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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> and good evening. i'm lydia esparra. if you missed the ohio state and michigan game, this was a good one. this kept the fans on the edge of their seats, screaming at the television for most of the game. mark schwab has the and, man, this really was a nail biter. >> this was an all-timer. it really was. and it is easy to get these big games and say oh, it was great. it was amazing. you always want a great game and we got one today. 2006 has always been the standard bearer for this rivalry. today's game probably topped that. it was just unreal. go to the highlights, this game
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respond, fourth and goal, buckeyes win the game if they get a p do. they couldn't. carbo with a great diving catch. extra point even at 24. after a michigan field goal, fourth and one for the buckeyes they pass on the field goal and go for it, buckeyes get the first down, harboro said no. but the officials reviewed it. he got it. that set up curtis samuel for the game-winning touchdown. 30-27, the final. it is absolutely impossible to try to sum this game up in 30 seconds i could be here all night. tony zarrella was there for the latest and greatest versions of the game we have ever seen. >> [screaming] >> how incredible is that? it is only fitting that that is how this game would end. the ultimate rivalry, the ultimate second overtime, and the buckeyes scoring and keeping
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myer deciding go for it on the crucial fourth and 1, and it pays off. as the buckeyes put away that team up north once again. >> i have been part of some crazy football games here. i went to no. 1. yeah, i'm just really thankful, honestly. grateful for the -- god blessed me with all these blessings and then happy for our fans. i think buckeye nation, to have happy we were able to go and win for the team and buckeye nation. >> my team, we fought i. was a long game, a hard game. great blocking by the running back, great blocking by the lunmen and by receivers and that play when it happened. >> you can't ask for better efforts from both, they have great players, we have great players. they are a very well coached team and so are we. it is good for the cunry to see
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>> after the conversion, irving myer said it was in front of me and observe obvious down. jim harboro said it wasn't even close and i'm bitterly opposed to the officiating. the buckeyes beat the team up north once again. at the shoe, i'm tony zarrella, cleveland 19 news. >> thank you, tony. we will heach from coach harboro later in sports complain about the first down call and some passing interference and false starts,om sideline penalty, complained about holding. the guy complained about 8 plays. >> it doesn't matter. he still lost. he got the l. on the loss there. >> it is. exactly. >> all right. thank you, mark. heading to the weather, weather-wise, it was a great day for football game. and beth, did we have to look forward to better weather tomorrow for the browns game? >> yeah, i think take the opportunity to just show you a little bit of our cleveland 19
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there you go. once you download it, it is a free download, first of all. it is supersimple to walk you through. i is 41 degrees currently with an overcast sky. we will check doppler max, which is still one of my favorite parts about our first alert weather app. it is so easy to use. look at this. there is nothing out there but a bunch of clouds. nearest snow well off to the east, thankfully. right? now go ahead and take it, tomorrow is going to be a beautiful football day. brisk, think of it as the late fall perfect day, near 50 degrees although the wind chill will be there, even though the wind are coming out of the south. a couple degrees cooler, is how it is going to feel. a little on the breezy side, with winds gusting along the lake shore where the wind are gusting right now. that will start dying down. but, tomorrow, the precipitation? well, that is easy to take. nothing. we will be dry tomorrow. which is perfect for the kick off at 1:00, but 46 degrees.
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shake off more clouds in the second half and it will be at 48. nearly 50 degrees, you need your sunglasses tomorrow but it will be a little on the brisk side. you will need to definitely bundle up. so, another beautiful football day and we are winning on our sunday, right? at least in the weather department. we are flirting with the mid 60s in the middle of the week, coming up, lydia, i will sew you the pick day of the week. kind of important, isn't it? >> it sure is, thank you, beth. in other news, president obama said the united states i extending a hand of friendship to the cuban people following the death of fidel castro. err roll burnett is getting answers from washington, dc. >> it has first t.v. interview on cbs back in 1959, fidel castro predicted cuba would have open elections after its u.s. backed dictator was overflown. but instead cuba has had more than five decades of communist rule and clamp downs on dissidents.
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statement. the relationship between the united states and due bah was marked by discord and profound political disagreements. during my presidency, we have worked hard to put the past behind us. mr. obama's easing of travel restrictions and re-establishment of diplomatic ties were done through executive order, which the next president could reverse. candidate trump criticized the president's actions. said his administration will do all it can to ensure the cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty. it has been just over a year since the cuban flag began flying once again outside the cuban embassy here in washington. diplomats will be listening close loy to president elect's trump's words to see where the u.s. of u.s. and cuba goes from here. today mr. trump said he joins cueban americans in the hopes of
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err roll barnett (^) cbs news washington. >> meanwhile, cuban americans around the country have been reacting to the death of fidel castro, one of them, my friend peter valdez. he and his family went to cuba for the first time and he was greeted with relativetives warmly and toured the country and saw dilapidated homes and witnessed starvation of the people and blames castro and his family and sees very little changing. >> we still have raoul, so who knows. what about the power structure that is the castro regime, will other people be willing in his regime, will they be willing to give up the power as easily, you know? they say power corrupts. we will see. i am -- i am cautiously fearful
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time. >> peter says the castros kept the people poor while they are worth billions of dollars. back here at home, the cuyahoga medical examiner identified the victimming of a shooting and car crash on i-90 last year. 24 year old jamal green was driving down i-90 west with another passenger when another vehicle pulled up alongside and opened fire. green was struck in thetorso and his car veered off the road, crossed traffic and struck a utility pole and crashed through the fence airport. green and his passenger were taken to metro but green died at the hospital. his passenger took off before speaking with police. he has not been located and there are no suspects in custody. today in shaker heights, there was a series of daytime burglaries on ronsdale area. the suspects used force to enter through a door and stole jewelry and other personal items from the pem's poems. investigators are looking at evidence that could help them
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asking people to keep their doorz closed and contact them if they see anything suspicious. bis leaders and police in cleveland heatings checking surveillance video trying to figure out who is responsible for hitting a 10 year-old on lee road and fleeing the scene. here is bill safos with the search for answers. who was behind the wheel of this conflict of interest her pt cruiser when it hit a 10 year-old boy in cleveland heights. police have yet to release the victim's name but say the boy and his 12 year-old brother were crossing here at lee road when he was hit just after 5:30 in the evening this past wednesday. the driver fled the scene. >> it is the worst thing you can do with your car. it is terrible. >> turn yourself in. residents are worried about the boy who has head and neck injuries, but police want the
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should be thinking a bout this is. >> going to jail. >> turning himself in. a rk though this happened on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving, police have yet to catch the driver but they say it shouldn't be long because there are plenty of surveillance cameras around and one caught a picture of the suspects car. i hope he comes forward and i think they will catch him because they usually do. >> it is not just community traffic cameras police are looking at but they want to see any other pictures or surveillance video that is out th residents are cooperating, but so far, the missing piece to this puzzle, who did it? has yet to be found. and detectives expect that will change soon. getting answers, in cleveland height, bill safos, cleveland 19. >> now f you know where a red pp.t. cruiser with recent front end damage, police in cleveland lights want to hear from you. christmas is here in cleveland. the tree is lit on public square and our shanice dunning was
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awesome celebration coming up next. >> yeah, today was just a little chilly out there. but take a look. we are still cloudy. we tapped out at 46. but how about the 50s for a high temperature? and how about some 60s? it is in our short term forecast, i will show you the next couple days coming up. >> >>
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live from cleveland's news sent, driven by don joseph toyota in canton, this is cleveland 19 news. >> welcome back. winter fest 2016 took over public square tonight and our very own mark nolan cohosted the event. last year winter fest took place at play mouthhouse square and
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as the new site. >> they say it is all about location and this year happening in the the new winter square made all the difference. people i spoke to said the new layout gave a different feel to an event they look forward to every year. >> for many this is about making traditions. winter fest provided out opportunity for the hundreds who came to the event. >> this is something we have been doing for the last couple year, coming out and enjoy, celebrating, getting in the clits mass spirit. >> the christmas tree is always a crowd favorite. what many raved about is the public square and how the new layout added to to the feeling of the evening. >> this is way better. >> we love it down here. what is not to love about free ice skating that was offered all day here at the rink? >> there was fun for all ages and more memories made for years to come.
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upcoming new year. and the downtown cleveland alliance tweeted out tonight there are over 300,000 lights up and around public square, just in time for the holiday season. reporting in downtown cleveland, shanice dun, cleveland 19 news. >> then, to a familiar sound of the holiday, the settle evaluation army officially kicked off the red kettle campaign today. the kettle program is the salvation army's biggest fund raiser of the year. they helped to raise $722,000 ri programs throughout the year. and both occasions, wonderful weather. >> you know what, it i really was i. was cold but it is supposed to be. tomorrow is cold. it is about -- >> but it is dry. >> we get some sunshine tomorrow. >> did you see the sunshine this morning? >> i did. it was awesome. >> if you were on the west side, a little bit, just enough to give you hope. but tomorrow is going to be a beautiful fall day. there you go. there is the look from a viewer who sent us this picture of winter fest, this is from
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now, most people are gone, but in case you are heading out it will be cold overnight, little on the breezy side. mostly cloudy skies, we will start breaking up the cloud cover a little bit, a little bit of a wind chill out there. of all the next problems will come monday night. our first alert outlook really not monday, so i'm not going to put a red box up and say oh my goodness, monday. it is really monday night to tuesday morning. and it is going to deal with rain and maybe some straight line winds. can be a little breezy at that point. but, the ponding on the roads. the good news sit will be warming up. we don't have to worry about rain and snow transitioning, wintry mix. nothing. even astabula, who did see the last part of the rain, they are even starting to dry up. cloud cover-wise, you can just start to see here comes some of the clearing out towards norwalk and you can tell it is during the 9:00 hour, the clearing was at lima ohio. i is slowly going to start revealing a mostly cloudy start
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ultimately, mostly clear skies by tend of it. by monday, what happens is there is low pressure system that is going to actually drag across the top and what ends up happening is it brings all this energy up from the south. that means the warm, moist air from the gulf kind of like in the summertime. and with that, our temperatures are going to rise. the humidity levels are going to rise. that you will notice. but it is going to bring a lot of rain showers. the rain when you wake up on monday, actually, is going to be close so, it is just going to take a good part of the day to get it to us. so, future view, for tomorrow, well, we actually end up in the 40s to get you going by about 10:00. 2:00, game time? 47 degrees. the wind chill will make it seem a couple degrees off from the numbers. tomorrow, until the sun gets going, i think we might see a couple 50s out there. it just wasn't brave enough to put that out for my overall high temperature for the day. by 7:00, we are back down in the 30, pretty standard stuff for
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monday, we get going with cloud cover around. but look at this, by 11 a.m., we are in the mid 40s. we start getting the push of warm air, and that is going to bring in the rain as well. by about 7:00, but you can see we are definitely temperature-wise, we are doing the 50s for our monday, but look at tuesday. temperatures are going up tuesday night, that is when we get the heaviest rain. and then by tuesday morning, we start off in the mid 50s. well above average. and many areas will be into the low-to-mid 60s on tuesday. looking very pleasant. so, 34 tonight. akron, canton, worcester, at the freezing mark, maybe a little below in worcester. mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, we will start off with that cloud cover hanging around. i don't expect to make it to 50, but at least the sunshine is going to make you feel a little bit better. the winds out of the south, 5-12 miles per hour. that is important for anyone going to the browns game. and the sunshine is just going to make things seem a little bit brighter. kick off time, temperature right
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it is going to be brisk, even though the sun is going to be out out. you need to wear a lot of layers to do better. ooze we get to tuesday at the 65 degrees, the next system comes through on wednesday. we are still at 60 degrees for the daytime highs. thursday, cold front comes through. there goes the heat, lydia. but at least we start driving things out as we head towards next weekend-all right. thank you, beth. coming up next in sports, mark is back. with all the celebrations from
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now, this is the ser opinion tiny chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> hoo, what a game, what a game, what a game! you can say that because ohio state won. it would have been terrible if they lost they won in one of the biggest nail biters we would have seen. pick up in the third, a fake punt o buckeyes deep in their own territory, a fake punt. cameron johnston comes up short. the ball at the 222-yard line, kahlid hill, and it was 17-7 michigan but the buckeyes rip off 10 street, this field goal tied at less than 10 seconds left going to overtime. we where j.t. barrett put them up top. 24-17 with this touchdown, however, michigan would respond. they got a touchdown then a
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this fourth down conversion, no field goal, they go for it on fourth down. gym harbaugh said they didn't get it, the officials said i reviewed it, it was a first down and that set up curtis samuel, left side, going inf, touchdown, ohio state wins it 0-27. afterwards, jim harboro blamed the officials (^). >> i'm bitterly disappointed with te with the officiating today. interference with penalty, one not called on us, clearly was being grilled before the hook got there and the previous penalty they called at delano hill the bulls uncatchable and by the receiver. two penalties called all day, multiple holding penalties let go, multiple false starts, what a winier. for more on this classic including reaction from the
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let's go to sports director tony zarrella in oh high for the game. >> after this, irving myer call it an instant classic and if you look at the two overtimes and the way it played out it is one of the greatest games in rivalries but if you look at the first half and sloppy mistakes and the time it took for the buckeyes offense to get it rolling to day, well it was not their finest four hours. that said, after the game, because of the way it played ending and have a little fun. >> on the last play we ran a stretch stretch to the left, 29 lead is the call and curtis scored. any more questions about the fake punt, it was an emotion we tightened across, we expect them to bare defense and pressure and left tackle, did a nice job sealing it and curtis scored.
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stake. reason trust me with the ball in my hands and knew i can make a play, so, you know, flat down the line, we got down the line, great guys and belongers and they filled up and they made it easy for me. all i have do is turn it on in the end zone. >> right after the game i believe you were on the turf, somebody helped you up and someone carried you off? >> i don't do you remember anything from after the game? >> yeah, curtis scored. >> second half, i mean, it was defense doing their job, we have to do ours. let's go out there and do our part. they were doing everything they were prepared for. it is going out there to execute that. >> how you feeling? >> curtis. one of the best if not the best in the nation.
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>> a weird life, man. >> an incredible ending to yet another phenomenal game in the series and with that, the buckeyes roll on and the michigan wolverine, we will see. at the shoe, i'm tony zarrella, cleveland 19 news. >> thank you, tony. curtis? purchase i know. >> penn state won against michigan state so they will go to the big 10 title game to play wisconsin, ohio state many expect to get into the playoffs without winning the all right. thank you, mark.
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so nice weather tomorrow, are we looking for a browns win tomorrow? >> you know what, we are winning in the weather department, so why not? right? come op! >> you are so positive, beth. >> mark is doubled over laughing at me right now. hey, don't forget. tailgate show starts today at 11:00, i will be out talking to the tailgaters and we will win, mark. you will see near 50 degrees, more sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. next spot of rain comes in monday night, about 7 p.m. for the greater cleveland area. we get soaked monday night into tuesday. but tuesday at least we are in the 60s. hair is going to frizz. we have humidity out there. but not a bad week considering it is the first part of december. >> thank you, beth. thank you for injob experiencing
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