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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> brian: good afternoon. dangerous lead levels found in the water of 60 cleveland metropolitan school buildings. >> tia: that's right, even low levels in a child's blood can affect his or her ability to pay atten achievement. harry boomer joins us live from one of the schools with extremely high levels. harry? >> harry: well tia and brian, at this school, lead levels are 448 parts per billion. the maximum that is safe is 15 parts per billion. as compared to this school, 4480 parts per billion. that is just off the charts.
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at least they are willing to replace some of the faucets and drinking fountains here. as a matter of fact, they are replacing at least 69, in 69 schools more than 580 of those samples of more than 5,000 came back with above levels of the 15 parts per billion. cmsd says the blood levels in a student will lower their child's i.d. and ability to pay attention. th kitchens, nurseses of os, and teachers' lounges as well. on the website, the district says it will remove or replace the fixtures inside the restaurants or rest rooms and faucets and outside spigots as well and they have installed water coolers in the districts that were most affected. so they are trying to mitigate the lead levels here. the state is going to pay them $15,000 maximum per building to
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lead in the schools. we'll have much more on this as the day progresses. live outside of wilber wright elementary school. >> as you can see from the video, it's a beautiful day outside and you want to soak it up because the weekend, yeah, isn't looking so hot. in fact, meteorologist samantha roberts says it's looking cold and dreary. and sam, we might even see some snow out there. >> yes. and we wanted to break down the impact of that snow for you, tia. i have put it all into map formo breaking out the shovels in some areas. that would be inland, ashtabula, geauga down to portage and trumbull south to youngstown. only minor issues for cleveland, akron and canton, and even then, this is not going to be a major snow event. it's just our first snow of the season, which is why we have been talking about it a lot. it's our first chance to see any accumulation for the season so far.
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travel farther off to the west. mansfield, toledo, lima, i don't expect big issues there at all. again, i think the biggest impact will be felt this weekend in the snowbelt. and we have a lot more to talk about in regards to this snow event. we will cover it all coming up in just a bit. but, let's get through this afternoon first. because before we get to the snow and the wind this weekend, we want to enjoy this beautiful day. it's gorgeous outside. barely a cloud in the sky and the clouds that we do have are justai they won't be producing any rain. the rest of the afternoon looks wonderful. 72 at 2:00. 75 at 4:00. based on where we are right now, which is at 71 at hopkins, 72 at burke lake front, i think we could even get a little bit warmer than 75. we have already broken the record high for the day set one year ago. so, we will keep a close watch on it for you. we drop back into the mid 60s by 8:00.
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coming up at 19 after. >> tia: all right, sam. thank you so much. emerald plaza is open in east cleveland. the ribbon cutting for the shopping center was held bright and early this morning. it's on the corner of euclid avenue and superior avenue. just a mile away from university circle. stores in the center include villa join the movement and a mr. hero. >> an 18-year-old suspect is hospitalized after a cleveland police officer shot him. police believe a group was looking for scrap metal the first energy subcenter on east 146th. we are told the 18-year-old fired shots at the officers. the officers returned fire and hit the guy in the shoulder. two other people are in custody. one suspect remains on the loose. we are asking questions today about a 48-year-old man killed when he was hit by an r.t.a. bus on 90. this happened last night in the eastbound lanes near west 117th. police say he was hit while running across the highway after his car broke down.
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when we get more info, you can look for an update on the cleveland 19 mobile app. >> tia: well take a good look at your screen right now. canton police are looking for a 13-year-old, cameron shipley. he was last seen wearing a tan and black flannel shirt, gray skinny jeans and maroon shoes. he also has a red backpack. if you have any information or perhaps you've seen cameron, please give canton police a call. >> brian: all right, we are just a week away from thanksgiving and we are tki why not. and how you can get a free turkey. laura demaria joining us live with everything you need to know. hey, laura. >> laura: hey, guys. ok. this is such an exciting event. i'm so thrilled to be a part of it. i'm down at k. and r. in fairlawn right on market street across from summit mall. but here's the business. let me tell you. 1,000 turkeys. that's how many are being given away. but this doesn't start until 4:00 so don't get too excited at least not yet. you don't want to come down here until about 4:00.
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giving away about six turkeys a minute. that's how quickly the lines will be coming through. let me give you a heads up. i have a dancing turkey behind me, yeah. you are seeing this. you will want to come in by the i.t.t. entrance just down the way. thanks for the gobble gobbles from the audio guys in the back. if you are coming in, they will direct you around. you need to have some nonperishable food items, you need to have a new or gently used coat. in exchange, you are going to getting a free turkey for your dinner table next week. so, great, we are so excited for 19 to be a part of this with k.n.r. we will see you all out here at 4:00. we will see you then. guys? >> tia: all right. they will show up by the droves. thank you so much, laura. new details in the investigation at the cincinnati zoo after a boy fell into the gorilla exhibit in may. federal inspection concluded that the cincinnati zoo's barrier to the exhibit wasn't in compliance with standards for housing primates.
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followed procedures when they killed harambe, the gorilla, in order to save that little boy's life. >> brian: street fight turned car crash caught on camera. this is in florida now. a fight broke out on the street in tampa. punches were exchanged and the driver in the black sedan decided he would put an end to the whole thing. drove up over the curb and plowed through the brawlers. most managed to escape. but a server at a nearby restaurant was hit. the driver then took off on foot. police are looking for him since they have his car. as long as it wasn't stolen, shouldn't take too long. >> tia: coming up on cleveland 19 news, some disturbing cell phone video. an arizona police officer caught on camera punching a woman. and a consumer alert for online shoppers. a crook hacked into a many would's amazon account over and over again even after she changed her pass word. we are getting answers about how you can protect your online
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>> tia: welcome back. this story has a lot of people talking. an arizona police officer is on administrative leave after this disturbing video surfaced showing him punching a woman. flagstaff police say it shows him striking the woman in the face as he tried to make an arrest. >> brian: the officer believed she had outstanding warrants. carter evans getting answers on the investigation. >> you did not arrest me until i know that i have a warrant. >> reporter: cell phone video
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striking melissa morris outside her boyfriend's home in arizona after attempting an arrest. >> hey. you can't hit a girl like that. >> bonner who's been with the department almost three years was assisting another officer with an eviction when he noticed her on the property. >> you will get extra charges. >> i don't have a warrant. >> attempts to detain her for the investigation of warrants that he believed were in place for her at that time. >> he yelled at me that i had a and just brutely attacked me preach. >> morris did hold two failure to appear warrants for d.u.i. and resisting arrest. but they were resolved before wednesday's incident. the officer was wearing a body camera, but according to his own police report, he turned it off before approaching morris.
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>> so in his report, bonner says morris appeared to be on a stimulant drug and resisted arrest, kneeing him in the groin and legs several times. he also acknowledged striking morris in the head several times. >> i know what happened because i have to live it every day. i have to feel it. pretty embarrassing actually. makes me feel like nothing. check of your current conditions if you are headed out the door, now's a good time to do so. 71 and sunny. snow this weekend, though. we will talk about it after the
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>> something just came o it's a dark object. perhaps a sky diver plummeting to the earth moving at 2,000 feet in the air. it's a bird? no parachute yet. >> can't be sky divers. i can't tell just yet what they are oh, my god they're turkeys! oh, they are plunging to the earth! >> as god as my witness, i
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[laughter] >> brian: quite possibly one of the greatest scenes ever in sit-com history. we all know of course that turkeys cannot fly. that was wkrp in cincinnati of course. but, turkeys taste good and we are partners with kistling, nestico and rettic to give away turkeys. >> tia: laura is there now. >> laura: yes. we are down here in fairlawn. this is so exciting to be a part of this, you guys. we are at k.n.r. i am joined now with mr. nestel himself. i know you do this every single year give away all of these tour keys. why do you do it? >> we do it because it's time to give back to the community. that's what we have to give thanks for. >> laura: 1,000 turkeys you are going to give them all away? >> normally we give away the majority but this year we want to meet the goal.
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turkey. >> laura: you are hearing him right about the weather, too. it's phenomenal. that's why i have broken out, sam was calling it the right to bare arms. that's why we have the shoulders out. this is market street. you know we will see the cars out here in droves later. what kind of excitement to you hear from the audience that comes around? >> everyone comes around excited about doing this. they line up all the way to 77 by the time we get going, cars will all be lined up here. >> laura: this is going to be thrilling so you are going to used or gently used or a new coat or a nonperishable food item, you will get a turkey. we are right on market street across from summit mall. k.n.r. we cannot wait it see you. remember, 4:00, that's when you are going to line up. [gobbling] >> sorry, laura, i couldn't stop looking at that turkey behind you. you look great and everything but the turkey just kept going back and forth. >> tia: a woman says a criminal hacked her amazon account and
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dollars in credit in her account. >> brian: she kept changing the password on her account but the con artists just kept hacking it. kenneth craig talks to a security expert about how hacks like this can happen and what you can do to protect yourself. >> joanette fairier enjoyed the convenience of shopping on amazon. >> it's easy to have it brought directly to the door. >> that's until a hacker cracked into her amazon account and used her gift card balance as their own personal piggy bank. it's my money. >> the criminal changed the phone number on her account, then ordered more than $1500 in merchandise and had it sent to an out of state address. she changed her password but the hacker kept getting in and placed orders as quickly as she canceled them. >> he was placing orders to have sent to himself while i was on the phone with amazon and a super sunriser. and they are watching it take place. >> reporter: amazon would not comment on how the hacker got into her account.
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relentless. >> yeah. they went beyond the normal scam. >> reporter: cyber security experts believe scammer most likely infected her computer with malware. a virus that could allow them to monitor her every key stroke. >> so if a gift card or pin number is entered, they have the entire record. same thing, too, if they try to change a password. he says a good way to protect yourself is to use amazon's when you log in, a separate code is texted to your phone and must be entered to access the account. >> it's hard to express how maddening that none of it was started. >> when she started using two-step verification, the hacking stopped. she got her money back from amazon, but not her sense of security. >> samantha: all right, good afternoon to you.
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like this. 70 at 1:00. some of you are already warmer than that. we are already in the low 70s in cleveland. 75, i'll go mid 70s for most of the area. that's at 3:00. then we will start to drop. 5:00, 73. mostly sunny skies. i had to throw the golf tee and the golf ball on here because i think a lot of you will try to get out to the golf course this afternoon. maybe you will wash the car, maybe you will get outside and do some mowing. i know some folks are still mowing even this late in the season. non today or tonight if you have dinner plans, maybe you are coming down to downtown cleveland, i believe there's a cavs game tonight. if you have to park far away from the q. and walk a long way, you aren't going to have to worry about taking the umbrella or the big puffy, annoying coat. right? you just take a light jacket or maybe long sleeves. 67 at 7:00. 63 at 9:00. then we hit about 62 by 11:00. i think most of tonight we are
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11:00 tonight. but by 2:00 in the morning, there may be some showers around. rain showers. and then that rain will continue off and on through saturday. i don't think it's going to rain on you every second or every minute. but, occasional showers are possible. and with the wind factored in, it will feel pretty raw as temperatures drop through the day. saturday night is when our lake-effect gets going and those lake-effect snow showers continue into sunday. particularly for those of you along the lake shore and east of cleveland. even farther inland with this event looking at higher snowfall totals potentially. something to watch even down toward geauga, trumbull, portage, even as far south as youngstown. let's talk about our winds. not only is this going to be rain and snow and cold, we have big wind to deal with. sustained 20 to 30 miles an hour with gusts potentially up to 50 miles an hour. and that can cause sporadic power outages. temperatures through the weekend, only in the 30s and
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it will feel like it's in the teens and 20s. the browns game on sunday, absolutely miserable in terms of how it feels outside. so, i pray they win this game because, sitting out there in this weather and then not winning would not be a very rewarding feeling. let's talk about how much snow we will see. we did go one to four inches out toward geauga, ashtabula, inland. trumbull, portage and youngstown. a trace to two as cleveland, akron, wooster and then mt. vernon out to the west just decorative flakes. the biggest totals will be out in pennsylvania closer to erie. here a little bit closer to home, the highest totals will be where those snow beeves set up -- snow bands set up and are more persistent. after the weekend we get a break toward the start of the week. it will be cold, though. more rain by thanksgiving.
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>> welcome back. the world's most famous mouse is celebrating his birthday today. >> tia: that's right. mickey mouse is 88 years old. but he doesn't look a day over 30, man. he ages gracefully. to celebrate disney parks around the world will have special parades and parties. you can join in on the celebration by tweeting using the hashtag happy birthday mickey. >> samantha: i love it. >> tia: i love it, too.
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there in florida. >> samantha: yeah, spending his later years in florida. >> brian: yes. he's retired. he's a snow bird now. snow mouse. sorry. >> samantha: mid 70s today. so if mickey had stayed in cleveland he would have felt nice. nice and warm today but of course the rain tomorrow then the snow and the wind. yeah. it's going to be a cold weekend around here. >> tia: get the shovel. thank you so much for joining us. have a great weekend everybody. the young and the restless is next. >> brian: go bucks! >> tia: go browns! hi, i am erik schrader, the new general manager at cleveland19. my family and i are very excited to be in northeast ohio. in our first month here, we've already enjoyed the friendly people, the amazing restaurants and all the great things to do. here at cleveland19, you'll be seeing me from time to time doing editorials just like this, but here's where we are turning the floor over to you. as you know, cleveland19 is all about getting answers. now in the news department, that
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holding people accountable. and that's what i want to do too. sure, i'll be taking positions on things that impact us all once in a while, but mostly i'll be here to answer your questions. questions about northeast ohio, questions about how television news works and even about specific stories that go on the air. ?hey erik, why do you spell your name with a k?? hey, that's a great question. my dad says they actually named me after a brand of cigars. it was a different era. just email me at, and i'll see what i can do. ?erik, have you decided on the east side or the west side?? we haven't decided yet, but i'll get you an answer. ?thanks?. you know, if the election taught us anything, it's that people aren't shy about giving you their opinion whether it's on facebook or social media. this is your forum. you want something answered, you want something changed? tell us about it. i'll be on facebook, too. i look forward to hearing from you. now i have to find one answer for myself. ?where's the bathroom around
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this editorial.
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>> victoria: [ sighs ] >> travis: don't you want to sit down? >> victoria: well, is this bad news? because i prefer to take bad news standing. [ sighs ] so? >> travis: so, um... my ex michelle is in town. >> victoria: is that why you left the party early? to see her? >> travis: no. but i did see her yesterday. and we crossed paths again last night. >> victoria: that doesn't make any sense. you and i were together. >> travis: she was the woman that came into the underground. >> victoria: oh. okay. [ sighs ] you didn't think it was important to mention that? i'm in the same room with the woman that you've been with, that you've had feelings for, and she knows about me the whole time while i have no idea?


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