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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  September 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> brian: new this morning, hillary clinton has canceled her campaign trip to california today. the democratic candidate is recover from what her campaign says is pneumonia. we'll tell you what we have learned while you were sleeping in three minutes. >> tia: we have seen this time and time again. get a job. this video our newsroom. this is a smash-and-grab at euclid and superior avenue. they got away with the atm. this is the 27th smash-and-grab so far this year right here in the cleveland area.
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just go to work! you think every morning we want to wake up bright and early? no, but we have to make a living. j-o-b. >> brian: i don't understand the smash-and-grabs. we have to lead the universe in smash and grabs in cleveland. >> tia: every morning. >> brian: a big change of snaenary at the bus stop this morning compared to last week. >> tia: we have temperatures in the 50s. it was a little chilly outside. or is tracking, though, i think a warm-up could be coming sometime soon, right, sam? >> samantha: we only hit 73 yesterday. so we are going to be a little warmer this afternoon as we climb closer to the upper 70s, but as you mentioned this morning, you might want to grab a light jacket or a little sweater. we'll be at about 63 at 9:00. 11:00 in the morning 73, 76 at 1:00 and hitting about 77 by 3:00. i think that's why we'll peak
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for now it is on the cool side. good morning to you in mentor, 51 is our current temperature. i know you're feeling the 40s out in ashtabula. we just dropped to 48. 48 in worcester as well. new philly is a little warmer at 54, and cleveland is one of our warmest spots in the mid-50s. even though that is cool, right, when you think back to just a week ago when it was so hot outside. we don't have any rain or -- i almost said snow. we don't have any rain or thunderstorms on our and radar imagery. we're dry this morning and cloud-free. we're looking ahead to the next first alert weather day on wednesday. we'll take a closer look at the week ahead coming up in about 15 minutes. laura. >> laura: smooth sailing on the roads this morning. we had a couple projects that wrapped up a little bit ago, so no big problems.
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i expect troubles for you there. you shouldn't have to use alternates anymore, which were ridge road and west 130th. 60 miles per hour from 480 towards 490. nothing slowing you down there dead man'curve is slow, should, and a little wet on the roads. 19 minutes center strongsville and on time from north olmstead, mentor and akron as well. guys. >> tia: more on the breaking news involving democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> brian: she has to cancel campaign stops after being diagnosed with pneumonia. sia nyorkor is working the story for us getting answers. hey, sia. >> sia: yes, clinton's doctor diagnosed her with walking
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easy for a few days, she strieed to power through but had to leave a september 11th memorial after they became ill. hillary clinton says she's feeling fine but left the september 11th memorial sunday after she stumbled and left ground zero. she was at her daughter's paerment apartment for a few hour. here doctor said while at this morning's event she became overheated and dehydrated. rehydrated and recovering nicely. clinton canceled a two-day fund-raising trip to california. the latest cbs news poll shows the right is tightening in a few swing states like florida. clinton holds just a two-point lead there. hire in ohio clinton has a 7-point lead. tia. >> tia: sia, thank you so much. clevela
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case you missed it. you know the blows the fighters take during the matches. >> brian: it is a brutal, brutal sport. do the punches have any lasts effect specifically on brain health? that's the question doctors at the cleveland clinic have been looking into. nichole vrsansky is looking into that and getting answers for us this morning. >> nichole: it's the largest study of its kind. 700. the brains of about 700 athletes, ufc fighters and boxers both active and retired being tracked w ipad screenings. doctors know that not evidence exposed to brain trauma gets brain damage. they're trying to determine the factors that make someone more at risk. the doctor says there are certain areas of the brain more vulnerable to injury. there's a protein in the brain we all have called tal. he finds patients with the most
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he think that damages cells and he thinks that could lead to break throughs with treems. >> there may be drugs to remove. they're not in the market yet. they're all investigational. if they show a benefit, we may have a tool to delay ct in certain individuals vulnerable. >> nichole: they can the study has led to a major change for the fighting world. we tell you about the new policy for one sports organization, plus, i spoke with two ufc fighters taking part in this study, cody garbrant and forest griffin. >> brian: the last time the cleveland browns won the season opener, corey coleman was 10 years old. that was 2004.
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the -- this isn't funny. why are we laughing? the browns have lost the opening. it's an ongoing nfl record. not a gu debut for head coach hugh e jackson. he took the blame for the punt. the eagles had the ball twice as long as the browns did because the defense couldn't get off the field. cam irving could not snap the ball, but browns fans did get a passing attack. >> down the near sideline. it's caught by pryor! what a catch. >> that was a highlight, terrelle pryor making it look easy. rg3 hooked up with corey coleman on the 58-yard pass. the deep ball in the best weapon, but we have injury problems to worry about now. rg3 sprained his left shoulder. will he miss a few weeks or be good to go again next sunday? we hope to get the answer for
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the home opener is next week against the ravens. >> tia: why do we laugh? to keep from crying, brian. >> brian: i know. listen, believe me, i've been around watching this stuff since 1999. i'm really concerned they didn't take this kid -- this quarterback from the eagles. >> tia: he showed up, didn't he? >> he showed up and played against the browns defense. >> tia: that's not saying much. bnsz >> brian: a saw that out of the corner of my mouth. >> tia: that's real. that's honest. >> brian: wlaefr. go tribe. how about the buckeyes? how good do they look right now? in 15 minutes we're waiting to hear back on the summit county medical examiner about a new deadly batch of heroin on the streets. >> tia: what tesla will be game-changer when it comes to successfully developing self-driving cars. sam.
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this monday morning. it's beautiful outside, but you may find that you want to go for a light jacket or a sweater. it's in the mid-50s in cleveland. in some outer lying areas you wke up in the 40s, so how long is this taste of fall going to last? we'll talk about it coming up after the break. >> brian: all right, sam. next, we tell you about what kind of germs, what kind of illness you need to be watching
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through the back-to-school
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about the next big challenge for parents, right? all those germs your kids are exposed to at school. >> brian: there's a lot of them. we are asking questions about what you should watch out for. here's catherine bosely with a look at what's going around. >> reporter: i had interesting answers to that. the most common illnesses kick in just in time for back-to-school, but others you don't think of. there they go off to learn, off to grow, but also -- >> so >> parents beware. >> inevitably this pediatrics says off to school for many means next it's off to see the doctor. >> the problem with many viruses is that oftentimes you're contagious one to two days before you actually develop symptoms, and that's why these things are so hard to control in schools. >> reporter: already he explains going into the school
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around. first, a mild respiratory infection that comes with fever, cough and congestion. there's also this ugly one as shown in this google image search. hand, foot-and-mouth disease. >> it's called hand, foot-and-mouth disease. >> that sounds disgusting. >> as a mother, i would be terrified if i saw that on my child. >> it's frightening. >> the doctor says despite how alarming the there's no reason for serious concerns. >> generally not serious at all. it's a benign virus very, very common. >> it's very contagious. >> it groups them into different categories. >> even the cuyahoga county board of health is ready to get busy. the tools they use to gauge what's going on around, they hit it from all different angles starting with emergency room visits broken down by age group
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pediatric medicine sales at your local drugstores. >> the challenge with all of this is to be able to put these pictures into context. >> one picture he says that almost always comes back as the kids go back is this one, significant increases in strep, pinkeye and lice. >> you can't control it. whether it happens, you just deal with it. >> we've had some of that. it runs through the family. time to see the doctor. >> what comes into play as students begin to play in fall sports we're told is nasty and sometimes dangerous skin infection. >> it's really resistant to antibiotics, so it's tricky to treat. >> whether tricky is the last thing anyone needs heading back to school, what should be easy in the battle against what's going on around now experts say is pushing common sense defense, beginning with the almighty hand-washing tactic every chance possible. but there is better protection for the next round of what's going around, which is typically
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we're talking about vaccinations. getting answers, catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> tia: that just shocked me. >> brian: i've seen all that stuff. it's no big deal. >> samantha: i am so grossed out right now. >> brian: kids come home with all kinds of gross stuff. they sneeze all over you, puke on you. >> tia: way to go, brian. someone is eating their cereal. >> samantha: we get it. not anymore. >> samantha: there goes my appetite. maybe that's not a bad thing. time is 6:16 on this monday morning. hey, i hope that your day is off to a great start, not anymore, right, no that we have kind of shown you all those graphic images. take a look at that forecast. if you're working outside today -- have we stopped laughing since this show started? it's not funny, but it's gross. we have a lot of sunshine today.
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that should put you in a good mood. if you work outside, you won't have to deal with the bad heat. we've had days this september where it's been so hot, today is not one of those days. 50s in the morning, and then mid-70s this afternoon. what a great day to get outside. very comfortable, low humidity and no rain. so that's always good news if you're working outside. satellite and radar is showing up empty. there's no cloud cover our rain. we already have our eyes on what is this cold front comes through the upper midwest and plain states. this system will move in on wednesday, and it will provide the focus for showers and thunderstorms on wednesday in the afternoon and early evening hours. so we want to get you ready. we'll help you plan ahead. i do not expect severe thunderstorms like what many of you saw on saturday. i do think the evening commute on wednesday could be a little slow in some spots if this rain ends up coming through during that time.
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tomorrow the weather looks wonderful. here's yie day planner for the cleveland area. cool in the morning, 8:00 we're in the 50s. so maybe a light jacket or at the very least long sleeves this morning. midday, though, you want to get rid of the long sleeves and the jackets not an issue. 74 at midday, and then 77 at 3:00. sunshine all day from cleveland down to akron and canton. akron, here's your 57 at 8:00 in the morning. still running low to mid-70s midday, and then highs for you in the upper 70s. i think we'll hit about 78 later this afternoon. if you're longing for summer, you know, you don't want it to leave and you enjoy the warmer weather, tomorrow is the day for you. 82, but we don't have the oppressive humidity so it will still feel nice to you. no rain until wednesday because we have thunderstorms coming through. that, of course, is your next
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very quickly. the end of the week looks fantastic. thursday, friday, beautiful there. 73 on thursday. that will feel really good. showers and thunderstorms are likely. i think saturday could be pretty rainy so start to think about that as you make weekend plans. could have a few showers around early sunday, but right now the browns game looks dry. laura. >> laura: thankfully no sho this morning. so that helps the morning commute travel along at a quicker pace. this is the valley view bridge and looks like traffic is moving without a hitch at all this morning. really, really smooth out there. a little bit farther down on 480 to the west, we have a little bit of trouble. i'll show you that in a moment. first a look at the wide maps. really mostly green on the map. a little bit of yellow, just a smidge there passing through the metro curve area. you slow down there and that's part of your drive and part of
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once you get past it, you sail through the rest of the way. akron moving very, very nicely. maybe a little slowdown there, but nothing major for you. so i mentioned there was an accident our issue on 480. this is 480 westbound just past 77. the left lane is blocked. i don't see any heavy traffic through the area right now, so i don't expect major slowdowns. with the left lane blocked, that's, of course, an issue. move over and get through without problems. good. canton to cleveland 36 minutes perfectly on time up 77. >> brian: since opening day the indians have doubled their chances of winning the world series. coming up, their postseason ods got a whole lot better. >> tia: it may be the deadliest strain of heroin we've seen and could be responsible for several deaths over the weekend right
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>> tia: time is 6:24 on your monday morning. this morning we ask questions about a new dangerous batch of heroin on the streets in akron. over the weekend we were in touch with the summit county medical examiner. although it's not yet confirmed, up to eight people are suspected to have died from heroin overdoses. there are reports of more than two dozen nonfatal overdoses as well. when we get more this, you can look to see them first on the free "cleveland 19 news" mobile app. sad news out of hollywood, transgender actress alexis arquette died at 47. she's best known for her roles in the wedding singer and pulp fiction. she was the sibling of the
6:25 am
cars. they're the first automaker to use radar to help the cars navigate on autopilot. right now driving systems solely rely on cameras. they say the use of radar makes it safer and the self-driving cars more reliable. how about your tribe now leading the tigers by seven games in the division with just 20 left to play. they 2-3 from the twins in minimum. tonight they begin a four-game series in chicago againsthe dreadful white sox. by the way, corey kluber struck out ten in his 16th win yesterday. he's quietly again becoming one of the favorites to win the cy young award. >> tia: that should be an easy sweep in chicago. >> brian: four-game series, they won't sweep it because they're still a major league baseball team. >> tia: they're bad, though. >> brian: they're not a great team. it's hard to win four in a row. >> tia: maybe three in a row. >> brian: the tribe will take
6:26 am
>> tia: they can do that. that's easy. time is 6:25. we get answers about how long hillary clinton plans to be sidelined from the campaign trail due to her current pneumonia diagnosis. >> brian: also coming up, the browns may have lost, but the reaction by some of these young fans may have made it worth it.
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out of bounds at about the 15 yard line, and that's a huge collision on the near sideline.
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what has browns fans mumbling this morning. right now we have to wait and find out if robert griffin iii will be able to play qb in the browns' home opener next week. browns lost 29-10. it's safe to say it wasn't pretty. >> brian: it was not. it didn't look good at all. feels like football weather this morning, so we have that going for us. meteorologist sam roberts has your chilly wake-up forecast. hey, sam. >> samantha: good morning. you're right. chilly in a lot of ashtabula is one of our coolest areas, upper 40s there in far northeast ohio, 50 in columbiana, so you're not that far ahead. upper 40s in wayne county, 52 in elyria. cleveland is just a little warmer. we're in the middle 50s. we have clear skies across the area, and despite the cool start, it will be very comfortable this afternoon. we'll be in the 70s later before thunderstorms arrive towards the middle of the week. for now no weather-related
6:31 am
conditions on our satellite and radar map. if you plan ahead for this first day back to work and school, plan for dry weather. the hour-by-hour chance of rain today is zero all day long, so after school practices, anything you have going on midday should be rain-free. but that will all change on wednesday. we actually could use a little bit of rain. we'll talk about when it gets here coming up in your first alert forecast. that is at 6:45. really dry on the roads this morning, so that helps out the morning commute when we have drier roads, no issues with the weather. it usually means the traffic situation is a wee bit better as well. we look at the wide map here. mostly all green. everywhere that you circle around the map looks green. this little area of the metro curves. you pass by the steelyard commons and that traffic picks up and everyone from 480 along 176. when that joins in, it causes everyone to slow down a little
6:32 am
morning. could move a little slower but showing green back behind this accident. accidents on 480 westbound, so headed towards the west side sub pushes and possibly headed towards the airport this morning. left lane is blocked by that accident. it could make you move slower there, too. 28 minutes inbound from mentor. it's straight on time. 28 minutes from elyria and strongsville to cleveland 21 minutes and looking good there, too. we have construction along the turnpike and i at 6:48. >> tia: a new issue will take center stage in the presidential race this week. >> brian: no question about this. this is a big deal. hillary clinton has been diagnosed with a serious illness, has been advised to take it easy for a few days. sia nyorkor is getting answers for us this morning. >> sia: good morning, brian and tia. mrs. clinton has been dealing with allergies that left her with a cough, but now she's dealing with a bout of pneumonia that has raised questions about
6:33 am
her with pneumonia on friday, but it was not publicly revealed until sunday when she stumbled out of september 11th ceremonies at ground zero. clinton went on to her daughter's apartment in manhattan for a few hours before heading to her own home in suburban new york. she canceled a two-day fund-raising trip to california, and her doctor ordered her to take it easy and recover. the latest cbs news poll swing states. right here in ohio clinton has a 7-point lead. her opponent, donald trump, has not commented on clinton's illness, but in the past he has repeatedly questioned whether clinton has the strength and the stamina to be president. >> do you know where hillary clinton went? >> brian: on the republican side, the campaigning doesn't stop for donald trump. he's in maryland and north carolina today.
6:34 am
"the washington post" and abc news show trump 5 points behind hillary clinton. >> tia: time is 6:34. in case you missed it, cleveland native spite miocic retains his win this weekend. there's a lot of punching going especially at the head. >> brian: a violent sport. the impact to the brain is the cleveland clinic. nichole vrsansky is getting answers this morning. >> if i looked left to right real quick, the whole room could be blurry. >> nichole: he doesn't remember the blow that did it, but a few years ago he spent four months in rehab for brain trauma. he's now haemed and back fighting. >> no fear. you can't have fear in my profession. >> nichole: is there lasting effects? that question is being investigated by doctors at the cleveland clinic. cody is one of 700 athletes
6:35 am
>> how can we make these safer and protect brain function or at least detect changes occurring early? >> nichole: since 2011 they have mri scans and use ipads testing balance and rereaction times. he tracks the findings and just gave an update. >> not everybody exposed to head trauma gets brain damage. that's one of the questions, understanding who is at risk? is it the amount of blowsou get? your genetics? other lifestyle factors? >> the doctor says certain parts of brain are more vulnerable to injury. by monitoring that, doctors may be able to determine if brain damage is occurring. the study has prompted the nevada athletic commission to screen all fighters with these c3 tests. >> this is the first time in sports that a regulatory agency is actually going to follow brain function over time, not just a return to play issue.
6:36 am
taking it more seriously. >> nichole: forrest griffin thinks it could protect current fighters like cody and future generations of athletes. >> the patrol protocol is you cannot fight because there the brain damage might be severe as opposed to, you're okay. you can continue to fight. >> tia: that was nichole vrsansky reporting for us. the study is ongoing. athletesl for at least four years. what's encouraging about the study, there is hope for new treatment options, possibly medication when an injury does occur. >> brian: hey, how about your brownies? they got hammered yesterday by the eagles, and the eagles won't win many games. the browns were beat down 29-10 in game one of the season. not a good start for the young team. there's no way around it. a lot of problem was fundamentals. >> from the 15 back and snap
6:37 am
>> brian: cam irving snapping the ball over rg3's head. that's a safety two points, and the browns had to kickoff. irving owned up to the mistake. late in the fourth rg3 took the tough shot and sprained his left shoulder. if you think it's just browns fans worried about rg3, you're mistaken. >> we can continue to improve. sorry about that, guys. it's my mother. she's really worried about me. >> brian: yes, she is. we'reor griffin went on to say his arm is fine, and he can move it around. it's his non-throwing shoulder, but of course to play quarterback in the nfl you need two pretty good shoulders. we wonder if he'll play next sunday. we get answers on this injury. when we get the answers look for it first on the free cleveland 19 mobile app. so browns got some problems. we asked you to give us some help this season, and whatever happens kind of keep it on a high note here win or lose by
6:38 am
kids or someone's kids cheering the browns with t the #puppypound19. >> tia: submit those on our social media sites. we have a couple of submissions. a very young, young confused brown fan. obviously confused for good reason, right? beginning with little ryan, whose dad tried to explain to her what happened after the browns scored their first and only td. >> a touchdown is six points. >> i don't know what a touchdown confused. >> is that because the browns don't score touchdowns? >> i have no idea. i'm still confused. >> here we go brownies! >> do you do the ruff ruff. >> who is going to win today? >> the cubs. >> the cubs more likely than the browns. >> brian: that's okay, sweetheart. >> tia: that was adorable.
6:39 am
somebody got it right. thanks, little girl. >> brian: she's got to root for a team that will win some games, although the cubs haven't won the world series. >> tia: since before you were born. >> brian: even before i was born. >> samantha: wow. >> brian: you guys you need to get out more, because you think i'm like the oldest guy you know. there are lots of people older than me. >> tia: you are the oldest guy i know. >> brian: geez. i should really get hazard pay for what i go through in the morning. >> tia: i'm just teasing. can you read this because i can't? >> brian: the browns may not be crowned super bowl champions this year, but we did crown a new miss america. >> tia: also ahead, september 11th is a tragic day in our nation's history did not stop some nfl players from taking a knee during the national anthem. sam. >> samantha: feels like football this morning.
6:40 am
afternoon for any after-school sport, the weather looks phenomenal. it won't be as hot as it had been. we go 77 at 4:00. lots of sunshine as well. we'll take a closer look at when summer returns coming up after the break. >> tia: next, parents in one school in northeast ohio. a school district here is banding together to get their leader back.
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>> tia: welcome back. a bold fund-raiser last night in cuyahoga falls. parents and students came together to organize a recall campaign for controversial school board president
6:44 am
dr. thacker is taking a lot of heat for suspending superintendent tom evans. she did it without giving the pub a reason. both parents and students miss having evans in the school. >> the students are devastated. they're devastated. if you talk to one student, you ehow devastated they are right now. they don't want to be in school before mr. evans isn't there. it's hard to them. >> tia: parents told cleveland 19 the money raised at the fund-raiser will go toward attorney and also some court school board member right off the board. >> brian: the nfl held tributes before kickoff to remember the victims and their families 15 years since the september 11th attacks. when the national anthem played, so players refused to stand. four players on the dolphins took a knee and followed the lead of 49ers backup quarterback colin kaepernick. it's a silent protest aiming to bring attention to what the
6:45 am
other players yesterday linked arms during the anthem. tonight kaepernick and the 49ers play the los angeles rams. miss arkansas! savvy shields. >> brian: savvy shields of arkansas is the new miss america 2017, but how about miss ohio? alice placed third in the lifestyle and fitness category. she's only 18 years >> tia: she's gorgeous. >> brian: she certainly is. she's from cincinnati. she's the youngest miss america competitor this year. beautiful woman. >> samantha: congratulations to them. we're winning awards in terms of our weather this morning. it's so nice. everybody is so ready for fall. >> tia: i'm agreeing with you. what? >> brian: that's just the love that we have. >> samantha: you're like a little kid in the back seat with
6:46 am
i'm going to pull the car over after i got grossed out by that pictures a minute ago. >> tia: i know. >> samantha: eve the heeby jeeb i iys. if you woke up this morning and you just now and missed that story, we might have it at 7:00. i don't know. i kind of hope not, because it was gross. 6:46 on this beautiful --ia it grossed me out. it's beautiful out there. it's cool, so maybe you grab a jacket before you head off to work. if you get outside doing some exercise this morning going for a run, it will feel so nice. this is great running weather. 50 in medina. good morning in mansfield. we're at 53 if you're waking up with me at barberton. good morning as well. you feel the difference, right? yesterday in the morning you kind of felt like this, and if
6:47 am
48 in rock creek. good morning in chardon. we're also in the lower 40s. our radar is dry. here's doppler max. i have it trained right over the city of cleveland. no rain in the area, traveling 77 southbound into akron and canton, no rain here either. we're dry area-wide. and i expect a sunny, beautiful day, and here's the forecast. 77 for a high. comfortable, wall-to-wall hour-by-hour things look like this. it's about 56 in cleveland at this hour. we'll go 63 at midday, lunchtime is 74. so if you're going to take a lunch break today, maybe you are in a hurry, you don't have time to pack a lunch this morning, so you're going to head out for lunch later on. great weather for that. 77 at 3:00. i hope that you plan to sit outside for lunchtime today. sending the kids back to school, a 100% chance of outdoor recess.
6:48 am
check out tuesday here as we start to look through the planning forecast. 82 and sunny. it doesn't get much better than that. wednesday, that is your next chance for showers. so we need some rain. we still have a rainfall deficit despite the rain that we had over the weekend. i do think we could see a few good downpours on wednesday in the afternoon, but i do not expect any severe weather. thursday, friday, dry, cool, comfortable. then the weekend does bring he so if you're planning ahead and you have something going on outdoors saturday. maybe a wedding or family reunion, have an indoor backup plans, brides maybe order the tents as we could see rain and thunderstorms throughout the day. laura. >> laura: we're 12 minutes away from rush hour beginning. it looks like the sun is rising out there, and it looks like traffic is still moving well. not quite to rush hour, so we
6:49 am
drivers on the roads yet, but you know that 480 bridge on valley view will get packed up as the morning goes on a little more. first, a look at maps now to see how the traffic is moving across the rest of the area. some yellow appearing more and more. this happens as we creep more and more towards rush hour. we've had a couple of accidents out there. i'll touch on where they are, too. we have construction on the turnpike westbound and it's ?ner lorain and elyria. they have the right and center if you're headed west tomorrow and headed to toledo or farther for work, that's something to drive through on your way in. here's an accident westbound just past i-77. everything is showing green on the area because we're looking at westbound and not eastbound. the left lane is currently blocked again by that accident. drive times look pretty good. that's because of the 71 slowdown every morning.
6:50 am
curve. we will continue with traffic at 7:00 over on cle43. guys. >> tia: coming up at 7:00 a.m., we start a new segment that we hope will last for the entire browns season. we invite guest analysts in to talk about each game. >> brian: one of the most popular restaurant owners in town gives us his take on the browns and the eagles. donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy.
6:51 am
"putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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6:53 am
[ music ] >> tia: do you remember when this came out? >> brian: you guys. 1962. i was not born. what do you think of that? >> tia: for once, my goodness.
6:54 am
to today, browns fans. it was 1962 with their song "sherry." it's frank y valle. for more rock trivia log onto to win tickets to a show at the hard rock rocksino. >> tia: i was expecting you to tell me that was the hit for your prom or something. >> brian: this whole old thing is kind of getting old. >> tia: you call me young. >> brian: i no i don't. i will now. you're a wonderful, nice, young lady. i have great respect for you. >> tia: as you start your day, here are some stories to know before you go. >> the 15 snaps into the end zone and out for the safety. >> the browns lost again, dropped their 12th straight home
6:55 am
many considered this a winnable game until they literally threw the game away in the second half. >> hillary clinton is cancels campaign stops over the next couple of days. she has been diagnosed with pneumonia. a camera caught her stumbling off a curb. >> the final annual downtown days in cleveland kicks off today. there will be a retail sidewalk parade near east fourth street from 12:00 to 1:00. perfect for your lurch time. >> the indians are in the middle of a pennant race. they took 2-3 in minnesota giving them a 7-game lead over the detroit tigers for first place in the division. >> tia: all of us will get old. >> brian: some of you before your time. >> samantha: time is 6:55. me if i keep standing out in the sun trying to soak it all up. 77 for i had to with a lot of
6:56 am
we get tons of sun for the next few days so wear sunscreen. you will need it. the low humidity is a really great feel. there's rain arriving on wednesday. that is your next first alert weather day, and another rainy day on saturday. so plan ahead. laura. >> laura: still good out there on the roads this morning. this is our waze map, and i'll show you this accident the wazers are talking about. there's an accident right there along 480 just past 77. it's in the westbound the eastbound lanes, but a lot of people are talking about it. so maybe causing some problems. both lanes are looking for slowdowns there as you pass through. >> tia: it's okay, brian. i have gray hair under my arms. that's how i know i'm old. just kidding. just kidding. make the switch to cle43. >> laura: no one wants to see.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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this special broadcast of "cbs this morning" is being brought to you with limited commercial interruptions by target and toyota. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, september 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? welcome to the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. we are giving the extended look into the national mall's extended treasure and a century in the making. >> we will show you key moments of history that are on display, including a cabin that held more than a dozen slaves and a lunch counter stool from greensboro


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