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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 7PM  CBS  September 24, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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buchanan. bob shoop has shaken up the team because of the dropped balls in the first half. >> verne: third down, 11, 6:53 to go. >> verne: three-man rush. appleby. escapes the tackle. pulls up. fires it out. caught. good for the first dn 43 yard line by freddie swain, number 16. >> gary: this time he found somebody a little more open. >> verne: 6:34 to go. four downs for tennessee. they bring all four. appleby lets it go and then,
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colton jumper, number 53, on jordan scarlett. >> gary: colton jumper was a starting middle linebacker a year ago until darren kirkland replaced him and you speak to the tennessee people, they believe he's improved his game, they don't think he's kirkland but a good enough player to be an s.e.c. middle linebacker. >> verne: third down, nine. appleby. heck of a catch. >> gary: right now the tennessee secondary is conceding. some of the shorter passes. you can see buchanan right there. he was not going to bite on anything. he was looking for the double move. i think the instructions by the secondary coach, willie martinez, was if they're going to beat us on a double move, you might find yourself on the bench. >> verne: i'm not sure what
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>> verne: i don't know. he's out. he was in the face. >> gary: i don't think he likes the spot. >> verne: of matt leffler. >> gary: down short of the first down, probably about a yard short ofhe >> verne: last time tennessee won was in 2004. james wilhoit had missed an extra point with 3 1/2 to go and then he got a chance for a second opportunity, and he
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that was in 2004. third down, one. >> gary: just to tell you how long ago 2004 was. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: nick saban was at l.s.u. and urban meyer was at utah. >> verne: and where were you? >> gary: [laughing] on my way here. >> verne: [laughing] perfect answer. third and one. >> verne: this is -- not the most smooth sequence. >> gary: alluv off-season i talked about i believed that tennessee needed to win a tough, hard-fought game against florida to start to turn the ship around. i think this is exactly what
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this has happened before to tennessee. win a big game against florida ad things could turn. they are now, i think, the team to beat in the east. they've got a tough stretch. a real tough stretch. if they could go 3-1 and the loss be either to a&m or alabama -- look, they've got a two-game lead over florida now if they can finish off this game. >> verne: appleby back. goes across the middle. it's dropped. we schedule. they are at georgia next week, and at texas a&m. and then alabama here. this is the bulk of their season, and if they can get by this one, and they're not that far away, 5:21 to go. they have won nine games in succession.
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they're trying to make it 10 in a row. that's the third longest streak in college football. here comes the blitz. appleby behind the receiver. but he makes the catch. c.j. worton. it ain't over. >> gary: never. curl route. takes it in there. >> verne: gain of first down and 10. appleby toward the end zone. incomplete. c'yontai lewis. number 80. >> gary: in the pocket. makes a decent throw. just off the fingertips. we talked about powell being very quiet in this game, in the
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>> gary: nothing. >> verne: there he is. second down and 10. boom. >> verne: emmanuel mosley, number 12 on deandre goolsby. >> gary: i think you saw the result of a lot of calls. he did not take the kill shot. >> verne: incomplete. >> gary: good, clean football there by mosley. >> verne: flag. >> gary: did they have 12 men on the field? the defense looks a little odd. >> referee: illegal substitutions on the defense. 12 men in formation. third down. >> gary: i don't know if they
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i think their 12th guy did not quite get to the bench. >> verne: the penalty is walked off. third and one. >> verne: callaway, near side. >> verne: appleby bumped. throws in the right corner. overthrown. intended for goolsby. it's fourth and one. >> gary: do you take a field goal here? it's fourth and short, i think i can go for it. if it was fourth and five i might kick the field goal.
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>> verne: up the middle. they've got the first down, plus as jordan cronsgriet made the tackle. >> verne: as jordan cronkrite made the tackle. >> gary: fans are saying where was that earlier, when they couldn't stay on the field. >> verne: into the right corner. again. beautiful pass. >> gary: coming out of the backfield, cronkrite is matched up, stays with it, gets his hand in there and then does it again. tremendous play by jumper. >> verne:94:22 to go, second and
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>> verne: 4:22 to go. second and goal. left side. open. touchdown. freddie swain. >> gary: now it's not so noisy. >> gary: you've got to kick the extra point to makehi 10-point football game. one-on-one. gets it into the corner of the end zone. easy throw. checkerboard to throw to the outside and it was an easy pitch-and-catch. it's a football game. >> verne: eddy pineiro to make it a 10-point game, which he does, easily. >> gary: i think right now you've got to kick it down deep if you're florida. get a stop. >> verne: 4:17 to go in regulation. what can we learn about biodiversity from third-graders?
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us. each species serves a purpose. we need to protect the living things that are left. because the earth is our only home. since 1970, we've lost half of our wildlife. we're working to protect what remains. we all play a part for the greater good. >> verne: your weekend starts here. when the miami dolphins battle the cincinnati bengals. thursday night football on nfl network. a 16-play drive. 86 yards. it did take 4:10 but they've cut it to a 10-point margin. >> gary: it took 4:10 but it also took five previous series.
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remember, now, whether they go for an onside kick they have two time outs left. i still think you can kick this deep or pooch it to the open area. >> verne: they've got jorge powell on who is not -- >> gary: a lot of space to the side that you can pooch that over their head. >> verne: there it is, and tennessee has recovered at the 45. todd kelly jr. >> gary: i wouldn't have done it there. i would have tried to stop with my defense and save the onside kick for later. played very well. he trapped it. perfect. >> verne: most significantly, he fell on it. >> gary: yes. >> verne: jim mcelwain, second-year head coach at florida. had a marvelous year, a year ago. though they did lose their last three. here is tennessee.
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trying to end an 11-game losing streak. there is a nice start to the drive. jalen hurd. >> verne: second and five. >> gary: take all the time. >> verne: you bet you. >> gary: slow. >> gary: under five. >> verne: wasn't much there. >> gary: florida is going to
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a smart time out. >> verne: only game in the series to go to overtime was 1998, jeff hall put tennessee in front and the extra period was a 41-yard field goal. the gators' collins cooper missed on an attempt to extend the game and tennessee fans rushed the field and took the goalposts with them. >> gary: the reason i wanted to show that is what happened th those were the four years after peyton manning. they had four straight years. they had lost all the frustration. the year after key martin wins that game -- the year after tee martin wins that game they go on to win the national championship. could this victory, springing this win against florida move this team with a chance to win the s.e.c. championship, and if you win the s.e.c. championship you have a chance to get in the playoff. >> verne: you bet.
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>> verne: don't forget. we'll have the napa play of the game. third and five. florida has one time out remaining. >> gary: >> verne: that's the last time out. >> gary: remember, f 55-yard-plus field goal kicker. still a football game. ?wish that i was on ol' rocky top? ?down in the tennessee hills? ?humming? ?whistling? ? ?home sweet home to me? ?good ol' rocky top - woo!?
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>> verne: tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles." and "ncis: new orleans." followed by the season premiere of "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. >> gary: i would try to draw them offside. florida has no time outs. i would try to draw them offsides first. who cares if you get a five-yard
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high kick. fair catch called by callaway. what is he doing? >> gary: what are you doing? >> verne: what in the world -- he called a fair catch at the one yard line. >> gary: he's 50% better than he was last time. >> verne: there is a flag. >> gary: if it's on tennessee -- >> referee: there is no foul on the play. the player went between the two players. first down for florida at that >> gary: last time he did this, he dropped it. this time he caught it, but that's the second one in the game. >> gary: i've never seen that thashs that tight like that. >> verne: that's worth a very quiet "wow." 38-28. >> gary: why don't they try that curl pass where he goes all the
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>> verne: 3:10 to go. gators are out of time outs. we'll see if cronkrite is in the game. incomplete. derek barnett, who has had a very good game. >> gary: he goes about 6'5". close to 285 pounds and he's got a speed rush to the outside. he's one of the great defensive ends from this conference. myles garrett. jonathan allen. they've got some good ones. >> verne: second and 10. >> verne: cornerbacks up to defend the bumpand run.
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bump-and-run. >> referee: time out tennessee. a 30-second time out. >> verne: most who came at the start of the game have remained. this place is still almost full. stay tuned for "the jeep post
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>> verne: second half. total yards. 86 of those florida yards came on their touchdown drive. >> verne: jordan cronkrite is in the backfield. he will block. appleby heaves it. down the right side. incomplete. >> gary: tennessee was very aggressive there. a year ago, they played off, and three-man rush, eight-man zone. this time they went man to man and brought all four people -- they're covering up and matching up. man-to-man all over the field.
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>> verne: caught. short. six yard line. c'yontai lewis. >> gary: have to go for it. no choice. >> verne: mike abernathy made the tackle. >> gary: good tackle by abernathy. >> verne: he had three fumble recoveries in the game against virginia tech. mark shoop with the orange tennessee cap on. >> gary: >> gary: he said he was hired to beat florida. >> verne: four and five. appleby gets loose.
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>> gary: they bring four again. force appleby out. it's batted down, and the streak is over. hat, he ended it for vanderbilt and now he's ended it for tennessee. he said, "i was hired for this job." >> verne: colton jumper. >> gary: the only way tennessee can lose is turning the it over here. they need to be very careful. >> verne: hurd going left and he will be gang tackled.
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>> gary: you almost have to think about taking a knee here. the only thing that can go bad is a turnover. >> verne: the streak, barring that, is complete. over. i don't know why -- you're old enough, i know. do you remember in the 1970's the sport of choice was streaking? >> gary: yeah. >> verne: guys would run onto football fields or across the academy -- >> gary: takes a knee here. >> verne: they called it streaking. i don't know how this came up spangler, our production supervisor said to me, "did you ever know walter cronkite?" and i said yes, i had met him a couple of times. he said "did you know that in the mid 1970's on the evening news with walter cronkite he referred to knoxville, tennessee as the capital of streaking. my mind works in strange ways.
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is over. >> verne: that's what i meant but that's why i was so careful with cronkrite. >> gary: 12 men in the huddle. they're going to get a penalty. >> referee: 12 men in the formation, on the offense. it's a five-yard penalty. third down. the clock by rule will start on the snap. >> verne: notice the blue security people end zone at either end. >> gary: they better be strong. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: butch jones has done it. he's won more games every year, but with this win, i really believe, as you look at the athletic director right behind him, dave hart, this brings tennessee back to relevance. verne, i always thought that maybe tennessee was looking at those games as preseason games because the season started
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45 seconds to go. fourth and goal. butch jones. central michigan. cincinnati. fourth year here. graduate of -- >> gary: he will take a time out with one second to go. what a job he's done. they came here. they did not match up talent-wise. the last two years they did but they lost. four years of work to get to
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>> gary: we talked about tough games coming up, they have a tough stretch but if they can get through there, remember, they finish off softly, south carolina, tennessee tech, kentucky, missouri, vandy -- the toughest part of their schedule is always at the beginning. >> verne: this is game one and this is hurd down to the one yard line. it's over.
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>> verne: let's go down to allia >> allie: coach, the streak is finally over after 11 long years of waiting. what did you tell this team at halftime to ignite what we just saw in the second half? >> one play at a time. we didn't play our best football in the first half. we knew that. it was on us. the players. i can't say enough about them. i love them. they were disappointed. we came out and played a great second half. it gets us to 4-0 and that duck is pulling that truck, baby.
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that that your game is loud. you don't have to say anything. >> our receivers stepped up, our throw game when we needed the big plays and we knew we needed one momentum play to get this great crowd into it, what an environment, what an atmosphere. >> allie: congratulations. josh, what a second half after starting one for eight today, you set career records in yards and touchdowns. what got in to you? >> we were hurting ourselves at the beginning of the game. we weren't catching balls. the ball location wasn't we went into halftime and said i'll put the ball there and make plays. that's what we did in the second half. >> allie: you're a senior. this is the last time to play florida. you came away with thein. is it everything you thought? >> it's good. >> allie: what will you tell your teammates? >> 4-0. let's keep that duck pulling that truck. >> allie: the duck pulling the truck references, gary. >> verne: i think they got the message. >> gary: that will be their theme the rest of the year. absolutely.
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you know what's funny is when the coaches and the players say we're not thinking about the streak, believe me. they're thinking about ending the streak now. >> verne: look who is i go back a long ways in this conference. at the end of the 2001 season, phillip fulmer took tennessee down to florida. and they beat them 34-32, and casey clausen climbed the ladder and led the tennessee band in
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>> gary: butch's son. >> verne: back-up holder. >> verne: and now the alma mater. ? ? ? ?
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>> verne: what can you possibly not love about this sport. ? ? ? ? >> verne: and it is now time for the play of the game presented
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this is the touchdown catch that gave tennessee the lead they never relinquished. >> gary: deep ball, stutter against florida's defensive back jauan jennings who started it with the catch, over anzalone put them in the lead that they never relinquish withed. >> verne: the call from tennessee broadcaster bob keselin. >> 21-17 gators, set to throw, wide open, jennings bobbles it, to the 20. to the 10. all the way to the kecker board -- touchdown, tennessee -- all the way to the checkerboard, touchdown, tennessee, jauan jennings, 67 yards, dobbs right on target. >> verne: we're back live. >> gary: i'm thinking that cam sutton and butch talked so much about what a good leader cam sutton was showing off all week
7:32 pm
>> verne: 38-28. you see the lineup for tonight on cbs. it was 21-3, florida at the half. isle bet you anything that is cam sutton. i'll bet you anything that is cam sutton, for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist saying so long from knoxville, the final score 38-28. the jeep post game show is next.
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>> cbs sports presents the jeep post-game show. >> adam: welcome to the jeep post game show. i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles" and "ncis: new orleans" followed by the season premiere of "48 hours" tonight, only cbs. in the game you just saw, tennessee ending the 11-year drought and knocking off florida with an amazing come-back 38-28 as i'm joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones, and things just went so right for the vols in the second half. >> rick: don't ruffle a duck. [laughter]
7:36 pm
you've got to understand the situation if you're on florida's defense. of course, they're going to have to make big plays and here is what happened. we bust the coverage if you're a florida gator. you don't cover jalen hurd out of the backfield. tabor doesn't have situational awareness. first and 10, he bites on a double movement jauan jennings goes downfield for the game-changing score, tennessee taking the lead. those things can't happen if you are trying to salt away a lead. >> bri tight end atoning for the dropped balls in the first half but you need defense to go with the offense and bob shoop, the defensive coordinator released the hounds on mr. austin appleby and the gators in the second half. they didn't record their first first down in the second half until the 7:46 mark in the fourth quarter. that is some solid defense. derek barnett didn't hear his name at all in the first half.
7:37 pm
in the second half with everyone they have on the sideline because of those injuries, he stepped up and was leading the charge on the defensive side of the ball. >> adam: there have been so many moments we have been able to poke holes in the vols' performances, trailed against virginia tech, the game against app state, there is resilience on this squad. >> rick: without question. josh dobbs didn't go in the tank with ault dropped passes in the first half. he said "i could have put the ball in a better place." they were much better catch half. this team understands we have been building toward this time and there was real momentum. gary danielson doesn't look like momentum. rocky top, i have been there, you get 110,000 people singling "rocky top," that's momentum. >> brian: they have been outscored in the first quarter heading into this ballgame 27-10. they have been in this position before and they continue to find a way to get over the hump and take care of that adversity that they're facing. >> adam: when it's negative
7:38 pm
>> adam: 108,000 units of positive momentum down the stretch. starting in the s.e.c. nick saban against his alma mater. >> brian: freshman quarterback joshua jacobs, 11 carries, 97 yards, a couple touchdowns. >> adam: he came in because damian harris was carted off with an ankle injury. he's day to day next week. nick chubb left the game with an ankle injury. auburn. three field goals so far but the auburn tigers with the lead at home right now on leonard fournette and company. mississippi state in trouble against umass. >> brian: road trip playing up in foxborough. jamorio grant picks off the pashgsz returns it for a
7:39 pm
six in a pro state. >> adam: mississippi state able to escape on the road and enjoy the fall colors. right now on cbs sports network with four minutes to go, vandy down by four against western kentucky. coming up, we will show you the dramatic wins by duke and north carolina when the jeep post game show continues. it's a-gonna fa. we've got a saying about rain too: when it roars. the all-wheel-drive charger. domestic. not domesticated. now get 20 percent off msrp cash allowance for an average of $8,000 in savings on select 2016 charger r/t models in dealer stock. hey, it's been crazy with school being back- so we're constantly going over our data limit.
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fter your mom.... she's hot. know when to shhhhhhh the subtle fragrance of axe black. ? ? ? ? >> adam: the cardinal has landed. coming up at 8:00 eastern on cbs sports network heisman front runner lamar jackson and third ranked louisville take on marshall. what will he do for the cardinals tonight? moments ago, inside the jubilant
7:42 pm
all night. >> gary: this is an excellent feeling, indescribable, at the beginning of every season you have goals, win your home game, win the rivalry games and win your conference. >> rick: when i coached there i almost joined in. >> adam: at one point, 38 straight points. we had drama in knoxville. we also had drama elsewhere. duke in south bend, after they got the field goals to take the >> rick: fourth down. deshone kaiser. huge win. >> adam: daniel jones redshirt freshman. the blue devils take down the irish. then for the coastal edge, rick, pitt had such a big lead, north carolina comes back. >> rick: brilliant job by larry fedora. watch how calm they are as they get back to the line of scrimmage.
7:43 pm
they are calm. they understand the plan. they're going to git bug howard, bug howard 6'5", dubisquey puts it up where only bug can snatch it. still time for a four down had they needed it. >> adam: north carolina gets the win. mitch strubisquey. >> verne: other scores from around the michigan over penn state. a shocker in the big ten. wisconsin winning in east lansing 30-6. houston over texas state early on, florida state back on track. our game next week, by the way, as tennessee tries to carry that momentum to athens, georgia. >> rick: they're having to have to celebrate for a little while, then they're going to have to go back and focus because that first half can't happen in athens or bad things will happen.
7:44 pm
this loss at ole miss but can jump right back into the east mix if they knock off the east leader, tennessee. >> adam: vols need to start strong. we appreciate the resilience but -- >> brian: it's been over a decade. >> rick: hopefully jalen reeves-maybin gets a week health year. >> adam: thank you for watching "the jeep post game show." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. a reminder. next saturday. it is the home depot s.e.c. on cbs. a critical s.e.c georgia needing a win. hosting 14th-ranked tennessee. coverage begins at 2:30 eastern with the cbs college football special presented by jeep followed by "autotrader college football today," thursday night football on nfl this week, dolphins and bengals. the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with double header action, most will see the broncos and the bengals and most will see the steelers and the eagles. starting at noon eastern with "the nfl today." for all of us, have a great
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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division there are over 480,000 college athletes, only 2% will go pro. that means, over 470,000 will not get a shoe contract. no autographs. no private jets. no hall of fame inductions. instead, they will walk away
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weekend in the weather department. rain is coming back in the forecast but not until we get past tomorrow. >> yeah, tomorrow, absolutely gorgeous day for our sunday. some of you wanted it warmer. tomorrow, no 80's. all week long no 80's. we have a lot of sunshine from end to end on your sunday. the second half of the weekend will be rain free as well heading back to work, that is the best opportunity for rainshowers. tonight, great sleeping weather. a chilly start for tomorrow. some of the coldest air of the season will make an appearance this week. what is the opposite of sunday? monday. sunday night, as we all sleeping, next system comes rolling through. could give you a wet monday morning commute. scattered rainshowers are most likely. there is a small possibility we see some thunderstorms from the
7:49 pm
morning. it is looking iffy. more on your weekend coming up. >> a long anticipated wait for cleveland drivers is over. it has been nearly six years of construction. planning started nearly 30 years ago. now the inner belt bridge is ready. the inner belt bridge along with the east ninth street is set to open at that's great news. several people came to a party to celebrate that opening. this was on top of the new eastbound bridge. the goal is to open two lanes on the eastbound bridge. then the remainder of the lanes will open at the end of october because there is still some wok to be done on the full bridge. tonight at 9:00, hear what the late senator's family has to say
7:50 pm
bridge. >> an officer is recovering after being shoved through the window of a restaurant. bill safos has the details. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a fun night on the town for brian and his 20-year-old date destiny dixon. the couple ended up here on east ninth but before long, the two were in jail. >> it was silly. according to the police, he tried to drink but she wasn't old enough for a long island iced tea so he took a short walk to another bartender and got that drink as well as the attention of the manager. >> now he is looking for a felony, for what? >> he told the security to take their drinks and to leave. but brock refused.
7:51 pm
department got punched in the face several times and patrons say his girlfriend attacked the officer from the back. soon enough the two men ended crashing through a plate glasses window. today the window is boarded up. the officer went through the window with his back which is why he got the worst of the cuts. >> our officer was bleeding so badly, a nurse on the scene kid. the best part of the story is the citizens were sick of it. they gave chase and that's how he got caught. >> brock and dixon faces charges. his which you say felonious assault of an officer. >> police say the whole ordeal
7:52 pm
well as others in the area. >> the nba champ and olympic gold medal irving made an appearance for a cause. he was at gateway plaza, best bud disis an organization to
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introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. >> within the last hour charlotte police have released dash cam and body cam video protesters have begged for. rallies and protests remained
7:55 pm
temperatures a beautiful day in northeast ohio and perfect weather for running. i don't know if you recognize some of these faces. shelby miller, samantha roberts and anchor mark nolan and kate miller were in the midst of hundreds of runners. >> it was nice enough day to these people thought it was. the stampede in the cleveland streets in an effort to raise awareness for colon cancer. >> technically our high should be around 74 or 71. 64 currently. we actually were above average. compared to yesterday, we are 10 degrees off. you can tell the chill is in the
7:56 pm
anything. by monday, this line of showers and storms is going to start moving in our direction. future view shows an absolutely gorgeous day from sunup to sun down. we have nothing on first alert future view. you can see as we make our way towards monday, 7:00 a.m. the line of showers, just rain to get you going on monday. you can see some of the yellow pockets indicate the chance of thunderstorm. another cold front comes through on monday. that will bring us the coldest air of the fall. as a matter of fact, by monday afternoon, you see future view by 5:00. we'll probably get wrap-around moisture for monday evening. for tonight, no need to worry about showers. greater cleveland area, some areas into the upper 40's. feel free to open up the windows, you don't have to worry about rain tonight.
7:57 pm
to grab a blanket. sunup sunshine. unless you want to lay out in the sun, might need a blanket. it will be a little chilly. just because we have been so used to being in the 80's. the 75 is great. 73 with showers and storms coming into play. first alert weather day. tuesday, we are down to 66. lydia, temperatures 66, it is a cold bit of air on tuesday. there is a possibility we see some lake effect rainshowers around that 65. if you are inland, you probably won't see rain for the next coming few days. there are no 8080's. >> thank you, beth. thank you for watching. cleveland 19 continues at 9:00 and 11:00.
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