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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  September 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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her father was in the house. a man entered the house and went into her bedroom and scooped her up out of her bed and took her out of the house. he didn't take her far in this particular occasion. and she was able to get away a short time later and get back to her house. there's a lot of similarities here. >> reporter: special agent anderson says the f.b.i. was surprised when they went to north ridgevillean they interviewed in the meadow lakes region had no knowledge of the abduction that happened in cleveland. if you know anything that could help solve these cases call the number (216)622-6842. mark and romona. >> thank you very much. 33 schools closed in our area due to the heat today. we have been dealing with storms. what do we got next. >> well, because of the rain we are seeing it is super muggy out
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there for sure. that's the fuel for the showers and storms. we still have them around. while the lakeshore county is dry at the moment cleveland bounced up to 84. it is down here from huron county and especially this passing through the akron-canton airport. in the southern part of portage county atwater northern starke county getting heavier rains. we are in a position any roll through. a yellow alert and rain threat until 5:00 in the morning and fog develops. as can you see, we don't drop much in temperature. warm and muggy and storms around and i will let you know when the bigger change happens in a moment. >> romona: police teen reform efforts unveiled a new use of force policy.
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and highlights key changes presented to a federal judge for approval. chris? >> chris: the policy more comprehensive and detailed and stricter since the current policy. a summary of key changes included in the documents. they include a use of force definition. when are officers allowed to use force when are police not allowed to use force. when can can officers use deadly force and what happens after they use it. matthew video that outlines the use of force recommendations, but other policing resolutions. >> in his first paragraph the concept decree spells out specifics that specific reform requirements are geared toward. ensuring policing in cleveland is effective and keeps officers in the community safe. it is constitutional and consistent with the values of the cleveland community. >> chris: the new use of force policy should be approved by a
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training underway for all officers by the end of this year. changes come after a series of excessive force incidents by the cleveland police department including the death of tamir rice. two public round tables will be held to explain the new policy. the first is next thursday. can you check out for more information on public meetings and watch a 9 minute video in its entirety on the topic. getting answers, chris tanaka, cleveland 19. >> romona: all right, chris. the city made a decision on the cudell rec center gazebo where the politics shot and killed tamir rice. >> they will not pay for deconstruction or reconstruction. it is in the family's hands. the rice attorneys say no agreement has been signed. last month the family found a museum in chicago to put it in but did not give any specifics. >> mark: a youth minister got 10
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sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl. brian mitchell was sentenced and worked in north olmsted. mitchell pleaded guilty last month. >> romona: campaign 2016 and donald trump in cleveland. >> mark: he is spending a lot of time here. we caught him going into town hall in ohio city for a fundraiser. before that, though, he was at the cleveland arts and social sciences academy. catherine bosley joins us now with what the presidential nominee >> reporter: can you imagine of course he had a lot to say. his camp tells me what he wanted to say about education, he wanted to say in a small charter school like this one in cleveland. take a look at the venue inside. a small cafeteria in the school. an intimate setting for sure. he spoke about an hour saying over and over he knows how to improve our country's education and his plan starts with school choice for all. listen to how he puts it and
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>> the democratic party trapped millions of african-american and hispanic youth in failing government schools that deny them the opportunity to join the latter of american success. >> it is time to break up that monopoly. >> my concerns are he wants to revamp the whole entire program without really laying out any parameters. without anything being definite. lo that's quite interesting. >> people say he rambles on and on. i believe he will do it. i believe he can. >> reporter: this speech sold it to you? >> yes. he is a businessman. he deals with all kinds of deals. that's why i believe he will be able to do it. >> reporter: interestingly enough trump was not surrounded by all supporters. everyone in the group were invited. a lot of them didn't quite make
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a great majority were educators and former educators and they got to see a lower-key trump, interesting in itself. >> reporter: reporting live on cleveland's east side, catherine bosley. >> mark: as donald trump visited our area, retired generals from ohio came together in cleveland to show support of hillary clinton. >> if you look at the two resumes from donald trump and from hillary clinton there's no doubt in your mind or mine regards to qualifications. >> mark: the retired generals praised hillary clinton when it comes to national security. that issue is dominating the campaign trail following a commander-in-chief forum both candidates were at last night. >> they said they hope allah delivers america to trump because it would give more motivation to every jihadi. >> mark: trump responded by saying clinton created ice wyss her vote to support the war in
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sides on cbs evening news. >> romona: today three u.s. senators introduced a bill to better track opioids coming into our country including ohio. today we got shocking details on the overdose epidemic fricke the cuyahoga county medical examiner. just look at the number there is. >> the labor day weekend saw at least 10 deaths coup to heroin, fentanyl car fentanyl or some other combination. four died s and the month has only begun. >> august overdose deaths set the highest monthly fatality rate ever in cuyahoga county. take a look at this chart. you can see the problem is growing. cuyahoga county suffered at least 52 fatal overdoses in august. >> mark: there is now an effort underway to say geauga lakes wildwater kingdom. final visitors passed through the park on labor day.
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details of the petition that already has hundreds of signatures. dan? >> dan: sad day for people in northeast ohio and heard geauga lake, wildwater kingdom is closing. and 1800 people signed it. she is trying to reach a goal of 2500 that appears to an arbitrary number. this is a move by cedar fair entertainment cedar point. this was a business move on their decision. not sure this petition, what it will do other than to show cedar fair it was a beloved location. we can take a look at comments people are making on the petition. michelle from streetsboro says this is the only place to swim in portage county and great summer fun with memories and more to make. >> i want to do one more and hear from jennifer in massillon. she says i am signing this because wwk is home.
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to take my boys and relive the days of working at geauga lake and seaworld. it is a perfect get away and allows you to make great memories. we were talking about getting season passes next year to go more often. it will be missed. we will keep an eye on the petition and see if cedar fair takes a royce to it. >> romona: farmers market are a summertime tradition. what do you do with all that produce. a local girl scout has delicious ideas y we found tonight's romona kid in cleveland. holly spends her sundays at the corner market sampling recipes for a cook book that will be her girl scout gold award project. >> when we first walked up to the table they said what do you have for me. >> visiters and vendors can't wait to see what she comes up with like zucchini mock apple
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and nutmeg and cut it to look like apple slices. >> holly picks produce in abundance that week and comes up with a recipe. >> we test them and see what the public thinks. if it is approved it goes in the cook book. >> she plans to have 50 recipes in the cook book on sale later this season. >> kamms corners farmers market was open to me coming and they let me have a booth and set up the table. they haven award is supposed to be something that will go on long after the scout's involvement in her troupe. >> it is a lot of hard work and requires determination, leadership. >> reporter: holly loves sweets, so far the blondie bar with jam and blueberries has been her favorite. >> right now the chocolate pohto cake is kind of catching up to it. that might be my new favorite. >> romona: by the way, holly
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of the 7 girls in her troupe are working on their gold award. back to the blondie bar with blueberries. i notice they are not -- >> romona: we've got to get some. >> mark: we have to work on that. up next ohio is a medical marijuana state and the process is slow. we talked to a local mother why her daughter needs it sooner than later. jeff? >> we continue to track storms and heavy county and northern starke county moving east. more to come tonight.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: as of today it is okay to use medical marijuana in ohio. >> mark: there are still a lot of hurdles to clear here. the law really has confusing contributions like patients can possess and use marijuana when purchased from a legal dispensary. the pot stores won't be set up
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head to the homepage on to get more answers as we get them. but some hope it doesn't take too long for things to get ironed out. shelby miller talked to a local mother today about her sick daughter. shelby. >> reporter: mark, i met cary ann who's daughter has severe epilepsy and has multiple seizures every day. they are so bad she has to stay home from school and that happened yesterday marijuana gives her a better quality of life. >> reporter: this video is tough to watch. this is reality for 11-year-old josey every sippingel day. she has a malformation of the brain and it causes developmental delay and also severe epilepsy. >> reporter: her mom tells me josey typically has several seizures like this every day. >> she could have a really good day where she is smiling and enjoying her day or she could
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>> josey has tried dozens of prescriptions and none seem to help. >> my daughter gets constant blood tests to make sure her organs aren't harmed from all the chemicals in it. it is scary. >> reporter: which is why she wants her daughter to try a more natural medicine. she hopes the ohio medical marijuana law helps. >> i want her to have the best of days every single day of her life f. this can help her, a ready for it. >> there are still hoops to jump through. josey's doctor must be certified and they have to legally buy the pot. despite the obstacles she will do all she can because her daughter deserves it. >> hopefully, this will help her. i will try anything. you know, she deserves the best. >> josey has never tried medical marijuana before. patients who have similar
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from it. she is hopeful this could work. right now they have nothing to lose because medications she has tried aren't helping much. >> mark: they don't have any idea how long they have to wait? >> reporter: it was legalized today. they are not closer to get her hands on it. >> mark: shelby miller. we appreciate it. >> romona: another oppressive day and jeff says it didn't reach 90 but it is hot out there. >> jeff: it felt rain made us below 90. 87 was the high. it is thick out there. and that's what's leading to the showers and front we are dealing with. brimfield, atwater, alliance. this is a storm with heavy rains moving east to mahoning county. we have a couple here and you guys in akron seeing a lot of rain here especially southern
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lorain county. that extends to northern richland county trying to develop moving east grafton 6:26 valley city 6:39 and medina 6:48. we will have showers and storms around. can you see the wave coming through. that was the strongest wave we think. if it would have been severe it would have been this line here. no severe warnings coming out of that in our area. let me show you the future view model. at 8:00 most of it south of cleveland. i have it in the forecast. it could pop up about anywhere. even into the overnight. 2:00 in the morning, heavy rain threat with this humidity and then once the rain winds down late tonight fog forms. that will greet you for your morning commute. a break in the action tomorrow. it will be pretty humid and the next system to deal with by the time we get to saturday.
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heads up, bolters, a stiff storm. and showers and storms tonight and drop it to 68 in cleveland with the fog forming late. akron-canton showers and storms and humid. your low around 70. tomorrow 82 low to mid-80s. the fog early on. by 11:00 a.m. 79 and 2:00 in the low 80s. even though air temperature will be cooler. pretty muggy. early morning showers a on saturday and again during the afternoon. that will be the next big front. look at the high 93 one more potential 90-plus day on saturday before this happens. >> 70 the high on sunday. and spotty rain showers perhaps sunday. lake-effect and much more comfortable monday 78. tuesday 80. sunny both days. >> tony.
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game you might be trying to figure out what you saw in the third inning. we will break it down and hear from the innings. >> and stipe ready to p i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us.
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. i am ready to piss in his cheerios. >> tony: travis brown ready to square off with guy stipe took
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saturday night. if stipe keeps the belt, the summer of celebration here in cleveland continues. >> it started with him in may. everybody else has followed his lead. >> it is amazing. cleveland needed it. for 52 years, man, we had nothing. something to be proud of. you can say i broke it, i didn't break it, i don't care. i am happy the city has something to be proud of. andin it was madness and nice to see a very proud state and accomplish championships. almost feel a little sad i will be taking something away from him. but i will be taking that something away. >> we will see about that. >> how about the tribe. 8 of 10 in the homestand and bizarre scene everybody is talking about.
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pitch off his back. it is a foul ball but ruled a wild pitch. astros were standing around and tribe cleared the bases. two were allowed to score. tribe pulls away 10-7 win. please explain this one. >> when i saw it, i thought foul ball the way it bounced away. i couldn't see though. i sat down with a bunch of guys and it bounced away. what happened. and it was a weird -- the tc everyone standing around and no one appealed and no one made a call. i didn't know what was going on. >> the ups blew it. >> we are not happy about this. until browns prove they can run and stop the run going with eagles 17-13. schwab says eagles by 4 and romona a win for the browns. denise dufala, 21-3.
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rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. leading in a crisis is hard. i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. >> jeff: we will watch showers and storms rotating through. plan on the chance it can happen about any time. we will get a bit of a break tomorrow and it remains humid.
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us at 6:00 cbs evening news is next. >> romona: we hope to see you next. >> romona: we hope to see you right back here he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the fire after the forum. >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and heaps praiseon russia's president? >> i just watched her on the tarmac. she tried to make up for hr horrible performance last night. >> i don't think the guy's qualified to be president of the united states. every time he speaks, that opinion is confirmed. >> pelley: also tonight, if you haven't read your credit card agreement, you don't know what you're missing. >> you almost need a law degree to understand it. >> pelley: environmental protesters try to stop an oil pipeline project.


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