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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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concrete, which at my age is not what you want to do. >> chris: a victim of the ohio state attack. a math and engineering professor describing in vivid detail when he was hit and when the chaos ensued. we begin with continuing coverage of the attack at ohio state. 8 of 11 people injured are out of the hospital. >> denise: three in the hospital are expected to make a full recovery. jen picciano is live now columbus with the very latest. jen? >> reporter: yes, denise and chris, all of them are expected to make a full recovery including professor william clark who spoke at wexner medical center at the table as he was being released from the hospital today. professor clark told us he was struck by the suspect's car, was badly bruised along his legs and cut up along his ankles. the suspect did not say anything
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butcher knife. the victim appreciates officer horujko will have to live with what happened for the rest of his life. professor clark says he doesn't believe the other officer had a choice. for the suspect, he says he is reserving judgment. >> i would like to see all the circumstances are that led to him doing this and all the history that led up to this, whether there's an implication with stresses colleagues because, you know, he graduated from columbus state, i think, in the summer. in the spring. the picture of the graduation shows a jubilant young man. so so to do this four or five months later i would be interested in what the circumstances were. >> reporter: professor clark said, unfortunately, several of his students actually did witness the attack, actually witness him getting hurt. he says he will be meeting with
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they usually meet on fridays and they will in fact talk about what happened on campus. >> getting answers in columbus, jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> thank you for that. a lot of people still in shock that something like that could happen at ohio state university. >> denise: absolutely. new information is coming out today that there were signs from the suspect. mark nolan is at the alert desk with breaking details. artan was associated with clerics and they point to facebook postings that artan made monday minutes before the attack referencing a leader of al~qaeda in yemen. the post said "if the u.s. wanted muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks out make peace with the islamic state. a member of law enforcement, the initial one was not allowed to
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of anonymity. mark nolan, cleveland 19 news. >> denise: thank you, mark. be sure to stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of the attack at osu and take you back live to columbus at the bottom of the number. >> a new distinction for ohio. the state is at the epicenter of an overdose epidemic. >> chris: feds call ohio ground zero for and harry boomer has the latest to fight back. >> reporter: ohio is losing big time when it comes to deadly drug overdoses. we lead the nation beating out even california and new york. >> i am not surprised given the number of deaths we have locally in cuyahoga county. >> reporter: numbers are sobering. as of november 7 there have been 413 overdose deaths.
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more than at the same time last year. cuyahoga county averages 50 deaths a month. >> hopefully it can help us remedy our lack of capacity in terms of bids and detox. >> from the latest the buckeye state is the heart and soul of this latest epidemic. ohio is number one in three deadly categories. the kaiser foundation says we lead the deaths. ohio has the most deaths related to heroin. 1 in 9. they recorded the most deaths from synthetic opioids. >> it is frightening. >> we have to stop and understand this is the number one killer. we need to have a population that continuously is on the air all the time telling folks, no.
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>> den han says too many people can't get the timely help they need. >> if you go with a broken arm you tell them to come back in a couple of weeks. you take care of it. >> reporter: folks are told to come back and that's not good. ohio is the first to negotiate a price freeze on the opioid overdose drug. it is frozen at $75 for two, four-milligram doses. >> getting answers. harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> denise: thank you, harry. strong winds overnight damaged buildings and knocked out power. the wall at west 91st and maywood was blown over. all that's left is a couple of piles of bricks and debris. a number was stunned by the damage. >> we look out the window and didn't see nothing and then looked further and the building was gone.
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animals are there. >> more wind damage on the other side of town. the facade on saint theresa's holiness church in kinsman is in pieces on the ground. >> chris: the damage in euclid, winds snapped a construction cable at the pnc building breaking windows and sent glass flying to the streets below. thankfully, no one was hurt in either >> denise: it was windy and it was warming up. i opened up the window to let fresh air in, jeff. >> jeff: it's been weird here. we will continue to see these changes as we continue on here. we have another threat of rain. that wind has died down. it won't be as windy tonight as last night. more rain tonight and tomorrow. 1 a.m. through the day tomorrow. this won't be heavy rain. but you will encounter wet travel.
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morning drive. you won't see it on radar. it is cloudy and dry and stay that way through the evening. i am watching it to the west. computer models are developing showers across indiana and we have moisture coming from the south. i will show you later on. very warm tonight for this time of year. overnight rain and one more warm day tomorrow with the showers and then it turns colder and windy again thursday with some lake-effect showers. look at the akron-canton, 54 mostly cloudy and it is cloudy in cleveland as the sun goes down. south wind at 13. forecast details and i will talk about the changes coming up in the next half hour. here is traffic. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: all right. let's take a live look at the roads out there. beautiful night. look at that. sunset in the background and traffic moving smoothly in and
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further down on starke county 77 northbound there's a disabled vehicle blocking the shoulder near portage street. they are still cleaning up from a vehicle fire in north canton 77 southbound. you can get the latest by downloading our app. president-elect donald trump is closer to filling out his cabinet. >> cbs news reporting on two big announcements and a political flash from the past. kenneth craig transition. >> former vice president dan quayle was among republicans meeting in trump tower tuesday seen escorted by trump advisory kelly ann conway. >> things are in good hands and moving forward and he will make america great again. cbs news learned u.s. labor secretary elaine chao is the pick to be transportation
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mcconnell. earlier they announced tom price was nominated to lead the department of health and human services. price, an orthopedic surgeon is a vocal critic of obama care. >> price and ciao have experience in washington and drawing questions about whether the president-elect will in fact drain the swamp in washington like he promised on the campaign trail. >> tennessee senator bob corker no stranger to with mr. trump tuesday contender for secretary of state. >> he has, i think the brightest opportunity in modern times to strengthen our nation security interests around the world and help us economically. >> mitt romney, another leading candidate is scheduled to have a private dinner with the president-elect as he continues to weigh his choices.
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also planning a thank you tour beginning thursday night in cincinnati and heads to des moines, iowa. other stops will be announced once venues are booked. >> president-elect trump also closely watching recount efforts. >> the attempt is raising millions for a recount in three different states. >> dan deroos has an update on that. >> dan: this recount push by good one. let's talk about the three states. let's go to wisconsin first and show you how tight votes are. in wisconsin trump by over 20,000 votes and michigan, even closer than that and donald trump wins by over 10,000. in pennsylvania, the vote extremely close there just around 25,000 votes there. here is the problem that jill stein is going to run into.
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there's a miracle turn of events it comes up with 46 electoral college. it would be enough if you took them away from donald trump and gave them to hillary clinton it would be enough. here is the problem. pennsylvania she missed the deadline. deadline was november 21 for a candidate-sponsored recount. she will try to file a legal challenge. that's worth 20 and would have been enough but it now if you do michigan and wisconsin 26 electoral votes left. let me show you how that would play out f. she were to reverse 26 it is not enough to get to hillary 277 and trump down to 276. >> it doesn't look like numbers are there. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, back to you. >> denise: all right, dan. speaking of raising money.
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since there are almost 1 million catholics in our area, the diocese set up special fundraisers. i was looking to be at lakewood academy where kids had a basketball contest. they hit 200 shots and the principal had to paint his hair orange. he did it. the event was one of many raising thousands towards catholic programs. >> very cool. >> a lot of fun. coming up next on cleveland 19 news wild wildfire emergency. popular tou
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: an aviation tragedy for the brazilian soccer team. 75 people were killed when their plane crashed into a colombian hillside. the plane was carrying the team to the biggest match in history. no word on the cause of that. amazingly six people survived the crash. a wildfire emergency in parts of tennessee. thousands have been forced to >> chris: three people confirmed dead. at least 100 structures have been damaged or destroyed. danny reports from the fire zone near gatlinburg. >> hit the gas! hit the gas! >> reporter: cell phone video shows flames surrounding a driver evacuating the area of gatlinburg, tennessee late monday night. fire threatened to block off the
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at one point sparks flew over the windshield. >> almost every cabin in the village is burned to the ground. >> reporter: the driver says he was able to escape. it is unclear if everyone was as lucky. flames closed in on the park vista hotel in downtown gatlinburg. people trapped inside recorded video on cell phones as the fire burned. lights flickered on and off in the lobby where guests were forced to wear masks. >> logan baker was inside. >> they are keeping us here for now. the smoke is really bad. >> reporter: at one point at least 30 structures in gatlinburg were burning. the mountain lounge, a restaurant was destroyed. >> oh, my god it is so hot. >> reporter: high winds caused the chimney to fire in the smoky mountains last week to descend on surrounding towns.
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cascading down the mountains forcing them to evacuate. earlier smoke enveloped gatlinburg. >> we are dealing with very difficult situations in gatlinburg. if you are a person that prays, we could use your prayers. >> that was danny reporting. >> she says fires burned to the edge of the theme park ripley's aquarium with 1500 animals inside is threatened. >> now, a cleveland 19 consumer alert. thousands of workers across the country are on strike today part of a so-called day of disruption protest nationwide. >> employees at fast food restaurants, airports and other places are off the job. the one-day strike is a push for better pay and benefits. the christmas shopping season is in full swing, of course. one survey says iphone tops the wish list for a lot of people. it was the most desired gift
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x-box. the fit bit ask hover boards saw a drop in popularity. at&t launching a streaming tv service tomorrow offering up to 120 live channels including espn and starzz. taylor swift getting her own show called hashtag and monthly subscription is $30. >> you can say it is beginning to look a lot like beyonce christmas. the superstar holiday collection inspired by her album lemonade. an accompanying sweatshirt that says i sleigh all day. >> jeff: a beyonce christmas. pretty nice. >> we are pretty warm 60 degrees for the high dropping to 58. we are on the warm side of this
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eventually. it will work its way in here about where the front is located. they are seeing a little bit of snow in minnesota. not much in the way of rain yet. we are dry with the cloud cover around. we will be dry this evening and it won't be until later tonight and tomorrow morning. that's when more rain is developing. it won't be a heavy rain. not nearly as windy as last night. at 7:00 this evening where m still and we will hold steady in the mid-50s throughout the night. here is your morning commute. 7 a.m. mainly light showers around and that's the case throughout the day. a risk of rain as this front comes through. 1:00 in the afternoon. still well in the 50s and topping out at 0. as we get into tomorrow night that's when the rain threat will end. it is also when the cooldown
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here is a look at future view rainfall. it is not giving us much. this is overnight through the day tomorrow. rain total. most amounts around .1 or so. it won't cause too many issues. tomorrow morning, a heads up and looks like you will be encountering wet roads out there. look how warm i have us. 53. that's the low with overnight rain developing and most likely not until after 1:00 in morning. akron-canton overnight rain for you and warm. drop down to 49 tomorrow. right around 60 for the high with showers around. that risk of rain throughout the day. it won't be raining all the time but we will have showers in the area southeast to south wind 19. hour by hour 53 at 8:00 a.m. 55 at 11:00. tomorrow we will hit our high
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will start to drop. 55 and by 8:00 tomorrow evening we will be down to 49 for the low. >> a little lake-effect rain set up and later in the day thursday and mainly along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. but you can clearly see the cooldown. we go from 60 tomorrow. 43 thursday. 41 friday and a winter mix of lake-effect. rain, sleet and snow. i don't think it will be too heavy, though. saturday the coldest day out of this stretch only 36 and some minor lake-effect snow. saturday night down to 29. a little touch of winter there. sunday it looks dry. mixed sky 40 for the high. monday 47, sunny and morning rain and 47. >> denise: are you switching
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chia pet? >> jeff: no. same thing. >> coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. an audrey help burn classic in
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>> chris: welcome. your time for eye on entertainment. >> denise: we begin with rock metallica. their first album in years and it is soaring to the top of the charts. ?[ music ] ? metallica calls it hard wired to self-destruct. it debut the on the top 200 chart selling 291,000 copies in the first week of release.
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>> like tiffanys. >> like the jewelry store? >> that's right. i am crazy about tiffany's. my goodness. a movie favorite returning to the big screen turner classic movies re-releasing breakfast at tiffanies. the oscar-winning film will play at select local theaters. >> denise: beautiful lady she was. classic. >> chris: stunning. >> more ahead at 5:00. learning morebo
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>> denise: continuing coverage of the attack on ohio state. investigators trying to determine if testimony in fact an act of terrorism. >> chris: meanwhile 3 of 11 people remain in the hospital.
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victims. brooks sylvia live. >> reporter: as the police are looking into the background of the attacker they are looking for radical beliefs. we spoke to them at ohio state and less concerned about motivations and making sure the attack doesn't damage the sense of community here. >> professor william clark is slow on his feet after getting hit by a car on the university of ohiopu >> i thought this was a traffic accident and people started shouting. >> reporter: the car sliced his leg in two places and flipped him into the area. he considers himself lucky. >> i might be fortunate he hit the concrete planter. if it wasn't there he would have plowed into 40, 50 people. >> it belonged to a somali student. this is where artan drove his
5:31 pm
several people people in the cod and got out of the car wielding a butcher knife and was slashing before a university police officer shot him. >> reporter: investigators are looking if it was an act of terrorism. the posts include the following if you want us muslims to stop carrying out attacks make peace. he claims he was a soldier and did what he asked by countries. ohio state students we spoke to seemed concern about retaliation against muslim classmates. >> we know this is just something that happened from one person. it was not something to blame on other people. >> at the campus union students are leaving messages of hope promising to stay buckeye strong. >> a vigil titled buckeye strong will be held at an arena on campus.
5:32 pm
other 8 victims have been released. >> chris: when we were down there yesterday the area was described as a ghost town. what was the broad stroke atmosphere down there today when you were talking to the students? >> it was surprisingly normal. it was crowded, unlike yesterday because classes did resume. the only moment of abnormal see was a fire alarm that went at 11:45 and behind me at watts hall students poured out like they did the day before, before the attack happened. a couple of nervous moments with deja vu and nothing became of it and folks went 15 minutes later. >> denise: you mentioned the event tonight. have you witnessed personally of people coming together and i know pastors opened their doors
5:33 pm
we will pray with you. what have you seen? >> reporter: there are several vigils and fairly lightly attended given what a large community it is. you saw the story a board at the ohio union where students were leaving messages. some did it and not that many people have chosen to participate. it will be interesting in the big arena tonight how much of the campus community >> denise: thank you, brook. appreciate it. stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of the attack at osu. can you find updates on the cleveland 19 app and of course the weather there rainy. up here, a different story. but for how long, jeff? >> jeff: until later tonight and i think you will deal with rain tomorrow morning not particularly heavy. i don't think it will cause
5:34 pm
commute. you will encounter wet roads. this is a look at the radar. we are still clean in ohio. we are getting light returns showing up in indiana. i think this trend will continue. what will happen throughout the night, the rain will develop close to us. later on tonight, tomorrow we have an alert. about 1 a.m. through 7 p.m. tomorrow for rain mainly light. we are dealing with phase 2 brought us the rain and strong winds and we have a break today. we made it up to 61. cleveland hopkins airport and it is quite warm. 58 in cleveland. 55 in wooster and even east 56 in ashtabula and warren. you have 59 now dover new philly. forecast temperatures keeps us in the mid-50s generally.
5:35 pm
when we will drop to 53 at 8:00 in the morning with light rain around and even that is very warm for this time of year. we have a shot of overnight rain. warm tomorrow with showers and another warm day. highs around 60. then we get colder by thursday. that's also when the wind picks up. even lake-effect rain along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. the chance of rain tomorrow, 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. about 50% coverage. you see 50% and half of our area will see showers around with that high of 60. 53 at 8:00 a.m. 55 at 11:00 and around 60 and we hit our high early afternoon. akron-canton, showers around and 57 degrees. here you see the future view. steady in the mid-50s.
5:36 pm
morning there you see mainly light showers in the area. chris, over to you. >> chris: thanks, jeff. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 a potential royal scandal. prince harry and american
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a royal controversy in the making. prince william making it clear he supports his brother and the woman he loves.
5:39 pm
the seal of approval follows the statement from prince harry of the media treatment of his new girlfriend american tv star megan markell. charlie dag to taw is in london. >> it appears london stepped up for his brother. kennsington palace made the statement the duke acknowledges privacy and support prince harry and those close to him. it goes to a largely pce and strongly worded statement prince harry made regarding treatment of his new girlfriend megan markell describing as a wave of abuse and harassment. some has been very public, the statement said. the smear on the front page of a national newspaper. racial undertones of comment pieces and outright sexism and racism and social media trolls and web articles. those articles gave way to stories that william was deeply
5:40 pm
headed plea and wearing his heart on his sleeve. it looks like william wanted to set the record straight in his own way give something of a royal seal of approval for harry's girlfriend. charlie d'agata cbs news, london. >> denise: you see something like that and it is like hello, you got to remember what happened to their mother and the way she died and leave them alone. >> ofou >> people are interested. >> romona? >> romona: coming up at 6:00,ets been years since a teenager assaulted and killed his little sister. the teen is an adult and sentenced for his crimes. cleveland 19 news gets action. there's a new law that will hopefully translate to fewer drunk drivers on the road. we will have those stories and
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hundreds of thousands of people are paying respects to fidel castro. >> the former dictator died last week at the age of 90. many cubans see his death as a possible turning point for the nation. don champion getting answers in miami. >> reporter: well before sunrise thousands of cubans streamed is into havana's revolution plaza a second day of ceremonies for fidel castro. foreign leaders will join crowds to pay ress. and south america are already arriving and a representative from the u.s. embassy in havana plans to be there but not president obama. saurez is not ready to accept castro's passing. she says he hasn't really died because during his half century of leadership he multiplied every cuban. >> for cuban exiles in miami castro's passing is an
5:45 pm
plans are underway for the freedom rally and organizers are watching for a shift in u.s. policy. >> president-elect donald trump has already hinted at reversing the new diplomatic ties with the cuban government. >> he will cut deals if it makes sense it will be a two-way who he does it with. >> in havana, though, the focus is on saying good-bye to el commandante fidel's brother. brother's ashes moving to santiago for sunday's funeral and signed an oath of allegiance. don champion cbs news, miami. all schools and government offices in cuba were closed for a second day to honor the former president. >> denise: a bizarre scene at a texas airport. a passenger opened the emergency exit door and jumped out as the
5:46 pm
in houston. other passengers stunned by what they were seeing. >> the lady got up out of the seat right there. walked to the exit and opened that thing up and stepped out on the wing and jumped down to the ground and ran away. police chased after the woman more than an hour but they finally did catch up with her. prosecutors said she is undergoing psychological testing. >> chris: a routine court spectacle with a person's brash behavior with the judge earning more charges. he argued and flipped her off in court. >> sir, i am holding you in contempt for what did you. >> i don't give a meep. >> you are making it worse. >> you can take him back. 100 days to serve. >> chris: michael ray was in court for a bond hearing relating to four criminal charges. now he is accused of threatening
5:47 pm
his bond hiked from 25,000 to 75 grand. well, this is the day of giving. it is a time dedicated to celebrate generosity. >> a survey says ohio is the 8th most generous state based on how many people volunteer or donate money. scammers are lurking to take advantage of you. allison brunner is here for how not to be a victim. >> reporter: it is a day of where you are giving your money. these arecism things we can do. >> when we are looking to help sue mcconnell scammers are ready to strike. >> a lot of organizations will use names that sound similar to well-known established charities. >> make sure you are donating to a charity with history and do a simple google search. when donating, you should never feel pressured. >> someone calls you on the
5:48 pm
for a donation, do not give a donation. you need an opportunity to research it. >> be wary when someone asks for a donation on the phone. >> ask who is calling you. sometimes organizations will use a professional fundraising company for donations and often they walk away with 60, 70, 80% of the money. >> something to keep in mind so holidays are not less merry and bright. >> organizations that at your heart strings without giving specifics how they are spending your money. >> reporter: if you are still not sure if the charity is legit log onto the better business bureau and the web site will ensure you are giving to a legitimate cause. we are posting it on >> pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: all is quiet now. we will stay that way this
5:49 pm
overnight we will see mainly light rain here. that will be the case throughout the day tomorrow. unsettled. we have an alert going. it is for nuisance showers around. you clearly see we have one more warm day tomorrow up around 60. it will be warm tonight and down we go. we drop down to 40 tomorrow night and on thursday. noticeably cooler. 43 for the high. i think the set up will for lake-effect rain showers along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. by the time we get to friday we get colder leading to a winter mix of rain, sleet, snow. nothing too significant here. but the alert is up for that nuisance stuff. saturday is the coldest day out of the stretch where i am thinking only mid-30s. 36 for the high. minor lake-effect snow on the
5:50 pm
an end west to east and drop to 29 sunday. sunday a mixed sky. it will be dry and on the cool side. 40 degrees the high on sunday. by the time we get to next week sunny monday, 47 and another system tuesday bringing morning rain and 47 degrees there. when you look at the trend we are up on wednesday here at 60. here we go. 41 friday and 36 on saturday 40 degrees. i think we have time. jason, come on over my friend. i want to introduce jason. i forgot my producer john -- are we doing this now? >> jeff: yes. he gave us extra time. jason nicholas is coming to the teen. great addition. i am happy. >> you are here. >> standing here. >> >> jason: you are seeing --
5:51 pm
edition. i will be hanging around and working together. you know this is a new era. >> i am excited. we get to work together here. i have known jason for awhile and excited to hear you are coming. >> jason: i have watched you for years and worked down the street and learn from you as far as lake-effect snow forecasting. he is the guy. we will work together a lot during winter storms hopefully, not too many and severe weather as we are doing so many new things. you have seen promos about first alert mobile and cell phone and tab let and we can give you the information where you live. not necessarily someone a few miles away not getting impacted. obviously cool things on television as well and it is a great time for everyone at cleveland 19. >> jeff: the cool thing about that, when one of us is doing the weather on tv, the other person will update -- sending
5:52 pm
app. and that's going to come in hacienda. >> jason: not just sit down and watch your television set. sometimes you are out and about and you are on the go. we need to be there. we will be there better than anyone else in cleveland. >> jeff: all right. jason in cleveland. >> denise: all right. welcome, jason. >> denise: still ahead at
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>> chris: it is deer season in ohio and numbers are down 18,000 white tails down from nearly 23,000 last year. ohio ranks 5th nationally and the number of resident hunters and 11 jobs associated with hunting related industries. ohio's deer gun season remains open through sunday. >> hope number nobody is going after mamas with babies nearby. >> denise: let's talk about
5:56 pm
researchers found competition works best. the study is from the university of pennsylvania and found a friendly contest goes a long way giving you more motivation to exercise. competition can also influence better workout habits. a lot of people compete with fit bit steps and stuff like that. >> you know what makes workouts better? doing them. >> that helps. exactly. >> dragging yourself out of bed. >> my gosh. coming up is one day. there are more deals to be had.
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>> romona: telling us his thoughts about the officer shot and killed. the suspect at osu. >> a new dui law in ohio after a
5:59 pm
jeff? >> jeff: very nice day. we are warm and tracking. more rain tonight and tomorrow. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company. your local window, door and siding expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter, we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: a tough call today. walked out with the overcoat, went and brought it with me but didn't need it. >> way for us. right, jeff? it is. >> as i explained, we have the alert. this won't be heavy rain. later tonight and into the day tomorrow. this is going to be the case during the morning commute as well. wet travel. will it be a major issue, no. more of a nuisance thing. 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. phase 2.
6:00 pm
last night overnight that bruceed damage and rain in the area. on the radar, ohio is still rain-free. starting to see light returns here in indiana. i think this will continue to develop as the night wears on and moisture coming from the south. if you are headed out the door in the next few hours cloudy sky 57. 57:00. and 9:56 degrees. we have one me tomorrow and changes the second half of the week forecast details later in the half hour. mark and romona, over to you. >> students return to class at ohio state. for some, there's a sense of normalcy. others are haunted by what happened. >> i didn't feel safe sitting at the top of the third floor of watts hall. >> romona: today we are getting answers about the victim


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