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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture prices that fit your life and price that is fit your budget. getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: >> mark: we continue coverage. our investigative team broke the story of lead and higher levels of iron into others. >> romona: other homeowners in berea are worried about what's in their water. investigators are getting appears for them and all homeowners about water safety. >> over the next two and a half hours we will get answers in keeping pipes safe and water inside the water plant is tested and how the e.p.a. notifies you of troubled water. >> we begin with investigator
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door-to-door in berea talking to customers about their water and our offer to test it, paul. >> we have been collecting up and water we've got and samples we have collected in clean jugs and made thursday they were clean jugs and getting answers for people and hit or miss problem. color isn't everything. for example, the lead found you might think was found in this sample here. it wasn't. it was found in a sample sample that looked like that fair street is where we collected three samples of water. it is not the only street where we got complaints. >> and a new filter we watched sandy install looked like this. the pure white in the middle and old brown we watched take out on top. >> abbey's home she noticed
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daughter's bath. on the day we were there it wasn't terrible but monday a mug full of dark tap water. lead was found in her water. they had high levels of iron. >> almost triple the limit. are you surprised? >> personally, not really. i don't drink the tap water at all. >> reporter: why? >> to me it is almost flavored. >> these days flavor of the is bottled. the sample discolored and contained no lead. >> there is discoloration in the tap water itself. >> we generally are using filtered water for our dogs. >> reporter: not every home has problems. >> it comes and go schnoze. >> only when they are playing with it. >> okay.
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this is very much a working class neighborhood, baby-sitters and dog sitter and most are working. we will be going door-to-door collecting up samples. a little coloration. not a lot. we will send it to be tested. we will take some and send them out. dani carlson has been busy checking on pipes. you might have seen the pipes and not a pretty sight as team coverage continues you know what, paul. we want to make sure people watching are getting answers to keep their families safe. we talked to plumbers. if you are questioning what type of types you even have in your house he gave simple tips to figure out what you have and what you can do to keep your family safe. >> if we didn't know what material it is, you could scrape
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copper color to it. >> you can see the same on your pipes. if they are steel, more rigid and softer if they are lead. >> when you scrape it, it looks shiny and silver. the diameter, don't scrape it too hard. lead is a soft metal. >> the owner of plumbing says if your house was built before 1954 or plumbing work before the mid-70s, the h pipes. and in cities like cleveland there is a chance the city side of the pipe could be lead, too. >> you shouldn't automatically freak-out if you find a lead pipe in your home or find the city's pipe going to your home is lead. >> you should test it. >> you should be concerned. >> if you find lead doesn't mean it is affected. all pipes, even lead ones
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preliminary to protect the water. the city of cleveland adds orto phosphate to coat the inside of the pipe to keep it from reaching especially if you are concerned, the best thing to do like we did, get it tested. >> lead is the toxicity containing neurotoxins. once it is in your system you can't get it out. it is a real danger. so you have to prevent it. >> reporter: we did a find a lead pipe in this basement here. the photographer george will show you. it is shinier than when we showed you the steel pipe. this is a drain pipe but it gives you a better idea how it looks different than the steel pipes. we are also going to put some information on our web site. because we can tell you that every place where
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water they have a resource to type in your address and see if the pipe that's coming from the city side is actually made of lead or has lead in it. you can make a better decision about your home and your family and if you want to get your water tested to make sure everyone stays safe. >> asking questions, getting answers, dani carlson cleveland 19 news. >> romona: our exclusive water safety investigation continues. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 we will show you how water is tested when the e.p.a. has to warn consumers about problems with their water. right now on our app, what to look for in your own water and how to test it. breaking news right now i want to tell about you. we are taking a live look now. emergency crews there trying to rescue a worker trapped deep inside a trench this is
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county, maryland. we will keep an eye on it to see if they get the worker out and his condition. mark? >> mark: all right, romona. thank you. braved the cloud cover out there. >> jeff: now it is sunny. low cloud cover is breaking up. >> that's always hard this time of year. a lot of times you develop low cloud cover and low sun angle. but it didn't today and we had to make quick changes to t east on the reserve square cam. you can see the cloud cover. it is pretty cloudy south and east of cleveland. no matter how you slice and dice it, it will be quiet and seasonable. 53, 6:00, 61 and dropping in the 40s in some cases. you can see area temperatures in the low to mid-50s. while things are quiet for now
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big warm up. you will feel it tomorrow. we could be approaching record highs friday. then this major cold front is still on track to cross early saturday. a little rain with it. you have strong winds. the coldest air we have seen this fall season, cold enough so we have the first snowfall in the forecast especially for the lake-effect areas. i will bring you up to date on the very latest on that part of the story coming up. i know you will be interes i romona? >> romona: the fatal police shooting of a black man in minnesota sparked grief and outraging this summer. the case got intense scrutiny after the victim's girlfriend live streamed the aftermath of the encounter. today the prosecutor announced his decision on whether to charge the police officer with a crime. jamie yuccas reports.
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shot a black driver in july will be charged with second-degree manslaughter. >> it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by officer yanez was not justified. >> reporter: officer geronimo yanez pulled over castile for a broken taillight. castile informed yanez he had a handgun, but never tried to pull it from his a lawyer says his client reacted to the presence of a gun. 7 shots and castile's girlfriend live streamed it on facebook. >> oh, my god please don't tell me he is death. >> castile worked in a school cafeteria and thanked them for the decision to charge the officer. >> i am glad we have came to this chapter and it is the beginning to a different chapter. we are all hope and pray that the right thing is done in this
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castile's words were "i wasn't reaching for it." referring to the handgun in his pocket. officer yanez will make his first appearance in criminal court friday. >> reporter: jamie yuccas, cbs news, minnesota. there's squad car and audiotape of the encounter and because of the criminal investigation they are not being released at this time. >> president-elect donald trump is in new york today decidi positions when he takes office. a shake up reported the team was in disarray, something they are denying. chris christie was demoted and lobbyists dismissed, the trump team says things are going smoothly and held a meeting about possible supreme court appointees and met with new york mayor bill blaz yo saying they will not deport peaceful people. donald trump takes office next
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across the country 100 college campuses are marching in support of sanctuary campuses including oberlin college. that's where harry boomer is. harry? >> reporter: mark, cameron dunbar is a politics major here at oberlin college. 2300 other students and staff signed a petition asking this campus be made a sanctuary for illegal or undocumented place for undocumented immigrants if and when the federal government and then president donald trump begins to deport people. >> and we can double down on values that we suspect undocumented students and support international students and we support students who may face violence in the face of rising white nationalism of rising discrimination. of bigotry. >> we can't predict what the
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undocumented people. we are asking for the college to develop a policy that will protect undocumented students from unfair investigation, intimidation and deportation. >> right now we are standing in what's called wilder bowl. this is where a demonstration will be taking place at 4:30. oberlin is a sanctuary city but donald trump says sanctuary cities and they will double down and make sure if there are undocumented immigrants they will want be deported as best they can. live in oberlin, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: thank you very much. here is what's coming up on cleveland 19 news at 4:00. >> romona: ever wish you could take the carbs out of your pasta? lots of people are doing it. the recent trend coming up. >> mark: an uptick in crime at university circle may be
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i love at cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. there's been an uptick in crime at the university circle today. allison brunner is getting answers on whether overgrown trees are to blame. >> neighbors tell me that's part of the problem. a meeting with university circle police and his team is meeting with other police departments that come up with a list of
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afternoon the newest arrests made in this case. >> the last was yesterday morning. two of the people were adults and the other four were juveniles. >> students tell me the arrests are sign of relief and hope. >> it makes me feel safer. it is like that cautious vibe. >> on the streets there have been two armed robberies within three days right on the street corner across the street from the house where i live. >> reporter: neighbo to agree police and university officials are doing their part to keep them safe. >> i am glad to see more cops around and more pro-activeness going around. >> they have questions. >> neighbors tell me lighting is a concern in this area but also the overhang of the branches surrounding the lighting. take a look down the street. can you see tons of tree branches covering the lights and sidewalks. >> this street gets dark and
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there are a lot of old trees that block the light. >> reporter: as local authorities come together to work on lighting in the area, neighbors are understanding. >> it makes me feel safer. and recommend safety for later hours. >> no matter where you are at take the buds out of your ears to be aware of your surroundings. >> coming up at 6:00 we are getting answers about lighting and tree branch concern. the chief explains how he is departments to add the lighting and when he hopes to have that complete. allison brunner, cleveland 19 news. >> always watching, always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> all right. the thing we are watching is before, i am sure you have heard about it and most people out there. we have this winter smack that we are calling it. our first real taste of it this weekend. before it happens, we have a warm up on the way.
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today and out to the west, 60s around 70 degrees and that's the air coming in here. before the big cold front. most of the cloud cover is moving east of cleveland and a general clearing trend will continue there. it will be a quiet night. >> overall big picture. this is updated stuff. 65 tomorrow and low to mid-60s tomorrow. look at this friday. still forecasting h 70. it will come close to a record high. this major cold front saturday morning we will see showers and strong winds and temperatures dropping. 34 sunday. again that rain to snow. it could be windy as this happens with wind gusts over 40. saturday night lake-effect snow especially in the higher
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accumulation but most areas out east in the snowbelt could look at their first snowfall. >> that's the updated stuff. >> 37 low and clear sky and akron-canton dropping down to 36. what a day tomorrow. the sun will break out. 65. we go from 45 at 8:00 a.m. 56 at 11:00 and 63 at 2:00. akron-canton your high is at 61 there. 70 forget about it. windy on saturday. rain to snow. lake-effect snow showers saturday night and for the browns game sunday. look at the high sunday. only 34. it looks like everything will end by monday. 41. then mid week system will be a rain producer. >> winter-like weather won't hang around too long. mark, over to you. >> mark: thanks, jeff.
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people looking to vegetables to satisfy carb cravings. marlie hall has more on a food swap making its way to the people. >> ally lost using pasta made with vegetables. >> she has been replacing starchy foods with veggies made to look and taste like real carbs. about every day she is cutting, spiralizing and kinds of vegetables. this turnip risotto is one of her specialties. >> i have never eaten so healthy. i am full of energy and folks. >> it is a healthy food trend picking up steam and big companies are cashing in by taking prep work out of veggie swap. riced cauliflower can't seem to stay on store shelves.
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like tater-free tots. >> i could eat the whole bag. >> kids love them. >> creamy mash and veggie rice made from mostly cauliflower. >> rice cauliflower has 80% fewer calories than white rice. >> consumers are literally eating them up. >> sales are greatly exseating expectations. >> ally is capitalizing the tasty trend with a blog and books. >> it is a testament that people expect healthier to be easier. >> and taste as good. marlie hall jersey city, new jersey. >> mark: according to euro monster green giant vegetable sales in the u.s. declined 25% since 2011 and hope their new line of carb-replacing vegetables will turn it around. >> having a hard time sleeping? is your partner snoring, tossing
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shut eye. british researchers have a suggestion. kick them out of bed. your health depends on it. in a new study of leads it found 29% of people blame their significant other for not sleeping well. >> and remember, a lack of sleep decreases the risk of depression, heart attack and stroke. >> any other thoughts on that, romona? >> heres >> apple returns a popular symbol. >> ivanka under fire. much talk about her bracelet.
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>> mark: welcome. time to talk about what's trending. a fresh hot pizza could be
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fist ivanka trump is under fire. her company promoted a 10,800 gold bracelet she wore when she appeared with her father and rest of the family on "60 minutes" sunday. monday her company sent an e-mail to fashion writers promoting the bracelet. people quickly took to social media to criticize the move calling it a conflict of interest. the company is saying an employee sent the e-mail and still making the transition from private business to emoji is back. people changed it because it looked like, well, a rear end. apple decided to change it back to a look to the original with a slightly longer stem. emojis are set up and tweaks can be made by companies like apple. a couple in new zealand was the first to have a pizza delivered by drone. forget 30 minutes or less.
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dominoes partnered up with a drone service to avoid traffic and it will create jobs for drone loading and management. >> romona: you are reading really fast. >> mark: right. worst toys in the list of most dangerous in a consumer
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>> romona: we will take another live look at breaking news right now. emergency crews crews are workig trying to rescue a worker trapped inside a trench happening in prince george's?co. >> mark: we just learned the local cbs affiliate in baltimore is saying the victim is alert but injured. again, we will keep an eye on this throughout the rest of the afternoon here. >> romona: that's good news. they usually do not end up well. >> romona: back at home, our
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place. we have a lot of heat coming. >> mark: we are getting smacked by old man winter into the weekend. jeff tanchak with the latest. >> oh, yes. what a change. friday and saturday. that's when it could be approaching record highs friday. 70 and better. you will be golfing. some people may have even shorts and this major cold front come through on saturday. some rain with it a enough for snow behind it and mainly lake-effect. strong winds as this happens as well. with a first snowfall and wind gusts 40. currently temperatures 50 and 53 area wide. you see mentor there at 50. we will drop through the 40s this evening. and it is now looking clearer. and i know we had low clouds around earlier. >> those are getting out of
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rain to wind and snow gusts 40 and especially in the snowbelt and saturday night we could look at accumulating snow. most areas seeing some flakes in the higher terrain area with the best opportunity for snowfall there. 65, though, tomorrow and before we even think about snow we have a coupl head. 62 degrees and you will turn sunny in akron-canton area. 61. much more on the shot of winter this afternoon coming up later in the half hour. mark? >> mark: today across the country 100 college campuses marching to be sanctuary campus, harry boomer is there now. >> reporter: a little while
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can see literally hundreds of students from oberlin across wilder hall and marching in support of sanctuary campus and here we have now signs saying sanctuary campus. >> and as people begin to gather and march and thi oberlin is sanctuary on the city and donald trump says he will unfund cities sanctuary cities and doubling down to make sure whatever people here of undocumented have a safe place to be and will not be deported. >> this protest is about to be started now. >> and more at 5:30.
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>> mark: we brought this story breaking yesterday. today oklahoma city airport is open after the deadly shooting. a southwest airlines employee was killed in what police called an ambush. police locked the area down searching for the gunman. airport traffic was suspended for hours. the victim, michael winchester was a punter for the university of oklahoma. detectives have been able to determine the suspe ex-employee of southwest airlines. >> and it is possible they reacted in retaliation leading up to his resignation. >> hundreds were stranded until the all clear to leave. >> i have a warning for parents and shoppers in the holiday season. the list of the worst toys is
4:35 pm
>> we want to point out this is not our list but put out by the watchdog group watch world against toys causing harm. let's get to a few of the top 10. i will explain why they are calling dangerous toys. this is the number one. the muddy puddles family. on the packaging they say it is good for two or three years plus and they also say the warning, the box. this is called slime ball slingers. it is basically a slingshot. the watchdog group is saying it could shoot balls over 30 feet potentially have some serious eye injury implications. the next one, we have seen these for adults where adults get in the bubbles and run into each other and bounce off each other.
4:36 pm
avoid serious risk of injury or death this product does not provide protection meaning helmets or knee pads. if you look at the box they are not wearing helmets or knee protection. that made the list. this is the good dinosaur galloping butch. the problem is the tail has a point and you are supposed to operate it with the tail and has potential wound possibilities never want to give a kid a toy with a possible puncture wound. if you want to see all of them we have them on and scroll through the slide show and see what the reasons are for making the list. >> reporter: getting answers in the answer center, back to you. >> think of a word to sum up this year. oxford dictionary post truth for
4:37 pm
denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential for shaping public opinion that appeals to emotion and belief. this term rose 2% between this year and last and it applied to more than the race for the white house believe it or not. >> romona: a hot topic now. alabama. have you heard about this? could beat the browns if they played them. tony and i are talking about them in timeout. its for adults. the bells, whistles and cost of this new product. help us begin holidays this friday with a little giving. our annual turkey give away 4:00 to 6:30. laura demaria and beth mccleod will be handing out a turkey to anyone who donates a new or gently useed coat or
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>> and a list of hot food for those struggling to put food on the table. the list is on the web site. a peak outside. we have confirmation. the sun has come out and clouds are gone. 77 in and out of the city and traffic moving just fine.
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can wreak all kinds of havoc on the flu season and you may want to call the doctor for antibiotics. according to a cleveland clinic doctor most illnesses are viral and taking unnecessary antibiotics can do more harm than good. it is best to get evaluated by a doctor to avoid any common illness myths. >> it is difficult for a patient to know for themselves. oftentimes there's a myth green mucous means you have a bact that occurs in viral illnesses it means your immune system is fighting an infection. >> romona: did he have to say green mucous. >> regardless of whether your illness is the cause of bacteria or virus, it is best to get plenty of rest or fluids and stay at home until you are feeling better and no longer a contagious p. colin kaepernick
4:42 pm
he made no secret about his decision not to vote in this election telling reporters it would be hyprocritical not to vote. records show he hasn't registered to vote anywhere in california since reaching voting age or attending college in nevada and skipped casting ballots for the nation's first president. kaepernick was a folk us when he refused to stand before the national anthem and sparked a political movement. >>ow romona and tony. >> romona: going to start with dallas cowboys. tony romo. what a class act. >> tony: did he retire? what is he doing and may have been asked by the cowboys. can you say something here. they have the best record in the nfl. here is what he had to say in the follow up. >> you are sidelined without any real ability to help your teammates win on the field and
4:43 pm
what's happening. >> seasons are fleeting. games become more precious. chances for success diminish. >> tony: it was a classy move by tony romo. it was starting to build as the press had the rookie and what happens when romo comes back and injury-prone and derail the rookie quarterback. i understand why t it and i have a feeling he was asked to do it. i love it, putting the team before himself. the media would have gone crazy. it is great. >> tony: it is you people in the media stirring things up. >> vegas, do they actually think alabama could beat our browns? >> tony: no. this is not you. i always laugh when this stuff comes up. tough year for the browns. >> vegas doesn't think bama
4:44 pm
browns would destroy alabama. >> romona: are you sure? >> in vegas they would be a 27 point favorite. look at it this way. everybody on the browns was a top tier college player. alabama, 10, 12 nfl prospects and learned with trent, a lot of bama guys don't work out in the nfl. no way a college team would stay in the fields with an nfl team. >> i will take your word for it. t that's a ridiculous argument. let's table it forever. >> when something embarrassing happens, make fun of yourself. that's what football superstar tom brady did in this hilarious ad. >> we can do this for the fifth year. >> how is it possible for all this. >> got to make you wonder what foot locker is up to. >> just because something is great year to year doesn't mean something is going on.
4:45 pm
questions turn into assumptions and assumptions turn into vacations. why would you punish the week of greatness for something that didn't happen? >> i lost my appetite. >> mark: well done. in case you forgot they served a suspension after they concluded the team underinflated footballs in the afc championship game they won after the footballs were inflated p do with that. >> it is a cute commercial. >> one word gisele. >> romona: i kind of like him a little bit after that. >> denise: i'm sure they threw a boat load of money at him. just saying. >> a lot coming up at 5:00. more on a local police officer suspended over a violent arrest. when you hear the reason why see if you agree with the
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some complaining it was piling up close to the houses. now cleveland 19 gets action for the neighbors. a new fitness routine for seniors. it proves staying healthy can also be fun. >> chris and i will see you guys at 5:00. get breaking news and weather now on cleveland 19 news and choose world. love or like?
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>> romona: listen up fans of the store with the big red dot, target. the company plans to open hundreds of small stores aimed at millennials and college towns according to the retailer c.e.o. "usa today" says 14 of 15 stores target is opening this year are the smaller locations. introducing the keurig of cookies. >> mark: yep. fresh baked cookies without
4:50 pm
12 minutes thanks to the chip. it is touted as a grown up easy bake oven. seeing the cookie dough comes from the pods you drop in and use the phone to scan the right recipe. fresh baked cookies in 10 minutes flat. >> only if it can get funded on kick starter. >> romona: i love that. even i can make those. >> come on. you can do that. >> a coffee drinker's perfect of spoiled milk zeroing in on the cup of coffee. mathematicians in limerick through a complicated set of variables if the coffee tastes too watery grind the beans more finely. if it is too bitter, go with a coarser grind. estimates put the number of cups people drink around the world at a billion each day.
4:51 pm
video of coffee. you want coffee right now. >> 5:00 is my coffee time. >> mark: i know. i understand. >> jeff: a couple billion a day. we are all awake now. that's for sure. >> billion among friends. >> jeff: let's look at the feazel roof cam. all of a sudden we are clear. well, that's not a good sign. temperatures will drop more in the 30s and light wind. warmer days ahead. at least the next couple. let's look at the planning forecast. 65 for the high tomorrow. friday sunny and high friday 71 set back all the way in 2015. last year. we may do it again this year.
4:52 pm
oh, boy. we have the big front saturday morning with rain changing to snow showers as saturday afternoon wears on. we fall through the 40s. 34 saturday night. lake-effect snow showers. accumulation likely. south and east of cleveland and higher terrain and snow showers flying sunday. an alert there. 34 for the high. with the wind, looking at windch 20. you have to think of bundling up from pittsburgh that would have been coming to the game here. tell them to bundle up as well. monday don't forget about telling them that. >> partly cloudy monday 41 and snow ending monday morning. good for the commute and we will watch the mid week system moderating in the 50s. that will be rain later tuesday and through the day wednesday.
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>> mark: all right, jeff. straight ahead at 4:00. a wednesday word. a teacher's motivational routine with her class is gaining millions of views.
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today, you can click in walk in or call in to the number one care in ohio. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere. find your way to the best care, at >> mark: it's time for a little useless trivia with me or mark nolan. hey, romona. >> romona: hello. >> mark: according to a survey what is america's most disliked
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>> mark: third g pennsylvania is going viral now. >> romona: she began her class with a simple put powerful affirmation. >> what if it is too hard? >> i'm gonna push through. >> what if it is too rough? >> i'm gonna push through. >> what if there are too many words. >> i'm gonna push through. >> what if it is too tough? >> i'm gonna push through. >> what if you don't know how to do it. >> i'm gonna push through.
4:57 pm
>> i am gonna push through. >> romona: jasmine wright who works at the frederick douglas elementary in philadelphia posted this call and response exercise. wright shared the video in response to the presidential election. this encourages her students to push through any adversity and remember they are capable of accomplishing amazing things. >> good way to get the blood moving. >> lessons you won't sn still to come on cleveland 19 news. an alert for parents about the most popular gift this christmas. what doctors say about virtual i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control.
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answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> chris: after complaints to cleveland 19 about discolored and foul-tasting water in a suburb of cleveland our investigators remain on the case asking tough questions, digging for answers. now at 5:00, our exclusive water safety investigation continues with team coverage. people who live in berea concerned about the quality of their water after lead was found in one home and high levels iron in two others. >> denise: that's right. paul orlousky is get going answers for the process of testing water at the filtration plant before it gets to your house. paul? >> reporter: denise, there have been complaints about water in berea for a long time. this is obviously a problem with discoloration and they complain about the taste and excuses, too. one might have to do with the sewer and water improvement program going on behind me and doesn't explain why we found


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