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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: okay. if you're just waking up, your eyes are not deceive ing you. it's a snow where i morning
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we have live team first alert weather coverage this morning. >> brian: good morning, everybody, from the world headquarters of cleveland 19 news. it's tuesday, february 16th. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: word headquarters, huh? i'm tia ewing. we have numerous school closings and delays this morning at the bottom of your screen. let's get our snow coverage started with meteorologist sam roberts in the first alert weather center. sam, everyone wants to know how long the snow is going to stick around? >> samantha: good news. it's a morning event. the morning commute may stink, but the evening commute will be a lot better. that will be good news for later on today. for now we've got reduced visibility courtesy of snow and fog. let's take a live look outside now. typically from this vantage point we see the cleveland skyline. you can see the jake sometimes depending on visibility, but you really can't see anything right now. that snow is coming down, and,
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it's 32 degrees. so the snow is sticking, and it's a heavy, wet snow. big, fat flakes are flying around. it's very pretty but not very nice to drive in, right, as you're out and about early this morning. pretty much everyone is seeing it. as you get farther to have to the west towards erie county and far western fringes of the forecast region, put-in bay is drying out. the rest of us have snowshowers. all of cuyahoga county and then pretty much of all of our interstates as well. 71, 77 down towards youngstown if you travel in that direction, it is a mess. if you're taking the ohio turnpike this morning, trying to get down to pittsburgh on that pennsylvania turnpike, you may run into freezing rain down there as we start to see the air mass changing. here at home it's all snow. no concerns for freezing rain this morning, but, of course, the snow is sticking to the
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you know, that makes for not a fun drive in. so we want to show you exactly what those roads look like, and doing that for us this morning is meteorologist john loufman. where are you guys now, and what exactly are you seeing the roads looking like? any better? >> john: we're on 77 northbound from canton. the roads are not looking better, and if you own a tow truck business, you are going to be very, very busy this morning. we've already seen lots of spinouts. see where my finger is on the ruler? that is how much snow, just a little more than 5 inches as we got out and measured it here. i have some video to show you. take a look at this. this is one of the spinouts we saw. dave creska our driver is doing an excellent job saw this state trooper, and this guy is almost done a 180. also, canton police stopped, and this tow truck driver pulled out a car that was spun out.
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when we pulled off the road trying to get back on the highway we were stuck for a few minutes until we could rock back and forth get going. we're traveling along here at about 70 miles per hour, and -- i'm sorry. 40 miles per hour. it's a 70-mile-per-hour road and we're going 40. we're going with the flow of traffic. there's a few brave souls trying to get by. there's no pavement visible here, and the storm xhaser temperature is 31 degrees. so freezing, of course, is 32. this is very, very wet, and lots of trees are covered with this snow. so are power lines, so i wouldn't be surprised to discover that we have a power outage or two reported as we make our way through the morning. spinouts galore all over the roadways. do take a lot of extra time. here on 77 and across the rest of the roadways as we navigate across northeast ohio, here's laura to give us the lowdown on the rest of the accidents and
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>> laura: thanks, john. since he mentioned power outages, i will mention those as well. i have checked throughout the morning. there's a handful of power outages across the area right now. there were more widespread power outages overnight, but most of those have been put back on. look for handfuls of them right now scattered across cuyahoga county down to the south as well. this is route 8 through barlow, going to be issues to the south and we were going to have issues everywhere. you saw the couple of spinouts that john showed us where someone was winched out. it's like that everywhere. we have very slippery conditions out there. this is an accident i-90 eastbound at the inner belt curve and here's another down to the south. i mentioned this at the end of the 5:00 hour. could cause more and more problems until they get the scene fixed. this is a jackknifed trailer on i-71 southbound near boston road. across akron it's looking mighty rough and it looks rougher as we hear from john and as i look at
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towards the north 35 miles per hour. it's a very slow go from canton, akron, massillon and other points to the south and headed north this morning. q. is in east lake, and i know he's outside in the in this case of this and experiencing that head-first. tell us, what are you seeing out east? >> q.: well, i'm going to go ahead and show our viewers what we're seeing. right now we're in westlake. this is the 91 on ramp to the 2 freeway. you notice all the snow and the vehicles, the trucks going by as well. listen, it's been a slow trek east for us. at 5:00 we were live in downtown cleveland, at 5:30 in bratinaw and now we're in westlake and it's a slow creep. one thing all three locations have in common is a -- east lake. excuse me. the one thing all three locations have in common is the constant snowfall, and the trees
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they're covered, so that's the latest out here in east lake. excuse me. back to you in the studio. >> tia: we knew what you meant, q. you got it. for live weather coverage after you get on the road this morning, download the first alert weather app and customize it to where you live to get to the up to the minute radar conditions out there. if you plan to vote in the primary, today is the deadline to register. you can register in person at the office or mail the registration form in but it must be postmarked with tomorrow's date. you cannot register online. cleveland police are questioning four people in connection with to a robbery in the warehouse district. shots were fired at the crush clothing store at west ninth and st. clair around 7:00. no one was hurt, but the s.w.a.t. team was called out to that scene. >> brian: four kent police officers are back on the job today after being involved in a fatal sa shooting two months ago.
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officers followed department policy and procedure. >> tia: time is 6:07. music fans still talking about last night's grammys. a lot of buzz over the tributes to lionel richie and david bowie and the big name performances. >> brian: taylor swift won album of the year for "1989." bruno mars and mark bronson won record of the year for "uptown funk." nichole vrsansky tells us what the critics are saying. >> nichole: a lot of opinions about the best performances. lady gaga gth a big applause for her tribute to david bowie and kendrick lamar topping the best of the list. we asked the experts, two local deejays and a pop music critic from the plane dealer, what they thought the best and worst moments were from the grammys. >> my favorite performance, kendrick lamar. in fact, i think he should have won album of the year. >> my worst is adele. i think something was going on with the sound and sick. i love her. feel bad saying it.
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randy jackson was somewhere going, dawg, just a little pitchy: i really, really loved the theatric kalt and the way lady gaga morphed into characters out of david bowie's career. i thought it was a fitting tribute. >> nichole: moving back to adele, we have more on that performance. it seemed so out of character for her. we learn that something did go wrong with the microphone. we'll explain what happened in the next half hour and also show you some of the other oops moments. brian. >> brian: oops. >> tia: there are those. they're not perfect. things happen. maybe she's not good live sometimes. >> brian: adele? >> tia: maybe. she did the live from london performance and it was really good. so maybe just a bad night. >> brian: nikki mentioned something about her piano or something. >> tia: pitchy, though. up, down, and around and around. >> brian: who am i to criticize
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grammys are the number one thing trending. she's just depressing me. that's why we're not done talking about it. >> tia: how about those dresses, ladies. in 15 minutes i have an expert here to break down who wore the best and who flopped on the red carpet. what was that, sam? >> samantha: i'm not really sure. that looks like a pantsuit. a lot of laes wearing pants today, right? no skirts or at least skirts with leggings. it's cold out there. kids, you're out of school today in many, many areas. if you didn't do your homework last night, bad. but at least you get a little break today, right? a snow day. going sledding? it's going to be chilly in the low 30s, but the snow should taper off for us throughout the morning. more on the way tomorrow.
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>> tia: we are still in canton right now at 6:14 on your tuesday morning. you see those roads. they are not pretty. snow-covered and the wipers are going. this means if you have to leave your house this morning, make sure you give yourself plenty of time and the keyword here, i guess keywords are slow down. >> brian: look at those roads. that's snow-covered. >> tia: almost ski weather if you ask me. >> samantha: cross-country ski into work. >> brian: closings are rolling on the bottom there. >> samantha: this is the most we've seen, one of the most busy mornings in terms of clothings and delays. the good news is our crawl is a lot better, right? >> brian: very easy to read. >> samantha: you can see it from across the room trying to get ready and out the door this morning. let's take a live look at conditions.
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happening outside. there we go. enough of us, right? let's get to the weather. last three hours we've got that snow. hey, we're on the colder side of this system. look out towards pittsburgh and punxsutawney where that silly groundhog lives. well, he was wrong, right? he's getting sleeted on right now, and the rest of us are just seeing all the snowshowers here extending from cleveland down intun akron, canton, mansfield. here's the back edge of everything. once this back edge of snow moves through, we're pretty much done. it's coming through erie county right now. so i'll be watching it throughout the morning. watch it with me on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. just search cleveland 19 in your app store. it works for the ipad, the iphone, or android. pretty much all of your devices. it's a great app that gives you stuff there.
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blue means snow. here on tv our raid dar shows white snow and deep purpling indicating areas of heavier snow into brunswick right now, worcester, canton, crossing i-77 back towards 71 and out towards youngstown. even the snowbelt this morning living up to your name, right, with snowshowers out there. when is the snow going to stop? i mentioned that the back edge of it is moving through erie county. so the farther west you go, the quicker you'll see things drying out. i think at 8:00 we're still seeing snowshowers in cleveland at least really light snow and then flurries for the afternoon. but the steadier stuff during the morning. i'd say we're done in cleveland by about 9:00, 10:00. we hold steady in the low 30s for today. you. this is our day planner. still seeing snowshowers at 8:00 in the morning, and then same kind of thing here 9:00, 10:00 i think we're done. just flurries and low 30s for
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tonight we'll be much more quite kwet. if you have dinner plans, no major problems in the world of weather. 23 for an overnight low. just cloudy out there, but we're not done with snow for the week just yet. tomorrow during the evening commute we'll have snowshowers, but not anything steady like what we see right now. it's going to be pretty hit or miss, widely scattered stuff. an inch or less of accumulation for everyone. this is a very broad snow forecast. i don't think anybody will see more than an inch. 33 is your forecast high for tomorrow. taking a look at thursday, pick day of the week. 29 with a lot of sun breaking out. melt, baby, melt, right? we have all that snow on the sidewalk, and it's a pain if you're trying to walk. so hopefully we can get at least a little bit of that to melt with some sun. certainly the temperature barely getting above freezing. >> laura: brr. warm up the car a little bit if you can get out the door earlier
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these roads are a bit of a mess out there. this is 77 at white pond. if you were last week, we had a day where we were spending a lot of time talking about canton and akron, and you have a mess. we have a mess just about everywhere, but it looks rough in the akron/canton area this morning. in fact, our noon producer jody came in here, took her an hour and a half to get in in morning from canton when it usually takes less than an hour. we talk about that commute a little more in a moment. look at that. 77, whew, that's a big slowdown from canton and the akron area from route 8. that's looking mighty rough. 33 miles per hour just in the akron area on route 8, and you have a long ways to go if you head north. if we look at this accident i mention, this is route 8 northbound right at the ramp there with 76 and 77. this other accident that i'm also adding in now, this is east 55th at broadway off the highway. that is a busy area this time in the morning. there's that commute time. canton to cleveland estimated at an 86-minute commute.
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that is a long time. try to get out the door early if you can. brian. >> brian: thanks very much. the time now is 6:18. for the second straight year taylor swift wins a grammy for album of the year, but what most people are talking about was the pop star's outfit. tia. >> tia: who wore it well and who didn't, right? fashion expert marcia hawkins is here to tell us who pulled it
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it's time now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> tia: it's still trending on twitter right now. some stars made the cut and others were axed before they stepped one foot into the staples center.
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and personal with some of these stars. cleveland native marcia hawkins is here to talk about what worked and didn't. let's start out with this person. thank you for being here. what made this outfit work, and what made it not work? this is taylor swift. >> i loved taylor swift's outfit. the orange and pink two-piece ensemble by versace i thought was a hit. she's got a slender frame. she looked great. that new blonde bob is trending right now in los angeles. phenomenal. >> tia: everybody is talk being about kelly. >> she looks like a goddess. love the dress and flow and her upper body and her up-do hairstyle. that was so elegant and classy. >> and the little clutch is cute, too. i wasn't a fan of casey. i was surprised this made your list. >> i loved this look. she looked like a mermaid. so different yet so popular right now. the way it flowed on her body very, very sultry. >> let's talk about who didn't make the cut.
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>> there was a lot of people. how did you break this list done? >> oesh, my gosh. it was awful. awful. i was sitting there watching like, why are you wearing that? >> i look better in some cases. who do we start out with? who is this person. >> we have to low. look at this dress. it looks like five pieces of fabric, put it together and sewed it in her garage. >> the nose ring is awful. she thought it was in, but it was awful. >> this looks really drab. >> she looks like little bo peep. that's awful. that's a halloween costume. why would you wear that? >> a lot are gifted. >> i was disappointed. >> demi. >> oh, demi, you sang so beautifully but you looked awful on the red carpet. that split up the middle, that's fashion faux pas number one. you don't wear a split up the middle of the skirt and two different black fabrics. awful.
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>> she sang well. >> let's talk about this, because i was surprised a few people didn't make your list. selena gomez. everybody is talking about that blue dress this morning? >> i thought it was cute on her. she looked like a homecoming queen. she's still young and can pull off the glitter. i loved the color. >> you know who else i was surprised didn't make the best dressed list. rihanna looks classy. ciara made my number one list. >> i didn't like the outfit? >> the fabric was asimilar trickal in the wrong plays and she looked naked and it wasn't cute, classy or trendy. >> i'll give you that. it wasn't classy. you win. brian, sam, thank you so much for being here and take it away. >> samantha: guys, we've got a messy drive, right, brian? >> brian: yeah, i had a messy drive coming in this morning. lady gaga, don't know what her drive was like, but mine was nasty. >> samantha: somebody droef probably.
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jody, our new producer hour and a half from canton. >> samantha: give yourself time if you have to go into work today. that morning commute, high-impact weather here. 9 out of 10 because it is going to take you unusually long to get into the office today. i'm going to break down that first alert forecast for you
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>> brian: a wintery morning commute. we have live first alert team weather coverage. q. mccray is reporting out towards the snowbelt, while meteorologist john loufman is tracking the roads in our southern counties.
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he's like, wow, i've never seen this much snow come down. we will hear from john and q. in a couple of minutes. >> brian: that's right. we start with samantha roberts this morning in the first alert weather center. what's going on out there? >> samantha: it's very nasty. we have snow-covered roads. we showed you throughout the morning there are a lod lot of slideoffs. people try to drive on the interstate and drive off the side of the road. please be careful. here with a few things you will run into this morning. reduced visibility courtesy of snow and fog. there's snowy and slick roads throughout the morning and then closings and delays. this is a high-impact weather forecast, because you know the kids may be out of school. then you have to plan for that and try to get a sitter or day care. so moms, dads, be sure you check the bottom of your screen. we have a brand-new school
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it's a lot bigger than it was, and it separates things geographically. so if you live on the east side or west side, you can quickly pick out your closing or delay. we'll be scrolling those continuously throughout the well. cleveland and on our app which by the way is awesome because you can look at the current radar and you can look at the forecast on the app, too. a lot of snow extending all the way from erie county through akron/canton, youngstown, snowbelt is dealing with snow. if you live east of cleveland, we have a ways to go. notice the back edge of this is way back to the west of elyria. so it's going to be a slow drive in for you, even through sunrise. all of cuyahoga county is seeing snow. interstate 77, i-71 really doesn't clear up until you get past mount vernon. so this is going to be a messy drive. i told you there was snow right there on 77, and our own
6:31 am
out in the cleveland 19 storm chaser on i-77 north. i believe in the akron area, right, jake? he's in akron? john's in akron. show us what you're seeing now? >> john: one of the things i've done is taken your advice and look at your cleveland 19 weather appear where i can see where the snow is ending and i can see where it's falling. here is where it is falling. we're moving along 77. we're between canton and akron. we're traveling at about 30 miles per hour. you can see the line of traffic. no surprise that our producer jody took an hour and a half to get up from town, because these roads are better than they were just even a few minutes ago. i think a reflection of the traffic working across the roadways. storm chaser temperature is 32 degrees. that is freezing. that means this snow is heavy, this snow is wet. it's packing the trees, and it's packing power lines, too. don't be surprised to discover
6:32 am
our way through this morning. dave creska who is driving the storm chaser and i have seen so many spinouts. i mean, cars that have done near 180s with the headlights facing the wrong direction. the state troopers are out. the local police are out. tow truck drivers are having a field day today as these cars continue to spin out, especially exit ramps and entrance ramps are particularly slippery. this is a very tough morning commute, and already has become so. we're going to keep an eye on things as we work our way towards akron and we head over to 76 and then north on 8 where i understand another accident, but that's probably one of many. laura is keeping an eye on the accidents, so i turn it over to her. laura. >> laura: that accident is at the route interchange with 76 and 77. that's where that will be. this is a camera from 77 and 277 right now.
6:33 am
the area, but it's moving slowly. as we look back at the accident, i just mentioned here it is route 8 right at the interchange there. we're a slow go every direction each way between it and around it. know that if you go through the area, it's going to be very slow-moving this morning. we have to bring up this accident again. we have that jackknifed trailer on i-71 southbound right in the area of strongsville. this is going to be near boston road. these are just a couple of them. as you did hear from john, there are several all across the area. also with the airports, both of them reporting delays and cancellations. if you're flying out of hopkins or akron/canton this morning, look for your flight online to find out what the current status of that flight is. as we look over at your drive times, akron to cleveland you have the slowest go up 77. it's moving mighty slow. you see those roadways john loufman is on, it looks like a mess. out east, mentor to cleveland, you have a 36-minute commute right now. we can look at what it looks like outside the door because we have q. mccray out there right
6:34 am
it's been snowing on him all morning long. are the road conditions out east improving at all? >> q.: not from what i can see, laura. the snow won't stop, right? so the roads keep continuing to be covered by all the snow. now, here's a live look at center street. we're at the corner of center and tyler boulevard. you notice the traffic. a lot of car movement, but the streets, they're real slushy. that dirty, ugly, snowy slush. that's what these cars are making their way through, and it makes for a slippery roadway. you notice, too, that the parking lots and the sidewalks here are covered with snow as well. one thing, if you're a kit on youed -- kid out there and don't have to go to school today because there are hundreds of closings, the snow out here is perfect for snowballs, right? so there's a positive. stay at home and go outside and
6:35 am
that's the latest out here from mentor. >> brian: 6:35 now. we have all kinds of school closings and delays as q. mentioned running at the bottom of the screen. easy to read from anywhere in the kitchen, right? they're listed by county on a cleveland police recruit is back in northeast ohio after being arrested by columbus police on a drunk-driving charge. wells is also facing weapons charges for having a personal handgun in the car. wells is now on restricted duty. in lake county medicine village is considering getting rid of the police force. today the village council will begin discussing dropping the police department. the mayor says it just costs too much to operate. a final decision will take several weeks. madison township would take over policing the village. >> tia: in willowick a vote could come tonight on a new dog ordinance. it would look at how long pets can be tied up outdoors.
6:36 am
to add limits to how long a.can be tethered and left outside. a warning more people in mass cedonia macedonia. police say to be on the lookout for coyotes. it's peak math season for the animals. they're very skittish, though. yelling, clapping or banging pots together should work to get a coyote out of the area. >> brian: if you missed the 58th annual grammy awards, we have you covered because your co-workers will talk about this all morning, right? >> tia: i know. you can't stop talking about it. i'm over it already. i'm kidding. nichole vrsansky shows us some things didn't turn out quite like they were in rehearsals. >> nichole: the grammys are a live show, so, of course, not everything goes as planned. there were a few memorable moments before the show started. the preshow host bow wow mistimed the taylor swift intro. >> the 58th annual grammy awards
6:37 am
whoo! you hear the band playing? you want to dance a little bit? i'm out of here. >> maybe he needs a new watch. to make matters worse he threw to the start of the show two more times before the countdown clock was out and taylor swift was ready. another moment occurred when amy tried to say thank you when she and ed shearan won star of the year. they were in a rush to get to the eagles. >> i received an award from steefy wonder, so thank you very much. >> and glenn coming in at the same time scooping and cutting off right. you know, it's really -- >> what many are calls the biggest miscue of the night came during adele's performance. there were problems with the sound from the start of her song
6:38 am
my heart at the door i want to see you [ music ] >> nichole: adele explained on twitter that the piano mic fell onto the piano strings which made it sound out of tune. we're told when the show switched to a backup sound system during the song, that also caused the audio to drop for several seconds. so just a few of the awkward moments but still all in all a really good show. brian. >> brian: thanks, nikki. we all know adele can sing. >> tia: she looked great. >> brian: now time for some grammys trivia. in 2011 lady gaga's song "born
6:39 am
it the 1,000th number one. you can find more trivia. head to where you can enter to win dinner for two at fresh harvest buffet along with two tickets to a club velvet comedy show. >> tia: i'm guessing bow wow won't be back. that's three times. i was just thinking about it. three total times to start different parts. >> brian: he has to be ifb in his here. maybe they're counting down. >> tia: maybe someone makes a mistake. sometimes the producers get it wrong. they're in our ear. >> brian: not our producers. >> tia: let me get the show on the road. time is 6:40. if you head to the airport this morning, check your flights, especially at the akron/canton airport. sam. >> samantha: that snow continuing to come down. this is a live look. you typically can see downtown cleveland. the skyline from this vantage point, but you really can't see much of anything. snow, fog, and it's a mess. so go slow out there. we'll talk about when things
6:40 am
few minutes. >> brian: sam, thank you. cavaliers are all in on a championship this year, but at what cost now? some players could be on their way out of town. >> tia: next, dangerous flooding out west. a look at more incredible video when "cleveland 19 news"
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pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. >> brian: good morning, everyone. there you go. that's the feazel roof cam, and that pretty much tells the story of this morning at 6:44. you can't see much of anything between the snow and is there
6:44 am
there's still fog. that's basically what you see right there is a mixture of snow and fog, and that's why drive times are very slow. schools closed, so just take it real careful out there if you're heading out anywhere. a phase 3 flood alert is in effect near seattle, washington this morning. some roads are closed anded red cross opened a shelter as a precaution. a big winter storm dropped rain, snow, even brought tornadoes to some places. this video is from virginia where a tractor trailer carrying cattle overturned and shut down a highway. >> tia: brutal conditions. >> brian: sam was mentioning that virginia is getting more snow than we've seen. >> samantha: yeah, for a while guys their snow totals in some areas was higher than cleveland, which is funny because that is never the case. that rarely happens. we're racking up the snow now, so let's look at what you expect as you step out the door.
6:45 am
visibility is down to a mile and three-quarters in cleveland. you go a little farther off to the west out towards sandusky, it's not even snowing there, but visibility is a quarter-mile. there is fog, especially in the areas that aren't seeing snow. so take it easy no matter where you are. here's the end of the snow that is back in east-central erie county. the rest of us, though, are dealing with snow, and it looks like now to the south we have a little bit of sleet trying to mix in in our far southern counties. so south of youngstown, heads up here. carroll county, mahoning and columbiana counties, you might see sleet mixing in. i think most of this is coming down as snow. god bless you, tia. again, back to the west we've got the end of things. so we'll start to see improving conditions as we progress through the morning. it's just going to take a while. i mean, look at all this.
6:46 am
all out through the snowbelt and down into worcester, medina, elyria, cleveland. pretty much everybody is seeing it. mansfield looks like you're starting to dry out, so that would be good news. still some snow-covered roads out there. our temperatures hold steady right at or just right below or right above freezing, so the range for today is about 31 up to 33 degrees. we go 32 as an average. so when is the snow going to end? look at future view. we want to help you plan your day. there's the back edge of it coming through cleveland about 8:00, 9:00, and then deeper into the morning, 11:00, 12:00 we finally start to dry out in the eastern areas. yunstown, kinsman, and geauga counties you're done with it by the afternoon. there's 1:00 on the model. just some clouds out there and some flurries possible through the afternoon. the steadiest snow will be this morning, and then we get a break
6:47 am
cloudy skies and a little chilly. we're in the mid-20s tonight, but our average low is right around 24. so that's not terribly unusual. it is going to get a little colder, though. by tomorrow night let's talk about that. we're not totally done with inconvenient weather. we have a little clipper coming in. it doesn't have a ton of moisture associated with it, so not a lot of snow. by tomorrow afternoon we could be seeing additional snowshowers in the order of an inch or less. 33 tomorrow, dropping down to 11 overnight. thursday looks good, but chilly 29 for a high there. and then a major warm-up into the weekend. laura. >> laura: we're going to start with video from our storm chaser right now. we can see where they are headed along route 8 northbound in the area of akron this morning, and the roads are just still snow-covered. obviously, having a lot of problems out there on the roads. cars moving very, very slowly, and we've seen those slowdowns reported really all across the map.
6:48 am
covered the road is still with snow. keep this in mind if you head out the door, especially if you come from the south from akron and canton, because you deal with this on the way up. we hear commutes are really, really rough. commutes that are less than an hour from canton now run about an hour and a half. let's go to another live picture i have right now. this is i-90 at detroit. just showing you that visibility is very, very poor all across the map. this is going to be over on the west side of cleveland. now, as we move to some accidents here, this is east 55th right at broadway. we have a new one that was reported on mayfield road out in chardon, and on the east side this is 52 miles per hour on 480 and out towards 422 through solon moving slowly as well all across the map really. 271 south and north of 480, and then let's look at the drive times. so strongsville to cleveland, 31-minute commute right now, 77 northbound canton to cleveland, 85 minutes. your commutes are looking really, really slow if you're
6:49 am
southern communities headed up towards downtown cleveland this morning. brian. >> brian: laura, thanks very much. the cavs are off until thursday, but by then there could be some changes, maybe significant changes to the roster. the nba trade deadline is thursday. it is championship or bust for your cavs. iman shumpert is available and there's talk of kevin love to be on the move. for that to happen, cavs need a superstar in return. sam, what's going on? >> samantha: a quick check of the seven-day forecast, or we can show it later. whatever. all right. am i on?
6:50 am
>> ton pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes
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>> tia: that music sounds so pleasant, doesn't it? 6:53 on your tuesday morning, but you can see your commute
6:53 am
this is a live look at 77 north, and you see all the brake lights out there. that's because a lot of people are slow going. the roads are not pretty this morning. so you certainly want to give yourself extra time before you head out the door. >> brian: here's some stories to know before you go. >> we've seen two wipeouts already on our way here south on 77. >> got to take it a little slower out there. many area roads are slick or covered in snow. then you may encounter a few flight delays this morning as well. >> shots were fired at the crush clothing store at west ninth and st. clair around 7:00. >> the nba trade deadline is thursday. it's championship or bust for the cavs, so what are they going to do? [ music ] >> ga ga touched on every decade of bowie's career.
6:54 am
the performance of the night. >> tia: wow. >> samantha: all right. that was an eventful morning, right? grammys and snow. a little bit of everything. it's 6:54. there's that swath of snow that extends all the way from lorain county down into medina, dover and all of the far eastern corner of our forecast region. so take it easy out there. i know laura's been busy this morning keeping track of the roads. >> laura: i just added a couple more accidents in there. i tweeted and facebooked them. if you want to look online to grab exactly where those are, we will talk about those more. we're entering rush hour, so the yellow and slowdowns you see are only going to get worse. as for the slowdowns, there they are. mentor to cleveland, 40-minute commute and 29 minutes from strongsville to downtown. elyria to cleveland is looking good on i-90, 33 minutes. 85 minutes from canton to cleveland.
6:55 am
that commute is typically less than an hour. 77 is just really, really bad especially down south in the akron area and making your way to the north will be a long ride. >> tia: i only have two words. holy mackerel. >> samantha: i was waiting for that. >> brian: i would just say wow. >> tia: okay. >> laura: you might say holy mackerel. >> tia: it was so impressive that was my on descriptor which was wow, and that's how i feel about the forecast as well today. >> brian: it's nasty out there, right? >> samantha: it is. >> tia: people have to slow down. >> brian: this might be the worst morning we've had all winter season, right? >> samantha: it's definitely the worst if not second worst. you have to go slow out there. we have more updates on it though on cle43. >> tia: we have a lot of school closings, too, because of it. make sure to read the bottom of your screen. they're scrolling right now. you never know. you could be in the kitchen
6:56 am
kid's school could be on the list.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. it is tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of thanking, shoving, even luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in the classroom. kendrick lamar makes powerful statement and taylor swift makes history with the


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