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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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how could something like this happen. the property owner gave us a look inside today. >> we begin with breaking news at 5:00. the cleveland cavaliers traded a fan favorite. anderson varejao is out. let's go to tony zarrella with details. >> tony: the chicago bulls are a few hours away and obviously anderson varejao will be part of it. channing frye, the forward from the magic, he has and is from the radio show. kyrie and lebron and he can get streaky hot from three point land. he is big, 6'11" he can shoot and spread the offense and get a lot of looks. that's the goal bringing in channing frye.
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for david griffin. and andy varejao has endured a lot. >> the 2007 run to the finals and battled back from injuries and losing and lebron came back and wanted to be a key part of a title run and hasn't happened. >> and 10 minutes per game and he is moving on. jared cunningham goes to magic, andy goes to the blazers and may get waived and could resign with cavaliers for a year. the ideal situation would be okay, you cut him loose and bring him back. that can't happen. d? >> okay. we will hear from griffin coming up in a short while. >> tony: yeah. david griffin, the gm will talk live at. >> are you sad to see andy go or do you think the trade will be good for the team. leave comments on the facebook page or tweet us at cleveland 19 news.
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him go. >> fan favorite and similar to what we saw with z at the end of his career and thought he could come back and sad to see him come back. >> a lot of snow is bye, bye. now, we will start the warm-up process actually tonight. still pretty chilly out there now. we dropped to 30 in cleveland. 32 last hour and ashtabula and 28 warren and these numbers will be climbing throughout the night. sandusky 35 and lorain, elyria at 29. watch how temperatures go up. 29 at 7:00, 32 and wind picks up out of the southeast at midnight and 34 degrees. in. it is a hazy sun and wind is picking up especially tomorrow. wow. now we are looking at a dry
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forecast details at 5:17. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff, thank you. if you have the cleveland 19 news news app you got the push alert a bad pile up on 77 north at east 22nd. police tell us 7 vehicles were involved in this and two people were transported to the hospital. >> dan: speaking of traffic this is i-77 in and out of downtown. the only problem we are dealing today is that giant ball of light in the sky. you may not have seen in a while. there is a bit of sun glare but traffic is looking pretty good right now. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> new questions tonight about the disappearance of that 2-year-old little girl in lorain. >> denise: lana lowther was found safe four hours after she went missing from her home. lorain police say the little girl may have been abducted. lana's older sister says she saw
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detectives say she was some place warm probably before getting dropped off 11 blocks from her home. coming up at 6:00 you will hear from lana's family and the searcher who found her. >> dan: we have an update tonight. a dozen people, mostly children taken to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning on tuesday. five of the children were airlifted to pittsburgh for a special hospital and treatment and we have been in contact with the family and we can tell you they are all supposed to be discharged later today. >> denise: our dani carlson spoke with the man who owns the house and got a look inside. she joins us live from east cleveland. dani? >> reporter: well, you know what, marco waller, the property owner took us inside and pointed out things he thinks his tenants did wrong. we talked to two of the tenants recently released from the hospital and they think he is pointing fingers now that something so serious happened
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>> every day these were lit here, these two. >> marco waller blames this old stove for the carbon monoxide that sent more than a dozen people to the hospital tuesday night. he tells us he told his tenants not to use it for heat. >> why do something before when you knew they were using this for heat. >> why do something before? i don't know. i was panicking myself and i was thinking about heat and thinking about getting the furnace fixed. the furnace guy created the whole thing. because i never wanted them to heat the house with this. >> reporter: he says way more people were living in the home that he knew and the house itself is a mess. the heat, it was out, no one disputes that. >> i brought heaters. they shut off two rooms. other than that, i told them they had to go to a hotel. >> dominion red tagged the furnace weeks ago saying it was unsafe. waller says he didn't-than-and the gas company confirms he told
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not the property owner waller. waller says they hot wired the furnace to work and he thinks that's what created the problem. tenants told me today they didn't touch it. >> reporter: do you feel bad so many got sick? >> yeah, i feel bad. i keep trying to find the fault. >> reporter: so what about that contractor waller says he hired to fix the furnace. he says the man was licensed and bonded and i talked to the man on the phone and he wouldn't give me his full name and he said what happened wasn't his fault and hung up and we are looking into the man to get you more answers and the east cleveland fire department is investigating and planning to send some people out here either tonight or tomorrow to try to figure out where that carbon monoxide came from. >> reporter: live in east cleveland dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> thank you, dani. >> the ohio supreme court will hear the case of the so-called
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you remember back in 2011 a jury convicted anthony sowell of murdering 11 women. their bodies were found in and around his imperial avenue home. sowell's attorneys say the conviction and death sentence should be overturned because the pretrial attention denied him a fair trial. >> dan: an alert from eastlake police. people in the windsor apartment complexes reported a man looking into bedroom windows using his cell phone to record women and girls in their bedrooms. if you know anything, see anything, please call police. >> denise: president obama is set to visit cuba next month making him the first president to visit the island nation in 88 years. don champion reports on this historic trip. >> not since 1928 when calvin coolidge flew to havana to visit
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nine decades later cbs news confirms president obama will pay a visit in two weeks and the two republican cuban americans quickly offered up criticism. >> is that something you as president would do. >> not to free cuba and the problem with the cuban government and anti-american dictatorship. >> it is a mistake. the president instead ought to push for a free cuba. >> president obama's obama since he normalized it in cuba in 2014 and concerns that the communist government engages in human rights abuses. >> just tuesday, the country signed an agreement for daily u.s. commercial flights to cuba and a u.s. economic embargo in cuba is in effect. don champion cbs news. while president obama's trip will be a first for a sitting president in decades, former
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cuba for the first time since leaving office. >> republican candidates scrambled for votes in the south carolina primary frontrunner donald trump came up swinging against pope francis. >> did you hear about this? >> the unusual war of words was sparked by a comment from the pontiff about trump's politics. >> when asked about the repeated calls to build a wall pope francis said a person who thinks only about building walls and not of building bridges is not christian. mr. trump fired off this response. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis which as know knows isis ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president.
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were scattered all over south carolina looking for last-minute support with the republican primary. trump, kasich and bush are gearing up for the town hall in columbia and will this hurt the republican frontrunner in the polls. we will take you live to south carolina to talk about that coming up at 5:30. speaking of polls, the latest from cbs news is showing john kasich ohio governor john kasich is picking up momentum off his second place finish in new hampshire. 2,000 people surveyed in this on land lines and cell phones plus or minus 2 points is the error of margin here. donald trump still with a large lead talking national poll here 35% when we get to ted cruz, 18%, marco rubio 12 and john kasich in a virtual tie at 3rd place at 11% taking the
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doing better than some would have guessed at this point and interesting to see how he does in south carolina and if it can bump him up further in the mix. denise. >> denise: stephen colbert grilled john kasich on the late show last night. >> the debates are the dumbest thing going. look, explain your entire life story in 30 seconds. harry truman couldn't get elect this had way. the thing i love are town halls. >> harry truman wasn't elected the first time. >> my point is, it is sound bites. how will you elect the president on the basis of a clever sound bite particularly if the sound bite is designed to attack somebody else. >> i thought kasich held his own. he says he prefer town hall meetings and held several trying to get his message of balancing budgets and cutting taxes and
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and bringing people together bringing the message to voters around the country. >> dan: a hospital held hostage by hackers coming up next at 5:00. also the latest in apple's encryption battle with the f.b.i >> is the right to privacy more important than helping with a terror investigation daniel snyder plus a new national report out today on bad bridges and worrisome findings on the
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live from cleveland's newscenter, driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news.
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interesting, the crow of a los angeles hospital says he paid a ransom to hackers who locked up the hospital's computer network. >> hollywood presbyterian medical center handed over $17,000 worth of bitcoins, a form of currency. malware locked certain systems and preventing electronic communications and administrators decided the quickest way to get back up and running was to pay the ransom. the c.e.o. of google is backing apple's fight with the f.b.i. saying the tech company is right to defy a judge's order to help unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino killers. apple lawyers are prepared to fight all the way to the supreme court. >> reporter: the f.b.i. is locked out of farouk's i phone
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>> the u.s. magistrate judge ordered apple to disable the iphone's auto erase feature wiping out all of the data if the wrong pass code is entered 10 times. apple's c.e.o. tim cook says the tech giant doesn't have the technology and that developing it would create a back door to not only that iphone but millions of devices. the white house defended the department of justice request. >> they are simply asking for something to have an impact on it one device. >> the war on terror and right to privacy collide cnn dan ackerman says apple and f.b.i. both have compelling and yet competing interests. >> apple is saying if you promise will you only use it once it will get used again and again and again. >> google c.e.o. posted a series of tweets siding with apple saying we give law enforcement
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that's wholly different than allowing companies to hacking devices and data. >> denise: publicly, the company says it doesn't have the technology to do what the f.b.i. wants it to do. a top industry official says apple could theoretically write the software to comply with the ruling. >> dan: the american road and transportation builders association put out the annual bridge report today saying 10% of bridges in the u.s. were considered structurally deficient in 2015. the f.a.a. reviewed records and ohio ranked 12th for deficient bridges of the 27,000 structures in our state close to 2,000 need repairs in 2015 and that's 7% of our bridges. >> all right. let's take a live look at the feazel roof camera chester
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a new survey by aaa find u.s. drivers shelled out $3 billion for vehicle repairs per year in the last five years because of potholes. we spotted crews out today patching up holes on cedar in cleveland heights. >> dan: $2 billion was here in cleveland. >> denise: that wouldn't surprise me. we love getting warm days like tomorrow and then, you know -- >> we are getting into that time of year into february and into march and potholes will be popping up out there. >> well, we are on the warm upside of that. 30 degrees in cleveland and chilly and chicago is 10 degrees warmer at 40. we have 44 indianapolis and the warmer air is making its way in here and associated right now with a ribbon of cloud cover and it will be more of a mostly cloudy sky out there tomorrow as well and we will be 50 saturday when we really get warm around here.
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had most of the day, it is filtered with high clouds. but as a result of clouds and temperature and warmer air coming in, temperatures will be warming by 7:00 a.m. we will be 38. winds pick up out of the southeast overnight and becoming cloudy, warmer, akron-canton 33 by 7 a.m. and look at the temperatures forecast. 7:00 tomorrow morning and a lot warmer than what we saw this morning. below zero temps in ashtabula county early this morning. mid to upper 30s most areas at 7:00 a.m. by 10:00 in the morning, 40 or better. 1:00 in the afternoon look at that. we will be around 50. along with that will come strong winds and even tomorrow morning for the commute you will deal with 45mile-an-hour wind gusts. this is the wind gust forecast
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deal and strongest winds will come early to mid afternoon and not enough for a wind advisory and don't be surprised if we get a couple of sporadic power outages there. i have an alert for the wind. light rain in the afternoon and 40mile-an-hour gusts on the lakeshore. 50 the high in cleveland and look at this on saturday. 64. it will come with sunshine and a stiff southwest wind. it turns colder on sunday back into the 40s as the cold front comes through and cooler on monday and the trend will be down. what a saturday we have in the forecast. 64, sunshine and still windy with winds out of the southwest and sunday 44 and pretty warm saturday night. sunshine, though coming our way monday and tuesday. 37 monday and 42 tuesday and we
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the middle part of next week bringing us light snow. it doesn't look like a heavy snow situation for us. >> and 7-day trend tomorrow 50 tomorrow and 64 saturday and below record highs and the trend overall will be down as we get into next week. guys, back to you. >> there is a pot-smoking robin hood out there that knows my blood type and if i am an organ donor and knows where i sleep at night. it is terrifying, quite frankly. >> a man loses his wallet and gets some of the contents back
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a new yorker who lost his wallet at a concert was amazed to get some of his valuables back in the mail two weeks later. >> the person who found it decided to sort of kind of do
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most items were returned along with a brutally honest letter. >> dear ryan i found your wallet and driver's license and address and here are your credit cards and other important stuff. i kept the cash because i needed weed and metro card because well, the fare is it 2.75 and the wallet because it is kind of cool. >> the wallet napper has taste. a $45 leather card holder. riley isn't upset the person kept his cash and creeped out to know things like his blood type and where he lives. >> unbelievable. >> i have had my wallet stolen and never got anything back. >> bummer. >> 3 down and three to go. a g.o.p. town hall in south carolina. which will include ohio governor john kasich. next at 5:00 our analysis of last night's event. what to hear from candidates tonight. you have seen them all over
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how easy are they? more importantly, how do they taste? the tasty test still ahead. >> let's go to independence cloud cover thickening up and sun glare not bad.
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>> dan: you probably see a couple of these a day but have you ever whipped up one of the the recipes? we put tasty cooking tutorials to a test. say that five times fast. coming up in a few minutes. >> denise: republican presidential frontrunner donald trump will be front and center carolina.
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the preview of the town hall. what can we expect? >> well, you know, dan and denise it could be a big night for john kasich. he will be at this town hall on cnn. the problem for governor kasich and governor bush is that donald trump continues to be the biggest story in this campaign and today he is getting criticism from an unlikely source. >> donald trump has been attacked from all sides. and trump is facing criticism from a higher level during a discussion with reporters on his flight from mexico to rome, the pope took on trump's position that a wall should be built on the border of the united states and mexico. >> a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be located are not building bridges is not a christian. >> trump, who never backs down from a fight took the pope's comments head on.
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the pope, i like the pope f. it is good i like the pope. if it is bad, i don't like the pope. >> the pope is a popular figure in the united states. a poll shows in september a 63 approval rating. for a sitting pontiff to weigh in on an american election is unpress debted and appropriate francis specifically did not have an opinion who americans should vote for, he made it clear he wasn't impressed by trump. >> i say this man is not a christian if he said things like that. >> trump not concerned about the pope's popularity responding to his comments. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i am proud to be a christian. as president, i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened. >> reporter: the question is, will this battle impact the voting in south carolina. it is a state rich with social conservatives and not many
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how the 2016 race remains impossible to predict. >> you can bet this will come up tonight when donald trump and jeb bush and john kasich appear at a town hall answering questions directly from voters at 8:00 at the university of south carolina and can you see it on cnn. dan and denise? >> i can't even believe this whole pope thing, ryan. the pope's comments may not have much of an impact on south carolina but what about the rest of the country? we have almost 70 million catholics in this country. >> yeah. you know, where you guys are in ohio is a good example that perhaps in the short term this is not a problem for donald trump. as he moves forward in the campaign it could come back to haunt him. >> as the primary season moves forward they will be in southern socially conservative states
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popular as he is throughout the country and positions like immigration and this whole flap is all over is not necessarily a popular position. as you move forward, the pope has a 60% approval rating among all americans over 70% approval rating among catholics and like in ohio far more catholics than a place like south carolina. this could become a problem. as we have talked about many times dan and denise, whatever donald trump does, it doesn't seem to have an impact on loyal supporters who have been with him from the beginning. >> dan: he seems to be untouchable yet again. >> let's talk about ohio governor john kasich. and going to the polls he will win in south carolina that's out of the question. what does he have to do to finish strong and where does he need to finish to keep his campaign rolling off the momentum of new hampshire. >> reporter: i don't know the kasich campaign looks at anything that happens in south carolina as having any impact on
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they knew this was not a state where he would necessarily finish that strong and it is a matter of beating expectations. >> if he can be above the bottom 3, he will be in a good position f. he can ellipse someone like marco rubio all the better. polls don't reflect this will happen. it is clear the kasich campaign is looking further down the road and want to keep their heads above water where he will be politically more competitive and i don't think anything necessarily spells the end of his campaign unless his performance is so bad he decides it is not worth it. i don't think anyone assumed john kasich would have too strong of a performance in south carolina and will ride high on the good performance in new hampshire and tell donors we could potentially be an alternative to donald trump down the road. >> denise: all right. ryan nobles. thank you, ryan. >> dan: get continuing
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day on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 and like us on facebook and follow us@cleveland 19 news on twitter and get the latest in news feeds and download the free mobile apps for updates on the go. >> some of the most popular viral videos on the web time lapse recipe demos from apps like tasty. >> dan: some of those look pretty good. we were curious how easy are they to make and do they taste as good as they look. jen picciano has the tasty test. >> reporter: you are probably guilty of drooling over one of these tempting appetizers, delicious dishes or decadent desserts. and they are viewed and shared by tens of millions every day and promisedcism ingredients and easy execution and changing the way people cook and who cooks and threatening the future of cook books. megan manning, owner of little
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avid baker see the appeal to these quick fixes. >> and cooking faster and having less to do at the end of a day. >> i love to cook and people are afraid to cook. and i think it frees up people to not be afraid to cook. >> they have directions right there and video and pause it on their phone if they need to catch up. >> brittany is ready to test this caprese. >> take a mozzarella ball, balsamic, olive oil, pepper. >> the whole thing was done in realtime almost as quickly as the video. >> you can imagine making a whole plate of them to take to a party. >> it met the approval of a couple of italian girls.
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>> good job. >> really good. >> megan, a pasta pro was curious how this chicken alfredo dish will turn out. >> one-pot recipe seems to be out here a lot these days and goes against everything in my core that i need a lot of room to boil and cook. >> we take two chicken breasts and three cloves of garlic and this gets really, really...interesting. >> innovative part. >> absolutely. >> we will take a can of chicken broth. that's a lie. it is heavy cream. >> just actually add pasta right in. >> bring it to a boil and reduce it to a simmer. >> 25 minutes later sauce under here and pasta is cooked and chicken cooked and take a cup and a half of freshly greated parmesan. as they show in the video, stir it in and let it melt. >> looks like it cook the beautifully. i am excited. >> it is nice and cheesey.
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>> three dishes to clean and chicken and pasta were cooked well. in the end it lacked seasoning experts agreed it was a good starting point. >> you can easily add fresh tomato and maybe italian seasonings and make it up and do it how you want. >> reporter: cat is baking up has her doubts. >> a little skeptical. i think how can something good happen that fast. two cups of brown sugar and a cup of vegetable oil and mix it. two eggs. >> cup and a half of pumpkin and three cups of flour. that's how they did it on the video. >> this is baking soda, salt and powder. >> then the spices. pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. the last thing you put in is chocolate chips.
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and for 10 minutes. more spices. thin the batter with milk and not bake as long. frosting was cream cheese, sugar. >> what do you make of them coming out of the oven. pick. >> in terms of the difficulty did? pretty accurate? >> straightforward. pretty good. better than what i thought. >> after our three-course meal would click and cook with some of the videos again. >> denise: all right. good to know. >> have you ever tried any of these tasty recipes go to our facebook page and share your experience. >> now we are all starving after seeing that. >> leaving the gate. >> weather. this is incredible. seeing 60s in february. >> jeff: big february thaw underway tonight as the temperatures will be warming. it will be warmer compared to
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a reminder cleveland 19 weather app and get all the information i talk about here on the tv screen. 29 at 6:00 and drop to 27 or so at 8:00 and then we will start to go up and the wind out of the southeast begins to increase t. will be a windy day out there tomorrow. we are at 33. downtown cleveland akron-canton down to 29 degrees. still on the chilly side here. you can see the clouds coming in. as the wind picks up warmer air is associated with it. >> how about 60s on saturday. i will have more on that in the 7-day focus coming up in a few minutes. >> first alert tomorrow for the wind. 40mile-an-hour gusts out of the south. just a little bit of light rain perhaps in the afternoon. and tomorrow we will be 50-ish. >> i went with 50 in cleveland.
5:41 pm
of bonus sun we could be a few notches warmer. south wind, though, gusting over 40 akron-canton seeing a little bit of sun. 52 degrees out there. south wind at 17 to 34. here is your planner tomorrow. we go to 38 at 7 a.m. to 44 at lunchtime. that's when the wind will really start to pick up. >> 5:00 right around 50. here you see the wind gusts. tomorrow will be a brisk day. just below wind advisory criteria and by 1:00 in the afternoon you could see 44 gusts norwalk and common across the area. more on the even bigger warm up on saturday coming up in the 7-day forecast a little later in this half hour. denise? >> jeff, thank you. coming up next at 5:00, we have an important health alert for parents with teething babies. >> and those fuzzy boots may keep your feet warm in the winter. they are popular.
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we are talking about serious foot infections.
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>> denise: a health alert about teething babies. infants are likely to be cranky when their teeth come in, they should not get sick. a study in pediatrics found irritability and slight rise in
5:45 pm
a baby is teething. anything over 104 degrees is considered a true fever and that could be a sign the baby is actually sick. well, when the temperature drops, a lot of people will reach for their winter weather staple fur-lined boots like uggs. >> dan: i don't have uggs. the popular cold weather gear provides comfort and fashion they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. >> when patients come in with seasonal boots on that especially are fur-lined or fake fur-lined, oftentimes we see athlete foot infections surprisingly because patient's feet tend to sweat in those boots. >> fungus likes to grow in dark, wet environments making the inside of your uggs a prime bacteria of breeding ground. foot fungus can spread to your toenails turning them yellow and thick. that's attractive.
5:46 pm
cracking with the heels and check heels often deep skin cracks can become infected and the key to staying foot fungus free is keep the feet cool and dry. >> soldiers are so concerned about their feet. same thing. >> denise: i could never wear those uggs. they are too hot. feels like they are swollen. >> dan: they don't look good on me. >> denise: mark, let's talk about something else. >> lieutenant dan says always keep a dry pair of socks with you. coming up at 6:00, live at the q. andy varejao has been traded. a missing 2-year-old found. police have questions about where she was for hours. plus ikea locations now that brooklyn is out, what other local cities may be considered.
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. we have good news out of detroit today. the daughter of former cleveland
5:50 pm
his 5-year-old daughter had a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with leukemia. he plays for tigers and we wish her and her twin center and mike and maya the best of luck. >> that's good news. fantastic news. >> prayers answered. >> denise: all right, jeff. how about this warm spell coming. >> up we go. >> below record highs come saturday, i think. check this out. >> we will be around 50 degrees tomorrow and then we get into saturday here and how about this. 64 will be the high and 44 on sunday and what a weekend it will be. now, we drop in temperature by sunday here. 64. windy and 37 it looks like saturday night. it is warm this time of year and looks like the cold front is delayed and look like we will
5:51 pm
as we get to next week here 37 on monday. 42 on tuesday here. 35 on wednesday. could be some snow in there. light snow middle part of the week as we watch the east coast storm and trend will be down enjoy the 64 saturday. denise? >> sure will. thank you, jeff. a police department wants to help rapper kanye west about his debt problems.
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. finish how we started. together. >> get ready for the harry potter film concert series. according to variety, each tour will present harry potter movie on a giant screen with the original dialogue and sound effects. the music will be performed live by acism knee orchestra and premier with sorcerer's stone this june. kanye west scored a new job offer from the philadelphia police department.
5:55 pm
we are hiring kanye west $47,000 and you could be debt-free by the year 3122. kanye tweeted he has a $53 million personal debt and asks mark zuckerberg should be investing a billion dollars in him for being the greatest artist of all time. west has not responded to the philly pd offer. somehow, i am thinking he may tweet them back. >> i don't buy the $53 million debt thing. i don't know what's going on there. >> denise: i can tell you what's going on there. look how they live. >> do you think kardashian will stick around if he is broke and $50 million in debt. she has been a victim of crime time and time again. a local mom doing everything she can to keep her family safe. she shares her struggle with cleveland 19 news coming up at 6:00.
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news editorial. hey, cleveland. i'm larry make an , jr. copastor of oakwood village and board of trustee of central state university. it is february. a month in which we recognize black history also known as african-american history month, a time when all americans pay tribute to those black americans who work tirelessly to make our nation what it is today, inventors, activists scientists, political leaders, doctors, lawyers, all proud americans who believe in the concept of preserving the rights and freedoms we possess and still fight for today. the concept was proposed in our backyard. in february of 1969, a group of young students from kent state university came up with the idea. that proposal later became officially recognized by the u.s. government in 1976 when president gerald ford urged americans during the month of february to seize the
5:57 pm
black americans in every area ofen kerry throughout history. >> i urge you to seize the moment. let's give credit where credit is due and pay tribute to those who do great things for man kind. let us honor and thank those who made sacrifices for our country for the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. that's my advice to you. never forget black history is american history. thank you. we encourage your response
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live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. the nba trade deadline has passed. anderson varejao out.
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we will bring it to you live when that happens. we will tell about you big changes on the horizon. >> it will get warmer and windy. jeff tanchak is tracking this closely in the first alert weather center. >> jeff: strong winds as this strong push of warm air comes at us. we will notice that tonight. won't be nearly as cold as last night and check out current temperatures right now. 31 cleveland. got colder temps in ashtabula 25 and war senn at 26 degrees wooster 24. we will drop this evening and see you overnight and climb in temperature here. in fact, sandusky is at 35 degrees. nothing too warm yet. looking at the evening forecast 29 at 7:00. 32 at 9:00. by midnight we will be above freezing when the wind will start to pick up. more snow tomorrow and wind gusts over 40.


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