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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture, bringing you styles to fit your life at prices that fit your budget. getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. now at 4:00, the cleveland police union president suspended from his duties for almost a week. steve loomis's suspension happened after an altercation with another member of the division. >> romona: cleveland 19 news reporter allison bruner is here with the newest developments. allison. >> reporter: we just received the city records that detail the charges against loomis after digging through these we found charges on the physical side were dropped but he's guilty on charges of improper conduct. right now he's facing a six day suspension. this all swirls around a confrontation off duty at the
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that man shares a child with one of his daughters. loomis released a statement that says this is an off duty family matter. out of respect for my daughter and granddaughter, i will have no comment between myself and my daughter's boyfriend. as soon as we learn more information, we will update you. this isn't the only hot water loomis is facing tonight. coming up at 6:00, something he did during the political getting answers, cleveland 19 news. >> romona: allison, thank you. the sunshine before the storm we're calling it. boy, look at this. beautiful shot of the sun. really has been a gorgeous day today. but, jeff, that weekend smack going to be no joke. >> jeff: yes. if you thought today was sunny and warm, just you wait. because tomorrow i think we're not only going to come close to record highs but i think we're going to break them and in some
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we're going to be in the 70s. all right. i'm going to tell you right now. and then it's just amazing how we go from that to a very strong cold front that comes through on saturday. it's going to be rain to snow over the weekend. and it's a good rule of thumb in weather here, guys, whatever you get these big temperature swings like this, it's going to come with strong winds. so wind is going to become a big factor this weekend as well and perhaps even a little bit of damage just from the wind itself. all right. so we've got 56 ashtabula. 63 in cleveland. look at sandusky at 66. it's going to be a warm night. 63 at 5:00. if you are just heading out the door or planning to here shortly, 6:00, 61. and 7:00, clear sky. 58. no problems tonight. again, even warmer tomorrow. and then a wild weekend ride. forecast details. the very latest on all of this
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guys, back to you. >> mark: jeff, thank you. a health alert on legions air disease. as health officials tell catherine bosley, there's nothing to worry about. >> reporter: yes, you know, it's certainly enough to get the attention of anyone who lives in lake county. particularly anyone that lives or works here in lakeland. a big manufacturing area. yes, we spent time with the lake county health commissioner and he keeps saying no need to worry anymore. sort of outbreak of legionnaire's is no longer. it's only believed three cases all together. one deadly can be linked to a water cooler at consolidated precision products which has since been cleaned out. since those victims all actually lived in cuyahoga county, it became kind of a connect the dots deal after the fact when the counties compared data. so now what? >> continue to monitor. we're being very proactive as far as trying to begin to look at maybe cooling towers in the
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we know there are risk factors. now we've had an outbreak. potentially because of them, we want to study a little bit more. >> reporter: okay. so to put things in perspective, i'm told normally each year there's maybe 6 to 8 cases of legionnaire's detected here in lake county that have nothing to do with anything industrial. legionnaire's just is something that happens to some people. so coming up at 5:00, we're going to look at exactly how those three cases in particular were linked to this area. gett catherine bosley, cleveland 19. now to continuing coverage on a cleveland 19 nuews exclusive, our investigative team broke the story about lead found in a berea home and higher levels of average of iron in two others. and today our investigative team has been pouring over hundreds of water complaints just released by the city. cleveland 19's dani carlson is live in berea with what she's found in those documents.
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just probably about half of the documents that we got today from the city of berea. just a couple of hours ago. basically what our investigative unit did was we filed a public records request asking for any water complaints from 2011 until now after we got those results from paul orlousky's story. now, most of the complaints in this file are so far, at least, talking a lot about dirty water, brown water, reporting that type of issue to the as we saw in paul orlousky's piece that is what he talked to with several people saying they had several issues throughout the city. the grand total of all of these pages for those five years of complaints, 412 pages. now, those are just for complaints specifically related to water here in berea. i'm going to keep pouring through these documents. we're going have even more coming up tonight on cleveland
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exactly is in here, see if we can find any patterns and try to let you know. we're getting answers to try to keep your family safe. getting answers in berea tonight, dani carlson, cleveland 19 news. but paul orlousky, as i talked about, he's been on this story since day one. and, paul, you even have more things to tell us about today, right? you've been talking to more residents here? >> reporter: actually more residents. we've got more samples. we've taken them down to the testing labs.ob many where the large construction project is going on. but there are people we found in other areas. we wanted to move away from fair street. people in other areas that are having the same water woes. we made the water samples. the samples are being taken to summit environmental technology in cuyahoga falls. the brown color of water that people are experiencing is due to water work. some of the homeowners do too.
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but there's still no explanation the letter test showed in some homes. what about where there is no construction? social media blowing up with comments. this one on video from stacy. >> here is water is brown. does anybody want to drink this? would you want your children drinking this right from the faucet? yes. this is what i'm sick of. >> reporter: stacy has a particular interest in the story. she lives here on there is no construction but most importantly she has five children all under the age of 7 and a half. >> when we moved in, i noticed the water would change frequently like as if they were flushing the hydrants. but it would happen more than just that. >> reporter: to say she has her hands full is an understatement. she depends on bottled water. even things like brushing their teeth. >> i'm afraid. i just want answers. like what is going on with our water here. >> reporter: she's talked to the city and been reassured.
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test for metals. >> i really can't afford to do testing outside on my own. >> reporter: we included stacy's water in the latest batch we're taking testing leaving her time to take care of what leads her to worry about the water. her family. she's definitely got her hands very, very, very full for that matter. in any case, the test results we turned in today we probably expect to get back mid week next week. some we t week are currently being tested. we could have tomorrow. we'll update. we retested you this house. this is where they had the lead. we retested it to make sure the city is testing it as well. we'll stay on it as long as it takes to get answers. getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. president-elect donald trump is getting ready with his first meeting with the world leaders since the election. a face-to-face with japan's prime minister. and mr. trump and his transition team continue to meet with
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published reports say mr. trump's son-in-law is being considered for a top level white house role. mr. trump's campaign manager says appointments will likely be announced either right before or after thanksgiving, which falls in line with previous transitions. vice-president-elect mike pence visited the white house and took a photo. >> we're excited about moving the trump agenda hill are searching for their own way to work with the president-elect. they say it's mr. trump's responsibility to bring people together. well, the state of ohio did go for donald trump, a lot of voters had other write in ideas that weren't even certified candidates. like former astronaut u.s. senator john glenn. there he is right there. ohio state head coach urban meyer. go bucks. and another write in, megan james. possibly the star of reality tv's bad girls club.
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opposite of that, wrote in senator john mccain and senator rob portman voted for mike pence. our vice-president-elect, of course. there also were 16,000 votes for ohio's 18 certified write ins. still to come here at 4:00. >> romona: a new surgeon general report tackles addiction. we delve deeper. do you think you could ever forgive the officer? >> god wants us definitely. i can forgive anyone. but will i forget? will i not be hurting? absolutely not. i'm always going to hurt. >> mark: the woman who sparked outrage and outcry from the horrific video of her boyfriend's death is talking now. we hear more from him coming up next. here is a look outside right now. an absolutely gorgeous day. and, well, you know, traffic following suit. 77 in and out of the city seems to be moving along just fine.
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. live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. philando castile's fiancee who was with him when he was shot and killed say new charges against the officer are flooding her with emotion. >> i could forgive anyone. but will i forget?
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absolutely not. i'm always going to hurt. >> romona: diamond reynolds video led to nationwide coverage of castile's death. officer yenes is now charged with second degree manslaughter. reynolds says the officer shot castile as he reached for his wallet. she also says he had a license to carry and told officer yenes about the gun. the officer is also accused of unnecessarily putting reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter at risk. a but neither of them were hurt. >> at the end of the day, it was god that saved us. it was god that made sure that those bullets did not ricochet. because it could have been all three of us. they could have took my phone and none of this could have got out. >> romona: officer yenes will make his first appearance in court on friday. the engineer involved in a
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thomas gallagher's attorney says he was diagnosed after the crash. he was found fit for duty after a physical in july. the train slammed into the station during the morning commute killing one person and injuring more than 100 others. investigators say the train suddenly accelerated right before that crash. sleep apnea symptoms include loud snoring, pauses in breathing, waking with a dry mouth or sore throat in the morning. headaches and sleepiness. also call your doctor if you have any of these symptoms. for the first time ever the u.s. surgeon general has released a report on the crisis of addiction. dr. murphy says substance abuse is one of the country's most pressing public health problems. danielle nottingham reports on his call to action. >> reporter: 20 million americans struggle with substance abuse.
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overdose. these findings in the general surgeon's report has made drug and alcohol addictions one of the top priorities. >> there's millions of people living in the shadows right now who need help and need treatment. >> reporter: the doctor says it needs to be treated as a disease. medication and counseling work and hope for recovery. >> addiction is, in fact, a chronic disease of the brain and we haveo same urgency, compassion and skill as any other disease. >> reporter: he hopes it will turn the tide against substance abuse, much like the report on tobacco in the 1960s help galvanize the country against smoking. david gerber is the director of counseling. he told us earlier this year he agrees that addicts can be helped with the right care. >> treatment works. we know that.
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on chemical dependency treatment, we save taxpayers several dollars in other costs. whether it's hospitalizations. long-term illness. incarceration. >> reporter: the surgeon general says only one and ten substance abusers is receiving treatment, and that's a fact that has to change. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> romona: cleveland 19 news wants you to help spot the signs of heroin abuse. if you think y struggling with heroin and opioid addiction, check out the cleveland 19 page and click on the your health tab for more information. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> well, it's going to be warm all over the place tonight. you know, compared to where we should be this time of year, of course. pinpointing lorraine. 6:00 temp around 55. and we'll just kind of hold steady here in the mid 50s. there's 8:00.
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and even at midnight the temperature just does not move much along the lakeshore. so that is a pleasant evening indeed. we're at 63 now. look at the temperatures out to the west. a sign of things to come for us tomorrow. low to mid 70s. i think we're going to break record highs and then this. major cold front saturday morning. now, this is the very latest on what we're expecting. most of the day saturday will be rain showers. continue to drop, late saturday, especially saturday night, that's when it starts to change over to snow. and as this colder air comes in, winds could gust up to 50 miles per hour, especially along the lakeshore and the first accumulating snow of the season, especially for the higher torain areas east of cleveland. here it is on future view. i'm going to show you the timing of the front. we are sunny and very warm
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ballgames look good tomorrow night. and then saturday morning right around 6:00, 7:00 a.m., that's when the cold front comes through. some showers with it. and then during the afternoon on saturday, we'll get some showers, some wraparound showers. and then here you go. 4:00 saturday afternoon, that's when it will start to mix with sleet. and then snow. and then by saturday night, here is your first snowfall of the season. higher terrain east of cleveland. everybody is going to get a little something. but we inches there in the snow belt. clear and warm tonight. 50 the low. akron-canton you'll drop down to 46. and how about this tomorrow? 75 will be the high. 62 at 11:00 a.m. at least 70 at 2:00 in the afternoon. and then, well, forget about it. we crash through the 40s on saturday.
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and 33 on sunday. window with lake-effect snow showers. we do dry out on monday. it will be cold. and then the next system by wednesday. that will be in the form of rain. mark and ramona, back to you. >> mark: jeff, thank you. straight ahead in what's trending. an accidental invite has gone viral and warmed hearts all over the internet. and a cape town teacher came up with an innovative and fun way to get kids interested in math. we'll hear about it next. . and come help us begin the holidays tomorrow with a little giving. our annual turkey give away is from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. beth mccloud and laura de maria will be handing out free turkeys
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. students jumping for joy over their multiplication tables is trending today. >> romona: and a police officer has kids volunteering to jump into his cruiser. ? your holy, holy, holy ? ? holy, holy on high ? ? i'll marry you ? >> romona: it's cop car karaoke. an officer is officer who invites students to jump into the cruiser and sing along to their favorite songs. >> mark: a little florida georgia line there. it's his way of connecting with students and getting them to talk about their life or concerns, school and whatever they need to talk about that taye. >> romona: and blalock has become a positive role model for the kids and most can't wait for
4:25 pm
? singing ? >> mark: uh-huh. it's true. this south african teacher has a unique way of teaching kids math. kurt uses dance moves and rap beats to help them learn the tables. they are rowdy and fun. he says they used to be hyperactive and struggle to learn when he was a kid so he created a way for kids to have fun and move around while they are learning. >> romona: whatever works. >> mark: uh-huh. and when life gives you when life gives you a fire evacuation at your wedding reception, well, you have fun with it. like this new jersey couple did. allison and kevin duffy were dancing at their reception when a worker grabbed the microphone and announced everyone had to evacuate because of a strange burning smell. the bride and groom posed for pictures with the fire trucks and the firemen. [ laughing ]
4:26 pm
grandma accidentally texted jamal hitton a thanksgiving invite. he asked for a picture. he replied that she was not his grandma and that he asked for a plate anyway. she responded, well, of course he can. that's what grandma's do. feed everyone. he does plan on going to grandma's house for thanksgiving. grandma, however, leaving the texting details to jamal to her younger blood relatives now. >> romona: isn't that the sweetest t >> i think it's great that people can connect and be so nice to each other with people they don't even know. [ laughing ] >> mark: jamal says the lady only known as grandma at this point is the example we should all set this thanksgiving. >> romona: there are a lot of kind people in the world.
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. a well known pastor of a westlake church learned his fate a few hours ago. >> pastor paul received probation for child endangerment. harry boomer has the story. harry. >> reporter: well, guys, we can't call him pastor anymore. i'll explain in just a little bit. but paul andres teenage victim used to call him father. the kind of love he gave h anything but loving. >> do you feel anything about taking advantage of a 15-year-old. >> reporter: with that, the former pastor of the church on the rise walked into an elevator essentially a free man. he was charged with child endangering. in court he was called by the girl he was accused of sexually assaulting a predator and a pedophile. now, we don't show the faces of minors who have been sexually assaulted but she told the man she called father took advantage of her telling her "i was taught
4:31 pm
it". she called andray a hypocrite as he stood next to his lawyer showing no remorse. >> both sides have agreed that we were not going to comment upon the facts or circumstances as to why we entered into this agreement. >> reporter: it's teenage victim said as a pastor and as a counselor, he knew better. and what the effect the sexual assault would have and he knew how messed up he would be. andre's son jordan had been charged with the girl over several years. those charges were previously dropped and he walked away scott free. paul andray was originally indicted on gross sexual imposition. he pleaded guilty to child endangering. for that, he got three years of community sanctions. basically probation. he cannot legally be a pastor again. he has to get a job. and he has to pay $700 in
4:32 pm
cleveland 19. >> mark: okay, harry, thank you. heisman trophy winning quarterback johnny manziel reached a deal for the dismissal of a domestic assault case involving his former girlfriend. there was still work to be done to finalize the deal but said after a hearing this morning he was encouraged. the judge set another hearing for december 1st. the case could be settled. the troubled cleveland quarterback left the courtroom without responding to questions. e accused of hitting and threatening former girlfriend coleen crowley during a night out. he faces a misdemeanor assault charges that carries a penalty of up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine. if you can get a day like this, jeff, you have to take it. >> jeff: yes. tomorrow even warmer. in fact, quite a bit warmer than today. >> romona: whew. >> jeff: we're looking at over
4:33 pm
temperature between tomorrow afternoon and what we're going to see saturday afternoon. >> romona: oh, my. >> jeff: that's just how strong. over 30 degree drop. and whenever you talk about a drop in temperature like that, it's going to come with strong winds. so i even think wind is going to play a big role as well. everyone is talking about the snow. but don't forget about the wind with this. okay. let's talk about the record highs tomorrow. in cleveland it's 71 the record. look at my forecast. 75. record in that's a break. 72 mansfield i'm forecasting you breaking your record high. the only spot that may not is youngstown. but you're going to come close as well. unbelievable friday. you won't even believe if you didn't know what was going on with the weather that we got this big change happening this weekend. south wind 13. we're at 62 downtown cleveland. akron-canton south wind at 11.
4:34 pm
there's the 63. we'll pull up the hourly readings here. and look at how warm it stays. that south wind is going to stay up. no threat of fog tonight like we saw last night. even still in the mid 50s over night in downtown cleveland. so obviously a warm night. all is clear. i told you about the record breaking warmth tomorrow. and then we got the strong winds over the weekend. rain changing over to snow. and you folks in the higher cleveland, i think you're going to get your first accumulating snow. not everybody will see accumulating snow their first one. because, remember, this is lake-effect. but the opportunity of that will come saturday night and sunday. wind gits up to 50. it's going to be very windy and cold at the browns game as well. details on that weekend forecast later in the half-hour. ramona. all right. we've told you about the findings of legionnaire's in lake county.
4:35 pm
it. >> mark: so we thought we would have an expert a little bit more about this. joining us now is dr. christine alexander from metro. thank you for joining us here. we appreciate it. first of all, what is legionnaire's disease? it sounds like this exotic -- it's not the french foreign legionnaire they brought into the country. give us a background. >> really the origin came from a legion hall. it's a form it's a severe form of pneumonia. >> romona: and who is more at risk at contracting legionnaire's? >> really the risk here is when you ingest water that's been infected. it's not like if you or i had it i could cough or sneeze and give it to you guys. it has to come from a water supply. so anybody who has ingested a water supply that has the germ in it, they're the ones at risk. and obviously those who have lung pathology. people with emphysema, copd, asthma, probably a little more
4:36 pm
the pneumonia. >> mark: when you say ingest, if it was in water that i drank can i get it that way? >> that's right. >> mark: or inhale? >> that's right. it's really more of you drink it in. it's in food that you have prepared that's been prepared with water that's been affected. that's where it's more likely to come. could it come from an aerosol machine? probably if it has the germ in it. >> romona: we reported one >> this can be a very severe pneu pneumonia. if you don't get treatment right away it can be very severe and lead to death. it's one of those things you want to bring this to your doctor's attention. it has symptoms of the regular pneumonia. fever, cough, aches. it's more severe. that's why it should get your attention. this is not a little bit sick. it's a lot sick and should get your attention. if we can get you in quickly, get you on antibiotics, especially by iv, then we can
4:37 pm
>> mark: really quick before we let you go, the influx of hand, foot and mouth disease which we talked about off the air, not necessarily an influx. we're just hearing more about it. >> it's a childhood disease that we see a lot. i think it comes up and people notice it and go down. really common. take home point, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. when you change somebody's diaper or they go to the bathroom, make sure they wash their hands. >> mark: okay. very good. th >> appreciate the invitation. >> mark: you got it. some other news, a federal inspection has concluded that the cincinnati's zoo barrier to people the public and gorilla separate wasn't in standards the day a 3-year-old boy slipped into the gorilla exhibit. you remember that story. the federal inspection report viewed by the associated press states that the zoo's dangerous animal response team properly followed procedures after zoo
4:38 pm
enclosure. a team member concluded that the child wads in life-threatening danger and the 17-year-old gorilla named harambe was killed. an investigation is ongoing. wow. that was such an unfortunate incident. >> mark: yes, it was. okay. time out is coming up. tony and i have to talk about kate upton's and lower gas prices are driving more people to buy suvs. we're going to take a look at some of the new vehicles auto makers hope will lure in more
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. lower gas prices are fueling many new car buyers to splurge for larger vehicles as chris martinez shows us auto makers are updating new of luring in new customers. >> suvs are the new thing. >> reporter: take the ford eco sport. the sub compact vehicle touts a smaller size with baby boomers. >> they love the functionality. they don't need the space. >> reporter: auto makers are
4:42 pm
suves. tim stevens says many are hoping to entice first time millennial customers. >> they can charge a little bit more of a premium and have a little higher profit margin. >> reporter: it's not just the familiar names making the next generation. some luxury and sports car brands are also rolling out new models. the first suv by alpha romao. >> all of these companiesw portfolios and being a little more broad and the suv is a way to do that. >> reporter: while there's no certainty on where gas prices will go, for now the suv trend is putting buyers in the driver's seat. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> romona: the variety of sizes available in the suvs come with matching price tags. the ford eco sports starts at about $20,000. no pricing for the alpha romeo
4:43 pm
away from hitting the sale floor in the u.s. i think you understand what i just said. >> mark: alpha romao. lebron james donating $2.5 million going to go to the muhammad ali exhibit at the national museum of african-american history and culture. james says he idolized the boxing legend for a long time. the exhibicu outside the ring. the indians dominated this season on and off the field. the team sold 2.1 times as much online merchandise as the average mlb team according to data from slice intelligence. the indians placed third. falling behind the red sox and the cubs. now for a quick timeout with ramona and tony. >> romona: all right, tony. everyone is talking about kate upton's twitter tirade because
4:44 pm
>> tony: so we had this last night. and her fiancee, great pitcher for the tigers finished third. kate upton the supermodel goes out and tweets this. so she says, hey, mlb, i thought i was the only person allowed to blank justin verlander. grow up, kate upton. seriously. twitter can be such a great tool and connect people. and then it can become a see wer. this, she looks like a jerk. >> romona: and a lady does not speak like that. come on, girl. >> tony: i'm glad you said that. because if i said that, i'd get hammered. but that's a bad look. >> romona: it really is. >> reporter: now, you want to argue something, there were two writers that left him off the ballot. it was stupid. probably cost him the cy young. but you don't do that. that's awful. >> romona: nope. okay. big ben with steelers, of course, is making jokes about the browns. [ laughing ] >> romona: but, you know,
4:45 pm
>> tony: listen, ben -- jimmy haslem doesn't own the browns. ben roethlisberger does. he's 22-2 against us. he has won game at our stadium than any browns quarterback, except derek anderson. okay. i mean, that's incredible. if you think about that stat. even joe thomas. we'll hear from him coming up in a little bit at 5:00. even joe thomas talked about what an incredible gaf it was to bypass this guy in the draft back in 2004. he's from ohio. he >> romona: it's just so sad. this is steelers week. and remember how excited we used to be. even if we lost, we were excited leading up to the game. >> tony: do you know what, i know it's still at the core of emotions for a lot of browns fans but their rival is in baltimore. it's not here. and until lebron starts beating him, it's going to stay like that. >> romona: it sure is. mark, over to you. >> mark: oh, hi. there they are. look at this. this didn't happen to me when i
4:46 pm
encounter of the deer kind. it happened at one cross-country runner. the schools athletic website says the senior just finished his first mile when the deer hit up. he got up and finished the race. i watched this a million times. i can't believe he's still alive. that deer racked him pretty good. >> romona: he's lucky. >> mark: absolutely. >> mark: i just want to watch it over and over again. >> denise: we have a lot coming up. tough questions for the cleveland metropolitan school district. a mom says her 7-year-old broke his ankle during gym class but her son never got any help at soon. this is a big day for the cleveland fire department. they're getting brand new equipment, a couple of new fire engines and more. the goal is to better help you and your family.
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holidays. some people might like this. forget the family fights and get ready for friendsgiving. tiffani tucker and i will see you at now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers
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. welcome back. it's my favorite part of the show. two weeks of this but ige on this. the mannequin challenge. you've seen sports teams, celebs and we even did the mannequin challenge here. but never a dog. boston went viral after his owner, he's a student at pit posted on twitter. ryan thomas plans on doing another mannequin challenge video. this one only took thomas and his friends ten minutes to film. [ laughing ] >> mark: see, now, that's legit.
4:51 pm
that? >> mark: i don't know. >> jeff: he obviously knows the command stay. >> mark: that's right. i've never had a dog that would do that. >> mark: impressive. jeff, you've got good news and not so good news. >> jeff: well, it depends on what you want. some people love the cold. [ laughing ] >> jeff: and the wind. >> mark: some do. >> romona: all right. well, give it to them. >> jeff: one thing i learned about this business is you never please everybody. especially in weather. because, yes, feazel roof cam, look at that sky. still a little there. i'm not expecting fog tonight. it's going to be a beautiful evening. clear sky. how about 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. 75. that's going to shatter the record high. and obviously that will be it. because on saturday here it comes. that 48 will be the morning high. the early morning high. and you'll know when this front
4:52 pm
drop through the 40s. now, the latest thinking is notice i just have ran during the day here on saturday. it will be showers, windy, in fact. it's going to turn very windy by saturday night. perhaps even damaging wind gusts here. but we're down to 32. and that's when the -- it's basically snow saturday night. and lake-effect snow showers and an alert on sunday for some lake-effect snow and windy weather. only 33. game could drop as low as 20. that will be the wind chill. and, you know, obviously the high here only 33. accumulating snow likely in the hills mainly east of cleveland. but not for everybody. monday a mix sky. windy. in fact, we'll even see gradual clearing on monday. but only 37. tuesday looking dry. 45. showers and wind wednesday. that's a big travel day. 56.
4:53 pm
44 and light rain. a few showers around. mark and ramona, back to you. >> mark: jeff, thank you. looking ahead here at 4:00. a 7-year-old amputee from texas shows the world she can do whatever she sets her mind to.
4:54 pm
. it's time for a little useless trivia with me, mark nolan. hey, ramona. >> romona: hi, mark. >> mark: what percentage of people regret getting their tattoo? >> romona: 32%. >> mark: oh, you're close. 40%. [ bell ringing ] >> romona: oh. i get that. >> mark: i do not regret it.
4:55 pm
>> mark: as far as you know.
4:56 pm
. finally at 4:00, a 7-year-old you've just got to meet. >> mark: this is autumn fott. she was born prematurely and lost both legs at the knee when she was just 3. but as you can see, she's not letting that stop her gymnastic dreams. with the help of her coach, she's mastering a variety of
4:57 pm
cheerleading and she was little miss wheelchair. what a cutie. >> romona: she's determined. she's doing it. >> mark: not going to stop her. >> romona: good for her. coming up on news 19 at 5:00, stopping porch pirates. it's a bill time of year. find out how to prevent them from ruining your christmas.
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4:59 pm
cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts nowlook at this. we start with a beautiful
5:00 pm
live look at cleveland. get ready for big changes near 70 tomorrow and a chance of snow for the weekend. call it a weather whiplash. we are used to that in northeast ohio. >> and meteorologist jeff tanchak has been warning us for days and joins us with the latest. >> jeff: weather whiplash is a good way to put it. 30-degree temperature drop from tomorrow afternoon. what we will see saturday afternoon. record highs and then the alert over the weekend, a heads up. i have been telling you about this. strong cold front saturday and looking like rain showers most of the day saturday and then as temperatures continue to drop saturday night and sunday we think lake-effect snow showers are developing. snowbelt area looking at your first accumulating snow of the season in spots. as all of this happens, wind


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