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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> dan: welcome back. we have breaking news we want to tell about you. we learned two ohio attorney general office employees resigned amidst some sort of sex scandal. >> denise: that's right. they were with bci, bureau of criminal investigation. this is over an incident that happened in macedonia last july. >> dan: what exactly it was we don't know yet. question. cleveland 19 news has people working on it. when we know more we will bring you information as soon as we get it. >> denise: hard to believe this is the first day of february and felt more like spring out there, didn't it dan? >> dan: that's right. it looks like we will talk about warmer weather. we need to get through one chilly night. let's get to jeff tanchak for the forecast.
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60 degrees in cleveland last night before the cold front came through. a little cooler. you know you are in a warm pattern when we are above average today. all quiet tonight and we have an alert tomorrow night for rain and wind and quite a bit of wind as a matter of fact tomorrow night and could be thunder in there. there's a strong cold front attached to that with the major midwest system. drier wednesday and a look at currents, sunshine, downtown cleveland 36 and 44 in the akron-canton area and more on rain and thunder for you coming up at 5:17. denise? >> denise: thank you, jeff. the cuyahoga justice center had to shut down early today. there were problems with the water pressure in the building. >> dan: denise zarrella joins us with an update on the problem and what it has to do with an impact on courts and trials. >> it does indeed. >> i got off the phone with a
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work is going well. everything should be complete and back on track by the end of the business day at the earleyest by evening. >> can you turn the water on with the fountain but nothing comes out. a matter of inconvenience for some and people like paris it was a heartbreaking circumstance. the man accused of killing her daughter will have a different day in court now. >> hi to take money out of rent money to get here and take the bus. >> cleveland municipal court where we did the human specializing docket canceled today. >> cleveland municipal court open on a limited basis. we have garnishments going on and traffic arraignments. >> and the county spokesperson says public works was focusing attention on an electric breaker powering the circulating pumps
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county was hopeful it will be fixed by the afternoon. >> actually, we are fortunate. this was a light day at muni court. we actually only lost 40 cases, not 40 people but 40 cases and this docket, human trafficking docket by the judge. >> and of course there is a jail here. we are told that was never affected and contingency plans were in place just in case and everything i am told will go on as scheduled at the justice center tomorrow morning. dan and denise? >> thank you. we want to update you on lead testing at local schools. lead was recently found in schools in seabring and chagrin falls. friday, cleveland 19 news reached out to self-local school districts to find out the last time they checked the water for lead there. we reached out to canton, akron, cleveland and lorain city
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back from two districts. canton tells us they test for various contaminates and lead hasn't been an issue since it is not a concern there. >> lorain got back saying lead isn't a concern because we have new buildings with water systems. >> we are waiting for a response from akron public schools and the cleveland metropolitan school district. we will let you know. >> we have new information on an evening double murder near midway mall in elyria. police identified the victims saying they were married michael lewis and 22-year-old fannie lewis found dead in a rental s.u.v. on foxhill lane sunday night. >> both had what appeared to be gunshot wounds and authorities have not made arrests. two men suspected in a
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lot at great northern mall are under arrest. they are charged with robbing a woman at gunpoint as she walked out of the mall last week. we showed you surveillance video. police suspect these two are responsible for a number of armed robberies in cleveland and suburbs. $50,000 bond for a man accused of hitting and killing two pedestrians in willow be. rudolph was in court and pleaded not guilty to secular homicide and drunk driving charges. police say the 73-year-old struck and killed two pedestrians walking along lost nation road saturday night. repeat drunk drivers are a huge problem here in northeast ohio. how do you take the car keys out of the hands of someone with close to a dozen ku's. paul orlousky witnessed in canton, a judge had the answer,
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>> we will withdraw the previous plea of not guilty and enter it today. >> with his 10 arrests he is in the upper echelon of 1 million ohio drivers caught over the limit. in his case he was over the line weaving in massillon in october when another driver called police. >> wit was gone when officers went looking for him and didn't give up. they spotted him at 6th and lincoln way and pulled him over a lock later. >> anything you want me to say prior to taking your place? >> no, your honor. >> wit had nothing to say but when the massillon police officer heard he had plenty to say on-line. we all make mistakes. at some point enough is enough. two things can stop a drunk driver a casket or prison cell.
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teen and handed wit 17 years. >>. >> the judge gave him advice before he went away. in the future think don't drink and will have plenty of time to do that in prison. an observation how drunk he was in october 3 1/2 times the legal limit. >> on that particular night you had a level of .290. >> yes. >> you know that means you are practically unconscious. >> yes. >> do you think you have a drinking problem? >> yes. >> for 7 years his problem won't be anyone else's. >> reporter: paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> dan: we went looking for numbers. according to cdc, almost 30 people in the day are killed by drunk drivers, one death every 51 minutes and we wanted to know how many are happening in our state. today we called the ohio department of public safety. we were told the final totals for 2015 won't be available a
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statistics from 2014. that year a total of 919 fatal crashes in ohio. 271 were alcohol related and more than 7,000 people hurt. 70% of drunk drivers were males. if you think you are safe by staying off the roads at night, 65% of all crashes happen at daylight. we checked with the state highway patrol. so far this year they have made 2200ovi arrests. >> they are annoying. very annoying. >> all over the tv. >> it is ridiculous. it is too much. >> you hear about it all the time. it's all anybody talks about. >> a little overboard. >> i was in the spotlight for today. >> that's enough. >> denise: it is finally here. the iowa caucus. most people there are ready for it to be over. it is the first presidential nominating contest in the nation of course.
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caucus sites tonight and the first ballots will determine which campaigns can turn their support into turnout and votes. the latest polls show a tight race on both sides. >> dan: that's why we are at the big board using real clear politics and takes an average of all the major polls and graphs it for us. i know this looks like a mess. i will walk you through it. every color represents a different candidate. remember back in october, late october it was ben carson in the lead. this will show you how quickly things can change. ben carson, donald trump and marco rubio and then over here ted cruz, january 6 ted cruz was in the lead and then trump and rubio and carson and before last week's debate, trump was leading 33, ted cruz 2nd. look at the drop-off in the past week for both trump and ted cruz
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numbers today marco rubio is starting to gain. now we will switch. let's talk about the democrats. it's been hillary most of the time. we can look back here. this is early in the process, november. 56%. it didn't look like she had a challenger. i will bring this up just a little bit. we can get to january 9th, january 12th. they were basically tied and here again basically tied last week and hillary just starting to barely distance herself between bernie sanders and tight race for the democrats. republicans, anything can happen. denise? >> all right, dan. a drug used to save people overdosing on heroin is coming to local pharmacies. we will tell you all about that coming up next. he can't stop making headlines. johnny manziel had another run in with police and fed up fans
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february johnny-free. >> denise: let's take a live look at traffic. the sun is shining out there. 77 and 480, our aaa cam, a beautiful site and no trouble spots to tell about you for odot. that's good news to tell about you. >> remember, you can download the cleveland 19 news app and click on the traffic tab to show you the latest. >> first alert traffic on
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live from cleveland's
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19 news. >> denise: cvs pharmacies are making a heroin overdose antidote with all ohio pharmacies without a prescription. narcan is administered with an inhaler or injection. it can reverse the suppression effects of opiates. ohio department of safety shows in a lock zone or narcan was used nearly 13,000 times in ohio last year. a simple way to lower your risk of breast cancer, apparently eat more fiber. harvard researchers surveyed 44,000 women about their eating habits while in high school. those who ate lots of high fiber foods especially fruits and vegetables had a significantly lower risk of developing breast cancer. >> denise: valentine's day is a big day in february and the entire month is about hearts. >> dan: that's why we are wearing head. it is national heart awareness month and new things when it
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particularrer healthy. catherine bosley joins us with the go red campaign. >> reporter: as a heart precious. new information is coming out all the time how to protect your heart on risk factors, symptoms and procedures and then some. teaming up with university hospitals we kick off our go red campaign with a big one. arrhythmias leading to sudden cardiac death. cardiologist dna is a busy woman every day dealing serious heart issues. >> a woman on the operating table and post menopausal when it comes to the most deadly heart conditions called fatal ventricular arrhythmia. >> potentially life-threatening abnormal heart rhythm coming from the bottom chamber of the heart. >> it kills 300 to 350,000 people in the u.s. each year.
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fortunate enough to have somebody nearby performing cpr or use a portable defibrillator and next stop is the cardiac unit about a second chance. >> once they become a survivor we run a battery of tests to have the underlying cause. look at the arteries for blockages and heart function to see if it is weakened. >> reporter: what is sometimes alarming, the cause is idiopathic, remaining a mystery. >> give us a short glide. >> they can't stop it from happening again they can protect the patient if it does by implanting a defibrillator. >> that's basically having a paramedic with you all the time and protects a patient from sudden death by delivering a life saving shock. >> also a life saver is knowing the symptoms and risk factors of this type of arrhythmia.
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spells, chest pains, shortness of breath and palpitations. topping risk factors, smoking, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and kidney disease. >> you can decrease risk factors by healthy living, exercising, mediterranean-style diet and enjoying a little red wine. >> for more information check out >> in the newscenter catherine bosley cleveland 19. >> dan: such an important month. >> denise: my sister saved my brother with cpr. we are always preaching cpr in our family. learn it. >> dan: the old art more dell mansion in lake county belonged to the former owner of the cleveland browns and finally sold. >> denise: what a bargain. the buyer got it for a mere $1 million. remax says it took two years of
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modell bought the browns in 19661 for $4 million and he is the one responsible for moving the team to baltimore after the 'the 5 season and renaming them ravens. people at remax tell us they hope by selling his house might reverse the curse on the browns. let's hope so. >> dan: can't hurt. >> denise: yep. >> dan: speaking of browns, johnny manziel's latest run in, in texas seems to be the final straw for fans. a twitter movement is calling for a johnny-free february. an 8-year-old came up with this idea after hearing of his latest exploits involving his exgirlfriend. the move urges supporters to stop tweeting or talking about manziel until the end of february or until at least he is no longer part of the team and looking more and more like that of every day.
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this awesome weather for february. >> how about the weekend both days in the 50s. cooler today and we warm up again tomorrow. notice 50s we have in louisville, kentucky and st. louis. in advance of the next front here comes the warm up. we will drop in the 20s tonight. we have a mainly clear sky going on. look at all the winter storm warnings. this is a blizzard warning in the southwest part of minnesota, northwest iowa here, eastern nebraska. you can see the snow coming in. it looks like in the state of iowa they are dry now good for the iowa caucuses going on there. you see the clearing sky over us now. i generally went partly cloudy and seasonable tonight and drop to 26 akron-canton mid-20s as well. compared to last night, it will be a 30-degree change give or take.
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>> right around 30 to start things off tomorrow morning and sunshine, the first half of the day, we will warm in the 40s and clouds on the increase. the wind after 1:00 in the afternoon when the wind is picking up. notice cooler temperatures because of the east wind in sandusky. but about 49 for the high with increasing clouds and that wind will pick up late day. let's fast forward to tomorrow night, the next front. it still looks dry at 7:00 tomorrow evening and most of this, heavier stuff overnight. here is 1:00 a.m. could be thunder in here. as the front passes, it will be quite windy even wednesday here. the rain will end early in the morning. so the alert is for tomorrow night. rain and thunder, a high risk. 40mile-an-hour wind gusts here.
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especially overnight and that will be impacting travel with the rain. it will be very warm tomorrow night. we stay well in the 40s. 49 the high tomorrow. wednesday we're up to 52. that will happen the first half of the day. the rain ends and colder air wednesday night with flurries and snow showers on thursday. an alert there and snow showers thursday and light and windy day 31. 34 friday. mostly cloudy and the weekend, 45 saturday. windy, 33 saturday night and 43
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here, tuko's figs day on the job, police welcoming the k-9 after the loss of jethro. >> denise: jethro was killed in the line of duty last month. he was with his partner when he died. he will learn to track criminals and specialize in narcotics detection. the nonprofit k-9 for cops donated the dog. if all goes well tuko will graduate at the end of april with his k-9 certificate. we wish him the best. >> dan: great news. >> our view of the day from great lakes farm park where the first batch of maple syrup is boiling. i was from last year when it was too cold to get sap out of the trees giving you an idea of the difference. warmer weather is really helping the process and getting the sap out of the trees. good news for them.
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>> jeff: warmer days and warmer nights feazel roof camera, the clouds getting out of here, more of a seasonable night. 7-day focus. i will tell about you the rain tomorrow night and temperature change mid-week.
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>> dan: as if you haven't heard this is a huge, huge night for politics we are hours away from the start of the iowa caucuses. >> denise: big night. for candidates declaring victory will depend how well they managed expectations. >> dan: ryan noble sincere the guru in the process in iowa tonight. good to see you. how will this all play out tonight? >> reporter: well, you know, dan and denise someone will come in on the first place on the
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for many of the campaigns it is about doing better than what everyone expects. the final pitches are being made. >> please, go out and stand up for me on monday night. >> it is nearly time for voting to begin and at the 11th hour, many iowans are making up their minds. kim and bill went to see marco rubio in cedar rapids. >> i am waiverring on another candidate and he may be too country. >> reporter: they appreciate the businessman's fight on political correctness and not fully sold on him as a candidate. substances. >> reporter: last-minute pitches are happening at town halls and halls in iowa. each campaign has a different definition of victory in iowa. for some candidates like marco
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coming in first but enough momentum to defy expectations. >> and supporters concede. >> to be honest he needs to be in the top 3. >> reporter: for rubio it could mean a second or third place finish and polls show he needs to turn out every potential voter. >> for this couple he may have won their support. >> if we didn't go to caucus tomorrow night, i could be swayed to have marco rubio as my guy. >> reporter: one small example allowing a candidate to declare a victory even if they don't come in first on caucus night in iowa. >> if you are familiar with how the caucus works i try to give you help on the digital story only on giving you three things to look for tonight watching caucus returns come in. a caulk success a much different animal dan and denise. any little bit of information to help through the process always helps.
5:26 pm >> dan: ryan, i am kind of a political dork at this time. this is our superbowl for iowans like myself. i have been to caucuses and it is grassroots. you show up to your high school or gymnasium and walk in and ask if you are democrat or republican and split off on sides and you sit down and hammer it out. people give speeches and you debate on it. it is an interesting process. where will you be tonight? how will you take this all in? >> i will be here in front of your beautiful picturesque state capitol, dan, watching the returns come in from around the country. you are lucky. at this location we have feeds from various caucus locations from around the state and cameras at various headquarters and campaigns as well. you are right. i am excited to be a fly on the wall and watch this process play out.
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political nerd and this is democracy at its grassroots level. i saw it in cedar rapids with marco rubio. after he was done with his speech he shook hands and took pictures of the people in the room and in order to have a strong performance it could be the difference of three or four people at a caucus site heavily weighted in the votes. they have to understand here in iowa you have to make the personal connection in order to be successful. >> denise: a lot of one-on-one going on. ryan, who has the most to gain and who has the most to lose. look how strong bernie sanders has been doing against hillary. >> reporter: yeah. he is a wise person to bring up first, i think bernie sanders has the most to gain tonight. if he can score a victory and come in first place it will put the democratic race and flip it upside down and change the
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states going forward. if he were to lose it might bring it back to normal and put clinton on a path to secure the nomination. we will find out if donald trump is for real. we have seen the poll numbers and heard the talk and first time his name has been on a ballot and people have the opportunity to vote for him and find out tonight if he is the real deal. >> dan: ryan, we appreciate your coverage and nights like tonight is historic. in 2000 the howard dean screen when he lost his mind when he spent too so much time in iowa and ends up losing. >> denise: everyone knows it. >> dan: can you see it happen and entertaining and great to watch. thank you for your time in iowa. >> denise: see you later, thank you. >> dan: there was concerns that a massive snowstorm moving across the midwest could have impacted the iowa caucuses tonight.
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wintry weather isn't expected to hit the hawkeye state hard until tomorrow and seeing 12 inches of a weird storm from the south. >> jeff: when it was first starting to get attention originally thought monday night it could move in. it has slowed down. tomorrow when they will get hit. we will be on the warm side of that system which means rain for us, again, another look at that midwest storm. blizzard warnings areas in purple which does include the northwest part of iowa there. but yeah. here we are sitting pretty around 40 degrees partly cloudy sky. akron-canton 4, sandusky 45. across the greater cleveland area, cooler with the lake breeze up against the shore there where lakewood is at 36. okay, the trend tonight will be dropping through the 30s outside of the downtown area.
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view model 30 degrees and 5 a.m. downtown. it will be warmer tomorrow. sunshine before it sets over downtown cleveland quiet tonight and tomorrow. there's the alert. tuesday night part of that storm across the midwest. it will be rain and wind for us. even perhaps a little bit of thunder before we dry out on wednesday. so the alert tomorrow night, it is a high risk of rain and thunder. after the evening commute. 40mile-an-hour wind gusts and heavy rain and hopefully will get the rain out in time for wednesday and more on the 7-day focus coming up in a bit. back to you. >> denise: thank you. the world health organization held an emergency meeting to deal with the growing fears of the zika virus. >> dan: that's the mosquito born virus suspected of causing
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in brazil we have this health alert. >> the world health organization is declaring the zika outbreak a global health emergency. it is spreading rapidly in latin america and caribbean and linked to a serious birth defect called micro smelly. >> micro smelly and other neurological complications constitute an extraordinary event. and public health threat to other parts of the world. >> reporter: mic selfy cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads. in brazil 4100 cases are reported. dr. margaret chan says the link is not scientifically proven there seems to be a strong relationship. >> all need to coordinate efforts to investigate and understand this relationship better. brazil is getting aggressive in trying to stop the spread of zika. public health officials have
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to get in there and destroy mosquito breeding grounds. groups are sprague insect side to kill the mosquito transmitting zika. pregnant women are taking extra precautions. >> i hope to finish my pregnancy well and i hope to have a healthy baby. >> reporter: world health officials estimate 4 million cases of zika in the americas over the next year. the cdc issued an alert last month warning pregnant women about traveling to areas where the zika virus is spreading. new developments today in a multistate murder investigation. two virginia tech students were arraigned in connection with the death of a 13-year-old girl who disappeared last week. nicole lavelle's body was found 15 miles from her home and
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virginia jail, the students are being held. >> nicole lavelle's body on the side of a north carolina road. authorities believe virginia tech freshman david eisenhower abducted and murdered the girl. another student 19-year-old natalie keepers is charged with helping get rid of eisenhower's body. eisenhower and nicole used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and kill her. >> lavelle vanished wednesday. her family believes she climbed out of her bedroom window after blocking the door with her dresser. a missing post i indicated she needed daily medication following a liver transplant. friday the dad issued a plea for his daughter's return. >> if you are out there, come to me. i am not mad about you. i am worried about you. >> her facebook page shows she was a member of a teen dating group and unclear if she met
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they recognized the track and field champion from maryland as student athlete of the week. >> i personally will not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> sunday virginia state police reached the pond of a campus. on-line the father shared his devastation writing i am so in shock i know nothing more to say. i am broken. >> the results of an autopsy are pending and authorities are trying to reconstruct a time line into nicole's disappearance and death. >> reporter: jan crawford cbs news, virginia. eisenhower and keeper did not enter a plea. police have received hundreds of case. coming up on cleveland 19 countdown. there are big changes this year.
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>> denise: counting down to the superbowl now thousands of fans in california getting ready for the big game. >> dan: and apparently football no longer a just for men. new numbers show women are the fastest growing demographic. terry okita has the proof. >> reporter: now that teams are in town fans are ready for some football. super bowl 50 festivities including the popular nfl
5:36 pm
they arrived in l.a. for the event. their diehard gridiron gals. >> we will be in the kitchen. there's football everywhere. on 3tv's we have in our house. >> that's what the nfl wants to hear. women account for 45% of football viewership. the sports' fastest growing traffic with immense consumer buying power. jerseys, caps, tickets and more. >> and games all day. >> and many nfl teams offer booster clubs exclusively for women. kathy attends every home games with sisterhood and followers. >> why do you think that? >> i think it is a different era and different time. >> and hughes volunteered on the counselora project.
5:37 pm
bowl. more women huddle up to the game football's longtime romance with the guys may be over. >> in san francisco, terry okita cleveland 19. >> dan: your best ticket to watch super bowl 50 is here on cleveland cleveland 19. the big game sunday. our coverage kicks off at 5:30. we are all famous. >> denise: the nfl brought together so-called superbowl babies. the story behind this incredible video is coming up on the news at 5:00. more than 2 dozen local students will be at the superbowl. >> dan: it is part of a sport management program at bw. more than 30 students, faculty and alumni are learning what it takes to plan, organize and
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we will hear from them coming up at 6:00. mark? >> mark: also coming up at 6:00 here, part of the new workweek and starting things off and coming up at 6:00 canton police welcoming the newest crime fighter, the first day on-the-job for k-9 tuko replaces the beloved jethro killed on the job. getting rid of art modell's legacy. moved browns out of town and now home is sold. some hope it reverses the curse. why is iowa caucus important. romona and i hope to see you at
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>> dan: the nfl created a new commercial to promote itself during the superbowl. >> denise: the ad features children of fans who might have been conceived after their team
5:40 pm
i know what you may be thinking but the spot is actually kind of good. la, la, la, la what makes the superbowl so super, the day we adore it's a day so super is why we were born in the end and our team won, mom and dad looked at each other thing one thing led to another. the ad is part of the nfl's football is family campaign. look for it sunday night at the end of the third quarter. >> dan: but wait, where were the cleveland browns kids born? we will have the watch the whole commercial. i am sure they are in there somewhere. >> all right, jeff. give us the good news. >> those babies would be quite a
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>> jeff: just saying. let's look at the 7-day focus here. we have temperatures in the upper 40s tomorrow. overall the warmer weather sticking around after a seasonable night and increasing wind as well. rain, thunder and wind tomorrow night. but i think by wednesday after 7 a.m. that will be out. still windy and 52 the high on wednesday. that turns colder wednesday night and thursday we have showers in the forecast most will be light and windy day thursday. 31. that will be a chilly day. 34 friday and mostly cloudy and how about this weekend. we've got 45 in the forecast on saturday. saturday night will be pretty warm. 33 and for superbowl sunday, remember last year we had the snowstorm, not this year, 43.
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up exin in "the buzz" a
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: a group of young unmarried women are taking on the big apple in the new comedy "how to be single." >> let me teach you how to be single. >> wilson, dakota johnson and lesley mann star in "how to be single." three women living it up in new york city. >> how to be single and enjoy that time in your life before you get married and have kids if that's what you decide to do. the film opens nationwide february 12th. >> denise: probably getting more attention in an interview they gave promoting the new comedy. >> take a listen what happened when they sat down with chris van cleve. >> are you single? >> i am.
5:44 pm
>> reporter: tell me more. >> barbie. >> olivia. you guys, look. hot guy. >> reporter: this is amazing. >> can you take off your shirt? >> which one. >> all of them. >> sure. >> i could start with the jacket here and do it a seductive way. >> maybe i will undo one button. >> how about two buttons. >> two more buttons. >> otherwise we will not speak. >> yes. >> reporter: this is like -- like bribing me. >> how about now. >> that's a lot. oh! my gosh. >> come on. >> poor chris. >> like this. >> the interview, if you could call it that is going viral. chris barely got a chance to ask real questions and got to test out bad pick up lines on the actresses as you can imagine. >> dan: i would have handled that professionally.
5:45 pm
he bared his chest for a
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>> jeff: warmer than normal weather to stick around. we will track rain tomorrow night. >> mark: plus new beginning after the tragic loss of k-9 jethro. it is tuko's first day on the job. >> romona: superbowl bound. not the browns, but local students on their way to work behind-the-scenes. live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: breaking news now at 6:00. we have learned two employees with the ohio attorney general's office quit amid a sex scandal in macedonia. >> mark: we are still digging into exactly what happened here. the a.g.'s office released a
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general's office learned of a
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