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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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denise: right now we are waiting to hear when it will be closed tomorrow when it is just as hot. denise zarrella live in tremont with the details. >> standing outside tremont montessori school and students gone and most of the staff is gone now. around 2:00 today. this place was really hopping. a lot of parents were showing up here. you can take a look at the video when earlier when parents were coming to to the heat. it was so hot inside the building. most of the parents we talked to never heard of the school closing because of the heat before. but we did hear from the cleveland school district. they said most of the buildings closed early due to the heat with no air-conditioning units or hardly any in their buildings. >> reporter: it was hot in there when you went in there? >> heck yeah. it was super hot.
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they could. >> if you go in and sweat like fools in there. >> this was kind of a last-minute notification. parents got an alert on the phones to come and pick their students up. the school district said part of the timing with this factoring into this they wanted to make sure all the kids had lunch before they left the school here today. they tell us no word what their plans are f get hot. reporting live asking questions, getting answers here at tremont montessori. denise zarrella, cleveland 19. thank you for that. we are tracking more hot and muggy weather in our first alert forecast. >> denise: it is oppressive out there. on top of that showers and storms and some could be severe. jeff tanchak has the latest now in the first alert weather center. >> jeff: no surprise there. eventually we will deal with storms in this hot and humid stuff.
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tomorrow afternoon with the front. we have one more oppressive day tomorrow and improvement friday. we have spottier isolated showers and storms out there right now and the most concentrated area here around ravenna portage county tracking east to palmyra and newton falls. you have downpours there and tropical air and you are in a situation where any time throughout the night you can get brief showers or storms popping up. we have the front tomorrow. the opportunity of showers and storms going up afternoon and evening and a another round of storms saturday and that's a stronger system really sending the temperature down the second half of the weekend. current temperature 96 sandusky and 91 cleveland and 93 lasts hour and we might have tied the official high in here shortly. most areas around 90 and
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105. that's how it feels right now when you step outside. 101 akron. slow improvement in these heat index numbers from this point forward. >> obviously warm and muggy tonight. 91 hopkins. 89 at 6:00 and small chance of showers and storms 7:00, 8:00 and low temperatures average high this time of year in some spots. i will let you know when the bigger change happens coming up in my main weather segment. >> thank you. we continue team coverage of this sweltering september heat wave. >> chris: we are getting answers how one school is keeping cool. shelby miller live in cleveland. shelby? >> yeah. they said last year on a hot day they reported a classroom reached 90 degrees.
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headaches and parents were keeping kids at home because it was too hot for them to go into the building and this was affecting learning and the kids attention spans and the school district knew they needed to make a change after the heat and this year they rented portable air-conditioning units and those are for the schools that don't have ac already. i am told it is making a huge difference on days like today when it is hot outside. >> the air temperature is less humid in the claom 10-15 degrees cooler than hot days last year. >> kids love it and staff loves it and parents have been crazy about it and saying it is better and kids aren't coming home with headaches. there were staff members that have a history of migraines and they would get them because of the high heat and humidity and don't get them now. >> great news right there. i am told nurse visits have gone
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they are less hot and more hydrated and affects of ac and great to see, six schools at stowman falls have ac units and i am told they have them on august 15 through the end of this month. >> a few more weeks still great for kids and teachers alike there. >> at 6:00, i spoke with the principal who talks about how great air-conditioning units are at his school after having them a few weeks compared to not having t reporting live shelby miller cleveland 19 news. >> >> denise: what a great idea. love to have one of those in my house. >> and people say their bills have skyrocketed. what's up with the increase. >> mark: residents claim they see a sudden jump in the bills after the city installed new water meters at their homes. one of cleveland 19 staffers in
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last three months coming to 42.90 in july, 45.55 august and jumped up to $112.89 in september. >> we asked the mayor, he says he sees these complaints every year due to the meter system that only provides actual readings every few months and says each household gets a monthly estimate and next month's bill is based off actual usage for the past three months total. water meters were installed this summer and that's not why people are seeing a hike in bills it is from increased water use over the hot summer. jenson told cleveland 19 the city will get actual monthly readings instead of estimates. >> reporter: getting answers mark nolan cleveland 19. thank you for that. donald trump and hillary clinton scheduled to take part in a forum focusing on national
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as clinton slammed him for not supporting those who have served. >> immediately after taking office i will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis. >> his whole campaign has been one long insult to those who have worn the uniform. >> clinton picked up an endorsement from the "dallas morning news" calling her one serious candidate on the ballot. she is the first democratic candidate to have the papers backing in over 70 years. while the world watches u.s. politics, 17 people from india are getting a front row seat for the presidential election thanks to a program at the university of akron. the 10 week international campaign fellows program embeds the international visitors in
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about american politics and elections. another 15 people from liberia and brazil will be taking part in the final four weeks of the campaign. of course there are many other races going on that mean a lot to ohioans and race for u.s. senate between two well-known. >> chris: and a race seemingly lopsided. catherine bosley has the story. >> reporter: with that, there's got to be a cuyahoga board of elections and the one with republican rob portman and ohio democrat ted strickland who i got to sat down with and ask serious questions, where have you been? >> rob portman is on the side of the coalminers. >> you are getting an ad for the rob portman campaign spending $31 million on the ads. on the strickland side. >> we balance the budget every
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which is why we have to ask what democrats may be asking, what's going on. >> i just started to fight back. i have saved my resources until, you know, the end game when most people pay attention and make up their minds. >> he admits he doesn't have the kind of money the opposition has and he basically doesn't have the billionaire friends portman has. a portman businessman responds that the campaigns are reflexes of candidates, rec successes or failures, and the race is getting noticed for negativity and ads were told coming from political action questions like this one. >> he wasted over $250,000 remodeling bathrooms at the governor's mansion. >> reporter: which has been deemed an outright lie and some say it is the pac ads that gets people talking and a super pack
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>> it is -- do you think they are giving up on you? >> i don't think they are trying to give up on me, they are strategic how they spend their money. >> which means strickland needs more strategy than ever and we are about to see it. >> okay. despite the perception of what's going on with the race, the polls will give you a much more accurate picture and what i am told portman has a nine point lead down from 14% not long ago and maybe this is becoming more of a ballgame. again, you have about two months to tell live at the board of elections catherine bosley cleveland 19. >> thank you, catherine. >> denise: a wannabe psychic in mentor is accused of stealing $1.5 million in cash, jewelry and gift cards from clients. gina miller conned nearly 1 dozen clients and hit the
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charges including corrupt activity, theft and telecommunication fraud. miller reportedly told her victims harm would come to her families if they refuse to pay her. >> macedonia police are looking for crooks who stole a woman's purse out of her trunk at the rec center. watch suspects use their vehicle to block the camera so it can't record them stealing the woman's purse. police say never leave valuables in your trunk especially if you see people sitting watching you. >> a cleveland 19 viewer wanted help with a dust problem in olmsted township. it is especially bad for neighbor linda wilson with stage 4 lung cancer. >> when we got home it looked like it snowed dust. >> they use a broom truck which is supposed to have water on it to dry and swoop the dust to the side. they had no water. no water whatsoever just blowing dust all over the place.
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been stirring up dust all summer. you can see the photos there concrete dust all over the place. paul orlousky tried to talk to the county about the problem. >> can we talk to you about the dust problem neighbors are complaining about and making sure it gets watered three times a day? >> cleveland 19 news will watch to see if crews are watering the roads three times a day as promised. >> denise: the euclid senior program is in tonight. it serves more than 42,000 lunches in a year to senior citizens. for many it might be the only nutritious meal that day. >> the euclid senior lunch program has a problem, the demand for meals is breaking the budget. >> ulf, our grant money is running out. in order to subsidize it, in order to make it that we can serve meals through the end of
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we approached the county and given a generous $10,000 challenge grant. we are raising $10,000 to continue to serve hot nutritious lunch to the seniors every day. >> if they raise the 10 grand, the county will match it so euclid senior program will be able to continue to serve its community hot meals five days a week. coming up, the new iphone 7 apples big event today. a new study found underage drinking is influenced by something your kids are watching
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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live from the cleveland newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> well, it is the big day fans have been waiting for apple released the new iphone and goodies. sales have been down for the most popular device and can it return to chris martinez reports from l.a. >> the late, late show james cordon asked tim cook for more hype for wednesday's announcement of the iphone 7. >> it makes all the things you do every day so much better. >> as expected, the iphone 7 does away with the head phone jack in favor of digital connector and wireless head
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faster processer and front and back cameras and second telephoto lens. >> this is the best camera made in any smart phone. >> apple updates he's diehard fans but they do not feel temptation to run to the store to pick them up. >> for the first time iphone sales fell 27% and carriers aren't offering subsidies to offer the 649 price tag. >> apple is the potential to hold them longer which is happening to a certain extent and looking at cheaper i- phones which is good enough. >> apple announced the second generation apple watch and better water proofing and tech analysts say wearables could be the biggest moneymaker for apple which until last year was the biggest in the world.
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los angeles. >> denise: today's health alert the dangers of irregular heartbeat. how alcohol ads are including teenagers. here is another teenager to limit tv time. researchers in boston found the more kids see specific brands of alcohol, the more likely they are to drink under age and drink those brands in particular. >> primary care doctors with extended hours are helping to lower the number of visit the emergency room according to a british study that found almost 30% drop in er visits when doctors added evening and weekend hours to their schedules. >> a study found people with an irregular heartbeat are at risk for a wider range of serious conditions than previously thought. >> dangers are heart attack and heart failure and sudden cardiac death and chronic kidney disease.
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increased risk of stroke. a giant eagle is offering savings on flu shots this fall. any customer who visits giant eagle pharmacy for a flu shot will receive a 20-cent fuel perks bonus or 10% off a future grocery trip offered at all locations from now until december 31. >> jeff: hi. i want to isolated showers and storms here very spotty mainly, it is more concentrated on i-76 portage county and around the canton area. let's zoom in here. that's clearly a downpour. i assume there's thunder that as well tracking east and western mahoning county and one southeast of alliance. we had this little guy that popped up here in berea.
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a mile stretch of i-71. you will run into rain and it will slow things down and you will go from sunshine by the airport and all of a sudden it is like what happened and when you get down to strongsville it kind of weakens a little bit. this is the front right here. when this arrives tomorrow afternoon that's what will give us a better opportunity of showers and storms here. that's why we have an alert day there is a little bit of severe weather with that nothing widespread. i think we, too, could see a few storms go severe tomorrow afternoon with heavy rains and strong winds. >> it will be a small chance tonight forget about it. >> oppressive tonight. it is probably going to be one of the worst nights we have seen so far, you know, early fall and
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tomorrow we're back up into the oppressive heat index back well into the 90s and a little break on friday. just a little bit. nothing too dramatic until the second half of the weekend. >> these are current temperatures up to the 1 cleveland. i will check the official high. we might have hit 94 which would have tied the record high for today. tomorrow morning looking dry. all right. it will be more afternoon tomorrow. you see a few showers and storms ar afternoon and watch what happens after 2:00. boom, you get the explosion of showers and storms. and this is why we have that alert going. the timing on this, i would say 1-8 p.m. and best opportunity for storms. a few possibly severe downpours and wind damage. once the system moves through little lower humidity on friday and it is looking better for
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there. 86 first pitch at the tribe. sultry night. waves around a foot out there on the lake. >> i have isolated storm threat going 77 the low tonight in cleveland akron-canton. i will keep you dry tonight 72 and tomorrow storms by afternoon 90. winds pick up heat index well in the 90s. here is the planner tomorrow up to 84 at >> we will deal with storms and track them this time tomorrow. friday a break. sunny 84 and then saturday this will be the stronger front with showers and storms into saturday night and look at sunday's high 70 and that's big time relief and monday looking comfortable sunshine and 76. guys, back to you. >> thank you for that. first alert traffic on
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>> denise: thank you, jeff. all right nothing to interfere with the traffic at this moment with rain. it is hot out there. that earlier accident we told you about on i-90. that's been cleared up now on the west side and things running smoothly. you can get the latest on traffic by downloading our app and clicking on the traffic tab and an alert from the city of brooklyn i-4 entrance ramp closed 8:00 thursday through 6:00 a.m. >> and monday. so fm a.m. monday for tiedeman road improvements there. >> stay clear. >> straight ahead on cleveland 19 news getting schooled. >> wait until you see who embarrassed steph curry this
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>> denise: chris is laughing at me. i will tell you why.
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off for more than a month. but video gamers can play with the cavs in the new nba 2k17 game. i have never heard of that until this moment. the cavs are the best team in the video game. that would be the golden state warriors. lebron james is rated the best player in the video game. i have seen it. i recognize it. i didn't know what it was called. >> jeff: video is making rounds on-line seems to best in the league. looking to fire up a block by 17-year-old camper. >> yeah. filipino playing at the under 18 camp. yeah. denying the three-pointer. after getting blocked curry asked for a replay of the last five seconds and he got his wish and that time around the team
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shot. wow. >> i can watch that on loop all night. hey, if you want a chance to win four vip tickets to see brad paisley at blossom music center log onto to register for a chance to win. >> jeff: all right. got this downpour in the southeast part of portage county approaching edinburgh and moving to mahoning county. everybody else i will detail you on the risk of storms tomorrow. that could new meta daily heart health. it's clinically proven to help lower cholesterol.
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yeah, he does. help trap, remove and lower cholesterol with new meta daily heart health. donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great.
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i like people that weren't captured."
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>> chris: continuing coverage of campaign 2016 donald trump going on offense lining up his national security plan in a big speech in philadelphia.
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washington, d.c. and reaction from the clinton campaign. ryan? >> denise and chris trump calling for beefing up the military and wants to get rid of the sequestration budget slashing military spending and went after hillary clinton saying she is not prepared to be commander in chief. >> three crucial words. >> donald trump making the case that he is the candidate best prepared to take on the threats against the united states from around the world >> peace through strength. >> speaking from a teleprompter in a measured tone trump methodically laid out a plan for troop levels and build more ships and planes and end the controversial sequestration budget before he became a candidate trump supported. >> i ask to eliminate defense request and submit a new budget to rebuild our military. it is so depleted. we will rebuild our military.
5:33 pm
prepared for the responsibility of protecting america's national security. >> i know more about isis. >> both the campaign and super pack supporting it launched ads attacking trump's temperment. >> you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. >> reporter: and clinton is using the same play book on the campaign trail. >> he says he has a secret plan to defeat isis. >> trump is attempting to flip the attackk e-mail scandal and her vote in favor of the iraq war against her. >> there wasn't a country in the middle east that hillary clinton didn't want to invited and intervene in or topple. >> she is trigger happy and very unstable. >> with early voting set to begin in some states in a little more than two weeks both campaigns are running out of time to make their pitch on this important issue. in addition to the plan to beef up the military, trump
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if he wins he will ask his generals to deliver to them the plan to eliminate the terror group and he wants it within 30 days of taking office. denise and chris. >> media endorsements easy to brush off and clinton got "dallas morning news" this morning. granted it is ted cruz home state. is this a meter mover. >> hard to say. >> the impact that this will as you mentioned, chris, it is the idea newspaper endorsements that sway voters, newspapers don't have the influence they once had and a lot of them end up endorsing someone from the same party year after year. that was the case with the "dallas morning news" for 75 years and they endorsed republicans for president and this year they will endorse hillary clinton saying she has the potential to be the best commander-in-chief to your
5:35 pm
of the ordinary, maybe it has a chance to move things and the idea republicans won't win in texas is probably a long shot. >> ryan, thanks. appreciate your time. let's get back to jeff. today is a record breaker, jeff. >> we tied it, yeah. 94 official high came in. >> i got stat regarding that coming up. we are also watching these storms and downpours. this one around atwater in portage county and we moving to western columbiana county and this one has weakened over berea. with today's 94, 28 now and notice we tie 2012 for the number of 90-degree days and i don't think we will hit 36. it's been something. historic summer as far as the heat is concerned.
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cleveland north side 88. that's half the story. >> 98 the heat index. >> 105 mentor. 101 akron. the numbers slowly improving and feels like 99 for you folks in norwalk. small chance of shower or storm tonight super muggy night yet again. with tomorrow's storm threat we have a risk of severe and download the app. we have big changes coming to >> we have severe weather alerts. it is a free download. 8:00, 83. isolated shower or storm by 1:00 a.m. we will be around 80. wow. it just looks hot that shot from our tower cam. it will stay that way tonight. >> storm threat tomorrow afternoon into the evening with a front. we will get into a break on friday. looking better now for friday night football.
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another storm risk. that's the stronger cold front that comes through. first things first yellow alert tomorrow afternoon and possibly severe timing 1:00 to 8:00 and all over it. we will track the storms for you. downpours and strong winds. right around 90 again heat index in the 90s. hot, hazy, humid and windy as that front approaches. more on the big change over the weekend coming up. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. another big change to tell you about at kent state university this year. it is making the school much more inclusive. there's now a dorm for lgbtq students. shanice dunning getting answers on the new living learning community. >> reporter: it is a new year for kent state sore moores eye legal and ally. they told me this semester is better than the last. >> i used to almost never leave my room because i was
5:38 pm
this year kent state is offering special housing for lgbtq students calling a living and learning community where students can find support. >> i wanted to live somewhere with all my friends and people i could relate to and hang out with. >> there are 12 other living and learning communities on campus where students can live in dorms based on majors and other common interest. this is a first. lauren is for lgbt studies. a way to make sure students who feel marginalized can be more comfortable on camps. >> kent state joins other schools in the country who have similar programs and others who think it is a step many the right direction. >> at first when we got our roommate assignment we were caught off guard by it. >> i think it is a very good step showing they are progressing. >> 2 students including ally and
5:39 pm
make up one floor. many think it is a good move. >> i think it is diversity and inclusion. >> reporter: shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> chris: also opening on the kent state campus a gluten free campus for those suffering celiac disease. 1 in every 100 have that condition and kent state is the first to offer the dining option. in the first few students so far are loving it it. >> a lot of schools i was looking at did not offer gluten free as much as kent state did. when i come for breakfast, lunch or dinner it is a safe environment and i can pretty much eat what i want knowing i won't get sick from it. >> chris: very cool. the dining hall is open to everyone on campus and accepts student meal plans, cash and credit cards. >> denise: fantastic idea.
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>> denise: it could be the fountain of youth. scientists find out why one part of the world have a large number of people who live into extreme
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>> denise: scientists may have discovered a fountain of youth in a particular region of italy. >> people seem to be living longer and healthier than before. seth doane went there to find
5:43 pm
88-year-old tending the town guardian daily. and and i feel young she told us from the front window as 100-year-old tony joined us. >> it is natural. >> and he credits lifestyle. >> can you list can you list what makes them different. >> less cataracts and less bone fractures and high blood pressure but the heart seems good and there isingly there. >> and it is working with the university on a pilot study to
5:44 pm
diet here rich in fresh fish and locally grown fruits and vegetables likely plays a important role. >> we asked if they found the fountain of youth and wasn't sure if more research was needed and said it is likely the right combination of low activity levels diet, stress and maybe genetic. >> reporter: seth doane cbs news, italy. >> denise: how about it. >> i am sure. lack of stress. they grow theirwn no chemicals on it and the red wine every night at dinner. >> just cruising to bed every night. yes. >> we should. >> say it again. >> red wine to kick off each show. >> denise: that's right. let's do it. plenty going on tonight at 6:00 after the red wine. a mother's call for help. somebody fired shots at her car with her kids inside.
5:45 pm
accused in a carjacking in a deadly crash. tonight at 6:00 we dig deeper into the suspect's past. plus lasting memory for beloved principle. those stories and more.
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a female world war ii pilot finally got her wish to be laid to rest at cemetery. elaine harmon was an air force service pilot known as wasps. >> female pilots were barred from arlington. harmon's family fought a long and emotional battle to change that. as craig boswell reports tonight they also made it possible for other women to receive the same honor. >> reporter: terry harmon was handed the burial flag as her mother was given honors at
5:49 pm
>> elaine harmen was a member of the air force service pilots known as wasps. she was one of a thousand women who earned pilot wings and flew planes during world war ii in noncombat missions. >> this is something my mother worked hard to earn. >> reporter: when the 95-year-old aviator died more than a year ago her family found out they could not make wish on being buried in arlington and decided to fight. >> it is not easy to congress to pass a law to bury your grandmother. >> the wasp had been eligible for military honors but it was reversed and harmon found a key ally in congress and got it amended. >> martha mcsally, air force pilot and first woman in combat helped push legislation. >> these women were amazing pioneers and opened up doors for people like me to be military
5:50 pm
100 wasps alive. she joined harmon's family in the fight to get that final wish fulfilled. >> if you have a dream g for it. i did. don't give up. >> craig boswell cleveland 19. >> the highway patrol is honoring two local nurses for saving a woman's life on the turnpike. pat troll presented certificates to troopers got a call about a man on the side of the turnpike trying to give cpr to a woman. who they got there nurses had taken over and got the woman breathing and heart rate up until paramedics arrived. >> jeff: all right, chris. thanks. we will look at the planning forecast now. we have one more oppressive day on the way tomorrow. where the heat index will be well in the 90s. i have us around 90 for the
5:51 pm
we tied a record in cleveland 94 and with that a better opportunity of showers and storms and yellow alert. it won't be widespread severe and there could be a few storms and these contain heavy rains and can you bet on that as this front comes through. a break on friday. sunshine and less humid. not as oppressive 84. on saturday this is the stronger front that 81. rain and storms throughout the day and looks like rain and wind saturday night especially in the evening down to 63. what a change on sunday. will you get up sunday and like, whoa. what happened. around 70 partly cloudy sky. great football watching weather. browns not home sunday. >> monday sunshine and 76 and then tuesday we have an isolated
5:52 pm
overall forecast is trending cooler getting into next week going from 90 tomorrow. 84 friday and next front saturday and 70 sunday and obviously not as hot next week. forecast details on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app and i mentioned before we have big changes coming to the app. will you love it. we have surprises here on the app. make sure to download it >> denise: can't wait to see the changes. parents know potty training takes energy and patience.
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>> denise: if you have women and men living in the same household this can be an argument. we are talking about the toilet seat and who's responsibility it is to put it down. this little girl feels it is her dad's job. >> daddy. listen to me. when you are done with the potty, you got to put it down so when big girls come in and they need to go tt.
5:56 pm
3-year-old scolded her dad about always leaving the seat up, her guilty dad finally gave in to her demands. >> good stuff. >> speaking of the bathroom. a maryland mom's potty training song is going viral. >> we've got to pee, pee, poop, poop. >> tell mommy. catchy. >> asked her mom to sing it over and over again. so mom recorded it so she could watch i it's been viewed more than a million times by potty training parents. potty training parents will do anything to make that happen. >> all right. >> bitter sweet day for students at a local school unveiling a special honor for popular former
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> mark: now at 6:00, new developments on the search for a kidnapper. the hunt is now expanding. we are digging deeper into a man's troubled past. the suspect in a carjacking and fatal crash. >> she should have seen this coming. a local woman arrested claiming she was a psychic. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding door expert newscenter we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> we have team coverage of our september sizzler and the impact on your children at school. >> romona: before we get to our live reports we will get to jeff tanchak in the first alert weather center to see if there's a break coming. >> well, not tomorrow. we have one more day of this. 94 today at hopkins and that tied the record high and along
6:00 pm
and storms and these are now dissipating the ones in mahoning and columbiana county. the story has been the heat here. we are at 91 cleveland hopkins airport. i have isolated showers and storms in the forecast tonight by 9:00 we are at 83. so look at sandusky here 95 mansfield. and 91 cleveland hopkins. heat index feels like 100. it is super sultry out there now and it will and feels like 98 in cleveland. better opportunity of storms coming tomorrow along the front and it is an alert day. i will tell you about that with a little relief friday. >> and you want to check temps and forecast don't sweat it download the free first alert weather app and track everything on your phone. class dismissed. that's what happened at 10


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