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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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university on new york's long island. hillary clinton and donald trump meet on stage tonight and clinton won the coin flip and that will mean she will get the first question. >> the stakes are high in a race that has stirred intense interest and emotions around the country. craig boswell begins our team coverage. >> the candidate will face each other on this stage at hofst rrk university for 90 trump says he's gone light on the debate preparation. hillary clinton held up with her circle over the weekend to practice. her running mate, tim kaine, says the format will work to her favor. >> just a moderator and two of you on stage. you can run but you can't hide. so we're going to see tonight u tbul about donald trump. can he give any details about anything? >> mike pence says the republican candidate will speak
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mind. >> they're going to hear broad-shouldered leadership that will make america strong again f. make america safe again. and make america great again. >> a new national poll finds three out of four voters will be duning in for the debate. but a vast majority, 87%, say it's unlikely to affect how they'll vote. >> associate professor of political science. she says gender will be an important factor tonight. >> what it appears like so far is that the expectation for women is higher than have to illustrate that they can be tup tough without being men. >> the debate audience has been warned to refrain from any disruptive behavior. hemsted, new york. >> cleveland 19 is teaming up with ashland university to bring you instant reaction. dan live ahead of tonight's big debate. >> for the second, cleveland 19
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center at ashland university. we did this about a year ago for the first republican debate because there were so many candidates on stage but tonight we will have republicans and democrats and independents on this panel really to ask one question, who won at the end of the day d bait tonight. people ask why ashbrook, why the ashbrook center here. what an incredible think tank this is for political science leaders. an statement, i did this last time, but it's so impressive: to restore and strengthen the capacity of the american people for constitutional self-government. lo and belocaled we have the executive director here, roger beck et. we love the facilities that you folks have set up for us and you are such a power house when it comes to political science. let's talk the debate. what should we expect tonight? >> i think this is going to be
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momentum behind him, and it may well change the outcome of the november elections. >> you and i were talking earlier, this may end up being reality tv at its finest. i don't know if there will be shoe pulling or hair throwing but we should ex the unexpected shin. >> hillary clinton has to be less scripted and donald trump has to be more scripted. and i'm not sure they can pull that off and it's going to be great fun to watch. >> that's why we're h panel again. tune into cleveland 19 as soon as the debate is over pt. we're also going to be having live online chats to get perspective on how the night is going. again, this is going to be a huge debate possibly watched by more people around the country than any debate we've seen previously in quite awhile. >> all right, dan. let's talk about the weather. rainy start for the work week.
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>> we're ending the rain right now and the sky is clearing, uh, but that's going to be changing, though. it's not going to last. we're going to turn unsettled again. clear sky tonight. we're going to be sunny tomorrow that will be the dry part of the week and then starting on wednesday it's waves of rain and storms. you see here we have alerts wednesday right through saturday at least here and most of this rain will come during the system. 62 akron, canton, we are at 66 right now on the north side of downtown, a little windy. forecast details a little bit later on. >> jeff, thanks. no more mo. mo williams retiring from the cavaliers. >> yup, the news comes as the team has it media day, denise spent the day with our champions. >> an exciting day here at cleveland clinic courts as you can see tristan thompson getting
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promotional pictures taken. local media, international media, everyone here to get their first glimpse at the cleveland cavaliers for 2016. >> it's over. it's over. cleveland is the city of champions once again. >> it's the moment that cleveland cavaliers fans just can't stop watching over and over again, the moment when the curse was over and the cleveland cavaliers made it known to the world that we are champions. 99 days later the clock is resetting and the seas are about to begin again cleveland clinic court for the cavs 2016 media day. >> we're not satisfied we're just winning one championship. we're not satisfied with just being successful, we want to continue to get better. >> players take their turns taking promotional picks mp. khyri irving, and richard jefferson are sun some of the
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>> i like the player championship blue. >> just steps away, a new generation of cavs fans are here to record the next chapter of wine and gold history p. claire and alex are this year's cavs kids club oerters. >> hi, boys it's going to be a great season. >> now these pictures that the players are getting taken here, you will see up above on a gigantic screen ahumongitron over the courts. in fact the first game is going to be played against the new york nicks. cleveland 19. >> doesn't it feel like it was just yesterday? >> it really does. we were on until 3:00 a.m. in the morning. >> winning's winning, make it come faster. there was fire on the green house tavern last night. a discarded cigarette caused
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nobody got hurt the fire burned in a storage room there near the roof top dining area, the restaurant's going to stay close at least through tomorrow, this refrigeration system was part of the damaged area. >> officers are searching the condo of the houston shooting suspect police say they shot and killed nathan after he injured nine people by shooting at cars at a shopping center. of those hurt this morning, one is critical and another is in serious condition. the mayor disgruntled lawyer upset with his law firm. in burlington, washington, the suspect in friday's cascade mall shooting appeared in court. police say killed five people. the victims range from a teenage canser survivor to a 95 year old woman. had other run-in with the law, including at least two domestic violence charges. he's locked up on 2 million-dollar said bail.
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student and athlete. his life ended far too soon. >> it's hitting everybody hard. >> now a community must pull together for support. dealing with a football tragedy. >> such a heartbreaking story. andre jackson died yesterday. jen reports the euclid high school football player had gotten hurt during friday's game. >> today they observed a moment of silence at euclid high school today to reflect on the life of a young football player lost over the weekend. guidance the halls and joined the classrooms where there was one less student today. >> junior andre jackson died over the weekend after suffering an injury at friday night's game. the cause of death is still uncertain. number 48 was able to walk off the field, but according to uh, andre jackson was brought to the medical center on friday and released saturday morning. he was brought by ems to the hospital on sunday evening where
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of his care. sources inside the school say jackson's teammates and classmates were straggling today to cope with the loss. >> my kids are devastated right now. we have a family hear that's devastated right now. i want to make sure that one of the things we try to teach our kids is this is so much more of a game. >> a teacher i spoke with said jackson worked hard. >> there's not a day that wo smile, his kidding around. he lived for being a part of this. he lived for being a part of our family. >> the coaches met with the team last night to offer much-needed support. had panthers have a homecoming game scheduled for this weekend. >> i will tell you this, his smile will be remembered and we'll play for that smile the next time we come on the field.
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seemed like a normal play. andre and another playerer were both going for the ball he may have gotten kneed or kicked. we're going to be keeping up to see the detail of the symptoms he may have suffered. cleveland 19. >> all the, jen, thank you. the numbers are pretty alarming when it comes to high school football deaths. there are over 1 min high school football deaths in the nation. the five leading causes are and something something called sickling which is when red blood cells actually change shape. rsh cleveland 19 news investigates power problems for a local family. why was a demolition crew alloweded to work without the proper permits? >> things quieting down for now but by wednesday it starts to
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games 1 and 2 of the ?american league division series at progressive field sold out in an hour this morning. tickets for potential home game 3, still available at coming up in sports, tony could have more on our windians as prepare to steal - - . >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleave lbd 19 news app powered by the broarkts floor show.
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>> did the demolition company have a permit from east cleveland? >> back hoes take a huge bite out of billing in cleveland.
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needed. what happened during demolition is not. wires were hit by the demolition crew. >> they hit the a our whole lights just went out. >> there was more to the story than the temporary loss of electricity by the crew. the damage to appliances inside by a power surge is permanent. >> my microwave, washer and dryer, not >> ditto for air conditioners even small items like this partially melted air freshener were hit. the power was off for a day and a half so the food began to go bad. >> when i hit start, stop, cancel, nothing would light up. >> councilwoman barbara town showed up. >> you've been calling city hall. >> yes. >> and what's been happening? >> nothing. >> nobody returned your call?
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saw dealing with workers denied it. >> i'm not in this. >> okay. i don't have anything to do with that. >> it's not your company? >> no. >> there are also no permits displayed which is usual procedure in the demolition. >> they're not supposed to be up here unless they have a perm toot do all this. >> permit or not, why back hoes are close enough to wires to touch them, is questionable, even after the surge we saw another back ho dangerously close cable line. >> we left messages for cuahahoga county. we have not heard back from the county. east clean cleveland mayor gary northon told us within the hour the demolition company did have a permit. >> a former soft ball coach and teacher pleaded not guilty. he faces rape charges in a case involving a middle school
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10,000-dollars. the judge sentenced willy harrell to 8-mucts in prison. the former kent state professor pleaded guilty to meeting up with a 15 year old boy to have sex. harrell told police he met the boy through an online site and drove to the school parking lot while out ond bond, harrell attempted to flee into canada. he was turned away at the border and then caught again in louisiana. >> today is the start of the 136th police academy class. 15 n columbus. like before, they will be instructed at the ohio state patrol training camp. the recruits will graduate in february. they will then return to cleveland to finish training with the cleveland division of the police academy expected to last six to eight weeks. >> always watching, always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> try out my new umbrella on the way to work today. >> yeah, you need td.
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again. not tomorrow. but, uh, wednesday and the rest of the week. we're getting into that fall pattern now and this is probably the coolest stretch of weather that we have seen in awhile coming up here. and, uh, you're going to feel a little bit of a coolness in the eres especially inland as we get into toond tonight. why? because the sky is clearing. there's a dry wedge of air coming in that's why we're going to see lots tomorrow. look what's happening to the north of us. this is a slow-moving upper low. whenever you talk about an upper low, they don't move very fast at l. this thing is going to drift to the south and then just sit over us more or less the rest of the week. and so starting wednesday, uh, between the hours hours of 11:0. and 5:00 p.m., that's when we're going to start to see more shower and storms pop up. this is not going to be a severe weather out break.
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cool on wednesday as this happens. future view, 8:00 a.m. in the morning on wednesday i think we'll be fine for the morning drive and kids heading to school. but then by 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, bam, you get showerss and some storms storms developi. that will tbhee case mainly during the afternoon with the system to the west of us on wednesday. then we do it all over again thursday, friday, saturday, and perhaps even sunday this is going to be with us for awhile. 51 the low tonight in as we clear out. look at akron, canton, chilly with the lighter wind, 42 year low. tomorrow, sun shine, look at that wind, though, 18 to 36-mile an hour wind. going to turn windy by tomorrow af nn, temps will be around 70 for a high. noon 67. and 5:00 p.m. with that windy weather, upper 60s to near 70. and then here comes the rain. wednesday, 63 alert on thursday
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windy. 65. friday, 68. shower and storms again mainly during the afternoon and then over the weekend, scattered stuff on saturday. 62. and sunday the dryer of the two weekend days with just some isolated showers we think right now at 66. a lot of 60s on that 7-day. when was the last time you saw that? >> fall just came in right away. >> showed up. >> there you go. >> tony, what's rrt up? >> yes, we are talking lebron and khyri with some strong things to say and the tribe closing in on a (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe... why won't you? >> back here at cleveland clinic court, back to work media day
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title out in oakland. a lot of questions and answers, the strongest comments concern the social unrest and racial disharmony in this country. >> you see these videos that continue to come out it's a scary, scary situation that if my son calls me anded he's been poured over that i'm not that confident that things are going to go well answer, the more times we can topping talk about it the more times we can conversate about it. i'm not up hire saying all police are bad because they're not. i'm not up here saying all kids are great and all adults are great because they're not. but that same time, all lives do matter. >> i think that's being swept
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it's plaguing us right now. a lot of mistakes, a lot of you can call them axe accidents as well. just decisions that can change a person's life in a matter of a moment. >> khyri and lebron with some strong words. tonight in detroit, the indians going after it would certainly be nice to get the job done tonight. >> we go where they tell us and play who they tell us and try to win. that's what we always do. >> they're sending the right guy to the hill. cory kluber the ace on the mound for the tribe.
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>> 70 tomorrow, sunny windy, but then here comes more rain p. not only wednesday, uh, but thursday, friday, and saturday we got several opportunity of showers and even some storms in there. and temperatures not very warm. only in the 60s [laughter] >> wow. >> some days not even mid-60s so it's a definite, uh, fallness on the line.
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>> there you go. >> thanks for joining us at 6.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: campaign 2016's biggest night, the candates meet for their first debate. >> we asked our panel to describe the campaign in one word. >> distasteful. >> messy. >> pelley: also what's driving a big jump in the crime rate? we'll remember a rising star in baseball. >> got him! >> pelley: jose fernandez killed in a tragic accident. >> he watched kids play little league. that's the joy jose played with. >> pelley: and one of the legends of golf, arnold palmer. then we'll end tonight with


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