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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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444444444444 . >> just after 11:00 last night. it is carrying the spacecraft which is loaded with close to 8,000 pounds of cargo. after they undocked from the iss, nasa will ignite a large fire inside of it. the space agency is to see how fire behaves in micro gravity. it will then head back towards earth and burn up in our fear. >> new details now on the search for a gunman who shot a man outside of a maitland hotel. >> this happened last night about
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that's on pembroke drive. kate burgess are here what with police are saying about the suspect. >> policing arguing with the victim when he pointed the gun inside the car firing off 3 poundsor rounds. he took off while someone drove the victim to a nearby 7-eleven, called for a help. the cops say they're getting conflicting stories about what happened. the victim says he knows the man who shot him, but he wasn't cooperating on scene. he described him as a black man about 30 years old, wearing blue clothing and baseball cap, police searching the area with flood lights and a helicopter. they say finding the shooter is a difficult task. >> we have very limited information based on the subscription that the victim gave to us, so, again, that's why the perimeter was set. we set it around the last area that was here. we're searching around where he was shot at the extended stay paramedic. very task to go our resources.
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that gunman this morning, the victim contondre bryant was shot and killed near an apopka church. we spoke to his girlfriend who says the two were expecting their first child in september. orange county deputies handing out flyers in hopes of finding out exactly who pulled the trigger. this is the fourth shooting in apopka in three weeks, and leaders say they need the community's help to prevent any further violence. >> call us. call the sheriff's office. call county commissioner and say, hey, i saw something just didn't look right, something -- can you check on it. some people just don't think it's worth bothering us about it, but if you don't bother us, we won't respond. >> and deputies say an old older toyota suv possibly gold or brown was seen leaving the scene of
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they're asking anyone with information about the car or the shooting to call crime line. >> investors reacting to the terror attacks in brussels and starbucks is giving back. joining us this morning from the box wisconsin network studios is the lauren simonetti. >> let's get over the hump. i'm wonderful. how are you doing. >> good, thanks. >> let's talk about how the markets are react to go this these terror attacks. i guess when we talked to you yesterday it was a few hours before it it happened. >> yesterday we saw a sharp reaction to the bombings at the airport and the train station. by the end of the day it wasn't too terrible. the nasdaq was up at the end of the day. european stocks were higher. it's unbelievable how resilient or how accustomed -- that's sad but true investors have become to mass murders of innocent people by terrorists. so yesterday wasn't a terrible day in the end. what was terrible was the way the airlines, the online travel companies, the cruise lines, they
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for instance, royal caribbean down 3%. trip adviser down 2.5%. american down 1.5% yesterday. this morning, flat across the board. don't know how we're going to open. >> should be very interesting to keep an eye on. let's talk starbucks. they're planning to donate some things to try to help others that's nice to see. >> love this story. there are 15 million children who live in u.s. households that don't have access to adequate food, to appropriate nutrition. so what starbucks is doing is creating a program called food share where all their unsold meals, you know they sell those packaged meals, everything unsold they will donate at the end of the day to local food banks. someone will come, pick up the food and give it to the food banks so people who are hungry can absolutely eat this food. starbucks has 7600 stores here in the u.s. and they will all be participating. >> that's wonderful. nice to see nothing will go to waste. >> love you, lauren, we'll talk to you later. thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> you can catch lauren each
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network. starts at 5:00 in the morning. if you're not sure where to go go to fox candidate for president. >> coming up a next who the former governor from here in florida says should represent the republican party in the election. >> let's check in with brooks tomlin lynn. >> good morning, everybody. we're starting off this morning a little cooler than where we should be this time of year. 57 in melbourne. 52 right now in orlando. we're going to warm up to
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>> welcome back. 6:15 this morning. overnight the lives of the orlando eye changed for the colors of the belgian flag, black, yellow and red. a nice way to remember the victims of the terror attacks in brussels. also around the world flying colors to show solidarity with the european country. >> breaking news this morning, jeb bush reportedly has endorsed a candidate for president. a lot of people waiting for this. >> luanne is joining us with the details on who he plans to endorse. >> hi, lu. >> the former florida governor has endorsed ted cruz for president. bush reportedly told them that cruz's quote a consistent precipped conservative win pray
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it is being reported that cruz will make an official announcement later this morning. that endorsement comes 32 days after bush dropped out of the presidential race. >> meanwhile, both hillary clinton and donald trump are celebrating big victories this morning after yesterday's primary and caucuses. both won the billing prize of the night. arizona. some voters there waited in line for hours to cast their ballots while trump and clinton won by landp slides, beating their opponents by double digits. on the republican side, arizona was winner take all and donald trump walked away with all 50 delegates. analysts say the terror attacks in belgium yesterday caused more people to vote for trump because they feel he is the strongest candidate to beat isis. >> trump benefits when terrorism is in the news, there's going to be saturation coverage for the next couple of days. the reason i know this is after the massacre in paris and the mass killing in san bernardino,
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>> meanwhile testimonials and bernie sanders had victories of their owns. overnight they won the utah contest. sanders also won democratic only caucus. both candidates trail significantly behind furnace had it comes to delegates. on the republican side, donald trump has 739 delegates right now. ted cruz has 1465 and jessica who did not win -- john kasich who did not win a single contest yesterday has 143. the can days need 1,237 delegates to clinch the nomination. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has 1,681 delegates this morning. bernie sanders is trailing her with 927. they need 200-0382 delegates in order to win that nomination. now the race to the nomination continues this saturday with three caucuses for the democrats in alaska, hawaii and washington state. ryan and amy sweezey, back to you.
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off the coach and it's reportedly selected its next men's basketball coach. according to the school has brought in johnny dawkins. he was a star at duke. he's going to replace donny jones who was fired after ucf lost in the conference tournament. he previously coached at stafford. he was fired after a 15-15 season this past year. he did have a winning record in his eight years and led the team to the sweet 16 back in 2014. of course a duke connection here because danny white, the ucf -- his dad is the duke ad. likely how this all came to go. that is a big name hire for sure. >> we look to see that too. >> how about the warm weather? >> i'll take it. brooks, it's starting to warm up a little? >> much we were than the last couple of mornings. we had wind chills a couple mornings ago. it's going to be a warmer day today. starting off predominantly with temperatures in the 50s. we do have some 40s north and
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as we go through today and especially tomorrow, the humidity begin to increase with the southeast winds. now this weekend, easter weekend looks cloudy, warm, humid and also wet. rain chances on the rise. el nino remains strong. it's weaker than it was a couple moss, but it's so powerful it's still in the strong category, and events like we have this weekend, el nino will accent accentuate. >> looking live from the am way camera. can't way to see the sunrise 6:19. 51 at the world center of speed. 52 in clermont lake county. 57 in melbourne. melbourne, 12 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. same thing, in leesburg and 12 degrees warmer. around the south east there's no cold air right now, but things are going to be changing as we go through the next 5-10 days. winter looks like it's going to make a return in some parts of
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around here today look for just a few clouds right on the coast. otherwise i think it's going to be a warm day area wide. 81 degrees in orlando. i hear cooler, predominantly on a1a with the sea breeze and then as we go through the next days, clouds increase, 30% chance of a shower tomorrow, but friday, saturday, sunday, rain chances up into the 70% chance, because it looks like we'll see widespread showers all through easter weekend with an old frontal boundary around. let's get a check on your morning drive. good` morning, kristin. >> good morning. we're staying on top of this crash in brevard county on i-95 southbound. still all southbound lanes are closed down right there at pinita cause way. firefighters telling us that this involves two big trucks. one carrying potato chips and the other one beer. it's all over the interstate. it's a big mess there. if you want to avoid it take us-1 to eau gallie boulevard and hop
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i four, things are looking good. we're accident fred astaire at this hour. i-4 easter bunny from john young parkway to downtown there take you just three minutes. westbound from the 434 will take you seven minutes. 408 will take you nine minutes. time for your fox 35 pump patrol. regular gas is 1.89 at the sit goa on west for steve israel in orlando and remember you can always check out gas saving trips on our website, fox 35 click on traffic and pump patrol. ryan and amy, back to you. >> this is a real stinky mess. this comes after thousands of complaints from customers were find out what made them so very upset. coming up right here on gdo. >> here's a live look where it's going to be hopping over the next
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. >> welcome back to good day orlando. 6:24 right now. we're giving away 10 tickets to the melbourne air and space show. it takes place on april 1st through the third. it will be held although melbourne international airport. if you would like more
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it is facebook and go to fox 35 news. i believe the contest tab is right on the top there. click on that, the winner will be chosen next monday. >> good luck to you. >> in orange county there are some big trash problems and even bigger fines. >> the county hit trash haulers with $26,000 in fines. those fines were implemented after t444444444444 from a number of different customers. >> governor rick scott comes to orlando with good news about about our job market. the governor visiting vox international yesterday. that company makes electronics and accessories for cars. governor scott is praising the company for creating 77 new jobs here in orlando. statewide the company employs about 250 people. during his visit the governor said "the city beautiful" is at the top of the list for job creation in our state. >> orlando is really doing well. 53,000 jobs just in the last 12 months. 4.7% unemployment.
6:26 am
state in job creation right now. >> governor scott also continued to praise donald trump yesterday, saying that he is the only candidate who is prepared to handle a crisis like the brussels terror attacks. >> now you can stay three extra hours at the magic kingdom. the disney after hours tickets will cost you a little more. $140 per person. it will only be available during select nights starting next month. they did a number of things to bring in different revenue. this is one of their ideas, if you want to stay late, less crowds, you'll pay for it. we are back for breaking news now. of course more developments in the brussels terror attacks. two suicide bombers have now been identified. they are brothers. and we're learning more about their past and how they have been in trouble with the authorities there before. it is 6:26 right now. here's a live look on a very quiet orange avenue on this wednesday morning. hope you're having a great start
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in part by the nation law firm. >> you're watching good day orlando on fox 35. >> good morning. 6:29 on this wednesday. still a little cool out there, but getting better. >> starting to improve, especially considering the last couple of days. so glad you're here on this wednesday. here are the stories we're working on for you right now.
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breaking news out of brussels this morning. police say they've now arrested a third suspect in the deadly attacks. the man in the white jacket there. we're going to have details on that straight ahead. and then working to clean up what is a smelly mess. how crews plan to get rid of tons of dead fish in brevard county. it has a lot of people concerned. >> also this morning, something new for central florida drivers, something they already know well. orlando is one of the most traffic jammed cities in the country. oh, boy. we're going it tell you where we rank on a new top 20 list. >> a very few. >> have you been on i-4 lately or i-95? they're both awful. >> 208, 408. >> that one too. cimarron. >> good morning, everybody. ryan and amy sweezey, hope you had a good last couple of days. if you enjoy the cooler weather, you might want to start thinking about warm up, because that's what we're going to do. it begins today. today we get into the 80s for the most part for afternoon highs. starting off predominantly in the 50s. it's about where we should be this time of year.
6:31 am
we're at 52 right now in orlando, a little cooler north and west, much warmer than this time yesterday. 12 degrees warmer in brevard county, 3 in orlando. look at pensacola. that warmth, they're 19 degrees warmer than this time yesterday, courtesy of a southerly wind and humid air that's going to be filtering as we go through the day tonight into tomorrow. it's going to be a little more humid and a bit warmer. high of 83 degrees as we go through the afternoon. a little cooler on a1a, southwest winds coming in 5 to 10 miles an hour. a little gusty at the beaches. drive. >> good morning. i want to take you right on you to i-95 southbound. troopers still reporting that all southbound lanes are blocked right there at pineda causeway. this is in brevard county. it's a big mess out there, reports saying that two cars are involved -- rather two trucks are involved. one carrying beer, the other carrying potato chips and it's all over the interstate.
6:32 am
all together, you can take us-1 to eau gallie boulevard. racine and amy sweezey back to you. >> i want to get back to breaking news in the brussels attacks. now being reported that police have arrested a third suspect, the man on your that they've been looking for all night in the brussels terror attacks. >> belgian reports say that the suspect was arrested in brussels. he is accused of helping the two other men, those brothers carry out those attacks at the metro and airport. they have been identified as brothers. 34 people in all were killed in the attacks. katherine herige is in washington. >> a former senior intelligence official said the operation using conventional explosives and suicide belts could not be done on the fly. >> these are fairly sophisticated. these are not the kind of things that were cooked up over the weekend, just based upon how they were done, the weapon rethat was used, the fact that it was multiple occasion and happened
6:33 am
work had gone into this. >> among investigators is that the plot was in the pipeline connected to the paris detectors and the arrest of salah abdeslam moved up their timeline to attack. president obama was briefed by national security adviser susan rice. he told espn there is no justification for terrorism. >> this is just one more example of why the entire world has to unite against these terrorists. the notion that any political agenda would justify the killing of innocent people like this is something that's beyond the pale. >> two officials as well as a military bond technician noticed the two bombers in tan and black on the left bold wore a single black glove holding their luggage carts. it was known as a dead man's switch. >> what is really important to note is that some type of experience is needed for the implementation, the actual bringing the bomb to the airport
6:34 am
it can be hard wires, two of the possible assailants had gloves on that could be to conceal some type of detonator or dead man detonator meaning when they got shot it went off. >> the in suburban washington, d.c. as well as bomb sniffing dogs. similar steps were taken at large subway systems across the country. >> an intelligence source with firsthand knowledge of the investigation on the ground in brussels tell us fox news that there were two explosions at the airport. one in aisle three of the ticketing hall and the other in aisle 11. it appears to target the highest concentration of passengers rather than a specific airlines. >> in washington, fox news. >> and more details this morning. we now know what led up to the shooting of a man in maitland. it happened last night about 10:30 at the extended stay on pembroke drive. maitland police say the man was sitting in his car outside of the hotel when he was shot multiple times. the victim then sped off to this nearby 7-eleven where he called for help.
6:35 am
came up to his car, pointed a gun at him and fired three shots. police believe some sort of argument led up to that shooting and that the victim and the suspect did know each other. police are still searching right for the shooter. >> happening right now. dead fish piling up in brevard county. we've seen a lot of these images. officials scrambling to get them out of the water. >> the fish started to show up dead on friday right along the shore of county parks and water front properties. test have shown an algae bloom is responsible. clean will be discussed this morning between county officials. right now they are planning to send dumpsters to several water front parks so the dead fish can be disposed of. >> president obama ending his history trip to cuba with a the cuban people. >> the president says he wants to normalize relations with the country, not just the government. during his speech, the president compared the u.s. and cuba to brothers struggling to get over
6:36 am
he says his trip is a big step in putting that past behind them, and extending a hand of friendship. the president also says cuba has nothing to fear from the united states. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. >> it requires oftentimes great courage to be active in civic life here in cuba. >> some cubans say they remain skeptical that the two countries can come together after decades of opposition. >> the president also attended a matchup between -- the rays won that 4-1. the rays did not get out of the country as planned. they clearly enjoyed the game. it seemed that the rays spent more than six hours sitting on the runway. he also said all they had to eat was potato chips and apparently
6:37 am
stadium did not have working showers for the team use. the team arrived back in the u.s. an hour ago. quite a game if you watched and you're a baseball fan. not the way to get out of cuba for sure. the orlando pride, they traveled and will gate on the gators. alex morgan scored the first goal. then hair a hagan for the gators goal keeper and alex morgan adds another goal. the pride go on to win this one. they look good at this point. magic in action tonight trying to stop the four game losing streak. they're going` to play at detroit at 7:30. they're coming off a less to the celtics. it really looks like that is going to be an impossibility at this point. detroit still in it. playing for them. >> and the nfl owners wrapped up their annual meetings in boca raton. they say they could make even more rule changes. today we mentioned he willer, ucf
6:38 am
a big name to bring in for sure. >> 6:37 on this wednesday morning. deputies say that a man admitting to setting fire along a central florida beach. >> he says he even took a selfie by the flames. we're going to find out why he
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6:40 am
coming up on good day orland good morning. we're following breaking news in brevard county.
6:41 am
right at pineda causeway. this is because of a pretty bad crash involving two trucks. one carrying potato chips, the other beer. it is all over the interstates and crews are out there working to clean up this mess. we'll have some alternate routes for you in just a few minutes. back to you guys. >> kristin, thanks. 6:40 this morning. new at 6:00, new video of a zebra running loose. check this out. police officers and veterinarians chasing the animal for hours. they eventually had to shoot it with a -- it went into a lake and it drowned. a saddening to that. they pulled him out but they were not able to save him. that's too bad. they couldn't get him without hurting him apparently. >> that's heartbreaking. >> a local man accused meanwhile of setting beach dunes on fire. he did all of this in the name of art. >> firefighters say up to 200 feet of these dunes were set on fire when they got to flagler beach. this happened early monday
6:42 am
witnesses say christopher munson was setting the fires and allowing them to burn for several minutes and then he would stomp them out. >> somebody, especially a native floridian would destroy the heritage of the state. it's a beautiful state. >> the deputies ended up arresting this guy. they say he took full responsibility for the damage, claiming he wanted to burn all the grass away so that he could see the years of litter that visitors had left behind. he then planned to toss out all the litter to make the area more presentable. >> well, in flagler county deputies say they're looking for a man who posed as a t-mobile worker and stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of cell phones. the suspect is from georgia. you can see him walking out. a pretty clear image of his face. he went into the target and asked an employee to go into the equipment room. when he got inside, deputies say
6:43 am
them were valued at $31,000. take a closer look at jermal brown. if you know where he might be, you're asked to call the flagler county sheriff's office. >> several flights near leesburg middle and high school. some dads say it's our job to step up. >> find out how the group is going to try to keep the peace when students get back from spring break. that's coming up on good day orlando. 6:43 now. there's a live view from the city this mortgage. a lot of traffic out there, but a
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>> welcome back. 6:45. do you ever feel like orlando traffic is a nightmare. there's new date on to back that up. notice we show free flowing traffic. orlando in the top 20 for the worst traffic in the country. "the city beautiful" coming in at number 16. four other cities. tampa coming in at 15, and miami with 17. los angeles topped the list, which interestingly enough i drove there last year and it wasn't as bad as i expected. the fact we were moving at all surprised me. >> you're like, we're moving. >> glad you're with us. 6:46. >> there's a group of men in leesburg trying to put an end to
6:47 am
>> they formed a committee near leesburg middle and high school. >> having the same type of shirts, same color shirt where they may be associated with the gang, but we'll be with a better gang. a gang that's positive, that's standing for something and helping build this community in a better way. the. >> the concerned men will start patrolling leesburg streets on monday when the kids come back from spring break. >> good for them. >> absolutely. >> i love that. all right. take it away, brooks. >> good morning, amy sweezey, ryan good morning, everybody. we're starting to see the first light of day, and so basically from here all the way through the rest of the day, temperatures to start to warm up. 7:00, temperatures will be in about 5 or 10 minutes and after that, we warm up. we're in the 50s for the most part out of the door. it's a little bit cool by central florida standards. i think we can handle it, though. temperatures will be rising as we go through the overall weekend and then -- it's going to get humid as well. already temperatures warm up compared to where we were the last few days.
6:48 am
play predominantly today, just some clouds, brevard, flagler, volusia counties, predominantly on the beaches, because there's some clouds in the ocean. once they symptom a shore, a very dry atmosphere. first off the forecast for today, predominantly sunny. upper 70s right on the coast with southeast breezes. weather headlines, let's get you weekend. the humidity begins to increase. i don't know about you, but not only has it been cool but it's been dry outside. we start to feel more like tropical florida over the next 48 hours. easter weekend looks cloudy, warm and wet. el nino, even though it's a little bit weaker than it has been, it was so powerful, it still remains strong. what does that mean? it means the system that's weakened will be enhanced by some el nino. a quick view outside, and, folks, there's the first light of day from our amway camera. dawn breaking across central florida.
6:49 am
temperature wise, 57 downtown. so big temperature difference. 52 in sanford, still well north and west we're in the 40s and it's going to be a spectacular day weather wise. high temperature officially on the mercury, 81 degrees. if you're in the sun, it will feel much warmer. temperatures stay in the mid to upper 80s through the weekend, but the humidity ramps up, rain chances ramp up, not looking at a washout friday, saturday or sunday. but all three days a significant chance of some heavy rain and some thunderstorms. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. sky fox is flying over the crash in brevard county. all southbound lanes of i-95 are shut down. i'll step out of the way so you can see it. this is i-95 southbound right at pineda causeway. we're told a potato chip truck has crashed into a truck carrying beer and all of that debris is all over the interstate. again, this is i-95 southbound at pineda causeway. i'm going to show you exactly
6:50 am
you can see the purpose he will indicating cars are not moving in the southbound lanes. if you want to avoid this area, you can take us-1 to eau gallie boulevard and then hop on i-95 from there. i just stepped on this and it made a sound. i'm sorry. ryan and amy. i promise it wasn't me. >> it's wednesday. >> yeah, if you do step on that the right way. >> it's made out of wood and it makes funny voices. >> very quick to point that out. 6:50 this morning. there's your laugh for this wednesday morning. let's look at the stories that are trending today. >> let's go over to luanne sorrell. you guys accepted that excuse way too soon. kristin, i'm not falling for it. >> no noises here. >> the first headline comes from the "new york times." this one reads, nuclear plant leak threatens drinking water wells in florida.
6:51 am
florida power and light is facing a major controversy this morning after a study found one of its nuclear plants is polluting winter classic an bay with radioactive material. that is along >> the pollution at the plant is not only bad for the animals who live in the bay. activists reportedly plan to sue fp and l for violating environmental laws. your next headline comes from this one reads dad drains the account and kicks his wife and kids out. years later he walks into this restaurant -- this is a great story, a single dad and his son were eating out when the dad says he noticed a waitress who appeared to be a single mother. well, that woman reminded the dad of his own mother. he says after a nasty divorce his father drained their bank account and left his mother with no money. but she still worked hard and raised her kids and paid the
6:52 am
so on a check for less than 30 bucks the dad left his waitress a $100 tip. the dad says it might not pay her rent, but hopefully it makes her happier. >> don't you love that? good for him. >> very nice. good for him. love to see that. >> generous people out is there. >> 6:51. talking about chaos at 14,000 feet. two sky divers colliding after jumping from a plane. >> what happened. and how both men are doing this morning. plus we'll explain why a mom who was accidentally shot by her 4-year-old son might be in trouble with the law now.
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only $94 a month for 12 months. boy, that's pretty this morning. sunrise over central florida. it still takes a little getting used to that this is happening at almost 7:00. but that's with the time change. >> i'm still adjusting, ryan, let's not talk about it. >> i think we're going to hit the 80s today. >> time for the stories that are making headlines around florida. >> we start in putnam county. a mother could be facing a misdemeanor charge after her own 4-year-old son shot her. prosecutors deciding whether to charge jamie gilt for allowing her child to have access to a firearm.
6:56 am
floor of her truck and fired, in the back. police say the boy had recently learned to unbuckle his car seat. prosecutors say gilt was irrelevant responsible for having the gun in an open area. >> two sky divers were seriously hurt after they collided in mid air. this happened yesterday at sky dive city. this is in zephyr hills. witnesses say the two men, who are both experienced jumpers collided after they got out of the plane at 14,000 feet. okay. at last check, one of the men was in serious condition, the other one is in critical. they're very lucky. >> very lucky. >> families in fort meade outraged after cemetery workers removed things from -- loose objects are no longer allowed on cemetery. yesterday family spent the day digging through bins to try and find things that were removed. officials say the rules were put
6:57 am
having a hard time maintaining the grounds. if you're one of the families you want to get those things out of there. >> new at 7:00. breaking news out of brussels. we have the latest news reports now. a third suspect has just been arrested for yesterday's bombings. >> plus new video in of the tampa bay rays arriving from cuba. why it took them a little longer than expected to get home. coming up right here on gdo and as ryan mentioned, it is a gorgeous start to your wednesday morning. look at that. a spectacular sunrise out there. wait for it. wait for it. it's coming.
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>> it's 7:00 a.m. from fox 35. this is good day orlando. >> just a few seconds before 7:00. good morning on this wednesday.
7:00 am
have a computer up here. they both died. >> we're having issues today. >> we've got our phones, though. that's keeping up connected. >> that's all we've got. it's us, you and these little devices. glad you're here. i'm amy kaufeldt. breaking news out of brussels this morning. police have now arrested a third suspect. we're going to have details straight ahead. >> we also a have breaking news on the campaign trail. former florida a governor jeb bush has decided who he's going to throw his support behind. we'll let you know who that is. >> just in from overnight, the rays have touched down in florida after the trip to cuba. we're going to tell you how long the pitcher says they are stuck on the tarmac. >> they didn't take the bus back, did they? >> they would have been better off,. >> they would truly be a minor league team. >> i think they would have rather based on how they traveled. >> good morning, ryan, amy sweezey.


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