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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hit 58 before 11:00 this morning and it got warmer after that. >> dan: it wasn't even close. that temperature gauge in your car, unfortunately, is on the way back down. chief meteorologist ask jeff expecten. >> didn't buckeye chuck say six more weeks of winter. all right. let's look at the temperatures. across the board shattered record highs today. 63 was the high in cleveland. old record 57 as you just heard akron-canton 62 mansfield, 59. toledo didn't hit quite 60, 55. the colder air is now moving in and clouds increasing. >> this is brief clear sky we are seeing. even some flurries or areas of light snow around. we go from record highs to the potential of flakes flying tomorrow. that's what happens this time of year. weekend looks dry.
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akron still 59, canton 58, mansfield and sandusky already in the upper 40s and will be well in the 30s i think by morning. and i will let you know when we turn even colder in the 7-day forecast coming up in about 5:19, denise? >> denise: thank you, jeff. we have new information on the northfield center township family found dead after their house exploded last night. >> today we got a draft copy of the autopsies reports. jeff mather did not have evidence of smoke inhalation or in his lungs his wife cindy and two daughters did not. it means the mom and girls were dead before the fire started. exactly how they died is still under investigation. a gas can was found near jeff mathers body and officials say murder-suicide is a possibility. >> denise: a trumbull county mom could be facing charges. police say her two children most likely ate drugs.
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21-month-old were unconscious when they arrived at a warren hospital tuesday. the kids were revived with narcan, the drug they use to reverse the effects of heroin and other overdoses. they were flown to akron children's hospital. both little ones were treated and should be released from the hospital sometime today. they will be put into temporary foster care. >> officers in ba'ath are trained and equipped with narcan. the prescription can reverse a overdose caused by heroin or prescription medications. it blocks the effects of opiates on the brain and quickly restores breathing if somebody has her i hope they turn themselves in. a woman making a desperate plea to get her pet back and it is not an ordinary dog, this woman
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sia nyorkor has the latest on the search. >> reporter: everything possible to lure her dog back home. the pillow has been here two or three days. and we have been out every day all day. >> 3-year-old da cot ihab missing since someone left her cajun locked. jody says it is imperative they find her. she is my emotional stability animal, my service dog for anxiety and depression and other functions. i don't take medication because i have her. >> reporter: it is the first time the dog has run away. they have been inseparable. >> i can't go to the bathroom alone. for her not to come back and wander around the neighborhood i think is really, really weird. jody has another dog but rain isn't a service dog. she, too, misses her pal. >> she is whining nonstop.
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she is outside. she fears for the well-being. >> reporter: are you nervous that if you don't find the dog will you have to get on medication? >> kinda. i feel -- it's been really, really hard without her. >> jody and friends searched everywhere for the dog and even plastering posters and signs on social media. she is hoping the dog comes home soon. >> my birthday is in a couple days. that's all i want for my birthday. she is a german shepherd mix with gold fur and gold eyes and white spot on her belly, 40, 45 pounds and last seen wearing a pink collar with stella. jody says she is skittish and may run away. if you know her whereabouts please call cleveland heights police. for more information log onto
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>> dan: let's hope she gets home. >> classes will be in session at mogadore field high school. the school was closed for a good cleaning after a stomach bug hit the students a. cording to the district, there have been a high number of absences this week. other districts have not been effected. >> and results are back at gurney elementary where there was concerns for lead in drinking water. chagrin falls got the results from the e.p.a. and they say the water was within acceptable levels for drinking. they did more testing today anyway and until those tests are in, the school will continue to use bottled water. >> that brings us to the flint, michigan. they are proposing $30 million to pay the water bills of flint residents dealing tainted water. flint says the city switched the supply source in 2014. here at home, students in warrensville heights are getting involved.
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they have been collecting bottled water donations to take to people in flint. shanice dunning is here to tell us about the project flint water drive. >> reporter: student leaders at warrensville heights high wanted to help the people in flint and they decided to start a water drive. the outcome turned out to be bigger than they thought. >> we can do what we can to help them. >> footprint needs a new water system. flint needs new pipes and flint needs politicians who care about citizens. >> these students know the flint water crisis is a huge crisis to solve. today they are doing what they can to help and so far, so good. >> 126 cases, 3,000 bottles of water. >> in two weeks the drive collected the water from students and the surrounding community. >> it first started with 14 cases of water.
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and kept growing. >> and all the places their money could be going. pictures. >> reporter: so many students bigger impact. >> i think this makes us think a lot about what is going on in the world arounds. >> senior leadership project. >> reporter: next week they will continue their service by driving to flint to deliver the water. >> i think life is about giving back what you have been given. >> reporter: all those know every bottle makes a difference. >> there is a bigger purchase. this is just the beginning. >> and those students are still not done. they are collecting donations until friday. if you are interested, we have more information on how you can donate on >> denise: all right sharks niece. thank you. rick santorum is out according to reports, the former
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out of the race for the white house. the news comes after santorum finished in the iowa g.o.p. caucus with 1% of the vote. >> also today kentucky senator rand paul dropped out of the running for the republican nomination. in a statement paul said he will end where he began ready and willing to fight for the cause of liberty. the libertarian was struggling to find footing in the g.o.p. field finishing with 5% of the vote in the iowa caucuses. >> on the democratic side it is now just a two-person race. here is a look at the stage. derry, new hampshire where the cnn town hall with hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take place tonight. coming up at 5:30, we will take you live to the granite state to talk about what we might hear from those two candidates. >> dan: the 2015 fourth quarter numbers are out from the suggesting downtown is continuing to grow in all facets and we wanted to look deeper at
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we will start basically off with rta. the rta numbers are out and gave us numbers for the past five years. pretty interesting ridership is up 5% talking about just buses. you know the free trolley everybody likes to see downtown ride free for a smile. in the last five years ridership up 58%. that's a giant number. it is only going to help when we get the rnc in town. now we want to talk about office space and occupancy level in cleveland. when we are talking about office space, you've got giant buildings downtown and we know now that occupancy is at 81.2%. that's down slightly. it was 81.3% in the 3rd quarter suggesting that people are coming to offices and businesses are coming downtown to get back into our buildings. if you are thinking the suburbs
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that, i can tell you they are not actually that much better. 81.8% in the suburbs is how many office space there is full and occupied. but what about housing. we keep hearing about housing. are we reaching the saturation point with a lot of people moving back downtown. we will get into that at 6:00. denise? >> denise: we know one thing moment is hiring 80,000 seasonal workers and 1300 jobs will be available in the greater cleveland area. it is a bold sign spring is just around the corner and that the housing market is still going strong. we are told half the temporary workers will become permanent employees. well another sign spring is around the corner it is national signing day. carl arky is here to tell us where some local high school seniors will be kicking off their football careers.
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february for talented high school kids and families and it is one of the most exciting days of their lives and it is also a huge relief. not just for them, but coaches can finally exhale and tell everybody -- ohio state signing northiveville and considered the top backs in the nation headed to columbus along with hawkins and jack. and he committed early and stayed true to the buckeyes buckeyes and like a kid on christmas morning finally signing his letter of intent. >> this is my dad's favorite school and my favorite school and some of my coach's favorite school. it is like being able to do this and get that feeling i get to actually go to ohio state. this is one of the greatest feelings ever. feels great. one of the greatest feelings err.
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and teachers and teammates and fellow students at st. ignatius. i love it here and excited for the next four years of my life and see where it takes me. >> the harvard scholarship is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. today is a windfall for that man and his family in more ways than one. coming up more on international signing day and more about who is going where. >> dan: thank you, carl. coming up next. a scary situation. a passenger sucked out of a plane after a midair explosion. a closer look into the possible cause of the blast and if terrorism is to blame. >> this actually is the right time to be thinking about the grass pollen season. >> denise: we have a health alert tonight. it is winter. if you have spring allergies find out why you may want to get a head start on your treatment. >> dan: let's take a check, a
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independence air i-480 and 7. light volume and gorgeous night for driving. you might want to put your window down. we'll be right back. >> first alert traffic on
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live from cleveland's toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> dan: you are looking at the terrifying moments following a massive explosion on a passenger plane in that one man was blown
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this happened as the plane was flying over east africa. as jonathan vigliotti reports, investigators there are looking into whether a bomb caused the midair blast. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the aftermath of tuesday's explosion as air poured through the gaping hole of the plane. oxygen masks were tossed around and one passenger was sucked out. his body was found later. a somali diplomat aboard who shot this video said everyone was afraid they were going to die. >> the first thing you worry about, you know, can we really make it. >> reporter: the plane was headed to the east african country of djibouti where it happened minutes after take off. the plane was at a relatively low altitude and the plane held together until the pilot was able to land it. somali officials say they found no evidence of criminal activity so far.
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experts say the hole showed all the signs of terrorism. >> that's a bomb. that hole is caused by a bomb. they will be able to tell that and probably already know. >> the al qaeda-linked terror group controls part of the country and isis is expanding in the region. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news. >> the somali government denies it was a blast caused by a bomb. however sources told cnn that initial tests show explosive residue. this august toyota will put the brakes on the zion brand. they notified automakers. the boxy hb hatchback launched in 2003 and sales have been slowing down over the past several years. toyota says it will handle all warranty, financing and service work on scions. >> denise: amazon is reportedly opening several hundred physical bookstores
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executive. the retail giant opened its first brick and mortar in seattle describing it as a physical extension of >> company executives haven't commented on the big news. >> dan: nearly 1 in 5 americans suffer from hay fever. i will put my hand up on that. if you are one of them now is the time to take action especially if you have a grass allergy. >> denise: that's right. there's a newer type of under the tongue tablet that works best when you take it three months before allergy season kicks into high gear. >> this actually is the right time to think about the grass pollen season. to start taking this therapy and front-end things so when the season hits, you are protected. >> dr. david lange is an allergist at the cleveland clinic. he says the goal of the prescription tablet is to reduce allergy symptoms and reduce the need for medications. this tablet is put under your
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you take it once a day. the first dose is given at your doctor's office in case you have an allergic reaction and take the rest at home. tablets treat one pollen allergy, either grass or ragweed. if you are allergic to a lot of things, oral tablets may not be the best choice for you. >> the ideal patient for the sublingual or oral immunotherapy would be a patient who has one sensation to grass pollen or an individual who may be allergic to other allergens but for them the grass season is their major season and that's their dominant allergen. >> denise: immunotherapy tablets can provide long lasting relief. the doctor says people allergic to several things may prefer allergy shots which can treat several allergies at the same time. >> denise: i have had the shots and done the pills. forget it.
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an allergist said the best thing is to treat the symptoms. you got to suffer. it is cleveland. >> dan: weather today and talking allergies my mind is skipping may, april. >> jeff: if we see an early spring that means the allergy season will get an early start. heads up on that. with we do have colder air coming in. it won't stay this way coming up where we hit 63 in cleveland as newscast. here we go down to 50 and 30s to the west. notice light showers and/or snow showers out there. these clouds will be coming in this cloud deck west to east. clouds on the increase fairly early this evening and remain windy on the lakeshore. right now we have 20 to 25mile-an-hour winds sustained and look at the wind gusts. 35 cleveland and 35 akron and 35 sandusky.
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bit especially inland. down to 31 tonight. cloudy and windy along the lakeshore and flurries and even sprinkles this evening. southwest to west wind gusting over 25. akron-canton 33 is the low. this is still above average, still warmer than normal. tomorrow we will not move up much in temperature. flurries or light snow showers around. cold enough perhaps for a little bit of lake-effect snow. it won't add up to much talking less than an inch. a cloudy day. 34 where we should be this time of year. and the next alert day isn't until after the weekend here. we have 34 tomorrow and down to 20 tomorrow night and 38 friday sunny to partly cloudy and pretty nice-looking day. over the weekend it looks dry
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saturday 41 and sunday mild and 42 degrees and gets active rain to snow monday and 40. much colder with snow showers tuesday and wednesday. stay tuned. dan? >> thank you, jeff. well, it is an offer with voters literally feeling the burn. up next cleveland 19 news permanent ways people are supporting their favorite presidential candidates. >> denise: you've got to be kidding me. later, some call this the must have mommy memento. >> i really wanted a special way to commemorate the bond between mother and child. >> jewelry made from breast milk. i kid you not.
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>> denise: a tattoo studio is taking support for donald trump to a whole new level. >> dan: he is ouring free donald trump ink to anyone who wants to. bob holmes has done 24 trump tattoos so far ranging from mr. trump's face to his slogan "making america great again." he says calls keep coming in. >> a guy called and two and a half hours away and wants to come up for a tattoo. i have had e-mails on my facebook from people in california wishing they were closer. people from florida are coming at the end of the month and they want to get tattooed. >> denise: all righty then. meanwhile a tattoo shop in vermont do not want to think trump supporters and hoping their support for bernie sanders with a free tattoo there. they say they will do free cover ups on trump tattoos. i mean, i could see make america
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head with that hair on your body forever. >> dan: you said the word: permanent. permanent. >> denise: i don't get that. >> dan: speaking of bernie sanders, we will head live to new hampshire where the senator and rival hillary clinton will go head to head in tonight's democratic town hall. >> jeff: just a few clouds out there will looking at the reserve square tower cam. look at that sky.
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>> dan: we are six days away from the new hampshire primary. hillary clinton, bernie sanders live in the granite state for a cnn town hall. >> denise: should be interesting stakes are high and candidates need a performance to
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scott mcclean is live in derry, new hampshire the site of tonight's town hall. scott? >> reporter: dan, denise, good evening. hillary clinton came out the winner in iowa and razor thin margin of victory put her campaign on notice. she is trailing behind bernie sanders in the polls and hoping a better than expected performance that can energyize her campaign and silence some of the critics who suggested she skip new hampshire all together. in iowa bernie sanders spent clinton's lead. in the end he turned caucuses to a photo finish. >> we did extraordinarily well in iowa. >> in new hampshire tables are turned. it is sanders with a commanding lead. the poll shows the vermont senator has a strong advantage leading clinton 35 to 57% in the
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clinton is the frontrunner in national surveys. >> i am very happy to be back here in derry. >> reporter: on wednesday the former secretary of state appeared to embrace the role of underdog brushing off for calls to have her look ahead to more competitive states. >> the argument is look, you are behind here. i am. i just could not ever skip new hampshire. >> clinton argued her experience compared to a democratic rival is all that matters. >> if it is about our records, hey, i will win by a landslide tuesday. >> some say she is progressive. you can't be moderate and progressive. >> sanders says he wants to help rebuild the middle class. >> the mud campaign is funded by wall street and big money interest. >> tonight's cnn town hall allow both candidates to make their
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voters. >> in addition to tonight's town hall they agreed to do another debate by msnbc and in exchange for new debates down the road. >> scott, let's look at the other side of the aisle. they used to be friends and donald trump and ted cruz literally going at each other today and new word ted cruz using the word trumper tantrum. can you tell us what that's about. >> this is a bad game of telephone going on here. it started when the carson campaign started when cnn reported he is getting out of the race. that's not what cnn report and he is not getting out of the race cnn reported accurately between iowa and new hampshire he is going home to florida to recharge, get new clothes and that.
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of the caucuses actually told precinct captains that ben carson was taking a break which might have caused some confusion or potential to cause confusion among ben carson supporters and that's what donald trump is complaining about. ted cruz, as you know brush ago side the criticism and his campaign did reach out to the ben carson folks to apologize for any confusion there. >> we know santorum dropped out. he had 20%, rand paul 5%. who is likely to pick up those votes now that those guys are out. >> reporter: it is unclear. we should know perhaps in the coming days if anyone will give away any endorsements. they had such small numbers and it is pretty disappointing. rand paul at the beginning of the campaign really thought they
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especially since his dad ron paul and disappointing result there for him. rick santorum won the iowa caucuses in 2012 and really hoping to capitalize this time around and we will see this pattern of these campaigns really having that conversation and seeing how far their cash will take them as the field continues to winnow down. >> dan: scott mcclean live in new hampshire site of the democratic town hall. thank you for your time today. a lot is happening every day on the campaign trail. you can get the latest on cleveland 19 news mobile app, it is a freel download and you should check it out. a first for president obama today visiting a mosque in baltimore, maryland to correct what he called a hugely distorted impression of must americans coming on the heels of donald trump's proposeed must ban.
5:30 pm
president obama arrived at the islamic society of baltimore. protestors lined the motorcade as well. inside must-americans reported about the increased bias they face. >> they talked about how their children are asking, will we be forced out of the country and be rounded up. why do people treat us like that. conversations you shouldn't have with children, not in this country. >> this is president obama's first visit to a u.s. mosque since taking office. must leaders say it is a long wait. >> we have asked him to make such a visit for a number of years now. >> ibrahim is communications director for the council of american-islamic relations. must-americans are afraid now more than any other time in history even since 9/11. >> thanks to ben carson and others islam-phobia is mainstreamed making it all the more dangerous.
5:31 pm
says christians and jews need to speak out when they see anti-must rhetoric. >> we have to attack an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths. >> and asked for muslims not to be cynical. they are not muslims or americans but muslim-americans. >> reporter: after that they met with children at the school on the grounds of the mosque. >> jeff: we will start off by looking at the feazel roof camera here. wow. the sun goes down and we are still clear. that will be changing in a couple of hours. we have clouds on the way. here come the colder temps. now. akron-canton reporting partly cloudy sky, 58. you have a west wind at 23, gusting over 30.
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we are down to 41 on the north side of downtown burke lake front airport west wind at 18. 42 at 7:00 if this was any other ordinary february day, these numbers would still be warmer than normal. 39 at 11:00 and overnight dropping through the 30s. and flurry action and maybe some sprinkles developing at first tomorrow. but a dry and mild weekend and that will be good for any superbowl plans you have. will you be traveling a lot different this year compared to last year. less than an inch of light snow showers tomorrow, 34 and notice not as windy. akron-canton more of a seasonable day, about 33 your high and you won't go up much in temperature cloudy sky and flurries around. 7 a.m. tomorrow and flurries and
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and 31 at 5:00 tomorrow partly cloudy sky and some flurries. the next alert day isn't until monday. this is when things will get more active next week. rain-snow mix. not very windy on monday. just a little bit of accumulating snow especially monday night. stay tuned. that's when things will be getting colder. here is a look at future view showing the areas of light snow and flurries tomorrow overall not much of a big deal here. we go from record highs today to perhaps some flakes flying around tomorrow. i will have much more on the 7-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. dan. >> dan: thank you. the recent teary tax in san bernardino are on the minds of security officials as they prepare for the superbowl. a massive security operation is underway in the bay area to try to prevent or stop any trouble.
5:34 pm
francisco. >> reporter: heavily armed officers are visible at superbowl events this week. the san francisco bay area are expecting 1 million visitors each day. keeping everyone safe is a two year project for federal, state and local police agencies. >> our number one mission in these special events is prevent acts of terrorism. >> on the ground. in the water and in the air. police are using high-tech equipment to search for explosives and watch out for any suspicious activity. >> put eyes on anyone within 30 nautical mile radius. >> all data to the f.b.i. center not far from levi stadium where police agencies can instantly share information. authorities admit suspects acting on their own a concern. >> it is all about identifying the lone wolf before he or she acts. >> reporter: superbowl
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tight security but not so overwhelming it becomes intimidating for fans. >> it makes you feel safe but kind of makes you feel you are in a foreign country, too. >> reporter: on superbowl sunday 70,000 will pack the stadium. authorities say there's no credible threat but taking no chances with safety of fans and players on the nfl's biggest day of the year. teri okita cbs news, san francisco. >> dan: let's hope it goes well. any idea where you will watch super bowl 50? of course on cleveland cleveland 19 coverage kicks off at 5:30 p.m. some moms think it is idea. an artist creating custom jewelry using breast milk. the story coming up next. first our view of the day special delivery from lebron james. there it is. this is pretty cool. the cavaliers surprised menorah park resident walter robinson
5:36 pm
encouragement along with one of his shoes. lebron made arrangements for special accommodations for mr. robinson and his daughter to attend an upcoming game.
5:37 pm
>> dan: it's a little odd. an artist in texas who happens to be a mom came up with a very personal keepsake. >> denise: she developed a
5:38 pm
>> reporter: bridget isn't quite ready for her boys to grow up. how do you freeze time and hold onto this moment? the answer it turns out was right in front of her. >> i really wanted a special way to commemorate that bond between mother and child and i wanted a wearable piece of art and i created breast milk jewelry. >> she takes breast milk and adds preservatives and lets it sit in the refrigerator. within a week the milk is a want. from there add designs, colors and sparkles and top coat resin hardens and protects the precious milk. >> each breast milk is a different shade of cream to white. you are getting what came from you. each pearl is unique to you and your child. no two are alike. >> reporter: why stop with breast milk. >> placenta at the bottom and then breast milk. >> for some her jewelry is strange and unsettling.
5:39 pm
the pieces it is therapeutic and her facebook pages filled like this, thank you from mothers who have had trouble breast-feeding and some dealing with postpartum depression and some mothers who lost their children. >> with each pearl, it represents so many things to so many women. when people buy their breast milk jewelry from me, i get their stories. a lot of stories are empowering, you know, the gift of life. >> reporter: sure. >> the breast milk pearl is life sustaining is sustaining and life giving for many women. >> mark: coming up at 6:00 disturbing details on a family tragedy. a father, mother and daughters found dead inside their summit county home. weeks later we are learning more about what happened before the explosion. plus 19 investigates as a local councilwoman is in trouble for not filing her taxes and she deals with millions in her job.
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>> dan: yesterday we told about you this one. taxol bell's super secret superbowl snacks, say that five times fast and customers can preorder ahead of the big game. we have learned the mystery item will be a blend of two foods. that was first introduced in toledo. could it be the queso lupa. >> they tested the hybrid in toledo. we will not know for sure until saturday when the people who preordered the secret snack can actually pick it up. >> denise: i learned something
5:43 pm
that he is a taco bell afficionado. >> dan: i love taco bell. i am a taco bell freak. >> denise: i wouldn't have known that about you. >> dan: i love taco bell. >> jeff: i will do my weather in that voice. >> let's check out the 7-day, going to be colder. all right. 34 tomorrow compare to 63 and you will feel that. this is where we should be this time of year. a little bit of light snow especial along the lakeshore and even flurries, down to 20 tomorrow night. friday looks dry. sunny to partly cloudy. not a bad looking day. 38. how about the weekend? we have 41 saturday. milder than normal. saturday night 32. on sunday for the super bowl xlii degrees going to your party. that's good. monday we get into this winter mix. rain-snow. more of the snow side of things
5:44 pm
40 the high and then it gets cold. 27 tuesday. light snow showers and an alert on wednesday for perhaps heavier snow, only 22 this time next week. check out all the forecast details on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. 10 day forecast and you get severe weather alerts when we get them. denise. >> denise: all right, jeff. thank you. an interesting twist in the
5:45 pm
now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: a new york real estate heir pleaded guilty to a gun charge in louisiana. >> dan: it is another step towards extradition in california to face murder charges. >> police arrested him after a revolver was found in his hotel room, the day before the final episode of the jinx, a hbo true crime documentary about the disappearance of his first wife
5:46 pm
killing of writer friend susan berman. last year l.a. police charged him with murder in berman's death. we now know who will honor david bowie at this year's grammy awards lady gaga known for fashion forward shifting personas. her salute will last 6 or 7 minutes and cover several of bowie's tunes. >> denise: is making the super bowl ad and lil wayne is along for the ride. >> that's what i am talking about, george. word. yeah. >> what should die with the wooden ones? >> denise: a teaser for the ad shows lil wayne hanging out with george washington and features jeff gold bluhm.
5:47 pm
help the carolina panthers get a superbowl ring.
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>> romona: now at 6:00, a cleveland 19 news investigation. looking into a councilwoman's personal money problems. and she's on a committee that oversees millions. >> jeff: as you felt today, record warmth shattered across the board now here comes colder temps. >> mark: and a proud father watching as his son is getting ready for this sunday. the superbowl. live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: the explosion sent shockwaves through a community. >> this is heart-wrenching. a whole family gone at one time.
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daughters are dead.
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