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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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away from our cameras. it could be a wild night at brook park city hall, the first council meeting since julianne mccormick was arrested for shoplifting. >> romona: some wanted her to resign because of that. in advance of the meeting, a startling discovery. she is not the only person in trouble with the law. >> reporter: what in the wild, wild world of pocs on bpal book park. >> a lady was trying to push a full cart of items out of the entrance. she had two tv's. i noticed that because one fell out of the bottom of the cart when they were trying to stop the cart. >> reporter: that is not all. kids clothes, jeans, lounge pants, a- line dress.
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finance city and unpaid property taxes and convicted of not paying her city taxes. >> we are on a payment plan. it is being tape care of. >> reporter: county records show some payments have been mate and a $3,500 balance remains. >> mccormick is not the only councilmember on the police blotter. and last year he was convicted for pushing down lady and fined $750 and ordered to anger management. >> good morning, can we talk to you real quick? >> no. >> reporter: why? >> he is in trouble again. last month he was cited for interfering with police in emergency and disorderly conduct. >> get out of my yard. >> reporter: can we talk to you by your citation. >> why? >> reporter: i am interested in it. >> we are advised the special caucus meeting is not next order of business for this council.
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council meeting the president turned the sound system off after a contentious debate and later approached the man and demand he stop broadcasting. >> you continue to live stream you are doing it without my permission. >> council president in? >> no, he's not. >> in an e-mail he says mccormick has the presumption of innocence and deserves her day in court. >> reporter: getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> romona: she is you rocky river next week and no appearance is set for troyer in berea. in the first alert weather center clouds cleared out and usually bad news overnight. right? >> jeff: we could drop depending what the cloud cover does with the next system tomorrow. it looks mainly rain for us at this moment. wet roads will be developing. look at the current numbers. 31 warren. 32 ashtabula. it will be a cold night and the
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that's one of the reasons temperatures will drop eventually and go in the upper 20s. 8:00, 9:00 and high clouds in place. cold night and dry. rain developing in the afternoon and more so tomorrow night when the steadiest rain will be around with this system. getting into thanksgiving it will diminish to a drizzle. not looking for steady rain there. a lot of cloud cover and on the raw side. we have more light rain on the way for black friday. i will have the later in the half hour. mark. >> mark: jeff, thanks. remember you can receive push alerts for your holiday plans. download the first alert mobile app and get information that effects your specific area. >> romona: police arrested a bus driver amid suspicions he crashed a bus on purpose. five children died. it was breaking news last night at 6:00 out of chattanooga, tennessee. 35 elementary school children were inside the bus.
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homicide and say he was driving well above the 30 mile per hour speed limit. >> mark: today we hear from a father after the search for his missing son came to a tragic ending. he tells us his thoughts about who may be responsible. >> my gut tells me he is a child. sad for him and what family he does have. i am sad for the adults in slovakia village for not guiding him when he was smaller to become a better adult in this community. >> mark: 16-year-old alex mullins was found shot to death in a vacant home sunday. he was reported missing 10 days earlier. >> he and family members combed through vacant homes in slovakia village and still no arrests. >> romona: today candles and signs are piling up outside the quick food mart on east
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tried to slap the gun away from a man robbing the store. cleveland police are looking for the killer who leaves behind six children. today a father pleaded guilty after leading police on a chase with his abducted daughter in the car. in september william roberts took the 15-year-old from the brunswick k- mart. she is in poster care. a statewide amber alert was issued and police caught them until north field. roberts is a convicted sex fe in january. >> mark: a heartbreaking story in cleveland as a 4-year-old boy tried to save his father's life. he called his mom from a spring road apartment when his dad would not wake up and she called 911. officers found the man dead from a drug overdose and police used narcan to save the same man two days ago. as that story illustrates, the drug problem in our area continues to grow. as lacy crisp explains first
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themselves. >> reporter: if you ask lake county sheriff dan dunlap how the war on drugs is going. . >> we had numerous overdoses in one of our townships a week or so ago. it is bad, bad stuff. >> reporter: he will tell you it's got tone the point -- >> it is powerful and kills people. >> reporter: now he is not concerned about those doing drugs. >> chemicals coming up every day that seems to get stronger and strong aerosol he is concerned for his deputies as >> so potent they can be transdermally brought into your body brought in through your skin. >> the sheriff explains drugs are so strong breathing in the air where drugs are present or seeping through deputy's skin can be dangerous. >> it can quickly make someone ill and put them in a stupor and powerful as this stuff is, it can arrest your system. >> reporter: he equipped all his deputies with a toolkit,
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coming on the advice of attorney general and other experts. >> it is a sorry state people will put this in their bodies and also subjecting law enforcement and fire service personnel and others. >> reporter: getting answers in lake county lacy crisp cleveland 19 news. >> mark: lacy, thank you. cleveland 19 is trying to help you spot the signs of heroin and opioid abuse. we have information on click on spot the signs tab under health news. >> romona: black friday is almost h their holiday shopping on-line. dan deroos is in the answer center with the numbers. >> dan: getting answers on how many people plan to shop. it is getting fewer and fewer. people willing to brave the crowds. let's look at the numbers. a recent survey by bank and 23% said they plan to shop friday down from the same survey conducted last year from 28%,
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kind of shopping at all this entire weekend. but there is, we are seeing some spending going on. the people shopping are spend ago lot of money. the average person who plans to shop black friday will spend $521 and cyber money $372. some stores may want to rethink being open on thanksgiving. look at these low numbers. just 15% of people say yes they would be willing to go into a store o will. and 15% said they would shop on-line. a lot of different trends we are seeing and on-line will be a huge trend this year as we see the black friday start to fall off even more. people are getting the same deals and maybe even better deals when they shop on-line thursday night, friday, saturday and sunday and even on monday. >> getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, romona, back to you. >> romona: i love black friday and i like to go later in the
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>> romona: picked through a lot. it seems every year a toy that every child wants to find under the christmas tree. >> mark: this year hatchimals are all the rage. we are giving you a chance to win one free. go to the app and click on contest. fill out the entry form. it is that easy. easy easy lemon squeezey it says right here. >> tune in tomorro 6:00 where we will announce the winner for you. >> romona: that's a popular toy. >> i wanted a lone ranger action figure when i was a kid. >> romona: did you get one? >> mark: i did. >> romona: i wanted a barbie. i didn't get one. >> i wanted the sympathy. thank you. >> you got it. >> now look at this. >> thousands of twinkling lights and more than 100 trees are at the jack cleveland casino. visitors will enjoy 6,000 feet
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holidays at higbee. this year the theme ties in with the name of the casino. it is jack frost. carl monday joins us next. he gets results after an investigation into police officers parking in handicapped spaces. >> romona: a local sheriff on the other side of the law. today pleading guilty in court. >> jeff: i have the details on tomorrow afternoon. the alert for rain into tomorrow night. details when i come back. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: cleveland police have been put on notice. no more parking in handicapped zones at the justice center. >> the order follows carl monday investigation. carl, this sounds like a victory for drivers with disabilities. we saw safety vehicles routinely taking their spaces.
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outside the justice center. the order comes from the police chief himself and includes every member of the police department. a memo from police chief calvin williams. members of the police department shall not part on the sidewalk or area around the justice is from. the city gave us the memo today and it was issued two weeks ago after airing our story that showed day after day police cars showing government vehicles ignoring handicapped parking signs at the jc and no one was ticketed. that's now changed. the chief warns anyone in violation will be towed and police-involved could face disciplinary action. the memo doesn't say and it is safe to assume it extends to any government vehicle parked illegally suburban police officers have been disciplined. of course the order does not involve safety vehicles there to answer an emergency call. >> getting answers carl monday, cleveland 19.
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the suspended sandusky county sheriff pleaded guilty to 14 of 43 counts against him. kyle obermeyer will be sentenced next month for the theft of a dangerous drug, theft in office and tampering with records. he lost re-election this month. the investigation began after police chiefs raised concerns about obermeyer's behavior handling prescription drug disposal. all roads are back open in warrensville heights aft southbound at the miles road exit. construction crews at a gas line on miles road has been repaired. >> pretty busy area. >> romona: good news for the drivers out there. >> mark: holy cow. >> romona: it is, as we head into thanksgiving not a bad week. >> mark: could be worse. we have seen worse, jeff? >> jeff: we'll get some rain in here tomorrow. later on in the day here. it is this system.
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around minneapolis. there could be flight delays there with a little bit of snow mixing with sleet. it will mainly be rain for us here. clouds will continue to increase. there's the alert for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. i have it starting at 1:00. looks like steadiest rain will be tomorrow night and around here, that could slow things down a little bit for you. here is how it looks on future view. morning commute fine in the 20s i think. a lot o to the day. this is the latest run on future view. it does indicate a brief period of some sleet. perhaps a wet snowflake sandusky over by toledo. by the time it reaches toledo, the alert starts and mainly rain and light rain to start. tomorrow night here is 6:00 looks like temps could be
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steadier rain and don't drop much in temperature there. >> high and mid level clouds and us dropping to it 22. i will watch cloud cover closely tonight to see how low we do get. >> 19 akron-canton and cloudy all over the place and afternoon light rain. 47 for the high. 28 at 8:00 a.m. 38 at 11:00 and looks like low 40s by late day with the light rain. akron-canton about 42 for high with afternoon light rain. better opportunity tomorrow night. on thanksgiving it will be areas of drizzle and quite a bit of cloud cover here, 46. light rain friday for the black friday shoppers. 48. and a winter mix. rain, sleet, snow saturday 41 and sunday looking good for the browns game. here is sports. now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on
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>> tuesday night michigan week in columbus means one thing. with man made pond drained and fenced off, another more recent tradition dominating the maze in blue. bucks won 11 of 12 in the rivalry 42 of the 13 drubbing and welcome to the rivalry. this year more evenly matched. number 2 versus number 3 urban meyer not taking it lightly. >> one thing to count on, the team having really, really good players. i don't know if i have ever seen them. and involved watching from afar. they are great players. >> the differences. 47 seniors and something, some crazy number. these guys have been here awhile and grown men playing awhile. very good team and talented. has the gap closed and i don't know if i have ever considered a gap. i look at the two teams. if there is.
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some going in the opposite direction. notre dame. the clock ticking on brian kelly. the school forced to vacate victories due to academic misconduct. you can combine that with the irish dismal season 4-7 and won't be eligible for a bowl game. >> we will appeal this. one of the options or clear reasons for appeal is that the discretion. we believe we have, you know, obviously grounds there. >> good luck with that. >> so much giving all over cleveland with teams, including browns greater food bank and current and former members preparing thanksgiving meals and staffers sent to local shelters across the area. 1400 pounds of food collected at the stadium sunday. good job. don't forget this sunday be
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welcome. a special tribute for a legendary cleveland broadcaster weatherman dick goddard is giving his final forecast on fox 8 news. many of us here at cleveland 19 do k >> romona: some of us have even worked with him. tonight we offer our retirement well wishes to him. >> jeff: there will never, ever be another dick goddard in this area, ever. i continue to have the utmost respect for you today. congratulations on your retirement my friend and
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for 55 years. we are all going to miss you. >> congratulations dick goddard on your retirement. enjoy everything. thank you for everything you have done for our four-legged friends. >> when i started at the nbc affiliate across town 23 years ago. i had a friend that worked at channel 8 and she invited me to come over and walked around with her. you knew m like a peer. you are truly peerless. thank you for your generosity. >> i think i was 12 when i started working with dick goddard. you are the finest human beings i know, not in the business but in general. people know your kindness towards animals and don't know what happens behind-the-scenes and carry out spiders outside to save them from being squished
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packed under your desk and every night when you leave work i know you would feed the strays. the folks over there will have big shoes to fill and pick up where you are leaving off. i wish you rest and continued good health and i love you, my friend. congratulations. >> here's to a legendary tv career and just as big in the community. congratulations mr. goddard, you are a first ballot hall of famer. >> romona: i want congratulate you on your retirement and soldier and i want to thank you for your fight for animal rights and it is so important we take care of our fluffy ones. thank you and enjoy your retirement. good luck to you. >> mark: there you go. >> romona: 55 years. what a feat. >> mark: can't do anything for 55 years let alone survive in this business. but he did it.
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>> romona: thank you for
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>> jeff: afternoon rain will be developing especially tomorrow night and then on thanksgiving 46. areas of drizzle. light rain on black friday. my final forecast at 6:00 goes
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>> mark: a legend.
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