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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you are looking live pictures there. it triggered a tsunami warning. authorities are advising coastal residents to evacuate immediately to higher ground. we will continue to watch this and bring updates as they come in. >> back in cleveland the weather story never ends with an alert coming this week. jeff tanchak is tracking changes in the first alert weather center. >> jeff: yeah, this alert is mainly for rain and not snow. many of us did see the first snow of the seasons let's get to the headlines. we are dry for now. lake-effect snow machine is turned off. in fact, the clouds are even breaking up. feeling like winter with the wind. it will be a cold evening. dry tomorrow and alert wednesday and could start as a brief period of winter mix and mainly be rain and create wet roads out there. akron-canton. you are down to 29 currently.
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still have the brisk west wind at 22 putting wind chills in the 20s in some cases. feels like 22 wooster and in the canton area. out the door next few hours bundle up. we will drop to the 30s. and 9:00 temp 32 and latest on the next system that could slow down travel wednesday and big travel day of the year. romona? >> romona: all right. a storm dumped 18 inches of snow on parts of the northeast. >> schools and western massachusetts called off or delayed classes. lake-effect snow warnings have been issued for all of central new york and the warnings will be in effect until at least 4 a.m. tomorrow. >> high winds also led to many power outages. >> remember, can you get the forecast for exactly where you are just receive our push alerts there that only effect your location. download the first alert mobile app.
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your pacific area. mark. >> mark: a tragic ending in the search for this missing 16-year-old. police found the body of alexander mullins. the cleveland teen had been missing since the 9th. right now no suspects. catherine bosley getting answers on this case. >> reporter: the teen's body was found in this vacant home off east 54th street no crime tape and looks like they are done here. >> remain. missing persons poster in the slovakia neighborhood where alexander mullins family lives. the pleas for help are still up and there was hope to the very end. >> i prayed every night. >> and i drove around the neighborhood because i live here, too. every person i saw, it isn't him. >> this family that doesn't want
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body was found with a gunshot wound to the test. >> we were told he was jumped and shot in the chest. that's all they was told so far. >> and shannon close to the family. >> it is sad. >> who can take a 16-year-old boy's life for what reason. what did he do to deserve this. >> we are told alexander was last seen walking to his high school specializing in environmental sciences a ways from his home. home was found. >> and his sister amber talked to us by phone in tears saying he was loved by many. >> one neighbor noticed strange activity at this vacant home. we have asked would he have gotten involved with people in trouble. there's a lot of speculations out there. >> on cleveland's east side catherine bosley, cleveland 19.
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missing there were neighborhood searches. the last was saturday and the search came very close to the house where he was found and cut it short when the weather got bad. >> the man who an officer shot was sentenced to three years in prison. louis doss assaulted someone at east 12th and lakeside. cuyahoga county officer stopped to assist and doss lunged at him with a knife. he pleaded guilty. in the death of aavielle wakefield. allison brunner is getting answers as a one-time suspect is set free. >> and we know charges are dropped. five-month-old cleveland girl was shot in the chest sitting in her car with her mom october october 2015. u.s. marshalls arrest holmes. late today a spokesperson for the prosecutor tell us all
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no information is being released at this time. the alleged shooter charles caldwell was arrested in march after turning himself in. getting answers, allison brunner cleveland 19 news. >> the teacher's strike began november 2. >> it is a disaster. >> still no end in sight. >> this is neglecting their well-being. >> tonight, another rally is forming as a labor dispute lingers on. >> we have heard parents concerned s strike began in starke county. shelby miller there to show us what's happening. >> shelby? >> mark, yes. some changes have come about today. the board of education meeting was planned for 6:30 is no longer happening at the constitution center downtown lewisville and this is where they are planning to meet at 6:30 for the rally you mentioned. there are three cars in the parking lot. i spoke to a parent who is here
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constitution center is where they are planning to have a city council meeting today at 7:00 it is at that meeting where they plan to have people from the public come up and speak and voice their concerns. you mentioned this is going on now for weeks since november 2. parents out here and teachers as well really want some answers. there has been a lot we have been covering on this. the strike went out october 21. they knew this was coming. the teachers arein voted against a fact-finding report and simply saying the students and the community and the teachers want more from the board of education and saying education members have not met with them for months now since june. the rally is scheduled for:30 out here. they will be out here. i will update you on facebook and twitter and make sure you stay tuned. we will have more on cleveland 19 news. >> live in lewisville shelby
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>> the ball not free and looks like covered by hargrave for a touchdown and it was. >> romona: oh, my goodness. another week another loss for our browns. we are 0-11. have you heard about this? someone submitted an application with the city to hold a browns 0-16 celebration parade. here is a look at the map. pretty much around firstenergy stadium. the requested date is january januaryth alternate date january 8th. dan deroos is in the answer center getting reaction to this. >> mark nolan made appear observation. looked like a cocktail napkin straight out of a bar after the loss. another debacle. >> why not celebrate perfection if you lose every game and be perfect, you will hold a parade. browns perfect season parade has an event on facebook.
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going. 6700 interested. 3600 committed. they are going and want to see the parade happen. we have not gotten confirmation if the banner will show up. maybe they can parade that around. that's pretty much telling exactly how the season is going. it's been that kind of a season. >> getting answers in the answer center we will have to see. we have a go and see if this parade happens. >> that's so wrong. all right. >> as christmas approaches, what do fans think santa should drop-off at browns stadium. head to cleveland 19 to suggest your ideas. >> mark: that's rough. >> romona: it is. >> mark: sometimes you have to go clean slate, you know. >> it is tough being a browns fan. >> tougher being a quarterback. >> exactly. >> hold onto your hat.
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different check this out. a portion of brecksville road is cavalier way. the mayor held a ceremony. >> we had a ceremony when cleveland courts came up out of the ground at independence and every day anyone who is here on cavalier's way will know champions live here as well. >> romona: that's something we can celebrate. cavalier's way celebrates at rock side clinic courts of course where the team practices. >> single game indians tickets won't be available until early next year. holiday six packs are available now. >> they started -- six pack i perked up? >> romona: yes. >> mark: they include friday, saturday or sunday ticket for the white sox, twins, tigers, blue jays and royals. >> you buy december 23rd and get early access to opening day
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tickets available now. >> and i looked to see if we are talking baseball. public square ice rink opened and slider was part of the festivities. there will be a free skate saturday. tickets are first-come first-serve don't be late. still ahead tonight. the latest as donald trump puts his team together. plus why you may not want to talk about that or any politics during thanksgiving dinner. >> mark: up for local deputies as they try to find family members that will take an urn they found. jeff? >> jeff: quiet weather wise for now. we have an alert wednesday. a huge travel day for winter mix changing to rain. i will bring you details on that coming up. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19
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today, you can click in walk in or call in to the number one care in ohio. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph
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deputies need to return an urn. earlier this month it was discovered in a creek off rural road in belleville. they do know it contains the remains of 11-year-old casey shawm. deputies checked with the coroner's and checked with people with the last name this their community and still no luck. president-elect donald trump is in new york city today. >> mark: he is meeting with potential candidates for among them former massachusetts senator scott brown a potential choice for secretary of veteran's affairs and republican oklahoma governor mary fallen met with president-elect trump a possible pick for interior secretary. >> we discussed a wide range of issues and his plan and agenda for america and how i might be able to help. tomorrow the president-elec& will head to his florida estate for the thanksgiving holiday. the transition team has 4,000 federal jobs to fill before
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mr. trump will take the oath of office in 60 days. >> and with all that's happened this year how do you avoid debate at your thanksgiving dinner. >> jen picciano getting answers on separating politics from time with family and friends. >> reporter: this thanksgiving some will stir the pot with gravy as politics will surely come up at dinner tables. >> i was asked if it hurt if i was a sore loser by grandma. >> and will you be talking politics? >> no. >> because i am still in shock over the election. >> it's something to avoid. >> family counselor says when it is time to set the table over the holiday it is time to set some goals. >> it is their goal to be a peacemaker. is their goal to be kind? is their goal to be generous and their goal to make this a good
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95-years-old. >> she said discuss it ahead of time with spouses and kids old enough to the family dimic and strategize. >> will i get more gravy and pace myself and arrive on the late side not enough to be rude but limit our time. >> and am i going to jump up and help with kids and be careful where i am sitting at the table. >> reporter: now to the don't's preparing a turkey and preparing to visit with extended family wiiv white says don't be the one to start a political conversation. don't drink too much and don't try to change anyone's mind. >> have an ally and exit strategy and focus on similarities. >> you love these people. you might not love them for your political view or religious view but you love them nonetheless. >> this can be tricky because of differences in opinions are intensified as a houseguest or
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there's no reason to escape if your guest room is a couch in the basement. a little tricky. >> romona: i love having an exit strategy. >> some use pets. i have to let the pet out. or a baby if there's a crying tired baby it might be time to leave. >> mark: turn up the volume on the game. >> and use this symbol for turning it up. >> it is like this. >> and your host can help with diversions. play a game,ch help out. lots to do on thanksgiving. >> mark: good call. jeff? >> jeff: all right, guys. let me bring you up to date on this. >> i am getting reports of better news here. again we were monitoring, still are, this major earthquake that happened off the coast of japan northeast of tokyo. still a tsunami warning in effect magnitude 6.9 at 3:00 our time here this afternoon.
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3-foot tsunami. so we will see what happens here. i think the warning is in effect. if something big were to happen we would have heard about it. >> it is looking good off the east coast of japan. lake-effect clouds continue to slowly break up and eventually going partly cloudy around here. future view temps with snow on akron-canton area still inches on the ground and could be spots that drop in the upper teens briefly overnight. by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow we will be in the 30s. another chilly day on the way tomorrow. only 40 degrees or so for the high. the wind will be lighter tomorrow. we will not deal with much of a wind chill out there. all right. details on the next system wednesday. this is 7:00 a.m. some computer
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east starting as a winter mix briefly. and before rain takes over as the afternoon wears on and into wednesday night. winter mix changing to rain is the next alert at 10:00 a.m. and looking mainly afternoon and wednesday night. that could slow down travel out there. >> 27 the low tonight in cleveland partly cloudy. look at akron-canton. you guys drop it to 19 with the lighter w only 40 for the high tomorrow. increasing clouds. it will be dry. 7 a.m. temp 28 noon, 36 and 5:00 37 degrees well in the 20s again tomorrow night. a mix of wind and rain tomorrow 39 and areas of drizzle on thanksgiving and light rain friday, 49 and winter mix rainy saturday and 42. romona? >> romona: all right, jeff. thank you.
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multiple people were killed in a school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. the bus was carrying 35 children ranging in age from kindergarten through fifth grade. it wasn't immediately clear if children were among the dead. news outlets are reporting 12 elementary school kids are deceased. we will have much more on this story. apparently the bus slammed into a tree.
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: what's different about the week 11 report card. at this point only one group to blame. >> i am tempted to blame jimmy haslam but fans are doing that.
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>> besides his ultimate grade can't be given yet. he is locked into the new regime and simply can't blow it up again and easy to grade coaches starting with hue jackson name attached to longest losing streak in browns history and in danger of having a historic 0-16 on his wiki page the rest of his life and playing the hand he is dealt. cody kessler not on the field now. kessler overmatched for many, many reasons. we can getting rid of the ball and not the arm strength and wasn't part of the 2016 plan. guys up front collected enough f's to last a lifetime. they did not blow this group up and one of the top right tackles as well walk away. joe thomas playing in a first ballot hall of fame level for years saying you have to lie in the bed you make including 14
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was noticeable sunday corey coleman pulling this ball down. there are other young guns making an impact including danny shelton coming into his own and returned nastiness when he shoved big ben to the ground. there's only one grade to give. that's the front office and insist the culture changed which is great in meeting rooms and on the field browns look like little kids getting beat up by the continues to be the steelers. long term no way to know if this will work out. short term these coaches set up the players to fail ask only f belongs to the guys upstairs. all right you have my grades. i want yours. find me on facebook and on twitter of course. >> romona: i knew when they started talking analytics. >> trying to figure out what is.
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which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza?. >> jeff: all right. a little chilly tomorrow. 40 the high and rain wednesday. could start out as a brief mix 39. we will keep an eye on that. areas of drizzle, cloudy sky on thanksgiving, 47 the expected high. >> romona: not bad. >> mark: thank you for joining
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>> romona: we hope to see you back here at 11:00 until then
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: breaking news: children have been killed in a school bus crash in tennessee. also tonight, a contender for secretary of homeland security failed to secure his plan to enforce a major trump campaign promise. >> i've got an officer down in from the of headquarters. >> pelley: the manhunt for a cop killer. and one of the most dangerous places to be this holiday season. >> how well do you think people drive in parking lots? >> not very well at all. i think it's cut-throat. >> this is this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. scott pelley is reporting tonight from phoenix, arizona. >> pelley: we begin tonight


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