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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> there you have it, the first winter storm of the season is here. high winds, wet snow and cold temperatures. cleveland 19 news has you covered. our weather team giving continuous live updates on the first alert app, plus the storm chasers for where it is snowing the hardest. good evening, i'm lydia esparra. let's send it right over to beth who's been tracking the storm all evening, working hard from the first alert weather center. beth. >> hey, lydia. pretty soon, this story isn't going to be about the snow, it's going to be about the wind chill and the gusty winds. right now the winter problems, the watch box is still out, lake-effect snow warnings have been off towards our east and to our northwest.
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advisory and basically right along the lakeshore until tomorrow afternoon. so tracking the snow is going to be the second story by tomorrow afternoon. the wind gusts right now, 43 miles an hour, we could see some of these wind gusts upwards of 50 miles an hour. tracking the winds, easy to do, you can follow along. did you know we've got a brand new weather app? it's the first alert weather app. we're the only team in town that has the latest technology. allows us to pinpoint your backyard when you sign up for this app. you'll give us your location, and what do i mean by pinpointing? do you see that first box at the top of your screen? that's an alert that i sent out just a little bit ago, alerting people to what's coming. and what' coming what's r cold air overnight. so when you click on those links, it will give you an updated video, it gives you the current temperature, it also
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can you see that lake-effect snow band? and i know you're thinking well, which one, there's a couple of them there. no, it's been the same two actually, you can see -- go ahead, rob, and take weather one, can you see doppler max live, increase the size, but you can follow along right on your cleveland 19 first alert weather app. this technology is fantastic. from vermilion to huron, this snow band has been in the same spot for hours now. it was set up just lik about akron at this point. portage lake still seeing the heavier snow come down at this point. so we're not quite done yet with the snow, but the story is going to be about the gusty winds. you're already feeling if you've been out this evening. the wind chills are going to remain in the low to mid 20s. the lakeshore winds up to 50 miles an hour. you could see waves up to 11 feet tonight and tomorrow. the ground is kind of warm,
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roadway, but we could see additional 1 to 2 inches depending on if that lake-effect snow band stays right where it is, then those people are the ones who are going to see the additional 2 inches of snow. the higher snow totals, the 8 to 12 inches is going to stay out towards our east. so here you go, your browns game day forecast or your sunday forecast, it's just about the same everywhere. it's going to be blustery cold. the temperatures are going to be in the mid 30s, but because of the wind, lydia, it's only going to feeke pretty much how it is now, it doesn't really change much. but the snow is going to come to an end by tomorrow morning. i'll give you your full forecast coming up next. >> maybe with the cold and wind, they'll win! of course the roads could be tough to drive on during this storm. let's head right out to john in the storm chaser in north olmsted. hey, john.
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these roads, started on 90 headed east, cut off at 271, wept wept went out 322, 306, 422 coming back to the west, got on to 480 and up to 271, got off at sterns road. we have been all over east and west and the picture has been the same everywhere we've been. a little bit of graupel, a little bit ofw, that reduced visibilities, and another one where we get an open space, the likes of which we're looking at now. key thing here is the wind. if you're driving a high profile vehicle tonight or tomorrow, wind advisory remains in effect until 4:00, beth just told us about that. chances are you're going to be buffeted around by this. wind chills are going to be a factor as we go, but the good news is the road crews have been out here, they've been taking care of things pretty well, and they'll probably continue to do that through the course of the night.
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this, our very first snow event, and not unusual to get it in november, typical november brings us 4.3 inches of snow. we'll continue to monitor the roads as we make our way through the newscast, but right now reporting now, i'm meteorologist john laufman, cleveland 19. >> thank you, john. right now you're looking at first energies power outage map. about 3400 people are in the dark this evening. there are scattered outages all around them with only a handful of customers affected. the largest ones right now are in amhurst, with about 1500 customers out. and then seven hills and northridgeville. each with about 500 customers affected. crews are out all over the area working to get the electricity back up and running because you're going to need it tonight with those chilly temperatures as best mentioned. and cleveland 19 cameras caught these pictures at hopkins airport today.
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in fact, more than 100 workers in 60 snow removal vehicles did a dry run friday on the runways. the airport has made some big changes in year, including some new equipment after being fined by the faa for not being prepared during a storm last winter. and we got this picture from rob in brunswick, where there's a dusting of snow on the deck and the grill cover there. steven sent us this picture of a peaceful field, a very mind it but wait until march and april, and yeah, we get pretty angry about that one. as beth reported, we're looking at the first accumulations of the season with the biggest snow falls in the snow belt east of cleveland, but right now we find allison in north olmsted, no doubt everyone out there is trying to be prepared. hey, allison. >> hi, lydia.
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wind, temperatures in the 30s, we've got snow on the ground here. it has been a crazy night as beth has mentioned. she's been tracking that weather, but let's take a look at some video we shot earlier today. this is a look at the snowplow crew we saw working in chesterland. we also saw crews with snow in highland hills, we also drove to sol asm n, lan where we founy driver. >> it's just off and o not really slippery or anything like that. it's pretty cool. sticking a little as you can see on the car, that's about it. >> when you're driving out there, what are you thinking during all the elements? >> it's not so bad. i drive for lift and uber too so i've had some pretty bad winters. this is cool. hopefully we don't have a bad winter, because we had a nice
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been a hit and miss night, there's been moments where we've seen strong winds, ice pellets, snow, and then there's the times where we've just drove and seen nothing, so that's, of course, really how this weather has been tonight. we of course will continue tracking this, you can find the latest online as well. getting answers, cleveland 19 news. >> keep it right here on cleveland 19 all weekend long. we have you covered for the first snow of the year. download their free first alert app for continuous live on the roads starting sunday morning at 7:00. and we are going to start talking about the trump transition and we have a story out of new york for that one. >> president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence appeared upbeat as they left trump's golf club in new jersey.
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conducted interviews with potential cabinet members. >> people, as i say, that will make america great again. >> mitt romney, who once called trump a con man and a phony was among the invited guests. romney said they had a far reaching conversation about america's global interests. >> very thorough and in depth discussion in the time we had. >> mr. trump also held sit downs with retired marine general james mattis, a candidate for secretary of d advocate michelle rhi and kevin johnson. >> tomorrow he'll meet with rudy giuliani and chris christie, who was demoted from chairman of the transition team. on friday, the president-elect tapped alabama senator jeff sessions to be his attorney general, and congressman mike pompeo to head the cia. he also reached a $25 million settlement in a trio of fraud lawsuits against trump university.
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thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump u. too bad." as the president-elect builds his team, hundreds gathered in washington to protest the new government. >> we tapped out today in the upper 60s, but of course that came right close to midnight. take a look at the roof cam. i can't believe it's n shaking, lydia. i just clocked the wind gusts right along the lakeshore, 46 miles an hour. temperatures are going to hold steady but the wind chills only in the 20s. i'll have your browns game day forecast coming up. >> and beth, you know you can stay with us during the break by downloading the cleveland 19 first alert mobile app. you can watch the interactive radar, get hour by hour forecasts and even check customized conditions for your
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>> you're looking at live pictures from the west side. you can see the roads are slick from the rain.
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should say first taste of winter this weekend, wet, lake-effect snow, high winds and chilly temperatures. our weather team will be giving live updates on the first alert app plus the storm chase ser out on the roads tracking all that storm. turning back to the weather, some nasty weather, beth has been tracking the movement of the lake-effect snow. she's in the first alert center with the very latest. >> i was actually standing next to you funny. okay. take a look, that is not a live picture. how about some snow totals? yeah. mountville, did i say that right, lydia? 4 inches. 4 inches! sagamore hills 1.3. but take a look at the weather app, take a look at studio tv. this is how the browns' forecast comes across on our cleveland 19 first alert weather app.
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i push this out, everyone that signs up gets a little push that says hey, going to the browns game? click on this and you get a nice little video. we update this hour by hour sometimes if need be. but what else is great about this, take a look at the radar. you definitely can see that we still have a lake-effect snow band to set up. so snow totals for today, well, we're going to keep adding to it. the lake temperature, 55 degrees, cold air coming down, making it 20s. perfect setup for lake effect. and it's happening over on the east side and overon the west side. right now right through the northern portion of lake county, you can see a couple bands all set up, but this individual big band that's just heavier snow has been kind of sitting there for an hour or two. some of this is starting to dissipate already, which is really good. i turned off doppler max, i turned on just the radar, which gives you a little bit not as scary of a look because it's
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picture, but you can still see where it's the deep blue, we haven't talked about this in a while, have we? the deep blues is a little heavier snowfall. the whites are a little more flurries, but even with that said, out towards jefferson, just continues to come down. it's coming down from vermilion down to about canton area, wadsworth area still seeing it. ultimately there's some wrap around moisture and winds aren't helping, but look at how the lake effect has really dwindled through grand rapids. they were just getting slamm traveling to the south tomorrow won't be hard because i know this is a big holiday week coming up so a lot of people start traveling early, but future view looks like this. sunday morning you can see, still dealing with some of these same lake-effect snow bands, just a reminder, remember how that works right? can't really pin point exactly where they're going to be, they set up for a long time, that's where you end up with a significant amount of snow. but almost all the weather
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7:00 a.m., look at how dry we are. not the total northeast portion of ashtabula county, you could continue to see the snow pile up tomorrow while everybody else is looking at a mostly cloudy day. this is just future view t shows you the clouds and the precipitation, whether it's snow or rain. tomorrow it's going to be cold enough that it is snow, but it certainly looks like we're drier in a mostly cloudy drai. day. so i'd take your sunglasses to the browns game but that's not going to be your biggest concern. ev see the snow pile up, an inch to two inches if the snow band is over your house, you could wake up to an additional 2 inches of snow in some spots. but tomorrow the temperatures, i know you look at this and you think oh, mid 30s, it's not going to be that bad, it's not going to be about the temperatures, it's going to be about the wind. we're clocking some winds upwards of 50 miles an hour, along the lakeshore, you guys are going to get pounded tonight, but your wind chill forecast, just pick a city. because most of the areas right
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very far. 22 to start off your day, but look at mansfield, 9:00 in the morning it's going to fell like 15 degrees. we're not used to this weather yet. but if you are coming downtown, by about 10:00, 11:00, it's only going to feel like 24 degrees. and we just stay in the mid 20s for the wind chill. that's that feels-like temperature, that's the wind against your skin. we are so not ready for this kind of super cold weather. the good news, the bad news. well, the good news is, 38 isn't to bad. the bad news is stick around for monday as well. we'll lose the advisory, though. but the wind chill is going to stay a little on the cold side. i did give an alert for tomorrow, snow is not going to be the issue, it's going to be the bitter coal. monday more sunshine but temperatures remain the same. tuesday, 45 degrees. it's one of the pick days of the week i suppose, 45. that's such a far cry from yesterday's 74. but at least we see a little more sunshine. unfortunately our next system comes in wednesday. to me it looks like wednesday afternoon we'll start seeing rain showers around and it's
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unfortunately thanksgiving, the gobble turkeys that are out -- sounds like they're in the studio, 44, chance of rain showers, continues for friday as well. >> all right. thank you, beth. working so hard tonight. thank you for everything. all right. it was a tough day in east lansing for the buckeyes. mark schwab is up next in sports with the highlights. plus a look ahead at the big steelers-browns matchup tomorrow.
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>> the buckeyes have reached michigan week. they take op the on the tea, they had to get past michigan state today. the team with only one big ten win all year and this thing was still a battle. let's go to the highlights. separatey would strike tyler to scott, they weren't going to get him. not even a minute into the game. michigan state went up 7-0. buckeyes would answer, though. later in the first, curtis samuel, hauling in the touchdown pass from j.t. barrett. that got them even at 7. move to the second half. mike we weber, over a thousand yards for the season, today would get the bucs a 17-10 lead. fourth quarter, spartans trying to get a tying touchdown. they do. scott goes in from the 1.
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the extra point and tie it but they didn't. they wanted to go for 2 and get the lead. you know what? that department happen. so they trail by a point. but with a minute and a half left, they still had a chance to go down the field and win it until he said not today. stepped in front of the old pass to pick it and seal it. buckeyes win 17-16. >> tough day at the office right there. so we'll take the win against a team that we know very well op the road i ready for our rivalry week. i've been in the foxhole against those guy, i know their coaching staff very well, great respect for them. i think they're tough, i think they shot everything they had at us today and they played very hard. but i don't expect anything different. >> all right. on deck, the team up north, they were playing indiana today, this is a little tighter than they expected at first.
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they wept back they went . he's gone. made it 20-10. and then this thing went nuts with the weather in the fourth quarter. snow angels and then this, you couldn't even see the field. michigan wins, 20-10 the final. browns, stay away from a showdown with the steelers down at the stadium, is this going to be the week they finally get a win, maybe, please? possible? no? all right that's about the only way 1-10 can look appealing, right? if the 1 is against these guys. if they're going to beat them, they have to figure out what to do with antonio brown. hugh jackson knows him well. he was just left gobsmacked when he watched this guy on tape. >> magic. i mean, he -- you know, obviously i've competed against this guy a ton of times even coaching on defense, he's
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determination to play the game and to be the best on the field each and every week. i mean, he's trying to embarrass you. let's be honest. i mean, he walks out there and he wants to catch every football. and when you throw it to him, you almost believe he can catch every football. when he drops one, i think everybody is really surprised. he's just that determined, plays with an unbelievable passion and a fire in his belly, and it shows by the way he plays. how small a guy is, doesn't matter, because he's not the biggest guy in the world, but he is one of the best players i've ever seen. >> cavaliers put the boots to detroit last night, 104-81 and if wasn't even that close. now they can put their feet up for a little while. they're finally going to play again on wednesday, when portland is here. four days off, it's not even the all-star break. is that weird? yeah!
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>> i can't remember the last time we had this long of a break, you know, from a friday to a wednesday. you know, at this point in the season. you don't get much time to spend with the family because you travel so much, you're playing so many games, so i'm gonna give most of my time to my family. >> any time lebron can get some time off during the year, you're going to love it because we play two months longer than every other team. >> that little girl is so cute. >> why do i say we? >> i know, but his little gir is so cute, i'd spent all my
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>> hey, santa arrived in west lake to light the christmas tree tonight. it's the largest pixelate ed -- largest christmas in the country, with over 12,000 led lights plus standard lights. the tree is choreographed to music every evening. it felt like christmas tonight with the snow flying. >> handing out turkeys -- what a guy. >> busy guy. >> then he gets snow -- so we still have some of the lake-effect snow bands setting up. look at that, some of you still seeing some pretty heavy snow come down, the areas that get the lake-effect snow bands set up could see an additional 1 to 2 inches of snow overnight. most of the snow winds down by tomorrow morning, but it's going to be blustery cold, i'm sure you can hear the winds, we could
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until tomorrow afternoon, upwards of 50 miles an hour along the lakeshore, so that includes the stadium. the feels-like temperature for the game, mark, you're going to have to bundle up. it's only going to be in the mid 20s, for everybody. it's brutally cold out there. at least by monday, we see a little more sunshine, we see y icy cold. on tuesday, things start to just mellow out a little bit. next system comes in wednesday in the form of rain. the good thing about thursday and friday, the i can rely look at wednesday, thursday, friday, the wind chill dies down, won't be as relative, so what comes down will come down in the form of rain. >> that's going to actually feel good then without the wind chill, it's going to be like the 70 of yesterday. >> well, not that nice. >> sometimes a lot of wind, a lot of cold can be an equalizer. >> thank you for watching tonight at 11:00. have a great night in northeast
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