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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  November 28, 2016 1:35am-2:05am EST

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i've got an uncle, franz van impe who here with my dad. he didn't have enough money on which to live, went back to belgium and looked for a belgian girl to marry. and guess what? hitler moved across the world, slaughtered six million jews. that man is probably in the deepest part of hell now burning forever because that's what hell is all about. but you know what? a roman catholic priest wrote and said to my father, i was with your brother in the concentration camp and saw him beheaded by the nazis. but he prayed the prayer with me. praise the lord... franz van impe. oh jack, that's a wonderful thing you know that he was there with your uncle. yes, he loved the jews too. yes he did. well you know something that we have to recognize right now and trump's going to try and stop what i'm going to be talking about here, but this is what one
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say, you can't stop 'em all. washington, d.c. is no less vulnerable to a terrorist attack than any other city and that's the problem. well you know we do have a problem and it's not just the brotherhood or isis. now our president said that isis is the terrorist organization. well jack there are many organizations out there that are terrorist, right? they don't believe what our present president has to say. most of the time he's totall favor of islam and that crowd and has very little respect for america: yes, and he was elected president. i've got a sheet now that i'm going to get into your hands very soon, 100 blasphemous things that obama has done to hurt the united states of america and over 50 what
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ministers, everything. military are not allowed to have bibles in their rooms. god help this man. and franklin graham, billy's son said the muslims have had control, freedom to do what they want, at the white house, but usually the christians are banned. now just one group: and he says well they're not even muslims these guys. listen to me we have isis, al qaeda, the brotherhood, boko haram, hamas, hezbollah, iran, iraq, shiites, sunnis, and the uighurs of china, 10 million. they have slaughtered 300 million christians and they want to kill all the jews. well you know jack i don't think that we're to the bottom of
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why hillary lost the election and she's given many reasons of her own too. take a look at this one. it kind of was a surprise on the week magazine. could comey's last minute email announcement cost clinton the election. well she says, look at her, you did it. going on: the wall street journal, the origins of the trump revolution. we are having a revolution. well a few called what the outcome was really going to be. and candidate tapped into supporters' desire for change. now we mentioned this right up front on the program. we want so many things changed economically and so many other ways. and then trump's secret weapon. not to take away from the gop victory, but this was a rejection of obama's governing. and election result hurts obama's legacy. now you know jack i'm going to come to you and i
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that election and he has a plan. and i believe god ordained this so that he could change america and bring us back to where we should be. oh man you're going to hear the most exciting thing you've ever heard. we say the lord's prayer, our father who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. th what's happened. god allowed trump to get to where he is. he'd been planning about it for years. he couldn't take it when romney tried. and finally he said how much will it cost. they said about $80 million. he said i'm going to do it the next time. and i was amazed when they were having these things about debates, and on that last one they said now you better tell her that you believe she's going to believe that president.
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he said, no i won't until i see it because i think i'm going to be president and he meant it. right boy, i'm a lot like him. when i get my mind made up i do it. now thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven...last night around midnight i was reading my magazine, the jerusalem post, and man i just started to shake. and i started to say praise the lord. why? i've studied it for 70 years. i've got 144,000 hours of research in and on the prophecies. and i'm going to tell you something. in the jerusalem post it mentioned the final thing that's to happen before jesus returns to the earth. not the rapture. that's before that. i'm talking about the final thing. i've said this many times now the last few weeks.
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jesus and said what's the sign of your coming? jesus said in that 24th chapter verse 32; learn a parable of the fig tree. then his branch is yet tender and bringth forth leaves you know that my coming is near. who is the fig tree? joel 1:7 and hosea 9:10, israel! no one else, and that's the jewish people. well how can that be the great sign? the bible teaches that armageddon is coming, revelation 16:16 and it's going to be fought over israel. the romans took the jews out of that land 2,000 years ago and they returned in 1948. amen!
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a few years later, they captured jerusalem. jesus said when you see a place called israel and the jews living there once again like they did 2,000 years ago and they captured jerusalem that's it! that's what happens just before i come at the rapture. now the rapture is when we christians are snatched away, but that isn't the fulfillment of the sign yet. you're really going to get excited here. and this is i thessalonians 4:16-18, the lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, with the trumpet of god and the dead in christ shall rise first. they're coming out of the graves. then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them, the dead, to meet christ in the air, and so
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from that hour on we're with him eternally. now we're only there for seven years while the rewards are passed out and the tribulation period is going here on earth, revelation 7:14. then he comes back with the hosts of heaven. he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him, revelation 1:7. the rapture has already occurred. these are the raptured returning. why? to set up his kingdom: thy kingdom, thyl earth as it is in heaven. amen. it's here ladies and gentlemen and philippians 2:10 says at that time the name of jesus every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess that jesus christ is lord from god of heaven and earth. now are you listening? when this thing happens
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couldn't do it 'til '48, there were no jews there and it's over jerusalem. oh this is exciting. world war iii, armageddon, is when they attack israel. there was no israel to attack for all those centuries, 2,000 years and then they came back. eighteen times that's the battlefield and it's described in revelation 9:14-18, loose the four demons in the great river euphrates to slay a third part of mankind. and the number of the army was 200 thousand thousand, 200 million, and by these three was the third part of men killed, that final verse there, 18, atomic warfare. everyone was saying it will be within months. god through trump has just given us an extension of time.
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of israel and said i am going to see that you folks get jerusalem. you've been fighting for it. hezbollah, these groups, tried to stop you. i'm going to stand with you. you're going to take over jerusalem once again and soon and i'll take care of the other crowd. praise the lord we've got more time. jesus is about to come. at that timee people from heaven, revelation 1:7, the lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints and sets up his kingdom where? it is called the new jerusalem in revelation 3:12. and guess what? it's built over the old jerusalem because the jew now holds it. hallelujah! the final sign is here. and god's called this prophet to tell you to prepare to meet your god because we're going to see
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you know what jack? i think we've got some people out there and they're saying, where does he get all of his information? from the offer, we've got a great offer and it is his... the prophecy bible. that's where he gets all his information. oh please take a look at our promo right now. presenting the third edition of the jack van impe prophecy bible, this beautiful, burgundy, leather-bound edition has been created exclusively for the friends of jack van impe dr. van impe has highlighted all 10,385 prophetic verses and coded each passage in the margins so you will know at a glance the event to which the prophecy refers. the jack van impe prophecy bible, king james version, features the words of christ in red and includes the program dr. van impe used to categorize and memorize over 15,000 verses of scripture. also contained in the pages of this outstanding third edition are three books by dr. van impe,
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prophecy, revelation revealed, verse by verse, and daniel: final end-time mysteries unsealed, also verse by verse. this special bible would make a great gift for any occasion. oh yes how we love the word of god and jack has done something very unusual...a complete guide to every prophecy verse in the bible. i'm going to be enclosing this with your order. there's the 800 number and there's the address. please make the call right away. do you want to know the answers? all in here, the answers to our problems and the answer to how you can have peace in your heart. so make the call. i'll enclose this with your order. now you know friends there is one more headline i'd really like for you to see. we're going to go very quickly to jack on this. take a look: usa today...after divisive election, how to heal the nation. now, now friends, jack has his bible open.
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jack? oh i love this. ii chronicles 7:14, if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will i hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. it's that simple. oh beautiful. i love it jack! well you know friends this brings me to why we are we want you to be ready for the return that jack just talked about. the lord could come at any moment. are you ready? have you asked jesus to come into your heart? have you asked him to be your savior? this is why he came. he wants to be your savior. you know so many of us are walking the wrong path right now. jack and i were talking about that this morning.
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and murder, my oh my, i've never heard of so many murders in my life as here in the united states. oh i trust that whatever is in your life you know jesus will wash away with his blood. will you pray this prayer with jack please and ask him to be your savior? jack. you already heard it, if they turn from their wicked ways. let's do it right now. god will forgive every sin. high all the time, you get high on liquor, you run to the brothels and the whorehouses, you commit every sexual sin there is...on and on and on. he says if you'll turn from your wicked ways i'll forgive you. the blood of jesus cleanses from all sin. yours too, but you've
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father, thank you for sending jesus. his precious blood was shed for my sin and now lord i am sorry. i ask for forgiveness and cleansing and washing through your precious blood jesus. come into my heart. i want to be born again. come now, jesus. save me. i pray it in your holy name. amen. amen! isn't it wonderful to know it's all gone and jesus they said in the bible, i will never remember your sin again. not only forgiven, i'll never remember it. so please let me know. there's my address. i'll send you this wonderful little booklet, first steps in a new direction. you can walk that new direction because the lord is in your heart. now friends, whoo, we're talking about the bible and oh i love the offer of the week and you know what?
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along with your order this wonderful prophecy verse by verse booklet. here's chuck to tell you how you can receive it. chuck. thank you rexella. my friend, to order your prophecy bible, and my what a treasure it is, have your credit card ready and call toll-free 24 hours a day, 1-800-jvi-7777. to order by mail in the u.s., send your donation of $59.95 to jack van impe ministries, box 7004, troy, michigan 48007. in canada, send your donation of $59.95, to jack van impe ministries of canada, box 1717, postal station a, windsor, ontario n9a 6y1. now back to rexella. thank you so very much chuck. don't put it off because it certainly will help you to understand what's going on in the world and like i keep
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verse in the bible. jack did a lot of work on this and with your order i'll be enclosing this also. oh we're talking a lot about the bible. oh i love the bible. listen to this wonderful closing thought: opening your bible can be a real eye opener. i've used that before but it applies so much today. and i always love to end our program by saying god cares for you and so do we so very, very much. we'll look forward to being in your home again next week. may god bless you, may god bless you with his wonderful love and care.
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>> dickerson: welcome back t face the nation i'm john dickerson. and we continue ou conversations with people a grateful f icludin20 teacher of haye you wetalking abou student before. and you said there is n bef to anyone ifstud achieve higrades if they have n desire o knowledge of how t hel other what does th mea >> i man thi that t purpose of education i m than jusaduati suden who ggo grades i thin the need compelled to help o i the communities and improve socie and that i h focus
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connected to the communities improve the places the li t use what they hav learn i school t he ou and i thinth i w a teachers should do th student shou kno tha it i privilege to abl t give and n everyon c d i i really bri m students ou and try t g the involve their communit >> and how d that w we do a k communit service projects we ar activel involved i habitat fo humanity, t rel f autism a homele awarenes cancer aware and food-drives. i want my students to know th have t ailit improve t things in our country and wor that they see chlenges mater h young they a they can makempac >> a wh doe t studen need to bring y what is t k quality th student needs learn jst - who come to m a the don student
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th d reali that th ha t capacit t achiev anything. and i try t h the discove that. >> why do the fee thaa >> there is la sel efficacy they have heard t reasons why th cnnot things and t remind the that yca d anything young peop i general sth world from where they are t position they are in to th canno s t future and thi tha teachers hav thilit t see mu f beyo tod or tomorrow we loo int t future and s t possibilit that student bring >> why shoulsomeonbeco teache i tbe j ev tnk unique positione impa tworld th futur y kno i hav front r sea to a the promise that w hav i believe wh teacher d you know, kn tha t worl will be bett a things wil
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the ability t ma t cnges so cnsider mys luck >> a rgh jahana hayes thank you for bei with u >> tha y f hav m dickerson: next we turn brandon stanton photograph an blogger behi hmans of ne york. it start a person photography project six yea ago. since then, th presentatio simple but powerfu person reflections has grow in soci med phenomen a t best selli books opolitica sason division his work was remind of o share humanity heredon, thank you for bein and you hainterviewe thousands people when you too tha fir photograph what did you s o to d >> well, t process o discovering humans of ne yor waincrementa i lost j awa working i chicago and i kne wanted be potographer lov takin phos and tarteaturallllin
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people a would star stopping people an tki the photo. andad photographing fo a month t, kne d n have a goochance o bei t best photographer in th w but maybe i h chanc o bein one of t bes people i the worl stopping rando strangers an taking rand photographs and i gre fr that inttorytelling proje where ierviewh rando peop tha stopped on t streets. >> why did y chang rv interesting. because i had done i ousand t stopperandpeop to takhei pho realized what wa s interestin is tha peopl we curio abou strangers arouthem and dveloped thi ski wher i coul wlk u ran stranger a ent int conversation t ta the photograph a knwh mad my work interesting w t aspect onteracting with stranger why not take tha
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>> dickerson: and what ha y learned overa th intervie you ha d >> i like t instead ryi to dra similarities betwee everybod think goa i find somethiiffere a everybody. and you know one thing t find ith w share s m philosophies we share so ma opinions but the on thithat we ha that i tul uniq a make us truly ourselv i o stories. and so wheintervie somebo my questions tepid t follow t lines of tryin fin o story about thpers that have not heard fro t othe 10,000 people i hav talk t >> dickerson: and thos storie as i'v lok instagram the are powerf because the ar per on recentlyo wer i t county and there was a husba anwife h wi h dement tell us tha story >> thi w outid t b o what i do becaus wstopping rando people on the street aha
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father-in-law ha bee taki care o m mother-in-lawh h seve dementia and would y g vis th and so d and i go thend the wa this mth chai wth h wife who h sa h h doe not hahe mentally bu h h he an sdo wit the f a hour-and-a-half learned th story h thet a fel l anhth stor abou her alzheimer progressed a spent time talkingto t about th difficulties and i you would ask m tjoys i joyf m o watchi hi wi deteriorate an stepping to rlationsh caretake where the relationship husband an wisubsided but thelationsh o caretaker ca u and yo kow, w ve powerfonversation
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mentio politics why? >> sometimes i did i did n look f a tha is the k point of t wor that i thin w mak ma of new yo uniq i t randomness o i i've travele r a traveled to pakista these ar cuntrie th hav strorrativ tol abo them in th media whether they are related t t nuclear de wether th a related terroris wat yhave, yo ha people being asked aboth did istop peopl randomly. and aske wha thei greates struggles are and y finhat i w a important swincoun bei talked about a l and ever time it's beinalk ab it's being talked abo relation to th election what i y opinio otrum why did yo vot fillar and we a fram th peopl based litica affiliatio
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people and say wha yo greatest struggl righ no it'sabout ouwife dement an son alcoholism an they d not identify themselves in t way we a identifyin the they s tmselves father husbands and huma of n york b stoopipeopandom and stopping hrandom sh of t identiti tha peop se themselv a dickerson: brandon stanton
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>> dickerson: earlier this mon the surgeon general issued report saying o i sev americans epected t devel substan abusdisord a some point i theiive mcshin and honesty liller a on t fntlines t what does i loo lik i te of t utick witopioid abu that you see righ well, m participants in o prograar recovering from opio addiction. it's all around th count it iu spike ilo opiateprcription pain med with t heroi theroin i cheaper after you adoin wit threscriptiontion pai me so it's mo a mo peo gettin addict younge age tha o average a t i around the natio >> tell abo you person stor
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i have beeran alcoho fr fonine-and-a-hal year the istarte using whe wa yea old stopped 2 an tas nin yea m acti addiction wapioids an heroin. and i came t t mc foundation when i wa 2 yea old wi nothing s d service. john a carr h wif t i i had nothicoup bags o clothes d no h st living out of jeep now my lif i amazing becau of my recovery a j an carroll taking chance o me own hme i taxpayer i -- i cote ommy a a wi an t c.o. o mcsh a surrounded b people that lo a g t se pople lis cha because recovery be the don tha thi i what lif w wha li i


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