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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  September 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> tia: a deadly train crash in new jersey this morning during the height of rush hour. a train packed with commute barreled right into a busy train station in hoboken. at least three people are dead. >> reporter: witnesses say the commuter train slammed through a barrier into a wall at full force inside the rail station in hoboken, new jersey. at least 100 people were injured. the platform was packed with people waiting to commute into new york city. kirby fisher was sitting in the front car on the left side. >> it just didn't stop.
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crash and then everything from the ceiling just fell in. >> reporter: officials say the station's roof partially collapsed on top of the train and debris littered the reception area. cbs evening news executive producer steve kappas was at the scene. >> there are scores of people here. many of them with bloodied shirts, clothing, head injuries. i saw one person with what appeared to be a broken leg. >> reporter: rescue crews climbed through train cars to reach metal and dangling wires. they were taken to a parking lot that turned into a triage area. federal investigators will try to figure out what happened here. they will look at various factors including the condition of the tracks and the speed of the train. >> it was no warning. everybody is stunned. >> new jersey transit service has been suspended at the hoboken station indefinitely. >> tia: here at home we are on top of this story. shawn grate pleaded not guilty
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counts including the murders of elizabeth griffith and stacy stanley. grate will be back in court for those charges next month. he has not been charged with the murders of three more women in two different counties. a tuscarawas county man suspected of abducting and raping a nine-year-old child in massillon will be in court this afternoon. police found him yesterday in fairfield county. according to a wyoming newspaper, he served time in 1999 for dropping her off at the side of a rural road in 40 below zero weather. she froze to death. police in elyria are looking for a man they say exposed himself to students on the third street bridge. unlike the other man suspected of abduction attempts in elyria, this man is described as being african american in his mid 30s with a buzz cut. he was seen driving a gold or
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well if you are heading out this afternoon, you better take an umbrella with you, maybe even some rain boots. we found lots of people downtown prepared for the showers today. meteorologist sam roberts is tracking the rain moving through northeast ohio. hey, sam. >> samantha: hey, tia. good afternoon. good afternoon to you. if you are just joining us, maybe you didn't catch the rain this morning, a rainy day. i want to show you the conditions from high atop one of our cameras looking toward downtown. you can seeha now looking mainly dry headed into and out of downtown. we have been dry down here for a little while. but there are more showers on the way. here's our satellite and radar picture around cuyahoga county and again you can see that we are dry across the cleveland metro area. but as i zoom you out, there are some showers off to the west closer to the youngstown area. back into western pennsylvania. these are lifting off toward the west and northwest and it would
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later this afternoon. most of our rain for now is out in lorain, erie, huron and medina counties, summit, portage, columbiana and mahoning counties, also stark county. i expect this to continue even into tonight where we see scattered on again off again rain and temperatures only in the 60s. some of us right now are stuck in the 50s. definitely a fall day. tia? >> tia: all right, sam. k new details are emerging about a school shooting that injured two six-year-old students and a teacher. police say the alleged shooter killed his father at home before attacking that school. >> reporter: dozens of law enforcement officers began swarming townville elementary school seven minutes after receiving a call that there was a gunman on campus. >> the shooter is going to be a white male, blond hair. >> two six-year-old students were shot.
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foot. jacob hall was air lifted to the hospital. a female teacher was also struck in the shoulder. >> there's no racial undertones there. there's no terrorism involved. >> reporter: police say the shooter who was armed with a handgun never entered the school. volunteer firefighter jamie brock apprehended him and held him on the playground until police arrived. >> as you all have heard, one of our firefighters did that and probably saved a lot more lives. >> reporter: police say the gunman began his rampage by shooting his jeffrey osborne, at the family's home. at about 1:44 p.m., the shooter called his grandmother and was emotional. when the grandparents visited the home, they discovered their son's body and their grandson gone. he had already driven to townville elementary about three miles away. frantic parents were alerted by text to come to the school as students were evacuated. >> and i saw her come out and i just ran to her crying.
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know. just thankful. >> reporter: six-year-old jacob hall remains in the hospital in critical condition. the other student and teacher who were injured in the shooting were released from the hospital last night. investigators -- no known relationship between those victims and the suspected shooter. >> tia: well it's happened again. nearly three dozen heroinov hours. two people died. it it's a public health crisis. that's why health officials are telling people who use the drug to have help nearby. and one case, an eight-year-old came into a mcdonald's asking for help after her mother passed out in the car. >> when and if you have to use, consider testing new heroin, heroin that you have just received for potency first. >> tia: well, you heard that right in some of the cases
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potent batch of heroin which might be especially deadly. health experts suggest having the overdose reversal medication naloxone close at hand. you are looking at what we believe is the 35th smash and grab to hit the cleveland area since january. it happened at around 3:00 this morning at the new wave market at west 127th and lorain. now, police found the red dodge mini van crashed right into the store front. the a.t.m. buried underneath. three men plus involved. that's one of them that you see right there on your screen. they took off, then came back and looted the store. well, still to come right here on cleveland 19 news, heartbreaking body camera video just released showing a police shooting in louisiana last year that claimed the life of that six-year-old little boy. and i'll show you some household items that are a real danger to your children.
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>> tia: welcome back. body-cam video shows the deadly end to a police chase in louisiana last november. a six-year-old boy was killed. the video is very graphic. >> reporter: the body camera video starts in silence. it shows deputy city marshalls in marksville, louisiana chasing an s.u.v. in november of last year. they claimed after the chase ended that the driver posed a threat when he backed his vehicle toward them. even though it appears the driver showed both hands to the
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>> two martials opened fire. they shot 18 rounds. six-year-old jeremy, diagnosed with autism, was killed in the passenger seat. hit five times in the head and chest. his father was driving. christopher few was shot twice, but survived. marshalls derrick stafford and norris greenhouse jr. are charged with second-degree murder. stafford is heard on tape saying he didn't know the boy was there. >> i never saw -- >> yeah, the >> it's unclear when officers first checked on young jeremy. you don't see an officer go to the passenger side until about seven minutes after shots were fired. >> hey, bud. hey, bud. anybody have gloves? y'all want to maybe pull that juvenile out and see if he's -- >> i hate to touch anything.
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>> he's got one? >> it's faint. >> paramedics arrived about nine minutes after the shooting to take few away in an ambulance. >> the juvenile's deceased. >> defense attorneys claim christopher few was driving wrecklessly and led those marshalls on a twoman mile police chase. but it's worth noting there was another officer at the scene of the shooting. it was his body camera that recorded the video you just saw and that officer told state police investigators the reason he did not fire his weapon is because heid was in any danger. >> the judge who ordered the release of the video questioned a key claim by the defense that the car posed a lethal threat to the officers. the judge says the car was not close to being used as a deadly weapon. well, still to come right here on cleveland 19 news, a new ohio law to help you protect your child's identity and credit. >> samantha: well are you going
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better take your umbrella. there is rain in the area. nothing going on downtown right now. it's dry as could be. this is a live look toward terminal tower. look how dark those clouds are. 68 in cleveland. some of you are in the 50s. sun returns, if ever, coming up
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>> tia: welcome back. today is national coffee day, a made-up holiday that lets us get some good deals on some good coffee. krispy kreme is offering a free cup and free glazed donut. dunkin donuts is selling coffee for 66 cents to honor its 66th anniversary and starbucks will donate a coffee f cup of brewed mexico coffee. well, you worry about your identity being stolen but thieves can steal your child's identity and ruin their credit before the child is even old enough to apply for a credit card. but it is state law helping to protect your kids from identity theft. according to ohio attorney general mike dewine, the new law gives parents the ability to freeze their child's credit record, or, if they don't have credit yet, create credit and then freeze it to stop thieves
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applying for loans in your child's name. >> what happens sometimes is the child's identity is stolen. they somehow get that child's social security number and the child many times does not realize it until they are 18 and maybe trying to get credit of their own and someone checks it and, boom, they got bad credit. >> tia: the way to place a freeze on a child's credit is to contact each of the major credit reporting agencies including equifax, union. once the freeze is in place it will remain in effect unless lifted by the parent or by the child after reaching the age of 16. it may cost up to $5 bucks for agency to lift that security freeze. we have a link on our website where you can learn more about protecting your child from identity theft. that's just so you know. a central ohio woman training on a sonogram finds
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college in newark. she found a mass in her breast over the summer when she went to the doctor, she was told she would have to wait two days to get a mammogram and an ultrasound so she turned right to her class for help. >> my instructor was scanning me. every time i was in here, once a week, twice a week. >> every exam we did it had drastically increased in size. >> it helped her doctors see just how fast that t growing. she got a cancer diagnosis and started treatment. her last day of chemotherapy is this week but it could be another two weeks before she knows whether the cancer is gone and we certainly hope that it is. well, diluted bleach water in a bucket, right? central ohio poison control receives that call a lot. but bleach isn't as harmful as this is for your kids. four years later and the detergent pods continue to be the number one reason that parents call poison control for help. but, here are some household
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lookout for. it doesn't take rocket science to use them. detergent pods. but the science inside the colorful highly concentrated detergent capsule can be deadly and dangerous for a child. >> it is a major thing in children under five. especially small children. these are highly concentrated and they look pretty. >> henry spiller works as the director of central ohio's poisonen children's hospital. in the case of tide pods, they hit the market in 2012. four years later, it's still the number-one reason why parents call the poison center. so, procter & gamble decided to make a change. >> tide introduces the new tide pods child-guard zipper bag. same trusted cleaning power in a smarter package. keep them up, keep them closed, keep them safe. >> tia: another danger, button
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shows what happens after a two and a half hour period if your child swallows one. it's a big issue around the holiday season. ? the batteries can contain harmful chemicals causing severe tissue damage and even internal burns. but that's not all. >> i don't think parents realize how dangerous they are. one of those, if they swallow it, it stays in the esophagus, can burn a hole through the op >> tia: medications are also a top reason why people call the poison control center. >> their bodies are so small the dose is really large for them. >> parents call the 1-800 number freaking out but there are nurses and pharmacists on the other end answering the phone 24/7. here are the statistics. summer is the bussiest season for central ohio poison center with 250 calls per day. this time of year slows down to 200 calls per day.
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that parents can do to make sure it never gets this bad. [sirens] child proof everything in the house and keep detergent high off the ground away from toddlers. and here's the number to call if your kids ever ingest something and you aren't sure what to do. that number -- 1-800-222-1222. >> samantha: time now 12:21 on this dreary but we've got some rain to get through. you can see that there are still showers out there. coming in from our south and east moving off toward the northwest. most of this is light rain but there are some pockets of heavier rain embedded within these showers. so, think about that as you are planning your afternoon. might run into a little shower activity out there especially as you head off to a mid-afternoon or evening outing.
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there as i'm also working to figure out what is going on with my weather computer. the scene won't change. all right. we will just use the space bar. ok. won't do anything. it's frozen. so -- hang with me. guys, let's switch on over to our weather 2 commuter because this one is actually working. thank you very much. so, here's our radar again. you can see showers are coming through the western half of our forecast region. lorain county, erie and huron counties and also down to the south if you areoi or mahoning county, tuscarawas, also carroll county contending with showers right now. you will have to forgive the lack of transitions in this weather show because we are having major computer issues here. i'll just take you over to the seven-day forecast if it will load. stand by. this is live television. you know how when it's raining outside you just want to sleep?
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ok, so let's delve into the seven-day forecast because this really tells the whole weather story. rain is ongoing right now. it is going to continue to move through this afternoon. i don't think it's going to rain on you constantly every second or every minute. but there will be occasional showers out there. and those will continue into tonight, as well. so, any dinner plans that you have, have the umbrella ready to go. same exact thing tomorrow. a lot of clouds. occasional showers. maybe a rumble of no severe weather at all. but it will be windy and it will have the look of rain all day. and we will do it all over again on saturday. that's right. scattered showers possible. i want to stress that just like today, it's not going to rain constantly on you every second from now through saturday. but we are going to have waves of rain moving through. temperatures right around 70 through the start of the weekend. second half of the weekend features a chance of stray showers, but the system that's
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bringing us the rain and the clouds, that's going to pull away by the end of the weekend. so sunday actually looking a little bit better. i think we could see a little bit of sunshine on sunday and on monday. still a small rain chance there at the tail end of the weekend. but check out your tuesday. mid 70s. gorgeous weather, tia, toward the middle of next week.
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>> tia: you will love this story. a hair hack for dads who have to do their daughters' hair. this dad is showing how to do the dizzy bun. he holds his daughter's pony tail up in the air and has her spin around and around while she slowly guides the hair into a bun and finishes it all off with a hair tie. he encourages men to bond with their daughters while doing their hair. >> this feels like a top. this >> tia: getting a little encouragement there. that looks cute. i think today's a perfect day for any type of pony tail, bun. >> samantha: yeah, but sometimes i almost feel like when you try -- you know when you try do do like the perfect top knot or perfect bun and it takes way more effort than it should, you are like i'm putting my hair in a bun. why do i have to keep doing this over between again? girl problems. either way, it is raining.
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>> tia: thank you so much for joining us. young and the restless is up
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>> mariah: more balloons, or do you think we're good? >> dylan: more balloons? more balloons and we're gonna float away. >> mariah: [ chuckles ] that is a solid point. i hope the little squirt appreciates this, because i have about a thousand papercuts from tying ribbon. >> dylan: can you help me hang this? >> mariah: yeah, yeah. of course. >> dylan: okay. thanks. >> mariah: so, did you tth day off work? uh, actually, i'm gonna go in after the party. >> mariah: big investigation to get back to? >> dylan: yeah, you know, something like that. >> mariah: so, how does that work, anyway -- investigating people? are there certain, like, tells or signs that you look for? >> dylan: mariah... >> mariah: what? >> dylan: [ sighs ] ...if there's something you want to ask me, just ask. >> chelsea: i mean, how psyched is this birthday girl gonna be?


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