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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tomorrow morning. and during the afternoon from west to east it will start out as rain and turn colder windy tomorrow night and potential for accumulating snow. i will have forecast details at 6:00. follow the weather in northeast ohio and anywhere in the country with the first alert forecast app for your smart phone or tablet. to the murder-suicide in sandusky. the alleged connection to satanism. >> mark: the man police say pulled the trigger was very open about his beliefs. investigation. >> reporter: we are at the agora where a devil worshipping band played last november in battle of the bands. we spoke to a band mate of rafaelgraphies and said he didn't know greaves to be violent.
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killed his girlfriend 31-year-old angela tyranny. >> this is ridiculous. i am not doing anything. >> 911 what is your emergency. >> my boyfriend just [bleep] threw me up against the wall and coming at me right now. >> reporter: the victim appears to be talking to rafael greaves at the same time she is telling an operator she needs help. >> i didn't do anything. he is going ballistic as always. >> every weekend i have to deal with this. >> reporter: there's screaming so disturbing we are choosing not to air it and then silence, the operator, the only one left on the call. >> greaves facebook page features a picture of him with his girlfriend and numerous posts about his satanic worship and videos of him playing in a band and joe, a guitarist wrote many songs and greaves is one of his friends and contacted us and he wanted people to know the truth about ray.
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>> he is a nice guy, friendly. amiable and congenial he got a little funny when he was drunk. he didn't get violent around me. >> we checked on greaves criminal past and found nothing but a traffic ticket. his friend said at one point he was married and has a child. >> reporter: at the agora, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> we are following breaking details in an abduction. police in east cleveland tell us a man was abducted at gunpoint. they are looking for charles barnes. two men forced him into a car and police found that car with his body inside. call 911 if you know anything about the crime. house fire investigation in streetsboro. a man in his 70s was killed on head hawk drive. the fire blamed on careless
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a school shooting in southern ohio and 14-year-old boy is in custody in butler county north of cincinnati. two students shot and two hurt by shrapnel. injuries are not life-threatening. >> emotions running high in canton, a cathedral for a city firefighter. >> reporter: the family of tonya johnson wants answers and want to know why she jumped from a car and hit by a pick up. dani carlson has an update. >> dozens of firefighters from canton and other departments stood at attention here today to honor one of their own. >> i can honestly tell you that from the bottom of my heart she is the best woman i have ever known. >> a firefighter described of the woman who could get her hands dirty and also be a girlie girl and loving mother. >> my mother was beautiful inside and out.
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someone out. >> a woman full of life who loved her family, gone too soon. >> and i first found out about tonya's passing it was like an out of body experience. i couldn't believe it. >> johnson was killed last week when police say she and her husband of 8 days were in a vehicle and got into an argument. she got out and ran across three lanes of traffic, hopped a median and hit and killed by oncoming traffic. the incident is ongoing. >> i will say she is gone too soon for me and too soon for you. you loved her as much as i did. >> johnson's husband of 8 days was not at the funeral service. i called him late this afternoon to see why. he said he wished he could have been there and received death threats if he showed up. >> dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> thank you.
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confiscated a bear. ben lived with them 20 years and say he had the proper license and insurance and the pen they kept ben in failed to meet state regulations. >> romona: backers of medical marijuana are announcing a initiative to get the issue on the ballot. >> the marijuana policy project drafts the initiative for the proposed ballot measure tomorrow. >> it will be based on laws in 23 other states. >> voters may decide in november. we are also taking another look at a tax levee plan in elyria. >> it is supposed to help replace aging police cars. we were wondering about the potential impact. sia nyorkor with cleveland 19 follow up. >> this is all tied to issue number 6 on the ballot. elyria's police chief tells me it would give the police squad a needed upgrade. most police cars are falling apart using social media to
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police chief duane whitley says this is embarrassing. >> it is a 2004. this vehicle is another one where we have actually had to put street signs on the floorboard. >> budget cuts in elyria forced the police department to work with an aging fleet. here is what they are dealing with. there are almost 100 cars in elyria's fleet. 60 are marked police cars on the roads. 1 vehicles serviced this year. 8 were serviced for battery issues and four were taken completely out of service and many have 106,000 and 192,000 miles on them. the oldest car is 1997 crown vicker to yeah with 180,000 miles and newest cars are 2012 chevy tahoes. >> it is so bad three cars broke down after a high-speed chase.
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>>. >> i think something blew in our engine. they are having a hard time catching up. >> we heard a loud pop and the engine sounded like grinding noises. doing 70 to 75 miles an hour. they turned it to the ohio state highway patrol. >> talking about newer cars being 110,000 miles already and vehicles not considerable suitable for another agency and we are putting them on the road because they are better than what we have that's concerning. >> the police chief supports issue number 6 a temporary five year half percent increase in city income tax. >> we have a few more details elyria's oldest vehicle 1997. the last time they made a purchase was 2012 when they bought 8 chevy tahoes for
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we were curious how it compared avon, lorain and north olmsted responded and elyria does have the oldest vehicle and hasn't made a purchase in the longest amount of time. >> tomorrow is super tuesday. hillary clinton and donald trump expected to dominate. the billionaire continues to klan. chaotic. >> protestors interrupting the frontrunner's speech and u.s. investigation agent tussled with a member of the media. more on cbs evening news. dan deroos with delegates at stake tomorrow. >> et's talk about why super tuesday is super. the shear amount of states and shear amount of delegates up for grabs tomorrow. >> we have this broken down by both republicans and democrats. take a look. this is what republicans are balloting for. take a look at states alaska,
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tennessee, i could list them all. here is what's up for grabs. 683 delegates. about 27% of all delegates out there for the entire process are up for grabs tomorrow. texas, the biggest at 155. can you see the list as it goes down. same is true for democrats. a lot of same states are in play and more delegates are up for grabs. numbers are based on voter turnout from four years ago. >> over 4,000 delegates up for grabs on the democratic side. >> the important thing to know is how many they need. when we get to the republican side, the winner has to come up with 1237 delegates total. >> donald trump has 82 at this point. anybody that can do well tomorrow and rack up a lot of delegates is going to have a positive day.
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nominee will have to get 2,382 delegates. with 1,000 that are up for grabs tomorrow we could have a huge day. i can tell you what hillary clinton has 72 bernie sanders with 71. that's why super tuesday is important. if somebody has a good enough day they may lock up the party's nomination. >> good breakdown there. someone stole major art pieces from a local exhibit. >> jeff? >> aaa tower cam independence. >> mostly cloudy sky and dry tonight. we have a mess on the way starting tomorrow afternoon and first alert forecast. if you are still keeping track, new video of browns quarterback johnny manziel and
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newscenter driven by don joseph this is cleveland 19 news. >> welcome. cleveland bishop richard lennon with a message to the faithful
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earlier this month. bishop lennon had a cardiac catheterization. doctors put two stents in blood vessels leading to his heart. he is now resting comfortably. bishop lennon released a statement thanking his doctors. he said i want all to know prayerful support has strengthened me through this stressful period. >> romona: comi-con was a huge success in cleveland. thousands attended and many dressed like their favorite character and organizers plan to return next year. a local exhibiter is not happy. someone stole his art work. >> these are not small pieces. paul orlousky has a heartbreaking loss. >> some were down there. a thief one of the members was paris at his booth with his wife and art work and collage artist and super heroes are usually his subjects pieces made largely from old comic books.
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>> missing pretty much all my large-scale pieces. i have a 6x4-foot ninja piece. a great experience until sunday night. >> at the end of the show paris and wife packed the car with pieces at the loading dock and took them home and returned about 90 manipulates later. when we got back larger pieces were gone. >> and others loading things on trucks and taking a few moments to load them and take off. many vendors are from out of town. >> i couldn't grasp what was going on. i am balling my eyes out on the ground taking in what's going on. >> notifying security and checking surveillance cameras. >> he was surprised by that and close to henry winkler signing
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>> this is the first time at comi-con being a vendor and going to comi-con. >> sound like a con at comi-con. all paris wants back are pieces. if you saw anything on facebook i am on twitter and i will be happy to make a connection. all right, orlo, thanks. new video showing browns quarterback johnny manziel drinking at a miami nightclub. tmz says video was tape after dallas police announced the domestic violence case against manziel was going to a grand jury. and browns plan most likely to cut the quarterback next week. >> let's talk about something we are excited about. cleveland indians made it official. home opener against boston is sold out. single game tickets went on sale today and every one of them gone in less than an hour. opening day is five weeks from
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april 4th. i will make sure i put snow in the forecast today. >> we will see. >> all right. we have 48 degrees right now in cleveland. we will get into cooler air as the night wears on. grand rapids at 29 and mid to low 30s starting out the day. we are dry and mainly cloudy sky. the thing i am watching arrives tomorrow afternoon. and by the time this moisture gets here at first it will be in the form of rain. this is a fast-moving system coming this way. can you see stuff trying to develop west of chicago. that will be the guy, the mess we deal with tomorrow. increasing clouds dry and seasonable tonight low 33. akron-canton increasing clouds. you will drop to 36. here is your alert tomorrow
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it develops after 1:00 west to east. dry for the morning commute and wet roads for the evening drive and things getting tricky tomorrow night changing to snow. i think accumulating snow here. here is a look at future view. mainly dry in the morning happening after 1:00 in the afternoon. >> here is the rain. a mix and seeing ice as you get from sandusky to the toledo area. this is future view model now. there is some disagreement as to what exactly will happen as to how much snow we get out of this. >> it starts as rain in the area. 40 cleveland and warmer inland at 49 degrees cloudy with afternoon rain. tomorrow evening things will get tricky. rain and mix of snow. 7:00 tomorrow evening and everybody will transition from rain to snow. there's a question as to how
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but my current thinking is this. rain from 1 to 7. 7 to 10 and quick changeover to snow and the wind will pick up out of the north. 4 to 7 inches. we will go with that tomorrow night and by the time you get up wednesday morning look how cold it will get wednesday. 26 with height lake-effect snow and system thursday bringing snow light 31. friday sunshine, 30. another system saturday and an alert for light snow and temperatures warming above freezing at 36. sunday, 40 degrees partly cloudy and there are signs next week starting monday and tuesday, wednesday looking at a bigger warm up. and stay tuned. looks like another wild ride on the way this week. >> could be a beautiful opening day. >> it could. >> make the guarantee.
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tony is at the q set to beat the pacers. >> right, tony? >> that's the goal romona. a national reporter throwing kyrie irving in the news.
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: tony zarrella live at the q indiana pacers in town. a chance for cavaliers to get it rolling losing 3 of 4. if it isn't enough send cavs nation into a spin. the concern level should be high after they got thrashed by wizards. the story kyrie irving. >> stephen smith of espn saying on first take kyrie is not happy in cleveland. a disclaimer here.
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hearing this for months. kyrie would rather play some place else. >> this goes to 2014 when rumors popped up. >> kyrie signed the five year extension at the same time lebron was coming back and knew what he was in terms for. as for yesterday looks like nobody wanted to be a cavalier and got shredded. >> and on the defensive end. >> honestly i am not going to finger point on one thing and about a week ago. and these two losses in the grand scheme of things. we are a great defensive team and consistency going game to game. >> today was one that's uncharacteristic of us. toronto was, you know a battle that came down to the wire. floor. tough losses for us. >> we need to lock in sometimes
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to get away with a lot of stuff on the offensive end and put up a lot of points. when we play both sides of the ball we are better. >> no doubt about that. cavaliers and pacers 40 minutes away fox sports ohio with fred and a.c. before we go, if this was a perfect world peyton manning would pull a john elway. >> and he is not john elway and he may want to play. john elway is making the decision for him. >> and on the books for $19 million. and he wants to announce it in a stunning ceremony, denver broncos world champs move on and some point he will likely announce the hall of fame football career is officially in
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>> mark: welcome. >> romona: okay. >> jeff: hook at the picture on facebook. >> mark: hooks like vacation slides. >> 40 tomorrow and inland warmer starting out as rain changing to snow tomorrow night windy and colder down to 23. 26 wednesday and height
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the way thursday. 31. >> mark: very good. >> romona: you got me in trouble saying we are looking at pictures. >> mark: thank you for joining us. cbs evening news is next.
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>> pelley: on the eve of super tuesday, trump clashes with black lives matter protesters. >> get 'em out. get 'em out. out. out, out, out, out. >> pelley: also tonight, a cop is gunned down on her first day on the job. the big chain food company pleads guilty to selling parmesan that had no parmesan. and david martin with an american hero. >> it's five bronze stars, two purple hearts? >> that's correct. >> pelley: and now the highest military honor of all. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: in candidate will


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