shot and killed near this playground and church. >> there were a number of people, teenagers and others out here. reporter: police responded to the scene just after 2:30 where they say multiple shots were fired, hitting one person, including a teenaged boy. a worker at a nearby apartment complex tried to perform cpr but it was too late. investigators say some sort of gathering was taking place before the shooting but no potential witnesses are coming forward. reporter: >> we are receiving limited to
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were witnesses. reporter: neighbors were also reluctant to speak on camera. they are urging anyone who may know something to come forward. >> the sheriff is continuing to call on ministers, local leaders and neighborhood associations and people who witnessed this crime to come forward. >> investigators are not releasing the name of that teenaged boy who because shot and killed. deputies are asking for anybody who may have information to contact the orange county sheriff's office. bob: a fire burning dangerously close to some central florida homes is now contained. this is the avalon park area in orange county. it broke out around 3:00 in the
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it's been extremely dry and a lot of wind fueling that fire. many folks in the area are concerned as the flames get close to their homes. bob: there are crews on the scene monitoring the hotpots to make sure it doesn't flare up again. police say a 16-year-old was playing around with his girlfriend, a 15-year-old when he grabbed a gun from somebody else in the home and put it up to destiny's head. edtold this the two were just laying side by side and he thought the gun wasn't load. apparently he pulled the trigger three times before it went off.
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>> rrp plea kissimmee police officers are accused of lying. reporter: they were members of the department's street crimes unit and the state attorney's office said their testimony about a kissimmee drug bust was inconsistent with what the video shows happened. the bad guy has drugs, the bad guy gets arrested. according to her report. officer tough of any hall watched the suspect buy pot. the men leave and the buyer goes back into his room. officer hall said two other officers left to track count sellers while she went into the motel room alone because she said she could smell the marijuana from outside, and found the suspect with a felony amount of pot. >> the inconsistency came up during a motion to suppress
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challenging the process. reporter: the court found officer hall's version of what surveillance video from that night. in the video all of the officers go in together. >> when any police officer is caught not being truthful it ever done. reporter: once the prosecutors office alerted police about the evidence, the officers were immediate live relieved from duty pending the outcome of criminal and internal investigations. after the suspension the treat crimes unit was disbanded. but this investigation could have far-reaching effects for many cases in this district. >> we are not going through the process of looking at all those cases based on this new information we still have confidence in the evidence we have been provided. reporter: these officers are not facing charges.
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>> we are going to make sure we still have confidence in the evidence that we have been provided. reporter: these officers are not facing charges. so far they have just been suspended. but after the internal investigation the prosecutors office will decide whether to bring charges. bob: we did do a little digging and found the officer had been fired by the department in 2010 for wasting time and using lunch breaks and not performing assigned duties, but he was later rehired. the atlas 5 rocket is going to deliver 8,000 pound of supplies to the international space station. the launch is set for 11:05. we'll bring you that launch live.
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and the animal kingdom. reporter: a fire broke out during the festival of the lion king show. viewers shared this twitter video with us. no one was hurt luckily. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the same florida jury that awarded hulk hogan4444444444445 million has tacked on. >> the $25 million in punitive damages. "gawker" posted a video of hogan having sex with his best friend's wife. the eliminate a five-year waiting period for children of illegal immigrants to start receiving services.
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evening for five years. bob: there are several wrong-way crashes across florida. one thing in common. alcohol. a man arrested for -- ui faced the families of those touched by tragedy. a tennis tar serena williams steamed after controversial comment by the head of a tournament. glenn: central florida is chilly and there will be some frost. and weekend storms are coming up. professional and amateur puppeteers gathering to celebrate world puppetry day.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> people who have been arrested for -- ui are getting a look at the deadly consequences of the choices. >> i'll never be one.
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one tragic decision can be the lifetime of regret. >> monday night it was a reality check. sitting in the audience nearly 200 people arrested for dui. three people who know the pain of losing family to drunk drivers. >> your arrest, your fine, maybe the loss of your driver's license is nothing compared to the cost of hospital bills and funeral expenses. reporter: they heard gut-wrenching stories of white sheets covering bodies and brown paper bags filled with belongings. >> it's been an emotional day finding out that the deputy thanked -- >> the deputy was killed on the expressway. the driver was three times over
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a reminder no one is invincible. >> it many very, very emotional. and seeing all these people and them not realizing they could kill someone. reporter: the message hit home. some were left in tears, others had to step out. the goal is for them to never step foot in that room again. >> i'm lucky i can't hurt anybody. bob: president obama says this is a new day between cuba and the united states. both and cuban leader raul castro saying this is the start improving relations between our two countries. reporter: on an overcast and
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cuba. as president obama and cuban president raul castro make history. becoming the first head of state to meet on cuban soil in 88 years. >> it's a new day between our new countries. the embargo is going to end. when? i can't be entirely sure. reporter: but the u.s. overture comes as the differences between the two nations remains stark. the protests under scoring the major differences in the way each government views political speech. >> he complies with them, do you know how many? i do. none. >> of contrasting viewpoints that will only get worse with u.s. engagement. >> for castro this is a gravy
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he said we'll not change one bit because of the establishment of relations. reporter: this as the obama administration continues to work around the u.s. embargo with trade with cuba. in coordination with the trade and commerce department the administration has relaxed restrictions allowing a lightening of restrictions on business licenses and some travel. >> this god forsaken island, the on place in the hemisphere where human rights are trampled upon. we should shun this government and force them to give their people rights and democracy. reporter: the president is expected to speak directly to the cuban people. the president will also make his remarks towards the cuban
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traveling with the president in havana, kevin corke, fox news. reporter: the f.b.i. says it may have found a method to unlock one of the san bernardino attacker's iphone. they asked for the court to hold off own a hearing. prosecutors say an outside party has come up with a possible solution. the manhunt is on for a new suspect in the paris attacks. belgium authorities are asking for hem tracking down a man who allegedly traveled to belgium last year. they are seek the 24-year-old man who traveled to syria in february. winter is refusing to leave the northeast. a rare swing snowstorm leaving the area in brunswick, maine.
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roads and shoveling slush off the highways. i remember when we lived in colorado. we were getting cold hail stones. i went out to play golf and it was 35 degrees. move to florida, young man. the forecast here, it's mightive cool. live radar is rain free. through the overnight hours, temperatures will be dropping down into the 40s. ocala, gainesville. that's where we have a frost advisory for tonight. pockets of frost are possible even across northern lake county and northern sumter county. but widespread frost in that zone. 43 in sanford for the low. 43 at kissimmee. 35 gainesville. 48 in brooksville.
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and it's chilly for this time of year. 45 degrees. 54 in kissimmee. it is 2 some degree colder tonight come d it's 20 degrees colder tonight compared to last night. we currently have an east wind at 3 miles per hour. here look at the numbers from earlier today. it should in the upper 70s to 80. but instead it was only 65. it will be 5 to 7 degrees colder in orlando and across central and north central florida. a chilly night tonight and we'll warm it up tomorrow and rain rolls in for the end of the week. across the u.s. it's warmer in the plains than it is here. 54 year, 56 in omaha. here is a bubble of warmth
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we have warmer weather on the way as the high moves on out. the wind turn southerly. back up into the mid 70s. watch how the cloud begin to thicken as the next of approaches. wednesday will be rain free. but then as we get into the day thursday, a slight chance for a shower. there is thursday overnight. overnight thursday into early friday morning the of will begin to move on in. get into later friday. then the moisture will be funneled in our direct. saturday and sunday showers are likely and a few thunderstorms will be mixed in, too. warmer for tomorrow, though. 73 in daytona. 75 downtown and 72 out at gainsville. a chilly start in the morning but with all that sunshine we'll
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75 to 7 later in the afternoon. here is my-day forecast and it's a good one. 80s through the weekend. there is that chance of rain. 60% this weekend. >> the orlando magic visiting the celtics. the greg particular building a big lead in the fourth. tennis tar serena williams on offense after comment from a tournament director saying that women's protein this players ride on the coat tails of the men while describing them physically attractive and competitively attractive. williams objected saying those remarks are have much mistaken and very inaccurate. for apple small is the new big.
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bob: the iphone is getting smaller. apple unveiling the smaller iphone se at an event in california. it has many of the features of
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came out 6 months ago. the new iphone, $399. the reviews are in sort of for batman v. superman." there were positive reviews. it is the vote that's blowing up
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but it warms up >> today on "tmz"- >> best party sunday night was in houston. drake shut down an entire city block. >> they' re up on the roof at the chicken and waffles place. the whole block is singing after it ended at like nighttime and it' s like trapped. >> was there chicken everywhere, like chicken bones? >> no, we use trash cans. don' t just eat chicken and throw the bones. >> hulk hogan got a huge sex damages award.


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