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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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kia of streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> look out. arthur, second sack. >> denise: here we go again. another loss for the browns. another cleveland quarterback hurt and another sorry monday for browns fans. cleveland setting a fhi losses. the browns are 0-11. >> gray, gloomy and now the weather. it is not easy being a browns fan these day. it wasn't easy to watch. tony zarrella here to break it down. any chance we get one win this season? >> tony: i don't know where. if they do, i will elaborate this despite what the front office has given the team. we have seen it all over the years and derek anderson send it
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of him and brandon he'd on stuck under an american flag but i don't think it's been this bad. it is not cody kessler's fault and not because he was built like a corner back and big strong and in over his head now and under attack because of a brutal offensive line. it is not josh mccown's fault at age 37 taking imaginable and hanging in there trying to will this team to a win. this is a collective failure players are are battered and bruised. >> negativity and keep it fighting and i really believe fighting through this does and will make us stronger. it is very tough. very tough.
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and how coach jackson lead us through the tough time. >> keep giving it your all. >> we have to stay positive. i know the season is no where close where we wanted it to be. you have to keep fighting. >> you still believe will you win? >> i am always believing. >> some day we will change this graphic. not this day. you heard me who isn't to blame. coming up at 6:00 i will tell you who is players pointing fingers and set up to fail and hand out one grade. if browns could look this good in bright orange as you do, we wouldn't have these problems. >> denise: you know it is bad when your cousin is in pittsburgh who normally trash talk don't even text. they feel so bad about the browns they are not harping on them. >> tony: i talked to james harrison. he is an ohio guy obviously.
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do you ever think it will be this lopsided and you deliver the amount of abuse and he didn't want to talk about it. >> when too guys stop playing for their jobs. >> tony: i think it has began. i think they have thrown into the mix and other moves browns made that they shouldn't have made and put this group out for slaughter. >> it is sad to watch. the fans more. >> players deserve more and they are busting their tails and they are working hard. but not giving the tools. sent to war without weapons and that's exactly what happened. thank you. an application has been filled out and filed with the city to hold a browns 0-16 celebration parade. a fan from the columbus area is behind this request. he wants to hold pat raid
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requested is around firstenergy stadium. the city said it is an application at this point and they have not made a decision on it yet. >> chris: what do you think? will you laugh, cry, frown. >> leave us your comments about the parade. if you think it is a good idea, bad idea. facebook, twitter or new cleveland 19 news app. of course to add insult to injury fans had to sit out and freeze yesterday. >> windy and cold. jeff, what are we looking at this week? >> jeff: not as bad as this weekend. the fist snow what we expected. most of it coming down saturday night. you guys still have a snowpack in akron-canton area and we are at 31. west wind at 12. good news tonight the wind will slowly diminish. it is brisk downtown west at 20.
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and windy, 35:00. 7:33 and 8:33. here is a look at the wind chill. >> you can see it feels like 23 in elyria where you are colder inland. 22 in the canton area. here is the thing, you folks inland with snowpack with the lighter wind expected tonight. we could have some spots drop in the upper teens here overnight. it is feeling likete alert wednesday for mainly rain and could start out as a winter mix and that may slow down that big travel day as we head to thanksgiving. forecast details later in the half hour. here is traffic. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> let's take a live look at the roads. pretty good at the cloverleaf. 77 and 480.
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county route 8 southbound at perkins. it is stop-and-go because of the left lane being blocked. there's a delay of about 10 minutes. heads up. >> and a tragic ending to the case of a local missing teenager. his body found in an abandoned house over the weekend. >> chris: police are calling it a murder. catherine, if this is a murder, are there any >> reporter: last time we talked with police no suspects. the teen's body was found in this vacant home off east 54th street and 24 hours later looks like they are done here despite many questions that need answered. >> the missing person's posters wallpaper the slovakia village neighborhood where alexander mullins lived. the on-line posts from the family asking for help is still up. earlier there was hope to
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>> i drove around the neighborhood because i live here, too. every person i saw, is that him? >> reporter: this family friend who doesn't want to be on camera stopped by to see the vacant home where alexander's body was found with a gunshot wound to the chest. >> all they were cold he was jumped and shot in the chest. >> so many questions to shannon, also close to the family. >> it is 16-year-old boy's life for what reason. what did he do to deserve this. >> alexander was last seen walking to his high school specializing in environmental sciences. a ways from home and a couple of blocks from the home where he was found. the family not wanting to say anything on camera and his sister talked to us by phone in tears only to say he was loved by many.
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noticed strange activity at this vacant home. we asked would he have gotten involved with people who are trouble? there's a lot of speculation at this point. >> getting answers on cleveland's east side, catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> denise: what a shame. catherine, thank you. charges are dismissed against a cleveland man accused of shooting and killing aavielle wakefield. the baby was shot in the chest while riding in a car on east 145th st holmes was arrested last november and charged with murder, felony assault, attempted murder and improper charge of a firearm. no word why those charges were dismissed. cleveland police investigating a string of carjackings now. they happened across the city's west side. officers tell us 9 carjackings were reported in a single day. police are reminding drivers to be aware of your personal
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any suspicious activity to police. a three year sentence for a man louis accused of attacking a man with a knife in downtown cleveland. doss was accused of lungeing at an officer who stopped to help. he plead guilty to assault, menacing and tampering with evidence. >> a man is in stable condition after he set himself on fire. the man was discussing the need to protest president-elect donald trump and doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire on a city street in akron. speaking of, the trump administration continuing to interview candidates for potential cabinet positions. >> mark nolan is getting a list of high profile republicans trump has been meeting with the last few days.
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members at trump tower. the gold elevator doors saw a high profile candidates. up with was a possible pick for rick perry and also being considered for the same position and former massachusetts senator scott brown was among them also. the army national guard member could be a choice secretary of veteran's affairs. >> he obviously will take my application or interest under consideration. i am glad he and he will meet other folks and probably after thanksgiving. >> trump hosted several contenders in new jersey over the weekend at his golf course including rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie. the 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney. thank you. big names rolling in for the trump administration. >> chris: coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, the bishop bet pay off.
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church leaders and chicago turned into a big benefit for both cities. >> denise: that's right. first we had snow and now we have ice skating. >> as you are about to see, there it is, the cleveland foundation skating rink opened today. indians mascot slider was there doing a great job on the ice. just remember it is open downtown public square for the holiday season and it will be fun for the family.
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newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> chris: your american league champions offering a tribe six pack invite somebody to six games for $86. the deal good for friday, saturday and sunday games and can only be bought at that rate on-line. if you buy a six pack by december 23rd, you will get access to a exclusive presale for opening day. sure. >> chris: indians fans and countdown to opening day. church leaders in chicago still paying off a world series bet. >> denise: both cities come out the winner. lacy crisp is here getting answers for how they took the sting out of this disappointing loss for the tribe. >> reporter: the bishop of cleveland and chicago made a bet
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taste of chicago today. >> on a cold and blustery day hot chicago-style deep dish pizza was a welcomed meal. >> it would be even greater if the cleveland indians had won the world series. next year i think when they all come back we will do it. >> on a bed of pizza and pierogis bragging rights were on the line for >> it looked like we would win it. everybody was happy. i was. >> when the cubs win the bishop lost the bet and knew he would dish out cleveland favorites and expecting the archdiocese of chicago to take the sting out of the loss with some of chicago's finest. >> it is a good tradition to start and good natured and brings visibility to the cosgrove center. >> a good tradition with great
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they sent it already to be baked in the ovens. >> they would rather the indians won but they will take the pizza. >> pizza was good. it was good. >> the cleveland diocese did its part and sent catholic charities of chicago proceeding & kielbasa to dish out in the windy city. lacy crisp, cleveland 19 news. good stuff. thank you, lacy. a cleveland 19 news consumer alert. a major announcement by u.p.s. expanding its columbus hub. u.p.s. investing more than $175 million in a sorting facility to double the sorting capacity in ohio by 2018. u.p.s. says it can process more than 63,000 packages per hour. apple says they will replace batteries in some of its 6-s model i- phones. seems like phones are
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apple says the defect affects a small number of phones manufactured between september and october of 2015. they insist it is not a safety hazard. >> happening to my 6, too. have to look into that. >> wal-mart is making a huge on-line christmas push going head to head with amazon. wal-mart is kicking off the cyber monaldi deals at 12:01 a.m. black friday and t friday deals start on thanksgiving day. your thanksgiving dinner will be a little cheaper this year. that's good news and talking 24 cents drop from last year. still every little bit helps. >> the american farm bureau says the meal will cost under $50. the price tag is 49 paull 87 to feed 10 people.
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>> jeff: we continue to monitor breaking news off the coast of japan. a major earthquake happening. after 3:00. our time, it is northeast of tokyo. magnitude they are saying now 6.9. anything over 5 is big. this occurred out over the water tsunami warnings issued and so far we have not heard of tsunami hitting this area. it was a warning at 6:00 in the morning local time in japan. magnitude 6.9 off tokyo this afternoon. around here, we still have lake-effect clouds mainly east. everybody else beginning to clear out. the trend will continue. clear sky to the west. we should see more in the way of sunshine coming up tomorrow
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17mile-an-hour in akron and 15mile-an-hour wind in mentor. the next thing we will watch out for is on wednesday. it will mainly be rain from this one. it could start as a winter mix depending when this moisture gets in here. some computer models suggest later in the morning and others holding it back into the afternoon and warm enough rain and that may slow down the holiday travel. the latest on the future view model calling for a dry early morning. can you see the initial shot of moisture mainly west where we could have this winter mix. in the afternoon 5:00, wednesday and that rain is moving in. >> eventually it will get wet on wednesday. as far as temperatures go tomorrow inland well in the
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snowpack, still. by 10:00 a.m. in the 30s. it won't be as windy and chilly side temperature wise and because of the lighter wind it will feel better and to be occupied highs around 40 during the afternoon tomorrow. 27 in cleveland as we go partly cloudy. look at akron-canton with a lighter wind. i have you briefly dropping to 19. increasing -- i like thatum 19. anyway. not good for temperatures. 40 the high tomorrow. 30 at 8:00 a.m. 37 at 11:00 and 2:00 or so in the afternoon. 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. is when we typically hit our high for the day today. there's the mix to rain on wednesday. an alert we are watching on thanksgiving. areas of drizzle. a lot of cloud cover and raw there, 47. light rain friday.
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winter mix saturday and had 2. lake-effect and not nearly what we are thinking, you know, what we had last weekend. 36 saturday night. sunday looking better. sunshine and 48. the browns game won't be as bad either this weekend. >> the weather won't be as bad anyway. >> jeff: the weather won't be. >> the offensive line. >> denise: our poor quarterbacks. all right, jeff. classic making a huge comeback. numbers you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester.
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>> denise: time for your eye on entertainment. several movies debuted and only one had an impact on the box office. >> we begin with a popular tv series day as way from the
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>> the girls are at a crossroads after netflix picked up the show. it's been off nearly a decade. the cast of characters return friday night and it is cropping four new episodes in a row. >> just like a suit case. it is much more to you than meets the eye. >> "fantastic beast" the numbers are not a surprise in hollywood. a prequel to the harry potter franchise and nothing to do with the boy wizard. filmmakers were hoping to capitalize on the brand. it worked. >> "fantastic beast" debuted with $56 million. dr. strange, a distant second close to $18 million and animated trolls was right behind
5:26 pm
"bad santa" is back. raunchiest as ever and billy bob thornton. kathy bates starring as his month taking 13 years and this time to rob a charity on christmas eve. bad santa 2 opens wednesday. if you need a reminder, it is not for kids. did you did you want your kids. and every time, i see the movie. >> misery. >> coming up later on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. a big surprise last night. the american music awards.
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one officer killed and three hurt in shoot neglects three states. no indications they were connected. authorities say the officers were ambushed in each case. >> most families will be celebrating the holidays. sapd will bury one of its own. san antonio police chief is briefing the press after what is a targeted deadly shooting after sunday. >> this is nightmare. benjamin was killed in his patrol car outside of police headquarters and wrote a ticket for a driver he pulled over and another got up and the assailant shot marconi in the head and reached out and shot him a second time in what police believe was a black sedan. and they call a targeted attack. the 46-year-old sergeant ambushed when a vehicle pulled
5:31 pm
fired. >> this officer was not involved in a traffic stop. >> the officer was shot twice in the head and expected to survive. police say the suspect was killed after shooting at officers. >> officers in missouri shot in gladstone near kansas city asking for prayers for the officer. in florida yet another shooting and the officer hospitalized shot after a traffic stop and the suspect taken into custody after an exchange of gunfire with police. >> i'm reid binion reporting. commanders are encouraging officers to patrol with officers as a manhunt searches for the suspect in the fatal shooting of the detective. hundreds of workers at o'hare airport in chicago are delaying a strike until after the thanksgiving holiday. workers say they want the public support and don't want to mess up anyone's travel plans for the holiday. workers are seeking union rights
5:32 pm
time for a check of the weather. a developing situation across the pacific. what's going on with japan. >> we are watching this. we have tsunami warnings major earthquake northeast of tokyo 247 kilometers northeast of tokyo. it did happen out over the water here. it was about 3:00 our time and 6 a.m. japan time. 6.9 magnitude quake. we still have tsunami warning issued now. the good news is we have not gotten word of any major wave action here hitting the coast. the warning is still in effect. i have a hunch if something big were to happen we would have seen it already. we continue to monitor that situation and hope for the best there off the coast of japan. cleveland 19 first alert app and
5:33 pm
weekend. we sent out constant video updates on the first lake-effect snow of the season. you also get the hourly reports here and this is the latest hourly. clouds are breaking up. the wind will slowly die down in cleveland and eventually go in the 30s and sneaking in the mid to upper 20s and colder inland and snowpack there and akron-canton you are at 31. 33 ashtabula and in warren. cleveland wind chills, well, still most of us in the 20s. feels like 22 wooster, akron and canton. there you see the clouds breaking up in cleveland. it is feeling like winter. dry tomorrow. next alert on wednesday. as the next system comes in. not so much in the early morning and by afternoon. it could start as a brief period of a winter mix before changing to rain. that will be with us through
5:34 pm
down the holiday travel situation. thanksgiving forecast and beyond coming up in a little bit. chris? >> thanks. if you are making a list and checking it twice one web site is out with a good one. >> money talks has the best christmas gifts for under $5. dan deroos, the birthday boy is in the answer center. dan? >> great to look at. we have friends and family. the list gets bigger every year that you have to buy for. i went through the list. all the items are under $25. i will tell you how to find them in a minute. i thought this was cool. a winter cap. it is actually your blue tooth radio and controls for the volume and skips a song and blue tooth and goes through your phone and you have a hat and it is playing them for them. they call this beer chiller sticks. rods with coolant in them.
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rod in the bottle and keeps it ice cold and pouring it out and can be used for pop. this is under $25. great buy there. next, another audio my pet. a mini blue tooth speaker, wireless. kids can listen throughout the house. this is pretty cool. get somebody the tea lover in your life. the subscription and you get thisox that's only $11.40. cool for the kids. this is a maze inside a ball and marble and you have to manipulate the ball to get it through. that's 24.95. all the gifts under $25. go to click on the seen on section. >> getting answers, dan deroos, back to you. >> i like the music. >> beats fruit of the month
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>> denise: or the fruitcake. coming up, parking lot dangers. a warning that all drivers need to hear especially before you
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a major move by the pope. it is not without controversy. it means catholic priests can continue to forgive abortions. pope francis extended the powers
5:39 pm
special dispensation granted last year. the church referred to abortion as a moral evil and the pontiff wrote "there's no sin that god's mercy cannot wipe away." a dozen cameras captured pope francis this weekend elevating three american bishops to the prestigious post of cardinal. >> the vatican transmitted it all for the first time ever in 4k quality. going high-tech. >> when the new american cardinals joined pope francis for mass at saint peter's square it was covered by 12 cameras and two sweeping jibs. cameras on long arms specific moments including the closing of the holy door were carefully choreographed and all transmitted to the world at the
5:40 pm
4h.khdr. >> you are broadcasting agent a level quality most of us cannot imagine and tv's are not that good. >> it is the first time. >> workers from sony in japan were there for the debut. we peeked into vatican tv high-tech mobile production vans. parked in the shadow of st. peter's basilica. >> c tv, acronym in italian has 21 full-time employees. it is unparalleled access allows world and crowds as the pontiff does. the material is hard to beat in setting scale and shear theatrics and cardinals marching to the sistine chapel or memorable good-bye flight over the city when benedict 16 became pope emeritus. vatican tv is digitizing and archiving decades of material. >> this room holds enough memory
5:41 pm
school seth doane cbs news vatican city. >> chris: remarkable. >> tv executives say they are shooting at that level with the vatican in mind and most may not see crisp and vibrant image on their home tv for many years. romona? >> romona: thank you, chris. coming up at 6:00, live in lewisville as the teacher's strike continues. enters yet another week. plus another browns loss. tony has his report card and we have social media reaction in an effort to throw a parade for the browns if they don't win any games this season.
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>> chris: thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday travel season. just in time, the price of gas
5:45 pm
the average price in northeast ohio is 2.07 a gallon nearly 8 cents higher than a week ago and paying 16 cents more per gallon than a year ago. analysts expect the trend to continue. 137 million americans plan to shop between wednesday and monday. the new numbers show how dangerous it can be to walk through a parking lot. >> denise: absolutely. this report shows up to 2/3 looking for a parking space. chris van cleve getting answers on the harvards and a warning this video may be disturbing to watch. video captures the moment a speeding driver struck a mother pushing her 15-month-old baby's stroller last month. maria died and her baby survived. wisconsin police released this video of a driver who lost control of his vehicle slamming
5:46 pm
amazingly no one was seriously injured. the national safety council found on average at least 60,000 are injured and 500 or more die in 50,000-plus crashes in parking lots and garages every year. >> it is just as dangerous to be distracted in a parking lot going 5 miles per hour as it is 50 miles an hour. deborah runs the national safety council. >> people have their heads down wheel and there's a lot of inattention out there. >> a survey found 66% felt comfortable making calls in a parking lot and more than half would text. more than half of drivers are okay sending e-mails using social media, taking pictures or watching video. 4% said they would video chat. >> on average every year 51 people die in accidents where a car is backing up in the parking lot.
5:47 pm
second as a driver to double-check or use the back up camera before you start driving. chris van cleve, cbs news, arlington, virginia. >> denise: they are out. ohio law makes distracted driving a secondary offense meaning a driver can't be stopped for that alone. the penalty is a $100 fine for first offense and $300 for a second offense. >> chris: a lot of shoppers are gearing up for black friday sales. some suggest putting together a strategy before you go shopping. economists with wallet hub recommends you go through your list and make sure it matches up with retailers offering the best discounts and can you see the best deals on toys and jewelry. >> they seem to be deeper discounts this year than years past and the pain threshold almost seems like it is worth it. >> pain threshold. >> analysts from wallet hub
5:48 pm
any product isn't at least 40% off do not buy it. >> denise: good to know. a lot of people are thinking about the christmas tree. there may be a shortage at some lots of a big favorite this year. the frazier fur is one of the most popular trees for christmas time. they are native to the southeast like north carolina. the state is shipping an estimated 4 million trees this season. the harvest this year is a little different than past. >> with the mud and rain we can drag the trees on the ground. doing a few trees at a time, cutting and getting them out of the field quickly. >> some long time growers have gone out of business meaning fewer trees and higher prices if you really want the frazier fur, best advice is shop early while corner lots still have them and
5:49 pm
alive somehow. well, the american music awards brought out big names last night. there were also a few surprises on stage. >> chris: the awards ceremony was full of show stopping performances and emotional speech by one winner that has everyone talking. david dap yell with highlights from hollywood. ? sending out an sos.? >> reporter: the 2016 you american music awards included a taste of the 80s as sting received the award prince's sister accepted the favorite sound track award for purple rain. >> we will keep this for you paisley park until we see you again this is for you. >> ariona grande brought the house down at microsoft theater before grande took top prize of the night with artist of the year. >> i hope whatever i create i hope you feel light and bring joy and make you feel unified and happy. i love you. >> the winner that left everyone
5:50 pm
rock female artist and first appearance since taking a career hiatus. >> i had to stop. i had everything and i was absolutely broken inside. i have to say thank you so much to my fans. because you guys are so damn loyal and i don't know what i did to deserve you. but if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken. >> reporter: david dap yell. drake won four emmys from 13 nominations and justin bieber four awards and rihanna took home three. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> all right. after our shot of winter this weekend cold and windy. it was that way today. the winds slowly dying down tonight. that also means it will be a chilly night as clouds break up.
5:51 pm
the high. not as windy. it will feel better to be walking around out there tomorrow. alert on wednesday. could see a brief period of winter mix before changing over to rain. mainly wet roads wednesday and 39 the high and temperatures holding steady wednesday night. areas of drizzle. a lot of cloudy on thanksgiving. we are up to 47. here comes the next system light rain friday. 49 and then that will transition over to a winter mix and the wind picks up on saturday. this will be lake-effect 42 and not expecting snow accumulation out of that. >> saturday night down to 36. sunday it is looking better for the next browns game. sunshine and 48. i believe we play the giants on sunday. look at the warm up on monday back up in the 50s.
5:52 pm
we are in the changeable time on the 7-day. chris? >> chris: all right. thanks, jeff. coming up, salt versus sweet tooth. new research on the craving you
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trump supporters are protesting starbucks. they are doing it by spending money at the coffee giant. reports say fans of the president-elect are ordering drinks at starbucks and giving their names as trump so the baristas have to yell it out when their order is ready. starbucks released a statement that the procedure has been a we hope and trust our customers will not abuse that tradition. >> good luck with that. >> you heard about a sweet tooth. what bay salt tooth. your dna may give you more of a taste for salt. people in the study had a variation of the gene. they were more likely to have too much sodium than those that did not have the gene.
5:56 pm
recommends 2300 milligrams of salt a day. anyone with the variant could create much more than that. >> all of those things are things our body needs and our body is designed to draw us and give us pleasure for what we need. >> i like sweets. i find i like to end on something solid. if i eat the sweet i will eat the pizza last probably. doctors say too much sodium can raise a person's blood pressure. researchers believe more data is needed to fully understand how people's genes fully impact how much salt they eat. >> denise: i don't need the test. i have the gene or grew up on a street with the lawsons and they have the chip dip and you have to eat the chips. >> i hike the salt as well. >> denise: coming up at 6:00 thanksgiving dinner and politics.
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5:59 pm
>> romona: knoy at 6:00, a tragic ending in the search for a missing teenager. there are still questions as to what happened. >> mark: plus it's been over the year since the death of a precious baby girl and today charges have been dismissed against a one-time suspect. teachers continue to strike in lewisville. we are live as takes place to push for some sort of resolution. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window, siding and door expert since 1960. >> live from cleveland's newscenter we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: we are monitoring breaking news for you right now. a magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit
6:00 pm
you are looking live pictures there. it triggered a tsunami warning. authorities are advising coastal residents to evacuate immediately to higher ground. we will continue to watch this and bring updates as they come in. >> back in cleveland the weather story never ends with an alert coming this week. jeff tanchak is tracking changes in the first alert weather center. >> jeff: yeah, this alert is mainly for rain and not snow. many of us did see the first snow of the seasons let's get to the headlines. we are dry for now. lake-effect snow machine is turned off. in fact, the clouds are even breaking up. feeling like winter with the wind. it will be a cold evening. dry tomorrow and alert wednesday and could start as a brief period of winter mix and mainly be rain and create wet roads out there. akron-canton. you are down to 29 currently.


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