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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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some time between 4:30 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. yesterday. she says the man told her he was a police officer but that he did not have a badge or uniform on. she says he did have a walky talky and that he pulled her into his truck. police chief keith moser picks up the story from here. >> we had a young girl, uh, downtown, uh, get picked up by a white male suspect. he distance away, and ended up assaulting her. it was brought to our attention a little bit later and we're currently investigating what she's brought forward to us. >> what she told police is that he was driving a black pick-up truck with skull said on the side of it, and the word ohio in the back window. she describes him as a middle-aged white male with a
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are saying if you know anything at all about this guy to please give them a call. most police would say if he's done it once, chances are he'll do it again. >> track this all night, on air, and online. the suspect dd scripps again of course, through any updates througr also and our social media pages. hun always watching, always tracking, now your first alert forecast. >> all the, the man who's always watching and tracking. >> oh, yeah. >> good day today and it's going to get a little cooler. >> it is. cooler tonight of course we've been seeing that trend. and then we've got the rain coming tomorrow. and that's when things are going to get very wet around here. 73 in cleveland after a high of 75. sandusky you're at 75.
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eastern counties dropping now below 70. 68 there ashtabula. the wind is up still. it's been a windy afternoon. 15 to 20-mile an hour wind for a lot of us. as far as the next few hours go, again dry in fact clear sky this evening. down to 60 by 9. clouds on the increase, and then the rain later tomorrow morning. details on that later on in the half hour. >> all right, jeff, the medical examiner released the cause of death of a euclid football yayer. from an inflummation due to small bowel laserration. caused by a blunt impact to the abdomen. jackson was injured during friday night's game. >> where's your father now ?un he's over here, right in front of me. >> the son calls 911 and just a terrible story out of rocky river. police say a father shot and killed his own daughter.
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>> we were the only ones inside the rocky river municipal court as jamaal went before a judge. he frequently interrupted that judge as she explained to him he could no longer live at his home now that he's been charged with his daughter's murder. >> please just come here, please. >> the brother of tahani mansour tell as 911 operator his father just shot his sister. >> my sister's been shot. >> where has she been shot at? >> in her >> okay, did she shoot herself? >> no, my father shot her. >> rocky river police say 63 year old jamaal mansour shot his daughter twice. tahani was rushed to fairview hospital and later died. during his arraignment, he says he shot his daughter by accident. >> meant that it was accident. >> neighbors were left stunned
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lived here for years but kept to themselves. other neighbors who didn't want to go on camera said the same thing. >> i understand they have children. i've never seen the children, i would not recognize them. i've seen the father cutting the grass and occasionally the mother puttering with flowers. but i have never seen the children. >> so many questions remain, mainly what would make a father want to shoot his own daughter. >> the thought to me of a father shooting a is the apple of the father's eye is so heartbreaking. >> besides murder, mansour is charged with fellonious assault, also domestic violence. in fact, the judge put a protection order in place. he could not, if he's able to post bond, go anywhere near his wife or his other daughter. he's expected to appear in court again on thursday. in the mean time he's being held here in the rocky river jail.
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getting answers. cleveland 19. >> okay, denise. thank you. a deputy endited in astabula. >> shows what happened september 11 p. truckee is accused of assaulting two suspects after a chase in an atv. >> today we got a look at the preliminary autopsy records for two women. they reveal new reported victims of a suspected serial killer and a warning for you we found this disturbing and you might as well. sean great says he strangled both the women found in an ashland home. police discovered stacey stanley's body in the basement under piles of garbage. elizabeth griffith was in a second-floor bedroom closet buried under clothes. she was naked and hog tied.
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and is connected to three more bodies in mansfield and marion. a second person has died from a crash at a concert last night. 68 year old nancy guiles of hinkley was one of nine people hurt when a woman confused the gas for a break. she struck a stage in parma heights. 61 year old mcdonald also died. no charges yet in this case. >> okay, so you saw the debates but it doesn't matter who you're not registered to vote. shelby miller joining us now from an event happening right now with a special guest. hey, shelby. >> hey, mark, yeah bill clinton's supposed to be here at about 6:30 p.m. before that we saw a few hillary clinton supporters speaking to this cloud. about 200 people or so behind us here the auditorium is pretty full and as you can see a lot of people have the stronger together signs. in fact, people were just chanting that not too long ago.
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today to really get people out to register to vote today is national voter registration day. and the deadline to register to vote here in our state is on october 11. now, i also asked if bill clinton will be speaking about the debate last night, but i'm told really the main aspect is just getting people out here in our state to vote. he was in toledo before this. again he'll be here at about 6:30 p.m. last check he was about on time. we'll keep you posted and i will be live this speech later on. live in cleveland, cleveland 19 news. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes, when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been delete. >> it must be something really important, even terrible that he's trying to hide. >> both campaigns are claiming victory after last night's debate. hillary clinton and donald trump are back out on the campaign
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rally in raleigh, north carolina. >> did anybody see that debate last night? one down, two to go. >> clinton's rival donald trump was also up beat in another battle ground state during a roundtable meeting in miami's little ha varks na. >> it was a fascinating period of time. we won virtually every poll. >> their next debate is october 199. neil says an estimated 80 million people tunedto >> we wanted to fact check some of the claims that each of the candidates for president made during the debate. we put our entire investigative team on it, and danny carlson you're here now. uh, to talk to us about what you found. >> well, that's right. it was two of our investigative producers, carl monday and myself. obviously a lot of claims made on both sides of the debate last night in the 90 minute event. a couple of things did jump out to us like some of donald trump's comments on isis.
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seen yns to employers and also secretary clinton's claim russia - - . that trump asked russia to hack americans' e-mails. one thing we noticed early on was when trump said secretary clinton had been fighting isis for all of her adult life. we know that isis is a newer organization and doing some research we learned that isis itself appears to date back to about 2003, and its precursor p so that was something right off that we knew wasn't accurate. now, another thing later on in the debate, trump started refuting secretary clinton with short statements. you might have heard this people interrupting - - he would say things like no, and not true, and it was during an exchange like that one where trump said that he had never said that pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers. but he did during an on camera
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clinton said that trump invited rush uh to hack americans' e-mails. this one seems to be about half true. he specifically said he hoped russia could find thousand of e-mails that secretary clinton u leblgedly deleted so technically he actually didn't ask for all american e-mails to be hacked. >> a big night. >> it was a very fascinating, uh, debated. >> well, and i can tell you when we were up the fingers were flying as because you're trying to double check and make sure you know who's saying what, how true it is, how not true it is, and make sure that our viewers get the best information shea they have. >> two more to go. >> that's it. thank you very much. up next we continue to analyze the debate and the issue of stop and frisk is it legal? plus, how the practice ties back to our area. >> also police need your help fienldinga violent criminal. scaring a local clerk as he robs
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>> well, this is the rain right here that is moving in our direction and plenty of alert days ahead. i'll fill you in next segment. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the brothers floor
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>> a spus suspicious package found outside of police headquarters in charlotte. they have evacuated the building, this comes a week after keith lamont scott was shot by police officers in there charlotte. you're looking at live pictures outside the police department there. a suspicious package has been found. they evacuated that building. we will of course keep watching the situation there.
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>> now, it's orlow wants to know. >> is the police tactic known as stop and frisk legal or illegal? >> it was something that came up in last night's presidential debate. >> whether or not in a place like chicago you do stop and frisk which worked very well, mayor giuliani is here, it worked very well in new york. it brought the crime rate way down. >> is getting answers today and the issue leads back to northeast ohio. >> have made such bad decisions. of time on what was said at the debate. like most issues the candidates disagree. donald trump says stop and frisk is legal. he is largely correct. the issue go back to a 1963 arrest at the corner of euclid and huron. a plaque memorialized what happened. detective martin mcfadden was walkinga beat when he saw three men acting like what he thought was suspiciously outside the jewelry store. they were richard, carl, and john terry.
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he approached, asked their names. when they were vague, he searched them. he found handguns on chilton and terry. terry appealed the case all the way to the united states supp supreme court. the court held that the arrest was legal because detective mcfadden had reason to believe a crime was about to be committed and the men had no explanation for why they were there when he questioned them. the jewelry store is long g the structures aside, the terry case is a very important landmark case because it is still the back bone of law today to justify stop and frisk in the right circumstances. >> there has to be something that gives the officer reasonable, uh, suspicion that a crime is involved before you could stop and do a pat down. >> routine suchs were done in new york as a way to fight
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>> targeted mostly minorities and the crime rate didn't go down. and the people of new york were not any safer. >> the searches that are allowed are known to become terry searches after john terry who took it to the supreme court. getting answers, cleveland 19. >> orlow thank you. the fourth amendment still prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. rn. however, police cannot frisk a person to gather evidence. ony to prevent crime or protect themselves from something like a concealed weapo tell you about a scary situation for a clerk at the shell on south euclid, a thief point ad gun at her head then forced her around the store by the neck to make sure no one el was inside the store. police are looking for the guy who got away with about 300-dollars. >> had a tail wind on the way to work today.
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jeff. >> it was. hope you didn't, uh, get used to it because boy, it's going to be changing the rest of the week. we had wind gusts over 30 out there this afternoon. uh, tomorrow it won't be as windy. in fact the wind will diminish tonight. but we got rain coming in. showers and thunder this will be the first day of the alert that will carry we've got more alerts the rest of the week even into the weekend it looks like now. 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. that's when the first wave of rain is but you'll be fine for the morning drive. uh, this is 8:00 a.m. watch how the moisture initially, uh, starts in the western counties. sandusky down in mansfield by 11:00 p.m. and then through the afternoon, uh, waves of showers and thunder right now looks like the heavier rain will be west of cleveland at least tomorrow. closer to where the center of the system is. but then we got more rounds of showers and thunder tomorrow
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everything rotating around this very slow-moving system that's going to be around us and then we do it all over again on thursday. this is thursday at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. more showers, and storms. 49 the low tonight with increasing clouds. akron, canton you're dropping down to 46 and again that wind will be diminishing. tomorrow, becoming cloudy, showers and thunder by afternoon... you know, seasonable temps though, upper 60s to near 70. 54, 8:00 a.m. 61 at 11. then by 2:00 p.m., that's when the showers and storms will be developing. and then check this out. we got alerts tomorrow, thursday, friday, and then eve even, uh, through the weekend here. showers and storms on friday, windy 70. and we could be dealing with our first rain,, uh, for friday fs ovhe weekend showers and storms on saturday here 70, a few showers saturday night.
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we don't dry out until monday of next week. mostly cloudy, 67 there. and back up to 72 by this time next tuesday. mark? >> thank you, jeff. straight ahead in sports, the latest on the tribe and cory kluber and their line-up tonight. look like a team that's earn ad day off. plus, tony zorello at the red marker handing out grades to the
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>> cleveland 19 news. >> the indians sent cory kluber back to cleveland for an mri tight ped up on him last night and forced him out of the game after four innings. was on serious xmmlb network today. they said he did not think it was serious and did not feel
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not any at all. game two against detroit tonight and tell me this doesn't look like a line-up of a team that just clenched. santana dh pretty much all the regular are off. this is what they call a hang over line-up in baseball. you clench yesterday that's what you get. tigers playing a squad representing the cleveland indians. browns are back at home. sunday to take on washington after losing in miami on sunday p. professors zor l hands out that report card on sunday. the browns are getting their grades today and other than one guy, it ain't good. >> it's too bad the browns once again found a way to lose because at least one guy deserved better, torell pryor. he was the best player on the field on sunday, pulling in eight passes for 144-yards, throwing three passes for 35-yards, running four times for 21-yards and a touchdown, and
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my math tell me that adds up to 200 total yards. from pryor alone. and an a plus. this image summed it up on sunday. griffin and mccown side by side arms in a sling. for most of the day it looked like cody kesler will join them. at one point was even checked for a concussion. after a shaky start and two fumbles the rookie hung in there, throwing for 244-yards. and one pretty nice 2-point i'm going to give them a c-minus. the worst grade of the day obviously goes to cody parky who was signed on friday to replace the injured patrick murray, rushed into duty, and of course blew it on sunday. no excuses. parky kicked his way into the pro bowl just two year ago, but with three missed field goals kicked us in the gut instead. f. >> tony, exactly right. hey, the guys have an early wake-up sunday p. 8:00 a.m. tony gate for tony and the guys.
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we got a game from london on. >> i gotcha.
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>> thank you very much for joining us. cbs evening news is next.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the candidates go out for a spin. >> did anybody see that debate last night? ( cheers and applause ) >> 80 million people watched. >> pelley: even more than that. >> i think trump did not look crazy or like a madman. i think hillary got some good licks on him. >> week after the shooting, the children of charlotte. >> it's a shame that-- our fathers and mothers are killed, and we can't even see them anymore. >> pelley: chris christie is fingered in the bridgegate scandal. and-- >> this is it! we made it! >> pelley:let late night hosts get the final word, and give it to the candidates. >> you were saying, i'm sorry? >> we have to bring back law and


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