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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> chris: we begin with breaking news tonight. two people are dead in summit county from possible carbon monoxide poisoning. >> neighbors say it may be related to an indoor pool in a family's house. shanice dunning has more. >> reporter: the medical examiner's office tell buck trail home in green in summit county and the neighbor is the one who told us this was a heated pool and authorities believe there may be a link between a heated pool and carbon monoxide poisoning. what i can tell you, we know their names were david hill and shin hill and the green department and sheriff's
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10:25. family and friends were worried when david hill did not go to work this morning and someone came out here and called authorities. when authorities came they found the couple in the indoor pool and pronounced that at 11:18 from carbon monoxide poisoning and told us who they were. >> incredibly wonderful, kind and diligent people when he didn't show up for w something was off and we were hearing from neighbors. obviously it is tragic. >> definitely a tragedy for this community and even being in here. we saw the christmas lights turned on automatically. just a reminder such a tragedy happening around the holiday season and must be hard for the family. the medical examiner's office tells us there will be autopsies tomorrow.
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shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> denise: so very sad. thank you. we are following breaking news from akron. three people were shot at an akron barber shop today. >> it happened at 11:00 from rp's blade barber shop. harry boomer is getting answers tonight. harry? >> all right, guys. i am at 515 west exchange. this is the door everybody went in and out of. a 17-year-old male victim was shot in the ankle. ems transported him to akron general hospital. the second victim, a 49-year-old le from tallmadge was shot in the shoulder and transported to akron city hospital and works for the salvation army and is a local pastor. victim number 3 a 20-year-old male shot in the stomach, arm and chest. ems transported him to akron
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according to lieutenant rick edwards, he walked in the barber shop and started an argument with the man in the chair. the man pulls up his apron firing a shot striking the 20-year-old a couple, three times here. the barber shop was full of people and they ran to safety. rick edwards tells us about the suspect. >> we have a black male, 20-30. light to medium complexion and about a one large-framed glasses similar to what malcolm x wears and designer blue jeans with rips going down the front of the legs. we are asking for anyone with information possibly who this could be to contact our detective bureau. >> reporter: call police if you know anything at all. in situations like this people often don't want to talk. we have a shooter on the street. that can be determined by a
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him off the street. live in akron, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> denise: all right, harry. have you noticed, a big temperature drop in cleveland. >> chris: people dealing with windy conditions. jeff tanchak in the first alert weather center with more. jeff? >> jeff: yeah, the wind will remain up and a wind chill, same story tomorrow. and the wind is mainly out of the southwest and west most of the day. that has mainly confined the lake-effect ashtabula and lake county. that is starting to change. notice how mainly light showers moving more inland here around geneva and harpers field, again, slowly drifting south. tomorrow, the wind goes a little more northwest and spread this lake-effect winter mix we call it, around a little more. talking minor stuff. cloudy sky in cleveland 41
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to the mall, 7:00, 39. with the wind it makes it feel 8-10 degrees colder than what the actual air temperature is. 37 norwalk and mansfield. cleveland one of the warmer spots at 41. it looks and feels like a december 1 day out there, right? feeling the change obviously. as i mentioned, the wind is staying waves of minor lake-effect and winter mix showers consisting of rain, sleet or snow and best risk on the lakeshore and east. in the extended forecast, we are talking about an active pattern next week. it will be rain to snow situation and we are looking at the coldest air and going back to last winter. forecast details on that coming up a little bit later on. guys, back to you.
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bleeding? >> yeah. >> he is bleeding pretty good. he is bleeding, yes. >> a man viciously robbed and shot at an a.t.m. in cleveland last night. tonight we are talking to the family of the victim and giving you tips on how to stay safe when you are withdrawing money. the man recovering in the hospital after being shot twice. >> denise: he was at a bank when a man tried to rob him. lacy crisp is getting answers. >> he tried to fight the man off and was shot twice and is hoping police can catch the robber? dylan barkley is thankful his dad leroy will be okay. >> he has a collapsed young. >> dylan's dad went to the a.t.m. at 1:30 to cash his work check. a man walked up behind him and demanded the cash.
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my dad said no. it is christmas time. i have five kids. >> leroy and the suspect, a tall, stocky black man wearing a red and green jacket fought over the money. dylan told me his dad wasn't afraid to protect himself. >> my dad is a big man. 6'2" and 300 pounds. he is not a little guy. the suspect shot leroy once and he got up to run away he shot leroy once more. leroy made it home a >> it is christmas time. why do people have to be so greedy. leroy is a widower. dylan is the oldest of five kids. his dad's concern for the young kids, the youngest is 7. >> reporter: getting answers, lacy crisp. what can you do to keep yourself out of harm's way. cleveland 19 security expert
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safe. >> avoid withdrawing money at night when it is dark outside. hold your hand over the keypad, too and stand as close as you can when punching in your pin number. use@me's in busy area. criminals look for people in places where it is not busy. try to draw your money in the daylight hours. clevel sponsored by ford. >> chris: a live look out of downtown. pretty smooth on 77. however, we have reports of an accident i-480 westbound before ridge road. a two minute back up to the jennings. if you are going across town westbound on i-480 take heed. you will run into slower moving traffic over there. we continue to follow breaking news out of ravenna on a double
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suspect. david darnell calhoun, jr. david says he shot and killed two people outside a home in ravenna township. >> denise: new at 5:00 allison brunner is getting answers on this nearly 24 hour manhunt. >> reporter: we just got back from speaking with some of the family members who are grieving tonight. they are cooperating with the sheriff at portage county. i just spoke with the sheriff. he tells me they are still looking for describes to me he is armed and in this press release describes how dangerous he is. earlier we got the 911 calls and spoke with close family members. >> the family tells me this is sara marsh and lasaun sanders and describe the love the two shared and that sara is expecting. she was 10 weeks pregnant. a close friend spoke with me minutes ago. she grew up with this family.
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wherever you are at, you need to turn yourself in. turn yourself in. you have destroyed so many families for nothing. >> reporter: this double homicide happening wednesday afternoon shortly after 2:30 on henderson. the massive manhunt for david darnell calhoun , jr. prompted a local high school to go on lockdown. we did receive the 911 calls from dispatch. you can hear one of the victims shot. >> hello? >> i am shot! >> hello? >> i need an ambulance. >> where? >> hold on. >> are you on henderson? >> i am. i just got shot. >> what do you mean you just got shot? >> upon responding, officers found one male had been shot and
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she was transported to university hospital. and unfortunately, she passed away last night. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 you will hear from a family friend that describes to me these two were high school sweethearts. you will hear from a student who was part of the lockdown at the local high school as this manhunt continues. >> reporter: getting answers allison brunner, you cleveland 19. >> the suspect who police say attacked a man after game 6 of today. 24-year-old anthony johnson was arrested on november 29th. he pleaded not guilty and was given a $75,000 bond. police say he followed a florida man back to his hotel, knocked him out and robbed him. >> have any questions? >> you can start whenever you are ready. >> chris: in avon lake a drunk driving charge against george ruple could be dismissed soon. he was arrested on
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the case filed paperwork to have charges dropped since the highway patrol trooper didn't have a legitimate reason to arrest ruple. avon lake municipal judge has to approve the motion. >> denise: in akron former richfield officer michael simmons was in court for sentencing. he pleaded guilty to taking money with shop with a cop program. the judge sentenced him 18 months and suspended the sentence. he will serve two years community service. he also has to pay $15,000 in restitution. >> chris: coming up next, more accolades for lebron. find out what honor he received accolades for lebron. find out what honor he received today on cleveland 19 news at from now until the end of the year, shopping at small businesses could be even more rewarding. because, when you shop small
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you could get two times the rewards. so support the businesses that make your town a community. the people who make your community, home those insiders, with the inside knowledge, those friends with a welcome smile. and you could get twice the rewards. learn more and enroll online today at get out...
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: a new study from brown university links white wine with the increased risk of no researchers say each glass of white wine was associated with a 13% risk of melanoma. beer, red wine and liquor did not significantly affect skin cancer risk. >> chris: on the topic, an organization sets up photo shoots for kids in the hospital who have cancer. make up artists and professional photographers spent time at the cleveland clinic thanks to flashes of hope.
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>> reporter: skyler doesn't usually get her picture taken. >> i feel differently. i had to get chemo. i lost my hair and feel different. i loved doing my hair. >> reporter: the 10-year-old has cancer and used to coming to the hospital for treatment. today is different thanks to flashes of hope. >> i feel special. >> reporter: it was founded in cleveland 15 years ago. the goal was to photograph every childh cured. photographers come in once a month and set up a studio by stylists run by volunteers. >> every one of us is touched by cancer in some way. my father died of cancer. so it is a way to get back and connect with them. >> reporter: after the shoot flashes of hope sends kids photos free of charge. 14-year-old jane says it made her feel so good she came back for the second year in a row.
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about yourself. usually you are feeling bad. looking at the pictures it makes you feel really good. >> reporter: the doctor says these photo shoots are one of the best kinds of medicine. >> it makes you look and feel absolutely beautiful which is what they are. >> reporter: parents appreciate it just as much as the kids, even on the darkest days. >> i don't call it a tragedy. i call it a t our lives. and so we make lemonade out of lemons. >> such a great story and great organization. it is run by volunteers and run on donations and you can support by going to march and make purchases on december 31. we have a link on back to you. >> denise: thank you, sia, they do great work.
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2016 sports illustrated person of the year. the magazine says they chose the cavs star for his historic performances and more. this year, as we all know james helped cleveland to our first pro championship since 1964. and the 12-time all-star helps at-risk children for higher education with his foundation. >> chris:el joe haden is chosen by teammates to receive the ed block courage award. the award is given annually to a member of each nfl team exemplifying courage, compassion and commitment to his community. he is active in the cleveland community through various volunteering campaigns. jeff? >> jeff: all right. very good. well, a little lake-effect out there especially east of
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wind right now won't get much better here as far as, you know, being comfortable outside because the wind chill will be a factor. 18mile-an-hour wind in cleveland 1. mentor. and because of the westerly component to the wind, we have lake-effect going and off lake michigan. look at this, total gray and very little break in the cloud cover. maybe a little around here at port huron now we are seeing a little bit of an uptick in the lake-effect. even perhaps flurries in parts of medina and around chardon and inland ashtabula county. it won't be major but dealing with lake-effect showers in ashtabula. one at harpers field and sleet in that. the problem is with temperatures in the 40-degree mark at the
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or wet snow in there. will you see that on the future view model here at 7:00 tonight. it is mainly east. look at this at 10:00 and wet snow in the hills of geauga county. 1:00 in the morning pretty much the same deal. lakeshore east and into tomorrow morning. you might run into that. not expecting much in the way of snow accumulation out of this by the way. 10:00 in the overall change here to the pattern. but during the afternoon tomorrow the wind could take a northwest shift. that could spread this winter mix further inland. this is the snow accumulation there that you can see. pretty minor stuff. around thompson you might get a little dusting. tuesday is the next alert getting a little rain. that's the start of an active weather pattern through most of next week.
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windy, the winter mix akron-canton keeping you dry, 34 your low tomorrow. wind, winter mix along the lakeshore and east at 40. 38, 7:00 a.m. noon 39 and 5:00, 39 degrees. feeling like winter. a minor mix saturday, 38 again sunday afternoon and again notice no alerts for this. pretty minor stuff. monday dry and 47. there's tuesday. and much, much colder air sometime towards the second half of next week stay tuned. you see only 28 on thursday and could deal with significant lake-effect snow. we will keep you posted on that. guys, back to you. >> protesters marching in charlotte last night demanding
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the police officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott. the d.a. says the shooting was justified and confirmed scott had a loaded weapon in his hands before being shot. the shooting in the video went viral shortly after his death. celina gomez is ahead of taylor swift on one list.
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>> denise: jessica alba gets the scare of a lifetime. taylor swift takes her place among the elite superstars. first? welcome, everybody. i am with the vice president of the united states joe biden. joe biden will make another appearance on the late show with
5:26 pm
first appearance since the 2016 presidential election. >> why did you choose an avocado? what is it about the avocado? >> i like to eat them. what did you have for breakfast today? >> i had -- whoa! she certainly didn't see that coming. last night jessica alba joined by ken jiang and kate mara played a game on the late, late show he caught alba off guard and before she could answer the avocado was firing at the glass. as you saw she certainly flinched. ?[ music ] ? >> chris: okay. celina gomez, the ruler of instagram, the 24-year-old has more than 100 million followers,
5:27 pm
the most of any celebrity on the app and dominates individual posts 8 of 10 most popular posts and taylor swift behind her with 93 million. >> denise: she is adorable. ?[ music ] ? ? this is what you came for.? >> denise: all right. i don't think taylor is too worried about instagram. she was named highest paid musician of 2016. she made a this past year. can you believe it? mostly from her successful 1989 world tour and various product endorsements. one direction came in second and adele rounded out the top 3 highest paid musicians. >> chris: put down the football. >> denise: i'll say. some talented people there. jeff? >> jeff: you played my
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lightning strikes. i wonder why that's my favorite song. all right. let's look at the radar. look at this. we are starting to see light snow around thompson, inland ashtabula county. winter mix mainly in the snowbelt. i will update you on what the
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>> chris: three more victims are add the tennessee wildfires. rescue workers still working to try and i.d. the 10 victims so far. the blazes have injured at least 74 other people and scorched more than 17,000 acres. tennessee governor bill haslam has called the fires the state's largest in 100 years. >> denise: singer dolly parton dollywood foundation is giving financial assistance to people in tennessee who lost their
5:32 pm
parton, raised in the smoky mountain says she believes charities begin at home. >> we want to provide a hand up to all those families who lost everything in the fires. and to recover. we want to make sure the dollywood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all those families who lost their homes in the fires. >> denise: anyone who wants to contribute to that effort can do so on the company's web site. slamming the carolinas overnight, a series of violent storms ripping through the south. heavy wind brought down trees, snapped power lines and closed roads in south carolina. at least five people and dozens more are hurt. mark strassman is in rosalie, alabama where locals are learning the extent of the destruction. >> so much needs to be done, i don't know where to start. >> reporter: connor hughes like many in jackson county return to
5:33 pm
struggling to scrape up the essentials of life. >> i am trying to collect some bowls and stuff to get something to drink. >> reporter: hundreds of structures were leveled and thousands of people are without power. jim smith lost his business when the twister hit. >> my business is gone. it's no big deal. i will get it all together and restart. >> it is coming right at us. >> reporter: you can see the path of destruction and ruin. the severe weather system began in tennessee and georgia and then headed to the carolinas. 100 miles north in tennessee, the town of athens is recovering from extensive property damage. >> we are extremely fortunate we have not had a fatality at this point. i think it is something we are very blessed to say. >> the county's mayor became emotional sharing the story of a family who escaped the worst.
5:34 pm
areas a new child came into the world. that family's house was destroyed. they made it to the hospital and gave birth this morning. we had 20 injured and one brand new life. >> reporter: tornado watches are lifted across the southeast. good news for communities that want no part of rosalie's mystery. >> reporter: mark strassman rosalie, alabama. >> chris: those storms tore through as crews in eastern tennessee were containing the wildfires that destroyed the hund o two resort towns. >> jeff: the same system that came through here with the rain we saw yesterday, everybody dealing with the colder temperatures. it is cold enough getting lake-effect mix. it is rain on the i-90 corridor and south of i-0 and thompson and inland ashtabula county and mixing in a little snow or sleet. no snow accumulation expected.
5:35 pm
be minor and perhaps a little dusting on the old car windshield. not enough for an alert but pretty much a similar weather pattern through the night and tomorrow and even on saturday with these waves of minor winter mix on the threshold to upper 30s to around 40. it won't be all snow and won't be all rain either. next week looks a lot more active. we could be dealing with a major system and much of the c much colder air and winter-like pattern setting up next week. stay tuned. 41 downtown cleveland. west wind at 20. you are feeling that. akron-canton cloudy sky and 38. the evening forecast cloudy and windy at 7:00 in cleveland. 40. winter mix east. 9:40. by midnight along the lakeshore
5:36 pm
the next alert day will be tuesday. at first it will be a steady rain we think developing on tuesday. right now we have the risk going all day. that's going to lead to wet travel and gets quite interesting after tuesday as this colder air eventually gets here. precipitation tomorrow, 30% coverage of the winter mix 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. and it will be windy and temperatures right around i will update you on the active weather pattern coming up. guys, back to you. >> a chocolate with less sugar and same great taste. can't be true. nestle says it is. by hollowing out sugar particles it can actually reduce the sugar content by 40%. the company is applying for a patent and wants to roll out its
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containing new sugar by 2018. >> denise: good news. it is december 1 and time to deck the halls. but some decorations can be pretty dangerous. here are tips to make sure your holidays are safe and full of joy. be careful with candles and trees f. they are too close to drapes or fabric they can catch fire instantly. water your fresh christmas tree it poses a fire risk especially if you decorate with lights. >> and be ones. place ornaments out of their reach. kids tend to pull things off the tree and put it in their mouth and keep an eye on fragile glass decorations. they can break and can cause cuts and scratches. >> chris: holidays are the time to give to those you care about. what about those who provide services all year long. when should you tip, how much and to who. dan deroos has the answers.
5:38 pm your mailman and baby-sitter. how much do you tip, do you tip and you might learn something here and some of the guidelines. you have to keep this in perspective so you don't blow your christmas budget. your day care provider. they say small gift maybe from the child or if you give cash $20 to $50. your baby-sitter it is one night's pay. your personal trainer, not sure we want to give them a gift but something personal. or if you give the cost of one session. your housekeeper or cleaner they say cash is what they would like one week's pay is the guideline there. how about your barber or hair salon? the reason they say it is not necessary is because you tip these people throughout the year according to don't shoot the messenger. if you are going to, one session. and you may not have known this. it is against the law to give cash to your postal worker.
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can accept a gift that has a value of $20 or less and they say it is illegal for carriers to accept gift cards or cash. keep that in mind. getting answers in the answer center back to you, denise. >> denise: thank you, dan. a community comes together to send the oldest known survivor of the attack on pearl harbor a gift.
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will return to hawaii this weekend to remember its 75th anniversary thanks to a fundraising effort in his community. >> chris: at 104-years-old this could be his last trip back. danielle nottingham reports from san diego. >> reporter: as the first bombs fell on the u.s.s. arizona at pearl harbor then have seaman first class finished sweeping for mines and rushed over to help. ships were smoking, black smoke because the japanese torpedoed and bombed. >> reporter: more than 2400 americans died. at 104-years-old chavez is the oldest known survivor of the attack. the veteran didn't talk about what he witnessed until 50 years later. all the men that were lost and all the ships that were sunk. >> reporter: today chavez has
5:43 pm
three years ago at 101-years-old he started coming to this gym. >> reporter: chavez weighed 96 pounds and working out with his trainer sean thompson he gained 20 pounds of muscle. >> stretches me and pulls me and turns me around. oh, my gosh, it is great. >> his determination inspired the gym and local rotary club to raise $13,000 to send chavez and his daughter to hawaii to the pearl harbor 75th anniversary ceremonies wednesday. >> i am very proud to serve and help and quite a few people have told me i inspired them. >> reporter: chavez knows this may be his last trip back and he only has one request to go to a luau. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san diego. >> denise: god love him. the poway rotary club will send
5:44 pm
terror attacks on the trip. romona? >> romona: thank you, denise. the latest on the deadly carbon monoxide poisoning and a triple shooting. we have a live report from the akron barber shop where it happened and getting answers about the nexus pipeline now that the federal government gave its okay to go through our area. we will have those stories and
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until garden where an african-american man was refused service is trying to make things right. the restaurant made a $5,000 donation to random acts of kindness. that's the charitable organization of ricky smith. smith was the man asked to leave the restaurant after asking for another server because his original one who is african-american said she didn't like serving african-americans. >> the scary scene on i-90 eastbound today delayed rush
5:48 pm
look at the picture, too. >> a rollover accident happened between west 117th and warren. it was 7:30 this morning. traffic lanes were delayed while they cleaned up the scene there. new cockpit audio raising troubling questions about the crash of a jet carrying a brazilian soccer team in columbia. >> chris: 71 were killed when the plane went down. 6 inily three members of the team. josh eliott has the latest from new york. >> reporter: recordings said to be from on board the soccer team's charter plane reveal the flight's frightening moment. >> it is in total failure. total electrical failure and out of fuel the pilot pleads. where is the runway?
5:49 pm
still over 8 miles from the runway as investigators now comb the plane's wreckage on the outskirts of medellin. colombian officials are presenting one possible cause of the crash. >> after not finding fuel at the impact zone or in the supply lines our hypothesis is there's a black out in the motors. but the brazilian foreign minister who arrived in colombia on wednesday says they do want to speck late. >> we are not going to put any one hypothesis forward, he said, six people including three members of the team were pulled alive from the wreckage. in medellin colombian supporters held an emotional ceremony chanting and singing songs at the field where they would have played the biggest match in their history. back in the southern brazilian
5:50 pm
the team's stadium revealed the community's suffering and its pain. >> chris: of the six survivors, one of them, a bolivian flight attendant reportedly told a colombian radio station he survived by putting his bag between his legs and going into the fetal position. >> jeff: all right, chris. thank you. let's look at the planning forecast now. you lake-effect winter mix tonight, tomorrow and saturday as well. we are talking generally minor stuff. not enough for an alert. right around 40 degrees tomorrow about where we were today for a high down to 35. saturday a minor mix and 38 degrees. a lot of cloud cover coming up here. saturday night we kept it dry. 32 the low.
5:51 pm
across the area, rain, sleet and snow sunday's high 43. might get sunshine on sunday. monday, partly cloudy and 47. then things will start to get interesting after that. tuesday it is rain and 50. we will track the coldest air we have seen in a while around there. it starts to move in. right now we are thinking sometime wednesday. other computer models bringing it in a little we know sometime the second half of next week we will deal with some major cold and that will lead to, of course, lake-effect that could be significant in spots. as we look at the trend here, we are up to tuesday and then down. we will watch that for you the second half of the week.
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sfx: woman coughing you'd see how often you cough all day. and so would everyone else. robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to 12 hours. robitussin 12 hour cough relief, because it's never just a cough. >> denise: oh, my goodness. look at that caught on camera in
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causing several explosions trying to use an extinguisher. the fire was too intense. a firefighter arrived and safely put out the flames. good news, no one was hurt. how excited are people at the ohio state michigan game, enough to cause a fan-quake. coming up at 6:00, the science to back it all up. thanks for watching cleveland 19 news at 5:00. we want to leave with you an erik schrader good night. now this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. if you were at the lighting ceremony on public square, you had to love the look of the renovated square fresh off $50 million face lift. what's not beautiful is the inn fighting between the city, square and rta. as you know by now mayor frank jackson has decided the square should be off limits to city buses. some city council members aren't so sure. now there are meetings, rallies and maybe even lawsuits planned.
5:56 pm
happened before they built a roadway through the square dedicated to bus travel. the rta claims the closure will cost the transit system millions putting an unnecessary burden on passengers. if the square goes pedestrian-only who will pay for the changes. we also might hear from the federal transit authority which now has to decide if the bus ban violates the terms of its agreement violating the terms on euclid avenue. this editorial lasts a minute. about a minute longer spent tim that impacts a lot of people. so the questions will just keep coming. around here we are all about getting answers. maybe this time everyone should have been getting answers before signing a $50 million check. we encourage your response to this editorial.
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by empire window company your local window siding and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: and we are getting answers tonight on two breaking news stories. there was a triple shooting at a barber shop in akron. harry boomer on the scene with that and we will get to him in a few moments. >> romona: we begin with another tragedy in summit county. >> mark: two people died in green loo shanice dunning rushed to the neighborhood when the 911 call came in and she joins us live with what's happening now. shanice? >> reporter: mark and romona, the medical examiner says the couple was found inside the indoor pool area of their home on buck trail in green and found this morning and they died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning and that's according
6:00 pm
in summit county. david heel and chin heel and co-workers noticed he wasn't at work and a neighbor told me a family member stopped by and discovered the couple's bodies. at 10:30 the sheriff department and green fire department responded and pronounced the couple dead at 8:18:00 a.m. they told us they think the indoor heated pool may be linked to high levels of carbon monoxide an w more information. this was an active couple and helpful people in this neighborhood. >> this is a family that was very generous and very welcoming and very kind. i think it is a tremendous loss for the family and the community. but our entire area. he was a business owner and very, very well-respected.


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