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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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investigators say the suspect is somali born abdul razak artan and he drove a car into pedestrians and got out and started stabbing people. >> mark: officer alan horujko is hailed a hero as he shot and killed the suspect. 11 innocent people were hurt. we are told none of the injuries is life-threatening and one person has been released from the hospital. dan deroos is in the answer center with a closer look everything happened. >> dan: this will give you a perspective how quickly this all played out. we've got ohio state campus it center of campus and horseshoe for perspective. we want to go into watts hall. we will play this out for you at 9:52 this morning. the suspect took his car and rammed a group of students. he came up over the curb on the sidewalk and hit that group of
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out of his car and has what authorities tell success a butcher knife and starts walking up the sidewalk slashing and cutting any individual he can get close to and it is right here and gets confronted by the officer. we are talking a minute later after he rammed those students. confronted by the officer. the officer tells him to drop his knife. he doesn't. the officer fires and takes out the suspect. it played out in the course of a minute and a amazing response time by university of ohio police officer. >> denise: he is a hero for sure. students doing what they could to stay safe. this is video from inside the classroom where students barricaded the door with the chairs. we have a team in columbus tonight getting answers about the event of today. chris tanaka is live. chris, i know it will take time for students and staff to
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safe again. >> chris: absolutely, denise. wounds emotional and psychological will take time. the camp luce try to get back to normal as soon as possible. tomorrow classes resume as scheduled after the closure today. behind me the roadblock is gone. police tape is down. college road is reopened, though 19th is an active perimeter. students have been coming and outside of watts where we are standing to get food and be with each other. one student described to me earlier it was a ghost town around here earlier today. jen picciano continues our team coverage with more student reaction and how they were forced into action when the buckeye alert went out. jen? >> reporter: chris, you know, a lot of things worked in the osu
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deadly situation. the students i talked to today say they are grateful for a lot of things including quick action of ohio state university campus police in particular. the officer able to neutralize the suspect in a matter of one or two minutes. they said they are satisfied with the buckeye alert system that communicated to everyone on campus where they needed to be and when they needed to be on lockdown. they are grateful for friends like northeast ohio native who student who heard the gunshots and saw students running and knew it wasn't right and took to group chat to try to alert her friends to stay inside barricade themselves if they had to. the students she alerted said that warning helped keep them safe. >> there are group chats for friend groups and engineering groups. almost everyone has a group
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could. >> if they hadn't texted me it could have gone different and definitely might not have been where i am standing now if i walked out when i had. >> pretty scary situation. >> reporter: of course like chris said getting back to normal. what is the new normal around ohio state university campus. we will wait and find out. getting answers live in columbus jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> chris: jen, thanks for that. coming up in goldenberg continues our team coverage. more student reaction from the campus. how they reacted and how they informed their friends, family and loved ones of the events going on and ultimately knew that the situation had been diffused. >> for now we will send it back to the suit on in columbus, chris tanaka, cleveland 19. >> denise: all right, chris. we will take you live to a news conference by care, the council
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>> we want to condemn in the strongest possible terms this and any other kind of senseless violent acts. our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim and all the staff and students at ohio state. >> we want to thank the columbus police department for their swift action and osu police that averted a bigger tragedy today. >> we would also like to urge everyone not to ju investigators do their job. >> responding to a senseless act of violence with hate is never a solution and we hope columbus is a place where people of all religions and ethnicities can be treated with respect and dignity. >> denise: we have been listening to care in ohio react to today's news. the suspect in the event at ohio
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having some trouble as we have seen in his publications and his writings. with regard to places to pray and things like that. we will have continuing coverage ahead in this half hour. in a minute carl monday is looking further into the suspect from today's attack. later we will look at how social media played a role in relaying information and reaction from the world of sports as today's drama comes when the should have been celebrating the win on saturday. mark? >> mark: thank you, denise. in the first alert weather center warm today and not as warm as we are expecting later in the week, though. >> jeff: it will be warmer tomorrow once the rain clears out. big system on the warm side of things. we have a couple of phases as far as the rain is concerned. tonight it will rain. that's phase 1 and lake erie island sandusky, norwalk and
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east this evening. in toledo findlay, lima and a lot more where that came from. it won't be a heavy rain, though. a steady light rain for the most part. wind-driven. the wind is starting to pick up. 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. is the alert tonight wind gusts over 30. we are looking at a quarter to half inch of rain. will it cause flooding? no but it will make the roads wet. look at cleveland new high for the day. sandusky where it is raining you are at 46 canton and wooster 50. the next few hours headed out the door about 50 degrees at 78:00, 50. that's when the rain will move to cleveland and 9:00 rain and wind around 50. as i mentioned warmer tomorrow before the change happens second half of the week.
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denise, over to you. >> the ohio state university web site has a detailed video how police and students should prepare during events like today. >> our emergency management division will send what's called a buckeye alert. these are often sent by a text message as soon as possible after determining a threat exists. a buckeye alert will contain the most accurate information available at the time. an active shooter situation evolves rapidly and known >> denise: as you saw today campus police told students to run or have an escape route and leave belongings behind and hide and don't huddle together. barricade doors, turn off the lights and finally fight. as a last resort only if your leach is in danger. boy, what a great job they did today by all accounts. >> mark: absolutely. >> denise: officer horujko was at the right place at the right
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nationally we didn't have school events back in those days. but for all parents on the edge of their seats today texting their kids it is nice to know the campus police we worried about ticketing us in the day they are so very qualified and did a tremendous job today. >> mark: great news there. we have been digging deeper in the attack at ohio state today. >> mark: the suspect police named at a police conference two >> we can confirm the suspect was an osu student named abdul razak artan. >> mark: carl monday has been digging into the suspect's past . >> denise: he joins us now. carl, what did you uncover about this man. >> the attack wasser an 18-year-old student and a face among 60,000 students who populate the osu campus. tonight we know his name but
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say was responsible for the attack. >> the suspect's name we can confirm that the suspect was an osu student named abdul razak alli artan. we do not have any information at the moment on motive. >> abdul razak artan. >> they traced the 2002 honda civic to this apartment building on nationwide boulevard a it is unclear if artan lived at that address. artan surfaced on the campus newspaper the first day of school in a feature article, artan, who is muslim says the campus is a huge place and didn't know where to pray. he said he wanted to pray in the open and was afraid of "everything going on in the media." every osu student even the governor knows his name. >> what happened we may never
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did what they did or why they snapped. we may never find out but we will have more information. we checked to see if artan his a criminal past in franklin county at least and couldn't find anything as the governor put it, who knows, maybe snapped. >> mark: carl, thank you very much for digging up. we appreciate it. >> very good. still plenty to come on cleveland 19 news. up next we continue to u out of columbus as we go to break. more sights and sounds of the attack at osu. >> this is the most insane thing. i have been getting more and people at home getting faster updates than i am. >> it is hectic. 40 cop cars. everybody is frantic. >> terrifying. >> it is our understanding from the other hospitals and our knowledge here none of the individuals appear to have life
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and faculty at osu to do exactly what they needed to do and
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: we have been telling you investigators say the now deceased suspect at osu is abdul razak alli artan. >> police determined the suspect was alone. >> we went back and checked the video and were able to pick up the suspect vehicle entering campous kenny road on woody hayes drive and we were able to back track and follow the vehicle all the way to the crime scene. >> reporter: police say officers shot and killed artan after crashing into pedestrians and stabbed victims. 11 people were hurt. there are no life-threatening injuries at this hour. sara goldenberg continues team coverage and joins us from columbus where a vigil will soon be taking place.
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court. a lutheran church at ohio state. i am joined by pastor aaron lane. thank you for being with us. can you tell students when they are reaching out for guidance? >> remember to reach out to brothers and sisters also in pain. it is a time of hurt and confusion and time to come together with hope and healing. >> reporter: a lot of students showed up tonight just for that. did you speak to students personally affected by students happening today. >> there were you know a guy who knows a guy and this student had someone who was the squad leader in ohio state university marching band affected by the car strikes. it does bring home. we have doors open and come and pray with them and talk to people and hope to find common ground. >> reporter: thank you, pastor. we will head to another vigil at 7:00 on college and woodruff and
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live from ohio state getting answers sara goldenberg, cleveland 19 news. >> mark: all right, sara. thank you very much. >> denise: a lot of students turn to social media during and after today's scare. dan deroos is joining us to show us what's trending as a result. >> i have been following social media all day and it is interesting to watch different topics trend across the country. this wasn't a local issue. all eyes on the nation of columbus. at the shooting and nobody knew fully what was going on late this afternoon and the word somali was trending. right now trending is abdul razak alli artan. a lot of tweets vial about his actions what he did today. one of the biggest tweets that went viral and retweeteds from
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were taking shelter he was praying for all students on ohio state campus please find safety asap and the officer was herled as a hero right place, right time and ending the situation as quickly as he did. getting answers in the answer center, dan and denise, back to you. >> this story is still developing and look for updates on the news app and news conferences and the vigil coming up and keep connected to the story pages. okay. i saw briefly sun early this morning. >> brief. brief the rest of the day. >> i was thinking we were getting into the gray period where people get seasonal affective disorder. so ugly out there. jeff. >> jeff: it is that time of year more clouds than sun in the forecast the next several days. this is the rain we will deal with tonight. can you see by 8:00 when we
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cleveland area. it will be warm tonight and windy as all this happens. 10:00 rain dealing with wet roads. not overly heavy rain here and enough so you will notice it is there. by 7:00 tomorrow morning, the rain is out. >> it will actually be dry tomorrow. and very warm for this time of year. i have us warming in the 60s by 4:00 p.m. within a degree or two rainfall tonight not giving much in cleveland .1 outside and generally a quarter to third of an? >> a: about the general rain accumulation out of this. look at the temperature by 7:00 a.m., i have us warming to 57. wind gusts well over 30 miles an hour. akron-canton your forecast, 55 at 7:00 a.m. it will rain. ending by morning it will rain. 65 tomorrow and could come close
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57 at 8:00 a.m. 57 at 11:00 and i think generally clouds on the increase. few afternoon showers here on wednesday. that's the cold front. another alert there. it turns much cool other thursday with scattered showers and windy conditions. a few showers friday and cool day. 40. could get chilly enough saturday for winter mix and not expecting snow accumulation out of that. >> i have an alert saturday. sunday a few afternoon showers upper 40s and next monday is looking dry. be safe with the wet roads tonight. >> tony? >> tony: thank you, tan. you saw lebron james tweet. not everyone from the world of sports weighing in on the attack at osu. i will share those with you when i come back next. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. that was the scene in columbus 50 hours ago. the celebration with the win over as we are constantly reminded in this world things can change dramatically two days, one day or even an hour as ohio campus police proved in their swift response. i want to show you a few tweets. lebron and cavaliers followed up saying we are all buckeyes and our thoughts are with ohio state and columbus today. indians were one of the first organizations to tweet out we are thinking of everyone at osu, stay safe. that was early on.
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our hearts are with those impacted with ohio state in the community and throughout ohio and our good friends reigning heavy weight champion posted this. my thoughts and prayers go to everybody at ohio statute university. horrendous act of violence. hope it is over and everyone is safe. >> university of mississippi athletics department with a tweet short and to the point stay safe, buckeyes. everyone directly associated with this has i talked to beanie wells and we
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>> jeff: all right. there's the rain. it is a steady light rain sandusky, mansfield and this will overspread the area in the next couple of hours. around a quarter inch and look what happens tomorrow. we shoot up to 65 for a day. and becoming mostly cloudy. afternoon light showers on wednesday. 61. and then it turns cooler with scattered showers thursday windy and 45 but no alert. a few showers friday. 40 and might have a little winter mix saturday.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: attack at ohio state. >> we have man with a knife running around killing people. >> o'donnell: a student from somalia targets pedestrians as others rush to safety. >> i heard a loud noise, like a crash, and just saw people running. >> o'donnell: also a day of remembrance and reflection on the fiery and controversial leader of the cuban revolution. >> o'donnell: a warning on cyber monday: thieves are targeting smartphone apps. >> we found that there were hundreds of fake apps -- hundreds. >> o'donnell: and... >> i panicked. i thought she was gone. >> o'donnell: tossed 30 feet enter a drainage ditch. how did this eight-month-old


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