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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  September 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:50pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news, sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. asking questions and getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: keep that umbrella handy for the morning commute. it is going to be a little wet. you may even hear a rumble or two of >> denise: just how long will the rain be sticking around? jeff tanchak is checking the details and has your first alert for your drive to work. >> jeff: tonight and tomorrow morning and through the day. it is a similar weather situation. we were wet today at times and we will be again tonight and tomorrow. we got a good, steady rain occurring through most of the area. rain and thunder are heavy at times and the wind continues to pick up with wind goes -- wind gusts of 30. and then over 30-mile an hour wind tomorrow.
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ponding on the road. a big shield of rain coming in from the east and moving west and rotating around this system to the south of us. it is just staying put. more of the same on the way. look what is going on as we switch throughout the entire cuyahoga county area. we have a soaking rain. that extends into montros and fairlawn and akron and even canton. our highly populated areas are getting hit hard with rain and windy conditions. more rain expected into the weekend. i'll let you know when things finally do dry out. ramona? >> romona: now to the latest on the new jersey train crash. the woman who was killed was standing on a platform and was struck by flying debris. 114 others were injured. the driver of the train has
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thomas gal will you gear and -- thomas gallagher and is cooperating with investigators. the train did not slow down when it uh propped and the terminal over ran its stop. this tragedy in new jersey got us thinking what is rta doing to keep riders safe in northeast ohio? shelby miller talked with the agency and is getting answers tonight. shelby? >> reporter: ramona, the rta said the rapid here in cleveland is a lot different than t the accident in new jersey. it is a slower rate of speed and there is also less cars per train. and at 15 miles per hour it will automatically shutdown. a crowd fills rta station as people head home after work. >> it is good. it is convenient and the majority of people take it to and from work. >> convenience is key for many
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safety it is not typically on their minds. >> i have never really given thought to accidents i have been riding this for about 10 years and i haven't had an accident i am aware of. >> they take precautions from accidents happening. like the tragedy that unfolded in new jersey. i asked rta how the trains in cleveland compare to the one in hoboken. >> our system is completely different. the commuter rail system in new jersey is likera about 120 miles an hour. it goes long distances. >> reporter: rta's trains travel shorter distances, carry one to two trains and go 40-mile per hour max. rta has a us is stem that automatically -- has a system that automatically shuts down the train if it is heading into the station too fast. >> we set it to 15 miles an hour as the train is approaching the platform and if the train happens to go faster it shuts off.
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on the dangers because they feel it is out of their hands. >> accidents will happen. plane accidents, train accidents, car accidents, walking. it is a fact of life. >> reporter: the rta says about 24,000 people use it every day to get in and out of town. i asked if there were any accidents, but i am told there has been nothing where people have been injured anything has been a danger. reporting live in cleveland, shelby miller, cleveland 19 news. >> tiffani: we found some thing you can do to keep you and your family safe. first, choose a seat on a car that is one or two from the middle. those are the safest. second choose an aisle seat because you are away from a window and it can shatter upon impact. and sit in a rear facing
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collision. >> denise: shawn imrait was in a courtroom. he pleaded not guilty to three fell nay charges including murder. police tied the 40-year-old to five murders. two women were found dead in a house in ashland and another victim police say he abducted. she survived and there are still no charges in three additional murders. one in ashland and one in on the man police say abducted and raped a 9-year-old girl has been transferred to the stark county jail tonight. this is a brand-new mug shot of dennis menifee, junior, who is now sporting two black eyes. police haven't said when or how that happened. the 46-year-old was arrested yesterday in fair field county. >> romona: a paternity test connish ifed josh gordon is
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maple heights girl. there is a court hearing on november 8th. the amount of child support your ton has to pay -- gordon has to pay needs to be figured out. this comes hours after the receiver announced he is entering a rehab facility. >> tiffani: . >> denise: has he played his last game with the team? >> there is a good chance of that.bu tornado tee test and the news that josh is the father he sent out these tweets. it is interesting in that context saying under some pressure and stress recently and had to take a time-out for myself. sometimes you have to do what is best for you. thank you at nfl at browns and also tweeted out see you soon. to your question the browns are publicly supporting gordon tonight and that's all they will say. i would be stunned if they are not finished with him now. he has not been available to them for almost two years.
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games and now his career is on hold again. if you are the browns you have to move on. he was around his teammates and at the facility and that support staff still was not enough. maybe and everybody hopes that will change down the road. if you are the browns you cannot count on it. >> denise: that's for sure, tony. as you can imagine gordon's decision sparked a huge conversation on social media. you can wish the wide receiver well by logging on to o facebook page. >> romona: there is a heartbreaking video of babies born uh detected to opiates. one hospital is on track to see their highest number ever. today dani carlson spoke with one doctor to get answers as to how this could happen. >> reporter: at the opiate addiction conference we learned that not only cleveland hospitals seeing a rising number of babies addicted to opiates, they say
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in neonatal units across the state are suffering from opiate withdraw. >> opiate uh decks seems to affect people in their teens, 20s, 30s and 40s and all of which are potentially child bearing years. a lot of women are finding themselves opiate uh detectived and then their baby is born with opiate withdrawal. >> it is hard, nearly impossible to watch. the story itself is hard t talk about. especially since this is not just a cleveland oreo io issue. or ohio issue. the number of babies addicted to opiates in the united states has more than doubled in the past decade. the big question is how does this happen? >> when the mother has an addiction she has two brains. one brain is the same brain that cares deeply about her children and herself and the
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participate in things she would never do normally and willfully on her own. that's the dual or the split personality when addiction is out of control. >> reporter: meaning the experts say the disease of addiction is just that, a chronic disease, that those uh detected can't just stop on their own. >> is that something they can easily do on their own will power? absolutely not beyond that the diabetic has to get help for their sugar. >> reporter: another then we heard from the experts is that addiction doesn't just affect one type of person maybe on the bottom rung of society and addiction can affect anyone. dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> and we are trying to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic and how to spot the
11:11 pm and click on the your health tab. >> denise: an alert if you take ibuprofen and other painkillers. you could be putting your health at risk. >> if you are facing a violent attack, can your mind be stronger than your body? we'll have that story coming up. >> well, some spots are approaching two inches of rain just today alone. and we have more of it on the way. doppler. the rain continues to come in from the southeast and rotating around this system. forecast details on what you can expect the next couple days coming up. >> romona: cleveland 19 wants to help you protect your perm information. saturday is a free shedding -- shredding day i should say. to participate just go to
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you can shred your sensitive documents from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> get breaking news and weather on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the
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>> live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is
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>> denise: when it comes to fighting off a possible attacker, could your mind be a stronger weapon than your body? the cuyahoga county sheriff's department held a save class today. they call it self-protection and not self-defense. sara goldenburg is getting answers on how it work. >> reporter: the idea is about being pro-active and self-aware. watching the environment around you can give uh clue if something is off. so hopefully you can get away before you e back. attempted abductions and kidnappings and missing women seem to dominate the news. sandra knight doesn't want to be scared anymore. she wants to be prepared. >> i am always in and out of homes and different neighborhoods. it would help me to protect maze when i am out here in the neighborhoods. >> reporter: he taught strategies against the violent encounters to a small class on thursday night. >> it is having a strategy and a plan. it is not just learning a
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be on the lookout for potential you a tackers potential attackers. >> when something doesn't feel right, it probably is because it isn't right. >> reporter: go with your gut. if someone is acting too nice or talking too much they may have an ulterior motive. be aware of your surroundings. >> they are a coward. they are looking for a vehicle tim. they are looking for a victim. they are looking for people to >> reporter: have an escape plan where you go. use the buddy system when ever possible and plan ahead by doing things like parking closer to the building you are walking to. if someone seems suspicious look at their body language. >> how does the person stand? j do they check what is behind them? >> reporter: she is taking the advice home to her daughter. the biggest take away is this. >> it is the whole thing of being aware of what is going on around you.
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in a state that just don't get too comfortable. >> reporter: if you are attacked and able to escape you should still file a police report. it could help catch the suspect. the sheriff's department will hold another save class in a few weeks. we have information on cleveland >> denise: predators are looking for an easy target. if you are wearing headphones or on your phonak your surroundings of walk with purpose and confidence. we can't say it enough, trust the instincts. >> romona: a warning if you take ibuprofen or other painkillers a lot. patients are 20% more likely to develop heart failure and long-term use increases your chances of a heart attack. ibuprofen is often taken by the elderly for long-term conditions like arthritis and other joint and muscle problems.
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of their children came home with a mysterious rash. at least 40 kids and staff members at several schools reported having bug bites and swollen, itchy rashes. school administrators are puzzled by this and don't know what is causing it. >> more than two weeks it is unanswered and that's unacceptable. children are still coming to school. maybe they should shutdown the school. >> if this was communicated earlier, a lot o wouldn't have thought, oh our kids have bedbugs or thinking it is our house. >> denise: the district has sprayed the infected schools once, but it didn't help. now they plan to spray again. >> romona: it is not even october yet, but according to a new credit company, one million americans have finished their holiday shopping. 34million have started checking off items items from their holiday lists, but 74%
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they are, quote, annoyed by these overachievers. >> denise: i have to say i am annoyed. s. >> romona: jeff is done because he gets us the same thing every year. >> jeff: i haven't order the chia pets yet. have i to see the new ones. chia pets and clappers again for everybody. ? clap on, clap off ? y. r rain, rain. >> jeff: it is a good time to be inside and watch a little tv, agents -- a little cleveland 19. euclid and cleveland heights and downtown and west side, south, north side, that's out over the lake. you know, not much thunder is in this. like we were seeing earlier. that's not to say we can't get it. this is more of a super
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if you are walking the dog before you head to bed you will need the rain gear and we will have to wipe the paws of your dog here if you bring him or her in. heavier rain through giaga county. revena and randolph and the youngstown area. you can see what is happening. this is the largest wave of rain we have seen so far and the computer models s tancha, we are going to get heavy rain at times tonight. this will be with us at least the next few hours. it is moving through. wouldn't be surprised though if we do get minor flooding coming out of this. a lot of ponding on the roads. this is the deal. this then is spinning over kentucky right now. it actually lifts back north as we head into the weekend. it is lolligagging around and
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rain and storms and the wind is beginning to pick up as well. we will see that tomorrow. here is 1:00 a.m. at 2:00 in the morning it begins to break up especially in the southern counties. it doesn't give us much tomorrow morning. that's not to say we can't have some showers around but right now the trend is for less rain in the morning. but then during the afternoon it blows up agait waves of showers and storms and into the evening as well which means friday night football fields will be soggy. it is obviously rain and thunder tonight. 61 is the low. i put a four in for the weather impact. it is a scale of 1 to 10. wet roads and shower and thunder around. 68 is the high tomorrow. the east winds 17 to 34.
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62 to start things off at 8:00 a.m. warming into the upper 60s, akron-canton, 68 for you as well. saturday the wind dies down, but more rain and thunder. a few showers and storms. 53 the low. sunday, 68 and just scattered afternoon showers on sunday. the morning looks dry. isolated rain on monday and near 70 and on tuesday dry a 70 degrees. ramona, back to you. >> romona: we have a ramona's kids update about a girl who has been inspiring kids and adults for years now. she is an amputee and taking part in a running program for four years. this week's ramona's kid is from lake county. >> what does your family think about you? they must be so proud. they say you can do this and if you don't feel like doing
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>> but you never drop out? >> no. >> julia does 5k races as part of the just run program. using her crutches instead of her prosthesis which is for running. she also swims and she does horseback riding. her story impressed the 92-year-old from akron. friends connected them throu we are also sending her get well wishes because julia recently fell and injured her left hip. she will be in a wheelchair for three more weeks and by the way, her 11th birthday is next week. we wish her a happy birthday early. >> happy birthday and get well soon. >> denise: it is thursday night and that means tony is
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? at women with respect?
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>> now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: nobody can blow up a perfectly good plan than josh gordon. i say that flippantly. we all thought about it, gordon and pryor on the field. gordon returns, brady returns and must see tv and now it has blown up again. as gordon pryor is our only big play wide receive arer. he can do it all as he showed us on sunday. what is driving this guy? >> players play for different reasons, money, women, cars, whatever. >> money, women, cars if three good reasons. pryor plays for his teammates. >> i want to play gad for them and make plays for them and it makes their job easier and
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>> tony: he is not bad either. 10 catches and 173 yards and that touchdown and bengals embarrass the dolphins tonight 22-7. the tribe was rained out and they will make it up on monday if necessary. we have the z awards. let's roll. >> we're taking one for the team in the z awards this week. this poor girl in the end zone. ouch. from any angle this one is painful. just goes to show yha as easy as you think. >> popped foul and a long line for dani valencia. >> sometimes you need a little
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but the bottom line is holding on and never letting go. >> he fumbled the ball. >> he is scratching his head. there is no rain in there. >> he found it. let the champagne fly. >> come o >> that hurts. >> we are out of here and doing our dance on the way out. >> no. >> show a little excitement, would you? this guy would. >> the game is over. the game is finally [bleep] over. >> and as always congratulations to our winners. >> denise: that poor thing. she was all right though.
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three more of those celebrations. >> romona: so glad that guy
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>> romona: we know the story. lots of rain. >> jeff: everyone take it easy out there. the next few hours it will be with u there are signs that it could let up. let's hope that happens. samantha will keep us up-to-date. we will be about 60, windy with more showers and storms in the forecast. and then you know what? we will get to do it all over again tomorrow. >> we'll plan extra time.
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>> stephen: who are you? >> stephen: i'm you, stephen, from the future. i've come back to warn you, a terrible event will take unless you do something about it. >> stephen: oh, my god, has trump become president? >> stephen: i don't know, i've only come from next tuesday. >> stephen: then why do you have a beard? >> stephen: this? it's fake. i didn't want to freak you out. >> stephen: so what did you come back to tell me? >> stephen: oh, yeah, don't buy a sailboat. it's much more expensive than you think. upkeep is ridiculous, and you're not that good of a sailor.
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>> stephen: how much did the time machine cost? >> stephen: it came with the boat. >> stephen: well, if there is nothing else, i've got to do a show tonight. >> stephen: who's on tonight? >> stephen: morgan freeman. >> stephen: oh! i remember that show! it was really good! you're so excited afterwards you go out and buy a boat! don't do it! >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight stephen welcomes morgan freeman, judith light and musical guest jimmy eat world, featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey! yeah! whoo!
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how are you, jon? ( cheers and applause ) yeah! yeah! thank you! thank you! thank you, e this audience is a gift from god! thank you very much, everybody. or if you're an atheist, they're a gift from an indifferent university. welcome to "the late show." i'm stephen colbert. thank you for being in here, out there. we are still trying to figure out who won monday's presidential debate. democrats say hillary won, while republicans are strong in their conviction that there are still two more debates. evidently, his staffers tried to
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first debate, but say, "mr. trump found it hard to focus during those meetings," and "he did not seem to pay attention during the practice sessions." i don't blame trump. i mean, white house, oval office? that's colors and shapes. very difficult. what's next? what's next? ( cheers and applause ) what's next? objecter rolls behind the couch? there is no way of knowing! ( laughter ) child, like,. he's childlike is the point. but unlike his advisors, trump isn't ready to concede defeat last monday. he knows that a: he won. and b: he lost because it was rigged. >> a new post debate poll that just came out, the google poll, has us leading hillary clinton
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that's despite the fact that google's search engine was suppressing the bad news about hillary clinton. how about that? >> stephen: how about that? yeah, how about that? google must be suppressing bad news about hillary clinton. i know when i googled "hillary" and "debate," it was only good news. and this isn't the first time trump has blamed his woes on technology. earlier this week, he blamed his debate performance on a defective microphone. before that, he blamed his failure to disavow former klansmen david duke on a lousy earpiece. and in july he blamed a tweet using an anti-semetic six-pointed star on microsoft shapes, though many are calling that excuse a pile of poop emoji, and donald trump isn't the only one who smells a conspiracy.
11:40 pm
"hillary clinton scratched her nose to signal to lester holt on six different occasions. the signal meant clinton wanted to get a zinger in and to go to her without changing the subject." yes, this gesture was the signal. right here. this was the signal right here. okay, she did it many times. unfortunately, hillary didn't get to do the one hand gesture she really wanted. >> jon: that's a serious signal. >> stephen: i mean, what other possible explanation could there be for her doing this? her nose was itchy? think about it: when was the last time you itched your nose? your itchy, itchy nose that itches. probably got a bug on it or something.
11:41 pm
that is why there is a third conspiracy theory. during the debate, people noticed hillary was wearing a device under her jacket that could have been a secret earpiece or a coughing prevention machine. yes, the well-known cough-prevention machine. it's apple's new hip-mounted iron lung. ( laughter ) >> stephen: or wait a second, follow me down the rabbitt hole here. it could be the transmitter pack for the microphone she was wearing. right there! my god! she was recording everythin they were saying! ( laughter ) and that's never good for trump, ever! but despite these kind of dirty tricks, secretary clinton is still struggling with millennials. by the way, if you're not sure who millennials are, they're the ones who never use the term "millennials."
11:42 pm
the support of just 31% of likely voters under 35." so hillary's doing everything she can to attract young people. that's why, for the first time since july, she appeared on the campaign trail this week with that millenial heart-throb, bernie sanders. ( cheers and applause ) bernie! they really like him. he really connects with millenials, because a lot is old. ( laughter ) between that, and her social media outreach, no one's gone after young voters this hard since bill clinton. ? cold blooded ?
11:43 pm
>> stephen: no! what are you reading into nat? ( laughter ) she's even begun trying to appeal to young people by selling a t-shirt on her website that says "yaaaas hillary" on it. which is perfect, because when she asks you, "am i trying too hard?" you can say, "yaaaaas. hillary!" while it's understandable that she wants this vital voting bloc, she may be going after millennials a little too hard. as a matter of fact, she's just released a new ad targeting the young ones, and we at "the late show" have gotten an advance copy. >> and now a special message from hillary clinton. ? >> hey, millennials. check -- it -- out. my name is hillary and i'm here to say our country is being threatened in a serious way. if you want to stop trump and save the day, vote for me
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help me win the white house and fill all the fields. authenticity is bay. trump wants to take our country back but i'll use the doc filter on snapchat. rough, rough, rough. the middle class has it rough, rough, rough, rough. come on, kids, just tell me what you want. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: we've got a great show tonight. morgan freeman is here, and when we return, i'll be over there, talking about other candidates you could vote for. stick around. ( cheers and applause )
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? ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: tasty! thank you, ladies and gentlemen! th welcome back. i'm just enjoying a lovely cup of coffee. i like my coffee the way i like my band leaders, extremely talented. jon batiste, everybody! ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: before the break, we were talking about hillary clinton's struggle with millennial voters. and she's not alone. "younger voters are shunning the two major political parties on a scale not seen since ross
11:50 pm
presidency in 1992." it's true, young people loved ross perot, but remember, back in '92, he was still in "new kids on the block." he was the fiscally responsible one. this election cycle, for any millennials disenchanted with clinton and trump, there's libertarian candidate and aging clown without makeup, gary johnson. johnson faer ( cheering ) then you're going to like the next seven minutes. ( laughter ) johnson is the former governor of new mexico, whose platform includes a variety of small-government policies, but the only one you care about is: he wants to legalize marijuana. ( cheers and applause ) it actually says in the script here "audience screams." ( laughter ) libertarians have long been waiting for a smart, respectable candidate to represent their values... and the wait continues


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