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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from cleveland's news center this is "cleveland 19 news" brought to you by spanky's carpet and flooring outlet. "cleveland 19 news" starts now. >> tia: after 24 hours of lake-effect snow finally a break in the action. we have the first alert storm chaser on the roads this morning. these are live pictures you see right now. they're keeping an eye on the conditions for you all morning long. >> brian: that's right. the city of cleveland has filed a lawsuit against the family of tamir rice. they're demanding $500 for the ambulance ride to the hospital for the 12-year-old. kevin love coming to the
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his left shoulder not even moving it right now. >> tia: a scary moment for cavs fans. kevin love leaves the game holding that same shoulder he hurt last season. >> brian: long talked about the injury after the game. we hear from him in a moment. i know a lot of people are critical of kevin love, but be clear about one thing. the cavs are going nowhere and winning nothing unless they have kevin love. this guy contributes way more than what you see in the box score. they can't lose him. the weather is a little -- that's an editorial. >> tia: you love your sports. a lot of people do. >> brian: come on. you don't know. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i have to follow that. a parking ban in north olmstead and school delays and closings are at the bottom of the screen. let's start out with our team coverage with meteorologist sam roberts in the first alert weather center.
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storm system. >> samantha: yeah, guys, we told you early last week we would have a wintery, messy from time to time kind of week, and that's certainly what we've been dealing with. i want to take you to your morning commute forecast, because once again, it will be heavily impacted by the snow. we start off with that red light on the drive in. now, i'm not saying every road in ohio is bad. that's certainly not the case. it seems that so many of them are it warranted a red light. we're hearing lots of reports of roads that haven't been touched. there's so many folks out there working hard to keep things clear for us, and we appreciate you more than you know. but, you know, they can't get it all at once. you have to be patient. in. up. it's cold out there. 13 at 6:00 in the morning, 12 at 7:00 to 8:00. a little bit of snow out there
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not everyone is waking up to snow. you get out towards norwalk, mansfield, not a thing going on. even out in the snowbelt some of you see pretty quiet conditions. down around akron and you get down into wayne county, medina county, this is where most of the snow is. we even have late snow around ravenna. we wanted to show you exactly what you could expect, because i can point at the radar all day. that doesn't tell you much, right? we want you to see the road conditions, so our own nichole vrsansky is out live in the cleveland 19 storm chaser. where are you guys now and even moving around and what are you seeing? >> nichole: we are on 82 west just getting into brecksville. we're in the twinsburg/macedonia area. it's going to be a messy morning commute, guys. roads pretty wet as you can see right now, but they have been very slushy back in twinsburg, macedonia. the side roads, too, that we're
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the side roads are super snow-covered. they almost like untouched. we have spent the morning driving around. started in the 480/271 area from downtown heading east and south. anything east and south of that twinsburg area is very messy. odot crews, we've seen them out and about really focusing on the main roads and focusing on the highways. we're heading towards 77 because we hear it's pretty messy out that way. so we will keep you posted on what to expect. laura, what are other trouble spots you're seeing in the area this morning? >> laura: down in akron is a big old problem this morning that we're dealing with as the morning keeps on progressing. 77 looks just awful right now down towards akron, and from canton as well. if that's part of your commute, you're headed northbound or southbound and the end of your commute takes you to the
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you need to get out the door early. they have a long ways to go, and the snow is still falling. a lot of accidents we have seen that we've had out there are actually on the offramps off of the highways. those can be very, very dangerous when they're slippery. it's easy to lose control on the slippery curves and going off the off ramps. we learned that this involves a fire truck that was hurt, so that can cause blockages over by the airport off 480 to graton road. look at the area around akron. 76 is dealing with big slowdowns this morning and 8 miles per hour is from canton into abbing ron up 77. that is really, really rough. remember how i just mentioned that canton would slow down more if you come from canton to cleveland? it did. you're in the yellow and it's barely 6:00 right now. just 6:06. take it easy out there and give yourself extra time. guys. >> tia: the weather isn't
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this morning. there are two delays. both were set to depart for chicago just before 7:00, but last night reports a small private plane went off one of the runways. no injuries. only the pilot was on board. the family of tamir rice is reacting to a lawsuit filed by the city of cleveland. they say the family has to pay $500 for tamir's ambulance ride. remember, this was november 2014 when cleveland police shot and killed the 12-year-old. here is a statement from the family's attorney. quote, the callousness, incense activity and poor judgment required for the city to send a bill. it's own police officers having slain 12-year-old tamir is breath-taking. this adds insult to homicide. >> brian: well, the arraignment is set this morning for gregory moore. he was the divorce attorney for elijah sherman. sherman was stabbed to debt three years ago.
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two weeks ago moore was indicted on several charges in connection with sherman's murder but not charged with the murder. it included tampering with evidence and forgery. 6:07. the cavaliers took out the lakers last night. wasn't all that close. won by 10 at the q. what cleveland fans now are talking about this morning is completely different than the game. >> tia: just before halftime cavs star forward kevin love ran off the court holding his shoulder, the same shoulder he hurt last summer in the playoffs. cleveland 19 reporter q. mccray is live at the q this morning. q., love never spent the rest of the game in the cavs locker room, though? >> q.: exactly. there is good news here at the end of the day. as you mepgs ntioned, tia, what was so concerning while watching the game is it was the same shoulder ripped out of the socket by oel in this case of the boston celtics during the playoffs last year, the same injury that had
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playoffs and potentially cost the cavs a championship. so you're looking at it right now. this was what happened. love was backing down legendary lakers guard kobe bryant near the hoop. kobe slightly hooked love's arm before he gets the ball, and after love takes the shot he walks back to the bench very gingerly trying not to move his arm. it looked bad. some thought he might be done for a few weeks if not months. love says he's okay. >> i was told it could be a number of things. one being, you know, that stuff is anchored down pretty tight in there, and will always kind of be like that. getting full of range of motion back is -- you get to 90%, 95% getting that last little bit is tough. it wouldn't be surprising if it loosens up on me and feels good. >> q.: there you have it. it was nothing more than a scare according to love himself.
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now, in the next half hour, we'll let love tell you what he originally thought right when he felt the pain. so stick around for that. that's in about 30 minutes. until then, that's the latest from the q. i'm q. mccray. back to you guys. last night. i think i was 10. excuse me. the other big story was nba legend kobe bryant's final game in cleveland. he played 33 minutes and scored 17 points and received a standing ovation on a number of occasions. in a half hour you hear what kobe will most remember about cleveland. here's something lebron james will probably remember forever. after the game, kobe autographed his game worn shoes. man, those are ugly, and gave them to lebron. do you like those shoes? >> tia: they look nice in the picture. i wasn't looking at the shoes. >> brian: the two fellows? >> tia: of course. i want to say one thing really fast. i met lynn yesterday. a cashier at the marshall's in
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she loves watching us and started at 4:30 and watching until gail comes on. she watches the entire time. lynn, thank you for watching. >> brian: i grew up in mayfield heights. 6:10. if you're loving these gas prices, we've got good news about how long they will be sticking around. >> tia: i love it. if you're single stick around for this. the things you can do and the places you can go to find love hopefully this valentine's day weekend. sam. >> samantha: you're going to need somebody to snuggle with. it's going to be cold out there this weekend. maybe you find you a valentine before sunday actually. it would be good to have one now, because it's cold out there. i know it's asking a lot, right? we have some snow out there this morning. i want you to be careful especially around medina and wayne county. i have to throw this in here. you spoke up, and we listened. if you look at the bottom of the
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brand-new crawl. it is so much easier to read. so mom, if you're on the other side of the kitchen, the tv is on the other side and you're trying to get the kids ready, you can see that crawl from far away. thank you for everyone who has reached out to us giving us feedback on the crawl. it's looking good now. i'll have your forecast when we
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>> tia: you thought you were the selfie queen or king, you have nothing on this guy. this is a selfie video like you've never seen before. a skier tied his smartphone to a string and then while going down
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he swung it around his head like a lasso. it's as difficult as it looks. this guy says it took nearly two years to perfect this move, and i mean, that is one move. that's really cool. it looks like he slowed the video down, too, in his process. >> good thing he didn't lose his phone, right? i mean, what's it tied to? >> tia: just a string. >> brian: would you tie your $400 iphone. >> tia: have you seen my live phone? it's all cracked up. i got nothing to lose. >> brian: that's he used an old phone or something. >> tia: he's got nothing to lose. those skiers are daredevils, a lot of them. that's the joy of it, doing that. >> samantha: and they're happy, the skiers, because of all the snow, right? brian, i know you love to get -- i always reference brian, because tia and i are like we don't like to be cold or wet. >> brian: she said she'd go sit in the lodge. >> tia: i do.
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>> samantha: big fireplace and big comfy boots and scarfs. inside where it's nice and warm, right? 14 in cleveland. good morning to you in akron. it's 14 for you as well. 5 out in norwalk. there is a breeze, so it's going to feel even colder than that. it feels like it's 7 below in mansfield. feels like zero in akron. so you got to bundle up. these windchill temperatures, they're going to drop even lower through the weekend, so something else to be prepared for. we have a little snow out there this morning, although it is really waning here. you can see medina county and wayne county, northern stark county, portage, summit, up into geauga county and around cleveland not seeing any snow on the radar. there's probably a few flurries out there. we have to send a big thank you to all of you who work outside in this miserable weather. a couple of weeks ago i was out there talking to some guys who were doing construction out on
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clevelanders are the most forgiving people when it comes to the forecast, because we know that it's really hard to forecast the weather here. these guys are out there. it's like 20 degrees at the time. they're working hard no matter what the weather. so we really appreciate you, especially those of you out there doing the plows, because i know that's not easy work and those long shifts. here's your forecast for the outdoor working today. 18 for a high temperature, but feeling more like it's in the single digits this afternoon. you know, i've seen you out there working and you're tough and you can handle it. cold and windy nonetheless with periods of on again/off again snow. it's not widespread as yesterday. tonight i think that snow will finally come to an end for us. just a few flurries out there after midnight. we drop to 10 degrees, but it will feel as if it's below zero tonight and early tomorrow morning. we're not done with snow completely after tonight, okay?
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early tomorrow, but then tomorrow afternoon more snow comes in here, and we may see 1 to 3 inches of new snow again tomorrow. saturday, a few snowshowers out there in the morning, and then we get a break on sunday. i don't think we'll see any snow on valentine's day. we will see some really cold weather. 9 degrees on saturday, 18 on sunday. i'll tell you, that windchill is going to be below zero from friday night through sunday morning. that's a long time for it to be that cold, so please check on your elderly friends and neighbors for me. we want to make sure that everyone is okay, bring your pets inside, and get ready for more snow on monday. laura. >> laura: i want to spend more time in the akron area again. you can see a lot of yellow on this map. a lot of slowdowns, so i took this where we can see akron and also some other parts of the south. look at 271 there. there's bands of snow moving through this entire part of the area right now, meaning we've got a lot of slowdowns and also
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there were some broken-downs in the area as well. 44, 32, 14. that area right where canton is coming into akron, yeah, that's really moving slow this morning. that section of 271, too, we're talking both directions so we're expecting heavy snow in this area right here and also some snow-covered roads causing some problems. back up to the north and we move around cleveland. things are moving pretty well right now and no major issues. we move out east to mentor area. 90 the rest of the way in. really looking good. the areas around cleveland really have the good part of the commute this morning. it's down to our south where we deal with issues. canton to cleveland, 74-minute commute right now running way behind. strongsville, mentor and elyria look good with under 30-minute commutes. i have good news on the cheap gas prices we've been paying. the federal government is estimating average prices will stay below $2 for at least the
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now, that's the lowest full year average since 2009. right now the national average is $1.72, but in our area we have seen it as low as $1.29. what we really want to know here is, how much are we going to save this year? aaa predicts the average u.s. household is actually expected to pocket $320 from this. brian. >> brian: all right, laura. thanks very much. if you feel bad for the squirrels bearing the cold, take advice from this man. he's from poland, and he has a pet squirrel. he says he found the squirrel outside when it was the size of a shoe lace. the squirrel drank goat milk through a pipette to get healthy again. the squirrel chooses to remain the man, even though the man has tried to put him back in the wild. what's the matter with you? >> tia: i don't know why that's so funny to me. it's hilarious.
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i have no idea if i said it right. on web stream i said thank goodness i don't have to say it. you did it with ease. >> brian: the whole thing j.k. rowling, and evidently it's correct. >> tia: it can go either way. >> brian: it seems like british call them rowling and oprah called her rowling. >> tia: called her. you said called him. >> brian: well -- >> tia: j.k. is a woman. now. at cleveland 19. don't you worry. time is 6:21. a fast food restaurant with burger in its name is now
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>> brian: next, the newest pl i guess nevereal gavmuch oughto t acidity inny fds. ver oughabouthe ffee i was inki havg acs. iteverawneon mthat it cou huryoureeth my dtistas td me your enal iseari awa
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real sca to , ani walikeell can yofix , n yopainit back on, d hexplaed tt itas n someing at gws bk, it's kd of oneime ot and you ve tcareor i he td meo uspronel. it gon helprott thenam in ur tth. it alls meo coinue to dnk mcoff anto e heahier r and was reaeasy
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>> tia: time is 6:24.
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youtube is now streaming movies, believe it or not. that is right. just two right now, but they're the first to in what youtube hopes to be a competitive streams service. the original content is a part of utube's red subscription service. it costs ten bucks a month and ad-free. the king of burgers could be going to the dogs. burger king is adding a new weapon to the food wars, and of course we're talking hot dogs. on february 23rd you will be able to get 100% beef dogs served on baked buns. like bk does it, you can have it toppings. >> brian: you might see this pop up on your facebook time line this morning. these are some tiger cubs, a couple of boys just born in an australian zoo. these two are pretty adorable. big deal for species. there are only 500 sumatran tigers in the world. that's important, right? >> tia: so cute. >> brian: 500 is not very many. that's a problem.
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>> tia: time is 6:25. the late snow advisories and warnings only make up half of the weather story this morning. baby, bundle up. it's cold outside. >> brian: sam is so cold. >> samantha: it's so cold out there. the windchill is below zero in some areas. so you got to bundle up. if you can't get enough of the cold and the snow, head on out to peek n' peak this weekend. brian says, yes, it's going to be a great time. 12 to 40 inches of snow there and tons of room to fly around on you're your skis. you can tell i'm not a skier. i don't think people fly on skis. either way, it's going to be a great time. i'll have your full forecast
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>> brian: new this morning, a live picture. this is akron where you can see the roads on 77 south are still snow-covered. the plows are still out. this is a live pic from our storm chaser. there is a lake snow advisories and warnings and temperatures that make it feel below zero out there. >> tia: there's a little bit of everything in the weather department today. good morning. it's thursday, february 11th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. 6:30. let's start the team weather coverage with our meteorologist. sam is over there in the first alert weather center. looks nasty in akron, right? >> samantha: yeah. there's snow-covered roads and side streets and even the interstate from that vantage point. please go slow even in areas where it's not currently snowing. there's maybe some snow-covered roads there as well.
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those plows get everybody cover covered covered. of course, they can't get everyone at once. you have to be patient this morning. look at the temperatures because this is another issue. if you're not seeing snow this morning, you're still dealing with the cold. it is 6 degrees in mansfield, 13 in akron, but with the wind factored in it feels like it's 7 below in mansfield, 8 below in worcester. this is how it feels on exposed skin, because that's what the windchill is about. it only affects people and animals, so that's why we want you to cover up and, of course, bring your pets inside. check on your elderly friends and neighbors, too. if you have a minute not just today but through the weekend. it gets colder than this this weekend. here's the snow. not a ton. in fact, most of us aren't seeing any snow, but there are flakes flying around geauga, portage, summit and medina counties. southern cuyahoga county also seeing some light snow right
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here's where the steadiest snow is. just off to the west and northwest of the akron area, and that is where our own nichole vrsansky is on 77 south going towards akron. so nikki, how are things looking? i think you're constantly moving around. are you seeing any improvements out there on the road? >> nichole: absolutely not. it's brutal out here on 77 south. take a look at these roads. they're completely snow-covered, guys, and the wind gusts, which is making things even worse, they're making visibility very poor. you can see how snow-covered these roads are. super slick. we are traveling about 30 miles per hour just to show you how slow going it is. now, traffic in the other direction heading north towards the city, even more slow going, and even more traffic. obviously, building, so that makes it more tough for odot crews to be able to tackle the snow building on these roads
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but the odot crews are out. we've seen several of them trying to do what they can to clear these roads, and we've this morning. we've been on the main routes like route 82, route 43, route 14 out in streetsboro and they're still slushy and slippery and the side streets are even worse. guaranteed, guys, it's going to be a misy morning commute, especially if you head into downtown cleveland from akron on 77. just brutal out here. laura, some other areas that are difficult out there this morning? >> laura: that's a spot i've been focusing a lot of attention on down where nikki is right now. the 77 area, this is actually going to be 76, though, near arlington road. that's the exit there. it's the same story. you can see under the vehicles there, there's just snow-covered roadways completely. just barely touched at all by crews.
6:29 am
so hard for them to keep up is because with the stuff constantly coming down, it really makes it hard to be able to keep up. to our north up in the cleveland area, we have this accident. i-90 eastbound right at about pearl road and u.s. 42, route 42 there. we see some slowdowns back behind that. road conditions looking really, really good on i-90 on the west side. back towards akron with this wide shot here, we see where the slowdowns are moving from canton into akron. that's a bad, bad spot this morning. if you head down towards the akron/canton airport and up towards the akron/canton airport, that's a nasty area. our producer for the noon show comes from canton. she was taking this whole drive up 77 and she said it's just downright gnarly out there. back up to the north again showing this. we can see some yellow out there. we start to slow down a bit in the cleveland area. but around here this isn't bad for the roadways at least on the highways. the side streets are the bigger worries. here's a look at drive times
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we look at the akron commute in ten minutes. guys. >> tia: if you're in the kitchen right now and maybe getting the kids off to school or trying to, we need to tell you something. look at your screen right now. more and more schools are on the list for delays and closures. right now we have ten counties seeing some delays by two hours and some schools are completely closed today. make sure to stay connected with your area forecast as well. just download the free first alert forecast app on your smartphone. cavs fans all over northeast ohio are collectively saying, oh, no, not again. >> brian: during the win over the lakers last night kevin love banged up the same shoulder injuried and surgically repaired. q. mccray joins us from -- he's back right here. he's right there. >> he's right here in the studio. >> brian: q. is like magic. there he is. q.! >> q.: just transported here seconds ago. i'm glad to be inside, by the way.
6:31 am
this is what happened, and when it happened it was pretty confusing because it looked a lot worse than it was. now, we're going to look at the injury with cavs play by play announcer fred mcleod describing what happened. >> kevin love coming to the bench. his left shoulder not even moving it right now. >> q.: it looked bad, right? love hurt his shoulder just before halftime while attempting a shot. he bumped into kobe bryant and walked off the floor as you saw. after the game love said it felt much better. >> at the time i didn't know really what it was, but just like, you know, when you get hit in the funny bone or elbow, just a shooting pain. it felt like fire was running down my arm. just a stinger. the doctor decided to just be cautious and use the break for to to feel better. it actually feels okay right now.
6:32 am
all-star break starts today, so the cavs won't play another game until february 18th, which means love has a lot of time to rest up the achy shoulder of his. in the next half hour on our sister station, cle43, you hear what doctors have to say about the shoulder. stick around for that. >> brian: q., thank you. 6:37. love getting banged up was the big story of last night's game, but it's impossible to ignore the kobe bryant factor here. he's one of the greatest players in league history, and last night he played in his final game in the big city. the 19-year vet will retire the athe end of the season. >> welcome number 24, the one, the only kobe bryant! >> brian: really a nice moment for kobe and cavs fans, of course, showing a lot of class. the black mamba drop in 17-33. his final appearance at the q.
6:33 am
clear why playing in cleveland is special to him. >> my rookie year playing in a rook game -- rookie game here. that was so cool to be a part of. that's the number one memory that i have of being in this building. >> brian: so it's 17 points for kobe. that's kobe and tyronn lue. >> tia: police in barberton are looking for vandals. someone cut down ten walnut trees that were planted years ago. if you know anything, please give barberton police a call. a good start to the east for car sales in northeast ohio. they report nearly 20,000 cars were sold in our area this past january. that's up 3% from last year. it could get even better.
6:34 am
show, which comes to town february 26th, could provide another boost to local auto sales. >> brian: ohio governor john kasich is keeping very busy in south carolina. the primary there is february 20th. kasich will stick to his strategy of focusing on what he does well instead of attacking the opinions of his competitors. >> i'm not going fob a pincushion or marshmallow, but i won't spend my time trying to trash people. when you spend all your time dragging somebody else down, maybe people have had enough of it. >> brian: there are less players in the republican field this time around. chris christie and carly fiorina both suspended their campaigns. >> tia: kasich is still pushing away. >> brian: he's still there. i think he needs a pretty good showing in south carolina to keep that momentum going, right? he spent a lot of time in new hampshire. he did, because he needed to get some footing, and he did that.
6:35 am
he carry that on? >> tia: we'll have to see if he does. time is 6:39. if it's not snowing where you are, you still better dress for the cold. sam, how cold is it out there? >> samantha: it's in the teens and even some single digits, but with the wind factored in is feels like it's at zero or even colder than that. so bundle up. that bus stop forecast looks like this. 12 at 7:00 in the morning with light snow or flurries out there. we look at the rest of the school day when we come back. >> hopefully that's my new year thing. finding true love. valentine's day. it's almost here. love is in the air i'm told, but the experts say finding it in northeast ohio might be an uphill battle. >> tia: i got to get somewhere else, i guess. i don't know. next, the passengers on board that storm-battered cruise
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>> brian: good morning, everyone. live look from the feazel roof cam on a snowy and cold thursday morning. school closures and delays, and there's lots of them. you can see those clearly with our new and improved school closing feature at the bottom of the screen. thanks for joining us, everybody. the anthem of the seas returned to port just yesterday in new jersey overnight. it was on its way to the bahamas last week when it got caught in a storm in the atlantic was battered by 30 hoif foot waves
6:39 am
>> it's like on a roller coaster you can't get off of and you're strapped in. >> it was scary. the crew and captain were great. >> it was horrible. i don't want to even talk about it. storm" like the movie. it worked out in the end. >> i'm so glad to be home. that was a heck of a ride. >> brian: heck of a ride. royal caribbean says all passengers will get a full refund, and they're also getting a certificate towards 50% off a future cruise. sam, they get all the money back, and the man is kisses the ground when he gets off the boat. >> samantha: i'm not satisfied with that. they should get a free cruise. after that you probably wouldn't want to go because they sent you out in horrible weather. i could talk about it all day. it's ridiculous sending those people out there into that storm. you have to know better, right? all the access that we have to weather these days, and our weather here, well, it's cold. 14 is the current temperature,
6:40 am
single digits or even below zero this morning with the wind factored in. it's so breezy out there. you can see that we've got some light snow on the radar, but this stuff is really diminishing rapidly. it was a little steadier early this morning. now it's just kind of flurries flying around out into portage county, summit, medina counties and wayne county as well. good morning to you out in trumbull county. you are seeing some light snow, too. so the forecast for the day ahead, your school day and your workday, it looks like this. 12 at 7:00 in the morning, 15 at lunchtime, low chance of outside recess today, although i guess if you want to just bundle up, you could get out there and play in the snow. 18 for the ride home. it will be windy, so it's going to feel like it's around zero or maybe up to about 5 degrees for a windchill temperature this afternoon. in terms of snow chances, not terribly impressive today.
6:41 am
around right now. we could see some additional light lake-effect through the day, but, you know, with the cold air coming over the lake, it's just persistent cold air. so it's going to be tough to shut that lake-effect off completely. that's why we have a chance for some passing lake-effect snowshowers in there today. it should end or at least just taper off to flurries for tonight. it will be cold tonight. we fall down to 10 degrees. so with the wind factored in feels like it's below zero tonight and through the morning tomorrow. now, tomorrow's highs get a little warmer. look at this. 24 on friday, but it's an alert day because we have snow moving in. we may see one to three inches of new snow tomorrow, and that snow will continue into saturday morning. then it just gets really cold for valentine's day weekend. 9 on saturday with an overnight low of 3. 18 on sunday. valentine's day won't feature any snowshowers, but it will be
6:42 am
then we get a little warmer next week. but we do have some snow to get through on monday. laura. >> laura: i'll tell you who is getting through snow right now, and it's these people on i-77 near i -277. this is basically on the akron line as you come from canton and massillon. the heater is on here to keep the camera warm to show you the shot. if you can see very closely here underneath the cars, you can't see the road. all you see is a bunch of snow. that's what the drive is like coming from the canton area towards akron this morning. it is just downright rough down there to the south. up here we start to deal with issues as well. starting to see more slowdowns. moment. we have a couple of slowdowns out here right now. this is if you come from north olmstead, and this is the airport right here. 6 miles per hour is a big slowdown there as you move towards the airport. another accident going to be road. you see 41 miles per hour back
6:43 am
another one we hear on the off ramp that goes towards 176, the jennings there moving mighty slow through the area. we have to show you the drive times really quick. there's the wide shot here. look at this. remember the two accidents i showed you from north olmstead? north olmstead to cleveland, you are almost going to be an hour for your commute if they don't get it cleaned up quickly. tia, we're dealing with some issues out there. >> i have a question for you laura. did you buy your husband something yet for valentine's day? >> laura: yes. >> tia: maybe you haven't at home. three days a way, okay? if you look to keep the fire burning in your love life, cleveland is the place to be. you see it right here on the map, our city is one of the top ten cities for romance in the entire country crediting the city as a foodie spot. it sounds good, right? this report says finding romance is the hard part in cleveland. if you are single, the stats
6:44 am
cleveland ranked 118th out of 150 of the worst cities for singles. that's on a few months ago, but we have tips to turn your love life upside-down right in time for valentine's day. is it easy or hard to find love in cleefd veland? >> it's pretty hard. >> tia: is it easy or hard? >> it can be easy if you get out there and look. >> tia: you can look, but that doesn't mean you will find it. it's only a four-letter word, but finding love in cleveland could turn out to be an uphill battle. ranks cleveland 118 out of 150 of the worst cities or dating. so i turned to gina gideon, a matchmaker for search years in northeast ohio. >> in my office i have a wall full of people who have been married through me through the years. >> tia: she has helped hundreds of people find love. gideon says rip up your list of
6:45 am
>> you may be so focused on a deal breaker that you're going to lose sight of five really wonderful things about someone. >> tia: there's you need to do to light a match under your love life. end routines or humdrum behaviors. if you go to the same starbucks for your latte, switch it up. you never know who you'll run into. >> get out and shake it up a bit. if you haven't met the love of your life already, you won't. >> tia: you have to get out and go new places like the cleveland museum of arts or the flats. it's like a one-stop shop with multiple social scenes. the punch bowl social, alley cat oyster bar and bing bang duelling buy notice bar. keep an open mind and heart. we ran into many singles on a weekday early in the morning who are looking to come off the market. >> hopefully maybe that's any new year thing.
6:46 am
>> tia: you never know. maybe he or she is right here at the west side market. well, you only have three days, so hopefully -- >> brian: yeah, good luck. >> tia: if you do meet someone now, i can't guarantee you will get a valentine's day gift. i wouldn't buy someone a gift if i just met them today. bndz >> brian: we're looking long term. the valentines put pressure on everybody. >> you better get me a gift if we're dating. at least a balloon or something. >> brian: i get that.
6:47 am
>> laura: this is a live look at i-480 eastbound near graton road. i just showed you the drive time from the north olmstead area on 480 towards cleveland. it's almost an hour for the commute.
6:48 am
along 480, and this involves an suv and fire truck. two lanes are currently blocked right by the airport. you can see the hotels there. it's a popular exit taken right there to get over to the airport. if you're headed to the airport, that would be another reason to get out the door early. there's going to be slowdowns there. >> tia: the suv hit the fire truck. >> samantha: the good news is there's no steady lake-effect out there now. just kind of seeing a few spits of snow from time to time. that will be the forecast for today. cold with some occasional lake-effect, and that snow finally ending tonight. >> brian: i like that, spits of snow. >> samantha: you like that? that's akron, and you see there, tia, that the roads aren't great. >> tia: it's not great. if you head out to work or school, give yourself plenty of time.
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