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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you to take a good look at the picture on the screen. this man shot two people in ravenna and is considered armed and extremely dangerous and at large this morning. let's get to denise zarrella at the alert desk with this breaking story. denise. >> denise: good morning, tia and sufficient. david calhoun jr. shot and killed a man and shot a woman before taking off. here's another look at the picture. the portage county department says david calhoun jr. is 5'9" and 182 pounds. deputy say he shot and killed a 33-year-old man, shot a 32-year-old woman. that woman is currently recovering after undergoing surgery at university hospital in ravenna. if you see david calhoun, call 911 or the sheriff's department immed immediately. the sheriff's department will update us on this situation time this morning, so stay tuned. tia, brian.
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following this morning. a police officer has been shot and killed in washington state. this is still a developing situation for police there. we will be updating you every ten minutes. good morning. thursday. it is december 1st. here we go. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. the other big story will hit you right in the face when you open the front door. after a few days in the 60s, the temperature is dropping like a rock this >> brian: sam, driving in this morning it looked a little glazy to me. >> samantha: we had that rain last night and very early this morning. there is some wintery precipitation outside, so you may notice like sheen on the roads, if you will, but i don't think it will slow you down too much or be dangerous, anything like that. so it is safe to send your young drivers out on the roads this morning. just watch out for the light precipitation that we do have. 6:01.
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with temperatures above freezing, of course, that's why i don't expect any major issues from this. some light wintery mix or light rain or snow moving through the area. a lot is coming down. what is making it to the ground is light flurries or sleet. it moves into summit county and stark county. heads-up in canton. you may see light snow flurries or a brief, wintery mix early this morning. again, brief is the keyword here throughout it's also going to be cold today and very, very windy with the wind factored in today, high temperatures this afternoon in the 40s. look at that. we feel like we're in the 20s and 30s all day. at 3:00 this afternoon, laura. it's going to feel like 32 degrees. god bless you, tia. we need to get you something warm so you don't get sick. it is cold out there, and a weekend forecast is coming up at
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that one. always thinking about the weekends. we think about the morning commute right now. if you head out there on the road, we have a good-looking drive for you. 6:03 right now. early birds, this is what you're used to. 480 and 77 and 71 and 176, all of them right on time. no slowdowns or accidents or broken-downs. 60 miles per hour over the turnpike. 77, no problems. we had construction along 77 yester t report. doesn't look like that's out there today. that was in the fairlawn area yesterday. drive times still look good. 19 minutes from strongsville, and north olmstead, mentor and akron all running in the green, too. the akron commute, we take the drive at 6:19. police in beachwood want everyone to be careful on their drive into work. someone is driving their car into the back of victims' cars and then stealing the car when
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opened the door full and then had got into -- pushed me on the ground, and then got into the car and sped off. >> tia: horrible human beings. sorry. >> brian: the 79-year-old described how her car was stone on tuesday night. she was rear-ended by a black suv. police heard a similar story from another woman when se called 911. hit from me behind. i got out to check the damage, and then the person jumped in my car and drove away. >> brian: beachwood police recovered the first victim's car, but they're still searching for the dark blue 2006 mercedes. coming up at 6:33 this morning. we hear from police and get their advice as to what you should do if you find yourself in a situation like this. >> tia: tragedy in eastern tennessee this morning. thousands of people are waking
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when you look at the screen. they wonder if their homes were spared by devastating wildfires there. seven people are confirm dead. gatlin burg is the epicenter of destruction from these fires, but more than 15,000 acres of forest in the great smoky mountains have also burned. huge news for thousands of people living in northeast ohio. the controversial nexxus pipeline has been approved by the federal gove this is a map of where this high-powered natural gas pipeline will go through. it will transport gas from ohio into canada which could lead to natural gas prices going up. construction is set to start sometime next year. >> brian: president-elect donald trump will visit ohio today to make his first public appearance since election day. this is part of his thank you tour. he will make stops in indiana, and then cincinnati today.
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team. this is reverend darrell scott. he spoke at the rnc. he tweeted last night to thank the president-elect for being selected. tim ryan did not win the vote to become the minority house leader. he hoped to replace nancy pelosi but she was re-elected. ryan has been an ohio congressman for 13 years and will continue his duties in the 13 >> tia: we're asking questions this morning about an investigation at elyria city schools. a special needs teacher resigned after allegations of having an improper relationship with a student. this is according to the elyria chronicle tele-graham. whether we get answers, you can look for them first on the cleveland 19 mobile news ann. shannon lewis pled guilty to stealing more than $13,000 from the mentor youth cheerleading
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court. >> brian: we know all of the names of the 11 people attacked on monday on campus at the ohio state university. two of the victims were from northeast ohio. take a look at your screen. most of the victims range in age from 19 to 29. the two oldest victims, a 48-year-old university traffic officer and a 68-year-old professor. three victims were treated for broken bones, one had a possible internal injury. one of the victims was an army veteran we told you about yesterday. he helped to protect other students when he confronted the attacker. >> tia: we know just how much closing public square could cost the rta. $2.6 million per year. last month the city announced superior avenue through public square will remain permanently closed to through traffic. rerouting around the square is a big expenditure for rta at a time when it already faces the
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>> i find it incredulous that was announced without any discussion with city council. we are parties, too. we are supposed to have a council liaison, which i don't believe we have. >> tia: the city councilman brian commons. zack reed says there is the potential the feds will fine the city for breach of contract, and that could be another $12 million loss. >> brian: how about? cleveland indians president was executive of the year. well-deserved, i believe. he's climbed the front office ladder since 1999. this was his first year as team president. also, good news for baseball here. we've been watching this. there will not be a player strike, at least not now as a new contract agreement between the players and owners was reached last night. also, a big honor for jim brown. "sports illustrated" will hohn her whim the muhammad ali legacy
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brown teamed up with muhammad ali and basketball stars bill russell and kareem abdul-jabbar to protest the vietnam war. there's jabar right there. they became key members some believe of the civil rights movement. >> tia: a loot of people believe that. great honor for him. also tonight the ohio high school state basketball championships begin at the shoe in columbus. cuyahoga heights, st. ingacius is archbishop and canton central catholic all get their shots at state championships. i hope they all win. the national weather service confirms five people died when at least 13 tornadoes formed in alabama, louisiana, mississippi, and tennessee yesterday. the small town of rosalee, alabama was hardest-hit and today the focus is cleaning up.
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cold, sam. >> samantha: very cold and windy. so if you do any holiday decorating today, dress warmly. i would watch out for that wind, if you're going to be putting up lights on the gutters and anything like that. this is the forecast. 30s in the morning and low 40s in the afternoon, and it will feel in the 30s all day long. yes, december is here. watch out for that brief wintery mix as well. a closer look at today's forecast and we lk the weekend after the break. >> tia: ahead, we get answers on how local photographers are providing comfort and hope to local kids with every single flash. >> brian: next, a police officer tragically shot and kill overnight in tacoma, washington. we update you on the search for
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welcome back. the time is 6:13. i'm denise zarrella. we have new information coming in that we got in moments ago about the breaking news out of tacoma, washington. hours ago we told you that a police officer in tacoma, washington was shot multiple times and died.
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45 years old. he was responding to a domestic violence call at this home, where we learned there was at least one woman ?and two childrn home at the time. the suspect barricades himself inside the house and shot the officer during peace negotiations. they say the suspect may have escaped while they were removing the officer. thousands of people gathered in cha peck co-on wednesday evening to pay trip but to member team that died. we know the cause of the crash. the plane apparently ran out of fuel. the aircraft carrying the team crashed on tuesday killing 71 of the 77 people who were on board. tia, brian. >> tia: thank you so much, denise. they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. makeup artist, professional photographers for a group of little ones at cleveland clinic thanks to flashes of hope. >> they set up photo shoots for
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hospital. they make it convenient. sia nyorkor was there for some of the close-ups, and they're fant fantastic. >> sia: this organization is nothing short of amazing, and they make the students and the kids feel so good during some of their most difficult times. skylar doesn't normally get her picture taken. >> i just feel different because i have to -- i had to get chem so i feel different because i don't do my hair, and i always loved to do my hair. >> sia: the 10-year-old has cancer, and today is different thanks to flashes of hope. >> i feel special. >> sia: the organization was founded in cleveland 15 years ago. the goal is to photograph every child with cancer until every child is cured. photographers come in once a month and set up a studio alongside stylists.
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touched by cancer in some way. i know my father died from cancer. so it's just a way to get back and connect with him. >> sia: after the shoot they send the kids photos free of charge. 14-year-old jane says it made her feel so good, she came back for the second year in a row. >> it makes you feel different about yourself, because, like, usually you go through every day feeling bad. so looking at the pictures, it makes you feel really good. >> this shoots are one of the best kinds of medicine. >> it makes them look absolutely beautiful, which is what they - are. >> the parents appreciate it just as much as the kids, even on the darkest days. >> i don't call it a tragedy. i call it a transformation in our lives, and so we make
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>> sia: i just love this story. it's such a great organization. it's run entirely by volunteers and on donation. you can make a support by going to mark's and making certain purchases on things. we have a link on the website with the list of things on our website at >> samantha: that was a wonderful story. thank you, sia. time is now 6:17. we're off to a dry start in the city of cleveland. it's cold we're in the upper 30s, and when you factor in the wind, sustained 15 to 20 miles per hour right now, it feels even colder than that. so do bundle up on your way out the door. you probably just stay bundled up all day, because it will feel like this even through the afternoon. cloudy skies across most of the area, and you notice a few returns actually popping up on the radar. now, most of this is not hitting the ground, but i do have reports that some of it is.
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this kind of wintery mix moves off to the east, it may make contact with the ground. shouldn't slow you down or accumulate or anything like that. temperatures are well above freezing, so i'm not concerned about major issues on the roads but just be aware it's out there. let me know what you see in elyria, medina, akron, wayne county. you can tweet me @samrobertswx or e-mail me. i would love to see what y on the bus stops this morning. that wintery mix is go to keep in the forecast throughout the day. i don't think it will do it constantly. some of you may not even see it. this will be very hit-or-miss and brief when it pops up. most of the day just cloudy and windy. it will look like it did yesterday, not going to feel like it, though. 37 at 7:00. 41 midday, and then an afternoon high today of 43.
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all day long. just stay bundled up, okay? big, heavy coat today. mid-30s overnight and mostly cloudy skies and that spotty wintery mix may condition into the night. it's also quite breezy. we enter this pattern of just cloudy, cold weather, right? it's december and time to get cold. so snuggle up. i don't know. 33 tomorrow night. it's cold. 42 during the day tomorrow with a chance for winter where i mix nothing major and maybe light accumulations later in the day tomorrow. wintery mix is possible east of cleveland on saturday. most of us get through the day dry, and then sunday is your next first alert weather day. we have wintery mix for all areas on sunday. cold, laura, and then we may see a little sunshine by monday. >> let it peek out a little bit. okay. out there on the roads this morning, it has been an easy one. we've had no major accidents out there all morning long.
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headed out the door right now. it's one of the benefits if you get out the door early. just about 6:20 on your clock right now. just hit it. 77 nobody is 50 miles per hour in the north of 490. for akron, you're also smooth sailing through here. 77 coming from akron toward -- canton towards akron right now through green. 55 miles per hour on time, and outbound you look good, too. here's part of the drive. see all those green and trucks heading to work or wherever they go this morning, good-looking commutes all the way around. drive times from mentor to cleveland 28 minutes, and canton and elyria and strongsville in the green as well. the west side commute coming up at 6:33. guys. >> tia: time is 6:20. we have a very special guest this morning in the weather center. yes, we do. get used to seeing him. you'll see a lot of him as we move ahead right here on
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>> brian: from snowplow to no plow, that story is coming up
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ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. >> brian: i'd say the days of
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truck. a snowplow caught on fire on the side of the road in maine. firefighters got it out and no one was hurt. the truck, though, is a total loss. four, three, two, one. >> tia: look at how beautiful that is. december 1st, the christmas season has officially arrived in new york city. the big city last night was the rockefeller tree-lighting ceremony. some 50,000 colored lights coveh brian. >> brian: i follow the tree on twitter. it's funny. it has good ones. it was making fun of hoda kotb. it says, she tweeted out to the tree, hi gorgeous, xo. the tree tweeted back, not now, hoda. you're drunk. >> tia: i hope that wasn't true. >> brian: they're just playing. i've been named better home and
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magazine on my murdered family members. it's all in fun. just in time now for the full smack of the face of winter, we have reinforcements ko amming into the cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> tia: what a transition. let's go to sam and our new chief meteorologist jord done nicholas. >> i was here at 11:00 tonight, and i have a little bed behind the weather wall and slept all night here. this is great. >> samantha:lc morning. you'll be back later today? >> i'll be back at noon. it's great to be here on the morning show. this is a great time to be at cleveland 19. i'm trying to figure out how the christmas tree actually tweets. >> samantha: i don't know. it doesn't have thumbs. with its little branches. i don't know. >> little pine needles type into the phone. speaking of things on your
6:26 am
morning that folks that have the cleveland 19 first alert weather app -- we don't want to necessarily talk about me coming on board. we want to give you something, too. this is awesome. you were tracking the snow out there this morning. >> samantha: there's some light snow. it's nothing crazy, so don't wake up and hear snow and go, oh, my gosh. it's snowing. not anything like that. of course, we do have the capability now. here we are on your tv screen. we can send you personalized alerts, so it looks like what's popping up on the screen right now, which is our webcam. you see that snow moving through. the cool thing is nobody else can do this. it's just us to send alerts. >> we target actually areas. right now akron/canton and wooster getting light snow. obviously, watch sam in the morning and how about rolling over and looking at the phone and say, that's what the weather looks like. >> i know what's happening before you get out of bed. >> this is a great time to be here. can't wait to work with you, jeff and the entire team.
6:27 am
i'm an addition, so pumped for that. i'm going to bed. >> samantha: you're not done yet, 7:20 we're back. you have to stick around. >> brian: we have to work him to death. >> samantha: hazing. >> tia: a little hazed. cleveland apl has 200 more animals on their hands after what they called a seizure of pet like they've never seen before. >> brian: wait until you see this story. breaking news, the search for a man wanted and killing a local man and another woman, we have new
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. he mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats.
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>> brian: we continue to track breaking news out of ravenna as the search for a man armed and dangerous continues this morning. that's david calhoun jr. he shot two people and killed one of them. >> denise: we talked to a police a short time ago, and they didn't tell us or wouldn't tell us whether he's in custody or not yet. the portage sheriff's department said he shot and killed a man and then shot taking off. here's another look at his picture. the portage county sheriff wants you to take a good look at the picture. this is david calhoun jr., 5'9" tall and 192 pounds and depth sees say calhoun shot and killed a 33-year-old man, shot a 32-year-old woman. the woman is currently recovering after undergoing surgery at university hospital in ravenna. if you see david calhoun, call 911 or the portage county
6:31 am
we will follow the story all morning long and we expect an update shortly from the portage county sheriff's department. tia and brian. >> tia: another breaking news story this morning comes from tacoma, washington. a police officer there was shot and killed on a domestic violence call, and investigators are still trying to find that suspect. we will give you an update on the story in about ten minutes. >> brian: i see that suspect is in a house that police now have surrounded. they've heard some gunshots from so that story is continuing to develop. >> tia: standoff is sounds like. good morning, it's thursday, december 1st. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: the other big story this morning is that big temperature swing we experienced overnight. you know all about it when you walk outside and know about it right now. sam will tell you in the first alert forecast. >> samantha: what did you say earlier? it smacks you in the face? you walk outside, and you notice yesterday we hit 62, didn't we?
6:32 am
for some of by like 20 degrees. just bundle up and stay wrapped up nice and tight in your coat like a big burrito all day. i feel like you wrap up so nicely and have to get out of the car and walk around. it's going to be cold as you're out and about today. we have cloudy skies across northeast ohio, and we also have a little precipitation out there. now, most of this is just light sleet or light rain mixing with snow, so we call it a light wintery mix. i have reports i of that this morning. maple heights, folks there also reported to me earlier in morning. so this is all moving east, and you may drive through it particularly out here on the east side later this morning as this heads in your direction. nothing that will snarl travel, though. look how warm it is for anything to cause problems. you're well above freezing, 38 in cleveland. i don't expect this to be dangerous. if you have teen drivers you're concerned about, it's okay to send them out.
6:33 am
hit the windshield, and you're like what was that? 1st day of december. certainly feels like below freezing, though. it feels like 30 in cleveland with the wind factored in. a cold, windy day with a brief wintery mix from time to time. closer look at the weather coming up at 6:45. laura. >> laura: a look at your roads now. if you're headed out the door, this is what it looks like for you. we still have not a bit of yellow on the map. no slowing down and everything looking green. no major accidents. i have a disabled vehicle that side. i talk about that a little more in a moment. look at the west side commute coming in from i-90. 60 miles per hour through the rocky river area and lakewood and cleveland and the rest of the way towards the split there with 94, 90 and 71. 71, no issues and 60 miles per hour through the metro curve. 480 for you, and no problems. we have a disabled vehicle 480 eastbound in the area of west 130th. so a little bit to the east of the airport is where you see that. it doesn't look like it's
6:34 am
you to be aware of it. strongsville, north olmstead and mentor and akron to downtown cleveland run on time. the east side commute is at 6:48. guys. >> thanks, laura. 6:34. police in beachwood want you to be careful as you head to work or school this morning or maybe to the mall later today. >> they say one is hitting cars from behind on the street, and then doing this. >> i got out to check the damage, and then the person >> tia: that was a call to 911 tuesday night. that woman and 79-year-old phyllis both had their cars stolen in the same exact way. police say if someone bumps your car from behind, try to do this instead of just getting out. >> take a mental or written note of what the person looks like, license plate, vehicle description including the make and model of the car, things that can help us out. >> tia: police say you might be
6:35 am
car altogether and calling 911 right away especially if the passenger gets out of the car that bumps up. officers say that typically is a sign something is wrong. >> brian: it's official, the nexxus pipeline is going in. federal energy regularities approved the construction to begin next year. it connects natural gas wells in carroll county to refineries in canada. 36-inch pipe cut through nine ohio counties covering 209 total miles in the buckeye by several communities to reroute the pipeline. it will cut right through the heart of erear, lorain, medina and stark counties hitting parts of wayne, summit and carroll. the ohio chamber of commerce says the pipeline construction and operation will create 6800 jobs while providing $830 million in economic impact. >> tia: the ohio parole board will hear arguments today in the case of ronald phillips.
6:36 am
his lawyers will argue that he should be spared because he was forced to take part in the rape and murder of his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter back in 1993. president-elect donald trump is in cincinnati today. it's one of the stops on his thank you tour. it's one of the his first public appearances since election day. the president-elect will also be at a carrier factory in indiana today. he will announce the deal that will keep about 800 union worker jobs that were supposed to move to mexico right here in the united states. they're hiring temporary workers in wisconsin this morning to help recount nearly 3 million ballots cast in the presidential election. green party candidate jill stein wants votes recounted in wisconsin, michigan and also pennsylvania. the recount is not expected to result in a clinton victory. >> brian: a big tip leads animal control officers to a home that neighbors say is like a farm in the city.
6:37 am
way to take care of the animals. more than 200 of them. they were at a cleveland home on bailey road. the animals include chickens, roosters, a pig and turkey. sharon harvey says a case involving this many animals is something she's never seen before. >> this truly is an example of urban farming gone wrong. there are signs that some of these animals have been neglected, and that's where the cleveland animal protective league comes in. >> brian: y reach out to other rescue groups for help in caring for and then placing these animals. we're getting answers to what farm animals are legal in cleveland. goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys are all a lowelled, believe it or not. they must be kept in an enclosed jair and not just out cruising the neighborhood. >> tia: parts of the southeast are assessing the damage after more than a dozen twisters touched down in alabama, louisiana, mississippi and tennessee from tuesday into
6:38 am
deaths. the storms tow through as crews in eastern tennessee were containing a deadly wildfire. that destroyed hundreds of structures in two resort towns. gatlinburg's mayor calls for help is very simple. >> if you really, really want to do something for gatlinburg, we're going to be back on our feet in a real short time. come and visit us. come back and vacation here. >> tia: seven people have died from the wildfires. park in the impacted area, plans to give $1,000 a month to families that lost their homes. >> brian: lue had a lot to say. durrs tuesday's game he wasn't aware the game was going on and gave up a lay-up busy chatting the bucks bench. >> it wasn't intention. he saw a guy.
6:39 am
the issue. it wasn't something that was like -- it wasn't like it was a negative motive like he was doing something negative towards the team. they inbounded the ball, and he's over there giving a guy a hug. >> brian: big game tonight for the cavs. they take on the l.a. clippers at the q. they tip at 8:00. >> tia: this afternoon in independence, the 9th annual adapted toy give-away will go down. families with children with disabilities have a chance to pick out suited for their children. it goes from 2:00 to 4:00. donors gave more than sa 00 toys so all kids have the holiday they deserve. >> brian: very nice. it could take an entire year's salary to pay for the gifts listed in the 12 days of christmas. they did the math, and they say the price tag tops 34 grand. in case you wonder, the price of three french hens costs the same as last year, 182 bucks. the price of two turtle doves
6:40 am
bucks. >> tia: i guess. >> brian: so turtle doves are apparently at a premium. >> tia: what do you want for christmas? >> brian: two turtle doves. >> tia: seriously. >> brian: i don't know. peace and harmony, peace and love. >> tia: that's great. somebody said lies. i heard it echo across the studio just now. >> brian: samantha. >> samantha: it wasn't me. >> tia: i think it was kate, the director. she's always gotet it's time to deck the halls, but the deck rorations can become dangerous. >> with the robot is there's a stroke, 24/7 i'm there as fast as i can be here. >> brian: how some northeast ohio doctors treat stroke victims even working from home. sam. >> samantha: let's take a live look outside. thanks to devin for sending this shot.
6:41 am
wind. it is a cold and windy morning. we're in store for a cold, windy day. when is it going to warm up, though? we already wonder that. it's like the first cold day in forever. we talk about it coming up after the break. >> tia: next, we go back to the alert desk to find out if the jury is any closer to the decision in the murder trial of a white former south carolina police officer that fatally shot a black man.
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>> denise: good morning. i'm denise zarrella at the alert desk where we track jury deliberations in charleston, south carolina. they resume in the murder trial of michael officer caught on cell phone video killing walter scott after a traffic stop. the judge will let the jury consider a lesser sentence of manslaughter. the scene in washington is active and extremely dangerous right now. the 17-year veteran of the police force responded to a domestic violence call at a home when he was shot. multiple people including children are reported to have been inside that residence when
6:45 am
removed safely. police reported they thought the suspect may have gotten away while they took that officer out, but now there are reports of more shots fired inside the home. the ashes of former cuban leader fidel castro arrived in the central city. his ashes will be interned sunday in santiago after nine days of stroke, every minute counts. >> brian: nichole vrsansky shows new technology out there helping northeast ohio doctors reach even more people very quick and effective, and they could be saving lives. >> nichole: when a stroke happens, the brain is robbed of oxygen. the faster victims are treated, usually the less damage done. >> be aggressive and quick. the concept of time for the brain.
6:46 am
room in akron or barberton in an instant. >> with the robot, 24/7 i'm there as fast as i can be here. >> nichole: it's mapped like face time to the extreme. she will conduct realtime picture recognition and speech exams and zoom into a patient's eyes. there's take stethoscope to monito access to the doctor can see a clock, monitors, how other doctors are responding. >> quite often what i see is totally different than what other people see. >> nichole: there's a significant shortage of neurologists right now, and telemedicine is the growing trend to expand that specialized care. >> this is a big world with lots of patients and a lot of hospitals. many hospitals in the united states don't have the access to
6:47 am
>> nichole: the doctor says using the i-robot at suma they treat stroke patients in less than "60 minutes." she thinks that has saved lives. nichole vrsansky, cleveland 19. >> brian: other specialty areas telemedicine is used high-risk pregnancies when a woman in labor, a specialist can be there immediately using a robot. >> tia: the consumer product safety commission wants everyone to know that candles in trees are holiday hazards this time of year. look at this menorah. if they're too close to drapes it can cause fires in a second. keep them away from trees and keep tabs on exposted wires you may have. >> make sure none of the sockets are improper. anything that looks funny, throw them out and get a new set. >> tia: kay says not watering a christmas tree poses a danger, especially if it's decorated
6:48 am
ornaments away from children so they don't put them right in their mouths. >> samantha: it's good to see you again on this thursday morning. we look outside looking over downtown cleveland, terminal tower looks like we're lit up in the wine and gold for the cavs. it is 37 degrees out there. so it's chilly, much, much chillier than this time yesterday when it was 20 degrees warmer. can you believe that yesterday morning it was 20 degrees warmer than right now? it also was not snowing yesterday morning, and we have some light snow around right now. these are mainly flurries and could be spitting a little sleet or groppel. groppel is the stuff that falls and looks like dippin dots. you know what i'm going to say. do not eat it.
6:49 am
it's very light precipitation well above freezing, so it shouldn't do anything awful to the roads. we'll be okay. heads-up, it looks like it's headed in your direction. if you travel 77 through summit or stark counties, you might run into that in the next few minutes. look at the forecast today. will this be an all-day event? no, i don't think so. it's cold and windy we hit about 43 this afternoon, but it will feel like it's in the 30s all day. brief, wirntery mix is possible from time to time today, particularly out in the snowbelt. if you're in lake or ashtabula, geauga counties, you're more likely even into the afternoon to see a little bit of wintery mix. that is pretty much the forecast for tomorrow, too. cloudy, cold and a chance for wintery mix out in the snowbelt. tomorrow night some of that mix could slip a little bit farther
6:50 am
saw some of that in cleveland tomorrow night. saturday wintery mix confined to the snowbelt, cloudy and cold on saturday, and then we round out the weekend with a weather alert day on sunday because there will be a more widespread system, a bigger system if you will that moves in at the end of the weekend. that will bring us late-day rain mixed with snow for sunday. that is the day to maybe stay inside and do a little cleaning or maybe wrap some christmas gifts if already. monday we dry it out nicely, but rain is back in the forecast. by tuesday old la nina make things unsettled for the winter season. laura. >> laura: the highway map is showing all looks good on the highways. you have a west side slowdown with yellow through the lakewood/cleveland area along i-90. nothing major here. i have a big alert i want to get out particular to nose in the north ridgeville area.
6:51 am
ridgeville's police department. no evacuations in the area, but they determined a gas leak over on center ridge. they have currently closed center ridge between case and race roads. now, they cannot yet determine what that gas leak is, and we've heard there aren't any evacuations but they're looking into this. fire is out there investigating the scene. we'll get you some more information as soon as we hear it. right now, the road is closed between case and raise on center ridge. we have a disabled vehicle on i- i-480 eastbound. drive times all over the highways look perfect. north olmstead is 17 and 28 from mentor, and akron is 37 minutes ahead of you. we have the east side commute. that's what we do right now. we have that coming up in the 7:00 hour. >> tia: you're on top of it, laura. the snowplow that exploded on the road is one of the stories you need to know before you go. >> brian: including the very
6:52 am
why police consider this man
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> brian: 6:54. the manhunt in ravenna tops of list of stories you need to know before you go. >> denise: david calhoun jr. shot and kill a man and shot a woman. now the search is on to find calhoun. police say he's armed and extremely dangerous.
6:55 am
want everyone to be careful on their drive into work this morning. someone is stealing cars. they drive into the back of your car. when you get out to economic the damage, they jump into your car and steal it and drive away. >> they said they wanted to talk to him, and gunfire started and it wasn't them that started it. >> that's christy proski. she witnessed the man shoot and kill a officer overnight and he was trying to respond to a domestic violence call when shot. >> tia: this map shows where the controversial nexus pipeline will run through ohio. it will transport gas from ohio into canada. construction is slated to start next year. president-elect donald trump is in cincinnati today. it's one stop on the thank you tour, and it's one of the first public appearances since election day.
6:56 am
snowplow catches fire and exploding on the side of the road in maine. firefighters put it out and no one was hurt. the truck, as you can see, is a complete loss. sam. >> samantha: we have some flurries moving through the area this morning, so be aware that they're out there flying around. first day of december, cold and windy today. we do it again tomorrow. plus, a look i can't tell your forecast on cle43 at 7:00. >> brian: a lot coming up on cl denise will keep her eye on the shooting. >> denise: it's an active scene right now. they hear more shots fired inside the house where a police officer was shot and killed. >> brian: that's in tacoma. >> tia: make the switch to cle43. i'm tired. i can't get my words out this morning. >> samantha: you need coffee. >> tia: hopefully i wake up by that time. >> samantha: jason nicholas.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump goes to indianapolis to save thousan manufacturing jobs and this morning new details are emerging to keep those jobs from moving to mexico. >> powerful storms that killed five people in the south causes new damage in the carolinas and thousands of people who fled deadly wildfires could find out today when they can check on their homes. plus, dr. david agus has ground breaking new research on aspinnrin aspirin. how the drug could extend the lives of thousands of more americans. we begin this morning with a


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