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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we begin with breaking news out of belgium.
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people killed in a bombing at the airport in brussels, belgium. >> brian: along with the 13 killed, as many as 35 are hurt after two explosions near the american airlines desk in brussels, belgium. here's the latest victim from sky news. the explosions occurred in a departure terminal around 8:00 a.m. local time as the belgian capital is on high alert following the arrest of paris attacks suspect in the city last friday. >> we saw all the smashed windows, and we didn't get any information. >> brian: the flights to and from brussels have been canceled. there are reports of an explosion at a brussels train station. we will continue to monitor developments and bring you updates as we get them. >> nichole: we did some checking. there are no direct flights from the cleveland hopkins airport to brussels.
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southwest flies through atlanta and air canada connects in >> tia: toronto. two delta flights go through atlanta and the other through jfk in new york city. as brian mentioned, we also heard reports of a possible explosion at the metro subway system in belgium. that shut down. possible explosion there near the u.s. embassy. new developments continue to come into the newsroom, and we'll keep you posted as they become available. >> brian: absolutely. we will follow this story on air all morning long. keep checking in on the cleveland 19 mobile app for live updates. >> nichole: here in northeast ohio this morning another cool day to start our day. let's go over to meteorologist sam roberts in our first alert weather center. sounds like it's going to get warmer today? >> samantha: you may walk outside this morning and it feels like winter, but this afternoon it will feel like spring again after a chilly day yesterday. let's go straight to your temperatures. this is what it feels like in cleveland right now.
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that's a live look over downtown, and isn't it a beautiful morning? great visibility, no fog issues. you. mansfield, sandusky, we are all in the lower 30s with a little yesterday. last three hours we saw an increase in cloud cover, but these clouds are not producing rain or snow. we'll be off to a dry start this morning, but the problem is that we have this little pesky front off to our north. it's draped across michigan, northern michigan, and as it kind of wobbles up and down north and south over the next two days, it may spark a few showers, mainly later this afternoon, and another chance for rain tomorrow afternoon. today's rain chance is pretty small, in fact, i think most of us will probably get through the day dry. let's break down that day planner forecast for you starting off at 7:00 in the morning.
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temperatures in the mid-30s. lunchtime, 53, partly to mostly cloudy. i don't know that you'll be eating outside, but hey, at least it's milder than yesterday. upper 50s this afternoon. high temperature for today happens around 3:00, breezy with that light rain possible through the afternoon. laura. >> laura: we're looking outside right now. i-480 at route 8 is very, very quiet this morning. where is everyone? still sleeping. there goes on a trucker where he's headed. a long route ahead of him likely. many headed on the road right now, and the path is looking good everywhere. look at the map there. nothing but green this morning. all the arrows mean the flow is moving very, very nicely. all that in green. like to see that early in the morning. 6:04 right now. our airports here, cleveland hopkins headed to the airport, i saw at least one cancellation and we're all on time out of akron/canton. as always, check your apps and e-mails and check on your particular flight and make sure there's no changes or updates with yours. there are the drive times right
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they all look good. i don't see any issues if you head out the door to hang you up on your way in to work. cavaliers down the floor and j.r. up top! >> brian: go ahead, freddie. that was pretty good. what a night for lebron james at the q. he turns in one of his best games of the season finishing with a triple double. 33 points, 11 rebounds and 11 dimes. they beat the nuggets 124-91. with the win they clench the division title, but this morning people are not talking about the big game unfortunately for the team's second consecutive central division championship. >> nichole: that takes a back seat to the social media instead. many fans wonder why king james unfollowed the cavaliers team twitter account. q. mccray joins us now. this just adds to the drama that seems to follow lebron. >> q.: a lot of questions being asked this morning and a lot of people shaking their heads as well.
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no way around it. >> q.: a lot of people are scratching their heads this morning. sometime before last night's game lebron james unfollowed the cavs twitter page. during the game the news went viral. after the game here's what happened when he was asked about it. >> lebron, you may not like this one, and i'm not thrilled asking it. i'm trying to defuse this a little bit. but it appears that unfollowed the cavs on twitter today. it's caused quite a stir. why did you do that? what would go into that? >> i'm not explaining it. >> next question. >> you had 38 assists tonight. that's a season high. is this what you can take forward to the next game? >> i'm done. >> q.: there you have it. lebron didn't have an answer, and he didn't seem thrilled about it at all. here is something to consider. lebron james usually takes a
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playoffs begin. there is speculation that could be what he's doing. then again, the playoffs don't begin for another three weeks, so i'll leave it up to you at home. in 30 minutes i show you what fans online are saying about lebron's social media activity in about 30 minutes. nichole. >> nichole: thanks, q. cleveland city council approving a $556 million budget for the rest of the year. city services will remain at current levels. to help ease looming financial burdens the mayor proposed hiking the income tax from 2% to 2.5%. the city council is working on legislation to put that issue the on the ballot. creston police officer kenny ray jr. worked at the plant as a fire technician. he was inspecting fire extinguishes at the plant when he died. osha believes he died of
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>> brian: a week after winning ohio, john kasich is hoping to maintain his momentum out west today. voters from both parties in arizona and utah go to the polls today. just the democrats are caucusing in idaho. something to watch for today now on the republican side. it's the first major election day without marco rubio in the mix. president barack obama's historic trip to cuba wraps up today. this morning he delivers a speech at a historic theater in havana. it will be attended by cuban president raul castro. the most symbolic event is tonight when the president attends a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and cuban national team. baseball is america's pastime and cuba's national sport. 6:08. we're continuing to follow the situation in belgium where two bombs went off early this morning at the brussels airport. >> nichole: many families gear up for spring break vacations. one local swim instructor is
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safety for kids. we show a water survival class next. >> samantha: not everyone on spring break this week. what to expect at the bus stop this morning. 35 with quiet weather. no rain, no snow. that south wind is going to warm things up nicely today. we'll talk about it after the
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#: >> brian: 6:12 on your tuesday morning. federal prosecutors made the asurprising anountsment on the
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prosecutors say the fbi has been researching ways to access information in syed farook's phone and getting help from an outside party. >> nichole: astronomers have their eye on the sky again this morning for a second comet hurling towards earth. we told you about the first one yesterday morning. this one is coming around 10:30. you can't see it, but it will be the third closest approach of a comet in history. we don't have to be worried about it, right, sam? >> samantha: not at all. we're good to go. one whizzed by yesterday at 14 minutes after 8:00, and i don't think anybody noticed. >> brian: i felt it. i saw it. >> samantha: it was a little breezy yesterday. i promise it didn't have anything to do with the comet. say thing today. another breezy day in the forecast, and, of course, that second comet flying by at 10:30. as they mentioned just a moment ago, it's the third closest fly-by of a comet in recorded
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so a little close for comfort there, but in their press release nasa kept saying safe, safe, safe approach, safe pass high by. they used the word "safe" five times. we're good to go. you can't see it with the naked eye, but it can be seen through high-powered and professional telescopes. set your alarm for 10:30 this morning. you won't see anything. there's no rain flying around out there either. just that comet waiting to whiz by, right? no snow either, dry start on doppler max as we scan the skies. your morning commute problem-free in the world of weather. a low impact drive here. we're at 31 right now in cleveland. by 7:00 it will be about 35. 36 at 8:00, and then almost 40 by noon. you know, yesterday -- excuse me. by 9:00 we'll be almost at 40. yesterday we only hit 42. today headed for 59, so a lot warmer.
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in the afternoon. i'd say by midday about 53 and then finally getting to almost 60 by 3:00 in the afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy, and as we've been talking about all morning, there is just the slightest chance for a passing late day rainshower today. akron/canton slightly less of a rain chance here. you're farther south, so you're farther away from the front that may spark a shower in cleveland later today. it's just this tiny little chance. breezy and a mix of sun and clouds in akron today as we top out around 59. for tonight we all drop back into the mid-40s. mostly cloudy skies, and again, there is that small chance for some light rain or drizzle. and tomorrow will be a similar day with the small chance for rain during the afternoon. thursday is when things really get soggy. this is your first alert that you will definitely need that umbrella on thursday. we'll have big low pressure off to the west.
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come through late in the day on thursday. all the green that you see here, that's where we think we have a lot of rain on thursday. notice cleveland dealing with the rain on thursday, and then to the north snow. we, however, are on the warm side of things. notice that thursday we're in the low 60s, not only will we be seeing rain, we may see some thunderstorms, some of which may produce strong winds, so thursday is a day to watch. good news here. we dry out just in time for good friday, and we get a little cooler, too. friday highs only around 44. start of the weekend looks great. we rebound to 58 degrees, and my little easter bunny there, he might be jumping around in the rain on sunday. love the sound effects, guys. who is on the audio board back there. is that todd? 54 on sunday with rain late in the day, and rain hangs around on monday. >> laura: that he'ser bunny has the biggest feet of any easter
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he springs along there. very, very cute. all right. outside this morning looking good on the roadways. perfect really. 480 at transportation here, still very, very light in traffic. just 6:16 right now nearly closer to 6:17. i don't see any big issues this morning. no accidents or broken-downs on any major highways, so smooth sailing for you if you're an early bird travelers. get up and go out the door. 71 is looking like this. 60 miles per hour through the strongsville area. as you come up on 480, a little slowdown there as you make your decision as to whether or not you're going 71 or 480 the rest of the way. everyone slows down a bit getting through the area right by the airport, too. busy area this time of day. 77 also looking good, north to south and south to north. all of those travels look perfect. look at the travel times all in the green, brian. that's the way i like to see it at 6:17 in the morning. >> brian: green means go, right? according to the cdc more than 800 kids die from drowning every
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highest rates ages 1 to 4. lack of ability. they don't know how to swim is the main factor for these drownings and this is a big issue as we get ready for spring break break. nichole is looking at water survival classes for toddlers. >> nichole: besides birth defects, drowning is the number one cause of death among children 1 through 4. many people are traveling later this week and into next to places with pools and maybe even the ocean. in fact, one mom said the vacation was a motivating factor behind enrolling her kids in a local water survival class called little aquanaughts. with two kids, she knew her son and daughter needed to know how to swim. >> our son had jurs turned one and our daughter had just turned three. we were nervous when they were by the water. we were by the ocean for a week and by the pool. >> nichole: colleen signed them
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berea rec center. christina is the instructor. kids as young as 10 months take the 10-minute one on one session. >> in the beginning it looks like nothing is happening, and a all of a sudden it clicks and you realize they're learning how to roll over all on their own and float on their backs. >> the final test includes a fully-clothed splash into the pool. the goal is to give kids a fighting chance of survival, whatever the conditions may be. christina also does what if scenarios. what if a child was lured by a toy? 3-year-old ben knows what to do. his grandma says the hardest part can be watching. >> those kids that start out screaming because they have to get water on their face to learn how to do this end up crying and screaming eventually because they don't want to get out of the water. not only are they learning water safety, they're also learning a true love of the water. >> reporter: colleen agrees.
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and the progress over the past year has been rewarding. >> they don't have that sense of fear in their eyes of what am i doing? i don't know how to save myself? they have a sense of peace, and that is of the utmost importance for us. >> nichole: now, coming up in the next half hour, we show you video of a 10-month-old baby who takes this class. she actually has since she was just 6 months old. it's amaze ing amazing. her father is a paramedics and says with all the things he's seen and experienced personally, this class for him and his daughter was a must. >> brian: great idea. >> nichole: absolutely. especially this time of year. time is 6:20. the browns could be a step closer to getting next season's starting quarterback. >> brian: oh, no. let's see. listen up. if you own a kindle, we have crucial information for you if
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own a kindle if it's not updated by the end of the day. if you bought a kindle before 2012, a free update is required, otherwise, starting tomorrow it will no longer be able to connect to the internet. if you have a newer kindle device, don't worry. those update automatically. apple is showing off the newest products at the annual launch event. the tech giant introduced consumers to the iphone se. it's a little smaller than the iphone6 and costs about $400 whether when it comes out. they anoupsed a new ipad and watchbands. >> brian: multiple roberts point to robert griffin iii to play in cleveland. he was drafted by washington and had a huge rookie year and injuries have been a major problem since. coach hue jackson said a weekend meeting with griffin went very well. we're 13 days it will opening day at progressive field.
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will toss out the ceremony first pitch, black keys drummer carney. they will be recognized on the field for their big moments playing in cleveland. opening day is always fun. >> nichole: the snow opening day was almost ten years ago. >> brian: it seems like five or six years ago. 2007 and they moved the whole series to milwaukee five or six years ago. >> nichole: let's hope that's not the case this year. time is 6:25. this might not surprise you some of you. lebron james is the source of the latest off the court drama for the cleveland cavs. sam. >> brian: okay, sam. thank you. mother a dozen killed this
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>> brian: welcome back. we continue our breaking news about brussels, bell gium belgium. >> nichole: as many as 23 dead and 35 other injured in two separate locations in the airport and at a metro station near the u.s. embassy. it happened around 8:00 a.m. local time in belgium. that's around 3:00 a.m. here our time. cbs news correspondent don champion joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: moments after the deadly explosions, people could be seen running through a smoky hall inside brussels airport. at least two explosions, one reportedly carried out by a
6:30 am
departure hall just after 8:00 in the morning local time. >> there's several exits. go to them. all the luggage stays here. >> reporter: afterwards airport workers led stunned passengers to the tarmac outside the airport. >> i walked through a mess, a lot of stuff, glass, litter, smoke, water dripping from the ceiling. we had to walk through puddles. we were evacuated. >> reporter: a short time later explosions were reported at a metro train station in brussels. the attacks appear to be coordinated happens days after the high profile arrest of terror suspect salah abdeslam in brussels, a primary suspect in the deadly terror attacks in paris was on the run since november. don champion, cleveland 19. >> brian: about a half hour ago we sent out a push alert with an update to the story. if you download our cleveland 19 mobile app, you, too, can sign up to get breaking news notifications on your smartphone. >> nichole: good morning, everyone.
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i'm nichole vrsansky in for tia ewing this morning. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. the forecast is much nicer, sam, than it was yesterday. at least warmer than it was yesterday, right? >> samantha: yeah. it was nice to see some sunshine yesterday, but as we talked about earlier, it was deceptive sunshine, right? it looked warmer out there than it actually was. today it's going to feel a little bit more springlike, so go to look forward to. that might give you a little spring in your step for a tuesday. i feel like sometimes tuesdays are kind of rough, right? we got over monday but we're still really far from friday. it doesn't feel like -- what did you say, laura? reality has set in, right? warmer weather today, so i hope that brings a smile to your face. a little light late day rain is possible. we have a better shot for showers, though, wednesday into thursday. i'll have your extended forecast in just a moment, but i want to take you to doppler max and show you that your commute, whether
6:32 am
77, 80, all quiet weather. now laura has the actual traffic situation in a minute. i'm telling you, the weather is super quiet and will be for most of the day. let's break it down hour-by-hour starting off at 8:00. mid-30s so a little chilly out there this morning. by 10 we're already at 44. that is warmer than our high from yesterday. 51 at the noon hour and some as warm as 53. highs today in the mid to upper 50s, but maybe a little shower this afternoon. the chance is pretty small. your full forecast in a bit. laura. >> laura: you're reminding me, sometime last year there was a report that came out of the favorite days of the week and least favorite days of the week. the least favorite day of the week was tuesday in the study, so that was exactly what you were just reminding me of with that. out there right now here is your perk, your plus side to a tuesday morning. early bird commute 6:32.
6:33 am
the only report of any slowdown right now is this spot right here, i-71 at west 25th street near pearl road. maybe a one-minute delay. just extra traffic coming in from the south in the morning time. it's the only spot where you see yellow on the map. right there is the 30-mile-per-hour marker, so that's what that is. we take that drive right by the airport, which most everything is on time. i see one cancellation at cleveland hopkins so check your apps before you head out the door. as for that drive right there, the slowdown shouldn't hold you back too long. you should get into downtown without troubles. the commute is 20 minutes right now and 27 minutes from akron and north olmstead. 27 minutes on in from the west side. guys. >> nichole: lebron james has a huge game last night against the denver nuggets at the q. does, right? he dropped in 33 points, 41st career triple-double. it was what lebron did on social
6:34 am
q. is joining us. lebron is very smart, q., but he evidently thinking we're all dumb. he unfollowed the cavs on twitter and acted like he didn't know what anybody was talking about. he didn't want to talk about it. got mad with a little grin on his face. >> nichole: it's so dramatic. >> q.: why, though? that's the big question this morning. >> brian: that's what we can't figure out. >> nichole: it seems like a simple answer would have alleviated this. >> brian: how about not unfollowing the cavs? >> q.: that's a good point, too. he didn't just follow the cavs but unfollowed austin carr and other members of the media. this latest move by lebron has a lot of people scratching their head again. lebron james unfollowed the cavs official twitter and instagram pages during the game. the news of his social media activity went viral, and after the game a reporter asked lebron
6:35 am
take a listen and look at the exchange. >> reporter: you may not like this one, and i'm trying to diffuse it a little bit. it appears you unfollowed the cavs on twitter today, and it's caused quite a stir. why did you do that? what would go into that? >> next question. >> next question. >> you have 38 assists tonight. that's a season high. is this something you can take forward to the next game? >> i'm done. >> q.: there you have it. fans have been taking to twitter throughout the night with their takes on lebron's decision to unfollow the cavs. she tweeted at our sports director tony zarrella saying i just don't understand why this guy has to play these little games. probably one of the strangest athletes ever. ethan wolf says lebron unfollows the cavs twitter and instagram and skips talking to the media.
6:36 am
or he's trolling nba fans. there is obviously a lot of speculation around this move by lebron. remember, with the playoffs just around the corner, lebron usually decides to take a break from social media, which may be accounts. if i remember correctly, last year he tweeted about telling people -- this is in for me when it comes to social media. usually lets people know. we'll leave it up to you guys to decide. we have more on the story on the sister station cle43 in about 30 minutes. >> nichole: thanks, q. the u.s. depth of agriculture is offering aid for the water crisis in sebring. the mahoning county village is getting 400,000 $400,000 to help make improvements to the water treatment plant. we told you about the story when high levels of lead were discovered in the water supply. the plant's manager were fired and so were two state epa
6:37 am
an ongoing decline in student enrollment is the cause of big staffing cuts by the cleveland heights university heights school district. 50 jobs, most of them teachers, are expected to be let go before next school year. the teacher's union president ari kline figures they will impact special education students. >> you look at the special ed teachers we're losing, it seems like a lot because they don't have a maximum load. you know, special ed is one of those few areas that we really shine in. >> nichole: the district tells us that cuts will not affect the quality of education that students receive, and that schools will still offer all of the current elective courses. >> brian: tickets are on sale for the 40th cleveland international film festival. it costs 16 bucks for a nonmember to attend. the event runs march 30th through april 10th at tower city cinemas. this year's festival featured 193 films and 213 short films. those come from 72 different
6:38 am
maybe the most anticipated of this year is the premiere screening of espn's 30 for 30 documentary, believe land. i understand it was directed or produced, i'm not sure which one, by a cleveland native. so it's not 30 minutes of a rip job on the city of cleveland, which you've seen in other places. >> nichole: we're passionate about it. i'm excited to see that one. 6:38. the time is now 6:38. the city of brussels under lockdown right now after three bombings a few hourgz ago happened at the city's airport and metro station. we know multiple people are dead. >> brian: that's right. at least 23. within the hour we learned authorities are calling this a terrorist attack. we are continuing to monitor the developments. we bring you the updates as they become available. sam. >> samantha: all right. we take a live look now over downtown cleveland. we have great visibility this morning.
6:39 am
it's 31, so still feeling like winter this morning, but a spring-like feel this afternoon. it makes sense. it's officially spring now, right? i'll have your forecast and look ahead to easter after the break. >> nichole: up next, some think this is alarming. other parents say a new class could be the difference between life and death for their child
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>> brian: good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on this tuesday morning. live look at the cleveland skyline, the terminal tower on the left, the bp building or the -- they don't call it that anymore, but we call it that, right? it's 200 public square now. is that what they call that?
6:43 am
it's the bp building to everyone from cleveland and on the right, of course, key tower. thank you for starting your day with us. 6:42. a lot of people are traveling to warm destinations for spring break, and that means kids and water. that can be a dangerous combination. more than 800 children die from drowning every year. many just because they have not yet learned how to swim. nikki, kids as young as 6 months can take lessons that can keep them safe. >> nichole: it's called little aqua naughts and we watched a baby 10 months that started at 6 months sloet on ner back on her own in the water. we'll show you that video. the goal is to teach kids self-rescue skills. how to survive if they fall into a pool until help arrives. swimming isn't just recreational recreational. it's a life skill. christina knows how dangerous the water can be. her cousin nearly drown. >> she was 3 and fell into the backyard pool.
6:44 am
her older sister. she lived until age 12. she was not okay. >> nichole: the tragedy triggered a need inside christina to make sure more kids would be safe around water. she now teaches little aquanaughts water survival classes at the berea rec center. >> they fall in. i train them to know how to right themselves if they're tumbling all about, and they can pop back up and float on their backs. >> nichole: watch this. henley is just 10 months old rolling over floating on her back on her own. she started taking christina's class at 6 months. her dead is a paramedic and has seen all too often the consequences of children who fall into the water and don't know what to do. >> god forbid she gets away from us and ends up in the water. at least she has a fighting chance. >> nichole: the classes can be hard to watch, and parents say they get some criticism among family members for putting kids
6:45 am
they say this is a life skill. this is giving them a fighting chance, and most say the kids get comfortable and learn to like the water. >> it's definitely difficult to watch. it's not something where you're like, this is great. you think about the consequences later on in life. >> nichole: the sessions are an intense ten minutes long and all one on one. christina says it takes an average of 18 to 24 sessions for her students to get it. >> it doesn't take them long to understand the difference between my face is in the water and i don't particularly like this and i can't breathe here to the comfort of being on their back and being able to relax and breathe. >> nichole: you should be able to spot a child that was drowning. we were curious about the warning signs, and it's not what you might think. it's not like the movies. a drowns person won't scream out and draw attention to themselves. likely, this person is going to be silent. drowning people don't call for help if they can't breathe. they can't talk.
6:46 am
the surface. usually a drowning victim cannot wave or signal. someone in aquatic distress might yell for help, which is as dangerous, but that person will be able to respond to help so they'll be able to grab onto a flotation device that you may throw at them. >> samantha: very important stuff there as we enter the warmer months. kids start to go to the pool. not pool weather today, but it is going to be a lot warmer than we have been, you know, through the weekend and yesterday was so chilly. a lot warmer than that today. we start off at 31. good morning to you in cleveland. 36 down in columbus. look out to the west. chicago, champaign over into indianapolis, they're in the 40s, and that warmer air is headed in our direction. this morning we're socked in with the cloud cover. again, most of us in the lower to mid-30s, so it is a little bit warmer than this time yesterday.
6:47 am
we are tracking a little chance for rain later on. now, it's a pretty small rain chance. the issue is this front off to the north, and that's going to be there in michigan through about tomorrow afternoon. as long as we have that front to our north, we could see a shower this afternoon or even through tomorrow afternoon. the chance today is really small. it gets a little bit better for tomorrow. so let's go through today's forecast. here's your day planner starting with 9:00. by then we'll be in the upper 30s, and as you head out to lunch, 53. that's 10-plus degrees warmer than we were yesterday, and then highs by 3:00 in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. a little breezy today, but so much warmer than yesterday. it's going to be really nice. probably seeing more cloud cover or thickening cloud cover through the afternoon, and again, there is the chance for a passing shower today in the afternoon and early evening. those rain chances are a lot
6:48 am
this shouldn't stay into the weekend. days. the graphic is still taking a nice, long weekend for me. tomorrow weather alert day. we have rain in the afternoon, and your high is 56 tomorrow. then on thursday 63. we get warmer, but rain is likely on thursday and even a few thunderstorms possible, some wind. we dry it out just in time for good friday, but look how much cooler after a high of 63 on thursday, we're only around 44 on friday. we are try for anything you have going on good friday, and we'll stay dry through saturday. this is that easter weekend forecast. 58 saturday is my pick day of the seven-day. unfortunately, by sunday we may have a few showers around mainly in the afternoon. so if you're trying to decide, do i have my egg hunt on saturday or sunday? i might consider saturday. it will be the better day. laura.
6:49 am
those rainy days, too, and then you can color eggs or something. you have to find different things to do indoors with the kiddos, right? outside right now if you're getting ready to hit the road this morning, looking really good outside. 480 here, 77 going across your screen there. looks like a perfect early morning commute. we're not quite to rush hour yet. rush hour things slow down more. most for a delay right here is 71 along the metro curve. this is what we see every morning. typically if everything is normal, it's the first place every single morning that starts to see a morning slowdown. you have a lot of traffic and a lot of people coming from the south. maybe strongsville and points farther south and medina and brunswick area. 176 joins in bringing more people from 480 and hangs you up alittle bit. along 480 things look good, out the same on 422. everybody still in the green there and so are our drive times. they're still sailing along as
6:50 am
>> brian: thanks, laura. could this possibly be the greatest late note ever? this 9-year-old and his dad went to the bruce springsteen concert. he held up a sign saying bruce, i'll be late to school tomorrow. please sign my note. he saw the sign and asked them backstage. he signed the tardy note and posed for pictures with the little boy. listen, i had to show up to work here after i went to the concert. i got about two hours of sleep. bruce didn't give me a note. what the heck? >> nichole: well, you weren't that cute. >> brian: exactly. that's one problem. i guess i should have held a sign up. >> nichole: can you imagine the look on the teacher's face if he brought it to school? >> brian: i'm sure he did. that's great. >> nichole: coming up, we continue to breaking developments out of brussels, belgium this morning. we now know it was a terrorist attack. >> brian: there was attack at
6:51 am
station and left 20 people dead and at least 35 others hurt.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> brian: all right. this day in rock history it was 1980 when another brick in the wall by pink floyd topped the singles charts for the first of four weeks. it would be their second for pink floyd and final top 40 single in the united states. you can find more trivia on you can also enter to win two tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino in northfield. >> nichole: as you head out the door to start the day, here are some stories to know before you go. they brought us back towards the main building for the
6:55 am
windows had been blown out of the main building. >> two loud explosions have been heard at brussels airport which is evacuated right now. many fans wonder why lebron account. >> next question. >> cleveland city council approved a $566 million budget for the rest of the year. >> voters in three states will head to the polls to decide who should be their party's presidential nominee. >> president obama addresses the cuban people and sits down with dissidents today on the third and final day of his historic visit to the island nation. >> it's called little auk qua aquanaughts and we watched a baby who floated on her back on her own in the water. >> samantha: time is 6:55. that was such an incredible story you did about the babies learning how to swim. it's so important. so great job there, nichole. love that story.
6:56 am
here's your seven-day forecast. you're returning around getting the kids ready to go. expect upper 50s this afternoon. you want to dress the little ones for winter this morning, and then, of course, the spring-like feel this afternoon. slight chance of a passing shower this afternoon, but want chance is pretty small. much better rain chances mid-week, especially on thursday. easter weekend, saturday looks good, laura, but sunday has a little rain around. >> laura: we'll watch that very, very carefully. leaving to school or work with a coat, and you come back without it. looking not too shabby on the roadways this morning. travel is nice. we have nice weather, so that helps out the roads. a couple delays right now. the only one right there i-71 and west 25th street area, the metro curve in the middle of the screen. then 490 is also right close by near i-77 about a minute delay there. nothing major here. we've got green drive times as we enter into rush hour in four minutes.
6:57 am
>> thanks for watching this morning. "cleveland 19 news" continues on cle43. we have the latest from brussels. >> brian: click over to cle43, please.
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