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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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herself was humbling. >> i know how much responsibility goes with this. so many people are counting on the outcome of this election so tonight the magic number is 270. that's the number of electoral votes needed to win the election. tonight we are getting reaction on both sides. paul orlousky is with touch supporters. we begin with harry boomer with the clinton followers. >> followers are out at polling places trying to make secretary clinton the next president and leaving no stone unturned because ohio is a traditional battleground state. if polls are to be believed it is neck-and-neck in the buckeye state. stuart is chairman of the democratic party in cuyahoga county and he is holding to the party line. >> i think things are going very well. i am looking for turn out, turn out, turn out. we have a little drizzle out
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a watch party and plan to celebrate. the result on the democratic and republican side, either you win or lose. if you lose these things are funerals in a hurry. no indication how either party will go as polls closed. there are places for donors and political won bees and private areas to be seen and take a deep breath after a long and expensive campaign for sure and hear encouraging words from party leaders. >> a lieutenant governor mary taylor and local candidates. >> reporter: is there a vip area. >> there is. several local leaders within the party and community at large. >> reporter: mary taylor was a maybe and between 7:30 and 8:00 mary taylor will make an appearance which is interesting because john kasich hasn't done anything and works side by side with governor kasich and jockeying two years from now
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elected and made it clear she would like to be governor. getting answers on west 25th and lorain. cleveland 19. >> romona: we still have an hour and a half to get out and vote. for those who voted early, they were able to escape the rain. >> we were talking yesterday. if you had your choice get out there early. if you are standing in line, you won't really have to worry about the rain. the rain hit at 1:00 this afternoon and dealing with light slowing things down out there on the roads. i would imagine after the commute ends that things should get better out there on the roads. the back edge of the rain with this system moving through vermillion. sandusky, you are dry and dealing with heavier showers in geauga county and ashtabula county and hartsgrove and middle field down i-71.
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we have the alert. it is not real cold. temperatures in the 50s. showers in the forecast through the early morning drive. wet travel and gusty winds and a temperature swing tomorrow. i will tell you about that in my next time out. mark? >> thank you very much. 6:04 on election tuesday. we want to get to shelby miller. >> monitoring for any issues with the ballot. shelby? >> hey, mark. good news, no issues i have been elections. you have time to get out and vote. the line has been really short for people to come to the board of elections to vote today and overall voter turnout in cuyahoga county is down. the director told me they are expecting 357,000 people across the county to vote and projecting 67% of people will vote in the county and also that's down from four years ago.
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voters are waiting about 10 minutes or so. and security throughout the entire county at all polling locations is very tight. they have been working with the sheriff's department, homeland security and f.b.i. earlier, the board of elections director said there was a threat in the last 15 minutes. i have been told none of it is credible. we reported on it earlier. the sheriff's office found it not to be credible. no one is taking chances. parties how the vote turns out in cuyahoga county. >> it is very important for both presidential candidates to carry the state of ohio and cuyahoga county is always in the midst of the campaigns. we are the biggest county. we have the most voters and traditionally always have the bigger voter turnout. >> now, after everything wraps up at polling locations, of course it closes at 7:30.
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can be later than that. after that, all the polls will be taken to the warehouse. that's where we are heading and we will be live from there later on at 7:00 onward for news conference of the election. live, shelby miller cleveland 19 news. >> romona: we have been answering questions about polling issues. dani carlson joins us live with what she's uncovered so far. dani? >> reporter: well, romona, as you herald from haven't been major problems. several people have been contacting us. can you see voting is still going on and there's time to come out and do it if you would like to. we want to highlight a couple of different things that you have reached out to us about. one of the things people talked to us about registered voter wasn't listed at a polling place in starke county. a gentleman contacted us and said he was a registered voter and voted in the same spot for a
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sudden he went to the polling place today and he wasn't registered. talking to the board of elections in starke county they said they would call the polling place and check and see the specific issue and they did double-check to make sure the gentleman was a registered voter in starke county. one of the things that could potentially have happened, google inaccurately said polls opened at 6 a.m. and opened at 6:30. there were long lines early in the morning in starkeou adding to the confusion i was told today from the board of elections. we were able to get that issue straightened out. that gentleman cast a provisional ballot and that should count as everything is tallied up. >> another thing we addressed one of the voters who contacted us. what if you moved and forgot to update your address. call the board of elections in cuyahoga county. for this one you are supposed to
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elections either call them, check on-line or go to the polling place for your new address and cast a provisional ballot and double-check after polls close today after election day is over and make sure that vote is counted. >> another thing you heard shelby talking about, the department of justice. i haven't been able to find out is monitoring locations in cuyahoga county and they would not comment how t specifically chose which polling places to monitor. i have been able to find out one of the ways they determined where they will monitor voting has to do if there have been questions about federal voting guidelines being violated previously. that is one way that the doj may assign where they are monitoring different voting places in this all important election and state of ohio and we will be here all
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been closed yet. if you have concerns contact us. we are getting answers for you. live in cleveland, dani carlson, cleveland 19 news. >> romona: if you have had any problems voting today, cleveland 19 news has several resources we can use. e-mail or tweet dani carlson or carl monday at the addresses you see on the screen. now it's time to head to columbus and the ohio senate race. incumbent rob portman facing former strickland. sara goldenberg is at the g.o.p. headquarters in the state capitol. >> mark: we begin with catherine bosley covering the democrats. >> well, let's put it this way. democrats are ready for a party at the hyatt in downtown columbus. in fact, they are set up far what they are calling a victory party in relation to the presidential race. as close as it is as far as ohio is concerned. nothing close as strickland portman race as we have been
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the u.s. senate seat. the ohio democratic party chair david pepper is not quite giving up yet. here is what he has to say. >> the race el on, the coke brothers decided they wanted to buy the senate seat back and that's what they did when they spent $60 million attacking ted strickland. for him to win we have to have a surge and democrats ready for hillary clinton. >> crazier things have happened >> all right. crazier things happened. strickland and this camp expected tonight as results come in and watching it unfold with hundreds of other fellow democrats and of course we will be here along for the entire ride. let's go to the republican side in columbus. here is sara goldenberg. >> reporter: catherine, we are a few blocks away from you in downtown columbus at the renaissance hotel and it is hopping now for the g.o.p. party
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senator robb portman is having a watch party and right now i am joined by matt of the ohio g.o.p. how are you feeling now? >> relieved. the best news of the night it is already here and election 2016 is about to come to an end. >> that's good news. we are watching closely. senator portman's case against ted strickland's. what are you expecting out of the results and how important the seat is to ohio and republicans. >> we arexc our republican senator to a republican majority in the united states senate and ohio will do its share. rob portman works hard to get things done in a town that nothing matters and running against the worst and the resounding victory for senator robb portman and i am pleased to congratulate him when he is reelected to the united states senate. >> we are expecting to see
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candidates when we get things roling and congressional candidates and are expected to win. >> and throughout the night we will roll with announcements as we call races and able to introduce our candidates for the ohio supreme court and legislative races and favor and speaker rosenberger will be here to talk about the races in the house and senate and big night for the republican party and campaigns are upstairs in the war room pulling results together and congratulating everyone for a big celebration this evening. >> this watch party kicks off after the polls close. live, sara goldenberg, cleveland 19 news. >> mark: thank you, sara. election coverage continues after the break. >> up next cleveland voters decide on attacks and it effects everyone who work in the city. >> romona: talk about a pampered voting experience. a local place had a great stress
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weather right now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time to fall in love again
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: welcome back. the city of cleveland is quietly campaigning to pass a you income tax hike. >> romona: if passed it will be the fist time in 35 years and the tax would cost residents and those who work in cleveland an extra half percent from their paychecks. jen picciano is live getting answers about >> if you have not heard much about issue 32 they have been doing mailers and door-to-door radio ads and can't afford tv ads with the presidential campaigning going on. something he can't afford is the failure of this income tax hike. >> in one-on-one on this ballot issue mayor frank jackson says the money generated from the tax
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percent would be more than $40,000 and prevent layoffs and maintain and improve city services and snow removal garbage collection, street cleaning and keeping rec center open and city services. >> what they do is allow us to be structurally balanced and give us extra money that will allow us to purchase additional services and hire more police officers and cutting vacant lots off and and things like that. >> now, i have been in touch with both the police and fire union and they are both endorsing and recommending this tax, income tax hike and the fire union president were van casing and fear if it fails they will see a 10% cut across the board across all city services. >> getting answers in cleveland jen picciano, cleveland 19.
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to lakewood hospital vote we have you covered our app and nonstop election coverage on wuab cleveland channel 43 and cleveland 19 news. what a day out there. everyone excited to cast their vote. starting weather wise started to change. can't let rain stop you from getting to the polls. and it is raining enough to slow things down out there. you need we have colder air coming in. >> you will notice that tomorrow for sure. two parts to tonight here. we got the rain with the front itself and system itself and here you see it moving through. and stopped raining sandusky and rains letting up in lorain county and still everywhere else and showers in orwell and akron and you are dealing with
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here in cuyahoga county and berea and middleburg heights and strongsville out of column station. it looks like by 8:00 tonight we will have showers around. that will let up. can you still see temperatures dropping to 50 by 1 a.m. and we will deal with lake-effect rain into tomorrow morning. temperatures don't move much tomorrow. 47 is the morning temperature. wind picks up and showers around and akron-canton you will deal with more showers and 47 your low and look at the high tomorrow. 48. brisk north wind and cloud coverment. spotty morning showers around. can you see we don't move in temperature at all. about 48 degrees or so for the high. it will feel like a november day. >> by thursday look at this warming up to 63. sunny and windy veteran's day
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>> romona: the polls close in a little over an hour. >> mark: how long will it take to start seeing all those results? the presidential race could be called rat depending on what's happening in certain states. dan deroos in the answer center to show us. >> dan: i will walk you through what some would call an early night to see something happen. here we have the interactive map. dark states assuredly will be donald trump. dark blue states illinois, minnesota assuredly will be hillary clinton. light blue states leaning towards hillary, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, virginia
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towards donald trump right now. if we took the map as it is yellow states are too close to call. they are in play. if we take the map as it stands right now you can see hillary clinton is at 268. that means she only needs one of the thee battleground states to go in her favor to get to the 270. what would be a bad night for hillary clinton if she sees surprises. if michigan goes to donald trump. if pennsylvania goes to donald trump. if he wins north carolina and florida got to go red and north carolina and florida now let's look at the numbers and see what's happened. >> hillary clinton has fallen from 232 and donald trump gets the win at 284. we will keep a close eye tonight on florida, pennsylvania, michigan and ohio. once we get those results in we may have a winner. >> getting answers in the answer center, back to you, mark. >> mark: thank you, dan. the best polling place ever.
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relaxation center at the community center in north canton. before and after voting people get a massage and soak up florida sun through virtual reality glasses. >> i wish every day was like this in every election. >> they are taking care of all of it. it is wonderful. >> mark: spirit did this to celebrate new routes to florida destinations starting on thursday. >> romona: i would love that. i would love one of those massages after tonight.
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of tomorrow possible. >> jeff: all right. there you see the rain letting up west of cleveland, sandusky, norwalk, elyria letting up for now and more developing later on and wet south and east of cleveland mansfield, akron-canton. steady rain and basically more showers on the as the night wears on. some spotty morning showers tomorrow and windy and colder day. 48 and then we will drop in the 30s tomorrow night. look at thursday. 63. we fall again on veteran's day there but not much rain friday. spotty showers and colder there. weekend looks dry and sunday warmer out of the two weekend days. >> mark: very good. thank you for joining us.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now it's up to you. >> go vote. >> pelley: tonight, americans have the final word of campaign 2016 as they choose the next president of the united states. >> i feel fantastic. very optimistic. i'm praying. >> pelley: the their ballots. >> i'm so happy. >> tough decision. >> pelley: it's election day in america. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it's the first tuesday after the first monday of november, and the last hours of the last day of voting. for the next president of the united states.


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