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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  September 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> tia: thank you so much for joining us at noon. the ohio department of education just released report cards for all of ohio's schools. >> brian: many of those districts did not do very well at all. especially the cleveland municipal schools. laura demaria here with some looks at the various report cards. laura? >> laura: well guys you know those report card or test grade back to your parents. you aren't happy and you know they aren't happy either. a lot of our local cities are probably thinking the same thing. before i get into what grades our area cities got, i want to explain what these report cards mean. there's a number of things they are looking at, similar to how we would be graded in a classroom if we were students. things like measuring performance on state tests. measuring growth and change from year to year and moving forward
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improving year to year. also things like the graduation rate and of course the dropout rate. so, where did everyone fall? well, we will start with cleveland. cleveland did not fare very well. in fact, cleveland had all fs for grades. not so great there at all. when it comes to akron, akron all ds and fs. not much better in akron. akron all ds and fs. canton was mostly ds and fs. they did have one a. we will put this one a. on one a. that was in their gifted program. as for who was the best in the area? i had to put those on here because of course we want to end with some good news here. bay village and beachwood really fared what i saw the best out of most on the list with mostly arkansas and bs. you might find a couple cs trickled in there but it's hard in the area to find ones that did that well. i'm sure many of you, there's a lot more suburbs that we were not able to cover here but every one of the suburbs in our area,
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districts are covered on this. we have shared this on our website and also on our facebook page. you can head there. check out your local school districts and find out how they fared on their report cards. guys? >> brian: all right, laura. thanks very much. hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today for the first time since recovering at home from pneumonia and donald trump will address an economic club in manhattan. craig boswell with the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today with a rally in greensboro, north carolina. it's the democratic nominee's first appearance after a three-day rest from pneumonia. >> i'm glad that i did finally follow my doctor's orders and take some days to rest instead of just trying to keep powering through which i think is a common experience for people. >> reporter: the latest cbs news poll shows clinton with just a two-point lead over donald trump in a four-way race with third-party candidates. she still has a big advantage among women, 13 points.
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black voters while trump leads by 11 points among men and white voters. crump is talking about his own health today on a syndicated health talk show and his campaign made public a one-page summary. the paper offers some information about trump's physical condition and what appears to be a swipe at clinton's pneumonia-induced break the campaign said that the records show mr. trump is in excellent health and has the stamina to endure uninterrupted the campaign. last night in ohio, the republican nominee questioned his rival's stamina. >> in this beautiful room that's 122 degrees, do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. >> trump speaks today in new york and new hampshire. >> brian: hillary clinton says her campaign will release more of her health information in the coming days. >> tia: we are asking questions about a shooting on cleveland's
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road and euclid avenue around 9:00 this morning. officers on the scene tell us she had a gunshot wound right to the chest. she was taken to university hospital. additional charges could be filed today against this man. this is shawn grate. police arrested him at a house in ashland where two women's bodies, they were found. investigators continue to work to identify one of those bodies, as well as a third body found at a house in mansfield. a woman did call 9-1-1 saying grate was holding her c charge. >> brian: well, we have been digging into grate's past. and what we found is a history of violence against at least one woman . christina hildraff told tiffani tucker that she dated grate from about five years from 2005 to 2010. she says their relationship ended when he became violent. >> and he grabbed me and he flipped me under the bed and i put my hands up like this and he punched me and he broke my hand
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he choked me. i had bruises down my face. >> brian: charged with domestic violence. we have tiffany's entire exclusive interview with her on our app. we also have two crews headed back down to ashland to ask more questions about this story and we, of course, will bring you the very latest in live reports. that starts at 4:00 on cleveland 19 news. >> tia: a 13-year-old boy is dead after an officer-involved shooting in columbus. police responded to a report of an armed robbery last night. the approached him with a gun and demanded money. the officers noticed three men matching the description and tried to speak to them. the officers say that's when tyree king pulled what they thought was a gun from his waistband and one officer had to open fire. >> it was at that point where they took the handgun into custody and upon further review come to find out that it was actually a b.b. gun with a laser sight on it. >> tia: well the officer shot king multiple times.
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children's hospital where he was pronounced dead. the officers and other suspects were not hurt. >> brian: we are asking questions today about a teen killed in a school bus accident in norton yesterday afternoon. police say the teen was skate boarding and literally fell right into the path of the bus. he died on the scene. grief counselors at norton schools today trying to help the kids there. we have a crew heading to norton and we will bring you what they find, that's coming up at 4:00. >> a bus accident this morning in cleveland. a car ran into the back cuyahoga county board of developmental disabilities bus. this was at east 66th and euclid. the bus was empty. no one was hurt. >> tia: a woman whose picture went viral when she passed out in a car from a heroin overdose with a child in the back seat was sentenced today. a judge sentenced rhonda passick to 180 days in jail and a fine for child endangering, disorderly conduct and also intoxication. the charges stem from this incident that happened last
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erratically. the officers approached and found passick passed out. the driver passed out a short time later. >> brian: coming up on cleveland 19 news, two ohio high school students in some serious trouble over a social media post. we will show you what the girls posted on instagram. it's next at noon. >> tia: plus, a dental procedure putting children at risk for dangerous infections. we are getting answers on baby root canals.
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rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard.
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>> brian: welcome back. two findlay high school freshmen could face charges for what they posted on instagram. in the post, the two girls are holding two guns and a homemade sign that reads i hate everyone, you hate everyone, let's shoot up the school at home coming. the superintendent and high school principal say the post was an inappropriate take on an online movement to bring people who may not have a lot of friends together. >> the difference is, their next statement about shooting at the website statement, so basically these students took it to a level that you never should take it to. >> once it's posted, it never goes away. so you need to think about what you are posting. >> tia: yeah. >> brian: yeah, there's good advice. students involved have been suspended, could face expulsion and criminal charges. serious and potentially long-term punishment for a simple post, not a very smart one, on social media. >> tia: parents in austria are learning about the problems with simple posts on facebook.
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parents for posting -- get this -- hundreds of pictures of her when she was a child, without her consent, she says. the daughter says they posted embarrassing pictures of her in diapers and potty training and they had no right to do it. her dad says he owns the photos and had every right at the time. a court will have to decide on this case. what do you think? >> brian: she's 18, well, she can just go on out on her own. >> tia: i'm guessing their money funded that attorney. so -- >> brian of her life. >> tia: that's ridiculous. >> brian: yeah. she can just move along. that's what i would say. move right along with your life. >> tia: and don't call me. >> brian: that's right. unbelievable. straight ahead on cleveland 19 news, thursday night football. >> tia: yeah! [applause] >> brian: returns to cbs tonight. we talk to frustrated buffalo fans. >> san check -- about their hopes for the coaching staff.
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here's a live look outside. what a beautiful day. just gorgeous. you can see the high level clouds. they aren't going to produce any rain. we will stay dry for the rest of today. and it's cool out there, too. we will take a closer look at when things warm up and a little rain this weekend.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> tia: a new jersey woman suffers burns on her hands after an e-cigarette battery exploded inside her purse. the 29-year-old reached for her louis vuitton bag at the mall. there was a bang and it started smoking. others ran as it happened on the anniversary of 9/11. ab >> brian: that's one hot bag. >> tia: obviously. >> brian: the new york jets are 0-1 just like the buffalo bills. game two of the nfl season. the first right here on thursday night. >> tia: yeah, both need a win to get momentum for the rest of the season. >> j-e-t-s. jets jets, jets. >> the battle is on for buffalo.
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>> football, cold, wings. >> at anchor bar, home of the original buffalo wing, they will crank out all fans can eat during the first prime time game in four years. >> for a normal business day we usually sell about 2,000 wings a day. we are anticipating somewhere around 4,000 for tomorrow night's game. >> a win would be tasty. the bills have beat the jets six of the last seven games. and ex-jets head coach ryan and his brother, rob, are now in charge in buffalo. but victory is hard to come by here. thll playoff drought in pro sports. 16 years and they have never won a super bowl. >> it's just something we learned to accept and deal with. we keep moving on. you have to be a very resiliant hardy person to be a buffalo bills fan. >> do you almost 'em brings the fact that you lose? >> to some degree. >> in the early '90s, buffalo fans watched as their team lost an unprecedented four straight super bowls. but even the most frustrating
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look the a the hashtag bills mafia embraced by the players. >> i wrote a tongue-in-cheek joke i wasn't looking to start a movement. >> reporter: it became such a heat, the cofounder went on to create 26 shirts. the first $8 of each t-shirt goes back to local charities. >> we are the only t-shirt company that's not in the t-shirt business. we are in the helping people business. >> reporter: the broadcaster puts the eternal optimism this way. >> when they do make it, it's going to >> reporter: a long time in the making for fans who will not give up. >> tia: well a loss for either team will be a big blow, right? starting the season 0-2 and losing to a division opponent can be a hard place to recover from. >> brian: how about this. this is a bit different. a national anthem standoff at the brewers reds game. cincinnati infielder and the milwaukee pitcher took their time sitting back down after the song played. in fact, the two stood outside
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over their hearts, staring straight ahead, even after the anthem stopped playing. the two friends stood their ground for 13 minutes until pena finally gave up. the anthem standoff caused the game to actually start a little late. >> tia: what? was that to be funny? >> brian: no. it was to show their respect. neither beckham or crews will be fined for the cleats they wore to remember 9/11. they wore one pair in pme patriotic designs. they wore those in the season opening win for the giants over the cowboys, sam. >> samantha: rah-rah, you know the football teams we were born loving. of course we love the browns, too. we have a football game this weekend. i'll warn you, there might be a little rain this weekend. so we will talk about it even on sunday could see some showers
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forecast. a lot of sunshine, but there's also a lot of high-level cloud cover out there. these clouds will not produce rain. we will stay dry for today. and tomorrow's going to be just as gorgeous and a little bit warmer if you aren't ready to let go of summer just yet. i don't know about you, but i'm not ready. tomorrow's going to get warmer. so it will feel pretty good out there. here's what i am tracking for you. this is our weekend weather maker. an area of low pressure coming through the northern plains. its associated cold front will swing through on saturday. that makes saturday a first alert weather day. showers and thunderstorms likely at any time unlike last saturday where the risk was kind of confined to the afternoon and evening hours. this weekend, we could see a shower or storm at any time. we have been talking about this all week. if you have made outdoor plans for saturday, we want you to have an indoor backup plan as things could get pretty soggy. i'm not expecting any severe weather but we may see periods
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something to keep in mind as we roll closer to the weekend. today, though, no rain. here's a look at the next several hours. 2:00, 74?. light breeze out there. so, i think if you are in the shade, it feels a little bit cool. right? if you are downtown and you are in the shade of those buildings, the breeze going on, it feels good. but, it is an adjustment, right? 73 at 4:00. 70 at 6:00 as you head home and then this evening, we will drop back into the 60s. 8:00, mid 60s pretty nice day. we get to do this all over again tomorrow. here's tomorrow's hour by hour forecast. we get warmer. 80 in the afternoon after a cool start. we will be in the 50s again tomorrow morning i think some of you tomorrow morning could be cooler than we were this morning. but then again, we do get warmer in the afternoon. here's your full seven-day planning forecast. that weekend rain i was telling you about, showers and storms a
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there may be some rain out there in the morning. right now it looks like most of it should get out of here by kickoff. but, we can't totally rule out rain around the first and second quarters just yet. so, we will be keeping a close eye on that forecast. i would say, though, tailgaters, get ready to see at least a little rain and then next week we look good. >> tia: a lot of people are probably happy about friday's forecast, though. high school football. >> samantha: oh, tribe game. it all looks good. downto o it with good weather. >> brian: excellent. >> tia: thank you, sam. this is a crazy story. at least seven children have been hospitalized after getting the same procedure at a california dental clinic. hundreds of more children, though, could be at risk. jon blackstone reports. >> reporter: doctors are closely monitoring three-year-old jibran and treating him with i.v. antibiotics after they operated to remove an abscess caused by a suspected dangerous bacterial infection. all just from going to the
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>> yes. thinking everything's going to go well, you are going to go in and come out. but it didn't, it didn't happen like that. now he has this infection. >> reporter: his parents had taken him to the children's dental group in anaheim in may for a common procedure called a pulpotomy also known as a baby root canal. health officials say he's one of more than half a dozen children who had the procedure at the same clinic, then developed symptoms of a serious and potentially life-threatening infection. >> it's very treatment and needs to be taken care of quickly. >> dr. handler is public health officer with the orange county health care agency investigating the clinic. >> i have not seen these types of cases in the 10 years that i've been here. >> the clinic has agreed to stop performing the procedure for now. >> we are doing everything, whether it's sterilization or anything else that relates to taking care of the patients. we are on it. >> reporter: because the bacteria can progress slowly, health officials say they are
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may. >> it makes your heart stop a little, you know? like what's going on? >> reporter: health officials are working to locate the source of the bacteria which they believe is water which is used in equipment used during the procedure. results are expected by next week. >> tia: all seven kids who were hospitalized developed an abscess which can take up to six months to appear.
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>> brian: all right. uplifting news before we go. when students at a tennessee high school heard one of their teachers battling cancer got bad news, this he wanted something for him. >> tia: they really went all out. all 400 students from nashville's christ presbyterian academy serenaded him right outside of his home ? >> tia: that's what life should be about. right? giving to others. ben ellis is the latin and bible
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undergoing chemo and radiation from esophageal cancer until last week when his family decided to stop treatment. it's now been seen by thousands of people world wide. >> samantha: how sweet. i think i have something in my eye. >> tia: a tear jerker. >> samantha: the next seven days, 74 today. lots of sunshine. tomorrow t80 and we get more of days are gorgeous. but rain returns this weekend. two weather alert days in a row. showers and storms likely on saturday. sunday a little rain in the morning. maybe a little rain around kickoff as well but i know that won't stop you guys from getting out there. early next week we look good. >> brian: tribe game saturday, too. >> samantha: yeah, i don't feel so good about that describe game saturday. tomorrow night looks good, though. >> tia: thanks, sam. thank you so much for joining
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[ doorbell rings ] >> paul: hey, nik. >> nikki: paul. what a surprise. >> paul: yeah. >> nikki: i thought our police surveillance was long over. >> paul: this is about our son. i'm here to pull dylan back from the ledge. >> victor: i know you're busy doodling on that blackboard. but playtime is over with. let's skip all the formalities. let's get to the point. this is what you want, right? to see me in cuffs? do it. >> dylan: there's nothing i'd like more than to throw you in that cell. >> victor: you don't have the


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