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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 7PM  CBS  November 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> verne: there will be joy in athens tonight. they are 6 and 4 for the season. ugha, is happy. fory laforce, verne lundquist. so long from athens. final score georgia 13-7. jeep post game show is next. ? ? well, if you want to sing out, sing out ? ? and if you want to be free, be free ? ? 'cause there's a million things to be ? ? you know that there are ?
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>> cbs sports presents the jeep post game >> welcome to the jeep post game show. i am adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with: tonight only on cbs. in the game you just saw, defense and the dogs beat auburn 13-7. with this result it means that alabama has clinched the west division. i am joined by rick neuheisel
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the dogs defense scoring and stopping. >> brian: they were outstanding. auburn's defense was just on the field too much. looking at what sean white wasn't able to do. that's a stretch. so was the ability of auburn to pick up any 1st downs in the second half. none in the second half. missed shot after missed shot by sean white. last week he didn't play in the first half. he was hurt and the second half. this week nothing from him. >> rick: 2 of 13 throwing in the second half. he didn't throw at all on thursday. you have to wonder if he is well. gus malzahn has to be second guessing himself. should not have john franklin iii been in there to get the running game. only 21 yards rushing. >> adam: and they were slow on offense last week against vandy.
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the time of possession. on the day in the sec. hurts putting up big numbers against mississippi state. >> brian: a dart between 3 bulldogs. 22 straight for alabama. they clinched the west. >> adam: they do. their 9th straight 10-win season. the standings are such. auburn with 2 conference losses. even if they win the iron bowl they might spoil alabama's playoff hopes. it's alabama who clinched the sec west. a lot of other interesting games tonight. in the east, rick, look who is feeling good. >> rick: appleby. he was on fire all day. 17 of 21. the gators go to lsu next week for the east crown. >> adam: lsu dealing with arkansas tonight. florida trying to win the game
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that would give them the clinch. they could have clinched the east today if tennessee would have lost to kentucky. >> brian: no. they don't do that. they lost 3 straight there and got back on the winning side last week. they will stay there. the flea flicker how do you miss that. the wild cat right there. malone comes down with it. >> adam: have not lost at home to kentucky since 1984. kentucky sec race. missouri with under 2 minutes to go a 9 point lead on vanderbilt. a bit of a surprise there. the sec east. georgia now 4 and 4 with that win. it's tennessee who has that shot because of the head-to-head with florida. if tennessee can win out and get that loss by florida next week at lsu, it will be the vols who end up in atlanta. when the jeep post game show
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>> adam: welcome back to the jeep post game show. on cbs sports network a full night of college football action. it's number 22 boise state and followed by san diego state and nevada. back to the action now. clemson they have been in close once. here's another close one. >> brian: trying to put this away. what are you doing? brightwell brings it back 70 yards. the panthers still have a heart beat. they take advantage.
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clemson team it's their rush d. they can get after the passers. the 2 point conversion. peterson pressure on him. after the touchdown, they can't tie it up. and watson. 537 yards and 3 touchdowns. >> adam: 3 interceptions. peterson a day with 5 touchdowns. still time for the panthers to get the ballgame back. rick, virginia tech with a chance to clinch the home against georgia tech. >> rick: did anybody want toin with the coastal? georgia tech said let us have it. marshall 53 yard. 30-7 georgia tech yellowjackets. virginia tech trying to get back in. north carolina still alive. >> adam: that's right. big 10 blow out city. ohio state as j.t. barrett is the big 10's all time leader in
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penn state it was not a breeze. mcsorely with 3 total touchdowns. indiana shut down barkley. penn state gets the win. wisconsin 48-3 the final over illinois. on top of the big 10 west. minnesota and nebraska facing off tonight as well. part of that 3-way tie. and b.j., foreman. >> brian: on a roll lost the game. >> adam: and a big win over mountain union snapping their winning streak. crazy stuff there. oklahoma perfect in big 12 action. that will do it for us this week. we thank you for watching the jeep post game show. here's what is coming up tonight on cbs. next saturday, it's the home depot sec on cbs. missouri visiting tennessee.
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with "college football today." the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow. it starts at noon eastern with the nfl today. have a great evening and enjoy
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>> protesters have been marching after a mistrial was declared in the trial of ray tensing, who was charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter for shooting driver during a traffic stop in july of 2015. good evening. the judge in the case declared a mistrial after she gave the jury two more hours to deliberate
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charge. >> by reason of your inability to come to a verdict, i declare a mistrial. >> a judge declared a mistrial in the trial of ray tensing, accused of murdering a man during a traffic stop. it wouldn't be long before protesters took to the streets in protest. >> black lives matter! >> tensing was an officer when he fatally shot dubuoys. the officer said he reached into the car to grab the keys but was
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following news of the mistrial, century marry john kranly says he hopes the prosecutor will retry the case. >> this case is not over. i think we have learned how deeply the prosecutor feels about the case and about what is right and what is wrong. i expect he will continue to try to find a way to bring justice to the case. >> the family received the nearly $5 million settlement from the undergraduate tuition for dubois' children, an apology and an oncampus memorial. >> protests continue to pop up across the country against donald trump. he remained at trump tower in new york with no scheduled events as his team continues to work on the transition. >> from los angeles to new york
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pounded the pavement for a fourth day to express their outrage. >> what is your protest? >> i think it is time to get rid of the electoral college. it has failed us. >> i can't have a president who supports racism and misogyny. i can't. >> a demonstrator was shot in with a driver. the new york times is is orth that hillary clinton held a conference and said fbi director comey's second letter helped to rally trump voters. trump had no public events but he did tweet saying this will prove to be a great time in the lives of all americans. we will unite and we will win.
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big interview with president elect donald trump. we have an exclusive look at part one. mr. trump had interesting things to say about obama care. . >> let me ask you about obama care which you say you'll repeal and replace. when you replace it, will you make sure people with preexisting -- >> yes. because it happens to be o children living with their parents. we'll try to keep that. it is very much something we'll try to keep. >> there will be a period, if you repeal it when millions of people -- >> we'll do it simultaneously. it will be fine. i know how to do this stuff. we'll repeal it and replace it. we won't have a two day period and we won't have a two-year
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it will be repealed and replaced. it will be great healthcare for much less money. >> mr. trump also talked about the concession phone call from hillary clinton. you can watch the exclusive interview right here on cleveland 19 sunday night beginning at 7:00. >> back at home, we have a beautiful trend of weather. >> but it is cold. >> a little. >> you need to make sure your house is buttoned up. it will feel cold in your bedroom. this evening, clear skies, so you don't need to worry about anything but bundling up. the lake shore falling into the upper 20's overnight. we are crystal clear. that leads me to with an i consider incredible stuff. the supermoon that really happens tomorrow night, it is not as big as that traffic
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this, a lot of times in november we end up with a cloudy sky. that's a what the supermoon will look like. i know you are thinking, it is not that much bigger than our normal moon. but it is 14% bigger and it is brighter so you'll see the craters and everything. this year, you'll be able to see it, like without the clouds in the sky. tonight you get an idea of how it will look. it. tomorrow will be a fun day to be outside. between now and then we have a lot of sunshine and we have cooler temperatures. tomorrow, your sunday, sunshine from end to end again. we get that right. most of the afternoon will be in the mid 50's for everybody. definitely not as cold as what we went through today. today we topped out in the low 50's. that sunshine is definitely
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there are no 70's or 80's in the forecast. there is one day in particular we make a run at 70. as you notice, didn't say anything about rain. >> thank you, beth. hundreds headed to a bakery in overland with cash in hand. the store has been at the center of a student protest after a robbery suspect accused the owner of racial profiling. we pick up the story counterprotest which turned into a huge cash mob. >> gibson's bakery is getting a boost to its bottom line. the shop's profits took a hit after several days of protest. >> i knew several days ago that when the protests were taking place there would be counterprotests. >> this beak's demonstrations calling for a demonstration started after store employees fought with an allegedly
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trying to steal two bottles of wine. police say that suspect claims he was racially profiled which sparked protests and now this, a cash mob supporting this family business. >> it makes us happy. >> trey james has been coming to the store since he was a kid and for the past several years has worked here. >> it is nice to see, there are folks willing to take time out of their day and come outnd support a local business. >> student protesters were supposed to do organize. a huge crowd outside the store, a crowd of supporters and inside, a line but these owners have never seen before. >> i hoped they would have a cash mob. i was coming here anyway. >> the ordeal brought in customers from miles away. >> it is amazing what facebook
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there is a lot of support to make up for the loss of business they were experiencing. >> aladen is in jail awaiting court as well as two female friends who were with him. getting answers in overland, bill safos, cleveland 1. >> sentencing is set for monday for a man who admitted to murdering a gas station owner. logan sinclair pleaded guilty last month on the day his trial was supposed to start. he spazis four times at the sunoco station on pearl road. police caught sinclair after witnesses described the getaway car and officers spotted it at his girlfriend's home. >> and coming up next, disturbing punishment. a mom throws her boy out of the house for voting for donald
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you can now use siri to do anything from buying a pizza to sending your kid money. but is it safe? >> it probably wasn't warm enough but downtown looking bright and sunny -- clear, not
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>> a fresno mother yelling at her 8-year-old son for voting for donald trump in a mock election while the camera rolled. >> when the people see you outside, they know why you are standing out there. >> that sign in his hand said my mom kicked me out of the house because i voted for donald trump. when posted has been shared thousands of times. >> i think it is crazy. people need to realize when you put certain things on social media, you never know how far this will go. >> i have been on this street for four years, an awesome family. >> while we were in front of their house, cps came by.
7:28 pm
investigating. >> i have met with the family and saw the child. he appears to be in good health. >> the detective said he met with them offsite. >> she explained it was a joke. >> she agreed to share her story on camera but that changed. for now, this is what we have from her. >> i hope you find another tv to see him on because this will be your new home. you can't come back an iphone, you have siri, if you have the paypal, you can buy a pizza or send money to your child. you can share your lists and
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$50 using paypal and siri will bring up confirmation on your screen and you can say yes to confirm the transaction. be safe and don't do this over public wi-fi. check the terms of the service carefully. >> you didn't read that right. it said -- it said say beth mccloud. >> send money to beth. >> she wants it warmer. correct? >> yeah. >> we have a gorgeous stretch coming up. there are no alerts, there weren't any alerts last week, but the ugly doesn't count for an alert. alert days are days you have to change your plans because of the weather. for november, we are looking
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tomorrow will be your best shot at seeing it. it will be -- i know you have seen these before. the next one doesn't happen for a while. this is a superer moon. the next supermoon comes in september. definitely a lot of fun out there. weather geeks really love this stuff. this is what is great about tomorrow. sunday, you'll start off with sunshine. some areas especially inland, you are falling into the upper akron, canton, the low 30's. that's pretty much how it sets up, kind of similar. tomorrow by noontime, 50 degrees out at hopkins. everyone inland will just warm a little bit slower. it will take more to get you going in akron and conton. by 3:00 in the afternoon, everyone is in the 50's. most of the models stop here.
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sunshine when it is all said and done, we'll be in the mid to upper 50's. a beautiful day coming, great to get yard work done. there is nothing stopping you tomorrow. taking a live look at the satellite and radar, we have nothing. as a matter of fact, this whole portion of the united states is doing absolutely fine. high pressure is in control. if you are heading out to new york or boston, they'll see some cloud cover and by tuesday, they'll see some rainshowers. in case you w coast weather, they'll have low pressure that heads up that way. it will give them some rain. as a matter of fact, eerie pa will probably get some tuesday night. it misses us. we have nothing coming our way except cold air. a chilly cold night tonight. you need to bundle up. next couple of hours, we'll sink and sink. most areas in the 30's.
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sun comes up at 7:00, bright, 34 degrees. as we make our way towards lunch time, we'll make our way towards 50 degrees. whatever you have to do tomorrow, a gorgeous day. what is nice when we get weather like this, you have to get everything in. there's no rushing, if you don't get everything done. you have monday with the carbon copy weather. increase. they might see rain drops. we are dry, we are staying in the mid 50's. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, pretty awesome. next system comes through and is warmer and sunny. 63 degrees. a gorgeous day, our next shot of
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next saturday night we might see some rainshowers. >> i'm right there with you. yay. >> the food show has been going on all weekend. she was in a cooking competition. they took on jeremiah wit myer who was teamed up of matt fish of the matt's bar and grill. the competition was to help raise funds for >> and still ahead on cleveland 19, a change for cell phone
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>> heads up if you are an at&t
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save data but your videos won't look as good. if you still want a full hshsd video, you'll be able to disable that function. bad news for fashion brand kenneth cole, the company announced it is closing almost all its stores. the stores h close down within the next six months. that leaves behind only two full priced stores that will remain open. the company says it is planning stores and online sales. >> instagram is always trying to stay ahead of the curb. they are testing a new feature that is meant to compete with social media like youtube and snap chat. the photo sharing platform will soon let you stream video. it is called go insta and has
7:37 pm
no word on when it is coming to the u.s. >> and still ahead, how old is too old to have a baby.
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>> it used to be that women were discouraged from getting pregnant in their 30's and 40's because the risks were too high. myths are being busted. a new risk -- why 60% of
7:41 pm
danger. >> she is the picture of health, five months pregnant at the ripe old age of 35. >> i feel like i'm so young but i don't know, when you hear it, you think of someone in their 70's or 80's, not 35. >> she says she has had twice as many appointments with pregnancy than she had with her 2-year-old. >> if i don't do all these extra ultrasounds and tests and something happens, could we have done something or been more prepared? >> a fetal medicine specialist said the risk does increase as a woman gets older but the odds aren't against you. >> it is still less than 1
7:42 pm
if i were, there is a 99% chance my baby is not going to have an abnormality. >> women face higher risk of multiples, prematurity, loss of pregnancy, c-accessing, down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. >> a lot of women feel should i older and it was my fault because i waited so long. >> but the risk to women over 40 is still less than 2 percent if you are healthy. >> we see more birth defects in moms who are in the overweight or obese category than we do in moms between 35 and 40. >> she says the risk for a host of problems are directly related to a woman's bmi.
7:43 pm
likely to have a chromosome abnormality. similarity, with obesity, the higher your bmi, the more likely you are to have a baby with one of these birth defects. >> they often see brain and spine issues as well as facial abnormalities in overweight or obese moms. for those severely risk jumps. gestational diabetes, preeclampsia which is a high blood pressure issue, sleep apnea and all of those things also increase your risk few you and your baby to have other complications during the pregnancy. >> dr. aaronberg said moms who are overweight and obese put themselves and their babies at risk come delivery time. c sections are more common and
7:44 pm
>> it may be harder to keep your baby on the monitor. the further the monitors are from the baby, the harder it is for us to understand what is going on with the baby at the time. >> there is more risk for postpartum depression. you can't turn back time to combat the risk for older moms but dr. aaronburg said getting your diabetes under control, getting active and losing as much as 5 percent to 10 percent of your bmi prior to pregnancy can make a huge difference in the overall and your baby. >> if you go to the first appointment and they realize you are 35, do you want to get special screenings, special ultrasounds, want to make sure everything is ok with the baby. >> stacy says she is confident she is doing all she can to ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. >> we'll have another check on
7:45 pm
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>> take a look outside. ok, this is from a couple of days ago. does it matter? no. because it is the same picture. dwight sent us this picture. i didn't want to take it down because you can't tell the difference. it is beautiful.
7:48 pm
tonight, it will be cold. it will be frosty when you wake up as long as you are away try to lake shore. lake shore communities, mid 30's. everybody else, in the 20's if you are far enough from the water. we made it to 51 today. sunshine from end to end. you can use it a degree warmer but fantastic weekend ahead. there is a slim chance we see rain. i think that system is heading off towards eerie pa and buffalo. it is so dry, i don't think it will make an impact. as we make a turn, there is a chance we see something on thursday. i wouldn't hold my breast. it will be really dry. we'll maintain this.
7:49 pm
57 on monday. 56 on tuesday. that system comes close enough to bring us clouds. just a small opportunity, wednesday we start off with clouds, we get rid of the clouds. this is the easiest weather kind of pattern ever. thursday and friday into the mid 60's. sunshine on thursday. friday night, we'll see more clouds. we'll be at 65. don't put away your golf clubs. although it is cool, he won't be
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>> the buckeyes down to two games left after they put a beating on maryland. they scored early, they scored often, they scored whenever they wanted. it was the third stadium they picked up in the first, occur tus samuel, getting the corner. he got the end zone. they never ever looked back.
7:53 pm
later on, barett, this time passing to samuel, just going to run away. that's another touchdown, 21-3 at that point. moving on, second quarter, barett, just cut into the end zone there. it is 28-3, ohio state. then samuel, why not. samuel had three touchdowns on the day. j texas had the day. here was one through the air. 42-3. this thing got so far out of hand, they brought in mario mccaul, he went into the end zone to make it 55-36789 good to see mccaul in action. ben skwa min, touchdown, 62-3. ohio state today.
7:54 pm
on indiana. pick and we've his way and get into the end zone for a penn state lead. move to the second. that would get the hoosiers even at 7-7. up 14-7. they got it into the end zone. move to the third. hoosiers in front. lions battle back, 24-21. lots of play action. 40-yard touchdown, iu in front.
7:55 pm
penn state, they are fine, 45-31. >> the team is coming together, big number 33. right in the middle of it. >> back and forth, they got down to second court. they high school away. the hail mary at the buzzer. no. 24-20. cavaliers, they have the day off. they host charlotte at the q. they knocked off washington. jr smith got five. they led the charge. the second most three balls in the nba, trailing only portland.
7:56 pm
if you have the shot, take them. >> absolutely. when they are there, take them. we have great guys, they'll play downhill. we'll kick those balls out. a lot of guys are capable. when those are there, we have to shoot them. >> all right. don't forget the browns already lost this week. you are all good for tomorrow. right? you can say, there is no game. they'll talk about the game. they'll talk about the next one coming up. tailgate tomorrow at 11:00. >> all right. we get to enjoy -- maybe wash a car, rake some leaves. >> you'll watch football all day probably. >> it is such a beautiful dachlt
7:57 pm
days, all in the mid 50's give or take a degree or two. sunshine galore. supermoon, it will be the biggest brightest ever we don't really have any clouds in the forecast until tuesday afternoon. it is sad when i'm talking about the clouds, thursday, friday, saturday, we are into the 60's. i'll take it. >> thank you for watching tonight at 7: on wuab.
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eric: monica lee. she's never lost a case. callen: no lawyer puts together a win streak like that without having someone on the inside. deeks had skills, but he was never one of the guys. he never fit in. the lapd has decided to open an investigation into you. martin deeks? yeah, what's up? you're being arrested for the murder of francis boyle. deeks, what is he talking about? i love you. (indistinct chatter) (door buzzes) what's up, fellas? how's it going?


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