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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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general's office learned of a recent incident involving two employees and macedonia police. the attorney general's office initiating review, the two employees resigned earlier today. we will follow this story throughout the night and look for updates on the cleveland 19 news app tonight at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00. an evening walk ended tragically for a man and woman in willoughby. a man hit them with his truck. he is behind bars on $50,000 bail. dani carlson spoke to a nurse who tried to help the two victims of the crash. 50s. they had a lot of time left, you a grandson. a young daughter. they don't get to see what she gets to do with the rest of her her. taken from them. >> taken the moment rudolph
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perkins at 6:30. >> i was told they were just wonderful, wonderful people. they were going to a friend's house and walking. it was nice out. >> christine is a nurse and tells us she came upon the couple peanut butter scene right after it happened and tried doing cpr and stabilize him doing anything she could to help and the pair later died at the hospital. >> that's devastating. it is devastating. it is a small road and i get that. but he had on a light-colored sweatshirt. if he had been driving not and intoxicated he would have seen them. the man behind the wheel is 73-year-old rudolph baitt. he admitted to hitting them and blood alcohol level of 1.55 almost twice the legal limit. >> i am not saying people should never had a drink but our actions have consequences and unfortunately, in this situation
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he took two people away from their granddaughter and grandson. disarcina. >> romona: mothers against fact on drunk driving. 50 to 70% of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on a suspended license. every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash an average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before their first arrest. in captain on paul wit pleaded guilty to drunk driving. his 10th drunk driving arrest happened in massillon. the judge handed out the harshest sentence he has given in a drunk driving case. 7 years in prison. let's talk about the weather. some rain is coming our way. >> mark: jeff tanchak is tracking the hatest in the first alert forecast. >> jeff: big northwest storm. the rain won't get here until tomorrow night.
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here is a look at the forecast temperatures tonight. more seasonable and not near 60 like last night. looks like we will drop to 30, downtown cleveland and 20s away from the city limits. 36 is what we have downtown cleveland now. akron-canton down to 38 degrees. and we will be tracking -- there you see the clear sky. quiet and alert tomorrow night for the rain and wind and more at 6:16 or so. romona? >> romona: are police are driver. a car killed carole kilbane before midnight. police say she was highly highway. kilbane suffered a fractured pelvis and head injuries and investigators are hooking for a four-door sedan and investigators found pieces of the car near the woman. >> in elyria we know the names
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michael and fannie lewis are from elyria. new york license plate on foxhill lane and there have been no arrests. >> mark: k-9 jethro captured the hearts of the nation and made the ultimate sacrifice on duty shot by a robbery suspect earlier this month. today we were in canton for a new beginning. sia nyorkor with k-9 tuko's first day on the job. >> he is 14 months old and playful like a puppy. >> he has big paws to fill as officer davis new partner on the canton police department. >> excited to get training and never expected to have to go through it again. >> officer davis former partner jethro was killed in the line of duty last month. nonprofit k-9s for cops gifted
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he and tuko clicked. >> for me, the bond was there. >> tuko won't replace jethro but train to be a k-9. he has a rigorous schedule. monday through friday, 8:00 to 3:00 until the end of april. about 12 weeks, maybe longer, it depends on the dog and handler. >> reporter: tuko will help track criminals and specialize in narcotics possession and seems the entire world is rooting for the duo. >> i think the whole story and the pictures and how sad everybody was and the affect that it had on the handler, on ryan. that. they don't see how dogs and handler are together as one. i think it got them. >> ready to go to work. >> reporter: for the next few months tuko will train on this field with some of those handlers. if all goes well tuko will
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with his k-9 certificate. >> reporter: in canton, sia nyorkor, cleveland 19. all right, sia, thanks. >> can you imagine the nations continue to come in. we checked $36,000 on gofundme account after jethro's death. the person who set it up writes for and her goal is to buy bulletproof vests for canton's 8 k-9s. >> two people arrested after a woman robbed at gunpoint. kitchens and mallory-williams are both in custody. police say they may be responsible for a series of armed robberies. >> romona: the first votes in the 2016 presidential race will be cast tonight in the iowa caucuses. craig boswell has the latest on last-minute campaigning from des moines. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton brought breakfast to
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>> i am energyized because of you. >> reporter: clinton is in a dead heat with sanders in the polls. sanders says coming out on top depends on one thing. >> we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. >> sanders and republican donald trump benefit. >> this is it. it is crunch time. in waterloo trump thanked his supporters. >> hopefully tonight we will have the beginning of a certain way a positive revolution. >> reporter: trump is leading the g.o.p. pack polling 7 points ahead of senator ted cruz who held his own rally in jefferson. >> if we stand together we can do it again. we can restore that last best hope for man kind. >> reporter: as caucuses wrap up nearly 1700 precincts will use an app to report the result. they want to avoid human error in 2012.
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>> having direct access through the app is a big improvement. >> reporter: four years ago alber caucused for president barack obama and three weeks ago she was a republican citing what she calls a shift in issues. >> just feeling the need to make a change. >> like many in iowa she has yet to decide on a candidate. >> reporter: craig boswell, cbs news, des moines, iowa. >> romona: a caucus is different from a primary. there are no voting booths. instead there's a political party meeting. republicans vote by secret ballot or raised hand. democrats divide into groups based on who they support. during the caucus they can try to convince people to change sides. no candidate who finished worse than third in iowa has ever become president. a group of baldwin wallace students are superbowl bound. >> romona: it is the 4th year in a row for bw. harry boomer talked with some of them about this huge learning
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>> reporter: talk about the nfl experience. nothing beats the superbowl except maybe going there as a student, getting paid and credit, too. >> they can rattle off the stats and history and who the halftime show and national anthem, who won, what happened specifically at the superbowl to make it interesting. >> reporter: these lucky bw students are headed to san francisco for super bowl 50 as part of their studies. they will get to see everything behind-the-scenes plus a lot of what they do will be hand on. >> so gaming-wise and experience and put it on our resume we have this experience and we worked the superbowl and not afraid to work bigger events. >> erik daulton has been there, done that. this trip will be his fourth. >> the most amazing is seeing all the moving parts whether it is the fans, volunteers, work stuff, players, coaches, media, they move fluently and amazing they communicate the you way they do to make sure it goes off
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>> i would like to be a sports agent and i am lucky to connect with lee steinberg's office and attend his party and volunteer. it is about networking. >> this is our class text. >> paul can't wait to land in san francisco tuesday. >> don't take anything for be grateful for the opportunity and somebody going into sports. it is a great reds may builder and puts you in the entry level job market. >> reporter: for you superbowl fanatics this book is invaluable and everything to know about superbowls 1-49 and of course you can watch super bowl 50 on cleveland 19 on february 7th, that's sunday. make sure you check it out. harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> romona: i just love that. you know they will make time for fun, too. >> mark: absolutely. they better. otherwise i don't want to hear the college kids went to the superbowl. i want stories. >> romona: exactly. >> mark: next sunday cleveland 19 is the channel to
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and keep the tv on after the game for the news at 11:00. >> romona: that's right. denise and i will be there. up next problems at the justice center. we will tell you what happened this shut it down today and if it will be fixed by tomorrow. >> jeff: all right. look at the sky behind me. we have cleared it out. temperatures will be warming. it is thunder, rain and whole lot of wind moving in first alert details next segment.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. the cuyahoga county justice center shutdown around noon today. >> they are having a water problem. a big issue. cleveland municipal court continued to operate somewhat. most floors lost pressure first. the jail was not effected. >> actually, we are fortunate
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an electrical problem caused the issue and main breaker failed that operates the water pump and workers are wrapping up normal tomorrow. >> browns fans wished art modell lived in a less than luxurious house while in our area. he had a nice pad and it sold. dan deroos is here as the realtor hopes this will help reverse the curse. >> dan: yes. it's been a curse in more than one way for realtors who tried to sell it over the past two years. they posted it on facebook and we followed up with them to ask why it took too long. it had something to do with an investor and two years of negotiations. two mortgages. five federal agencies and numerous other obstacles and a heckuva transaction later and we believe we have reversed the brown's curse by selling art modell's former east side
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it is a gorgeous home. they didn't want to get into a whole lot of specifics about why it took so long and who was involved and who the new owner is. but we can tell you the price tag for that gorgeous pad just about $1 million. >> jeff: wow. >> romona: that was a steal. >> mark: it seems like -- it seems low. this seems strange for the property there. my gosh. >> romona: not a bad day out there. it was gorgeous. all we are expecting is rain. >> jeff: we will get rain. not until tomorrow night. it will be dry up until then. we are in a warm pattern and the cold front came through and still above average the next day after the front passes and that's where we were today in the 40s and clouds getting out of here and more of a seasonable night and mainly clear sky now and light wind. you don't see anything to the west. we will start the day with sunshine.
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this major winter storm that's developing denver, colorado seeing heavy snow and you can see the winter storm warnings lining up. can you tell where the path will be. that's a blizzard warning for parts of southwest minnesota. northwest iowa, eastern nebraska. it will be a foot-plus of snow. with the wind, blizzard conditions that way. like i said we will be on the warm side of the system. 37 now and temperatures in the 50s. southwest of us. and that's the warmer air coming in tomorrow. we will drop to 26 tonight with wind. akron-canton partly cloudy, seasonable night and 26. last night at this time we were in the 50s and we hit 60 yesterday by the way. all right future view temperatures tomorrow morning around 30 or so. warm up from there near 40 at 10:00 a.m. in the 40s tomorrow
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about 46 cleveland and east wind it will be colder in sandusky. here is 4:00 upper 40s and winds south and 49 your daytime high. increasing clouds and turning windy late afternoon out of the east and rain tomorrow night and could be thunder with a strong cold front and high risk of rain and thunder. winds gusting over 40 at times tomorrow night. that could be a factor. heavy rain threat is there as well. briefly. 7:00 tomorrow evening we are still dry and here it comes by 1:00 a.m. tomorrow night going into early wednesday and then the system will move out. still windy wednesday and also warm still.
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won't get in here until tomorrow night and thursday. pretty nice-looking forecast here before the rain gets in. 49 tomorrow. rain and thunder tomorrow night. very windy at times and 52. and here comes the colder stuff. thursday. i don't think this will get out of control. lake-effect in there. 31. friday mostly cloudy and 34 and how about the weekend? i went 45 on as a result windy and saturday night we drop to 33 sunday. 43 the high. remember last year we had a snowstorm on superbowl sunday. different story this year. although late afternoon on monday a late day rain or snow mix that will be out there. still for february we'll take it
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>> romona: thanks. >> mark: mark, what's up? >> mark: straight ahead in sports. how you can help rid twitter-verse your social media feed of johnny manziel. don't we all need a break from that. lebron and cavs on the floor tonight. you will hear from the king and defense.
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. cavaliers had yesterday off and get back to basketball in the hoosier state playing indiana pacers and cavaliers looking for the 5th win in a row. a lot of talk since making coaching changes and all about pacing. tyronn lue speeding up the pace leading to more possessions and points and leading to more
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scoring more points. how does that factor in with you guys playing defense. >> when you create possessions there's more opportunities for the opponent to score and playing a slow pace not as many possessions and a team can't score. obviously that's our focus. the main focus is to defend and get stops and we have to have that mindset. we want to get stops first and allow what we are trying to transition into more. the greater thing for us and getting our run. >> cavs and pacers at 7:00. see it on fox sports ohio. browns fans started to get johnny manziel name out of twitter feeds for the entire month of february or until browns cut him. here, here and here. let me know if you need help johnny-free february campaign.
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don't tweet about him. but, you know you will see. soak in. coming up on sports extra northridgeville and demario mccall national signing day wednesday and verbally committed to ohio state and make it official in a couple of days. >> it had to be a frustrating senior year balloting injuries. tonight a fossil. yes. bones in the end zone. folks renovating reeseer stadium oregon state dug up a 10,000-year-old mammoth leg buried 10 feet deep in the end zone. >> the fact you would find it under something like the end zone of a football stadium is extremely unusual and that's probably why in part this is a big story. >> that's awesome. >> romona: i want to know what else is there. >> mark: what would they find under the browns field.
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>> jeff: 49 tomorrow. we could pop in the 50s tomorrow night as the rain approaches. rain and thunder tomorrow. rain wednesday, 52 and turning colder thursday. windy with snow showers around
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>> all right. thank you very much for joining us at 6:00 cbs evening news is next. >> romona: we hope to see you back at 11:00. have a good evening.
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