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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  November 7, 2016 1:30am-2:00am EST

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isn't that wonderful? it's coming. amen. and do you know that the wall street journal just had an weekly article and that was two weeks ago, and it said we believe that the bombs from four major nations, russia, china, north korea, and iran will all be hitting the streets of this country soon and that's what i've preached. yes. i'm going to do something soon. i'm going to have that put on tape for you, it's 60 years old, and you'll say what is this all about? what the wall street journal is exactly what van impe preached 60 years ago and i've been in it 70 years. now what's this all about? ezekiel 38 and 39. verses 1 to 3, the word of the lord came unto me saying son of man set your face against gog the land of magog, the rosh
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is southwest of siberia. oh boy, what happens in the next chapter would be i'll go against you gog of magog. and this is the war of the latter days and the latter days, ezekiel 38:8 and 16. there's no end to it. now russia is the main culprit and you see how they're getting prepared all the equipment, all the atomic facilities. this president. again, he's hurt the united states. and he agreed with get rid of your missiles, we'll get rid of ours. we did it, they didn't and god help us if this thing called armageddon breaks loose. but the wonderful part is we christians aren't going to be here because revelation 3:10 says i will keep you from, and that's the greek word ek, out of, the hour of testing that
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it's global! and again the word of god tells us so clearly that the reason we're going to be kept out of it and how it's going to happen is the rapture. and we're going to hear in revelation 4:1 come up hither. oh. and it's going to be a wonderful time on the other side. yes. i'm going to start a video; we're going to make it next week and its called eternity: who? what? where? when? why? oh christians are so confused about heaven. every funeral service we think our loved ones have gone into heaven. no, they're still in the ground buried. but it's the soul and spirit within a person that makes a body function. you think and see and hear and talk because of the spirit and soul. you're going to really be enlightened by this. now what happens, and this is
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funeral, absent from the body, present with the lord. all in the twinkling of an eye as i said a moment ago, i corinthians 15:52. our loved ones are not there. they're in the grave. chuck just lost his wife and he said thank you for helping with us they're just now in the grave. but soon they're coming out of those graves and i've heard christians say i don't believe in that rapture. boy, you don't know your bible. why? there are only two texts in the bible that talk about the resurrection of the dead. both of them are rapture verses. i thessalonians 4:16-18, the lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, with the trumpet of god, here it is...and the dead in christ in those graves shall come forth first. then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them, with the dead in the clouds to meet the
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ever be with the lord. from that night on the bodies are back with the spirits and souls and they are again there. they don't need it now. those parts that do make us see and hear and talk can do it without a body. but why does e come back for the bodies? because he's going to return to the earth. he's going to come back and set up his kingdom after they've been in heaven for seven years and the people on earth with bodies could not see spirits if they returned. god's a spirit, 32 times. the holy spirit's a spirit, 34 times. and angels are spirits but they can materialize if needs be. but we on that side are spirits but we're coming back to reign in the new jerusalem found twice in the book of revelation. [laughter] and it's over the old jerusalem. and you know what's so wonderful about it?
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and people on earth, there are still five billion left after armageddon. they can't see spirits so he got their bodies out of the graves and reunited them with their spirits. they come back and they can see the people and they reign with jesus. and when you read philippians 2:10, at the name of jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that jesus christ is the lord of heaven and earth. he's...there is no other way of heaven. there is no other god and you christians want to talk about allah being god. we've got guys like rick warren, and there are now 300 christian ministers and they tell me it's grown to 445, and before you can join that group you have to shake a hand with one of the leaders of islam and say
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we were so unkind to you muslims. god help us. they have killed 300 million since then, and we're asking for forgiveness? where'd i get that statistic? from the great instructor at the egyptian university and his name is mark gabriel, now he's been converted. wow. so they come back and at the name of jesus, not any other name, just his name, every tongue shall confess that jesus is the lord of heaven and earth. amen. that hour is right with us. why? because jesus could never return back until nations who have been out of the holy land for 2,000 years, israel, would
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yes. and he gives all the signs and this is the month we've been preaching on the signs jesus gave and i'm going to tell you, i've said this before, in matthew 24 he gives a special key, verse 32, learn a parable of the fig tree. oh is this interesting and for years i've preached on prophecy and i missed the main point. he said there's going to be a sign. ne to verse 32 just a few years ago, and the sign is the blossoming of the fig tree verse 32 of that 24th chapter. and what's the fig tree? joel 1:7, hosea 9:10, the fig tree is israel. in 70 ad the roman general titus got the jews, took them out of their land, and for 2,000 years they did not and could
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they were in captivity in 13 different empires, one after the other taking over. but in 1948 england released them and brought them back and the fig tree blossomed and then just in 67 they took jerusalem. wow! it's here! why? study ezekiel 38 and 39, 18 times the battlefield is israel. and he said when you see all the signs of matthew 24, mark 13, luke 17 and 21 in connection to these two things, israel is a nation and the taking of jerusalem, that's when i'm coming. we're there! we could go home at any minute and take us out of this mess, even this new election, believe me. oh my. you know we could just give the invitation. wasn't that a great message? that was a great message jack and it lifts our
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to think that jesus could come at any moment because the signs are all here yes jack. oh rexella this is what i preached 70 years ago on that record. i'm going to make it for the people soon... yes. ... so they have what i said... yes. ... that many years ago and it deals with the four nations just mentioned by the wall street journal... that this is the hour and they say the bombs are coming. prepare to meet god, amos 4:12. well let's prove it rexella. well i did deal with russia already but now the buddy of russia of course is china and they're going to come together and i'd like for you to see what they're doing right now. russia and china digging into latin america: well they want to stop the dominance of the united states around the world. china sees sevenfold increase in persecution against christians. well somebody else coming in of course, we've mentioned them before. north korean leader orders nuclear arms to be readied. whoo. take a look there, honoring him right there.
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together with them, iran's supreme leader: u.s. surrendered to iran in nuclear deal. that's what they're saying. you surrendered to us. a crooked deal with the president. alright. he just gave them $1 billion 800 million and it's wrong and illegal. and going on, iran holds air force drills in bid to display defense capabilities. well they're branching out too...islamisation of turkey. ezekiel 38:6 honey. and then russia, turkey, iran, move closer. and here's another one, russian bombers use iranian air base. russia to build two more new nuclear power plants in iran. one last one here and then i'll come back to you jack...a nuclear armed isis? it's not that far fetched, expert says. oh my oh my. oh my oh my.
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all coming together that we mentioned right up front? alright there you've got israel, they've got these nations coming together, they've got others that are going to join with them. they've got the hatred toward israel, they're going to march down there to take it and that leads to, the battle of armageddon. it's all coming friends very soon. what i've preached all these years the wall street journal now is backing me, but will it be nuclear? yes. oh ladies and gentlemen get this. euphrates river for a long time. and you know pastor jeffress the great guy and has the largest southern baptist church practically in the world recently said it's a demonic force and it's true. why? revelation9:14-18, loose the four demons, fallen angels, in the great river euphrates to
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and the number of the army was two hundred thousand thousand, two hundred million, and by these three was the third part of men killed by the fire, by the smoke, and by the brimstone which issued out of the demon's mouths. and ladies and gentlemen, guess what? if you're saved you're going to be taken out of here. i'll keep you out of that hour which comes upon the whole earth. a promise from god. t prepare to meet your god. yes, that prayer. that's the most important thing that we could bring to you, the prayer of accepting jesus christ, son of god, as your savior. you know he died for you and i trust that you will accept his love, that you'll accept calvary, accept his forgiveness and become his child. will you please pray this prayer with jack of saying lord i know
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heart? jack. heavenly father, thank you for sending your son jesus dying and shedding that blood, that precious, efficacious, holy blood and only that blood can wash away sin for the rest of the blood is human blood and tainted by sin. but oh jesus you came and you took that body and shed that blood of jesus your book says cleanses from all sin. i don't care what you've done, how often you've done it. lord jesus i trust you. save me. cleanse me. take away all my sin. i want to be ready for your coming so jesus this very moment i'm saying come into my heart precious jesus. amen. amen oh amen. i made that decision when i was
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it walking with the lord the rest of my life. now if you made that decision, prayed that prayer, write to me. there is my address. please write it down in a hurry. first steps in a new direction will be in the mail... wonderful book to read. and now our last week for this wonderful offer...thy kingdom come: arriving soon. alright take a look please at the promo. christians have been praying the lord's prayer for over 2,000 here's an excerpt: our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. soon christ will break through the heavens as the king of kings and lord of lords. every major prophecy warns it's about to occur. it's closing time. who says so? the mystery of pope 113 is about the present pope francis who through a rigged election by
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produced the apostate pope. the damnable doctrines st. peter predicted would come, even denying jesus has infiltrated both catholicism and protestantism. the yale covenant names 300 protestant leaders and their denominations. in order to join this apostate group, each minister had to call their god allah. for all the exciting facts order drs. jack & rexella's tremendous video "thy kingdom come: arrivingn" last week. i hate to say that to you but i really have to tell you. there's the 800 number and there's the address so make the call immediately. and here again is our announcer to tell you how you can receive it. chuck. thank you rexella. my friend, to order thy kingdom come: arriving soon have your credit card ready and call toll-free 24 hours a day, 1-800-jvi-7777.
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send your donation of $24.95 to jack van impe ministries, box 7004, troy, michigan 48007. in canada, send your donation of $24.95, to jack van impe ministries of canada, box 1717, postal station a, windsor, ontario n9a 6y1. now back to rexella. thank you so very much so please there's the 800 number and there's the address. and i'll be sending you a couple of programs along with your order. i want to leave you with a comforting thought. can you find comfort in a day like this? trust god for today and prepare for tomorrow. how good it is to trust in him. we'll look forward to being in your home again next week and until then remember god cares for you, so do we
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bye, bye. i really want to show you something. karen o.: ? 1, 2, ready, go ? ? l-o-v-e ?
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11231][v:tv][c483] ? is love ? ow! ? ooh ooh... ? [howling] announcer: for great play ideas, visit >> dickerson: welcome back to "face the nation. i' joh dickerson u. intelligence war t wee abou possible a qae terro how real is t threa
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townesend a washingto post' david i inati is here wit more ho serio i thi it' importa thi i c sasaco qaed i'm told thi c aft t operative,ey qae t provenc northeaster afghanistan two week ago hiiscussi operatio plans whe thi begin it i tak seriously it specifi snake thr state a time we're no i pan modbou th i cor a qaeda i gea distance awa it h difficult organizin
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wolf, ho gro probl someone with a g going t pollin place motivate b a stuff? on-line in ter thi threat w specif a disseminate the reaso officials thi it' not thr ala fir >> dickerson: the reason is t ability car o a operatio iegrade t las thre yea fro stack of a qaeda. planne w survive n dea bu survive h conversatio wi operative the questio i t abili t carry out th plans people thi tha limited >> dickerson: fran, what happens on t homela security en wi thi operation what c b done what?i i bei done fir all joh they ha a de p ove doz
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deployed. they have bee trained over t course o thr years i t afghanista pakista regio brough back the unit states. as dav point o d wil work with sta a loc official l enforcement here in ne yor they ha ta for t t identif investigatio whe operative profile t t disru it >> dickerson: okay, fran littl laryngiti there th david l me as you another threat o electio d people a worri about is thre oisruptio talk abou t russians vice president said t hacke e-mail t wik lak eai trace back tussi what is t statu u. operatio respondi t russ an z)(ruption electio day?
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issu statement las month they wer ver specifi they said that t mos senio leve russi officia mus happroved th hacki tha ha bee don o democrati officials, hilla clinton campaign chairma i'm to tha sin the ther wa priva warning belie reside oba himse t vladimir put sayin a furthe russi attempt u.s electio would hav the mos sriou consequences i' tol furth tha officia believe th russian havo escalate attacks they saoepbl t hav gotte t messag people a ver caref a watchi eac event there cyb w roo s u for tuesda t monit a attempt t intrude i'm to final th a vying presidenid warne o u.s
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against russia >> dickerson: fran, electio day, how m w s disruptio from tho that wa t mes with tlectio returns y kno john, think w think abou i lik t recen attack w saw i wor mor abo pervasivenes massive te messages goi o closed o pol locations a clos t affec vot turut thin that' insidio a m difficult fo officia t rea a detec >> dickerson: instead of hacki th infrastructur b mor misinformation and differe messages. david, wil switc quickly t th fbi a t end th directo h com und criticis f h handlin o
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seen befor what do yo mak fir t f n ieaky are yo nev sur o people w claim to b speakin o b hal f agent o spe e t them whether it' tru o not it l eorceme agenc i turmoi that's somethi everyone shou orried abo after t election. if secreta clint wi o tuesda it' possibl s m en u bei surfac thi iss o addition e-mails o investigation. reduc t possibility tha you can s later thi w suppressd an rigge it conceivable now withi tlint cam t director of th f i n the favori perso obviously s win s c it's mo sta transitio >> dickerson: thank you, fran
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political pane
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>> dickerson: we're back with ou politic panel am walter, joh heilemann j he bow a m leibovi
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it' almos ove joh thless d nearlpo us. what is going o t rac look tight tight t people thoug it would be a th end it's t case hillary clint has nev bee behind race, not f o d sin t genera elect started her le i small b i t case t clint campaig fee moonfide abo where th were the those wit t oba campai in 20 felt at thi stag i12 durabl lea that donald trump beh h few -- elector vot they're no ove confide b quite confident the wil w tuesda >> dickerson: amy, what do y make o the donal tru schedu chang was suppose te wiscons now michiga a i minnesota. is that a cra las minu
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himself to thi how do you rea i t tings going joh poi abo feelinik 201 i fee like are i deja v moment a ti machi and bac t 201 we're talking about the sam things w did thi poi i 2012 ba the can mit romne w drivin vot amo whi voters a growi thaas a litigatin tha again sai rust bel sta tha has bee democratic han f yea a years, at th las minut w no effor or t ground wor ther in 2012 it w pennsylvani this year it' michiga so, kno wha t answe w in 201 th is, looks -- loo like we' heading dow t sam pa i 201 i thin you poi tha y rais t reinc prieb wa t
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michigan a pennsylvania woul be donal trump targets if y wit whi worki clas vot onl that's whe yo g that's whe inves ear finding th voter registeri them,etting the out no goi i with hou go >> dickerson: ma'ajamell?i ronal reag d g t whi ses mitt romney didn win how y thi t rac itself, mitt romney w differen then donarump donald trump has bette chanc turning out tho vot where doe thi theor p out is h pulli t skeptic wrong. >> don think h i he's turning o mororki class whit voters the befor explain don thi he'
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lar proportion o t electorate and they' doi extraordinaril wel lif t ceili considerably. what i h tak stro ge educated whi voterolle hillary clinton is o pac win college whi voter f democrats for the fir tim since h kep tra o this. on the sam token when tak wri o all o t worki class whit voter s hispani voter turni out h level so, yono t ide tha ther som poo o worki class whites that you ca tur out an maybe make t deficit th romne had don thi it' wrong don thi peo considere th actio wit reactions the thin you nee t tur


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