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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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today we take time to pay our respects to kenneth velez at the end of his watch. kenneth velez spent his life dedicated to making ohio a safer place. >> mark: he died on i-90 during a traffic stop. depp den spent the day in elyria as a community gathers for support. >> reporter: calling hours started at about 3:00 at the ewing center fieldhouse on the campus of lorain county community college. huds and pay their final respects to a man who touched so many lives. >> this small bit of respect is a drop in the bucket of what he deserved. >> lisa carver knew state trooper kenneth velez from the dollar general where she works. today like many others she wears a shirt with his picture on it. >> he would probably make a joke about it and laugh about it, saying man, couldn't have i gotten a better looking shirt.
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campus of lorain community college to pay final respects to a man who dedicated his life to keeping others safe. for trooper velez or kenny v known to others his connection to the community went deeper? he was good at it. great at it. really funny guy and charismatic person and got along with people and good at what he did and loved what he did. >> reporter: friends say trooper velez was mindful of dangers on the job and hesitate to put his life on the line for others. >> it is devastating and huge loss and people need to be careful when they are driving and put more respect behind law enforcement people. >> trooper velez leaves behind three children and parents who still live in this area. this viewing will go on until 8:00 funeral services start tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. both are open to the public. >> reporter: here in elyria, denise zarrella, cleveland 19.
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the funeral for trooper velez is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. on the campus of lorain community college. the family wants this to be private. there will be a motorcade route to calvary cemetery afterwards in lorain on northridge road and people are encouraged to line the roads to pay their respects. live from the first alert weather center your hour by hour forecast. >> romona: gorgeous day out there, jeff. you said it will continue. >> jeff: it is. into the weekend still dry and not as warm and into the weekend. first day of fall tomorrow. it is going to be warm. another gorgeous night like last night. 80 degrees hopkins. 7:00 forecast 78 and headed out the door 8:00, 74 and about 71 at 9:00 currently 83 akron-canton and north side of downtown cleveland 76 degrees. i will let you know when we have rain in the forecast.
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mark? >> jeff. thank you. tragedy at the willoughby hills tower. a 2-year-old fell to his death from the 11th floor. residents found anthony suttles , jr. on the parking deck. after being put to bed he climbed the windowsill and pushed through the screen. republican presidential candidate donald trump and running mate mike pence made another stop in our area heights for a meeting with the pastors. >> outside new spirit revival there were disputes. but inside the church, there was harmony for what was advertised as a pastors meeting. a mix of clergy and trump supporters from all around the state were invited by dr. darrell scott pastor and founder of the church. he endorsed donald trump early on in his campaign. >> i stand before you today. we may be different colors,
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ethnicities and we are all one blood. citizens of one nation under god. also in attendance his running mate indiana governor mike pence and former rival ben carson. >> and trump has been trying to gather support from black supporters and polls show he leads by 5 points in ohio overall. one of the more visible supporters don king causes a st u considered offensive. >> if you are dancing and glancing and sliding [bleep] i mean negro. you are dancing and sliding and gliding negro. >> after trump addressed the crowd addressing issues in the african-american community. poverty, immigration and the latest police shootings. >> i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination. there are many wrongs that must
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prosperous for everyone. after trump took questions from the organizers then the congregation prayed for him. >> we thank you in the name of jesus. >> reporter: getting answers in cleveland heights, sia nyorkor, cleveland 19 news. >> romona: presidential candidate hillary clinton outlined her vision for an all-inclusive economy while campaigning in orlando, florida today. >> we have to build an inclusive economy that treats them with respect. cbs news battle ground tracker shows clinton holds a two-point lead over donald trump in florida and polls show trump ahead of clinton by 5 points in ohio. >> mark: we have live pictures in charlotte, north carolina. protestors expected to continue to walk into the night tonight. at one point earlier today at the unc i believe it was, a sit in going on.
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carolina is on edge. >> and a night of protestors leaving a dozen police officers injured. >> the protest grew after police shot and killed an african-american man yesterday. the chief says officers were hooking for a man who had a warrant. they noticed keith scott with a weapon and would not drop it so they fired. a witness is casting doubt, though, on that story. >> told him to get out put your hands up. he got out and walked behind his truck with his man shot him four times. when he got out of the car a book fell off his lap, the book he was reading? >> police say no book was recovered from the scene. they did find a handgun. >> the family of an african-american man killed by tulsa, oklahoma police are calling for charges against the officer that shot and killed terrance crutcher and unarmed. officer betty shelby responded to a disabled vehicle friday. crutcher was inside the vehicle
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follow her commands and she felt threatened. the u.s. justice department opened a civil rights investigation. how many police-involved shootings have there been since 2016. dan deroos at the answer center. >> as i started to dig for answers i was shocked at the high number that you see considering last year there were 990 police-involved shootings. an officer shot and killed an individual. >> so far this year we are looking at great job breaking down exactly how this falls out. 706 people represented by each one of the blocks here. let's break it down by race. i will do it by white. 324 white people shot and killed by police making up 46% of all shootings by officers when we clear it and change it to african-american it is 173,
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other filters. was there a weapon involved? i will pick gun. african-american shootings, guns, 109. that's 15%. when you start to think about use of deadly force and you see a gun was involved in 15% of the shootings, that's where we start to hear the call for change. we can break it down further and put it into male, african-american men shot that had a gun just 15%. let's change the race in this and put a gun. >> 171. that's 24%. i know i threw a lot of numbers in there to give you perspective. >> 706 for the year. 990 last year and might be under the pace of last year. >> getting answers in the answer center, romona we will get back to you. >> getting to harry boomer, concerns for the african-american community in the wake of the latest
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as a much larger problem. too many leaving with black bodies lying in the street. killing people, man. we don't feel safe. >> i am talking about anywhere. >> he is 24. he and friends walking near kinsman avenue today. >> i don't feel safe. i feel they stereotype us just how we look. they ain't protecting us. we most scared of them than anything. >> fear is 10 armed black men killed in 2015 by police across the country. drug and thugs and something like that. >> and what we have to do is take care of our kids at the end of the day. >> we are unprotected. >> not all black men are alike. not all black men feel they are at risk. micah white, a radiation technician at a major hospital here says he feels safe. >> it just depends on the area i am in.
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known for crime. i think those areas attract that kind of attention. >> i don't think it is fair. >> i don't like it. i don't like it at all. >> a paralegal says he feels safe for the most part. >> at the same time a lot of officers who seem to be a little edgy may be need to take extra classes not to be so edgy. police do a lot of harassment. you walk down the street. if you will shake you down no reason at all and hope to have a warrant or anything like that. they have -- it has happened to me. in 2015 up armed blacks four time more likely to be shot by police than unarmed whites in america according to mapping police violence and u.s. census department. romona and mark. >> romona: so much work still needs to be done. >> there's an overriding sense
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i may still die that's a palpable fear and hoping to stop all that. >> all right, harry. thank you for that. >> up next, a family's grief compounded by confusion. trying to get answers how a baby's remains were misplaced. plus an arrest warrant issued for a browns player. we have developing news on a paternity case. we will start fall, the new season on a warm note. weekend changes that finally changes next week and alert day neuse. details next segment. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: a family already in mourning when put through another nightmare. a baby 7 weeks hold died and then his body temporarily went missing. >> shanice dunning is getting answers on this one.
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week preemie when he died at aultman hospital and his family says he was sent to akron hospital and his body somehow went missing and his family is asking how something like that could happen. >> celina davenport says her grandson was a fighter. he was two pounds when he was born. he was a strong little guy. >> she wasn't sure if i would make it to four months to be honest. >> shantel gave birth at six months and doctors expected complications. his lungs were not developed. >> at 7 weeks old he seemed to be growing stronger? we had seen him the night before. 24 hours later he took a turn for the worst. >> eric died wednesday aultman hospital in canton. >> he fought until the end until he had no fight left in him. >> as his family prepared to bury him the funeral home >> he was a baby. he is with you.
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>> eric was scheduled to be taken from aultman for autopsy. >> the hospitals are less than 30 miles apart. >> neither could account for where he was. >> when the family went to aultman to get an explanation the staff called security. instead of giving answers. >> they didn't know who signed him out. they didn't know he was gone. when i called the lady from akron again she said we found him. akron childrens never explained where he found the body. >>he released this statement saying in part sometimes there's a chance for confusion surrounding a baby's name as it appears in the medical record particularly with newborns when the mother and father do not share the same last name. we just want answers. that's all. >> we have reached out to aultman where eric died but the hospital hasn't released a statement regarding the matter. the family buried eric monday and still waiting on an autopsy
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>> mark: shanice, thank you. a paternity case is catching up to josh gordon. after months of court ordered subpoenas and arrest warrant, gordon showed up to court today and he provided dna after hearing for the paternity test and scheduled to return to court in november. a maple heights woman claims the child is her 1-year-old daughter's father. >> gordon is not allowed to speak to the media because of suspension for substance abuse and the browns issued a statement and said this: we are aware of the situation. josh and his attorney are working with the cuyahoga county courts to resolve this matter. we have no comment at this time. >> romona: allegiant air is moving service from canton airport and going to cleveland hopkins. to celebrate the company is offering one-way fares on new routes for $39. we have details on the cleveland 19 app.
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destinations. the switchover is set for february. >> looking pretty good. did you see the cake? >> nice. jeff said finally fall cooler weather. >> in time for sunday. i like it. >> did they pass the cake around? to celebrate they are offering cake. >> no. to the passengers, you know. here is a slice of cake, enjoy your flight. here we go tomor friday it will be a fairly muggy day. even though temperatures are cooling down a little bit. tomorrow we will be back up in the 80s. fist day of fall and that's what it will say on the calendar. flip it. autumn begins. here by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow well in the 70s. we are back into the 80s. the exception of course along the immediate lakeshore with the lake breeze will kick in.
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akron. the next alert day is tuesday. this is when we are dealing a slow-moving system, best opportunity of showers and we think the risk all day and heavy rain situation. tribe game 77. first pitch. magic number is 6 just like last night. another beautiful evening at progressive field. 58 will be the overnight l a clear sky. tomorrow 86. we will see increasing high clouds. no rain coming with that. >> 59 at 7:00 a.m. noon 82 and 5:00 more of a mostly cloudy sky because of high clouds and 85 and 86 the high. friday humid and mixed sky 77. 74 on saturday. >> mostly cloudy and comfortable weekend.
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so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe... why won't you? now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. swung and drilled deep right orlando going back. slides. he didn't make the catch. it is a fair ball. it is a game winner in the corner! he scores. >> tony: thrills never end at
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ready to go in 40 minutes. corey kluber on the hill. >> i want to get back to last night's celebration. indians perfected this. walk off season for the tribe. brandon geier was the 9th different player to provide it. >> i caught up with him earlier today in the indians clubhouse. >> how unifying is it for a team. >> it could be anybody. it is kind of whoever is at the plat >> but, you know, we feel anyone up there, anyone on the team 1-9 and bench guys, give us a shot to get the job done. knowing that, just, builds confidence throughout the team. is it fair you mastered the art of walk-off? >> i think so, yeah, i have been -- the little time i have been here probably four or five. and pretty good at it here. >> it is fun. you feel it.
6:25 pm
and you are there. >> we are getting there. >> and we have work to do. >> you know, of course i want to win the division. if we do that get as high as we can. >> still have a lot to play for. let's talk browns cody kessler about to be the 26th starting quarterback for them. >> i will give the next word to the guy sunday blocked for 18 of them. >> joe >> at this stage of the career the next quarterback and charlie white. nice to meet you. >> yes. >> yeah. get to know them fast. >> this is a crash course. >> how are they going to handle this challenge. >> you have to perform now. >> that's what you will do in this league. you want performance. >> play your best and do your
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it's right there. >> jeff: all right. 86 tomorrow. fist day of fall. humid friday. mixed sky 77 and cool it down to 74 for a high saturday.
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us at 6:00 cbs evening news is
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: racial tensions explode. a night of violence in charlotte after police fatally shoot a black man. there are conflicting accounts of what happened. >> mr. scott exited his vehicle armed with handgun. >> he had no gun. >> pelley: also tonight, the f.b.i. is asking your help locating these two men, wanted as witnesses in the new york and new jersey bombings. congress grills a drug company c.e.o. over the skyrocketing costs of life-saving epipens. and cops and kids change places to promote understanding and


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