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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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>> all right, it was one of the best performances of the night. the late tribute -- the tribute to the late david bowie. but one star who was supposed to perform canceled at the last minute. details on that on the way. >> and snow is moving through and the farther south and east you are the worst it is going to be. the flakes are coming down and it could make for a tricky morning commute. >> romona: jeff tanchek is tracking everything. >> jeff: it has started in the canton area. we have the storm chaser out in the akron area right now. there goes what looked like a police officer just pulling someone over. we are in the akron area. it is accumulating in canton. and that continues to drift north. let's go to the latest on the advisories and the warnings. notice how cleveland is not included in this, but we have
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ashtabula county and this is a winter storm warning for youngstown. so trumble county and down to colomb eight na county -- colombiana county. it is coming down worcester, canton, the akron canton area. steady snow and the alert is in the affect for the overnight. the heaviest will be south and east. it could booy mixing in -- it could be mixing in with sleet and there could be a messy commute. low to mid30s and this is a heavier wet snow. it will be that way tomorrow morning. weather impact is a six. one to three inches in cleveland, akron canton up to six inches and maybe even a little more. that's going to i think -- school closings will be shut and a lot of delays. we will have you covered tomorrow morning. navigate your commute with
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and laura d marine yaw. laura dee maria. we will be all over this. forecast details hour by hour coming up later on. denise, over to you. >> denise: thank you, jeff. many of you probably watched the grammys and one star you didn't see was rihanna. the singer walked the red carpet, but then told the show's producers she couldn't perform because of an illness. her doctors put her on 48 hours of vocal rest because she was at risk of hemorrhaging her vocal cords. >> romona: as you can man -- can imagine social media was a buzz because of what happened during the show. dan deroos is here with who you were tweeting about. >> dan: who won the grammys? if we put it that way as far as the hash tags used, who is getting the most mention and the most buzz people are talking about? this is using some new technology to follow the at low rhythms. hands down kendrick lamar and his pretty powerful
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he is first right now. 53% of all mentions on twitter facebook right now involving these five artists are kendrick lamar. when we get to second it is the weekend on had -- had a big night at 18% of the mentions. lady gaga had the -- had maybe the pr form mans of the night. let's get -- performance of the night. she is still only third in all of the mentions. 11% at this point. and we have put all of this available. you have it available if you go to my twitter page and the cleveland 19 twitter. it also includes all of this. a lot of pictures and parts of the performances that you didn't get to see when you went to commercial. a lot of great content at cleveland 19 and our twitter page. so again it looks like kendrick lamar is who won the grammys tonight unofficially. denise?
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buzzing about the award show. here are some interesting facts about the grammys you may not have known. the first grammys were held in 1959. kanye west has won 21 grammys. that's as many as barbara streisand, elvis presley and the beatles combined. tonight there were 83 categories for the uh card show. award show. >> romona: joining us to talk about some of the memorable moments are jaba joel murphy from kiss fm and 100.7 and let's start with adele. i was waiting for her to sing "hello" but we didn't get that. a lot of people tweeting that. >> i was hoping she would come out and sing lionel richie's "hello imts and him sing her. >> she was sick or something. she sounded like a teenage boy going through puberty. i love her though, i love
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thought. some people thought that was on purpose? >> on purpose? adele on a bad night is better than most on a good night. 1k3 bieber his entire performance off key was ripping adele for a couple of bad notes and bieber oh he is so hot! he is so hot! get a grip. she is still adele and still exceptional and everybody needs to calm down. i was surprised kendrick lamar didn't win performance of the year. >> coming out in prison garb and chains. >> it was the spectacle we were waiting to see because this grammys seemed stripped down, almost too stripped down. >> it was mellow. >> when he came out we thought that was great. >> taylor had the most hits, but as far as a cohesive work of art kendrick had a huge accomplishment. >> romona: lionel richie, i thought demi levato killed
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her performance was spectacular. she is under rated because she has a voice. >> she is my spirit animal. i would love to be her. an incredible voice. i thought she stole that whole tribute. >> it was good. i love "penny lever" from lionel richie. >> romona: and hamilton, a grued grued -- a broadway musical making its debut. what do you think about that? >> i am a broadway nerd. i don't know how often they do that. it was awesome to see and different. >> it is sad when the most entertaining part of the show for me was the in memor eight m part. memoriam part. i thought tonight's songs were snoozy. >> romona: we were dancing a little during go go's performance -- gaga's performance. did you not like it?
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same level at david bowie. she is marketed as a genius artist, but she doesn't innovate -- her innovation is doing stuff that has already been done to a new audience and that's why everybody thinks she is great. i love bowie and i love gaga, but not on the same level. >> i thought it was incredible. >> i guess i am a negative nancy. >> romona: thank you so much for yawn insight. thank you for your insight. now to denise. >> denise: a tough crowd. we will continue our post grammy coverage with chuck yarborough. thank you for your time. let's talk some country. i love country. we go way back. little big town and girl crush, that was fantastic. and that lead singer karen fair child killed it. >> they have pitch perfect harmonies. it is unbelievable. the blonde guy in the band has a degree in opera from the university of arkansas.
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actually translate all of that into the sonic parts. that particular coping that has the big controversy, the subject mart. a girl with a girl crush in country music. wow. >> denise: it is definitely not the norm. it was not singing about trucks or guns. >> no broke country. >> denise: and if you play it backwards -- >> the dogs don't come home and blah, blah, blah. >> denise: i want to talk about the tribute to david bowie. i thought it was fantastic including her vocal ability to change the way she did during the different songs. >> i agree 100%. she went from swrig -- ziggy to the thin man and every character in bowie's career. she was able to bring those to life again. >> denise: her voice did not crack and there were no missed notes unlike justin bieber. i was really surprised when he started off and did his hit song. that last note was like, uh, what was that?
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on twitter nobody was crushing him the way they were adele. >> i agree. we have actually gotten to the end of the world as we know it because justin bieber now has a grammy. >> denise: what's wrong with that? the guy does have some talent though. >> okay. >> denise: chuck! you're ruthless. >> he has great talent for setting up a youtube channel. >> denise: oh my gosh! who did you like tonight? >> i loved gaga and i loved stapleton. and he surprised everybody with the cma's last year. he was fantastic. the little kid who played the jazz piano, joey? he was awesome. >> denise: he was fantastic. he didn't win, but was nominated for two awards. >> and bruno mars, it was the
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it was boring. bruno mars and kendrick lamar were able to put some pizzaz in it. >> denise: thank you for your insight. if you missed anything from tonight's grammys we have complete coverage of the award show on our cleveland 19 news app. >> on a night when all eyes are on performers at the grammys, a local singer accused of being a bully has become an add vow -- advocate. i'll have that story coming up. >> jeff: and we're watching the snow. looking at doppler max network, we have the snow around canton and akron and southern portage county. what to expect for your morning drive. that's coming up. >> denise: also who wore it best at the grammys from gaga to double bieber? see the sights from the red carpet. >> breaking news and weather
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this is cleveland 19 news. >> you are looking at a live picture right now outside. our storm chaser has been out
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jeff tanchek will have a look at how much snow we can see coming up in a few minutes. >> tomorrow is the deadline to vote for the march presidential primary in ohio. you can register in person at the county board of elections office or mail your registration form in, but it must be postmarked with tomorrow's date. you cannot register on-line. >> romona: earlier tonight s.w.a.t was called out after shots rang out at a clothing store in downtown cleveland. >> denise: police tell us it was an armed robbery on west 9th at saint claire. it happened about 7:00. investigators tell us four people have been detained for questioning and no one was hurt. >> denise: state law makers are taking notice after paul blew the whistle on local cities using cameras on speeders. they introduced four bills
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communities like lindale and newburg heights. they were issued to no more than twice the population and no more than 30% of a city's budget can come from the tickets. we will continue to follow the bill's movement through the house and the senate and report back to you with any updates. >> why did god make you so ugly? >> romona: a local singer is speaking out after a video of her bull lowing another -- bullying another woman went viral. we first told you about this story on friday. police are investigating the incident. >> denise: the singer involved said the video being released publicly has changed her life for the better. sara goldenburg explains how. >> reporter: hillary says this is a turning point for her and she takes responsibility for her actions. she wants something good to come out of it, but right now she says she is getting
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18-yearold elaine federer says she got 34 snap chat videos in 45 minutes. >> you need to kill yourself and make everyone's life easier >> reporter: the videos came from hillary anne cashel. >> it made me feel like all of the progress i made with getting over depression and getting over everything i had been through was being knocked back into my face. >> reporter: elaine posted a video montage on-line and it went viral. after that hillary posted a video of herself apologizing. >> i truly am sincerely apologizing. i wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else again. >> reporter: she said this is a personal feud between her and elaine. >> this video going viral, i am so thankful for it because i never would have known how bad words can hurt. >> reporter: many question whether hillary is trying to save her music career.
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>> i don't want anybody going through what i just went through or what she went through ever again. >> reporter: you no she is on the -- now she is on the other side of bullying. >> if you were to step food in stroptionville i will kill -- strongsville i will kill you. nobody feels bad for you. >> reporter: she is asking for a second chance and she started a bullying awareness campaign. >> i want people to know that you don't have to be a bully for the rest of your life. you don't have to stand back and watch people get bullied. >> reporter: the video was edited and doesn't portray her fairly. since elaine posted that video on-line she got hundreds of messages of support. she asked people not to retaliate against the people who sent it to her. >> cleveland 19 has partnered with the becker law firm to create "too strong for bullies."
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parents and teachers. >> romona: a warning if you take popular heartburn medications. researchers say the proton pump inhibitors or ppi's increase chances of dementia in those 75 or older who regularly take the medication. they found a link to ppi's and an increase in kidney cancer. >> denise: moms, do you think you always get sick when your kid do? i know i do. you are not manning -- imagining things. having children dramatically changes parents' immune systems making them similar to everyone's in the house. this increases your chances of catching the same sickness as someone in your family. >> jeff: here we go. we are looking at our roof cam. it is still not snowing downtown, but low clouds and the latest thinking in the
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inch or two out of this. the heaviest is out of the south and east for sure. i generally went one to three in cleveland and cuyahoga county. it will be eastern cuyahoga county and three to five inches east and it will be lake giaga and ashtabula county. now here is the thing. so far we have not seen a whole lot of sleet and rain mixing. you may see more of that. look at this mess along the east coast. we have ice in washington and philadelphia and a mix of rain and ice in new york city. we are on the western fringe of this. it is mainly snow and it is coming downright now on the akron canton area. notice how we have a distinct cutoff where it is doing nothing and to where you run
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here we go in ravena and trumble county and newton falls. schools are being closed in this area. akron canton with poor visibility and it is snowing hard in canton and worcester area and wayne county and also holmes county. this is just some hayes and a little -- some haze and light fog. the bulk of the action will be temperatures have not moved much. we are between 30 and 33. the latest future view does bring the snow shield to cleveland and even further west than 4:00 a.m. it looks like the cutoff will be sandusky and norwalk will see light snow. the heavier stuff south and east early morning tomorrow it is going to be coming down in this area. and the new snow forecast, six inches in canton and six
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7:00 a.m. and that's around two inches in cleveland and four in akron and four inches in jefferson. one to three overnight in cleveland. we don't move much in temperature. good mix at times with a little rain and sleet. right now i am thinking it is going to be a heavy, wet snow and not much wind with this system. after that it begins to wind down from west to east. by late afternoon nothing but flurries around. so it is a fast-moving system. steady temps around 33 in cleveland and akron canton. a messy commute for sure around the area. light snow 7:00 a.m. and 33. this is in cleveland. down to 32 at 5:00. nothing too warm and nothing too cold.
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wind down to just a cloudy sky and then light snow. this is an inch or less, 32. we drop down to 11. increasing clouds on thursday, 29 and just like that all of a sudden we warm to 55 on friday. it is very windy and a shot of some rain by the afternoon. the weekend is looking dry with above average temps. saturday is near 50. sunshine and 39 on saturday night and sunday is is wind ay and mostly sunny and 47. if you live down south you should download the first alert weather app. custom myself it so you can get the up to the minute radar and hour by hour conditions. anywhere around the country there with the interactive radar. ramona? >> now it is time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: in the buzz tonight a lot of people are talking about it, of course the grammy awards.
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presenters and the performers all get gift bags. you may be wondering what's inside them. there are $22,000 worth of gifts in the bag including the most expensive gift and ultimate fitness package for a seven-night stay at a hilton head island fitness resort. it is an hour long session of yule therapy? that's a skin tightening technique and a $1,000 voucher for an interior decorating service. >> denise: i could use that. of course there is the fashion too. according to a lot of people, taylor swift, selena gomez and adele rocked the red carpet. gaga dressed the part for david bowie tribute and everybody loved justin bieber looking adorable with his little brother. some people not getting praise for their fashion. carrie underwood and actor johnny depp. >> romona: didn't like
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the dress didn't bother me. i think bieber won that one because you can't go wrong with the little boy. >> denise: i didn't like taylor swift. it looked like a tube top with a bathing suit and a skirt around it. but what do we know? >> romona: we know a little something. we are a few days away from the nba trade deadline. and could the cavs be ready to partways with some key players?
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>> now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> three days away from the trade deadline. i don't know who is coming and going, but megan trainer for a lady gaga performance.
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shumpart could be on the move. you get weaker defensively in the scenario. i'm not sure if i like that one. and even kevin love could -- could be available if the cavaliers get a star player in return. that is according to espn. stay tuned. it will be an interesting week. i want your take in the meantime. which cavs player do you consider untouchable? find me at facebook and at cleveland the nba allstar game is in the books 369 points combined. not exactly basketball, but it was never about basketball. it was all about kobe. >> like i have been saying over the last week, kobe, it was his last game before the break in cleveland. it has been bittersweet knowing the matches between us is coming to an end. we have one more in march in l.a., but you get that opportunity versus a great man. >> how about lebron banging the floor saying let's go.
12:01 am
kobe and d-wade broke the bank to get him a one-year subscription to netflix. chris paul got him a compression socks and mellow got him wine which is good stuff. i have never had it. it is like $300 a bottle. if you are gonna get him that wine you can't go wrong. >> romona: now denise knows what to get you for christmas. >> denise: i have never heard of that. are you kidding me?
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>> jeff: winter weather advisory south and east of cleveland. a warning around youngstown and there is the snow coming in. a couple inches in cleveland. six or more in the akron canton area it is looking like.
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is gonna be.


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