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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news sponsored bill doraty kia and kia of streetsboro, kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> chris: right now at 5:00 crime scare at cleveland clinic. several workers attacked on or near the campus. the parking lot. >> they are stepping up security. as a result, people who work at the clinic are certainly on edge. catherine bosley is getting answers from the clinic. >> reporter: this parking lot belongs to the nearby baptist church. they lease it as a parking lot and tells us one of the workers was robbed and assaulted here on tuesday. >> do you feel safe here walking around? >> i do.
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>> reporter: in fact most of the workers coming and going find it surprising. what happened tuesday makes the theth employee robbed since january. none of the others hurt and all happening off property like rta stops and other parking areas. >> what's going on? six people? >> around the area. >> that's crazy. >> what doesn't happen, this facebook post claims it is happening in a few of the clinic's own parking garage. they say it is not true. it got this woman's attention. >> i think it is dangerous. we need to take stringent precautions on our fellow caregivers here. >> all enough for the clinic to issue a statement saying they are committed to the safety and security of patients, visitors and employees and we encourage employees to be vigilant of
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attack was treated and released from the emergency working and are working with police to see who did it. >> thank you,. >> catherine. there's new video of the fatal police shooting in north carolina. >> the victim's wife recorded it on her cell phone as the officers opened fire. a warning, the video may be tough for some. mark has developing details. >> north carolina police officials refused toel dash cam and body cam of the video but the wife of lamont scott was rolling on her cell phone as it happened. >> keith. keith. don't you do it. >> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> i am not going to put out one piece of evidence to further inflame or tell the whole story. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. >> scott pleading with police.
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traumatic brain injury. the scott family attorney release the the video showing officers surrounding scott and she told the husband to obey the officers and tell him to ultimately drop the gun [ no audio ] >> the unexpected release of this video comes after three nights of violent protests and a lot demonstrating pushing for police to release its video and the chief refusing and state investigators ha charlotte police will be out in force avoiding a fourth night of violence and a curfew will be there tonight, too. >> national guard troops will remain in charlotte through the weekend. mark nolan cleveland 19. >> chris: thank you, mark. in oklahoma, the shooting death of an unarmed black man surrendered to tulsa police overnight. >> denise: officer betty shelby is charged with
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manuel bojorquez updates the investigation. >> officer shelby turned herself in to police after shooting terence crutcher. >> each of us at the end of our days have to account for our own actions. >> shelby is accused of unlawfully and unnecessarily shooting crutcher following his refusal to comply with her landfall orders. prosecutors say the defendant's fear resulted in her unreasonable actions. crutcher's sister not enough. >> we know the history of these cases and we know she has been charged and we get no convictions. we are demanding full prosecution. >> shelby was responding to a call when she encountered crutcher's abandoned vehicle and it shows him walking towards the s.u.v. hands in the air. according to an affidavit filed
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shelby's commands to stop and reached inside the front window and lawyers for the crutcher's family say the video shows the window was up. >> the prosecutor felt he could get a conviction out and we will hold him to that standard. >> reporter: shelby faces a minimum of four years in prison if convicted. the funeral for terence crutcher is scheduled for tomorrow. manuel bojorquez cbs news, tulsa. >> chris: the medical examinersa gunshot to the chest. officer shelby was released after posting a $50,000 bond. >> denise: a dramatic about-face for ted cruz. the former candidate says he is voting for donald trump for president. the texas senator says on facebook he made the decision for two reasons, first his promise to support the republican nominee and second, his belief democrat hillary clinton is wholly unacceptable, his words.
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coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> chris: quite an endorsement. we are endorsing beth and her forecast. another beautiful day. >> denise: i'd say. beth, it is gorgeous out there. >> beth: really? what are you endorsing? now or what's coming this weekend? >> chris: now! >> beth: on the good side sunny and bright. on the bad side, if you are a fan of 89 degrees new philly an7 akron. if you are a fan of this weather, i have news for you, no 80s coming your way after this afternoon and evening. 80 along the lakeshore. headed to friday night football once the sun starts setting we will drop easily in the 70s and before midnight in the upper 60s. there is a possibility you run into a stray random shower. we have a little system going overhead and it could put a shower out there. i really wouldn't worry about
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things will change a little bit. temperatures, if you are coming down to see the tribe and downtown and coming from the south towards the lake it is cooler right now near downtown and near the lakeshore. a heads up, bye, bye to the 80s in the next couple of hours. we have a cooler weekend ahead and rainy days and mondays seem to go together and this will be the exact same example. coming up, i will let you know when and the 80s return. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored ford. >> chris: the endorsement was for the warm weather. a live look at traffic 77 in and out of town. smooth there and reports about a half hour ago of an accident on i-480 by warrensville center road. stop-and-go-traffic. be prepared. it is in the eastbound direction
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be prepared if you are traveling that route. the rta is kicking off a new program next week called bus stop exercise. it is just as it sounds. fitness instructors will be at fitness stops monday afternoon and lead riders in a series of calisthenics. events are free and open to the public and of course we will post locations on our web site on >> denise: something to do while waiting. a top national honor for the akron zoo. they were given for its green practices. the zoo was recognized for conservation and recycling mission. akron zoo has the first solar powered train ride in north america and it also has the first four-star green certified restaurant at any zoo in the whole country sint-jans-molenbeek that something? >> chris: yeah. >> denise: a lot of gems out here. let's talk about our cleveland indians speaking of gems. the magic is four for the
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with the chicago sox. and growing windians fever. >> reporter: all were feeling the indians fever. >> when you have been a fan of a team this long it is fun when they finally start winning. >> reporter: today at progressive field fans were buying their tickets. in the streets, the indians spirit was >> sales have been awesome. indians stuff, just having a hard time keeping it in stock because it is so busy. >> reporter: amy works at the cleveland clothing company on euclid downtown. she says they have had a hard time keeping up with the demand. >> the indians, everybody is excited to roll into the playoffs and hopefully world series. >> reporter: the fever surrounding cleveland sports heated up sales here and in the past two years with the success of the cavs and now the indians,
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their locations. >> uptown location at university circle and storefront at crocker park. >> they are decked out in indians gear and here to buy more. >> i am a diehard. it is exciting. we come all the way from marion to watch two games. >> people like emily haven't always been into baseball but the indians winning streak changed that. >> just watching them evolve has been incredible. >> after a championship yea the cavs, hey, why not indians, too. >> for sure. i don't see why not. the tribe says since cavs won it is electric for them which seems to be working out pretty well. >> and the game against white sox starts at 7:00 and indians are leading the division. and the fever will only get hotter if they win these games. >> chris: it is a foregone conclusion, i am not going to
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the game tomorrow night. whew hugh! all right, still ahead coming up getting answers on a major road project in the suburbs. wait and hear how much every we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible.
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you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: university hospitals tell us four kids who attend adalai stevenson school in cleveland are stable in the hospital. school officials and police are investigating a claim that one
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his grape soda to several other kids. the student later told them he added cough syrup to it. now it is orlo wants to know. >> denise: tonight orlo wants to know about a major road project making a mess and creating other problems for neighbors. >> chris: there are questions over huge costs charged to each resident. paul orlousky getting answers from north olmsted township. >> reporter: we checked on rick's claim that work crews were creating a messy situation by not watering down the road allowing concrete dust to settle. lippeda has stage three lung cancer and forced to stay inside. >> i feel i am held hostage in my own home. >> the project includes water and sanitary sewer lines as well as repaving. the township is paying for the
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>> $23,000 up front. >> homeowners got a bill for their share of water and sewer bill. pay up or take out a county loan for 3%. no assessments and people can pay over time with taxes as typically done. >> on average the permits and fees are more than $15,000 and water system permits and fees are more than $5,000. >> they called it a connection fee. they didn't want to deal with tax assessments or anything like they said they had a bad experience with it already. the county did. >> the county told us the exact same thing. several years ago county commissioners passed installation of sanitary sewers in townships and two townships in cuyahoga county, chagrin falls and olmsted township. chagrin falls has no sewers and pay up only applies to olmsted township. >> the county got a grant for part of the work and low
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over 20 years. asking questions, getting answers, paul orlousky. >> denise: now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert for you. samsung says half the people who bought a galaxy note 7 returned their phones already and the vast majority are exchanging them for a new note 7 instead of a different device. exploding batteries forced a recall and replacement phones have batteries from a different supplier. tesla is updating theo sounds an alarm now if you take your hands off the wheel. tesla says it forces the drivers to take full control of the car. it's been under scrutiny ever since a canton man was killed using auto pilot. pint-sized mcdonald's fans may be happier. they plan to test a breakfast happy meal including two mcgriddles or egg and cheese
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slices or yogurt. the test is in select restaurants and could go nationwide next year. more people are getting into the halloween spirit. all that candy and all those costumes and treats, they don't come cheap. the national retail federation predicts spending will hit $8.4 billion, more than $90 per person, a new all-time record. >> beth: i know you have been going and costco and see all the halloween stuff and you think it is 87 degrees out. wait until this weekend when you do your shopping. the halloween candy will look more relative. take a look. talking about 74 degrees, magic number 74 and 4. i tell you what, i bet i get to change that graphic by the end of the night. increasing clouds and stray shower. can't rule that out.
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start falling to the south. once it does, our 80 degrees will look like grand rapids, 66. see the greens and yellows, that's the cool air. we are in the red zone. hotter steamier air and ultimately canadian air wins out. look what happened, future view temperatures slowly sinks in the area. 9:70 degrees and wake up waking to the low 60s saturday morning. we go through our saturday. and lately on this, reds creep up by lunch time. yeah, i know. here is lunch saturday. we are at the greens. get ready for it. a big temperature change coming and we are used to being warm and it will be a little shocking and refreshing for some of you. i like it a little on the cooler side. >> out on the front showers and storms over the lake and ultimately it falls to the south
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if you look outside now and you have cloud cover, you are probably live ago long the lakeshore. clouds will probably start filling in, spotty showers by the time it gets to us. overall, when this canadian cold airdrops in, our temperatures dropping 10-15 degrees tomorrow. future view, let's put the showers up there. evening time showers hover over the lake. drop into town and it is not that impressive. by midnight tonight cloud c you can see the spotty showers linger until about or the chance of until tomorrow at 10:00. it is not a big deal now just looking like a stray, spotty shower. once the cloud cover gets out of here saturday afternoon we will see lots of sunshine into sunday as well. tonight overnight lows in the 60s. the cloud cover will keep everybody at about the same temperature. as we go through tomorrow, cloud cover might get you in the
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there could be a stray shower mixed in until 9:00, 10:00 just depends where you are, mostly on the lakeshore. if you are doing the akron marathon tomorrow, it will be cooler and sunshine and sunshine really breaks out into the afternoon. the high temperatures 74 degrees and it is on the shocking side. drier air comes in more on sunday. sunday night, the next system starts moving into town. it will be run for monday. monday, the rain holds off until noontime. it is more showers in nature. it will be on the gray side. it will be a little humid. that's the only day we even get close to 80. after that system comes through it is a pretty quick one and very unimpressive at this point. tuesday, it looks like we get in dry and wednesday a slight chance of showers and thursday. i know there are some low temperatures and i was a little
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wednesday numbers. i will say this. this is not the only opportunity for monday and wednesday morning with a risk. there are a couple of overnight chances. i left that out. if you are doing overnight things and a late soccer practice on tuesday, head to our weather app. we update that continuously. sometimes i don't want to mislead. dayside we will be dry on those days, a big temperature swing. >> denise: all right. >> chris: i know you like the cooldown. less it is cold. >> denise: good logic. here is more simple logic. it is friday. that means the weekend is next. >> finally friday. >> how about it. it will be a good one. so much going on in northeast
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welcome back. keeping an eye on entertainment. plenty to do in northeast ohio. >> classical hip-hop to shock rock. a family movie classic like you have never seen before. >> follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow. >> denise: one of the greatest movies ever available in a stunning 3-d version. the ventures of dorothy, t and gang come alive. the cedar lee theater in ohio kicks off its monthly series with this classic. check it out saturday or sunday. >> unmistakable. >> head to akron if you like it. legendary alice cooper performing at the civic at 8:00 rock hall of famer and of course national and international favorite.
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he has been performing and he is a pretty good golfer performing for about 50 years now. >> listen to this sound. they are awesome. they call themselves black violins. kevin sylvester classically trained musicians and mix in hip-hop and create unique sounds. the duo is ohio theater tonight at 8:00. >> they sound so good. >> that's incredible. >> denise: awesome. more coming up next on cleveland 19 news. we are counting down to the first presidential debate. it is supposed to be an epic broadcast.
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>> denise: all right. politics big news of course with the election 45 days away now. get ready for what some people call the superbowl of debts. >> chris: incredible. analysts are predicting a record setting audience. more than 100 million people expected to tune in. expectations high for both candidates. ryan nobles in d.c. covering campaign 2016 and it will be a show, ryan. chris and denise. i don't think any question it will be the most important moment in the campaign up until this point and really could decide the way the rest of the election goes. in general it is best for candidates to come in as an underdog and you see the campaigns trying to downplay their candidate's strong points and trying to make it seem as though their opponents are coming in at an advantage. >> it will be the most important
5:31 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton daughter their party's nomination. >> trump's campaign claims the candidate is not conducting mock debates. it is not overly preparing for the match up with clinton. >> they are trying to game the system. >> the candidate himself is taunting his opponent. >> they say she has been practicing for the debate. some say she is slippery. >> trump is downplaying debate prep, we know he is advised by former head of fox ailes and watching clinton debate to get a sense of her style. >> i would not ask anyone to vote for me based on my last name. viewing trump's primary debates and especially because she has a lot of experience, trump will be like no candidate she has ever faced off against. >> she has to figure out a way to stay above the fray and have a moment where he does go across
5:32 pm
and having demonstrate that for the public. >> keep fighting. keep swinging. >> reporter: her running mate believes she will rise to the challenge. >> when spotlights at their brightest and pressure is at the most intense, that's when she brings the a- plus game and she will do really well. >> a- plus is required of both candidates and more will watch this debate more than any other moment in the campaign. polls showing a tight race, a poor performance candidate could change the shape of the race. a big development today headed into debate prep weekend donald trump finally picking up the endorsement of chief primary rival ted cruz. ted cruz didn't endorse donald trump at the convention and told voters vote their conscious and put out a facebook post saying the reason he is supporting donald trump he is worried about clinton being the next president.
5:33 pm
didn't care if ted cruz ever endorsed him and put out a statement saying he was honored to receive cruz endorsements and called him brilliant and called him lying ted a couple of months ago. >> i'll say. what an about-face. >> ryan, i understand donald trump is talking about potential supreme court nominees. is he saying who is on the list? tell us more about that. >> you probably remember not long ago trump released 18 names of potential conservatives he thought he would consider as supreme court justices and today he unveiled an even longer list. it could be a big part of why ted cruz decided to endorse him today. cruz was given assurances by trump that he would select a strict constitutional conservative to supreme court. on that list was senator mike
5:34 pm
backer and one of the biggest supporters in the senate while running for president. what's interesting about all this, lee, even though he is put on the list as potentially being a supreme court justice said today he is not ready to endorse donald trump's campaign. >> interesting. ryan, thanks for the good information. ryan nobles, live in washington, d.c. >> denise: remember to stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of c or on facebook or twitter. all right, let's talk about something we all can agree upon. today's gorgeous weather. >> chris: gorgeous but cooler, beth in the future, correct? >> beth: cooler in the very short future t. will be very warm tonight and a system dropping down over the entire area. headed out this evening, i can't tell you that it will be 100%
5:35 pm
some could see a stray shower and temperatures for the most part, this is it with the 80 degrees. by the time you get to friday night football it will be about 79 or 78. current temperatures along the lakeshore with the cloud cover settled in, we are at 80. 75 sandusky. so everyone else not affected yet are well in the 80s. we tied a record 89 degrees was the official where we topped o right now we are 3 degrees off currently right now from where we were yesterday. look at grand rapids, 14 below where we were yesterday at in time. get ready for the weekend. cold air sinking over us starts to funnel in tonight and could touch off a couple spotty showers is what we are seeing and a big fall change for the weekend and upcoming week. future view shows spotty showers.
5:36 pm
towards toledo area and could hear a rumble of thunder. and it will be a spotty little lingering shower here and there. i know you don't want to sit around friday night football with the showers t will be a stray passing shower. >> this weekend 74 saturday and 76 sunday. saturday afternoon very sunny and sunday all day sunshine from end to end. keep that 74. today at 89. this forecast. headed out today, you might want to grab a hoodie. i will tell enthuse back over to you guys, hoodie, yes because you will definitely be on the cool side. you guys? >> denise: all right. i am ready for the fall sweaters and stuff like that. >> chris: so cozy. this is a big weekend for many people drivers included. the new incredible bridge officially opens. >> not before crews add a few finishing touches there.
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>> reporter: it is a big weekend and it is a very exciting day. there's so much going on in the traffic world. let's talk about what's going on with the bridge. if you haven't noticed there are two now, two complete bridges that completely span all the way across from the split with 71 and 90 to the east side of town going across the cuyahoga river. the big news happening tonight at 7:00 i will put 7 p.m. here, at both close both directions going across this span. it will not reopen until sunday morning at 11:00 in the morning. so 11:00 a.m. will be when the grand opening is. we will have a little party tomorrow morning. coming down for the indians game tomorrow night, keep in mind will you take the alternate. the alternate will take you along 490 and up 77 to get into downtown. exciting news here. when 11:00 comes on sunday
5:38 pm
across the brand new eastbound incredible bridge. they are saying don't blink. if you do, you might miss it. guys? >> denise: thank you, laura. the innerbelt bridge was built in 1959 and demolished 55 years later in 2014. the first new bridge opened three years ago and second span opens this sunday morning. >> going to be great. >> chris: cleveland heights offering a new mobile parking app works at garages with searching for change. the rate for app and parking 50 cents an hour and cleveland heights hopes to expand other lots later next year. expect to see more coyotes this fall. the ohio department of natural resources says they are becoming more common in northeast ohio. there's a report of sightings in pepper pike reported earlier in berea, olmsted falls.
5:39 pm
call police. >> denise: watch out for your little dogs. it may seem hard to believe but nine weeks away from black friday. we are getting predictions on the deals. dan deroos is in the answer center with the bargains. dan, you always hook us up. >> imagine if someone took a picture of my face when my producer said we are doing black friday today. we are getting answers on sort of the patterns we saw this year. first, take a look at the numbers and there's a lot to digest. come in close. off line in the stores and here is black friday and thanksgiving and combine for $10 billion in sales. >> notice they were down. down considerably from the year prior. here is why. on-line sales. people who went the computer
5:40 pm
the stores will realize this and see this pattern. that means there will be a lot of on-line deals this year. let's take a look at what to expect if you are in the tv world and that's what's going to be a big seller. looking for an hd tv, here are prices for the sizes. 4k finally coming down. >> and expect 4k tv's starting $300 and let's do one more. howut the market for tablets depending what size and memory you are looking for look at the amazon fire. you can expect $33 for that. a ton of price ranges and that's what we are going to look for. yes, it is down the road and starting to get an idea. all this information coming from best black in the answer center, dan deroos, back to you guys. >> denise: good for planning
5:41 pm
now i might wait. >> nowaday ifs your tv dies you junk it on the curb because it is cheaper to buy a new one than fix it. >> chris: paperweight. >> denise: yeah, big paperweight. coming up, answers in the yahoo! data breach.
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yahoo! users are worried about their personal information. >> chris: hedda daniels getting information on what you should do if you have a yahoo! account. >> information from 500 million yahoo! accounts could be in the hands of cyber thieves. if you have nail chances are, you got hacked. stolen information includes names, e-mail addresses, ph encrypted answers used to verify your identity. yahoo! says it does not appear to include credit card or bank information. >> just because your bank account information was stolen just my e-mail and password, what could they possibly have, well they have access to your entire circle of friends and all the people you do business with. >> and they learned of the massive data breach and the hack
5:45 pm
unidentified state sponsored actor, someone paid by a government agency. >> it is more and more common. these things will not go away. >> yahoo! is notifying users taking steps to secure accounts. if you have not changed your password since 2014 you should do it now. hedda daniels cbs news. yahoo! is the third largest e-mail provider in the whole country. they say users of yahoo! fantasy sports, finance and flicker are part of the breach. romona? >> romona: thank you, a carl monday investigation. action being taken as a clerk of courts official gets suspended following our parking meter probe and so much more to tell on this one. with the recent shootings we were wondering how new police trainees feel about joining the force. their reaction coming up when
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all right. taking back our streets. two women fighting back in separate cases and not afraid to stand up against criminals. >> she exercised her right to defend her property. >> denise: incredible security video. look at this from the atlanta area. three guys broke into a home there. the woman homeowner just unloaded with her own weapon. she fired at them. one of them later died. police are still looking for the otherly two suspects. >> the other fought off her attacker. she climbed on top of the
5:50 pm
he was drive ago way. amazingly she was all right after she was knocked to the ground and run over. but the crook did get away with her purse. >> chris: my goodness. a record drug bust in new york city. authorities find more than 72 pounds of heroin and fentanyl. they also filed charges against 25 people. police call it a highly sophisticated drug smuggling ring and say the heroin pipeline stretched from arizona to massachusetts. ch northern utah. wow. major storm blowing through the state yesterday. looks like wind just whipping across the road sideways and a small tornado touched down in one neighborhood. no one hurt but the storm did leave a lot of damage. >> beth: okay. up in the higher elevations you should know it is a weather phenomenon that i love and hate
5:51 pm
thunder snow. you don't see that very often. crazy weather around the corner. just cooler weather for us. it is 80 downtown. if you are coming downtown taking in the tribe game you should know if you live in akron it is still warm and cooler. overall, next 7 days flat out colder. 74 tomorrow. 76 sunday. keep in mind many areas top out near 90. on monday we make a run at it will be on the humid side. we have a warm front unimpressive and it quickly fizzles into -- look how cold we are tuesday, wednesday and thursday. there's a good possibility the lakeshore communities don't make it to 70 on the three days and we have a sunny and beautiful friday and back to the mid-70s. chances for rain next couple of days, spotty showers that could occur this evening and tomorrow
5:52 pm
gone and 10% chance of rain friday and saturday. >> the next big rainmaker a 50% chance of rain showers and start monday afternoon and take us through monday night. >> tuesday dry. wednesday almost dry, right. >> it is not a bad week ahead. >> it will taste like fall. look at this. sunshine saturday and sunshine saturday and sunday and rainy day monday and on the warm side. tuesday, wednesday and thursday it showers. tuesday is fine. >> and tuesday rain showers and risk of showers. >> and more regular weather. >> when we will hit 80 download the free cleveland 19 app and carry it with you on any smart
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>> can you use it. absolutely. >> still to come on friday at 5:00 like a girl you have never seen before. >> school lunch diet dropping
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>> chris: now some video you really need to see to believe. check it out. a rattlesnake rumble. whoa! right on someone's front porch in arizona. two rattlers were going for three hours. a reptile company eventually returned the snakes to the desert. break it up you the homeowner believes the male rattlers were trying to impress a lady friend nearby. we have heard stories about school lunch food. people complain it is so bad you can't eat it. a lunch lady at a houston school is bucking that trend. tammy mccray says she can prove her lunches are healthy. she stopped eating all fast food and she ate nothing but lunch room food and breakfast and
5:57 pm
year's time. healthy options. stick around mark and romona
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>> mark: now at 6:00, new video released of the police shooting in charlotte. we take a look and talk to local police trainees on what it's like to join the force in today's environme school and what does the future hold for them now that teachers in cleveland rejected a tentative deal. >> beth: some in the upper 80s. this weekend a big cooldown coming. no 80s in the forecast. i will show you how cold it will be this weekend coming up. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you.
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>> romona: a clerk of courts official suspended. a probe into potential criminal activity underway following a carl monday investigation into a parking meter mix up. >> mark: carl's story uncovered questionable decisions by the city that resulted in parking tickets for dozens of downtown motorists. but there's more than what meets the eye. the man who rules on parking ticket disputes is himself at the center of a clerk of courts inig what is this investigation about? >> reporter: it is about brian mahone. he may have been involved in funny business involving his own traffic ticket. for mahone it could be his ticket to trouble with the law. hey, mr. mahone. >> yep. that's me. >> carl monday, cleveland 19. >> hi. >> got a second? >> two weeks ago after paying a visit to brian mahone, the chief hearing officer for the clerk of courts is off the job.


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