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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:22pm EST

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>> tia: good afternoon. we start with the police officer who found himself on the wrong side of the law. >> brian: yes, he did. now he's going to have to pay help kids. former richfield police officer michael simmons stole from the shop with a cop program. a judge suspended an 18-month sentence. he will be on probation for two years, has to perform 500 hours of community service and has to pay $15,000 in restitution. a manhunt in portage county after a double murder in ravenna township. police are looking for this man, david darnell calhoun jr. they say he's armed and
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yesterday caused ravenna high school to be put on lockdown. two people, leshawn sanders, and sarah marsh have died. we just learned marsh was pregnant. we have a crew in ravenna right now. and we are asking tough questions about this murder. we will bring you answers at 4:00. >> tia: anthony johnson was in court today accused of attacking a man after game six of the world series. the 24-year-old said he didn't do it. but the judge gave him a $75,000 following a man from florida back to his hotel, knocking him unconscious, and then robbing him. >> brian: barberton police are looking for the driver who struck a pedestrian last friday. happened around 10:30 at night and north van buren and lincoln avenue. scott holifield is in intensive care with serious injuries to his head. police are looking for a dark-colored sedan. >> tia: a gas leak caused the
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case and ridge roads this morning. it is now reopen. and if you were stuck in traffic on i-90 this morning, this is why. a car rolled over eastbound between west 117th and warren at around 7:30 this morning. >> brian: a self-driving truck hit the highway in ohio this morning. cleveland 19 news crews were there as this semi traveled down the turnpike. carrier's deal to keep 1,000 jobs in indiana is the first big win for prede trump and he's going to celebrate by visiting the indianapolis plant that will now stay open. kenneth craig with more on this deal. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump delivered on one of his campaign promises to save manufacturing jobs at this carrier plant in indianapolis. >> as someone who is not even yet president of the united states is able to negotiate something that was a major issue in the campaign -- >> reporter: fortune magazine is
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the c.e.o. of the parent company, united technologies, and promised corporate tax rate reductions that would far exceed the $65 million the company would have saved through outsourcing. >> it start was an attitude, ok, of this administration, this president, this vice president-elect, ok, is going to have open communications with business leaders. >> reporter: mr. trump's deal with carrier also covers headquarters and engineering staff and the company says it will make new facility here. >> just last week we was just sitting down like what are we going to do next year? so -- >> reporter: erika ferguson's husband has worked there for 15 years. she believes the deal will help make him to retirement in 15 years. >> i didn't vote for him but i support him because it's helping me and my family. >> united technologies gets 10% of its revenue from federal contracts. the company hasn't said if those contracts played a role in its
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>> brian: president-elect trump will also travel to ohio for a rally in cincinnati. it's the first stop on his thank you tour that will also make stops in iowa and michigan next week. >> tia: severe weather slammed the carolinas overnight. you see some of the damage. it's the latest in a series of violent storms ripping through the south. at least five people are dead. dozens more are hurt. mark straussman reports. >> there's so much that needs to to start. >> conner hughes, like many here in jackson county, has returned to what's left of his home. he's struggling to scrape up the essentials of life. >> i'm just trying to collate bowls so i can get something to drink. >> thousands of people are without power. jim smith lost his business when the twister hit. >> my business is gone. no big deal. i'll -- i'll get it all together
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>> look at this. >> reporter: you can see the path of destruction and ruin. the severe weather system began here in northeast alabama, blew into tennessee and georgia, and then headed for the carolinas. 100 miles north in tennessee, the town of athens is recovering from extensive property damage. >> we are extremely fortunate that we have not had a fatality at this point. i think that's something that we are very blessed to be able to say. >> the emotional sharing the story of a family who escaped the worst. >> and one of our hardest-hit areas, a new child came into the world. that family's house had been destroyed and they made it to the hospital and gave birth this morning. so, we had 20 injured and one brand-new life. >> reporter: tornado watches have been lifted across the southeast. good news for communities that want no part of rosalie's
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just as crews in eastern tennessee were containing a deadly wildfire that destroyed hundreds of structures and two resort towns. dolly parton, who has a theme park in the affected area, plans to give $1,000 a month to families who lost their homes. the dollywood foundation is giving financial assistance to tennessee residents who lost their home in those deadly wildfires. >> we want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all those families that have lost their homes in t get back up on their feet. >> brian: seven people have died in the wildfires which destroyed hundreds of homes, businesses, resorts, many in the gatlinburg area. the superintendent of the great smoky mountains national park says the wildfires were likely caused by humans. well this bear rescued from the gatlinburg wildfires won't let his rescuer out of his sight. how about this. it was clear from the bear hugs he was giving the man this
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have been rescued from the fire. how cute is that. >> tia: very understandable when you look at the damage done. right? well, still to come right here on cleveland 19 news, it seems drivers have a tough time finding an auto repair shop they can trust. we are getting answers on how to find a trust worthy mechanic. >> brian: hard to do. and a health alert for women, a high protein diet could be hazardous for your health. >> tia: plus a light fight in minnesota. see how far a man is willing to go to kee
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>> brian: welcome back. well, nestle has discovered a way to cut amount of sugar in its chocolate by 40% without impacting the taste. give me a break. they have found a way to restructure sugar so it tastes sweeter in small amounts. it will start using the faster dissolving sugar in 2018. >> tia: we'll have to wait and see. a new survey from a drivers don't trust auto mechanics. chris martinez finds out why. >> reporter: nick wagner spends a lot of time and money upgrading his ride. >> it's a ford racing tune that's been kind of -- that's recalibrated. >> he doesn't trust repairss to just anyone. >> it's usually by referral and even then when i meet them, i got to see if i like their vibe, we chat a little bit, i feel 'em out and make sure they're not,
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>> for many drivers, finding a trusted mechanic is tricky. a new survey by aaa found two out of three drivers don't trust auto repair shops in general. among those surveyed, 76% believe repair shops recommend unnecessary services and 73% believe mechanics overcharge for work. many drivers also worry the work won't be done correctly. >> but on the other hand, the study also found that a majority of the drivers had found a trusted mechanic. so even though in general they repair shops, they did find a trusted mechanic. >> aaa's survey found age is a factor in whether drivers trust repair shops. older drivers are more trusting than younger drivers. >> older drivers have had more experience with repairs and they have been taking vehicles to repair shops for a much longer time than younger drivers have. >> aaa suggests doing some research and asking for recommendations from family and friends before committing to a repair shop. >> i do have a lot of friends calling and saying is this a
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>> reporter: a quick call like that could save you time and money. >> tia: most people also said negative past experience was another reason they just don't trust repair shops. >> brian: straight ahead on cleveland 19 news, a program that helps kids battling cancer feel just a little bit better. sam? >> samantha: it's a wonderful story. let's take a live look outside from high atop our feazel roof camera. 40 is your current temtu southwest. 15 to 20 miles an hour. so, very blustery. it feels like it's in the 30s. oh, what happened to our 60s, right? we will take a look at when things may warm back up for us,
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>> tia: a health alert for women sticking to a high-protein diet t may not be so healthy. women over 50 who eat a high-protein diet could have a greater risk of heart failure especially if a lot of it comes from meat. researchers found post menopausal women who ate a lot of protein had almost double the risk of heart failure than those who ate less protein or vegetable protein.
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university links white wine with an increased risk of melanoma. each glass of white wine per day was associated with a 13% increased risk of melanoma. beer. red wine and liquor did not significantly affect skin cancer risk. well speaking of cancer, there's an organization that sets up photo shoots for kids with cancer who are in the hospital make up art it'sists and photographers spent time at the of hope. >> sia: skylar doesn't normally get her picture taken. >> i just feel different because i have to -- i had to get chemo and i lost my hair. so, i feel different because i don't do my hair and i always loved doing my hair. >> sia: the 10-year-old has cancer and is used to coming here to the hospital for treatment. but today is different thanks to flashes of hope. >> i feel special. >> sia: the organization was founded in cleveland 15 years
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child with cancer until every child is cured. photographers come in once a month and set up a studio along side stylists. it's all run by volunteers. >> every one of us i think has been touched by cancer in some way. i know my father died from cancer, so it's just a way to get back and connect with them. >> reporter: after the shoot, flashes of hope sends the kids the photos free of charge. 14-year-old jane says it made her feel so good, she came back for the second year in a row. >> about yourself because like usually you go through every day feeling bad. so, looking at the pictures it makes you feel really good. >> reporter: the doctor says these photo shoots are one of the best kinds of medicine. >> it makes them just look absolutely beautiful and feel absolutely beautiful. which is what they are. >> sia: the parents appreciate it just as much as the kids even on the darkest days.
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i call it -- a transformation in our lives. and, so, we make lemonade out of lemons. >> such a great story and such a great organization. it's run entirely by volunteers and runs on donations. you can support by going to marc's and making certain purchases on things through december 31. we have a link on our website at back to you. >> samantha: all right, thanks so much, sia. that is a great story. time now 18 minutes after the top of the hour. and it's a cloudy day out there. our producer, jody, just said in my ear, your forecast is going to make me cry, because it does feature a lot of clouds. right? and, even had some flurries out there this morning. no accumulating snow or anything like that, but you can see we do have some light precipitation out in the snowbelt, east side
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flurries or maybe a little light drizzle the rest of the area is dry. but the issue is that we have this big swirling system off to our north and, with that in the vicinity pretty much through saturday, we are going to have to keep on again/off again rain and snow chances in the forecast. no big accumulating snows, but at least a chance of precipitation each day through the weekend. let's start with this afternoon's forecast. 42 at 1:00. it's going to be windy t we are going to keep these clouds the rest of the day. maybe a few peeks of sun, but they will be few and far between. we will hit about 43 at 3:00. drop to 41 by 5:00. and again it will be windy, cold, and you might see some spotty wintry mix pop up. particularly out to the east of cleveland, same areas that are seeing that stuff right now, that chance is also in the forecast through tonight and tonight will be chilly. 39 at 7:00.
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and eventually by early tomorrow morning, we will be in the 30s. a, or mid 30s. a little blustery through the night, too. so that might make it feel colder from time to time. that means another chilly morning out at the bus stop and a cloudy morning, too. let's go through your friday forecast. i'm going to use futureview to show you how tomorrow's going to pan out and again, i do think it will be another mostly cloudy day. notice that in the morning we could have a little rain/snow mix out here, lake, geauga, ashtabula counties and that will be the trend through the day where the rest of the area stays dry, just seeing a lot of clouds and gusty winds and then all of our snow and rain mix kind of stays out east here. 1:00 in the afternoon, this is still ongoing. if you commute in these areas east side of cleveland out to arboretum, conneaught, tomorrow's commute may feature a
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dipping into friday night, some of it may work its way into cleveland so we will be watching that closely for you. jeff will be here monitoring the situation as will jason nicklaus. 42 for tomorrow with gusty winds through the day. same thing this weekend. cloudy, cold, chance of a wintry mix on saturday mainly east of cleveland. but notice that sunday, there's the difference. i've issued an alert day for sunday, because i think our wintry mix at that last day of the weekend is going to be a guys. if you will be driving around sunday afternoon, maybe you have plans on sunday afternoon or evening, be aware that there will be fairly widespread rain, snow mix moving in later in the day. then we should dry out by monday. >> tia: sounds like winter is showing up to the party. >> samantha: you know today is december 1, the first day of meteorlogical winter, december, january, february, so it's arriving right on time. >> brian: those temperatures
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>> samantha: no. not at all. average high is only 44 for today. but you know yesterday, we were in the 60s. so -- might kind of come as a shock to the system. >> tia: christmas lights up? >> samantha: oh, the tree has been up. >> tia: christmas lights up? >> brian: oh, yeah. not like this, though. >> tia: no. a light fight in minnesota. bob zajak used to go big for christmas. you see what i'm talking about. decorating his house with 300,000 lights. ok? but this time, this year, right, his christmas spirit is dim. car stop by his display leaving in disappointment. we found out why he turned out his lights, because of a


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