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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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but the hardest-hit area was in the akron-canton area. 30 degrees akron-canton right now. it is a light wind out there. downtown cleveland 31 with a west wind at 8 and overall it is a quiet night and keeping temperatures steady mid to upper 20s and by morning just a little bit of light snow in there. it won't add up to much. big warm up on friday. it will be very windy. well, it was no picnic. >> no picnic in our southern viewing area. denise zarrella with a look at what they are dealing with. >> and on i-77 in kent, traffic is moving along just fine here. the roadways mainly moist. boy, what a difference a few hours make. our camera catches the end of a truck fishtailing on the way up a hill in canton. many side roads still
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afternoon after a blast of snow that gave kids here their first snow day of the season. one woman was stuck on top of a huge hill kids were sledding on. the sleds were makeshift shovels as kids tried to dig their mom out. warmer temperatures made surfaces slippery and a challenge to navigate through. we came out to sled and now i am stuck in the snow. just what i posted on facebook, i hope i don't get stuck in the snow when i come out and i did. >> reporter: was it worth it. >> yeah. it is slushy because the temperature is not too -- the temperature, it is 33 degrees. and it is not frozen and not solid. so it is really slushy. >> reporter: the highway road surfaces looking clear and looking pretty good actually. the secondary roads and side roads in canton still a little dicey and take sometime before snowplow trucks can completely
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>> in canton, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> romona: so we are in for more snow and then the big warm up. you can track it all from your phone by downloading the free first alert weather app. >> mark: a 24-year-old university of akron student nearly drown in icy waters. jen picciano tells us, a team effort by neighbors and sheriff's deputy saved his life. >> reporter: the icy waters of the iron channel in coventry township nearly claimed the life of 24-year-old nathan beam. >> we open the door and hear help and we come down and see a guy on the ice. >> reporter: it is unclear or how he ended up in the narrow waterway on south turkey foot road and if it not for the quick actions of neighbors and summit county sheriff's deputy he wouldn't be alive today. cody and another friend grabbed a rope in single digit temps and the group held on until rescue crews arrived. >> i was losing my grip.
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jacket. i didn't think i would get him. >> he was hugging the channel about 20 minutes until the sheriff showed up. >> he showed up and was able to pull the neighbors and victim out of the freezing water. >> we picked him up and put him on the seawall and gave him a stern rub because he was unresponsive and opened his eyes. >> my hands were literally freezing to the bar when i got pulled out. >> he was a limp purple body. his temperature was 90.5 when he got to the hospital. >> he says the good samaritan should be commended to brave the frigid waters for helping a stranger. >> the two neighbors showed courage to come out at 11:30 at night and tried to do their best. >> reporter: huff knew this was someone's son. >> i didn't feel the cold. it was weird. you didn't feel it until afterwards. >> reporter: really? >> my hands were numb and that's about it. adrenalin was going. >> reporter: in the end the
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to the warm house and stripped of wet clothes and warmed up. miraculously not him or anybody else else in the rescue was seriously injured. >> reporter: in coventry township jen picciano, cleveland 19 news. >> mark: thank you, jen. that call came to the clock area in coventry township and it is a dangerous place and they tell snowmobilers say road salt thins out the bridge creating ice. >> romona: about an hour ago president obama says he plans to name a replacement for antonin scalia and rejecting republicans to leave the job to his successor. we will hear from the president on the cbs evening news coming up. federal prosecutors charged former cleveland browns player reggie rucker. he will be arraigned next week. rucker played for the team from
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he is founder of the cleveland peacemakers alliance and executive director of amer-i-can cleveland. he is accused of using hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to pay off gambling debts, mortgage, dry cleaning and other expenses. the acting u.s. attorney says reggie rucker misused his celebrity and position in the community to dupe some of our most important local foundations and generous citizens. he stole from the very violent interrupter he so publicly claimed to support. >> mark: police identified the man they say drove the wrong way on i-480 killing a baldwin wallace student. >> there were two cars in an accident. one was upside down on its roof. >> mark: brooklyn police say mark raptor was seriously injured and remains hospitalized. 20-year-old kayla coates died.
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baldwin wallace where coates was a sophmore planned a memorial service tonight at stroh sacker union ballroom at 9:30. >> romona: sparks flew at budget hearings at cleveland city hall began today. mayor frank jackson made it clear an income tax hike is inevitable paul orlousky found out what the new money might be spent on. >> seeking half percent income tax increase. >> reporter: $30 million in cuts from the state. 13% lower property evaluations and variety of short falls has the mayor scrambling with $42 million to end with a balanced budget and carrots he will dangle are increase in services. >> if we are asking the public for so many money, this is what we will be promising them they will get for that money. >> reporter: much of what the mayor presented was not new. numbers he presented the council today he has done in the past.
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on the numbers and how do they change the quality of life in cleveland and inspire people. health screenings, job training and recreational opportunities are what we are seeing in the campaign. >> there's stuff about the mayor and about you that are aspirational and about us doing something bigger than ourselves. >> if we are going to reduce violence in the city of cleveland we have to get to work. >> zack reed sparred with the mayor over minority hiring saying city residents are ignored and contractors receive only small fines. >> it is not where we would like it to be and so much better than where it was. >> reporter: after council president kevin kelly intervened, the mayor delivered an uncharacteristic shot at reed. >> the difference is i do stuff >> phyllis cleveland's observation may prove to be a preview of the next 12 months. >> it is easy when things are
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>> reporter: paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> romona: only cleveland residents will vote on the income tax increase. all people working in the city would pay it. it would raise about $80 million. a lakewood woman is suing rta and transit police officer after this incident caught on camera. last year an officer tackled and arrested jessica ferrato at the west 117th rapid stop. things escalated when she flashed her farecard and didn't stop. rta suspended the officer and later issued a public apology. >> mark: in cleveland, sentencing for two people who hurt a little boy. crystal anderson got 8 years for attacking her boyfriend's child mikey rees. the 4-year-old's father got 18 months for attempted child endangering. awful. mikey has had several surgeries to treat severe brain damage. so to lake county we go now
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place in madison village. harry boomer is here as the police department's future hangs in the balance. harry? >> harry: it is the battle to balance the budget putting the mentor police department at risk of being relieved of duty coming down to dollars and cents. >> our current anticipated police budget for 2016 is around $650,000 and the proposal we have on the table from the township is $575,000 in the first year. >> that's the reality. duane bailey, the madison village administrator is facing the town of 3200. the police department serving and protecting for nearly 85 years may fall victim to the 21st century budget axe. >> the people have the say here. and i am sure our council will do what people want here. if they are willing to undertake the current situation i think it will remain like that. it is a proposal and it deserves to see the light of day.
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police officers that come in here to have breakfast or lunch. they are great people. >> reporter: dylan miller works at the nifty fifth diners in madison village. >> i think it is a really sad thing. i think if it did happen that there would be a lot of people without jobs. >> the mayor wants to dissolve the police department and let madison township take over policing. currently, there is one full-time police chief and two full-time police officers and 15 parttime officers. one auxiliary officer and one full-time police mayor's court clerk and one parttime clerk and one parttime crossing guard. >> i don't have an opinion in it. i think it is a good idea to get the police from the township down here. but either way, i don't have a say in it. >> actually, she does. a public village council meeting to discuss the issue is scheduled to draw a large and
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relocated to the lakeland community college at 201 water tower drive in room 102. harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> that's breaking news here coming in. >> a cleveland police car was involved in an accident near the intersection of east 30th street and chester. one officer and another person got hurt in this. we have a crew on the way to the scene on that. >> up next, a s.w.a.t. situation in cleveland. we went back to the scene of the
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. i love from cleveland's newscenter driven by d.o.j., this is cleveland 19 news. today we have new details on last night's s.w.a.t. situation in the warehouse district. >> krush downtown was quiet today. on closer inspection you see three bullet holes in the shattered glass of the front door. police arrested three people and the gang impact unit is investigating.
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by and see bullet holes in a door you walk by every day to get to work. i don't know. it is -- makes me feel a little uncomfortable. >> and the gang impact unit is investigating. it is a similar situation to what we saw two months ago at the krush clothing in euclid. that time it was an armed robbery suspect put under arrest. >> romona: you have probably seen the warnings about hoverboards. check out this picture from orange village. a hoverboard caused a basement fire. they used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. they are investigating 39 hoverboard fliers in 39 states from last month. the investigation is focused on the lithium ion batteries on the boards. >> mark: a touching story out of
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how one dog found a new home. >> we will put it out there for you. you are about to have a cute puppy alert. be ready. that's the only warning will you get. our job for officers. men and women in blue really goes the whole gamut dealing with different things out there. every once in a while we get a great story like this, the shaker heights police department posting this to their facebook page and tells the story of a family that called the police department and they have what they say is heartbreaking circumstances going on and need to give up their puppy, could the police department help. that's normally not the gamut and job description for officers. officer clague got involved and promised she would find a new home for this dog. here is the cute puppy alert. she put it in her cruiser so she could take it back to the department and got food for it,
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new home and one of the officers agreed to adopt the new puppy. can i tell you it's been named harley. so fine work by the shaker heights police department helping out a family and dog instead of putting it in the pound and bad situation in the kennel. good work there in shaker heights. romona? >> romona: how cute. >> this week cleveland 19 was proud to partner with marks and flashes of hope during our share your holidays campaign. the community marks and vendors collected thousands of dollars. marks presented flashes of hope with a check to help with pediatric cancer research. great job. >> mark: very nice. that's a good number. >> romona: we will have good numbers later. 50s this week. >> mark: get your trunks. [ laughter ] >> romona: that's right. not that warm. >> jeff: it will come with strong winds as well. right now it is chilly. a few flurries here and there. the snow with the system is out.
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winter storm that dumped almost 20 inches of snow in rochester, new york. wow. this is the little feature coming in tomorrow morning giving us light snow. it's not going to be the snow we saw today. this is less than an inch here and temperatures not doing much. we will hold steady around 30 degrees. all right, snow on the ground. 14 inches newton falls, trumbull county. 13 1/2 inches champion and mantua. ravenna, kent, solon and middlefield 10 inches. we have spots away from the traditional snowbelt with more snow than what we have let's say like chardon. 29 the low tonight cloudy sky akron-canton seasonable and 27 for your low. here is a look at 7 a.m.
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going to be light snow and flurries around. again, it won't amount to much at all. could linger in the early afternoon and later in the day we could even see a few breaks. one thing the system will do, this front, kind of bring a reenforcing shot of colder air and hold steady at 30 if not drop a little in temperature. during the later part of the afternoon. >> so on friday here gusts over 40 just some sprinkles. we don't have an alert for the rain but the wind this as we will be warming well into the 50s, i think. and i went with 55 on friday. how about that. >> but before that happens tomorrow night we are down to 11 as clouds break up. sunny to partly cloudy thursday 54 and 55 friday and very windy and over the weekend saturday will be windy but dry cloudy sky 47.
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alert sunday for some light rain in the afternoon. but we are up to 51. it does look like a bigger drop in temperature going through next week, though. tony, over to you. >> thank you, jeff. a lot of talk about kevin love closing in on the nba trade deadline. i say there's a different way to
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report chevrolet report on cleveland 19 news. all right kevin love did not sign a five year $110 million deal last july to pack into february but his name is get ago lot of play as cavaliers decide what to do if anything before the trade deadline arriving thursday at 3:00. the question is, is there a chance love will be departing, highly unlikely. cavs said they have to get a superstar in return raising
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another team out there that considers love a superstar at this point. i want to share a clip from the national media what they are saying today. >> you have brooklyn's first rounder and can you give it up to cleveland and and they should jump at it. outside of that, no. when you look at david griffin he has to stop about talking about kevin love. kevin love is not a star. >> a little strong. does love seem completely comfortable with lebron and kyrie, no throwing down 16 a game and it is up to ty lou. why not use love off the bench. forget about how much money he makes giving love more touches and strengthen the team. the finals mvp came off the bench and green started one game in the finals and was a difference maker.
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is about using him better. that's my take. we want yours tweet me and find me on facebook and speaking of adding to the bench how about this story out of phoenix. a couple of hours before coyotes play canadians their back up goalie was hurt. got to have a back-up goalie. they called a local baker who suited up just in case. all right. his dad was well-known and coyotes coach 12 years ago and nathan played on club teams and this is a nhl game. he was giving his kids a bath. dried them off, drove to the rink and made it in time for the game. he didn't play, thank goodness and after the game they gave him the championship belt and he sat there in his locker for hours as the rest of the team showered, did interviews and left because he didn't want to take the gear off. >> i am five minutes away and
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all right. all is quiet now. light snow tomorrow morning. that will be minor around 30 and down to 11 tomorrow night and the big warm up friday. 55 and windy. but we will see falling
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back up to 51 sunday and some light rain. not a very cold weekend at all. >> i like. >> mark: take it and run. very good. thank you for joining us at 6:00 cbs evening news is next.
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>> pelley: an election prediction from president obama. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> pelley: also tonight, violent weather in the south, interstate. >> it was, basically, like the "twister" movie. >> pelley: extreme weather is being fueled by el nino, and tonight we'll look at the effects from the u.s. to africa, where millions are threatened with famine. >> people haven't been able to plant the crops they need to survive. >> pelley: and it's show time for america's top dogs. >> it doesn't get any better.
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