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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  September 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and storms and these are now dissipating the ones in mahoning and columbiana county. the story has been the heat here. we are at 91 cleveland hopkins airport. i have isolated showers and storms in the forecast tonight by 9:00 we are at 83. so look at sandusky here 95 mansfield. and 91 cleveland hopkins. heat index feels like 100. it is super sultry out there now and it will and feels like 98 in cleveland. better opportunity of storms coming tomorrow along the front and it is an alert day. i will tell you about that with a little relief friday. >> and you want to check temps and forecast don't sweat it download the free first alert weather app and track everything on your phone. class dismissed. that's what happened at 10
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denise zarrella is live as temperatures are expected to be high tomorrow, right, denise. >> reporter: that's right t. will be interesting to see what they decide to do. we are at tremont montessori school one of 10 schools where the cleveland metropolitan schools decided to close. and these have little or no air-conditioning around 2:00 when most parents were showing up to pick up their students earlier. you can take a look at the video. parents told us they got a quick alert on the phone and told to come on down here and some were panicked and not sure what was going on. once they figured out what was going on they thought the school district did the right thing and they say it is the time to update old buildings. >> in pepper pike they have heated sidewalks and here they don't have stalls for the girls bathrooms. i just think, you know, richer neighborhoods have a lot more
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necessities, air-conditioning, doors on bathrooms and things like that. >> so as far as when the schools decided they would close 10 schools and what played into the timing was making sure all the children had lunch before they left the schools. tomorrow they will be faced with a similar situation. we are on standby waiting to hear what they decide to do. asking questions, getting answers at tremont montessori school, cleveland 19. >> we went ahead live to shelby miller and staying cool anyway. shelby? >> that's right, mark. on a hot day like last year stowe munro city schools told me their classrooms got up to 90 degrees without air-conditioning pope leaving a tough learning environment. things had to change. they brought in portable air-conditioning units and it
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>> giant white portable air-conditioning units sit outside in stowe. inside the building cool air the generate works for student and staff. >> it was hard especially in an upstairs classroom and now the temperature is comfortable. >> munro city schools added units to six older schools that didn't have ac. >> we had reports of migraines, children who would parents keep them at home because they didn't want to deal with the heat. >> director of operations mark fritz told me he measured classroom temperatures of more than 90 degrees. the heat took a toll with kids. kids with heat sickness or throw up from the heat. >> the district knew it needed a change. >> we had poor academic performances because the heat was high and humidity was high and kids weren't really learning.
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approach rented portable ac units usually used at construction sites. duct work is usually attached to second floor windows. >> we put them on the second floor because cool airdrops. >> inside fans lined hallways to push cool air around making for a comfortable learning environment no matter how hot it gets outside. >> makes everyone happier and kids can perform at their best. >> now, i am hit. other districts have come to these schools to check them out and maybe take them to their districts. they rented these august 15 through the end of this month and a few more weeks. and i was asked about cost and they are reasonable considering all the work they are doing and they have them budgeted for five years. >> reporter: live in cleveland shelby miller cleveland 19 news. >> mark: thank you, shelby. what should the temperature in
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university grad temperature affects the learning. higher test scores studies show higher humidity and hot weather lead to decreased concentration and increased sleepiness. >> romona: developing on the search for a kidnapping suspect who took a 6-year-old girl from her cleveland home. the f.b.i. told cleveland 19 news it has expanded the manhunt to surrounding areas of ohio such as cincinnati and columbus, buffalo, agents think the suspect may have been from our area and has since moved away. the little girl was taken from her west side home may 21 in the early morning hours and returned home that night. investigators also believe this man tried to abduct an elyria girl last february. we are digging deeper into a 19-year-old's past. brian burnes is charged with a
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crash kill killing a maple heights mother. he has criminal assault and trespassing charges and faces charges in the death of shirley duncan-barnes. a call to help as someone started firing into her car with her kids inside. chris tanaka tells us what happened. >> reporter: talk about scary. cleveland policeel 911 call. an 11-year-old was hit by gunfire. take a listen as the child's mother crystal moore calls police. >> all i know i kept getting over and he got behind me. when i stopped at the red light someone jumped out and started shooting in the middle of the street. my kids are in the car. >> chris: it happened at broadway and perishing. two of crystal's children were also in the car and they were
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>> chris: getting answers, chris tanaka. douglas shyne jr.'s trial is underway. brandon white lad senn walter barfield and william gonzalez all died. shyne is facing the death penalty. opening arguments begin next week. he is accused in another killing as well as an attempted murder. a woman claiming to be a psychic in mentor charges. prosecutors indicted gina miller accused of swindling $1.5 million in jewelry, gift cards from clients and miller conned nearly a dozen victims by telling them harm would come to their families if they refused to pay her. >> romona: donald trump is coming back to cleveland tomorrow. he will deliver a speech at the cleveland arts and social sciences academy set for 2:00
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plans for the military at a speech in philadelphia. he says he wants to spend billions to beef up the military increasing troops, navy ships and fighter planes. >> immediately after taking office i will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis. >> his whole campaign has been one long insult to all those who warn the uniform. >> endorsement from the "dallas morning news." the first democratic candidate the paper backed in over 7 decades. both candidates will participate in a commander-in-chief forum in new york city tonight. it focuses on national security. >> and the program the university of akron is giving 17 students from india an up close look at the presidential election. it embeds the international
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and election. >> first time a woman is running for the president and mr. trump. he is a unique character and everyone is excited and everyone is curious what will happen. >> an additional 15 participants from liberia and brazil will participate for the final four weeks of the campaign. >> mark: the euclid senior lunch program needs help. they n serving 42,000 of them a year. >> i know for some of the seniors that come here this is the only hot nutritional lunch they will get today. >> mark: they need to raise 10 grand. the county will match it. then the euclid senior program will continue it to serve the community hot meals five days a week. they set up a link to donate. it looks like they have raised
6:10 pm huge hearts here. i am sure they will get more donations. >> up next, a touching tribute for a beloved rip who passed away. hear what it means to the wife he left behind. >> jeff: one more oppressive day tomorrow. yellow alert for showers and storms in the afternoon. details on that in the first alert forecast straight ahead. plus apple had the big reveal today. we will show you what's new. is it enough to buy a new phone get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time to fall in love again with your
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i love from cleveland's newscenter driven this is cleveland 19 news. today a special honor for a principal who in life made an impact on his community. >> catherine bosley has the touching tribute in new bedford. >> reporter: they renamed a street called paul g. ward , jr.
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pearl and worked at carlywood elementary and died in may taking part in a spinning class. today's events touched the hearted of his wife. >> and this is a tremendous honor to have a street named in memory of my husband. i know how hard he worked and how dedicated he was to the community and how passionate he was to the students. a sudden loss principal ward left the heartbroken and now paul g. ward , jr. way and there will be a lasting memory. catherine bosley, cleveland 19 news. >> romona: that's special they would do that for him. >> mark: people step up. >> romona: police need help finding the people who stole a donation jar. they gave us this surveillance picture. thieves took cash meant for the children's miracle network on the counter of the newcomerstown speedway. if you recognize anyone in this
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please contact investigators. lorain police installed blue light emergency call boxes. people can use them if there's an emergency and they don't have their phone. for now call boxes are in downtown and oakwood park. apple announced the iphone 7 at an event in san francisco. preorders begin friday and is available september 16. >> it makes all the things you do every day >> this is the best camera made in any smart phone. >> the iphone 7 does away with analog head phone jack and wireless head phones and features more memory and faster processer. apple also announced the second generation apple watch will be available next week and features a built in gps chip and better water proofing for sport use. >> romona: tired of all these
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>> romona: i want to stick with my 6. >> mark: i want my flip phone back. >> romona: people want cooler temperatures. >> mark: i am with that. drop it 20. >> romona: doesn't feel like september. >> jeff: i think it is time to get rid of the car phone. remember that one? all right. this is what's left of those showers. these are now in the fizzling stage. most areas now dry. we will at least start the later this evening popping up isolated showers and storms. tribe game they will get started on time. we are at 91 as of 6:00 unbelievable. we have seen some rain, though, up here in michigan, wisconsin and that's where the front is. just to prove it to you, high mid level clouds and actual mostly cloudy in cleveland and actually good helping to cool us off a little bit.
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here tomorrow. you can see the better concentration of showers and storms along it. it is a yellow alert tomorrow afternoon which means we are not expecting widespread severe and could be a few severe storms in here and heavy rains 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the timing on that downpours and potential wind damage. better opportunity on the way tomorrow afternoon and we will start out dry in the morning. this morning we had showers and storms around. tomorrow morning will be dry. have a few showers and storms around. another hot, humid day if we can get enough sun. we will get the temperatures back up around 90 and the heat index in the 90s. you can see after 2:00 in the afternoon, this is when between 2:00, 5:00 this is when the showers and storms become more active. heavy rains and a few of these possibly severe.
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oppressive. difficult sleeping. tomorrow the humidity level will be similar to what we saw today. but then friday even though we are in the muggy, at least out of the oppressive. a little relief friday. it is looking dry on friday and then saturday we will deal with the next system that will be the stronger front out of the two. waves a foot out there on the lake and right now looking good. tribe game 86 first pitch and hot, humid time at progressive field. mixed sky and it will feel like a mid-summer night out there. look at the low temperature tonight 77 after tying the record high cleveland hopkins airport. isolated threat of shower or storm and we are in a position where one could pop up any time. it looks like it will mainly be on the lakeshore akron-canton i will optimistically keep you dry
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hot, humid and windy day and wind gust egg over 25 and around 90 and we will track the storms as they form by the afternoon. 78 by 8 a.m. and well in the 80s and here you see through 5:00 and also 8:00 when storms are around. a break friday. mostly sunny. 84. a little cooler and moderately humid. >> and on saturday 81, sho wind saturday evening. look at the drop in temperature sunday and obviously that's the change that sticks out like a sore thumb. 70 on sunday. monday mostly sunny comfortable 76 and near 80 tuesday. next week will not be as hot as what we are seeing now. >> mark: done with that. >> romona: tonight on
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cleveland 19 news at 11:00. tony. >> tony: houston, we've got a problem. astros. time to take care of that tonight. >> and stipe closing in on his title defense and one thing
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so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard. i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 >> tony: all right. here is the billick tweet crashing the again and you can't do it. a lot of people say how about sunday. there's one. how good are the eagles. name three eagles not named carson wentz and you win a cheesesteak. that said, romona is thinking about it. they play defense. r.g. will get tested out of the
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remains the same. >> we have to be able to match their intensity. and i can talk about them for days being able to study and playing against them for the past couple of years in washington, i know what they will bring to the table and they are hungry and excited to have a chapter start as well. >> tony: we are hungry and excited to get you started on the tailgate. golic and jurevicious and big change in quarterback on cleveland 19. we have coach sam, goalic and beanie with me after the game and live pressers, hue jackson and rg iii from philly. and putting his belt on the line and quite a show. getting heckled at gateway plaza and said bring it on. stipe trying to keep this incredible summer rolling in
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and do my job. i have trained too hard to give it up. i have worked too hard to get this title. big night at the q saturday. friday night game of the week xavier mentor and stowe at solon and as always cast your vote at i want the answer. three eagles besides carson wentz. >> mark: can we go back to the jawarski anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning,
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>> jeff: all right i forgot to pull up the 7-day. let's look at the indians forecast. i was just tweeting it out. 86 first pitch. 84 late innings and they will get this game in here. as far as the rest of the 7-day is concerned there you go. 90 84 on friday. but we've got the storm threat tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening and that's the front. a bit of a break friday and warmer than normal this time of year and out of the oppressive stuff. saturday's showers and storms is much stronger front as you see. look what happens on the other side of that. sunday partly cloudy and 70 degrees. >> mark: perfect. >> romona: don't like oppressive. >> mark: no.
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6:00 cbs evening news is next. >> romona: we hope to see you back here at 11:00.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: channeling his inner reagan. >> peace through strength. >> peace through strength. >> pelley: trump lays out his foreign policy and draws fire from clinton. also tonight, a public bash lash delays mosquito spraying as the zika virus spreads. apple rolls out a new iphone. why hard core apple fans are i-rate. and a world war ii veteran wins her final battle. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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