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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> denise: a look at the top stories we are following at 5:00. several people hurt in a terrifying machete attack in an ohio restaurant. also a local mom in custody following the death of her little one. we have the latest on the investigation. and a democratic fact check. a heated debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. how much of what they said is true? >> dan: bundle up northeast ohio a wind chill advisory is in effect. we have a fleet of storm chasers out tonight tracking dangerously cold temperatures and snow. live updates from the road are coming up. when it is this dangerous out we want to get right to chief meteorologist jeff tanchak. probably a good weekend to stay inside if you can but with
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it will be dangerous. >> jeff: it is. it will be like a big blizzard or anything like that? no. but it will be bad enough kind of like how it was the last couple nights ago with the lake-effect going in. this air is even colder. the arctic front is in sandusky right now. and we have a storm chaser in sandusky dealing with close to whiteout conditions there now. so we have that and then the lake-effect will kick in behind it. so an alert tonight. we've got 1 to 4 inches of snow on the way and heavier snow east of cleveland. bad travel. 10 to 15 below wind chills will be setting up and this is the front. we have light snow in advance of it beginning to develop. but right here moving through sandusky, this is the heavier burst of snow giving you a quick half inch or so. as that moves through that's where the colder air will start to come in.
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lake and geauga county. lake-snow warning for lake ashtabula county where we expect the heaviest snow tonight and tomorrow. everybody is in this wind chill advisory tonight. and they issue a wind chill advisory when we are expecting 10 to 15 below wind chills and a little sun briefly over downtown cleveland. 22 degrees. akron at 22. mansfield at 21. wind chills still above zero. we've got 6. the wind chill now in cleveland. so my latest snow thoughts. 1 to 4, 4 to 8 east and another 4 to 8 east tomorrow trace to 3 for saturday night. this is also the coldest air this season. and updating things minute by minute and keep you updated hour by hour with team coverage. back to you.
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show we have our snow chasers and our chief photographer is in a whiteout situation near sandusky. >> denise: it is tough driving out there. harry boomer is stuck in traffic. let's go live to harry. where are you harry and what's going on? >> reporter: right now literally we are merging onto i-77 southbound after taking the on-ramp schieppeness. traffic is backed up for a long way. we saw some flashing lights maybe a half mile or so in front of us, maybe a mile. we are trying to get to that to show you what's going on and what i am seeing now is backed up traffic on 77 southbound and independence. and we are just inching our way through traffic right now. we don't know the cause of it. the meeting was too high for us to actually see what caused the accident. all we saw were flashing blue lights and red lights on police cars. i don't know of any injuries or anything and get there as soon as we can and show it to you as
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back to you. >> we have a fleet of people out there and meteorologist joyful. jon where are you at and what are the conditions you are seeing? dan, we left ashtabula and john potter, our photographer and i witnessed an accident right geneva. here. we just started on 90. we're headed inbound towards cleveland. i don't know how far can you see but i can see a quarter mile and this snow is really flying to beat the band kind of affair and people are taking it easy out here as they work their way. all the headlights are on for traffic going both ways. still aways from sunset. it is snowing pretty hard and we are in a burst of which jeff spoke and we will continue to
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make our way towards cleveland on 90. again, a major thoroughfare and lots of folks trying to get home on a friday evening and we are hoping they all do it safely. to are now, i will turn it back over to you, dan, in the studio. >> dan: thank you, jon. we will bring you updates on this frigid weather and remember to get the latest on the go with the free first alert weather app. >> now to a developing story in cleveland tonight. a mother is in custody following the death of her 3-year-old daughter danielle johnson told police the little girl suffered from seizures and they thought she died of cardiac arrest. what investigators later uncovered landed johnson in jail. sia nyorkor has details. >> reporter: yes, the medical examiner's report was the
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a closer look shows a fractured skull and last rated liver and her mother faces a charge of aggravated murder. >> yeah, it is. it is sad, you know. >> neighbors knew something was wrong and saw marshall friday morning. >> they had the house surrounded. it was a lot. >> yeah, they had the house surrounded and tried to come in one of the windows but they stopped. >> cleveland police arrested 23-year-old danielle johnson for the death of her 3-year-old daughter dashauna watkins. wednesday she took the toddler to rainbow babies hospital and family members told the hospital the child had a seizure disorder and had a seizure that evening and unresponsive. when officers responded to the hospital they found the child in full arrest and she was pronounced dead. police and cuyahoga county medical examiner's office investigated and found the victim had bruising to her forehead right neck, right ear
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shows she had a last rated liver and various injuries. some close by say they had no idea. >> i think they should be put to jail when you kill a kid. i don't understand what's going on today. more and more mothers are abusing their kids today. it's getting worse. not better. >> it is real sad for a little girl to be murdered for no reason, you know. there's reasons every day people to be sad about. it is cleveland. >> reporter: we are looking into the background of this address where 3-year-old dashauna lived. we are told ems has been called out nine times since 2012. we don't know the nature of the calls at this time. we are asking questions and looking into this. denise and dan? >> denise: thank you, sia. >> after a firestorm of criticism of a bill to the tamir rice estate.
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talking about a firestorm of criticism over the bill to the tamir rice estate for cleveland ambulance services. the city today changed its policy as mayor jackson promised yesterday. from now on, any invoices or insurance claims will have to be submitted to a commissioner for review. the city says a misunderstanding caused a fee to be charged for ems service to the scene where the 12-year-old was shot and officer. >> now an update on human remains found last sunday. the richland coroner's office say they have not been officially identified. remains are believed to be patty hudson who went missing in july and police call the neighbors walter renz and linda buckner were arrested in tennessee using hudson's credit card.
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her death. >> denise: a vicious machete attack of people eating at a columbus restaurant. police shot and killed the suspect. they are drying to determine if this was random or possibly terror related. >> he came to each table and just started hitting them. >> reporter: witnesses describe the bloody senn at the middle eastern restaurant nazareth in columbus last night. a man armed with a machete stormed in and marched table to table striking people. >> there was a man on the floor leading. there was blood on the floor. it was awful, just carnage. >> denise: police say the suspect visited the restaurant and spoke with an employee earlier in the day. police did not say what that conversation was about. less than an hour earlier he came back and began the violent rampage. >> the second time nothing was said. >> four people were taken to the hospital.
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expected to survive. the suspect fled and after roughly five-mile car chase he got out of his vehicle armed with a machete and a knife. >> the vehicle is stopped and trying to get out of the vehicle. >> he lunged across the hood at the officers. another officer and cruiser fired another shot at him and put him down. >> there was blood all over inside the restaurant there. >> i am sick. >> i am sick to my stomach right now. >> just awful. cbs news learned the name of the suspected attacker, mahmoud barry of somaliaan heritage. it is not clear if he has ties to any terrorist organizations and officials say this has the hallmark of a lone wolf attack. >> we both agree we have to get unaccountable money out of our political system and that we
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that wall street never wrecks main street again. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders actually spent a great deal of thursday night pbs debate agreeing with one another. specifically, when it came to courting african-american voters. but here at cleveland 19 we don't like to take politicians at their word. that's why we are fact checking from last night's debate. at one point bernie sanders senator said his bill on social security would extend the life of trust funds by 58 years. that is falls. today the social security administrators have come out to say his plan would actually increase it by 40 years. let's go to hillary clinton and made a comment that americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. that's also false. weekly earnings in the same time period for the average american is up 9.2%. one more for bernie sanders like i said when it comes to trying to court african-american voters
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he said unemployment for black youth is at 50% and unacceptable. that is also a false number. the u.s. labor number said it is more like 25%. >> fact checking because that's what we do at cleveland 19. >> most republican hopefuls are in south carolina getting ready for the g.o.p. debate tomorrow night. in the next half hour and how candidates are invoking a much more positive tone. >> denise: on wall street dads d'back and dow opened higher and the dow finished up 300 points today and second best day of the year and oil had the best day of the year and it helps with the rebound and barrel of crude oil jumped up 12% tom $29 a barrel. >> dan: it's a pain parents feel deep in their pockets.
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college. a secret behind the ivy colored walls.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: if you checked out college tuitions late the you may have had heart palpitations. prices are through the rauf. >> the price on the pamphlet may not be the price you have to pay. you might be able to negotiate. >> reporter: if you check the
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education it is about to put a parent into sticker shock. are budget-busting tuition rates the bottom line? experts say no. buying a ticket to a brighter future is more like buying a ticket aboard a airline. >> college students are in the same boat likely paying something different than what the student sitting next to them is paying. >> reporter: it is an insider secret many aren't privy to. >> my greatest concern is families that most need additional help don't know. >> is college tuition negotiable? >> in some schools it is negotiable. >> visiting and playing with the team. >> garrett are helping his son plan for his college education. >> we have a little money saved through a college savings plan. so that will help get them through the first year. >> like austin and others dreams of matriculating through desirable schools. >> some place to get an
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>> reporter: are brought back to reality by questions of price and how to pay for it. >> we are talking about the school up north. if they offer you something we will consider that. >> reporter: they may not have to resort to that. >> i guess can you say it is a buyer's market. >> susan in charge of enrollment says decreasing number of high school graduates in high school has state colleges and universities clamoring for the right students. >> does competitive, higher market advantage families and students. >> in terms of admission, right and probably on the financial aid side, too. >> if you make the grade and get accepted at pricey private colleges in wesleyan where tuition pushes $43,000 how do you pay for it?. >> we want students here and good students here. we are willing to do our best to families.
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not car dealerships there are similarities. college tuition can be negotiable. >> what we found through all of this, no one should pay the stricker price for a college education. >> coming up, what they need to do to negotiate the lower tuition rate. let's take a live look now. route 2 out by marble head. that's pete, our chief photog and will head past cleveland. roads are not that great. he was in a whiteout a short time ago. extreme cold and snow expect for extreme travel conditions all weekend. >> that shot tells us a lot with the amount of snow on the ground and look up and can you see clearing and parts and that means that's a squall, right. >> jeff: yeah. it is almost like a summertime squall line of thunderstorms.
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bursts and you saw the sheen on the road enough to make things a little slippery as it is coming through. we are tracking it and see the lake-effect behind this line of snow. now you see the wind shift in sandusky, 28 to the northwest and everybody else is west or southwest wind and the front just moved through there. it will be very windy as the front comes through and we have the arctic air coming in. the deeper shot where grown bay is at 10. we are at 22. we have lake-effect snow coming in off lake michigan. this is light snow. it is steadier in lake county and northern ashtabula county. right there first let's take you to the east side geneva and madison. mentor. got a few heavier snow showers. there's the snow burst. it is tracking southeast
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and cleveland, 5:55 and parma 6:10. so that's the track of it. we will get 1 to 4 lake-effect snow tonight and for more areas because it is a northwest wind out in the snowbelt 4 to 8 inches and easter lake and eastern geauga and ashtabula county and dropping to 11 with that west to northwest wind 19 to 38 and 1 to 4 in the akron-canton area and 9 is the low now. this is the wind chill forecast tonight. look at what happens by 1:00 in the morning. all right. we are getting in the 10 to 15 below range here overnight and tomorrow morning it will be dangerous out there. after that here is 10:00 in the morning, 5 to 10 below and a little bit of an improvement during the later part in the afternoon. 0 to 5 below wind chill and
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1 to 4 isms of more lake-effect snow and heavier east. northwest wind will be gusting over 30. and then that will diminish to lighter snow trace to three inches saturday night down to 6 and sunday very cold. 19. it does warm up sunday night and won't be nearly as cold and we have light snow on the way monday for president's day 34. tuesday 37 and more snow showers wednesday and wind 33 and look at the bigger warm up by the end of next week. not until then. we will bring you an update later on. >> i remember the first time i
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>> dan: this is a great story little tykes is teaming up with a family foundation making a new line of lebron-themed basketball hoops that debut at toys r us and can you preview them on-line now. a donation will be made with the sold. little tykes factory is close to where lebron learned to dunk a basketball and credits little tykes hoops for helping him get to where he is today. >> denise: we had the same hoop in our basement. i think every parent does. they make good stuff. >> it is a good time to be weekend. >> let's look at the feazel roof camera looking downtown cleveland west and that squall line, snow a half hour away from the cleveland area. i will keep you posted. >> denise: thank you, jeff.
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kathy snapped this picture of all the snow there. check it out. >> if you would like to see your
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taking a look at the political calendar, we are 8 days away for the fist in the south primary for republican candidates and we are seeing a shift in message for many candidates as they try to connect with voters there. >> denise: that's right. diane gallagher is joining us live in washington with more on how they are hoping to appeal to a more conservative base. diane? >> reporter: dan, denise, the g.o.p. is down south now. several of these republicans are working really hard to woo a specific set of voters and went to a key forum in a key state.
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the shady siren song of carolina primaries past and i can tell you at least a couple of candidates are trying really hard to do that. >> we must be close to home. >> reporter: candidates are changing up their south carolina strategy. some are getting personal. >> my faith means everything to me. >> reporter: jeb bush ben carson and marco rubio on stage friday for the faith and family forum in greenville. >> my faith happens to be in god and savior jesus christ and that affects the way i deal with everybody. >> reporter: just more than a week in the primary, it seems many republicans are taking a page from the john kasich self-proclaimed positive play book attempting to stay above the fray in a contest famous for whisper campaigns and dirty politics and even donald trump spending the night in louisiana autographing babies vowed to be a sunnier candidate in the coming days and even pulled a
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>> and replaced it with a positive one. still can't seem to resist at least a few digs. and on social media. and cruz isn't releasing his strategy launching attack ads and one on trump friday and hillary clinton and her e-mail server. >> cruz campaign yanked one ad attacking rubio not due to content, one of the actresses featured used to do soft core porn. the biggest comes to marco rubio who is dumping stump speech style in favor of more relaxed and off the cuff feel. >> obviously, the rubio camp hoping the candidate can keep the relaxed, off the cuff feel going into tomorrow night's debate. we do know what happened in the last debate which sort of sent his campaign tumbling a little bit there. jim gilmore dropped out of the race. donald trump taking to twitter
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favorite target jeb bush but new nemesis ted cruz threatening to sue ted cruz saying he is not a natural-born citizen if cruz doesn't stop doing negative ads on donald trump and looks like the positivity pledge didn't last long with donald trump. >> denise: i'll say. especially when it comes to donald trump. i heard him bashing the bush family. candidates were focused on the family and taking aim at jeb and saying his brother is here. the bush's are pommele in south carolina, right? >> reporter: the bush's are extremely popular in south carolina. in fact, if you remember when jeb bush first threw his hat into the ring, a lot of people wondered if he could overcome the unpopular sentiment about his older brother president bush, around the corrupt and kept things at arm's length and
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including his brother more. george w. bush is running a radio ad and joining his little next week in south carolina and still one of the more popular politicians in that state and of course have be barbara bush, his mother along, does not hurt. she is a beloved woman in the south. >> dan: interesting when they pick and choose when to use george bush. >> let's move to the democratic side of things. really up next for them is the nevada caucus and spending more time in south carolina. are they ignoring nevada? what's the play there? >> no. definitely not ignoring nevada. bernie sanders isn't in either state. he went to minneapolis to do an event. hillary clinton left the debate in wisconsin and went straight to south carolina and held an event in denmark, south carolina. denmark, south carolina is in a place rural and predominantly
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hardships and struggles sparse economics and call the corridor of shame. she is trying to focus really hard to make sure what happened in 2008 where she had a lead in south carolina and lost it to now president obama. she wants to make sure it doesn't happen again with bernie sanders. >> denise: all right, diane thank you for your insight tonight. see you soon. >> thank you. >> jeff: all right. happening. >> one of our storm chasers out there and popping up behind me. we are tracking this squall line of snow and went through sandusky. will you get a quick half inch with it. it is enough to make things icy and also on the east side. lake county and northern geauga county sneaking in now and
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getting light snow in the akron-canton area and heavier burst of snow in lorain county and eventually, the lakeshore of cuyahoga county. the western suburbs as well. that's the front. we have the lake-effect behind it where 1 to 4 inches of snow for most areas, 4 to 8 inches in the snowbelt and another 1 to 4 tomorrow. the snow is with us through the day tomorrow and 4 to 8 east and trace to 3 area wide tomorrow night. wind chill advisory for the entire viewing area. 10 to 15 below wind chills especially later on into the overnight stretch. this is a lake-snow advisory for lake geauga county and ashtabula county lake-snow warning. that's where we think the best opportunity of seeing the heaviest snow will be. an alert tomorrow. be careful. bad travel setting up. 1 to 4 of snow and more east and 10 to 15 below wind chills
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we are still at 20 and got to wait for the front to come through. akron-canton west 16 and snow picking up in cleveland and southwest wind at 20. current wind chills, single d's. we have 6 in cleveland and 6 in warren and canton. here is the hour by hour. 19 at 8 and 16 at 11:00 and latest super view model dropping to 9 degrees at 8:00 in the morning and that's in downtown cleveland. snowfall tonight 1 to 4. you get here in eastern lake and northern trumbull county and that's where the 4 to 8-inch snow will be on top of that. >> we have 1 to 4 inches tomorrow. with the wind, northwest 17 to 34, snow whipping around, reducing visibility holding
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and worst of the wind chills in the morning and 1 to 4 coming akron-canton as well tomorrow. as i mentioned storm chaser all over the place. jon loufman is on the east side. where are you? >> where i am, lake county. what i am watching on both cleveland 19 weather app which by the way is free and can you track the radar with you, jeff. i encourage you to download that. we are seeing conditions warranted and visibilities down to 100 yards and it is coming down on i-90. this is about as traveled a route you can be on. you have seen odot crews putting down salt which will not work once the temperature goes down in the single figures in the overnight hours and trying to take care of things for right now. it is coming down hard. we will work our way towards downtown.
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storm chaser i'm meteorologist jon loufman terror alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> dan: they say the way to someone's heart especially men is through their stomachs. we have your valentine's day covered. >> denise: that's right. jen picciano takes us to blue point grill with how to prepare a decadent mill butter poached lobster for your sweetie in this week's cleveland cooks. >> reporter: it is valentine's day. that means you have to show your honey how much you love them, maybe a home cooked meal and something romantic and we came to blue point. what will we make to show our loved ones how much we care. >> today we will make butter-poached lobster and lobster butter sauce. >> reporter: yum. it is rich. done. all right.
5:38 pm
with beautiful lobster here. what do we do. >> we poach lobsters in. we have water simmering in here. light onion, celery, fresh bay leaves, thyme and fresh parsley. >> on top of that, a little bit of salt. >> do you want to cook that down? >> we are steeping it liktey and white wine. >> you have opened because of the valentine's day dinner we are making anyway. >> we will let it simmer and take care of the lobster in the meantime. >> you are ready to go. what's next. >> i always get nervous with expensive protein like lobster i will overcook it. >> simmer in water roughly five minutes per pound. >> can you have a nice romantic cocktail with your honey and you said your favorite way to cook lobster is butter poach it. >> we will start out in the pot.
5:39 pm
water with a little bit of butter and black pepper. >> we will add a little bit of butter. >> reporter: just a little bit of butter. >> mountain of butter. i got it. >> add a little bit at a time and melting butter and keeping it emulsified. >> reporter: how do you keep it emulsified. >> stirring it over low heat. poaching the lobster in the water we will deshell it and reheat it by putting in the butter. >> reporter: you are doing valentine's day dinner you don't want to slave over a hot stove. can you bring the lobster back up to the temperature you want when you are ready to eat. >> beautiful. >> these are done. put it in a nice bath. the irs? step we will rip the claws off and remove the tail.
5:40 pm
>> nothing worse than wasted lobster. >> over in this pot, i took the poaching liquid and sauteed lobster shells in oil, carrots, celery, onions and more fresh herbs and bouillon and reduce it all the way down. we will plate it. resemble the tail. >> reporter: that smells amazing >> gives you a bigger boost of lobster flavor. >> i waited long enough for this. >> super tender. >> it is soft and worth it. don't skip it. >> romance. >> denise: i'll say. >> i promise chef mark made this nice and these two destroyed it. three minutes it's been sitting here. >> denise: i have my lobster bib and it is kind of juicy. >> reporter: you want to sop up the awesome sauce that we made with it. i am going to attempt this, this weekend. right? this will win somebody over.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: he knows that for lots of reasons. >> a giant piece of claw meat. so good. >> reporter: you can find this recipe for the sauce and for the whole thing on cleveland 19's facebook page. there is also an extra video that will help you deshell and get the most bangerter your buck with an expensive protein. make sure you get all the meat out. if there's a dish woo like to see me make tweet me or send an e-mail to cleveland >> denise: you remembered the first friday in lent and we are having fish. >> reporter: i am a catholic girl so i remembered. >> dan: you can make this every week. >> denise: i won't eat anymore. it is all yours. >> dan: coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 part 2, how to
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>> denise: well, you know college tuition is so expensive these days. there's an insider secret to get a discount. >> dan: but you have to negotiate for it. glen macintyre talked to several colleges in ohio how families can get better prices on tuition even in private schools. >> reporter: like buying a car. almost no one pays full sticker price. >> the list price they see is not the price they will play. >> jefferson blackburn oversees
5:45 pm
experts say when it comes to what students pepe, private colleges have much more flexibility than public schools like osu. >> the discount is the price of list price and the tuition. >> it is different based on family's ability to pay at a private institution. >> reporter: it starts with free application for federal student aid. that gives schools a snapshot of your family's finances and produces an efc, expected family contribution. schools use those numbers to put together a financial aid package for your student. what happens when it is not enough to make ends meet? >> susan delaneau doesn't like the word negotiate she says there's room for discussion. >> we are always open taking a second look. if a family calls us and has a concern about the expected contribution or if they are looking at other packages and seeing quite a big differential
5:46 pm
that, welden courage them to call. so i wouldn't say it is negotiable but i think the better term would be there could be reconsideration of aid. >> have you ever changed a student's offer based on an offer from a competing school? >> i would say yes, sure. >> mimi respects college accessible and access. >> many resource families are taking advantage of it. >> they know to make that phone call and try to get the better deal. >> it certainly for low income students is worth making that call to see if they can negotiate just as they are hiring as classmates are. >> blackburn smith says honesty and sincerity are key. >> they sometimes forget if they file the paperwork, i know how much money they make and the government can afford to pay. and so we are not going to be as inclined to for the sake of negotiating.
5:47 pm
see is the family of a worthy student seeing the opportunity is out of reach. >> we will work with families if this is the best fit for their kid we want to make sure we can be as affordable as possible. >> it is a great relief. >> welcome news for a family eager to help their son fulfill his dreams. >> it's got to be good for my family. >> glen macintyre. >> all right. thank you, glen. there are three steps for success. file the fafsa form even if you don't think you can get aid. make sure schools know about changes in family finances like a death in the family, a divorce or job loss and ask about any scholarship or grant opportunities that aren't publicized. >> dan: before we head to break we want to look at one of our storm chasers i-90 westbound lake county near willowick and
5:48 pm
pretty good right now and we do know the squall will come through right around 6:00 and in jeff's 7-day forecast can you believe there is a 50-degree mark?
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>> denise: all right. just as jeff predicted, it is starting to pick up out there. there it is. >> jeff: this is on the west side. i think either on i-90 or route 2. >> dan: i think it is route 2. >> jeff: right route 2. i think it is snow-covered and downtown cleveland, the squall line is approaching cleveland. there you go. arctic front is here and you can't see the buildings anymore. we will continue to watch this darker blue. the heavier burst of snow that we are seeing right now. here. that continues to track to the southeast.
5:52 pm
wind chills 10 to 15 below in the morning. and tomorrow night we are at 6 degrees and a light snow. on valentine's day, 19, very cold but the snow will have ended. next week it will be warmer. 34. light snow on monday. the alert on wednesday and then by the end of next week, there's your 50 or better. we could be there by this time next friday. we continue to track the snow
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> dan: for all you amazing race fans, the 28th season kicks off. phil is back to host as 11 teams of social media stars across the globe and complete challenges in hopes of winning a million dollar prize. can you catch the season premier tonight at 8:00 here on cleveland 19. >> denise: as we have been showing you, we have a fleet of
5:56 pm
northeast ohio tonight. these are live pictures out west, i believe. not far from vermillion. more snow coming down. freezing cold temperatures out there.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: now at 6:00, the storm chaser fleet is on the move. we are canvassing our area looking for trouble spots. we have plenty of snow in the forecast. >> mark: yeah. it is not just for tonight. tomorrow promises to be nasty and we are feeling the chill, too. >> romona: we are in the weather center with jeff. you are tracking the latest in cleveland's most accurate forecast. >> jeff: i almost feel like its almost summer and i am
5:59 pm
and in this case it is a squall line of storms but this is snow that you will be experiencing here. i will show you this on the radar. check this out. the dark blue line. you can't miss it. i will move over to the weather wall. it is right here. it won't last very long. this is the front. within this line, it is almost like a blizzard. you've got white out conditions and quick half to one inch of snow and some cases a little more and heaviest bay village, west lake and downtown cleveland moving through euclid right now. behind that, we kick in the lake-effect and that's when the arctic air begins to move in. 1 to 4 inches area wide tonight and more east and bad travel and oh, yeah. 10 to 15 below wind chills and here is what we have for lake-snow, geauga county and


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